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  1. BarnacleBob

    Tom Tomasello "The Effortless Golf Swing" Chapters 1 - 9

    Chapters 1 - 9 provide e-z instruction for teaching yourself the "effortless" golf swing. The basic fundamentals are recapped @ Chapter Six below. If you have been struggling with your golf swing, these instructionals presented below should return you back to playing good golf. Enjoy. Youtube...
  2. Scorpio

    Golfers keep getting injured, and they're not sure what to do about it

    Golfers keep getting injured, and they're not sure what to do about it By: Luke Kerr-Dineen | April 13, 2016 3:35 pm HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. — Jim Furyk started this week’s RBC Heritage by hitting a ceremonial drive into the ocean. It’s the tournament’s long-standing tradition to have the...
  3. Scorpio

    Masters Tournament

    Spieth in lead after round 1 and part of 2 The other big players, Day had a bad back nine yesterday and came in even, McElroy doing fine but back a bit, and the media darling, for what reason wtf knows, but fowler is not going to make the cut. Fowler hasn't won anything of significant nature...
  4. Scorpio

    Golf Legend Tom Watson on His Rivalry with Jack Nicklaus

    Golf Legend Tom Watson on His Rivalry with Jack Nicklaus and Why This Masters Will Be His Last It's one more milestone in the twilight of an extraordinary career. By Jack Holmes Apr 6, 2016 There was one day in 1977 at Augusta National Golf Club that irrevocably altered the trajectory of Tom...
  5. Scorpio

    Jason Day is Worried About Jordan Spieth's Wellbeing

    Jason Day is Worried About Jordan Spieth's Wellbeing Kiley Bense,Golf Tue, Mar 15 2:07 PM PDT There's a reason that sunny, thoughtful Jason Day is a media darling. In a press conference today ahead of the Arnold Palmer Invitational, Day voiced his concerns about one of his competitors for the...
  6. Scorpio

    Report: Tiger Woods' condition has worsened as he can't move well or sit without pain

    Report: Tiger Woods' condition has worsened as he can't move well or sit without pain Business Insider Scott Davis 11 hrs ago In December, when we last heard from Tiger Woods, he gave a depressing press conference about the state of his back. At the time, Tiger said his rehab consisted...
  7. Scorpio

    The modern golfer

    Love 'em or hate 'em, or have no dog either way, these guys are just flat good at what they do. When Nic Price went on his run pre-Tiger, his irons were something to see. As you move to the Tiger era, the guy just flat dominated with attitude and ability. The others all knew he was top dog and...
  8. Scorpio

    Most top 10's career

    while many fuss over the modern players, the greats are from the past, think what they would have done with modern equipment and courses, the overall field today is much better IMO, but the level of competition at the very top is not what it was. Nicklaus had Player/Arnold/Lee/Watson/Floyd...
  9. BarnacleBob

    How to Shorten Your Backswing

    Instructions Difficulty: Moderate Step 1 Address the ball with your feet a bit further apart. This will help you reduce your hip turn on the backswing and help shorten it. Step 2 On your backswing, keep the foot nearest the target on the ground. Step 3 Stay in balance throughout your swing...
  10. BarnacleBob

    The REAL secrets to hitting the golf ball farther.

    IMO, the most important thing in this article is the last sentence. I am sorry, but it is this long driver’s opinion that every “swing system” ever devised will not make you hit the ball farther or play better. No system is going to work for more than a very small percentage of people…if it...
  11. BarnacleBob

    How to treat Golfers Elbow

    How to treat Golfers Elbow / Ulna Nerve - Kinesio…:
  12. BarnacleBob

    Short and Long of the Left Thumb

    Short and Long of the Left Thumb:
  13. BarnacleBob

    Pump Drill to Create Lag

    Golf Swing Pump Drill To Create Lag:
  14. BarnacleBob

    Straight Left Arm Trick

    One of the defining elements, the hallmark of a great golf swing, is a straight left arm. There is a direct relationship between a straight left arm and how well one plays our game. A straight left arm provides a wider arc which provides more power and consistency. Think of an accordion door...
  15. BarnacleBob

    Hit 100 Yard Drives Drill

    7-ways-produce-powerful-tension-free-golf-swing Snippet: Hit 100 Yard Drivers – I keep going back and back to this drill because it really allows you to feel the right positions without going at it 100%. Counter-intuitively, most of us need to to get back to what a swing “feels” like without...
  16. BarnacleBob

    E-z Lag & Pivot Drill

  17. BarnacleBob

    Sam Snead on Footwork, Takeaway and Grip

    Video Library: http://www.golflink.com/tipsvideos/tip.aspx?t=8623
  18. BarnacleBob

    Measuring Grip Pressure: The "Lag Controlled Takeaway"

    It was said that the golf greats from yesteryear, Hogan, Snead, Lord Byron, Palmer, etc. all initiated lag controlled takeaway. The LCT begins building a base of lag from the onset of the BS swing.... Secondly a golfer can use the LCT to measure his/her grip pressure. If the golfers grip is...