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Apr 1, 2010


30 Second American History

Copyrighted on the 17th of January 2017

By: Anna Maria Riezinger

c/o Box 520994

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To: Donald J. Trump

President of the United States of America

& President of the United States

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest Washington, DC

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This little monograph was prepared for President Donald J. Trump, and strictly speaking, it is addressed to him. It’s set up in one-page, 30seconds each page, sound-bite format, so that a busy Executive can quickly read each bit and build up the whole picture like a puzzle.

That being said, it’s not only information needed by Mr. Trump….

The really important points I repeat several times in slightly different ways. Forgive that bit of tedium and be grateful for it.

I have made no effort beyond a cursory naming and dating to give reference citations, except for a few relatively new or unknown cites that don’t appear elsewhere in my writings. All the proof needed is already well-established in the public record and anyone can find it, just as I did, by looking for it.

My dog is senile. He has taken to wandering around aimlessly from room to room, pausing, and giving a single “Woof!” It seems to express all the questions in the world: “Where am I?” “How did I get here?” “Have I been fed yet?” “Why did I come here?” “What was I doing--- or meaning to do?”

These are the sort of questions this monograph addresses, providing a logical framework showing how our government is supposed to be structured, how it is in fact structured, how it came to be this way, and ----in a very prosaic way, what needs to be done to fix it.

For most of you who missed Eighth Grade American History, this will be all brand new. For some of you, it will stir vague remembrances. For almost everyone it will be our history as seen from a new viewpoint— that of a businessman looking at the business entities and relationships that have formed the federal government in America.

30 Second American History -1
The Supreme Republican Declaration of the United Colonies of America (1775) declares the republican nature of the colonies and claims right of self-defense for each colony (farm family assembly).

The colonies claimed their air (global), soil and land (national), and sea (international) jurisdictions by natural right in the same way that individual people have the right to self-defense.

The Unanimous Declaration of These United American Colonies published July 4, 1776 declares the nation-states (people plus soil within prescribed boundaries). Each former colony issues its own nonenumerated declaration defining Georgia, Virginia, Maine, etc.

The new nation-states combined forces to fight the Revolutionary War and chose a name: “The United States of America” for their unincorporated union on September 9, 1776.

The United States of America (unincorporated) is fully sovereign; it functions as a Holding Company for the nation-states. The new states had plenary jurisdiction over the soil and via The United States of America, claim to their international and global jurisdictions, too.

Take home messages: (1) our republican nation-states are formed by declarations not by constitutions; (2) The United States of America (unincorporated) is the first and last union formed by our nationstates. (3) The United States of America is the Proper Name of our country in international terms and exercises the sovereign (that is, unincorporated) power of the nation-states. All power flows from the people to the counties to the nation-states to The United States of America (unincorporated) and thence to federal subsidiaries.

30 Second American History - 2
The United States of America (unincorporated) subcontracted with several subsidiary organizations to provide specific government services: the States of America (international land jurisdiction); (2) the United States of America (international sea jurisdiction); and (3) the United States (air jurisdiction).

The Constitution for the united States of America resulting from the

Treaty of Paris 1778 (Spanish King) is the Original Equity Contract and National Constitution. This governs the delegated international land jurisdiction giving rise to the United States National Government.

The Constitution of the United States of America resulting from the Treaty of Paris 1783 (British King) is the original Territorial Constitution. This governs the delegated international sea jurisdiction giving rise to the Territorial United States Government.

“The Constitution of the United States” resulting from the Jay Treaty is the original Municipal Constitution. This governs delegated global air jurisdiction giving rise to the Municipal United States Government.

Take home messages: (1) the National Government, Territorial

Government, and Municipal Government all function in international jurisdictions --- land, sea, and air, respectively, and they all function as subsidiaries and subcontractors of The United States of America operating under delegated powers explicitly enumerated in each of their constitutions. (2) It is already easy to see how “United States” became a catch-all term and why it is necessary to define which “United States” and which “United States Government” and which “United States of America” we are talking about at any given time.

30 Second American History – 3
By 1791 all (3) three levels of federal government are present in addition to the nation-states governments: National (international land), Territorial (international sea), and Municipal (global air).

The Constitution for the united States of America creates the National Government which then defines the Territorial Government and the Municipal Government (Article I, Section 8, Clause 17).

There is a separate doing-business-name for each federal subsidiary: States of America (land), United States of America (sea), and the United States (air).

There are also four (4) styles of government present: the nation-states have a republican style government, the States are republics, the territories have a democracy, and the municipal government is a plenary oligarchy.

The States of America was an American organization administering our international land jurisdiction. The British-dominated United States of America and the Holy See’s United States organizations were limited to territorial and municipal functions.

Take home messages: (1) all three layers of federal government National, Territorial, and Municipal-- are under contract to perform according to their respective constitutions. (2) All three function in either international or global jurisdiction(s) that are foreign with respect to the actual nation-states of this country. (3) The nationstates hold the soil jurisdiction of each state which underlies the land jurisdiction of the country as a whole. (4) The United States of America holds all international and global powers in trust for the nation-states, either to delegate under contract or to reserve as non-delegated powers. It is our National Trust.

30 Second American History - 4
All the powers that a government can have are limited to spheres of activity known as jurisdictions. These are described in terms of the location where they operate: soil, land, sea, air. Most recently, the domain of space has been added.

When we speak of “law of the land” we are talking about the law that applies to the land jurisdiction held by a national government, which is different than the law of the sea which is international in nature, or law of the air which is municipal and global. Jurisdictions can overlap like layers of a cake and the same subject matter can be claimed by more than one jurisdiction, however, he/she/it must be operating in a recognizable capacity within that jurisdiction.

For example: Some American nationals go to work for the British Territorial United States (a federal subsidiary) and are required to adopt Dual Citizenship while employed as a federal civilian or military employee. Acting as Americans they are subject to the Law of the Land. Acting as Federal citizens they are subject to the Law of the Sea.

You can see how certain parties might have an interest in dragging you from one jurisdiction to another, in order to obligate and subject you to their laws (and taxes) instead of your own.

Take home messages: (1) you have to know who you are and in what capacity you are acting. (2) The federal subsidiaries have reasons for wanting you to act as a citizen and become subject to their laws. (3) Most of us are not federal citizens and need to defend against such cross-jurisdictional claims by declaring permanent domicile on the land and soil of our birth nation-state and recording it in the public record so that nobody can just presume that we are acting in the capacity of a federal citizen and voluntarily subjecting ourselves to their foreign jurisdictions, obligations, and laws.

30 Second American History - 5
When we talk about our relationship with our federal government service providers we talk in terms of service contracts known as constitutions and in terms of delegated and non-delegated powers.

The various constitutions, national, territorial, and municipal, set aside certain specific powers --- all in international or global jurisdictions, to be exercised by our federal subsidiaries doing business as States of America, United States of America, and United States.

There are nineteen and only nineteen enumerated and delegated powers that these federal subsidiaries are hired to exercise for us. The 19th of these powers is the obligation stated in the Preamble of each constitution to honor and protect our rights.

Rights are material possessions. They include copyrights and patents as well as rights we exercise daily, such as the right of free speech.

Some powers are explicitly delegated to the federal service providers to exercise in our behalf, and other non-delegated powers are reserved by the nation-states and the people. See Amendment X.

Take home messages: (1) federal power is strictly limited. (2) The federal subsidiaries have only nineteen specific jobs to do. (3) If a power is not delegated in writing, it is reserved. (4) The nation-states and people reserve the right to reform, redefine, or restructure their government, including the federal government, at any time. (5) The living people have reserved all their natural rights whether those rights are enumerated in the Bill of Rights or not.

30 Second American History – 6
The United States of America delegates specific functions and powers to the subsidiary organizations doing business as States of America, United States of America, and United States. The United States of America (unincorporated) reserves all powers in international and global jurisdictions which are not explicitly delegated in writing.

As The United States of America (unincorporated) is the “sovereign instrumentality” of the actual states and people of this country, it is the Holder of all the delegated international and global powers owed to the nation-states and the people, who are the Holders in Due Course of all such powers in all jurisdictions.

Take home messages: (1) The United States of America is able to directly exercise the rights of the states and the people that are not delegated to the subsidiaries. (2) The union of nation-states doing business as The United States of America is able to enforce all three constitutions:

(a) The Constitution for the united States of America (delegated land) (b) The Constitution of the United States of America (delegated sea), (c) The Constitution of the United States (delegated air).

(3) If the delegated duties are not being performed they revert back to The United States of America. (4) If a federal subsidiary fails, its duties and delegated powers return to The United States of America, not some other business entity. (5) The exercise of delegated powers has to be assigned in writing: any change in services or service providers has to be memorialized via an Amendment to the existing constitution or ratification of a new constitution by the nation-states. (6) A constitution is a debt agreement in which one party provides services and another party agrees to pay for them.

30 Second American History – 7
The colonies were by definition agricultural communities. The people living in the colonies were tenants of the King living on his soil. They were obligated to pay taxes, tithes, fees, and rents for the privilege of working the soil as sharecroppers for the King.

(E)states are the next step up from colonial status; small estates can be owned by Freedmen as freeholds. Larger estates are owned by a landlord under an allodial title or land patent granted by a King.

Tenants, freemen, and landlords in a feudal system are all subjects of a King, and all are acting in a care-taking or grantee capacity with respect to the soil and its hereditaments. Wastelands were also granted as commonwealth assets belonging to a joint tenancy of paupers.

