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  1. GoldenPoet

    Who the hell created COVID-19 ?

    Have at it. Whatcha think? My vote is for the psychopaths
  2. Bottom Feeder

    While the Demonrats try to ambush The Prez

    Trump Travels To Dover AFB For Dignified Transfer Of 4 Americans Killed In Syria NPR President Trump traveled to Dover Air Force Base on Saturday as the remains of four Americans killed earlier this week by a suicide bomber in Syria were returned to the U.S. Trump, who met privately with...
  3. Bottom Feeder

    Stormy Daniels’s attorney possible presidential bid

    WaPo The attorney for Stormy Daniels announced Thursday that he will speak next month at an annual Democratic dinner in northern Iowa and said he will attend party fundraisers in multiple states, stoking speculation about his presidential ambitions. WooHoo!! The dems finally have someone to...
  4. Bottom Feeder

    North Korea Hands Over Remains Of 55 U.S. Servicemen

    NPR What are believed to be the remains of some 55 U.S. servicemen killed in the Korean War have arrived in South Korea aboard a U.S. Air Force transport from the North in accordance with an agreement made last month between President Trump and Kim Jong Un at their summit in Singapore. The...
  5. Bottom Feeder

    Trump meeting with Putin is the right thing for America

    The Hill The Fake Rage is real. President Trump’s critics outraged at the 2018 Helsinki Summit want to see him fail on the global stage but he just keeps winning. The 2018 Helsinki Summit is yet more evidence that Trump’s bold approach to international diplomacy is reviving America’s clout on...
  6. G-khan

    ISIS uses Organ Trafficking to Fund Terror

  7. G-khan

    People of Iran fighting back...

    This will be second prison they are liberating!
  8. G-khan


  9. G-khan

    Why do the "elite" hate HIM so much?

  10. G-khan

    Is Hitler's Daughter Head of Germany Now?

    You Decide Bloodlines
  11. G-khan

    It's Miller Time Facebook

    Here is a link that goes to what Anti-School is showing in video below... http://www.fbcoverup.com/docs/cyberhijack/cyber-hijack-findings.html#timeline
  12. G-khan

    Who Harvests What for Who?