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Noble Gold Review

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Noble Gold is one of the most trusted precious metals investing companies. If you're looking to have some of your retirement funds invested in gold, precious metals IRAs are an excellent option.

However, the precious metals IRA process is not necessarily easy.

Are they a reputable company, and what can you expect? What have customers had to say about their interactions with his company?

Who is behind this company, and what experience do they have?

Prior reading further, it is important to acknowledge that investing your savings is a not easy. When it comes to incorporating precious metals into your investment portfolio, how can you tell which companies are reliable?

After devoting extensive time and effort, we have conducted thorough research within the precious metals industry and compiled a selection of the most trustworthy companies.

Take a moment to read our list and determine if Noble Gold has what it takes to make the list this year!

This lets you to quickly compare the leading companies in this field and select the one that aligns with your specific requirements and investment objectives.


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  • Product Type: Gold and precious metals
  • Owner/Founder: Collin Plume
  • Rating 5/5

We have covered the most essential information about Noble Gold, including the services available. Our information also includes feedback about this company. Read on to learn more about whether Noble Gold could be an ideal investment choice for you.

About Noble Gold

Noble Gold sells to customers in the United States, specializing in investment-grade bullion. One of their goals is to help investors preserve their wealth with gold and other metals. Clients have easier access to metals investments through such companies.

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Education is one of the significant benefits that this company offers. These resources help clients make more informed decisions about buying metals. Representatives can answer questions for anyone with less time to devote to reading educational resources. You will have maximum choice in how you decide to get educated about metals investing.

Noble Gold Review - Website

Noble Gold has its headquarters in Pasadena, CA. The founders have over 20 years of experience, making the company trustworthy despite only being six years old. This company sees precious metals as the future of investing and works hard to promote that perspective. 

There is a free investment kit available on the Noble Gold website. This kit offers information about the types of metals, how the economy relates to investing, and how these may impact your retirement. The necessary paperwork to start the IRA process is there.

Past customers have given Noble Gold generally positive reviews, which demonstrates that the company seems to deliver on its promises. One of the things that customers cite is how well-managed this company is. Learning more about the man behind the company is a great way to appreciate how it works.

About Noble Gold's Founder

The founder of Noble Gold is Collin Plume. Collin has served as the CEO the entire time the company has existed. An advantage of his continued involvement with the company is overseeing day-to-day operations.

Collin was in the real estate business before getting involved in precious metals. After leaving the real estate business, Collin worked as a precious metals IRA advisor at Regal Assets. When Collin left the company after six years, he started Noble Gold. 

Collin is also the CEO of My Digital Money. He has held this position since 2021. As the CEO of two companies, Collin has a unique perspective that benefits his leadership.

Collin boasts over 13,000 followers on LinkedIn. His followers appreciate his insights into the precious metals industry.

Noble Gold Review - Founder's Image

Collin has done interviews and written articles about the importance of precious metals investing. These media appearances have helped increase the company's visibility. Besides making the company more visible, the appearances have established Collin as an expert.

Collin's approach is to teach people about the importance of metals investing rather than promoting Noble Gold. He treats customers choosing the company as a welcome bonus for effectively presenting the benefits of these services. Many clients believe they made better decisions by not encountering sales pitches.

Noble Gold has experts who help guide clients as they make decisions. These experts know the advantages and disadvantages of the metal types very well. Each representative has the training to help investors with diverse needs.

One of the things the experts can do is create long-term investing plans. These professionals can also help connect clients with investment advisors. Being able to plan your retirement through one company helps create an easier overall process.

Our Rating

Advantages of Noble Gold

Noble Gold has some advantages setting it apart from the competition. Few competitors have the same minimum investment threshold, even if they have similar features and benefits. A low minimum investing threshold makes these products more accessible.

Noble Gold experts are available around the clock. These experts usually answer questions very accurately and make sure you're satisfied. Personal representatives will return phone calls ASAP.

The IRA signup process on this site has been streamlined. You have access to help each step of the way so you can avoid mistakes. If you opt to buy precious metals using cash, they can talk you through this process as well.

An IRA requires a minimum $5,000 investment. This required investment is lower than what most of the competition requires. Many investors can see their investment grow considerably with the proper selection of metals.

You can spend less than this amount if making a cash purchase. If you intend to pay cash, your minimum is $2,000. These products are investment-grade, and a minimum purchase price helps ensure the best value. 

Experts at this company will help you regardless of what experience level you have. Most customers feel that the company's representatives have been respectful and used only honest sales tactics. Many of these customers had never purchased precious metals before but felt at ease with the process.

Storage Options

Non-IRA customers may store their metals at home or use a depository. Coins purchased for personal collections aren't subject to the same regulations as IRAs. IRA products, on the other hand, must be in a depository. 

Noble Gold only uses fully insured depositories. Using these facilities ensures you get your money back in case of trouble. This coverage provides the peace of mind that investors need.

Noble Gold works with three convenient depositories. The Delaware Depository, the most popular in the country, is one option to consider. This state has tax advantages attractive to many investors.

The company also has a Texas depository offering tax advantages. Investors who want to store their metals outside the U.S. have access to a Toronto-based depository. Each depository location has policies that ensure no one has unauthorized access.

Survival Packs

The Survival Packs that Noble Gold offers are some of the best products for precious metals buyers. These packs have been designed to store at home so that they may be liquidated quickly in an emergency. Anyone who wants maximum preparation for disasters will want to consider these packs.

