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Rock & Roll Repurposing

Discussion in 'Projects, Builds, Woodworking, Metalworks' started by glockngold, May 19, 2017.

  1. glockngold

    glockngold Gold Member Gold Chaser

    Mar 31, 2010
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    Lately much to has been made of "repurposing" by the artsie fartsie types.
    Well I am well qualified at least with the fartsie part & have repurposed a little bit of Rock & Roll history.
    Clair Brothers, (now Clair Global) who is the 800lb gorilla in the touring sound industry, in 2000, bought out Dallas based Showco, & some Showco speaker cabinets ended up in Clair's warehouse in Lititz PA.
    I live just across the river, & have over the years, bought some of their cast offs to use in my sound biz, or to gut & resell the JBL components on Ebay.
    This latest batch of stuff was used on pre-crash Lynyrd Skynyrd tours.
    Each box had 1 JBL 18", 2 JBL 10", JBL 2" Horn & 2 JBL Tweets.
    Most of the components are sold & now these boxes were in my way.
    I was going to burn them, but I hate to burn birch ply, & they roll so easily with those Colson Casters...

    So I gutted them & made some rolling shelves. Now less crap is on the floor, & 2 caster plates are left over to stick under my new snow plow. (I'll get to that later)

    I Started with 4 of these:

    Note the 1/2 inch rod running top to bottom.
    These things were used in the early days of flying speakers with straps & shackles.

    Some wood shop graffiti. Some hippie using air tools for the first time.
    reads, "Showco's speaker of the week"
    Interesting that each one of these was put togeather with different materials. Same design, but different wood on different areas, screw types, some glue, some silicone, like they were making it up as they went.


    One cabinet was #2....
    One was 16.


    Kept looking for Linda's autograph inside, but no luck...


    Gutted & ready to make shelves
    Since a lot of staples were from the outside in, & carpet covered, I had to use a grinder to cut them off.... pain in the ass.


    Some more of this lot that needs to sell

    2" mid drivers are good sellers to the Japs. Go figure.

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  2. Bottom Feeder

    Bottom Feeder Hypophthalmichthys molitrix Silver Miner Site Supporter

    Mar 31, 2010
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    Good work GG. This is a fine example of repurposing. Glad you could keep these cabinets out of the campfire and the recycle bin.

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