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  1. searcher

    Business News & Views - Metals, Markets, Shipping, Energy, More

    Rather than continuing the weekly "R.T.M. ~ Frontrunning ~" thread decided to start a daily business news, views & commentary thread along the same lines. Feel free to join in.
  2. searcher

    R.T.M. ~ Frontrunning ~ 33rd Ed., Vol.2 ~ August 15th - 19th

    Global Stocks Rise, US Futures Near All Time Highs As Flood Into Emerging Markets Continues by Tyler Durden Aug 15, 2016 6:47 AM European shares advanced, with gains in automakers helping Germany’s benchmark DAX Index turn positive for the year for the first time. Stocks...
  3. searcher

    R.T.M. ~ Frontrunning ~ 31st Ed., Vol.2 ~ August 1st - 5th

    Deleted. Nothing more than old, outdated business news. Way too many posts, threads & vids like this. nmcu
  4. searcher

    R.T.M. ~ Frontrunning ~ 29th Ed., Vol.2 ~ July 18th - 22nd

    US Futures Rebound Sharply From Friday's Coup Fears, Focus Shifts To M&A by Tyler Durden Jul 18, 2016 6:31 AM Having panciked briefly on Friday night on news of a Turkish coup, which has since not only failed but been cast away as speculation rises that it was staged and designed to give...
  5. searcher

    R.T.M. ~ Frontrunning ~ 28th Ed., Vol.2 ~ July 11th - 15th

    S&P 500 To Open At All Time Highs After Japan Soars, Yen Plunges On JPY10 Trillion Stimulus by Tyler Durden Jul 11, 2016 6:38 AM Last Thursday, when we reported that Ben Bernanke was to "secretly" meet with Kuroda and Abe this week (he is said to have already met with...
  6. searcher

    R.T.M. ~ Frontrunning ~ 27th Ed., Vol.2 ~ July 4th - 8th

    Precious Metals Surge Continues, As Does Italian Bank Pain, In Holiday-Shortened Session by Tyler Durden Jul 4, 2016 7:12 AM In today's US holiday-impacted session, the biggest overnight story was the dramatic surge in precious metals, which saw silver briefly soar above $21 following a...
  7. searcher

    R.T.M. ~ Frontrunning ~ 26th Ed., Vol.2 ~ June 27th - July 1st

    Deleted my posts. Nothing more than outdated business news, links / vids. Way too many posts, threads & vids.
  8. searcher

    R.T.M. ~ Frontrunning ~ 25th Ed., Vol.2 ~ June 20th - 24th

    Deleted my posts. Nothing more than old, out dated business news, links / vids. Way too many posts, threads & vids.
  9. searcher

    R.T.M. ~ Frontrunning ~ 24th Ed., Vol.2 ~ June 13th - 17th

    Frontrunning: June 13 by Tyler Durden - Jun 13, 2016 7:37 AM Chaos, Carnage Amid Orlando Rampage (WSJ) FBI Twice Probed Orlando Gunman (WSJ) How the Orlando Shooting Unfolded (WSJ) Brexit fear factor sends stocks spinning (Reuters) Pound Judgment Day Means Either Drop to 30-Year Low or...
  10. searcher

    R.T.M. ~ Frontrunning ~ 23nd Ed., Vol.2 ~ June 6th - 10th

    Deleted my posts. Nothing more than old / outdated business news. WOT
  11. searcher

    R.T.M. ~ Frontrunning ~ 22nd Ed., Vol.2 ~ May 30th - June 3rd

    Deleted my posts. Nothing more than old / outdated business news. nmcu
  12. searcher

    R.T.M. ~ Frontrunning ~ 21st Ed., Vol.2 ~ May 23rd - 27th

    Frontrunning: May 23 Submitted by Tyler Durden on 05/23/2016 07:34 -0400 Global stocks see-saw, yields slip as investors get week off to cautious start (Reuters) Bayer defies critics with $62 billion Monsanto offer (Reuters) Iran has no plans to freeze oil exports, official says ahead of...
  13. searcher

    R.T.M. ~ Frontrunning ~ 20th Ed., Vol.2 ~ May 16th - 20th

    Frontrunning: May 16 Submitted by Tyler Durden on 05/16/2016 07:32 -0400 European Stocks Fall as Chinese Economic Data Disappoint (WSJ) Oil Climbs to Highest Since November as European Shares Retreat (BBG) Yen weakens on Japan intervention talk before G7 meets (Reuters) Wall Street’s Bond...
  14. Scorpio

    ‘What Part of “Get Out of The Stock Market” Don’t You Understand?’

    Stan Druckenmiller: ‘What Part of “Get Out of The Stock Market” Don’t You Understand?’ May 5, 2016 Jesse FelderBubbles, Buybacks, Corporate Debt, Currencies, Federal Reserve, Gold, Junk Bonds, M&A, Precious Metals, Stan Druckenmiller, Stock Market, The Fed The big news out of the Sohn...
  15. searcher

    R.T.M. ~ Frontrunning ~ 19th Ed., Vol.2 ~ May 9th - 13th

    Frontrunning: May 9 Submitted by Tyler Durden on 05/09/2016 07:35 -0400 China stocks plunge again as hopes for economic recovery fade (Reuters) European Stock Gains Defy China Data That Hurt Metals; Oil Rises (BBG) Yen falls after Tokyo warning (Reuters) Soros Chart Signals BOJ Bond Buying...
  16. searcher

    R.T.M. ~ Frontrunning ~ 17th Ed., Vol.2 ~ Apr 25th - 29th

    Frontrunning: April 25 Submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/25/2016 07:48 -0400 Obama sending more forces to Syria to consolidate gains against Islamic State (Reuters) Global stocks, dollar stumble ahead of Fed, BOJ meetings (Reuters) The Rise and Deadly Fall of Islamic State’s Oil Tycoon (WSJ)...
  17. Scorpio

    A Scam Called Valeant——Why The Casino Is Going To Blow

    A Scam Called Valeant——Why The Casino Is Going To Blow by David Stockman • March 24, 2016 If you need evidence that Wall Street is a financial time bomb waiting for ignition look no further than the recent meltdown of Valeant Pharmaceuticals (VRX). In round terms, its market cap of $90...
  18. searcher

    R.T.M. ~ Frontrunning ~ 11th Ed., Vol.2 ~ Mar 14th - 18th

    CR - Schedule for Week of March 13, 2016 http://www.calculatedriskblog.com/2016/03/schedule-for-week-of-march-13-2016.html CR - Goldman: FOMC Preview 03/13 http://www.calculatedriskblog.com/2016/03/goldman-fomc-preview.html LT - Outlook for Week of March 14...
  19. searcher

    R.T.M. ~ Frontrunning ~ 10th Ed., Vol.2 ~ Mar 7th - 11th

    SA - Real time news 03/06 http://seekingalpha.com/market-news CR - Schedule for Week of March 6, 2016 Read more at http://www.calculatedriskblog.com/2016/03/schedule-for-week-of-march-6-2016.html#qM8CCT5vr5mi1DoX.99 TBP - 10 Sunday Reads 03/06 http://ritholtz.com/2016/03/sunday-reads-41/...
  20. searcher

    Weekly Market Wrap Up 02/05

    Gold Seeker Weekly Wrap-Up: Gold and Silver Gain Over 5% on the Week By: Chris Mullen, Gold-Seeker.com Gold gained $4.74 to $1160.44 in London before it dropped down to $1145.24 after the release of this morning’s jobs data, but it then stormed back higher into the close and ended with a gain...