The Monarch holds the land and soil under Sovereign Letters Patent.

Our nation-states were created by people acting as Independent Sovereigns --- meaning that they recognized no King, paid no rents, and possessed the soil as kings in their own right. They don’t owe it to anyone and are not indebted to anyone for its use.

Take home message: (1) Americans were doing something unusual by standing independent of the King. (2) Tenants (also known as residents), freedmen, and landlords, are all citizens and are all subjects of a King. (3) Commonwealths are granted to paupers who are both subjects and dependents of a King. (4) Under monarchy as under communism, the King acting as the State owns everything; private property doesn’t really exist. (5) Independent sovereigns possess the soil jurisdiction and hold their country in common as joint sovereigns but there is only one other time when this happened: after the death of William the Conqueror in 1087 A.D.

30 Second American History – 8
Soil is not the same as land. Soil is the physical dirt, rocks, and sand belonging to a place as part of its natural heritage; land is the description of soil in terms of political subdivisions. Soil is mapped in terms of its topography. Land is mapped in terms of political affiliation.

We will use Georgia of an example: Georgia is one of the nation-states that created The United States of America (unincorporated). Georgia is made of soil and it is populated by living people.

The original Georgia State was called the State of Georgia; it was organized under The Articles of Confederation (1781) and operated under The Constitution for the united States of America. “Georgia State” today operates under a Statehood Compact and is a land trust holding the international land jurisdiction owed to Georgia.

The soil (state republic jurisdiction) of Georgia belongs to the Georgians; the land (international land jurisdiction) is kept in trust by the Georgia State. This jurisdiction includes post offices and public lands. Georgia is a matrilineal republican nation-state, while Georgia State is a patrilineal republic.

Take home messages: (1) Georgia = The United States of America member state, created by declaration, defined as the physical estate and living people within Georgia’s geographic boundaries. (2) Georgia State = now is a foreign franchise organization created by Statehood

Compact, controls international land jurisdiction in Georgia and is a Federal District State. (3) Georgia is a physical state complete with alligators and swamps. (4) Georgia State is a political fiction defined as a land trust, run as a lawful business entity that substitutes itself for the original State of Georgia that was operated under The Articles of Confederation (1781).

30 Second American History – 9
So, we have the two states, Georgia, holding the nation-state jurisdiction of the actual soil, and we have the Georgia State holding the international jurisdiction of the land.

Georgia is the only sovereign state present. Georgia State is at this time exercising Georgia’s international land jurisdiction without a constitutional delegation of power to do so. The United States of America established a contract with the States of America and the original State of Georgia under the The Constitution for the united States of America.

Red Flag: According to our contracts, States of America is supposed to be operating our National Government---- but isn’t.

Today’s State of Georgia is a territorial franchise of the British Territorial United States of America subsidiary operating under The Constitution of the United States of America.

STATE OF GEORGIA is a municipal franchise of the United States, originally a subsidiary run by the Holy Roman Empire operating under The Constitution of the United States.

Take home messages: (1) Georgia State, State of Georgia, and STATE OF GEORGIA are all federal states operated by federal subsidiaries under contract to The United States of America (unincorporated). (2) The federal states all operate in fictional business and political realms that are foreign with respect to the nation-states. (3) The union of nation-states doing business as The United States of America is fundamentally different in nature from the subsidiary unions of federal states and state-of-state franchises. (4) An unauthorized assumption of delegated power took place when the Georgia State usurped the duties of the original State of Georgia.

30 Second American History - 10
Nation-states are operated by County Jural Assemblies, which are composed of people of the land coming together in public meetings, setting up their jury pools, electing their public sheriffs, their justices of the peace, their clerks, their bailiffs, and their coroners in each county. These County Jural Assemblies send their elected deputies to State Conventions to conduct the business of the nation-state. They elect Deputies to serve in the Continental Congress, when one is called to Assemble. The courts created by County Jural Assemblies are administered by Justices of the Peace, and operate under American Common Law established by Juries.

The Federal States, like Georgia State, are formed by County Jural

Societies which are composed of civilian non-citizen United States Nationals. They follow the same basic process, except that the courts they create are administered by County Judges and operate under General Session Law. They elect State Representatives to represent them in the State Legislature and send Delegates to the United States Congress. Members are called constituents.

Take home messages: (1) the soil jurisdiction courts and counties are created by County Jural Assemblies. (2) The land jurisdiction courts and counties are created by County Jural Societies. (3) Assembly Courts act under Public Law, Society Courts act under Private Law. (4) Both the County Jural Assemblies and the County Jural Societies are owed The Law of Peace, United States Department of the Army Pamphlet 1-161-1. (5) None of the living people born in this country are naturally subject to Territorial or Municipal laws and become subject to these foreign federal law systems only by election. (6) Most of us have been elected without our knowledge or consent to act in the capacity of federal citizens.

30 Second American History - 11
States of States today are corporate franchises of the British Territorial United States subsidiary presently doing business as the USA, Inc. Their Territorial Courts are formed by appointing or electing Judges from the ranks of the local Bar Associations to serve their State of State Courts and their United States (Military) District Courts which are organized by State of State Attorney Generals and United States Attorneys.

The States of States like the State of Georgia today operate under state franchise constitutions, such as The State of Georgia Constitution, all in compliance with the Territorial contract-- The Constitution of the United States of America.

People become members of the State of State Jury Pool by Registering to Vote. This act of Registering to Vote means that you are acting as a British Territorial United States Citizen and are voluntarily subjecting yourself to British Equity Law and Territorial United States Courts, which are foreign international court venues that are only supposed to be serving the needs of federal employees, federal dependents and political asylum seekers, who are living here as temporary residents.

Take home messages: (1) unless you were born in an actual federal territory like Guam, are working as a federal civilian or military employee or are a federal dependent or actually seeking federal political asylum, you have no business Registering to Vote--as spelled out in the 14th Amendment of their Constitution. (2) Residents of the federal State of States are not eligible to own soil in this country and if they aspire to own land, they must first pay off a huge mortgage which the British Territorial United States subsidiary owes. (3) British Equity Law allows the judges in Territorial Courts to use discretionary powers to disregard written law, which in turn leads to petty despotism and abuses of power.

30 Second American History -12
The STATE OF STATES are also foreign with respect to us, and operate under foreign Municipal Law. These entities like the STATE OF GEORGIA are franchises of the Municipal United States. The Municipal United States Government is limited to operate within the 10 square miles of the District of Columbia-- so how is it that we have STATE OF STATE organizations everywhere? Answer: They are acting as appointees of the British Territorial United States subsidiary under the 1951 Appointments Act.

The system of federal racketeering they run is called a Split-Title Scheme in which the British Territorial United States of America subsidiary creates and attaches a copyrighted label known as a title to American assets, then splits the title, keeping the beneficial title, and handing off the legal title to Municipal subcontractors to enforce. The British subsidiary dodges its treaty and trust responsibilities by getting the Municipal subsidiary to do the asset seizures for it.

By 1965, bribes began in the form of Federal Revenue Sharing and Federal Block Grants to County level governments. To receive all this free money the counties had to incorporate as franchises of the British Territorial United States of America subsidiary.

Take home messages: (1) Americans still believe that State of State and

National Elections are Public Elections when in fact, these are Private Corporate Elections. (2) As volunteer franchises the victims are liable for all debts of the British Territorial United States of America subsidiary. (3) Just as Territorial States of States function as franchises of the British Territorial United States of America, so do incorporated counties. They are all foreign with respect to us and unknowingly subscribed to be part of this foreign conglomerate when they signed on to receive federal kickbacks.

30 Second American History – 13
The federal states are organized into multi-state service districts.

The States like the Georgia State are grouped into Postal Districts numbered 1, 2, 3….

The Territorial States of States like the State of Georgia are organized into Military Districts called United States Districts which are numbered as First, Second, Third….


Take home messages: (1) States like Georgia State form Postal

Districts…. 1st Judicial District is a Postal District. (2) United States of

America subsidiary franchises like the State of Georgia form Military Districts called United States Districts; only the District of Columbia is named. First Judicial District is a Military District. (3) United States franchises like STATE OF GEORGIA form UNITED STATES DISTRICTS . ….FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT is a MUNICIPAL DISTRICT. (4) The purpose of all these federal states and federal states-of-states is to provide essential government services to the nation-states per Article IV. (5) Some services are organized on a multi-state level via Postal Districts, United States Districts, and UNITED STATES DISTRICTS. (6) Due to the predatory fraud that has been practiced against the Americans, the Postal District Courts are barely functioning and the Territorial and MUNICIPAL DISTRICT COURTS are both being used to promote organized pillaging aimed at Third Party non-combatant civilians.

30 Second American History - 14
To recap: Georgia is a republican nation-state in possession of the soil of Georgia and holding complete jurisdiction within its boundaries. Georgia does business in international and global jurisdictions via an unincorporated union of the nation-states doing business as The United States of America since September 9, 1776.

The Georgia State is a land trust franchise operating under a Statehood Compact. It’s supposed to be a State of State operated under The Articles of Confederation (1781) by the States of America, an American federal subsidiary, but this level of government hasn’t functioned properly since 1860.

The current State of Georgia is a territorial corporate franchise operated under The State of Georgia Constitution by the British Territorial United States subsidiary. The STATE OF GEORGIA is a municipal corporate franchise of the United States—originally a Holy Roman Empire subsidiary.

