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2017, The Year of the Truth Bomb! (Part 1)


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got this off of jsmineset. Bill Holter is compiling all the 'Truth Bombs"...

2017, The Year of the Truth Bomb! (Part 1)

by Bill Holter | Dec 26, 2017 | Articles | 1 comment

Here we are at the end of 2017 with more “truth bombs” released than I could have imagined! In fact, I believe we probably received more “truth” in just one year than collectively in all of human history. This is a sad statement because it also means we have lived behind more lies than at any time prior. Also surprising is none individually have cracked the dam called “confidence”. But do not be fooled as it looks as if the entire dam is moving, particularly in the last few weeks!

As we have stressed all year long and prior, our entire lifestyle relies on credit …and credit relies on confidence. The “truth bomb” thesis from the very beginning came from our belief that confidence will break once enough lies are fully and obviously exposed showing our entire lives (standard of living) as a fallacy. The global standard of living has evolved hand in hand with the credit bubble, it will also deflate hand in hand as the bubble pops. “Truth” will be the catalyst!

The topic is so broad it had to be broken down into 3 (possibly 4?)parts. Our goal is to build categories from individual stories shedding light for you the reader to connect dots. During the year, we heard from readers asking “why” we discuss, politics, the rule of law, geopolitics/international tensions rather than sticking to economics, finance, and ultimately silver/gold? The answer is simple, as the various lies are exposed and the dominoes begin to fall, each truth will create a drop in confidence and push more and more capital out of the rigged casinos toward “safety”. It is human nature to pull in your horns and go back to basics when trust becomes and issue. Another way to say this is for “scared” money, all roads will lead toward gold and silver because they ARE “trust” on their own. The road to silver and gold are paved with many broken promises …which truth bombs are in the process of fully exposing!

Yes I fully expect to hear from trolls and even the well meaning, “gold and silver are rigged and suppressed, why will capital gravitate there”? This is also simple, and in reality the “core” to all of the rigging. Gold and silver are money themselves and thus direct competition to government “issued” currency. Metals have no “promise” or liability attached to them to be “trusted”. When confidence breaks, even more unimaginable truths of all sorts will come forth as they always do when the tide goes out. Capital will move away from investments that require “trusting” someone else to perform. Physical gold and silver supplies will be overwhelmed exposing the ultimate truth …there is nowhere near the amounts of physical gold and silver available as depicted by the paper markets! THIS fraud is the ultimate truth bomb they must desperately prevent from coming forth!

Before we get started, this link http://educateinspirechange.org/alt...-conspiracies-58-admitted-false-flag-attacks/ is interesting because many “conspiracy theories” in the past and going back many years have already been outed to ho hum response. No one has cared because their lives were not impacted and the revelations were made many many years after the fact. The current truth bombs are different, because they expose the current or recent day events. They are basically real time and will be met with real time anger. These truths cover nearly all facets of everyday life and in many cases are 180 degrees from what is present belief and “proper protocol”.

To start, let’s look at “government” and I believe there is no better place to start than where the rock started rolling downhill to begin with …911 (yes I know, JFK’s assassination was the real starting line). This is not a new topic and has been covered by many over the years. The thing is this, 911 will become a lightning rod once other “conspiracies” and “out there thought” is exposed as hard fact. To many, 911 is a bridge too far mentally to arrive at even if the hard evidence points 100% to controlled demolitions. Once the masses begin to see hard proof and extent of the evil that exists and has existed in so many other areas, the “leap” in thought of 911 will be like stepping out of bed in the morning. Building #7 is the most obvious. This two year study was released in Sept.

Please watch, the information cannot be argued with.


The following links are only briefly commented on due to the huge volume:

It has been this way for years but is only realized now …you are not supposed to think for yourself?…https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-google-facebook-duopoly-threatens-diversity-of-thought-1513642519 The gates of hell will open if we think for ourselves!

Is there any “level” the Japanese government (or any other govt. for that matter) will spill true beans?


Or Russia? http://thedailycoin.org/2017/11/21/...ivity-levels-surged-1000-times-normal-russia/

This is still speculation at this point and not widely dispersed but if true, is a biggie! http://phibetaiota.net/2017/11/worth-a-look-proof-positive-of-blue-lasers-starting-fires/

Would the IRS or any other alphabet agency target citizens for their political views? You bet they would!


