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19 each 2007 W SAE Burnished $700


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Dec 7, 2010
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So the back story is this. I bought a lot of SAE W's around 2009 timeframe. So to start off I'm posting a sampling. I removed the air tites from the OPM and have stored them in the pictured air tite containers. What I"m showing is 19 each 2007 W SAE's burnished. I will also say that I live around San Antonio Tx so anybody in the area can investigate further.

I'm in the process of getting my state teaching cert in Chemistry and have a few months of down time so raising some cash. Take a look at the Pics and then we can take it from there. Base on Ebay selling prices they are selling for north of $40. I'm looking for $37 each but want to sell the whole lot.

I have 2008's that I did the same thing with. When I took the 7 out for pics I might have seen slight edge darkening on 1. I didn't see milk spots on any of them. If there is interest I will examine further and provide more as needed. This should be enough to gauge interest and start the ball rolling.

I really went to great lengths to try to preserve these coins and not have the spotting and toning issues. I have probably 6 more of these air tites full. Not necessarily wanting to get rid of all but..........

I have bought and sold on here many many years ago and hopefully a few will recognize me from those days.

I'm on EBAY as a seller. thomasn197.

Did a lot more buying and selling in the Collectors Universe Forum.


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