Take home message: (1) these federal states and states-of-states are supposed to be service providers acting under contract to provide essential government services to the nation-states. (2) They are all bound by constitutional agreements and have been allowed to exercise a portion of delegated authority belonging to The United States of America on a limited and contractual basis. (3) The federal subsidiaries are foreign businesses and they have been made improper use of delegated power. (4) These service providers trespass onto our soil jurisdiction by claiming that we volunteered to act as one of their citizens --- claims built on deliberate semantic deceit, false impersonation, identity theft, falsification of public records, physical force and constructive fraud executed under color of law.

30 Second American History – 15
A great many confusions arise because of the use of similar names and because of business reorganizations and successions and restructurings that have taken place over time. The United States of America (unincorporated) is not the same as the United States of America

(Territorial) subsidiary, nor is it the same as The United States of America, Inc. which came into existence in 1868 or the 1925 Delaware Corporation calling itself the United States of America, Inc.

The United States (unincorporated) referred to in The Treaty of Paris, 1783, and its “free, sovereign, and independent people” is not the United States operating under The Constitution of the United States.

The Georgia State is not the same as the State of Georgia nor the STATE OF GEORGIA. The Georgia nation-state is a separate entity altogether. And the original State of Georgia is yet another beastie.

Take home message: (1) All these similar names attached to different entities create a hotbed for confusion and mistaken identities and false assumptions. (2) Georgia is unincorporated and sovereign in its nature. (3) The Georgia State is a lawful business entity operating under Public Law. (4) Both the State of Georgia and the STATE OF GEORGIA are legal business entities operating under territorial and municipal law. (5) All these entities, with the exception of Georgia, have been given a charter to exist and do the work they do in behalf of The United States of America (unincorporated). They can lose their charter for non-performance, criminal acts, and other causes. (6) The core of the fraud being practiced against us is rooted in semantic deceits, deliberately induced false assumptions, misused euphemisms and overall non-disclosure. (7) Euphemistic wars like the War on Poverty are being used to excuse the use of martial law on American soil in peacetime.

30 Second American History – 16
So all the federal states and states of states are businesses and they are all in the business of providing government services. They are all foreign with respect to the American nation-states employing them. The United States of America (unincorporated) delegated specific powers to the federal subsidiaries doing business as: the States of America, United States of America, and United States.

Like all business entities these original service companies have undergone vast changes over the course of over 200 years; there have been mergers, joint ventures, changes in stockholders, hostile takeovers, reconstructions, diversifications, expansions, assumptions of contracts, successions, consolidations, trades, acquisitions, incorporations, and yes, bankruptcies and liquidations.

The original federal subsidiaries, except the States of America, incorporated themselves, mostly under the State of Delaware so that they could access the British Chancery Court to claim clemency and the protections of privateer licenses granted to Bar Association Members.

Take home messages: (1) a corporation that provides government services under contract is not your actual government. (2) Changes in basic business structure and affiliation have taken place since 1791. (3) Delaware Corporations have access to the British Chancery Court in

Delaware, which allows the Queen to forgive crimes committed by Bar Attorneys and politicians. (4) Both Pope Francis and the State that issued their charter can liquidate any incorporated entity that engages in criminal activity. (5) Since the State of Delaware benefits from the corruption, don’t expect any such action cancelling charters; and since the Municipal franchise that belongs to Francis also benefits, don’t expect action on his part, short of an Act of God.

30 Second American History – 17
The United States of America is an unincorporated Holding Company which the sovereign nation-states created to manage their combined powers in international and global jurisdictions during and after the Revolutionary War.

The United States of America (unincorporated) is the “instrumentality” the Founders used to organize this country’s external government—the storefront created to conduct international and global business in behalf of the nation-states as a group. When Ben Franklin negotiated treaties, this is the entity he negotiated for.

The former-Colonists also had to choose a Head of State. This seemingly thwarted their aspirations, by requiring them to participate in the feudal system they were trying to escape.

They turned to the Magna Carta. The men who wrote it were called Barons-- which was their title in France; but in England, they were sovereigns in the own right. William the Conqueror released their forefathers from their fealty oaths to him and made them a permanent gift of soil in England upon his death in 1087 A.D. as part of The Settlement of the Norman Conquest.

Take home messages: (1) A President, who is by definition the chief executive officer of a company or corporation, is not a Head of State.

(2) A Head of State must be a sovereign either by sword or by blood. (3) The former-Colonists were unable to conduct international and global business affairs without a Head of State, yet doomed to being ruled over by a King if they chose one. (4) The Barons who wrote the Magna Carta were able to enforce it against King John as hereditary sovereigns in their own right.

30 Second American History – 18
The Colonists chose a Colonel in the Continental Army as their Head of State: William Belcher of Connecticut. He exercised sovereignty in his own right in England as a result of the same Settlement of the Norman Conquest that freed his ancestors. Note that political sovereignty depends on which soil you stand on—your standing. You can be a king in one country and a slave in another.

The Belle Chers part of William the Conqueror’s own family, were among those to receive their freedom and sovereignty in perpetuity in England. The Norman Conquest created a class of kings in England, all Normans, all of equal standing.

Take home messages: (1) The idea of individual sovereignty far predates the American institution and has its roots in The Settlement of the Norman Conquest and the Magna Carta; (2) The Colonists chose a man already having this hereditary sovereignty to act as their Head of State. (3) William Belcher agreed to serve as Head of State for The United States of America, which is why the Belcher Coat-of-Arms Array includes both The Great Seal of the United States of America and The Great Seal of the United States. (5) The Belchers are not subjects of the Queen of England but have separate standing as sovereigns in England by conquest of soil, by blood, and by William’s gift. (6) After the Revolutionary War, William Belcher bequeathed the same individual sovereignty on every man who served in the Continental Army and on every Mother’s son and daughter living on the soil he gifted to them. (7) This is how Americans can and do legitimately claim to be—literally-- a sovereign people, and how every American veteran is owed the same respect as a king or queen.

30 Second American History – 19
The Hereditary Head of State for The United States of America today is James Clinton Belcher, in regis, James Clinton. He has the peculiar right and the duty to operate The United States of America (unincorporated) to protect the member nation-states and enforce the constitutions.

His current actions and international objections are prompted by the gross negligence, criminality, breach of trust, and compartmentalized ignorance on the part of those federal subsidiaries entrusted to provide the nation-states and people Good Faith Service. As the abused powers were delegated through The United States of America, they can be recalled by The United States of America.

Take home messages: (1) Providers of essential government services are subject to perform according to their contract, like any other business. (2) The federal subsidiaries are lawfully and legally obligated to honor their commitments. (3) The Founders did not set up these complex service contracts called constitutions, with three federal subsidiaries which are the actual Three Branches of the Federal Government, without the means to mind the shop. (6) The existence and nature and function of The United States of America has been deliberately obscured by those who benefit from weaseling out of their obligations. (6) The Great Seals owed to the Belchers were stolen by British Mercenaries during the Civil War and most recently put on display at the Federal Reserve Building in Washington, DC. (7) The Trump Administration has been asked to return The Great Seals to their rightful owners, in a spirit of cooperation and token of willingness to honor the constitutional agreements. (8) The British Territorial United States of America did not then and does not now have any excuse for seizing upon our sovereign property.

30 Second American History – 20
The widespread pattern of abuse of delegated powers by the federal service companies has been documented, objected to, and the presumptions underlying these corrupt practices have been opposed and refuted continuously as these evils have developed.

The core abuse solidified with the Reconstruction of the British United States of America subsidiary improperly exercising the delegated powers entrusted to the States of America, and its change from an unincorporated business to an incorporated structure in 1868.

The change from operating as an unincorporated business to an incorporated one, is not precluded by any constitutional agreement; however, a serious infringement upon the Common Law copyrights of the nation-states occurred when this new territorial corporation began using the name: The United States of America, Incorporated.

This version of “The United States of America” is merely an incorporated business, but owing to the similarity of names is easily mistaken for The United States of America

Using this facile similar names deceit the new entity quickly presumed upon the credit of The United States of America (unincorporated) and hypothecated non-consensual debt against the nation-states.

Take home messages: (1) The British Territorial United States subsidiary has been operating in fraud since 1860. (2) Unconscionable debt has been fraudulently conveyed to the nation-states and people. (3) This was the first such similar names deceit employed by the British Territorial United States subsidiary to secure credit based on American assets. (4) Hypothecation establishes a form of secret lien against assets that belong to other people, so the victims don’t know that their assets are being pledged as collateral.

30 Second American History – 21
By 1907 the corporation doing business as The United States of America, Incorporated, was bankrupt. It sought the protection of the bankruptcy court and offered the soil of the nation-states as surety--- basically, they ransomed our soil to their creditors.

Employees of this territorial government services corporation secretively “took title” to our soil as a land asset, simply by creating a new land description, and began charging their employers property taxes to pay off their own creditors.

It worked like this: a parcel of soil described in terms of metes and bounds was re-described in terms of Township Sections and surveyed acreage. Thereafter, whenever they needed more money the schemers simply attached another “title”--- a copyrighted label, re-describing the same land a different way, and added more taxes and debt. This is constructive fraud based on unlawful conversion of assets, but they foisted themselves off as the actual government and acted under color of law-- and got away with it.

Take home messages: (1) this was all done in both breach of trust and breach of service. (2) Many people didn’t see the difference between The United States of America and a for-profit corporation calling itself The United States of America, Incorporated. (3) Critics were forced to flee for their lives after voicing objections to President Theodore Roosevelt. (4) FDR later perfected all the details of the work his Cousin Theodore did to set up the Land Title Swindle in America and did him one better by indebting and enslaving most of our population with his own Impersonation Swindle. (5) Both Political Parties were involved early on—the Republicans under Theodore Roosevelt and the Democrats under FDR.

