1. Stocks finally have a pull back yesterday, do the buy the dip boyz come in or is there more to this?
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  2. Good Weds Morning! Gold is down 1.9 to 1244, while Silver is down 7 to 17.51. Crude is down 58 to 4766. The USD is +5 to 9966.
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  3. Week of 3/18/2017 Closing prices & Chg Over Last Wk---- Gold $1230.20-- UP 28.8 Silver $17.41-- UP 49 Oil $49.31-- UP 82 TICS USD $100.11 -- DOWN 100 tics Based on near term futures contract--- At JMB Current price AGE 2017 $1299.09 (1), SAE $20.54 (20)

1 AM Eastern C2CAM - 1st Half - ALTERNATIVE REMEDIES...

Discussion in 'Alt Medicine/Coll Silver' started by GOLDBRIX, Oct 18, 2016.


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    and Well Being Supplements discussed with Dr. Joel Wallace discusses the human body and its ability to use natural healing without the risky drugs prescribed by modern medicine. He'll share the benefits of remedies and supplements that aid in the body’s recovery from many diseases and ailments.

    Check your local radio listings or check the CoasttoCoastAM website for stations near you or a station that provides a IHeart connection to the show.

    Thought I'd pass this on to the late night crowd.

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