• Same story, different day...........year ie more of the same fiat floods the world
  • There are no markets
  • "Spreading the ideas of freedom loving people on matters regarding high finance, politics, constructionist Constitution, and mental masturbation of all types"


  1. Goldhedge

    Politicians Start to Run Away from Global Warming ~ Armstrong

    Politicians Start to Run Away from Global Warming Politicians have been confronted with the real cost of their support for global warming. France has suddenly come out in support of diesel because of the jobs that could be lost. The diesel crisis may have started in Germany, but there are more...
  2. searcher

    All Things Automotive: Cars, Lt Trucks, Tools, Diag Equip., More.....

    *Rather than to keep posting different threads on different automotive subjects I thought it would be better to post everything in one thread. If anyone feels like adding something (articles, pics, vids, etc.) please feel free to do so. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. Hemmings Sunday Cinema –...