30 Second American History – 22
The 1907 bankruptcy of The United States of America, Incorporated settled in 1953. The members of the Territorial United States Congress used the occasion to claim that the soil belonging to the nation-states was abandoned by unknown owners. Those unknown owners are our own Grandfathers.

All the land the States of States created for themselves by dreaming up false titles and attaching them to soil assets belonging to their employers, was rolled into State trusts, like the Georgia State, and federal land trusts controlled by USDA, BLM and the DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR under appointment to the Municipal United States.

The Territorial States of States held the equitable title to all this trust property that they additionally claimed was abandoned --while the Municipal STATES OF STATES and their franchises held the legal title. The actual people to whom the soil and birthright belong were never notified of all these false claims and cozy arrangements made for them by their employees.

Take home messages: (1) Americans have been purposefully defrauded by corporations hired under contract to provide them with enumerated government services. (2) Employees and elected officials, both territorial and municipal, used a split title system to benefit each other: the Territorial States of States got the direct benefit and the Municipal STATES OF STATES picked up the labor contracts. (3) The schemers claimed they were unable to identify the heirs of the soilour Grandfathers --- but they never tried to locate them and never told anyone. (4) The unauthorized pledging of our assets, the land title fraud, the State of State substitutions and unauthorized State land trusts would have been exposed, so the politicians kept mum and pretended that our soil and land had been abandoned.

30 Second American History – 23
Encouraged by the success of their first gigantic fraud scheme in 1907, the Territorial United States Congress next set its sights on the value of American labor assets. This time, they incorporated and then deliberately bankrupted their own original Subsidiary company: the United States of America, Incorporated. The year was 1933.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt confiscated privately-held American gold under color of law the next year. This, together with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, meant they could buy American labor for the price of printing paper. The Emergency Banking Act of 1934 set an arbitrary dollar for dollar exchange rate, so that they were also assured of being able to trade their paper I.O.U.s for our silver.

At the same time gold was being confiscated and silver was being exchanged under force of legal tender laws, local doctors, nurses, and dentists were being conscripted to serve as Uniformed Officers and the Territorial Immigration and Naturalization Laws were being tweaked to allow application of the foreign Split-Title Scheme to us, to our bodies, our labor, and our remaining private property.

Take home messages: (1) this was premeditated and institutionalized crime set up over decades by the British Territorial United States Congress. (2) They used the same formula they used in 1907 -- create a false title, attach it to assets belonging to others, then split the title between the federal territorial and municipal corporations. (3) Just as they created new land descriptions out of thin air and secretively attached them to our land, they created PERSONS and attached them to us by infringing on our Given Names. (4) Using styles of NAMES to define commercial capacities for these new PERSONS, they improperly addressed us in this new capacity and trafficked us into their foreign jurisdictions via this additional deceit and non-disclosure.

30 Second American History – 24
The immediate result of naming a Territorial Foreign Situs Trust after our Given Name and addressing us under those false pretenses was to traffic us into the foreign Territorial United States jurisdiction without our knowledge or consent. We were kidnapped, in effect, as babies.

The immediate result of naming a Muncipal Cestui Que Vie Trust after us and addressing us under those false pretenses was to traffic us into the foreign Municipal United States jurisdiction without our knowledge or consent. We were pulled deeper into their web.

Pretending that we are acting in the capacity of a Territorial Foreign Situs Trust or in the capacity of a Municipal Cestui Que Vie Trust makes us subject to British Equity Law and foreign COMMERCIAL LAW, both.

If you resist claims against YOU and YOUR ASSETS under municipal law, they will address You as a Territorial Foreign Situs trust in their Territorial Court System and their judges will use their discretion allowed under British Equity Law to rob you anyway.

Take home messages: (1) the American nation-states and people have been purposefully defrauded and attacked under color of law by their own employees. (2) The principal parties responsible are the American Bar Associations and the Federal Judiciary, Territorial United States Congress members who set up the statutory infrastructure to create Territorial Persons and Municipal PERSONS, and foreign governments (3) Millions of Americans have been hijacked into foreign jurisdictions and prosecuted under foreign law for the benefit of foreign governments and corporations that are supposed to be here providing us with Good Faith essential government services per Article IV of The Constitution of the United States of America. (4) This is an international crime of impersonation meant to deprive us of the protections of our nationality and theft of our natural identity and assets.

30 Second American History - 25
The bankruptcy of 1933 followed the same methodology as the bankruptcy of 1907: secretively create a false title, which is merely a copyrighted label, attach it to an asset belonging to your unsuspecting employers, split the newly created title with your co-conspirators, produce direct racketeering income (taxes, fees, insurances) and new collateral backing more hypothecation of debt against the victim’s private assets. This process forces the victim to pay your debt in order to keep his asset. Then run the victim’s credit to the limit and seek bankruptcy protection for themselves.

This has been pulled on the American nation-states and people under Territorial United States laws and Municipal United States laws that do not apply to them. This requires the perpetrators to kidnap Americans, transport them into their foreign jurisdiction on paper, and deliberately misidentify them—because otherwise, they are under solemn contractual obligation to aid and protect their victims.

Take home messages: (1) The Territorial United States Congress is using a known formula to promote virulent crime. (2) To gain bankruptcy protection, the original subsidiary companies had to be converted into State of Delaware corporations, because their own State of Delaware is the only state that operates a Chancery Court which permits the use of British Equity Law on American soil. (3) This then allowed the perpetrators to open their own private British Territorial Court System and to appoint MUNICIPAL COURTS to serve their enforcers in all fifty nation-states. (4) They win over 97% of the time. (5) These Territorial Court Systems and MUNICIPAL COURT SYSTEMS have worked together under color of law and used deceptively named local franchise corporations like the STATE OF OHIO to collect debts that their American victims never owed.

30 Second American History – 26
The attack on their employers and creditors begins when a baby is born and given a Trade Name by his parents. The Trade Name functions as a Lawful Person conducting trade on the land and as an American Foreign Situs Trust trading on the sea.

Just as soil is a fact and land is a description of soil in terms of political affiliations, a man is a fact and a person is a description of him in terms of capacities. The Trade Name, for example, allows us to conduct trade.

A living man can never be a person, which is a description of some capacity to act-- a descriptive label like “bartender” or “Defendant” or “Colonel Sanders”--- which may or may not be copyrighted.

The perpetrators register and copyright our Trade Names and use this copyrighted label to create a “Person” ---and a false title benefiting themselves, just as they did with our soil assets. The British Crown Corporation thus obtains the copyrighted title to a brand new corporate franchise, named after an American baby.

Take home messages: (1) Our Common Law copyright to our own Given Trade Name is being infringed upon and abused to create a British Crown Corporation franchise merely named after us without our knowledge or consent within a few days after our nativity. (2) This is a non-consensual crime of impersonation and it is never fully disclosed to the victims nor to their parents. (3) This results in a voidable contract with the British Crown Corporation but nobody can void such a contract until they know that it exists. (4) The legal process necessary to undo this false claim and fraud scheme is also obscured, so that the people victimized by this bizarre form of identity theft are left without remedy. (5) Millions are entrapped by this legal chicanery and unable to leave the foreign jurisdiction they find themselves in. 30 Second American History – 27

To Recap: In the case of our soil assets, the perpetrators applied new land descriptions. Metes and bounds descriptions were replaced first by township and county surveys called plats and then by lots and blocks and streets. Each new description added a new layer of government and new government claims of control and ownership interest based on nothing but the cost of thinking up and applying a new copyrighted label to assets actually belonging to their employers.

In the case of our bodies, labor, and private assets, they applied new “person” descriptions. First, they used the newborn baby’s Trade Name to create a Territorial Foreign Situs Trust named after him, for example, John Michael Henderson. They copyright and register his Name as their franchise. This gives them an ownership interest in his name and estate.

Next, they create another PERSON, this time under Municipal United

States statutes, and they name and copyright JOHN MICHAEL HENDERSON as a Puerto Rican ESTATE trust. Just like the Trade Name allows us to conduct trade, the incorporated PERSON allows us to conduct commerce as a franchise owned by the UNITED STATES.

Take home message: (1) there are foreign entities-- British Territorial

Foreign Situs Trusts, Municipal ESTATE trusts, and even Municipal Public Transmitting Utilities operating under your name. (2) Having these “persons” attached to your name forces you to pay foreign taxes (like the ESTATE gift taxes collected by the IRS each year) and meet other obligations (like Selective Service) that you are never made aware of, in exchange for the purported benefit of having a federal person---which in the normal course of your life and business you would most likely never want or need.(3) You are never told a word about these arrangements made for you by your federal employees, so you can’t possibly object and are entrapped in their system of things. 30 Second American History -28

As we learned already, all the powers delegated to the federal territorial and municipal government subsidiaries exist only in international and global jurisdictions. Not on the soil. Not on the land, except for federal civilian and military installations such as customs houses, post offices, and arsenals. These are the only land assets that should be included in federal land trusts. Instead, these federal service providers have trespassed on our soil and land jurisdiction and violated their constitutional limitations. They now hold and control almost all of the land mass of this country in trusts.

