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Anna von Reitz: fyi; What form of government are we owed?


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Apr 1, 2010
Americans have been dumbed down to believe they have “un-a-lien-able rights” under the original 1789 Constitution. In reality, they only have “licensed” privileges, and their so-called government is a bankrupt, private corporation.
This is why the American people are suffering abuses such as gun control, forced vaccinations, and child custody issues.

Briefly, the major turning point in the loss of our Republic, began with the election of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil war. In 1819 The Continental Congress passed the “Titles of Nobility Act” which forbade the election of “titled” individuals such as Esquires. You will remember the jousting scenes of medieval England and the “knights” with their “squires.”

Lincoln was an (Esquire), BAR attorney and was ineligible to be President of the United
States of America. “BAR” is an acronym which stands for “British Accredited Registry,” and their loyalty to the people of America was held in suspicion.

Suffice it to say, in 1861, the southern states had a lawful right to secede from the “Union,” and walked out refusing to be seated. As a result, under parliamentary rules, the congress lacked a quorum to conduct business. Too many seats were vacated. So, they had to adjourn without scheduling a day to reconvene.

The lawful de jure government was out there “flapping in the wind,” and the country was in chaos. What eventually evolved in 1871, was the emergence of an unlawful, de facto government — a private“corporation” with two divisions---“territorial and municipal.” The Republic that was established by the founding fathers was mothballed and is currently held in abeyance waiting for the “people” to wake up and reclaim their lawful government.

Consider the following quote and article:
Quote: …(1) the Federal Branch of the Federal Government was overthrown in the 1860's and never rebuilt; (2) the necessary "Reconstruction" has never been completed; (3) we have lived under a British Territorial military junta since then, operating under the authority of a Commander-in-Chief, acting via Executive Orders; (4) the actual Government owed to the States and People was never part of the Civil War and is still owed to us, if we bother to wake up and operate it. End Quote
Article 1670 www.annavonreitz.com

The Basics
At the end of the Revolution there were two populations of people left on this continent---- "the free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States" and the "Inhabitants"----- British Subjects known as "citizens" here to provide "essential government services". The evidence for this is in The Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783 and in Article IV of the original Constitution called The Constitution for the united States of America.

There are still two populations on this continent--- the American State Nationals who are the present-day "free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States" and two brands of present-day "inhabitants"---- "United States Citizens" occupying the District of Columbia and "citizens of the United States" occupying the Washington DC Municipality.

The actual states of the Union are all Republics. The government of the District of Columbia is a democracy. The municipal government of Washington DC is an oligarchy. All these populaces co-habit the same space and freely roam about this country, but they all function under different rules and occupy different jurisdictions and are subject to different forms of law.

The "United States Citizens" (British Subjects) and the "Municipal citizens" (Corporate Slaves) are here to serve ----both to provide essential government services under contract to our state republics and also to serve their own separate foreign "federal" and "municipal" governments.
The American State Nationals inhabiting the Republics are the "free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States" who are owed "essential government services" from these other governments as our employees---and we are all born into that political status as Americans---but soon after birth, and without any full disclosure to our Mothers, we are entrapped by legal chicanery and "presumed to be citizens" and "wards of the state" and members of these other populations instead.

This undisclosed process which is a direct violation of Section 11 of the 1933 Securities Act results in a form of political genocide known as mischaracterization of non-combatants and it is a war crime carrying the death penalty.

This international war crime has been carried out against the unsuspecting American people by their own employees in gross Breach of Trust and violation of both the letter and the spirit of The Constitution for the united States of America--- the actual and only original equity contract that all American states and American State Nationals are owed.

Who is ultimately responsible for this outrageous circumstance? In direct terms--Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Sir Winston Churchill. In more abstract terms, the members of the United States Congress and the British Government. Finally, though we have been the victims of this crime and have unknowingly allowed our own employees to entrap us and make false claims against us and our property rights, we bear some responsibility ourselves, for failure to knowledgeably assert our own political identity and clarify our separate political status in the public records.

Our birth events should have been recorded as part of the land records of our lawful organic state republics and instead were only registered in the foreign and international jurisdiction of the sea. We trusted our employees to do their jobs, not work calamity against us while on our payroll. The British Crown, a foreign commercial corporation seized upon our Given Names and copyrighted them and claimed to act as our usufruct---- using our good names for its benefit, so long as it did not harm us in the process.

Purposeful self-interested non-disclosure of any contractual arrangement is fraud, and fraud vitiates all "laws" and contracts---including any merely presumed political status. Fraud has no
statute of limitations.