Now we know, a “theory” no more!


How about our Navy and the “mishaps”, do we get a glimpse of truth?


…and yet another? http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-18/another-us-navy-warship-crashes

Political suppression is not just a U.S. thing… http://thedailycoin.org/2017/11/03/...seeks-european-arrest-warrant-catalan-leader/

Tax evasion? Elites and even the Queen herself? http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-...es-tax-haven-secrets-links-wilbur-ross-russia

We HAVE been told you know? https://www.counterpunch.org/2017/02/09/trumps-truth-bomb-you-think-were-so-innocent/

The Middle East too… http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-...e-confirms-israeli-saudi-coordination-lebanon

Syria … http://nesaranews.blogspot.com/2017/07/huge-truth-bombs-on-syria.html Mr. Putin and the Chinese had this figured out early on!

And sandwiched in between …http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-...-assad-and-netanyahu-bombshell-report-reveals

We would be remiss if we left out “war” itself …

http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-20/real-cost-war-three-times-more-government-admits How much???

http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-...-cost-5-trillion-and-increased-terrorism-6500 How much???


http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-21/us-airstrike-somalia-kills-more-100-al-shabab-militants These are just a taste, two entire pages would not suffice!


We need to start finance off with these two links:



And always remember this, one man’s asset is another man’s debt!

Catherine Austin Fitts uncovered $21 trillion of “missing” funds! Her find is documented and supported by two separate University professors doing two separate studies. The money is gone …and it is nearly 10 times the size of what Donald Rumsfeld told us Sept. 10, 2001 …and we know what happened the next day to shove that truth bomb under the rug…!


(Her supporting documentation)


This one is huge as we now know how COMEX has avoided delivery default. Just the month of December alone has seen the equivalent of 25%+ of global gold and silver production “steered” away from COMEX delivery and toward London. We cannot know how much metal is left for London to deliver but we now know that HUGE quantities over the past several years have left their vaults. The CFTC has still not as far as I know, responded to Harvey Organ’s letter calling this a fraud!


(My writing on the topic)


This definitely takes a slice of the dollar pie.


It’s all about keeping the bond bubble afloat …not even governments can now survive higher rates… http://gainspainscapital.com/2017/11/30/ecb-comes-clean-rising-rates-coming-systemic-reset/

Who goes bust first? https://www.themaven.net/mishtalk/e...eeding-tangible-assets-bKkv9c5JT0KEwj5iG2HXBA

Even “countries” are at risk www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-18/whos-next-venezuelas-collapse-puts-these-nations-risk

No liquidity …www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-16/bank-england-weekly-fund-redemptions-13-assets-would-break-europes-corporate-bond-ma

And Europe backs away from insuring deposits? Do they know something we are not supposed to know? https://news.goldcore.com/us/gold-blog/protect-savings-gold-ecb-propose-end-deposit-protection/

We know pensions of all sorts are under funded …CALPERS illustrates the move toward risk in the “hopes” of reward.


What about cities? www.governing.com/gov-data/municipal-cities-counties-bankruptcies-and-defaults.html

You should not have that warm fuzzy feeling if you work for a state either …https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2017-state-pension-funding-ratios/

We live in a world of financial insanity … a great example is Greece long term bonds trading under 4%?https://www.reuters.com/article/eur...0-pct-for-first-time-since-2006-idUSL8N1OF3YT

Whether filed under finance or rule of law, still stupid! https://nypost.com/2017/11/16/wall-...-chat-rooms-to-rig-treasury-bond-trades-suit/

To wrap this section up, there were many “pleas and deals” made for rigging various markets. It has become a business model if you will because the gains far outsize any penalties. To this point “NO ONE CARES”! No one cares because nothing has directly affected them yet. Once the truth begins to affect people’s lives, the herd will begin to wake and move. I suspect when the time comes, lesser truths than have already come forth will spread like wildfire and confidence will begin to burn!

In part 2 we will look at politics and the rule of law (or the lack of!).

