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self defense

  1. slackercruster

    Lady faced 14 year jail sentence in Australia for having pepper spray.

    Just like the title says... Lady went through metal detector, was searched and arrested for carrying pepper. http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/news-and-views/opinion/i-faced-a-14year-jail-sentence-for-carrying-pepper-spray-20140723-3cffk.html I guess I would have got the death penalty...I carry...
  2. searcher

    Mossberg 590

    Mossberg 590 hickok45 Published on May 21, 2016 Shooting and showing my police trade-in Mossberg 590. -------------------------- UPDATED 5-13-16---------------------We appreciate the INCREDIBLE support we get from BUD’s and FEDERAL, as well as SDI. They enable us to do the things we do. I...
  3. searcher

    Gun Owner Kills Criminal At McDonald's Drive Thru After Attempted Robbery

    Gun Owner Kills Criminal At McDonald's Drive Thru After Attempted Robbery The Doctor Of Common Sense Published on May 8, 2016 http://www.khou.com/news/local/suspec...
  4. searcher

    Proposing Gun Control=Unfit for Office

    Proposing Gun Control=Unfit for Office Reid Henrichs Published on May 5, 2016 Violation of the Constitution and its principles renders one unfit for office. Gun control is certainly included in that category. This nation was built by people who understood that an armed populace was the best...
  5. searcher

    80 Yr Old Granny Blows Knife Wielding Psycho To Kingdom Come

    Home Invading Thug Killed By 80 Year Old Granny After He Stabs Her 75 Year Old Husband The Doctor Of Common Sense Published on May 3, 2016 http://freedomdaily.com/home-invasion...
  6. searcher

    Final Score: 11 Yr Old Kid = 1 | Armed Home Invader = 0

    Can't copy & past due to copyright laws. Home alone Alabama boy, 11, shoots armed intruder: 'He started crying like a little baby' http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/ala-boy-shoots-intruder-started-crying-baby-article-1.2621166
  7. searcher

    Armed 13 Yr Old Wins Gun Battle With 2 Armed Thugs

    South Carolina Boy, 13, Fatally Shoots Burglar, Scares Off Second Suspect: Police http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/south-carolina-boy-13-fatally-shoots-burglar-wounds-second-suspect-n462006 A 13 Year Old Kid Uses His Mother’s Gun To Kill Thug Breaking In Home Thetruthdamit Published on...
  8. searcher

    Final Score: Armed Mom = 1 | Armed Intruder = 0

    'I definitely think he picked the wrong house': Mother shoots armed intruder who entered her home through baby's window An Indiana woman's maternal instinct kicked in as she shot armed intruder who entered her home through her baby's window After thinking someone had broken in she grabbed her...
  9. searcher

    Techno Arms MAG-7: Shooting, History, & Disassembly

    Techno Arms MAG-7: Shooting, History, & Disassembly Forgotten Weapons Published on Mar 16, 2016 http://www.patreon.com/ForgottenWeapons The MAG-7 is an unusual shotgun made in South Africa in the 1990s, and imported to the US in small numbers. The idea of the gun was to offer maximum...
  10. searcher

    The Gun Blog Black List

    The Gun Blog Black List http://gunblogblacklist.blogspot.com/2016/03/remember-we-have-regional-blog-listing.html
  11. searcher

    Hammer vs Hammerless

    Deleted post. Far too many posts like this. nmcu
  12. searcher

    Armed Customer Saves Store Clerk From Hatchet Wielding Psycho

    Customer with gun permit kills hatchet-wielding man swinging at Washington state 7-11 clerk http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/man-kills-hatchet-wielding-man-swinging-wash-7-11-clerk-article-1.2563254
  13. searcher

    Fugitive Murder Suspect Gunned Down By His Own Hostage

    Shot 'by his own hostage': Fugitive murder suspect 'is gunned down by family while holding man, woman and toddler captive in their own home' Rafael McCloud, 33, escaped from jail in Vicksburg, MS, last Wednesday He attacked a jail guard with a shank, forced him to hand over uniform Police...
  14. searcher

    Browning 1911 380

    Browning 1911 380 hickok45 Published on Feb 10, 2016 Bud’s Gun Shop: http://www.budsgunshop.com/?utm_sourc... Shooting and showing the nifty little Browning 1911 .380. Federal Premium: http://www.federalpremium.com/ https://www.facebook.com/federalpremi... SDI (Sonoran Desert Institute) ...
  15. searcher

    Colorado Man Who Fatally Shot Craigslist Robbery Suspect Could Face Charges

    Colorado man who fatally shot Craigslist robbery suspect could face charges http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/colo-man-shot-craigslist-robber-charged-article-1.2511408
  16. searcher

    Shotguns: 12 Gauge vs 20 Gauge For Home Self-defense ?!

    Deleted post. Video no longer exists. nmcu