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A Real Estate project you may be interested in:


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Apr 6, 2010
Hey fellow gold-bugs! I just wanted to share a little project I've been working on...

3D Visualization:

This city is cellular in design. The idea is to create an open-ended modular building framework standard, which can be replicated and expanded upon both horizontally AND vertically, even after the construction of previous sections have been fully completed.

It includes an internal 3-dimensional public transportation system (vertically stacked 20 foot wide suspended pathways or "roads"), and utility infrastructure. It is highly efficient in electricity consumption, heating/cooling, construction costs, and transportation costs, which have all been roughly calculated using mathematical models.

Due to the cellular nature, construction can also begin with only ONE single cell, (est cost: $150k-200k) instead of waiting for a grand master-plan and the massive funds/interest/uncertainty involved with such a master-plan.

The plan is also limited to the structural skeleton and meta-construction of the city, leaving the details/residential/business development/zoning and nearly all interior/artistic/aesthetic development up to the actual residents. The first cell will likely be a residential proof of concept, and will most likely be greatly expanded upon over time, as the design intended.

The design counts as "Exit" from normal society in many ways, because...

-it reduces the cost of living by an estimated $1000-3000/month/resident over traditional society

-is mostly self-sustaining and nearly off-grid

-close-knit community can support alternative work/life arrangements, social structures, and currencies among each other.

-1-2 successful "export" industries can support the entire city due to the small amount of external cash-flow required to survive and thrive, due to massively reduced cost of living.


3D Representation of a small city and some features/possibilities:

A huge number of mathematical calculations surrounding likely efficiency outcomes due to the nature of this design: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmvUyUoRmaxOrAlqM5hVRbmvo3ZyCvyAp (The construction estimates for this have been greatly reduced since the recording was made. It was filmed prior to the structural steel and other material estimations were made. Was: ~$500k Now: $150k, or ~$13k per resident)

Construction costs are estimated to be ~$5/sqft, or 99% less expensive than your average NYC skyscraper. Even if the estimates are off by 100%, it would STILL be 97% less expensive than a typical NYC skyscraper. Current structural design supports up to 15 vertical stories of construction. In the future, new yet "compatible" cells can be built and strengthened to support up to 30-40 vertical stories.

Feel free to ask questions here, or in PMs. I'd love to work with you guys in terms of possible seed money.

©2017, title 17, sec 102 U.S.C

After construction and testing of initial designs are completed, the plans, materials list, assembly instructions, and license to build your own will be publicly available for a small fee...~$5k per cell. That represents less than 5% of the total construction cost for an innovative, affordable, efficient, expandable, multi-use, high-rise design.
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Jan 7, 2011
I don't want to live in a commune. I like my house where there is plenty of space between neighbors.