Standing watch,

Bill Holter

Holter-Sinclair collaboration
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Part 2, Politics and the Rule of Law
by Bill Holter | Dec 28, 2017 | Articles | 0 comments

In this section we will look at “politics and the rule of law” (or the lack of). If you remember, WikiLeaks dumped all sorts of information from the second half of 2016 on. Much of the information was gleaned from John Podesta’s personal e-mail account …and none of it has ever been claimed to be fake e-mails so we can assume they are true. In fact, the reaction to the information (e-mail) dump was to point fingers at “who stole” them and the “illegality” of obtaining them. Never mind “what” the e-mails exposed!
2017 turned out to be the “aftermath” of the many initial shocks from 2016. We have been revealed in 2017 many instances where what first appeared in 2016, was far more severe, rampant, and went way further down the rabbit hole (and up the chain of command) than we could have ever imagined. 2017 served us platter after platter of dirt, each one piled higher and the stench worsened markedly as the year progressed. For instance;

This one has to sting any supporter of Bernie Sanders. Come to think of it, it has to really sting ANY “American”!
Donna Brazile: I found ‘proof’ the DNC rigged the …

She must know of others because “one” does not create a pattern …what would make her so fearful?

This one must be scary for many, we are finding out “who” created it and “how” it was used. Bottom line is one party created and used this to spy on the other party. Isn’t this what Watergate was all about? Spying? He can play dumb but this one will end up in Obama’s lap …!

How Obama and Hillary Clinton Weaponized the ‘Dossier’

Here is the “who” ..

We already knew this …https://aim4truth.org/2017/02/19/george-soros-economic-carpetbagger-and-scalawag/ but did we know this? https://aim4truth.org/2017/12/17/doj-inspector-general-michael-horowitz-was-handpicked-by-soros-co/ Will his funding for violence and election fraud be investigated?

We were told it was Russian collusion that tanked Hillary? Yet It now looks like Mueller is opening doors with some very unexpected “uglies” behind them?

“She even bragged about it on her Facebook page…”


We got some unexpected 2017 truth’s here. I wonder if investigations will ever open as to the whereabouts of various personnel on that fateful day?

Zero surprise here but just for the record …

Uranium One http://ibankcoin.com/zeropointnow/2...um-one-scandal/#sthash.Bfrea8dW.eGbXs9Ku.dpbs

We know he exists, will we hear from him soon? …And what’s up with the FBI having him sign an NDA? TOO MUCH TRUTH?

Even the Chicago Tribune?

Now, it looks like there actually may be some coming action? The latest number I have heard is over 10,000 sealed indictments …what will the average Joe think if these are opened and served?

https://thedailycoin.org/2017/11/16/total-1183-sealed-government-indictments-wednesday-morning/ …and counting!

Moving along, let’s not forget Benghazi …https://cairnsnews.org/2016/10/23/wikileaks-hillary-clintons-emails-the-world-needs-to-read/

This was a railroad job from day one …and speaking of “one”, it ties to the Uranium One land grab…
Upholding “who’s” Constitution?

https://redoubtnews.com/2017/12/shea-exposes-blm-atrocities/ and this … www.oregonlive.com/oregon-standoff/2017/12/blm_investigator_alleges_misco.html and this https://redoubtnews.com/2017/12/whistleblower-kill-book/ …a “kill book”?

They were even disrespected north of the border …and with good reason!

Colby Cosh: Why Trudeau got taken for a ride in China
More Deep State …www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-11/ex-spy-chief-admits-role-deep-state-intelligence-war-trump

I will be shocked if Obama himself is not formally tied in to all of this before it’s over!

And it turns out we had no Inspector General during Hillary’s reign as Head of State http://investmentwatchblog.com/spea...-clinton-state-department-went-without-an-ig/ …how convenient?

If they did no wrong, they need not fear? https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/nov/19/lois-lerner-holly-paz-want-testimony-sealed-perman/

It has worked so far in Europe, right?

Wait until this goes nationwide! “Dirty” registration rolls ..is there any other kind?

Ah, and the FBI!

Let’s finish this section with the FBI. Story after story has come out with true dirt to their reputation. Comey, McCabe and even Mueller himself …all G-men. They have proven themselves to believe they are “above the law” or even “the law” itself. In case you have not made the connection yet, EVERY banana republic has three things in common. They all have too much external debt, they all have failing currencies via over issuance and the ALL lose the rule of law via political takeover! We are three for three the way I see it. Please stay tuned for the final two installments.