The testimony of six generations of Americans impacted by British Breach of
Trust (ever since the Civil War and only more terribly and recently since the Second World War) carried out by British Subjects operating as United States Citizens on our soil is eloquent and the nearly disastrous results of it are plain to see--- corruption of our government and its institutions, pillaging and plundering of American property, enslavement of the American people, false commercial claims, illegal foreclosures, counterfeiting of our credit, non-consensual hypothecation of debt against our assets. The ravages of equally foreign "citizens of the United States" upon our economy and well-being are also self-evident in the burgeoning welfare rolls, crime statistics, unemployment, frustration and anger and suffering of our people.

Your remedy? Know who you are -- a living, breathing, age of majority, noncitizen American State National -- objecting to and rebutting any presumption otherwise, owing no allegiance other than your natural allegiance to the soil of your organic state of the Union.

Place record of your self-declaration of political status firmly on the public record by having it witnessed and notarized and recorded by the land recorder's office. Every single one of them has a "miscellaneous file".
(Edited for clarity and emphasis added) www.annavonreitz.com Article 405
For instruction on how to reclaim your birthright as a free

“American State National “go to:PaperUpNow.Com
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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
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More Corroboration -- From David Straight

I love David Straight because he tells it straight. No candy corn. No self-aggrandizement. No ego. Just the facts, ma'am. I love patriot guys like him, because they get the job done.

They may not be as aware of all the frou-frou-rah of the High Courts and diplomacy and history as our group tends to be, but boy, when it comes to nuts and bolts, some of those who are rising up now have got the weather gauge on the carpetbaggers from DC and they are bearing down on them at last.

It's like George S. Patton's character said at the beginning of the movie---Patton: -- "I actually feel sorry for those dirty ......" Sometimes I just sit at my desk and think of what happens when 300 million Americans wake up and really see what these goons have been up to? And I smile.

I want to thank Mike, one of my regular contributors, for sending the link to "CPS FRAUD & CLAIMING YOUR NATURAL RIGHTS" on YouTube:https://youtu.be/ca_RgBN98Jw

This is real help for parents and grandparents struggling to curtail CPS, but it is even much more than that. It's a gem and worth watching clear through. Heck, even though it's long, watch it again.

Some of you who are just waking up are still in a daze and you think all this discussion of the Civil War and issues arising out of it makes no sense. That's a 154 years back in the rear-view mirror, you say. How could that still be causing problems for us today?

As David Straight points out in this video, every Act of Congress since 1861 contains a one sentence Disclaimer: "This Act shall not affect any right thus previously established."

Okay..... are all your cogs turning? What does this mean?
This is an admission, folks, that everything we've told you about the history and the capacity in which the Congress is acting, is true. They aren't passing any Public Laws; they are passing private corporate by-laws. And that is all they have been doing since 1861.

It's not a theory --- but there is a conspiracy. It's a conspiracy against fulfilling the constitutional agreements that the States and the People of this country are owed, a conspiracy against our form of government.

About an hour and a half into this video David lays out exactly how you can lawfully and legally take back control of your county. This is work that will have to be undertaken county by county.

So far our group has been concentrating on getting the actual State Assemblies resurrected and functioning with the proper political status and with the proper standing and in the right jurisdiction to conduct business --- but the assembly of the counties which takes place in tandem with the assembly of the States, is where the pedal really hits the metal in our daily lives.

As you do your paperwork to evidence your "return" to your birthright political status and join your State Assembly, you are also at the same time re-populating your county.

Now that you are assembling at that level, what do you do? David Straight tells you, step by step:

1. Run an ad for 21 days announcing a Public Meeting to be held at such and such a time, day, and place (at least 30 days out from when you start running the ad), to discuss the administration of county government.

2. Hold the meeting. Tell everyone the history and what has happened and what they can do to regain control of this runaway train. Take a vote to hold Public Elections.

3. Begin the next cycle of Public Notice. Run the ad for 21 days and announce that Public Elections to fill vacant County Offices will be held at such and such time, day, and place (at least 30 days out from when you start running the ad). Advertise a place where people can be nominated or self-nominate to fill a roster of County Offices ---- everything from Dog-catcher to County Assembly Chairman.

4. Hold the Election. Only people claiming their birthright political status and actually living in and having property in the county can vote as an Elector. If not everyone wishing to vote has papered up yet, they can sign an Elector's Declaration at the Polls before two qualified and verified members of the County Assembly saying that they are operating exclusively in their birthright political status as (Ohioans, Virginians, etc.) and have lived in and owned property in your county since ________ the date they were born in or moved to your county.

They have to have been living in your county for at least a year and a day to meet the General Residency Requirement.

5. Then you begin a 90 Day Notice Period. Again, you publish an ad in the newspaper and run it for 21 days, announcing the results of the Public Election and giving Notice to all Incumbent County Officials that as of such and such time and date (for example, Friday, October 10th, 2019, at 4 p.m.) please have all personal property boxed up and removed from the public buildings and keys ready to turn in.

