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‘$5 Million Coin’ Now On Sale

Discussion in 'Collecting, along with Metals and Numi's' started by searcher, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. searcher

    searcher Mother Lode Found Site Supporter ++ Mother Lode

    Mar 31, 2010
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    ‘$5 Million Coin’ Now On Sale – One of Largest, Purest and Rarest Gold Coins In World

    Submitted by GoldCore on 04/06/2016 04:02 -0400

    ‘$5 Million Coin’ Now On Sale – One of Largest, Purest and Rarest Gold Coins In World
    One of the largest, the purest and rarest gold coins in the world – the first ‘million dollar coin’ which at today’s market prices is valued at $5.36 million (USD), €4.85 million (EUR) and £3.8 million (GBP) has come on the market and is now on sale.


    Mounties Guarding The "$5 Million Dollar Coin" In The Royal Canadian Mint

    There are only five of these majestic bullion coins, weighing 100 kilos or 3,215 troy ounces each in existence today. They were first minted by The Royal Canadian Mint in 2007.

    One of these beautiful, ‘collector item’ and 99.999% pure gold coins has become available for sale and GoldCore have secured exclusive rights in the UK and Ireland for the sale of the rare coin.

    The coins were minted by the world renowned Royal Canadian Mint, which operates world-class refineries, as well as minting Canadian bullion coin products including the popular Canadian Maple Leaf gold and silver bullion coins (0.9999 pure or 24 karat).

    Coin Specifications

    • Face Value: $1,000,000
    • Composition: 99999 fine gold
    • Weight (troy oz): 3,215
    • Weight (kg): 100
    • Coins in Existence Worldwide: 5
    • Coins Currently for Sale Worldwide: 1
    Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II portrait on the obverse side is a work by celebrated Canadian portrait artist Susanna Blunt. The reverse features an elegant hand-polished maple leaf design by Royal Canadian Mint artist and engraver Stan Witten.

    The 100 kg, 99.999% pure gold bullion coin with a $1 million legal tender face value was originally conceived as a unique showpiece. This incredible coin combines craftsmanship and artistry with the unprecedented technical achievement of 99.999% purity in gold bullion.

    • Incredibly Rare Gold Coin
    • Purest Gold in the World
    • One of Largest Gold Coins in the World
    • Own a Piece of History
    There were only five made – all of which are in private hands. It is a collector’s item and commands a premium both for its gold bullion content but also for being incredibly rare.


    A piece of history – the Royal Canadian Mint’s unique, pristine and beautiful ‘100 Kilo’ gold coin – one of the largest, the purest and rarest gold coins in the world.

    For more information, call GoldCore on 203 086 9200 (UK) or 302 635 1160 (U.S.)


  2. Goldhedge

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    Planet Earth
    Blues skies...smiling at me, nothing but blue skies do I see....
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  3. karl_gerbschmidt

    karl_gerbschmidt Seeker

    Nov 10, 2015
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    mmmmmmm.....I think I could take those mounties, then all I would need is a jacked up tow motor

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