Standing watch,
Bill Holter
Holter-Sinclair collabration


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Part 3 Sleaze, Various Other Truth Bombs
by Bill Holter | Dec 29, 2017 | Articles | 0 comments

We scratched the surface on Government, finance, politics and the rule of law so far. Today, let’s take a look at sleaze and fraud. The sleaze part is not just “sensational”. It is important because in many cases it crosses any decent person’s red line and should piss anyone off who reads it or discovers it.

The first part is certainly not all inclusive but is wide ranging. That said, 2018 looks to be shaping up as barn burner for the arrests of child molesters and human traffickers. Not only are there over 10,000 sealed indictments, President Trump shocked the world by signing this executive order. https://www.whitehouse.gov/presiden...volved-serious-human-rights-abuse-corruption/ I do have concern over this as I believe it steps over the line of considering someone guilty before being proven innocent. Seizing assets prevents one from defending themselves, but if this is necessary to stop what is going on in the world of pedophilia, so be it.

Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved …

I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, find that the prevalence and severity of human rights abuse and corruption that have their source, in …

I do also want to speak regarding “pizzagate”. I personally believe it is 100% true based on the leaked e-mails, pedophile logos of the various pizza joints, hanging art in Podesta’s home and even video footage of bands that have played in these “family pizza parlors”. I can only hope and pray 2018 sees perp walks and major jail time for those involved (I would not vote against public hanging!). I also believe we will be shocked when we find out just how widespread and pervasive this problem really is.

The above said, remember this …Hillary was “supposed” to win. MUCH of what has come out was never supposed to and would not have had she won. We were headed down a rabbit hole where any moral outrage would have been shouted down …but Hillary did not win. In fact, many are now on the run and must be freaking out as the rule of law is coming back into town. It should also be pointed out, “murder(S)” has no statute of limitations. “His name was Seth Rich”!


GREATEST HITS, 21: Report says DNC files were copied, not …

A report by an IT specialist gives detailed information on how Democratic National Committee (DNC) files that were given to WikiLeaks were copied locally …

Pedophilia and sexual harassment has been rumored for years and was a “dirty secret”. This all changed in 2017! As I mentioned above, it crosses (should) the red line of many and may end up being what riles the pubic up enough to begin to wake …we will see?

Years ago Corey Feldman tried to out the pedophiles to no avail. Maybe because his claims were just “too crazy”?


Then just this year the dam began to break! Below is just a sampling of what has come out, Pizzagate is very real and crosses nearly everyone’s “red line”. The populace will view those in power VERY differently after it is no longer conspiracy theory but proven and hideous fact!

Corey Feldman names Co-Star as molester


Corey Feldman Names The First Name: Accuses Former Co-Star …

While the actor says he has six names, today he decided to release one of them on the Dr. Oz Show. Here’s the latest… from Zero Hedge Corey Feldman has a

Then it started to broaden as Kevin Spacey thought people would be “accepting” of his coming out of the closet. Can you say “miscalculation”?


This speaks to 15 year olds, will the public still sleep when it comes to 5 year olds?


Then King Harvey was busted and piled onto …


Ex Soros Trader outted, there’s that name again!


Cops too?


Child Brides in America? This is the stuff 3rd world nations are made of!


Congress’ harassment settlements? We should have figured this one!


Democrat Congressman who oversees sexual harassment settlements is under FBI investigation …of foxes and henhouses?

Sexual Harasser Al Franken (D) …even comedians thought it was funny!




Rape rooms?


Sexual Harasser Reporter Glenn Thrush …even reporters? Maybe this is “why” not much was reported over the years?


Sexual Harasser Charlie Rose …going a bit further up the ladder!



Sexual Harasser John Lasseter …and a little further?


Sexual Harasser John Conyers (D) …even old men?


who support “women’s rights? Can you say hypocrite?


Sexual Harasser in chief, Bill Clinton (D) …I wondered when people would make this connection?


Sexual Predator Al Green (D-Tx) …sex, drugs, and rock and roll?


Pedophile Joel A. Getz (D) …kindergartners? With ties where and to whom?


Bigger Scandal than the others? When algorithms go wild?


Libya slave auctions? Isn’t that where Benghazi is?


