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  1. searcher

    Ahoy All Ye Boat Nerds & Ship Aficionados - Here Be Safe Harbor

    Decided to expand on the " A New Shipping Season On The Lakes (2015) " thread and include all forms of watercraft (pleasure boats, merchant ships, naval vessels, etc.) So if you're into boats and or ships feel free to post what ever you'd like (stories, articles, pics, vids, etc,) Hope you...
  2. searcher

    S/V Delos- Passage To Indonesia

    S\V Delos- Passage To Indonesia Published on Jan 19, 2014 The crew leaves Darwin, Australia and sails over 600NM to the Spice Islands in Indonesia! During the 5 day sail we entertain ourselves with fishing, showering, and general lazing around. We arrived in Banda Neira in the early...