Take home messages: (1) a vast crime was committed when the British Territorial subsidiary created the State land trusts, like Georgia State, and assumed delegated powers never granted to them. (2) Those powers should have reverted to The United States of America, the Employer and Third Party that delegated the powers, not a local franchise of the British Territorial subsidiary. (3) The fraud continued with a Split Title Fraud Scheme to attach land titles to our soil assets. (4) That led to a bankruptcy fraud scheme mortgaging our assets to their creditors. (5) Next, a crime of impersonation aimed at our babies, depriving them of their nationality. (6) This led to falsification of public records and false claims that millions of Americans were federal Territorial citizens. (7) This entrapped us and trafficked us into foreign jurisdictions. (8) Once ensnared these faithless servants created public trusts in our NAMES and pillaged and plundered and indebted these under color of law. (9) They also then prosecuted us under all these false presumptions in their own rigged courts and under their foreign British Equity Law, which allows their Bar Association co-conspirators to exercise judicial discretion and dispose of us and our assets however they see fit without regard for the written law or the facts.

30 Second American History - 29
To Recap: A baby is born in a federally-subsidized hospital. The doctor has been conscripted as a Uniformed Officer serving the British Territorial United States Government under Title 37 and is obligated to seize upon the Given Name of the child and register it as if its parentage is “unknown”. See: 1934 Codification of 8 USC 1401 (f).

Registration creates a joint interest in the property being registered— in this case, a property interest in the name and estate of the baby. Undeclared Foreign Agents of the British Territorial United States copyright the baby’s Trade Name and use this as the name of a new

British Crown Corporation franchise. In this way the name of an American baby is mischaracterized as the name of a British corporation, hijacked into the foreign international jurisdiction of the Territorial United States, subjected to British Equity Law--- and placed at the mercy of the in-house Territorial Court System.

Take home message: (1) registering a man’s name creates an improper interest in his name and estate benefiting unknown investors in the British Crown Corporation. (2) In this process the identity of the living

American child is mischaracterized as that of a corporation and/or a Territorial United States employee or dependent—a crime of impersonation. (3) This process results in paper genocide of the American people-- the same employers these criminals are under treaty, constitutional contract, and trust indenture to protect. (4) The Queen and the Pope, who are supposed to be acting as our faithful Trustees have been given Notice and Due Process to correct, cease, and desist by The United States of America and our lawful Head of State. (5) These circumstances must be addressed, first by the guilty parties, who are called upon to provide relief and redress, second, by the world at large, which has an interest in preserving the international laws that have been grossly violated.

30 Second American History -30
The Impersonation Fraud process pretends that the new British Territorial United States Foreign Situs Trust named after us is of unknown parentage and therefore subject to salvage on the High Seas. They sidestep their trust and treaty obligations to protect and aid Americans on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways—by pretending not to know that they are Americans.

The Territorial Foreign Situs Trust mis-using your Given Name is bound over as chattel backing debts of the British Crown Corporation and a Municipal ESTATE trust is established in its NAME. This ESTATE is a commercial PERSON and is bound to function under foreign and undisclosed Municipal United States law.

Thus by legal chicanery against their actual employers, the Municipal and Territorial subsidiaries that are supposed to be here providing our nation-states with stipulated government services under contract have helped themselves to our assets by abuse of our delegated powers, by fraud, by force, and by trespass against us.

The Municipal franchise, for example, STATE OF GEORGIA, acts as prosecutor in behalf of the Territorial franchise, doing business as State of Georgia, and vice versa. The American victim is always being subjected to foreign law either way. They use judicial discretion to grant themselves victory over 97% of the time.

Take home messages: (1) our employees are promoting fraud and false claims against us under color of law. (2) The courts are both rigged and foreign with respect to us. (3) Politicians allowing this and foreign governments profiting from it are equally responsible. (4) By all these various and secretive means the British Territorial subsidiary and the Holy See’s Municipal subsidiary have conspired and colluded to drain this country dry while continuing to act as our Trustees. 30 Second American History -31

Just as the American people have been impersonated and grossly mischaracterized as copyrighted corporate franchises belonging to the British Crown Corporation, the United States Congress owed to the people of this country has nothing to do with the Territorial United States Congress.

Our United States Congress is a Continental Congress and is a gathering of Deputies who are Fiduciary Officers of the nation-states elected by the living people of this country to conduct the business of The United States of America.

We elect our Congressional Delegates instead of voting for them, our men in Congress are Deputies, not Representatives, and political parties don’t select our candidates. We draft them by secret primary balloting and we always use paper ballots. Our seat of government is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, not Washington, DC, which was set aside as a headquarters for the federal National, Territorial, and Municipal United States service providers.

Take home messages: (1) the nation-states have their own United States Congress that is foreign and sovereign with respect to the federal for-hire government and also separate from the National United States Congress and Territorial United States Congress and Municipal United States Congress. (2) Deliberate confusions about identities and roles within our government are at the core of the gross and reckless misadministration our country has suffered. (3) Our elections follow different processes and result in different offices. (4) Now that we have sorted through the spider-web of deceit and secrecy that has been promoted by the perpetrators of all this fraud and guile, we are ready to address the festering dilemma at the bottom of it all: Jefferson Davis’s Revenge.

30 Second American History - 32
Abraham Lincoln was a Bar Attorney prohibited from holding office in the National Government administered by the States of America subsidiary thanks to ratification of the Titles of Nobility Amendment in 1819, which became the 13th Amendment to their constitution-- The Constitution for the united States of America.

The bar against the Bar was adopted to put teeth in an already existing prohibition in all three constitutions against conflicts of interest arising from having people in possession of titles conferred by foreign governments serving in our for-hire federal government. The States of

America felt that Bar Attorneys holding the title of Esquire were

Admiralty lawyers loyal to England and could not be trusted with American land administration-- though they could not be stopped from participation in British Territorial United States affairs.

Take home messages: (1) precisely what the States of America feared and prohibited in their federal subsidiary’s constitution has proven true. (2) Lincoln took office in behalf of the Territorial and Municipal federal subsidiaries and picked a fight with the States of America. (3) This internal cat-fight among the federal subsidiaries had nothing to do with the actual government of this country, but as decades of lies, fraud, coercion and secretive implementation of illegal British pillaging expedited by colluding Bar Association members proves--- the States of America leaders were right. (4) The British Territorial fraud schemes have yielded endless wars for profit worldwide, funded by pillaging and conscripting their employers under color of law. (5) Our nation-states and people were never involved in the Civil War and are Third Parties owed immunity. (6) The perpetrators feign not knowing our identity –after deliberately obscuring who and even what we are by deliberate falsification of the public records.

30 Second American History - 33
The British Territorial Subsidiary doing business out of Washington, DC fought with The Confederate States of America –estranged members of the States of America----not the American nation-states, not the American people, not The United States of America, and -- not even the States of America subsidiary itself.

Reason, logic, international law, commercial law, treaties and trust indentures owed by the Queen and the Pope --all established by public record in this country and elsewhere, demand that our nation-states should have been set free to convene a Continental Congress to either (a) restore the States of America subsidiary to proper functioning or (b) choose new federal service providers to administer our international land jurisdiction. That didn’t happen.

Instead, the British Territorial United States made an unauthorized assumption of power and under the pretense of protecting us (which is their constitutional duty) prevented us from handling our own affairs and choosing our own land jurisdiction administrators.

This resulted in the State land trusts like the Georgia State, the substitution of their own Territorial States of States for the original States of States, and all the illegal and immoral pillaging of our assets that has gone on ever since.

Take home message: (1) the so-called Civil War was a fight between members of two of the original federal subsidiaries and had nothing to do with us and our government at all. (2) Imagine two employee unions slugging it out over contracts and you will have the picture. (3) The Territorial United States of America has no contract to exercise the delegated powers granted of the States of America, and the excuse of protecting us while pillaging us has worn very, very thin. 30 Second American History – 34

The British Territorial United States subsidiary has no contract with us to perform the duties of the States of America and no right to interfere in our internal affairs using the excuse of protecting us. We are their employers. They are operating under our delegated authority as service providers. With respect to us, they are under contract as hired help, so it should be apparent that our will is paramount. Not theirs.

Their lack of contract to serve in the sphere of our land jurisdiction and the harm they have done to us as a result of doing so are two potent issues, but another one takes center stage: The Constitution for the united States of America is the Original Equity Contract, without which the British Territorial United States of America wouldn’t exist.

You have to have a National Government in order to have a Territorial or Municipal Government.

This is what is known as Jefferson Davis’s Revenge, a lawful and legal conundrum that permanently bars the British Territorial United States from ever having any proper right or claim against the States of America or The United States of America and which defies resolution without the intervention of the original granting authority, The United States of America (unincorporated). So here we are.

Take home messages: (1) the United States of America subsidiary does not have a contract to manage our land jurisdiction and never did. (2) Their interference in our business affairs has resulted in damage and endangerment to us, their employers. (3) The British Territorial subsidiary is dependent on The Constitution for the united States of

America for its own existence, which creates a lawful and legal quagmire that can only be resolved by The United States of America (unincorporated) convening a Continental Congress and ratification of a new land jurisdiction constitution by the nation-states and people. 30 Second American History - 35

This continuing conundrum upsets the checks and balances built into the government we ordained and set up in 1791. It leaves the British Territorial United States subsidiary exerting improper power and control over both our international land and international sea jurisdictions.

This in turn creates opportunity for the abuses of power and the overall criminality that have infested the federal government ever since. To run as it should and as intended, the checks and balances built into the federal government structure have to be restored.

We trust that everyone can now see the necessity of correction and the culpability of the politicians and foreign Heads of State responsible. The service providers in a sane world cannot be allowed to pillage and plunder their employers. This is not a matter of politics so much as it is about crime and business obligations and common sense.

