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A Magnate's Soliloquy


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A Magnate's Soliloquy​

Just a Dude Published May 13, 2022

This Is How The Dominant Minority Look At You (The Profane Masses, In Their View).

A Banker Aires His Views on The Right of The Elite to Control Everyone’s Lives, Written by Craig-James Moncur.

Written Over 10 Years Ago, This Satirical Poem About the Hidden Elite Hand That Controls Our Lives Is as Accurate and Relevant Now as It Was Then.

"Get Ready for Wars in The Name of The Free, Vaccinations for Illness That Will Never Be, The Assault on Your Children's Impressionable Minds, And A Micro Chipped World, You'll Put Up No Fight, Information Suppression Will Keep You in Toe, Depopulation Of Peasants Was Always Our Goal"

• The Power of The Banks
• Control Through Tv
• Vaccinations
• Eugenics
• Sleeping Sheep
• The Spiritual Development and How It Is Prevented as The Actual Solution!