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About WWII


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May 31, 2015
What is in the history books related to WWII are mostly lies. Anyone who has the courage to do the research will find out the truth

Mr Paradise

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Dec 3, 2011
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If only the troll would tell us the truth about WW2 ....I’d love to hear it.

Let’s break down this meme meant to mouth foam foamers over on Facebook and Twitter.

1) von Braun ....never was the head of NASA. The genius (who we made sure didn’t go to Moscow) topped out his career as the head of the Marshall space flight center which according to NASA chain of command putting him 6th in command. A man named James Webb was the head of NASA during Braun’s time.

NASA chain of command

Deputy administrator of NASA
Associate administrator of NASA
– Deputy associate administrator of NASA (if applicable)
Chief of staff to the NASA administrator
Director of Johnson Space Center (Houston, Texas)
Director of Kennedy Space Center (Merritt Island, Florida)
Director of Marshall Space Flight Center (Redstone Arsenal, Alabama)

2) Hallstein was a law professor since 1930 (Germany’s youngest) before WW2. He fought in France as a lieutenant of artillery and was captured by Americans in 44 ....not exactly in charge of the final solution.

3)Heusinger was a career German officer (since 1915) so his service to Germany predates the Nazis ....a staff officer during WW2.

4)Waldheim ....Austrian who was drafted into the Wehrmacht. Fought on the eastern front for a year as a lowly lieutenant and was wounded in 1942 and was allowed to attend the University of Vienna law school for the remainder of the war.