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Saving for retirement is a marathon for investors. It takes many decades of positive returns to create a comfortable amount of money for those golden years. Most investors know that diversifying their portfolios is the best way to achieve those monetary goals.

Investing in gold, for example, is another form of diversification that can work with the right dealer. Explore the services and products available from Rosland Capital today for a brighter financial future.

Prior reading further, it is important to acknowledge that investing your savings is a not easy. When it comes to incorporating precious metals into your investment portfolio, how can you tell which companies are reliable?

After devoting extensive time and effort, we have conducted thorough research within the precious metals industry and compiled a selection of the most trustworthy companies.

Take a moment to read our list and determine if Rosland Capital has what it takes to make the list this year!

This lets you to quickly compare the leading companies in this field and select the one that aligns with your specific requirements and investment objectives.


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About Rosland Capital

This precious metals dealer has been in business since 2008. With nearly 20 years of experience, RC appears to have a solid footing in the industry. It started with an office in Los Angeles, California, and the company spread out to international locations afterward. 

Rosland Capital Review - Logo

The fact that RC has offices in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany reflects its success in the gold industry. This success appears to stem from the founder's expertise in the gold industry.

Rosland Capital Review - Website

Marin Aleksov is the current CEO and founder of RC. He oversees the U.S. operations while consulting with offices around the globe. Aleksov also advertises for the company through radio shows and social media. He has a published book about the investment industry, which shows off his skill in the gold industry.

It appears that RC is extremely active on social media sites, including Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and more. Spreading education about precious metals investing is the goal of these accounts. Customers become familiar with the name, which makes them feel comfortable about working with RC.

Upon first glance, RC markets and sells collectible coins and memorabilia from specific organizations, including the PGA Tour and Formula 1. The homepage prominently displays a contact form too so that investors can simply work with a company representative instead of browsing through the site.

Clicking through the site brings investors to several educational pages and product descriptions. Although the website could use an improved layout, it appears to have valuable information for beginner investors. 

Setting up a Gold IRA

RC offers consultation services for setting up a gold IRA or Individual Retirement Account. Most investors who look into precious metals are seeking out this type of IRA. Many financial businesses don't offer gold IRAs in their roster of other accounts, such as Roth or traditional IRAs.

Rosland Capital Review - Roth IRA
Rosland Capital Review - Traditional IRA

They can be complex transactions for inexperienced financial companies. Gold IRAs remain a unique strategy for portfolio diversification. This niche market requires some specialty services that other companies aren't willing to provide.

RC is one of the few companies that does help investors with gold IRA goals. They outline a basic process on the website so that investors get an idea of the effort necessary to start these accounts.

Initially, investors call RC. They'll discuss retirement goals before moving forward. Subsequently, investors fill out forms that bind their goals with RC's services. The representative also forwards a form to the investor for custodial services.

RC makes it clear that they don't manage the resulting account. They simply offer consultation services and precious metals products. The gold IRA account must be opened with an appropriate custodian.

These professionals activate and manage the account on the investor's behalf. Any transactions go through the custodian, for example. Investors don't move funds or purchase precious metals themselves. They rely on custodians for this purpose.


There are many custodians in the industry. RC suggests working with their partner named Equity Institutional. It's unclear if investors are allowed to work with any custodian other than Equity.

However, there are often advantages to working with an affiliate of the precious metals dealer, such as discounted fees.

With a custodian secured in place, investors work alongside RC to decide on products to include in the IRA. 

Rosland Capital Review - Custodian

The federal government is incredibly strict about the coins and bars saved in a gold IRA. They must be IRS-approved products. Luckily, RC categorizes these items on a dedicated page on the website.

Investors can choose from a handful of items, including American Gold Eagle and Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins. During the discussion, RC can verify the pricing and quantities of these items. A rough, investment amount should be the result of these negotiations.

Precious Metals

Before buying any precious metals, however, investors must fund the newly opened gold IRA. There are several ways to do this, but most investors prefer a rollover. Funds can be rolled over from an established IRA or 401(k), for instance. Rollovers are preferred because there are no contribution limits attributed to them.

Using funds from a checking account or other source falls under the contribution category. The federal government currently limits contributions to $6,500 per year. If investors are age 50 or older, those limits extend to $7,500 each year. Because of these limits, rollovers are almost always more attractive.

Rosland Capital Review - Products

The custodian works with the investor's current administrators to complete the rollover. With funds in the gold IRA, the custodian creates a purchase for the precious metals. These precious metals ship directly from the dealer to a depository.

Investors do not take physical possession of the products at this time. To be eligible for a gold IRA, these products must be secured at a depository until retirement. Investors have tracking numbers and receipts to keep up with any product movement. Under lock and key, the precious metals are safe as they gain value.

RC reportedly works with a well-known depository in Delaware. It's unclear if investors can use another depository, however. Keep in mind that any depository must be IRS approved too, so all precious metals purchases will be safe through the years.

Deciding on Rosland Capital

Any investor is concerned about safeguarding their retirement funds from scam artists. Unfortunately, the gold industry can have a lot of questionable companies advertising their expertise. RC doesn't appear to be a scam, however. Their experience in the industry has allowed them to grow and flourish through several economic times. 

