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America's Moral Decline


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Jun 8, 2010
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Mar 31, 2010
What moral decline?

Woman's boobs weigh 50+ pounds!

STRIPPER Chelsea sent This Morning's viewers into a spin when she showed off her massive 164XXX boobs on the programme today.
The US model, who has named her breasts Itsy and Bitsy, told the show's bewildered hosts Phillip Schofield and Ruth Langsford that she loves the attention her massive chest brings her.
The 35-year-old explained how she'd increased her bosom from a D cup with a series of operations including a now banned procedure called polypropylene breast implants.
The 5ft 2ins blonde told the pair how her breasts, which weigh around 26lbs each, are still growing.
And she thinks she might own the world's biggest boobs but explained she doesn't hold the record because they've never been officially measured.
She denied her massive breasts gave her back ache because she did a series of back exercises to build up her muscles.
She said: "I didn't plan on going this big that just happened on its own. I wanted to be big when I decided in the States that I wanted to be a feature dancer.

Tight squeeze ... This Morning's production staff try to get past Chelsea
"A feature dance in layman's terms is a professional exotic dancer. You've still got agents and things like that."
The stripper explained she wasn't always a fan of her boobs, thinking they were too big while she was at school.
"I developed early I had my D cups all through High School and in those years I covered up and was self-conscious about them being big," she explained. "It was until out of high school I learned how to appreciate curves."
Top-heavy Chelsea admitted that she sometimes struggled in small spaces - particularly planes' toilets.

Eye-catching ... Phillip Schofield said he had trouble stopping himself staring at Chelsea Charm's breasts
And other everyday activities can be a problem with such a massive chest.
She said: "Eating is a problem because I have to sit so far from my food."
Even though she knows she'll have to reduce her breasts one day, Chelsea said she'll always want to be busty.
She said: "Obviously I can't have them forever so I will reduce eventually but I don't think I could go down to a D cup."