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  1. searcher

    MAC: Petronov AKM's

    Petronov AKM's Military Arms Channel Published on Feb 6, 2016 The U.S. AK market is evolving. With the slowdown of imports from Russia and Romania, U.S. AK builders are having to up their game and fill the void left by the absence of import AKM's. We take a look at a couple of contenders...
  2. searcher

    MAC: Russian Kobra Sight On An AK103K!

    Russian Kobra Sight on an AK103K! Military Arms Channel Published on Jan 21, 2016 I love AK's. I'm an AK fanatic. I have more AK's than any other rifle. All this time and I've never owned the iconic Kobra sight. Thanks to Atlantic Firearms, that's changed. I take my Krebs 103K out with the...