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Another great Dan Calin episode

Discussion in 'Topical Discussions (In Depth)' started by Cigarlover, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Cigarlover

    Cigarlover Gold Member Gold Chaser

    Dec 18, 2011
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    He does such a great job of taking you in depth in the historical time period. It's a long one at almost 6 hrs. Only 2 hrs into myself so far but worth sharing.

    This one is
    What happens if human beings can’t handle the power of their own weaponry? This show examines the dangerous early years of the Nuclear Age and humankind’s efforts to avoid self-destruction at the hands of its own creation.
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  2. Goldhedge

    Goldhedge Moderator Site Mgr Site Supporter

    Mar 28, 2010
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    Planet Earth
    6 hours long??
  3. dacrunch

    dacrunch Platinum Bling Platinum Bling

    Apr 9, 2010
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    Long, yeah, but great for long roadtrips, or long commutes... or for falling asleep with earbuds... or in the tub...

    I downloaded a compilation of ALL of Dan Carlin's initial shows from the pirate bay (episodes 1 to 39).... and listened to all of them. He really brings history alive, as if you were there - seen from all sides - full of anecdotes.

    need bittorrent or utorrent (and PeerBlock v1.1 recommended) =
    shows 1 to 39

    Then went to his website for the following ones...
    ... most recent ones for free, older ones 2 bucks each:

    Current Hardcore History Available for Free

    currently downloading (for later listening) latest episode (The Celtic Holocaust) at his site, using "video download helper" add-on to Firefox =


    (PS - Edit - the 6 hour show just finished downloading to my 'puter in 39 minutes with VideoDownloadHelper. Just have to keep ONE browser window open... not the original one... once the download has started)

    PPS - I have an older smartphone without a sim card (but Wi-Fi still works, with "Google Store" and app downloads), and it has a micro-sd card slot. I download all my audio-books to the micro-sd, put it in the old cell phone, and use it as a "player", with the application "SmartAudioBook" player - free and the BEST. If you switch from one book back to another, it'll pick up where you left off last time.

    A little tricky in the 'settings' to find your 'library', but after a few tries, you can succeed.

    In the car, a male-male jack cable into the radio "auxiliary". Otherwise earbuds or headphones.

    Also, free app "Equalizer" (the one with the logo of an orange circle with black center) helps find the settings for best listening to the audios.
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