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US Silver Eagles 2016 Ended

Discussion in 'Purchasing Precious Metals' started by stAGgering, Nov 19, 2016.

  1. stAGgering

    stAGgering Silver Miner Seeker

    Apr 11, 2010
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    No more orders accepted.
    Silver price down.
    US silver imports up.
    US Mint claims govt 2 1/2 month vacation.
    Emphasis upon US and Mint.
    Aus, CDN, NZ, UK, Somalia(Germany), production to 2017 seamless and underway in advance.

    We know who #1 really is, ready ......?

    USA ! USA ! USA !

    The immensity of echo, readily portrays absence of followers.
    2017 silvers gained, none with US markings, screw 'em...
    They always are you.
  2. smilershouse

    smilershouse Gold Member Gold Chaser

    Apr 1, 2010
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    As ashamed as I am for subscribing to The Road To Roota. ......................Bix has a moot point. I joined at first to read his views about the silver markets. And then I was exposed to an intangible theory about $1000 oz Ag. But what got me to stay was his conversations with God about the apparent truth of the rigged Ag market. It was a lovely, and romantic read, ranking a little higher than a Mills and Boon novel.

    Today this arrived

    "Although the rumor of the US Mint stopping production a month early has caused Silver Eagle premiums to spike I am not convinced that the rumor is true. Hopefully, the Mint will comment on this tomorrow but we've seen these types of false rumors before.
    If it is true they'd better have a damn good excuse because silver prices are at extreme lows which should be a reflection of an oversupply in any freely traded market...if not then it's just more piece of evidence of criminal behavior in the branch of our Government that will soon become extremely important after the collapse."

    Markets are about demand and supply.

    Plain and simple unless derivative distortions are at play.


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