These packs involve selecting an investment tier instead of choosing specific metals. The metals in the collection have been selected for the investment threshold. These metals will be easy to identify, allowing for easier liquidation when an emergency hits. 

The options for tiers start in the low thousands and go into the millions. Calling Noble Gold for available options is necessary if investing over $500,000. These accounts require a plan specific to your needs and circumstances.

Your package will arrive at your home in five days if you use Noble Express. This discrete, insured package will require your signature. Signing for your package helps ensure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

There is also a shipping option known as Noble Fortress. Metals shipped under this option go to a depository to await pickup. This option is popular with customers who might not be at home to receive packages during certain hours easily.

Many consider depositories safer than storing metals at home but still prefer depositories relatively closer to home. A strong safe is a good idea if you opt out of using a depository. There are many safes on the market ideal for home precious metals storage.


Noble Gold has IRA products for investors who want a diverse portfolio. These types of IRAs have a reputation for withstanding market volatility. The positive reviews from clients indicate satisfaction with the process.

Birch Gold Group Review - Exploring IRA Services

Noble Gold has a simplified process for starting an IRA. The application has detailed instructions on the website that will help you avoid mistakes. This application is easy to complete, regardless of whether you've used the educational tools. 

The first form you fill out will take about five minutes. A representative will contact you within 24 hours to finish the account setup. Once you finish setting up your account, you will be able to move to the buying stage. 

Funds from your retirement account should transfer within 48 hours. You will be free to purchase the precious metals for the IRA once these funds process. Your account representative can help you pick the most appropriate options.

Pricing and Fees

Noble Gold has a fee-free setup process for accounts meeting minimum investment requirements. Most companies charge high fees, which sets this company apart from its competition. Your account representative can confirm whether the products you have chosen meet these criteria.

Storage and maintenance fees are required annual expenses. These fees are for paying the custodian and depository. Separate facilities usually provide these services, resulting in two bills to pay.

A typical minimum fee for these services is about $80 a year. The Texas and Delaware depositories require an extra $150 cost. Budgeting for these fees is a good idea when deciding which depository to use. 

Noble Gold doesn't disclose the prices of individual precious metals products. If you need pricing for your IRA, the best option is to call the company. You will receive the updated information you need.

The different price tiers for Survival Packs make them an excellent option. With prices ranging from $2,000 to $500,000, there is a pack for every need. One of the things that customers appreciate the most about these packs is being able to purchase more packs easily when desired.

Noble Gold has a buyback option if you decide to liquidate your metals. You can get a quote from the company on request. The items will be ready for shipping once you receive a quote, and you will receive payment quickly.

An easy, quick liquidation process is something that matters to many investors. Noble Gold making this process easy is something that contributes to its reputation.

Is Noble Gold Legitimate?

Noble Gold is a legitimate company. Third parties like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Consumer Affairs, and Trustpilot contain many positive reviews.

Negative feedback about this company is relatively rare. Positive feedback outweighs negative by a large margin. 

The BBB has only one of three complaints from the past three years available for public viewing. Because the reviews are 99% positive, the company enjoys a five-star rating.

Noble Gold Review - Ratings

The few complaints primarily involved the liquidation process, particularly fulfillment. Most customers who had complaints requested refunds as a resolution. 

Other complaints involved non-authorized people being allowed to make account decisions. Some of these customers also had problems with other aspects of the process.

Noble Gold stands by its decisions about these complaints. There is a sense of optimism about good resolutions to these complaints. An overwhelming response to complaints was for the company to express empathy for the clients with complaints.

One thing worth noting is that many documents related to complaints aren't available for the public to view. Because of the greater number of positive reviews, these negative experiences are much rarer. 

Positive Reviews for Noble Gold

Of the hundreds of positive reviews, there are some common trends. These positive comments help demonstrate the most positive things about using this company.

A review in Las Vegas Review-Journal spoke highly of the level of customer service provided. The range of products available and overall transparency received a lot of praise. This publication also praised the company's suitability for all experience levels. 

On Consumer Affairs, a customer named Sherri praised the company's customer service. Sherri concluded that Noble Gold was the easiest to use of all the precious metals companies she had contacted.

Noble Gold - ConsumerAffairs (Featured Reviews)

Another Consumer Affairs review from Deborah expressed confidence that she had made the right decision. This customer praised representative Steven by name for making the 401K withdrawal and IRA rollover process easier.

A review on the BBB website from Suzan cited her unfamiliarity with buying precious metals. However, she noted the helpfulness of a representative named Mandy in making the purchase.

Noble Gold Pros & Cons


  • A diverse range of investment options is available
  • Very few complaints, with satisfactory resolutions
  • Overwhelmingly positive customer reviews


  • A somewhat newer company with less of a reputation than some


Final Thoughts

Noble Gold has shown a lot of promise in the precious metals industry. The company is well-known, despite only having arrived on the scene recently. Noble Gold has grown a lot and shows the potential for further growth.

Hundreds of customers have provided positive reviews, and the negative feedback is minimal. This company works hard to resolve problems more adequately.

The customers who would recommend Noble Gold are the majority. The representatives have such good reputations that reviews often mention them by name. One of the reasons customers trust this company so much is the good relationships they have with the account managers. 

We feel that using Noble Gold is a good choice overall. This company has all the positive features that investors expect from a precious metals IRA company. If you want to pay cash to buy your products, Noble Gold handles these purchases, too.

Let our expertise and analysis help you before you invest your savings by reading our list of the best companies!

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