Take home messages: (1) we are still suffering from issues that should have been resolved at the end of the so-called American Civil War. (2) The British Territorial United States subsidiary has contrived to control our international land jurisdiction as well as its contractually apportioned part of delegated power in the international jurisdiction of the sea. (3) This has disrupted the checks and balances we built into the federal government structure and has opened up opportunity for the unconscionable abuses which have plagued our country ever since. (4) The Pope and the Queen are culpable Heads of State supposed to be acting as International Trustees having oversight responsibility. (5) Our lawful government requires a peaceful and orderly process leading to restoration of our land jurisdiction government functions and an end to the fraud and predation that has been allowed. 30 Second American History - 36

The truth of the matter was conclusively proven by the Congressional

Research Service decades ago: there is no Declaration of War and no Treaty of Peace associated with the American Civil War and the bulk of the Reconstruction Acts have never been repealed and remain in effect for the Territorial United States Government.

The Queen and her government have a strictly limited role to play in this country and it is clearly stated, stipulated, and enumerated in the constitutional agreement we have with them: The Constitution of the United States of America.

Their brawls with other duly chartered federal subsidiaries are not part of the services we contracted to receive and we are not responsible for their war debts then or now. As our agreement with them makes very clear, the Queen functions under our delegated authority and has no granted authority related to our land or soil.

Take home messages: (1) the British Territorial United States has no contract to administer our land jurisdiction, no right to claim that it is abandoned by unknown parties or that our children are of unknown parentage. (2) These claims are transparent bunk on the part of the United States of America subsidiary and the British Crown Corporation and the Queen who is in Breach of Trust until these issues are resolved. (3) We have obviously not abdicated our responsibilities and we have not forgotten who we are. (4) The British Territorial United States subsidiary caused all this fraud and corruption and violence and it is their responsibility to repair the damage done to their employers to the extent possible, return the purloined property rightfully belonging to us, and get on with life.

30 Second American History – 37
Jefferson Davis, the President of The Confederate States of America, knew the truth about all this and he left abundant evidence for future generations to discover. It is because of him and his love for his country that the crucial information was preserved.

After the so-called war ended, the United States of America subsidiary forced the pre-war States of States to write new State Constitutions at the point of a gun and pulled a clever substitution. The original State of Georgia was replaced by a British Territorial “State of Georgia” while the role of the original State of Georgia was handed to the Georgia State land trust---- also run by the British subsidiary.

Take home message: (1) everything that the British Territorial United States subsidiary doing business as the United States of America has done since 1860 has been done to a greater or lesser extent in fraud. (2) The original State of Georgia was a member of the States of

America organized under The Articles of Confederation (1781). (3) The British Territorial United States of America subsidiary came in and substituted their own State of Georgia corporate franchise for it. (4) They used the new State land trusts like Georgia State as an excuse to pretend that The Constitution for the united States of America was still in effect, though under their control and unauthorized trusteeship. (5) There are only two possibilities—the British Territorial subsidiary should have been dissolved in the 1860’s, or, the States of America survived in abeyance for 150 years. (6) In either case just described, the delegated powers should have been returned to The United States of America which is a Third Party to all this intrigue among federal subsidiaries and the entity responsible for making the delegation of powers to both the United States of America and the States of America in the first place.

30 Second American History – 38
To recap: Imagine that you and a group of your buddies create a new business. It’s a government services business called The United States of America.

But it’s a big job, so The United States of America, call it “A” hires several subcontractors…. “B”, “C”, and “D”…..

“B” is an accounting firm…..

“C” is a law firm….

“D” is a medical firm….

Things go smoothly for years and then “C” decides to attack “B”.

The men running “C” take over “B”s functions by force….

This is essentially what happened when the United States of America subsidiary attacked the States of America subsidiary. But there’s a problem. The States of America holds the controlling contract with The United States of America and without that, everything reverts back to The United States of America (unincorporated).

Take home messages: (1) there is either a constitutional contract with the States of America or there is no contract for the United States of

America or United States, either. (2) It all comes down to the Original Equity Contract and The United States of America to which all delegated powers revert. (3) All this time that our British service providers have contrived to place false claims against our assets and pretended that they don’t know who we are while taking their paychecks from our pockets and trafficking our children into their foreign jurisdictions, we’ve been the actual landowners, their employers, and their loyal allies through two World Wars.

30 Second American History - 39
Remember that we are talking about companies in the business of providing government services that were hired to provide services for our nation-states. If your law firm staged a hostile takeover of your accountant’s firm and forced an unhealthy merger, it would have the same effect: the law firm wouldn’t have any contract with you to provide accounting services.

When the British United States of America subsidiary came in and reconstructed things, and replaced the original States of America with its own Territorial States of America it committed fraud; and, when it set up its own Territorial States like the Georgia State, to manage our international land jurisdiction, it committed fraud again.

This is a Bait and Switch scheme. The original States of America appear to be operating --- but they are not: cuckoos are being substituted for wrens. The British Territorial United States subsidiary does have a constitutional contract, but it is to provide Territorial government services, not National government services. The swindlers back in the 1860’s contrived to provide and control both.

Take home messages: (1) the British Territorial United States subsidiary doing business “in the name of” The United States of America is functioning as an interloper with a limited services contract which it expanded without granted authority. (2) It has been on our shores since 1791 and operating illegally since at least 1865. (3) This is the fault of the British Crown and Bar Associations and the British Monarchs operating in Breach of Trust. (4) They have provided a false narrative of this history, including a complete rewrite of what the Three Branches of the Federal Government actually are and how they were meant to work--- it had nothing to do with executive, legislative and judicial functions.

30 Second American History - 40
The United States of America (unincorporated) has never been bankrupt. It is a sovereign entity. It is unincorporated. It isn’t eligible for bankruptcy protection.

The British Territorial Subsidiary choosing to do business under the name The United States of America, Incorporated was infringing on our copyright and deliberately attempting to confuse itself with The United States of America (unincorporated) for the purpose of making false claims against the assets of the nation-states and people.

All of this was and is fraud committed by businesses merely hired to provide government services. The entire so-called Reconstruction is more fraud, as it was not a reconstruction, but instead an unauthorized redefinition of names, roles, and contractual obligations vouchsafed only by run amok employees. None of it is honest, and over time, it has been allowed to fester into the looming crisis we face today.

Take home messages: (1) the perpetrators of these acts against us have contrived to place false claims against the assets of the nation-states and people of this country for over 100 years. (2) This is an imminent threat to our security and peace that has been caused by deliberately misdirected Territorial and Municipal employees. (3) We have given Due Process to those responsible and repudiated the abuse of our delegated powers. (4) The International Trustees who are supposed to make sure that nothing like this ever happens, Elizabeth II and Popes

Benedict XVI and Francis, have all been fully informed by our lawful

Head of State and by Due Process service delivered to them by

International Registered Mail, by recordings at the Hague, and by thousands of pieces of recorded correspondence with Territorial Government and Municipal Government Officials.

30 Second American History - 41
The election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States of

America (Territorial service provider) and President of the United States (Municipal service provider) marks a departure from a long history in which Bar Association members have held these offices.

Unlike so many of his predecessors, Mr. Trump is actually qualified to hold the land jurisdiction office, so long as the office is bonded by The United States of America.

Accordingly, we extended him the courtesy of bonding the long-vacant office, and provided him with instructions on other steps necessary for him to assume this office under The Constitution for the united States of America.

The Original Constitution is the controlling one which creates and binds all the others and which underwrites The Constitution of the United States of America and The Constitution of the United States. It was fully intended by The United States of America that all three federal subsidiaries would be served and coordinated by one President.

Take home message: (1) Donald J. Trump is eligible to bring closure to the long-festering criminality and violence. (2) He has been invited and bonded to enter into all three Presidential offices as originally intended. (3) The Territorial United States of America subsidiary needs to stand down and honor the debt and the duty that it owes the American nation-states and people. (4) Its assistance in halting the pillaging and repairing the damage caused by the Bar Associations is needed. (5) All this wrong-doing and theft against the American nation-states and people has taken place in the international and global jurisdictions entrusted to the federal service providers; it’s up to them to make it right.

30 Second American History - 42
The bankruptcy that began in 1933 of the United States of America, Inc. ended November 7, 1999.

During the 2000 Presidential Election Florida Chads Scandal, the capitol of the Territorial and Municipal United States was quietly emptied. Only the confused local people remained. Those responsible left the Ship of State and pretended that all assets were abandoned by parties unknown: our great-grandfathers, grandfathers, fathers, and ourselves--- according to them, we just disappeared.

Commander Russell-J:Gould stepped into the gap and reclaimed the Title IV Flag and the Post Office and the City-State as property rightly belonging to the Priority Creditors ---the purportedly missing and unknown Americans. Us.

Take home messages: (1) there can be no doubt that some Territorial United States employees have sought to destroy the limited government that the people of this country established and ordained, and that they have acted in gross breach of trust. (2) The fate of our country, the continuance of our government, and the possession of our flags has often come down to a few individuals who kept watch and who exercised the individual sovereignty that our Forefathers suffered and died for. (3) Our country is still standing and our flag is still flying because of those few people, not because the service providers did their duty. (4) There are still attempts to undermine our lawful government by corrupt politicians and misdirected employees, and there are still totally unconscionable acts being undertaken against our people and false claims being made against our assets ---all of which must be addressed and resolved.