Ideally, investors should start their research with the Better Business Bureau. This organization has a long history of helping consumers with their complaints. It's refreshing to see that RC has an A+ rating with the BBB. They've also been accredited since 2008.

Rosland Capital Review - Ratings

These two designations provide a glimpse at RC's commitment to its customers. They haven't just popped up in the industry within the last several months.

There are a few red flags when it comes to RC's business practices, however. The BBB website gives consumers a place to list their complaints with corresponding responses from the specific business.

RC has had more than a dozen complaints in the past three years. With this fact in mind, investors should take a close look at these insights before making any financial decisions.

Pricing Discrepancies

There appears to be a pattern of pricing discrepancies as described by consumers on the BBB site. Consumers agree to a price over the phone, for example.

The price includes a certain amount of coins or bullion. After receiving the money, RC reflects purchases of different products at a much lower price on their receipts.

Several consumers have complained of precious metals pricing that's misleading along with confusing commission structures. Because most transactions are verbal by nature, it makes sense where confusion might set in.

Some consumers claim they never receive a written invoice after completing a transaction. They simply see their deposited funds shortchanged or used for incorrect products.

Customer Service Issues

Some consumers complain about poor customer service. They call RC's phone number in hopes of speaking to a representative. Consumers report speaking to various people instead of a dedicated representative, for example. Some complaints even center on being hung up when calling about an account resolution.

Customer service perception is highly subjective, so investors should read over these complaints with care. For a company that's been in business so long, it makes sense to have a reasonable number of complaints. It's difficult to please every person especially when money is involved.

The key to solid research is to look for particular patterns in the complaints. If a business has similar complaints across several months or even years, investors may want to think twice about working with that company.

RC isn't a scam, but there are a few patterns to their business ethics. It's up to the investor to make a solid choice about their retirement funds.

Our Rating

Advantages of Rosland Capital

RC's website prominently displays its phone number and contact form as the best way to start a conversation with them. For some investors, speaking to a representative is a simple way to understand the precious metals industry.

They're looking for a hands-off approach. Presumably, a representative can walk an investor through any purchase process they desire, such as buying gold coins or activating a precious metals IRA. As a result, most of the investing effort is RC's responsibility rather than the investor's.

Another advantage is discovering RC's product line. This inventory is RC's main priority because it's so easy to find on the homepage. Investors start by clicking on their desired precious metals.

They're greeted by a simple, product page with clear images of each item. Diving deeper into the product gives investors basic details about each coin or bar. 

An exciting part of the website involves collector coins. RC has partnered with Formula 1 and the PGA Tour for two separate lines of gold and silver pieces. Although these products cannot be used for IRA investments, they offer a distinct personality to any investor's collection. 

In addition, RC appears to have industry affiliations that are highly regarded. They list them at the bottom of the homepage. These institutions include Professional Coin Grading Services, Numismatic Guaranty Company, and the National Coin & Bullion Association.

These relationships solidify RC's standing in the industry. It takes effort to be part of these organizations. A few disadvantages must be considered before working with RC. Investors land on the homepage, and they're immediately greeted by a live ticker of the U.S. national debt.

Disadvantages of Rosland Capital

There are no captions to this accumulating amount either. It's highlighted in a bright red font. Using this monetary amount as a fear tactic for selling precious metals isn't a welcoming feature. Investors shouldn't be frightened into buying a product.

They should focus on how precious metals enhance any portfolio. Removing this feature from the homepage might liven up their selling style.

A disadvantage that's often shared with other precious metals dealers is the lack of spot prices. Gold and silver will always have fluctuating costs. It's the nature of the business. However, a rough range of prices would be helpful when they accompany each product. 

Because there are no advertised prices, every product has a banner saying "Call for pricing." Investors have no choice but to call RC with any questions. They might improve the website by adhering to a few retail standards.

For example, placing rough pricing on the products and allowing investors to add items to a virtual cart can encourage more sales. Empowering the investor with more information is the key. This lack of transparency can turn off some investors.

RC does advertise the latest stock market prices on precious metals, which is a helpful feature. However, they diminish their impact by placing them at the very bottom of the homepage.

They're even listed in one of the smallest fonts possible. Using a larger font and placing the prices higher up on the page would be an improvement for visual and impact purposes.


Making a Financial Move

There are both positive and negative aspects to RC's business practices, so making a financial move is truly up to the individual investor. RC's several decades of experience are certainly a reflection of their industry drive.

They will be in business for the foreseeable future, which means investors have a chance to build a strong relationship through repeat transactions. Other investors may focus more on the website's accessibility, however. It focuses mostly on driving phone calls into the business.

Some investors may want more control, such as browsing through product pricing and fee structures. Transparency is a feature that might help this business build more bridges among wary investors.

Overall, Rosland Capital is a company that's worth a look but with some caution. Some investors have great experiences with RC, whereas others appear more confused with each phone call. With a little research, RC may be a good fit for investors today.

Investors have many choices in the gold industry when it comes to purchasing their next investment. Research several companies, and come to a personal decision. Gold investments can enhance nearly any portfolio.

Let our expertise and analysis help you before you invest your savings by reading our list of the best companies!

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