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do it yourself

  1. searcher

    Slingshot City

    Welcome to Slingshot City. The vids here are for entertainment purposes only and should not be done at home. The coolest flashlights for slingshots: Eight models under 50 bucks JoergSprave Published on Apr 29, 2016 Pocket lights have come a long way. Clumsy, heavy monsters that are barely...
  2. searcher

    Pump Gun Slingshot, Shoots Throwing Knives!

    Pump Gun Slingshot, Shoots Throwing Knives! JoergSprave Published on Feb 14, 2016 Kunai knives are so pointy and sharp that it is great fun to play with them. We used them before and were totally excited by their penetration power. Therefore we came back to the concept of shooting them from...
  3. searcher

    Homemade "Bullpup Sniper Airbow" Made From Plumbing Accessories

    Homemade "Bullpup Sniper Airbow" made from plumbing accessories JoergSprave Published on Feb 12, 2016 After all those successful tests with airbows, it was time to leave the Coke bottles and simple ball valves behind. A 1" steel tube and brass fittings from the hardware store allowed us to...
  4. searcher

    The Caps Gun Music Box

    The Caps Gun Music Box JoergSprave Published on Feb 2, 2016 Link to the final music video: https://youtu.be/t5f1eb0HE6o ------------------------------------------------------- We like caps guns here at The Slingshot Channel and used them before for a fun project. When we were approached by a...
  5. Goldhedge

    Do It Yourself Tripwires

    Do It Yourself Tripwires Posted in: DIY, Security DECEMBER 28, 2015 Sometimes the most effective alarm is one that you make yourself. You’ll not have the luxury of an expensive high-tech alarm. In the event of a power outage or unforeseen disaster, you won’t be able to rely on those types of...
  6. searcher

    Problems, Repairs, Fixes, Tools & Equip: DIYers, Homowners, Shop, Etc.

    Once in a while I come across some pretty good info & vids on general household and shop probelms, repairs and fixes. Rather than posting them helter-skelter, I thought it would be better to have them all in one place. So if you have any problems, repairs and / or fixes you'd like to share...