30 Second American History – 43
The foreign governments responsible—the British Government and Westminster which are responsible for the Territorial subsidiaries and the Holy See and Vatican which are responsible for the Municipal subsidiaries—have been given Due Notice and Due Process and opportunity to correct beginning in 1998.

Benedict XVI began taking immediate action to correct the situation. Pope Francis issued his Moto Proprio in 2013 to stop the human trafficking and make the members of the Bar Associations running the Territorial Court Systems accountable.

Queen Elizabeth II has also made some meager efforts to correct, but falling far short from taking those actions that are necessary. Those necessary actions include (1) releasing our land from any pretense of being held in trust for or by the Territorial Government subsidiaries or any Municipal Government appointees and (2) releasing our people from any presumption of being wards or franchisees or citizens of any Territorial subsidiary or Municipal appointee and (3) directing British Territorial Government personnel to stand down and assist us.

Take home message: (1) the multi-generational fraud scheme has cost this country trillions of dollars and untold suffering. (2) We do not expect that those who have committed these trespasses have the means to give back lives lost or anything else of value to their employers, but we do expect and demand that these atrocities end and that these practices stop. (3) The corrupt in-house Territorial Court System and its partner in crime, the equally corrupt in-house

MUNICIPAL COURT SYSTEM have to be brought under control and kept in their limits. (4) The kidnapping and trafficking of American babies and the copyrighting of their Trade Names and all the associated processes that trespass upon and impersonate them has to end. 30 Second American History – 44

Because William Belcher was a sovereign in his own right in England and his progeny remain so, because we have the evidence of our Seals, our Coats of Arms, our Treaties, our Letters Patent, our Sovereign Copyhold, our Unanimous Declaration of Independence, our contracts for service known as constitutions--- our proof that the Queen and her Territorial Government is now and has always been operating under our own much-abused delegated authority is manifest and correct.

The Queen cannot claim that she conquered a square centimeter of our soil, nor pretend that we were ever engaged in any such contest since 1783. Neither can she claim that we abandoned our soil or lands, or that we are an unknown population that popped up here like radishes. The actions of the British Crown and Bar Associations on our shores must be accounted for.

Take home messages: (1) though guile and pretense may know no bounds, the Norman Conquest is still a fact. (2) The British Territorial Government has grossly imposed upon our Good Nature. (3) Their

United States of America subsidiary has hidden behind our Good Name, carried on wars for profit and accrued debts that have nothing to do with us or our constitutional service contracts with them. (4) This same Federal Subsidiary service provider has contrived by means of similar names deceits and legal chicanery to entrap and tax our assets while holding these assets in trust under false claims of abandonment. (5) What could not be won by war, has been attempted by fraud--- fraud against friends and loyal Allies; this deserves to be recognized for what it is and resolved with the permanent release of all false titles and termination of all false trusts and the return of our soil and our land and the rents and profits that should by rights be ours.

30 Second American History – 45
When Pope Francis issued his Moto Proprio against human trafficking in July of 2013, it was a sharp jab at the Queen. The fraud scheme we have described in which American babies are being deliberately misidentified as British Territorial citizens is a war crime being committed against a Third Party civilian population. Under The Geneva Conventions this is a capital crime. Under The Hague Conventions it is only allowed when, in fact, the parentage of a child actually abandoned on an actual battlefield is in doubt.

Our children are not abandoned and their parentage is not in doubt; it has only been made to appear that way by dishonest employees who have attempted to deprive us of our nationality, entrap us in their foreign international jurisdiction, subject us to their laws, steal and indebt our assets, and traffic us out of our natural domicile on the land and soil of the American nation-states under conditions of fraud, deceit, non-disclosure, and self-interest.

Take home messages: (1) Just as the perpetrators employed a formula of establishing false titles and false trusts, they have used false claims of abandonment and non-existent war as their excuse. (2) Territorial United States employees, the British Crown, and the Bar Associations have engaged in both paper genocide and paper human trafficking on our soil. (3) These acts of paper terrorism against their own employers stand in gross violation of their service contracts. (4) No incorporated entity can declare actual war; they have been indulging in commercial war and speaking in euphemisms while shedding our blood. (5) The federal government service provider monopoly created by the unauthorized control of our international land jurisdiction by the British Territorial United States of America subsidiary has been run as a racketeering syndicate—literally. (6) The end result of all this is international crime, and not a matter of politics at all.

30 Second American History – 46
The Territorial United States doing business as the United States of America is a foreign government services company acting now under assumed contracts in succession that cannot be sustained. It is clear and certain that we are not British and we are not citizens.

As of April of 2014, we served our Civil Judgment. As of November 4,

2015 we re-issued our Sovereign Letters Patent and gave Notice to Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth II, to end all speculation and controversy regarding the supposed abandonment of our soil, our land, and our children. On November 6, 2015, we counter-signed Sovereign Letters Patent for the Native American nations so that these true Americans can finally come home to the soil of their native land. We also issued our Declaration of Joint Sovereignty with them, so that nobody can mistake our intent.

Take home messages: (1) this situation has festered through six generations, yet the fraud underlying it all is as potent as it ever was. (2) Continued British usurpation however disguised as concern or as part of any mandate to protect us is insupportable—especially given the circumstance and practices revealed. (3) We know those who love this country and its soil and those who do not. (4) The guilty foreign governments do not include Russia, China, Iran, Iraq, Libya,

Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, or North Korea. (5) The Native Americans were never our enemies, either, until the British Territorial United States of America subsidiary drove them from their homes, starved them, made false accusations against them, and welched on the treaty obligations they were owed. (6) The mode of operation is always the same: tell lies about people you want to steal from, so you can justify your own criminality and greed. (7) It is time for this ugliness to end. 30 Second American History -47

To fully restore the land jurisdiction functions requires the removal of the false claims of British Territorial citizenship that have been attached to so many Americans, the assembling of 3141 counties, and at least a majority of the nation-states.

A Continental Congress of qualified and duly elected nation-states Deputies acting as Fiduciary Officers has to be summoned to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to examine our accounts.

This will show that virtually all countries on Earth are in debt to The United States of America (unincorporated) and that most corporations on all continents have been chartered under our delegated authority.

It will also show that many trillions of dollars have been siphoned off our economy, that there is no national debt, that our own employees engaged in vast counterfeiting of Federal Reserve Notes, and that the British Territorial United States is largely to blame for all of it.

The guilty parties naturally fear revenge-taking and spread their fearmongering, because they know what they deserve, what the law they have abused says they deserve, and what all men agree they deserve. Yet that is not what we propose; these evils were set up by men long dead. Their ghastly shadows will no longer reign over us---any of us, including our employees.

Take home message: (1) Rank and file Americans must be released from all false claims that they are or ever were British Territorial United States citizens. (2) The unincorporated county governments must be fully restored. (3) The accounts owed to The United States of America have to be examined. (4) The rest of the world needs to know what happened here. (5) Our true revenge is to end the madness of evil men and not live in their shadows anymore.

30 Second American History – 48
It is apparent from all the foregoing that our government has never disappeared nor ceased to function. It simply hasn’t done what others have expected it to do, which is not an obligation of our sovereignty.

The British Territorial United States of America subsidiary no doubt thought that it was doing a great thing for itself by attacking our other service providers, but it has backfired and left them without a legal or moral leg to stand on.

We do not imagine that their activities have resulted in our defense as we have never been under attack. We haven’t gone to war since the end of the Revolution. The Queen and the Pope need to leave our sleeping dog alone and remember that the two greatest defeats the British have ever known and the two greatest victories, were all handed to them by our ancestors.

The British Government and the British Territorial United States owe us the incomprehensible debt of our loyalty to them while they have failed to honor their constitutional limits and obligations to us.

Take home messages: (1) an accounting is long overdue from our British Territorial United States service providers. (2) Instead of us being their subordinates and debtors, it’s the other way around. (3) They do not have our permission to use our assets as collateral for their debts, nor to hold anything of ours in trust. (4) We are home again, back from being shanghaied by our own employees. (5) The American Head of State has returned. (6) Mr. Trump has been invited to enter into the land jurisdiction office and assist in settling the peace which we are owed.

30 Second American History - 49
We are still here. We are still all sovereigns in our own right on American soil, just as William Belcher was still a sovereign in his own right standing on the soil of England or any British Colony almost 700 years after William the Conqueror died. We know who we are.

We know that we have been grotesquely betrayed, abused, misled, and dis-served by our own employees. We know that we have been robbed and defrauded under color of law.

We know that our own military, paid for with our labor, staffed by our own sons and daughters, has failed its duty to us. We know that most of the politicians elected to serve the Territorial Government in the past 150 years haven’t been worth spitting on.

We know that we have been subjected under false pretenses and under color of law to the mercy of foreign territorial courts that are not authorized to even address us.

Those responsible abandoned their Territorial and Municipal Capitol and their Title IV Flag in 1999. They have made false claims of abandonment against our land since 1953, after secretively using it as chattel to back their debts in 1907. They have made false and outrageous claims of material interest in our names and estates and persons and labor since 1933, and continue to do so even now.

Take home messages: (1) their sins are as scarlet. (2) We have already paid and will pay no more for the iniquities of others. (3) We captured the Title IV Flag when they let it fall face down in the muck and rain. (4) We kept our Post Office open. (5) We kept faith with our

Forefathers. (6) We are the lawful government of this country, not the hired help. (7) We claim our soil, our land, our names, our copyrights and everything else that is rightfully ours.

