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History And Development Of The 6.8x43mm REM SPC - LWRCI Six8-A5 Rifle

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by searcher, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. searcher

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    Mar 31, 2010
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    History and Development of the 6.8x43mm REM SPC - LWRCI Six8-A5 Rifle
    Chris Bartocci

    Published on Jan 10, 2017
    This video we go over the origins of the 6.8x43mm Rem SPC. From it original intent as a special purpose round for SOCOM to being one of the more popular hunting rounds. The LWRCI Six8 is perhaps the finest rifle in the industry chambered in the 6.8mm SPC cartridge. Built as a rifle specifically for this caliber, the Six8 has a properly designed magazine and a well built strong bolt. The Six8 family also has in it the first and only rifle in this caliber to ever be sold to a foreign military customer.

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    I just got back from Walmart and they don't carry the ammo. Who else can I loot in case of emergency?

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