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monument metals


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Jun 8, 2014
Didn't see a thread...

I'm not sure if they're new or what, but I bought their 10 oz at spot rounds and $10 at spot junk. All shipped fast, free (over $99) and well packaged. I've also noticed they have run some decent coupons lately for small orders.


Who We Are
Monument Metals is a family-owned business headquartered in Frederick, MD. The firm's owners are veterans of the numismatic and bullion business, with nearly three decades of combined industry experience. After trading exclusively in the wholesale end of the marketplace, the principals of Monument Metals began selling to the general public in 2014. We pride ourselves in buying effectively, operating efficiently and maintaining low overhead. The result is our ability to offer excellent pricing--almost always better than the largest online retailers or local coin shops. Our industry experience and connections allow us to deliver high-quality coin and bullion products at ultra-competitive prices.