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Glock Pistols: History, Detail Assembly And Machine Pistol


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Feb 12, 2014
Penn's Woods
....... My all time favorite is the model 21 gen 3. Bakers dozen of .45 in a lightweight package and fun to shoot.
Me too! I own two of them; and without one of my Gen3 G-21's on my waist I feel naked. Where I go, my G-21 goes with me. Back in 2008 I answered an unexpected knock on the door with a G-21 in my back pocket; and, if I hadn't I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't be typing this, right now.

Neither 3rd gen. G-21 was reliable when I, first, bought then back in late 2003. Both of them had the original #4256 trigger bars in them; and neither would return-to-battery worth a damn. During the first two and a half years that I tried to run them, I used to get sick 'n tired of going onto the internet, trying to figure out what was wrong with my G-21's, only to read over and over again about how absolutely 'purr .... fect' the other fellow's frigg 'in Glock (anything) was!

After Glock, Inc. got sued by, at least, two police agencies Smyrna finally decided to 'fess up' and fix the damned problem. After all the lies that Glock technical support told me, (You know, bullhooey lines like: 'Are you sure you're not limp-wristing the pistol?'* or, 'Maybe you're not using the right ammunition?'** Both expressions were introduced into America's firearm lexicon AFTER Glock's plastic pistols started to become popular!) the addition of their new #4256-1 trigger bars FINALLY fixed the problem!

Since 2006 one of my G-21's has fired off, something like, 27 or 28 thousand rounds; and the other G-21 has fired a good 20 thousand, or so, rounds. All without so much as a single hiccup! What really pisses me off about Glock pistols is that out of all the major firearm manufacturers with whom I've done business over the past 40 years Glock, GmbH/Inc. is the only gun manufacturer who has repeatedly flat-out lied to me, over and over again.

These pistols arouse mixed emotions in me. Sure, I carry one everyday; and since 2006 I've been able to trust my Glocks to perform when I want them to; however, while I like the performance and reliability that I'm getting right now, I do not like the fact that Glock pistols do not have discretionary, user-applied safeties, and the polymer frames are completely unreinforced.

The latter fact is, in my carefully considered opinion, ultimately going to have a negative effect upon the longevity of all Glock pistols; and I've already seen proof of this in the form of small frame cracks on Glocks owned by several other people. (Have you ever stopped to wonder 'Why?' so many major police departments across America trade-in their old Glocks for new Glocks every 8 to 10 years? I have.)

Anyway, when a Glock runs right it'll shoot, and shoot, and shoot; but this is, all, today's performance. Tomorrow who knows? Maybe whoever has my Glocks 15 or 20 years from now will be calling Smyrna for help with some (genuinely) curious problem; and factory tech support will be telling him, 'Have you tried using different ammunition?' or, 'Are you sure you're not limp-wristing it?'


* 'I don't know?' 'I've only been handling pistols for the past 40 years, and teaching pistol shooting for the past 30 years.' 'I don't think I'd be doing something like limp-wristing one of these suckers.'

** 'Well, it says 'Remington' on the box.' 'Do you think that's good enough ammo for a Glock?'
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Mar 31, 2010
Glock 19X

Published on Mar 6, 2018
Shooting and discussing the new Glock 19X. Simple math: Glock 17 + Glock 19 = Glock 19X !