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National Geographic: (((The Race Issue)))


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Apr 2, 2010
You will never guess why National Geographic has published “The Race Issue” as a special issue which kicks off the magazine’s “Diversity in America” series:
Here are the links to the individual articles:

“The Race Issue, which is accompanied by a discussion guide aimed at parents and educators (here), includes the latest research, powerful anecdotes and unparalleled visual storytelling to explore the human journey through the lens of labels that define, separate and unite us. Select features include:

“Skin Deep,” an article on the genetics of race and roots of scientific racism, by Pulitzer-Prize winning authorElizabeth Kolbert and photos by Robin Hammond.

“The Things That Divide Us,” a look into the evolutionary roots of group bias and current efforts to combat this bias, with text by David Berreby and photos by John Stanmeyer.

“The Rising Anxiety of White America,” by renowned journalist Michele Norris, who looks to 2044 when America will be less than 50 percent white and details the cultural shift already taking place. Photos by Gillian Laub.

“The Stop,” a powerful piece featuring anecdotes from black and Hispanic motorists who’ve been pulled over by the police due to the color of their skin. This piece was reported in partnership with ESPN’s The Undefeated, with text by Michael Fletcher and photos by National Geographic photographer Wayne Lawrence.

“Streets in His Name,” a photographic essay, with text by award-winning journalist Wendi C. Thomas, on streets around the world bearing MLK Jr.’s name and how they reflect the legacy he left behind.

“A Place of Their Own,” which showcases a new brand of activism at historically black colleges and universities as racial tensions escalate across the country. Text by Clint Smith and photos by Nina Robinson and Ruddy Roye.

The Race Issue kicks off the magazine’s “Diversity in America” series. Throughout the rest of 2018, the series looks at racial, ethnic and religious groups in the United States, including Muslims, Latinos, Asian Americans and Native Americans, and examines their changing roles in 21st-century life. …”

Could it really be that simple?


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Mar 30, 2010
I learned how to look at pictures by subscribing to national geographic


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Mar 31, 2010
On the back of my toilet are the most recent issues of Nat Geo.
My kid has given me a subscription as a BD present for the last 10 years.
I like to see the exploration of places & people that are on the earth, that I will personally never visit.
The last several years the mag has become a preachy global warming guilt gazette.
If white guilt shows up on every page, I'm done with it.