30 Second American History – 50
So aside from the continuing bad behavior on the part of our employees, why take action now? Because the perpetrators of these schemes have been spinning off new names and titles, seeking bankruptcy protection for themselves, the whole scam, again.

Mr. Obama decided to create new bogus Municipal Citizens to replace the ESTATE trusts he falsely claimed as abandoned property and offered to his creditors. Now American babies will be presumed to be Public Transmitting Utilities, using non-specific names and only a middle initial: SHIRLEY K. SMITH. He thinks we are all fools.

He thinks we are all asleep.

Yes, we may be slow and trusting. We may give everyone the benefit of a doubt and a second chance and be slow to anger. We may bear the cross of our virtues like a crown, but….

Take home messages: (1) these people don’t know when to stop, even after they’ve been caught. (2) They’ve gotten away with their legal chicanery and crooked banking for so long that they think it can just go on and on and on, that no one will notice, and nobody will stop them. (3) They believe that the Rule of Law that they preach to us will never be applied to them. (4) The Bar Association loves being able to exercise Britishdiscretionary powers” on American soil. (5) They sit in the sanctimonious safety of what appears to be a public office--- and think it is never going to stop. (6) They think there is no end to the number of franchises they can dream up, the number of derivative titles they can concoct. (7) In England there are places where the phony land title descriptions are six deep and counting. (8) We call it fraud and calumny; we also call it done and over.

An Epilogue - The Queen’s Bench
A few days ago I was having a spirited discussion with law students and legal scholars from Canada, Britain, and Australia. Alarmed by the continuing and accelerating abuses of the respective governments against the rights owed to the people, we had all come together to research the actual law and history.

We had an arcane discussion about ancient British Land Law, and then one of the young men attacked me and called me “a pirate” and said that I couldn’t possibly be in possession of my sovereign capacity, if I was serving as a land jurisdiction Justice of the Peace in Alaska.

These people are all looking at bringing claims before The Queen’s

Bench in their respective countries, hoping to receive Certificates of Release and exercise their reversionary trust interest in their stolen names and estates. They all plan to go to The Queen’s Bench for relief —as beggars from the thieves.

The Queen’s Bench belongs to the Queen, and though she delegates the day to day responsibility of it to others, there is no doubt that she could in theory show up at court one day, don the right head-piece, hear cases for herself, and for a change, dispense justice and provide remedy to those she has harmed all by herself.

That’s what sovereignty is: to be able to exercise your rights and your responsibilities freely.

If you are not free to serve, then you are still a slave.

I am one of those blessed to be a sovereign in my own right.

I know my birth-right. I know what my birth-right cost my ancestors. I know what it has cost me and my family, too.

It’s not easy to be ultimately accountable, to accept the responsibilities that go with the rank of Queen--- because with every right there are responsibilities. The greater the rank, the greater the responsibility.

And so this is what I had to tell that young man, who was saying how the instant he got his Certificate of Release he was going to head for the woods and hide all the wealth he expects to receive:

My Queen’s Bench goes wherever I am.

If my foot is on American soil, I’m Queen. Any chair I sit on will do as my Bench or my Throne. Give me a flat boulder. I’ll feel right at home.

I was born with the responsibility to serve my country and my countrymen, just as I was born with the right to assert my sovereignty --and so I am free, as Queen, to serve any office, any time, in any jurisdiction whatsoever that belongs to me.

Why? Because my delegated powers are still mine and I can exercise them with no assistance from the hired help---just like the Queen of England could, if she had the energy and knowledge, go down to the Old Bailey and help sort things out.

A great many Americans and other people throughout the world must get over the idea that it is someone else’s responsibility to ensure justice and sanity in the world, and also over the idea that those who serve are servants. They can just as easily be masters.

Indeed, we’ve already been told the Truth and should know better: the servant is the Master, and the greatest Masters serve most of all. So if you are the Queen or the King, in truth and in fact--- you are not only free to serve, you had best get busy and start doing the work.

The key to freedom, as opposed to liberty, is self-governance.

Freedom is what you earn and grant to yourself, while liberty is what a king or queen grants their sailors and soldiers as leave-time.

A great many Americans hear that they are “sovereigns in their own right” and get all puffed up, thinking that this is a great thing and an honor—which it is; however, to earn this honor requires self-sacrifice and service to others. There’s a duty attached to the honor.

That duty and responsibility is simple enough: we have to self-govern. We have to mind the shop. We have to get off our duffs, post our public meeting announcements, educate people, hold our elections, and do the things which a “free, sovereign, and independent people” do to earn and preserve their freedom.

Otherwise, pirates appear on our shores, foxes gain access to the hen house and rats eat out the grain stores. There is no way to be both free and idle, no way to rule without responsibility, no honor without duty. You can’t just hire someone to govern your country, you have to be a vigilant monarch in your own right and govern your Governors.

You don’t allow political parties, the equivalent of rival gangs, to draft and groom and dictate which candidates you can vote for. You use an entirely different process to assess and elect the men that you want holding your purse-strings, and you send them to your own capitol, which happens to be Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to attend your own version of United States Congress.

A government is more than flags or buildings or monuments to the past. It is more than a long, long list of musty old papers. A government, like a church, is vested in the people who give it life, who believe in its principles and live according to its doctrines and mandates.

So if you believe in freedom and individual sovereignty, welcome to The United States of America and the nation-states. If you believe in liberty and majority rule, also known as democracy, welcome to the Territorial USA. And if you want to live as a slave, we even have the option of living under the boot of the Municipal Oligarchy established by the members of the Territorial United States Congress.

I think I have made my point.

In this as in all things, you get what you choose, what you earn, what you value, what you allow, and in the end, what you deserve.

Nobody can write a fancy piece of paper and stamp it and seal it for me. There is no Certificate of Release that anyone can give me. I’m not naïve enough to think there is.

Remember the scene at the end of The Wizard of Oz, where the Scarecrow and the Tin Man and the Lion all get their certificates and awards. The Wizard gives them a piece of paper and suddenly they can think, they can feel, and they can be brave again.

But all Dorothy has to do is click her little heels and say, “There’s no place like home.” --- and there she is, back in Kansas.

Come home, you kings and queens. Click your heels. Lift your heads. What has seemed to be real is only a fraud, a nightmare at times, a dream at others--- but in the end, a fraud, and the work it will take to restore your nation-states and lawful government is a small price to pay for the supreme delight of knowing who you are.

If you are a moderately fast adult-level reader, it has taken you maybe an hour to read this little book, and you may still have questions, and yet, you have learned what you really need to know. It’s time to make your action plan as a sovereign on American soil, time to choose your duty and serve it well.


Acceptance = formal written agreement with respect to an offer or proposal.

Acknowledgement = written admission of awareness, usually followed by an acceptance of some asset or denial of some duty.

Abdication = releasing all right, title, and duty, usually to public office or interest in property.

Allodial = a Lord’s title, a grant made to a landlord by a King

Chancery Court = ancient court of equity; deciding interest in assets.

Citizen = a member of a Civil territorial or City-State municipal government obligated to serve it.

Civilian = non-military habitant of a Civil territorial or City-State municipal government owed its services.

Deed = a written record of action taken, especially an agreement about land or caretaking rights.

Delegated Right = an empowerment granted to someone else to exercise for us.

Enumerated = ordered and numbered in a limiting way, imposing restrictions.

Fealty Oath = pledge under God to loyally serve and obey a King.

Foreign Situs Trust = a trust holding assets in foreign jurisdictions, like a foreign ship is held in trust by a Harbormaster while loading and unloading cargo.

Hereditaments = all that is inheritable related to or attached to property, rights, and assets.

Hypothecate = the act of attaching debt to an asset without actually transferring title to it.

Irrevocable Trust = a trust releasing all control or interest in the trust assets on the part of the Donor.

Irrevocable Will = a permanent and unalterable disposition of assets belonging to the Donor, especially a Donor Trust.

Non-Delegated Right = a right retained without limitation in contrast to specific delegated rights.

Matrilineal Republican (state) = agricultural community based on inheritance of soil.

Patriarchal Republic (State) = city-state society based on caste and inheritance of land or title.

Plenary = without limit or restriction.

Plenary Oligarchy = form of government by elites with no limit to their power.

Re-conveyance = transfer back to a former Holder of a deed, debt, credit, name or other asset.

Release = an official document setting one free from a duty or obligation, e.g. a DD214.

“Republican style of government” = constitutional phrase describing the Matrilineal Republican form of government guaranteed to the American nation-states.

Resident = one who only temporarily sojourns, a visitor, especially one performing a professional task or undergoing training or treatment of some kind, as in a medical residency.

Reversionary Trust Interest = a material interest a Donor retains in the assets of a revocable trust.

Revocable Trust = a trust set up in anticipation of a specific condition or occurrence allowing the Donor to dissolve the trust and receive back the assets.

Sovereign Letters Patent = a form of documentation issued by sovereigns declaring an unrestricted interest in actual or intellectual assets.

Testament = a written addition to the New Testament settling one’s life estate; an unassailable private common law trust record mandating the disposition of one’s assets upon death or disability.

Trust = lawful or legal arrangement by which a Donor deposits assets of some kind in the care of a second party, a Trustee, for the benefit of a third party, the Beneficiary.

Trust indenture = the written description of a trust relationship which establishes the nature of assets held in trust, the trust purposes, and the conditions and restrictions that apply to the trust.

Title IV Flag = the official international flag of the Territorial United States of America as described in Title IV of the United States Federal Code, exercised under our delegated authority, known as the Stars and Stripes, having the exact proportion of 1:1.9.
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