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  1. searcher

    EasyCap USB Video Capture Review & Test (SMI Grabber Version)

    EasyCap USB video capture review & test (SMI Grabber version) vwestlife Published on Jun 26, 2016 The cheapest way to capture video from analog sources onto your computer -- EasyCap-style USB video capture devices are available for less than $5, and generally work acceptably well as long as...
  2. searcher

    An Honest Review Of Movavi Video Editor

    An honest review of Movavi Video Editor vwestlife Published on Jun 11, 2016 Movavi has an easy-to-use Video Editor for Windows and Mac... but is it really any better than Windows Movie Maker or iMovie? How to get Movavi software for free, if you're willing to give them some free advertising...
  3. searcher

    Apple Macintosh IIci Vintage Computer Teardown

    Apple Macintosh IIci vintage computer teardown vwestlife Published on Feb 26, 2016 Attempting to diagnose a Mac IIci that keeps shutting off a few seconds after you turn it on. Likely the cause is bad capacitors on the logic board.
  4. searcher

    The $7.49 IBM ThinkPad T20 Gets An OS upgrade

    The $7.49 IBM ThinkPad T20 gets an OS upgrade vwestlife Published on Feb 12, 2016 Proof that you can teach an old dog old tricks. Exploring open-source software on an operating system better suited to the IBM ThinkPad T20's hardware. Original video about the T20...