Mega Church Pastors coming out of the closet?

Pastor Dee Apostolic.

I’ll leave the Pope himself alone as he has commuted judgement on some 2,000 priests. God will be judge here!

“It’s A Designed Cover-Up” – Powerful Democratic Congressman John Conyers Sexually Harassed Staffers …oops, and another one!


USA Olympic Doctor Pleads Guilty to Massive Child Rape Scandal …and he at first called it “physical therapy?


It took 5 allegations?


…and of course across the pond too!


You may not believe this one now but you soon will…


Let’s not forget judges…

https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/l...ed-of-sexual-misconduct/ar-BBGpHAv?li=BBnb7Kz …and throws in the towel https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/federal-appeals-judge-announces-immediate-retirement-amid-investigation-prompted-by-accusations-of-sexual-misconduct/2017/12/18/6e38ada4-e3fd-11e7-a65d-1ac0fd7f097e_story.html?utm_term=.bcbecea26b8b&wpisrc=al_news__alert-politics–alert-national&wpmk=1

Let’s switch gears and look at various other truth bombs. Volumes of books can and will be written on the topic of fraud. The following is just a taste. Rather than rehash the major stories of the last year (Clinton foundation etc., FBI, DOJ, Pentagon missing monies, election fraud, etc. etc.) …because these will become front page news soon whether the media likes it or not. I thought it might be fun to look at a few of the off the radar truth bombs;

We could have included this one above if it were not for taxpayer money used as settlement.


We’ve known this all along, how many went to jail after 2008?


The real estate collapse rearing it’s ugly head again?


Sports is tainted …


Just the latest in government.


Didn’t Leonardo DiCaprio do a movie like this?


Government striking back at taxpayers …


A very long list of health and Medicare fraud


And on to various other truth bombs;

The dollar is being pushed OUT! (Possibly THE most important truth of all).


“Whoever” he is, interesting to follow!


“Shocking? It would have been expected if the press and governments did not hide the truth!


This is a very ugly truth …


Is this like “meddling” in an election?


What are the ramifications of this if it explodes? http://usdefensewatch.com/2017/12/b...cia-role-in-forging-obamas-birth-certificate/

Even Coke got into the act? https://usrtk.org/news-releases/did...ood-obesity-fail-to-disclose-cokes-influence/

…And Facebook too? https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/tech...facebook-to-exploit-you/ar-BBELRgF?li=BBnb7Kz

NSA dream! http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/blac...M.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email

Google knows what is best for you! http://thehill.com/policy/technolog...-set-to-weed-out-extremist-content-on-youtube

And for you greenies out there,


say it isn’t so!


This was a BIGGIE and no longer conspiracy “theory”! http://thefreethoughtproject.com/ge...s-holds-hearing-on-weather-manipulation-tech/

Let’s not forget “chemtrails” …truthers have been bashed for years on this one. Lookie what we have here!


and here.


Antarctica was certainly in the news this year …maybe we find out next year why? https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2...ther-voyage-antarctic-continent/#.WjcVm0xFzIU

Maybe the woman should claim the same about the NYT? https://nypost.com/2017/11/09/new-york-times-accuses-woman-of-pretending-to-be-reporter/

We also saw efforts at erasing American history www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-09/democrat-lawmaker-supports-call-ban-racist-national-anthem

Sad …https://www.bloomberg.com/news/arti...ndez-juror-asks-trial-judge-what-is-a-senator

… we could mention the strictest gun laws in the nation but that might trigger some folks http://abc7chicago.com/politics/boykin-asks-un-for-help-fighting-chicago-violence/2780474/

Fake News! Another topic they will write books about…


Not sure if we did this one already but a good one to finish with.

Huh? https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/16/us/politics/pentagon-program-ufo-harry-reid.html …not conspiracy theory? What are they getting us ready for? Little green men? https://www.washingtonpost.com/news...1-conspiracy-theories/?utm_term=.69047b67eed8

And this one just in for good measure!


So there you have it, we tried to be inclusive but only scratched the surface on the truth bombs dropped in 2017. I plan to wrap this up in an opinion piece shortly so stay tuned! Truth bombs don’t matter until they matter … 2018 will be the year truth does matter!

Standing watch,

Bill Holter

Holter-Sinclair collaboration


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