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1909 $60 ebay Cent Buy May Be a $40K Rarity!


Planet earth
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Feb 20, 2013
Now it looks like PCGS wants the coin back to check it out:

Mr. Larry Pelf: PCGS wants the coin back for evaluation. Contact Alma Salgado at PCGS:

Good Afternoon,

This coin will need to come back to be reviewed. Please provide the following information:

Full Name

Shipping Address

Phone Number

I will be sending you step-by-step instructions on how to return this coin to PCGS to have the designation reviewed, I will also provide you with a pre-completed FedEx label to ship the coin back to PCGS for review under our account. This will all be free of charge and we will try to have these corrected and returned as quickly as possible.

Thank you,

Alma (Stephanie) SalgadoCustomer Service Representative
p 800.447.8848 | f 949.567.1253 | PCGS.com