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Ancient battlefield.


Mother Lode Found
Mother Lode
Apr 2, 2010
"The bodies on the battle site that were accessible were apparently thoroughly looted. They had almost no metal left on them – although they must have been wearing metal, since bronze was also part of men's dress during this period.

The remains of those who fell in the river are different, as we've found metal objects on them, which could either have been part of their dress or items of trade. We have found, for example, two tin rings; this metal provided the raw material which is essential to create bronze. Among the accessories we found in the Tollense River were several gold rings, which were worn by powerful people at the time. We presume they were worn in their hair.

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The exhibition combines gold and metal artifacts found on the battle site with other spectacular archaeological finds from the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania region. What does the combination of these pieces demonstrate?

Up to quite recently, we imagined the Bronze Age as a relatively peaceful period, something of a "Golden Age." A striking aspect of the period is the large quantity of gold that was in circulation and the richly furnished burial chambers. Gold clearly played a role in society; people had access to gold and there were wide interregional networks allowing people to gain access to this material. This abundance of gold has always fascinated researchers.

Then suddenly, the discovery of this battlefield in the Tollense Valley provided a new aspect to consider. Massive violence accompanied the power represented by gold. It wasn't just random violence; rather, the Tollense battle demonstrates a clearly organized form of violence, as it was obviously required to be able to assemble such a large group of young men and issue orders. It demonstrates that power was conditional for such a large violent conflict...."