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common law

  1. Goldhedge


    pulled this from FB so no url Jurisdiction - (right words) The Constitution of the United States mentions three areas of jurisdiction in which the courts may operate: Courts of Common Law Common Law is based on natural law(Gods Law). Under the Common Law there Must be a injured party...
  2. michael59

    Contempt of Court and you, me and the man inside the moon.

    Like the title insinuates contempt of court can take wild swings of subject matter. Like did you know that contempt of court is actually considered common law? Sure I know what you are thinking court is rooted in common law but applied administratively. Well contempt will get you duly...
  3. Goldhedge

    The Setoff

    The Setoff It’s important to be aware that a creditor needs to bring the remedy. From the private side, a creditor can setoff a charging instrument that effectively zeros an account. What is a setoff? Because the Government usually always does things right, Governments allows discharge of...