6. Public Elections always trump Private Elections. This is perfectly lawful and legal to do, and should meet no resistance. Upon the newly-elected cadre taking actual Office, they can bring forward a secondary Election using the same Notice Process to collapse the Municipal Corporation and operate the County in its unincorporated capacity.

It's worth saying the obvious: these Municipal Corporations shouldn't be operating on our soil. The Municipal Government is supposed to be strictly limited to the ten miles square of the District of Columbia, not hiring private security agents to patrol the streets of Rye, New York.

So, this is the "Next Step" coming right behind and in tandem with the assembling of the actual State Assemblies. As more and more counties are restored to operation, the County Courts will resume operation as American Common Law Courts. Ditto all the State Courts. No more surreptitious and deceitful rule by British Maritime Courts.

What, you say? We can get rid of these courts? Not exactly. There will still be legitimate Admiralty and Maritime Court business for them to do, but the end of their meddling with the people and with trespassing on the soil and land is already set aside for them, by the US Supreme Court in Milligan Ex Parte.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
21 hrs ·

Counties, Names, and Government by Contract

All counties have to be "surveyed" --- located and geographically "defined"--- before there is any "thing" present that can be labeled and named. Once this process is complete and a name has been attached to that parcel, the County is "corporate" but not "incorporated".
When you, a man, come forth from your Mother and are a separate living being, you are defined by your body and located in space in much the same way. Upon being named, "John" or "Bruce" or "Charles"--- you, too, are "corporate", but "unincorporated".

So all counties are "corporate" entities, but not all counties in the country are "incorporated" --- meaning that some of them didn't take the bait of Federal Block Grants in order to maintain their independence. We are compiling a list of those counties that (1) never bit the hook, and (2) those counties that have liquidated federal franchise counties and chosen to operate in unincorporated status, and (3) those counties that have merely been "presumed to be" incorporated, because they received Federal Block Grants or because they changed their doing-business-as names to conform with Federal Nomenclature.

We are finding that MOST counties fit in this later group and did not specifically or publicly adopt being incorporated. Like the rest of us, they were apparently told "you have to do this" by Federal Agents, so they changed the Style or Ordering of their names and unwittingly created new corporate Persons that were assumed to be operating as Federal Franchises.

For example, you might start out as "Pearson County" and over the years the name on the shingle at the Courthouse would change to
"County of Pearson" or "PEARSON COUNTY" and so on. Just like the switch from "John Michael Doe" to "JOHN MICHAEL DOE" in the absence of actual public meetings and discussions and votes taken there can be no reliable evidence that such counties ever knowingly agreed to incorporated as franchises of the Federal Government.

There are at least 3100 counties in America and people living in all of them. Those people need to do some research into their own county history to find out the actual status of their county government. Most likely, State of State franchises simply "moved in" after the Civil War and have operated like cuckoo birds in a robin's nest ever since.

The correct way to name the land and soil jurisdiction county for our purposes is always in Upper and Lower Case and in the form "Name County" --- as in "Bear County" or "Pearson County" or "Black River County" or "Winnebago County" or "Ipshago County" and so on.

Please Note: When we use their notaries to do our work in public, we call them "Public Notaries" on the paperwork to nail down the capacity in which they are functioning and simply name the State --- for example, Colorado --- not the "State of Colorado" and not the "STATE OF COLORADO" and not "COLORADO", either, and the county is named as above, for example, "Montrose County".

We are also finding quite a number of "Diversified Counties" especially in large metro areas. In these cases you will find a land and soil county overlain with layers of corporate entities from various jurisdictions eating out the population, each one charging for "services" and imposing regulations and codes and rules that are creating streams of revenue for these organizations without however having any actual and knowing consent from the local people.

In other words, these organizations are operating as commercial corporations under color of law. They are booting up like any other commercial corporation with Articles of Incorporation and Officers and Boards of Directors and operating under deceptive names designed to make people assume that they are part of the actual government --- when they aren't. Think of it as the local version of the "IRS" or "DOT".

The IRS exists as a privately owned and operated bill collector for the "Internal Revenue Service" which is a foreign "Bureau" perched inside of the "US Department of the Treasury" which is run by the IMF. This is why the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven T. Mnuchin, is an Interpol Agent and not functioning as an American nor even as a US Citizen.

These organizations like the "County of Pearson" typically stake out a turf for themselves and amass a list of subscribers, that is, people or even properties, that receive services from them. They come in, they fill pot holes, they cut brush along utility corridors, or whatever function they have chosen for themselves, and then they send their purported subscribers a billing statement for these services whether the subscriber asked for these services or not.

Often these groups act in concert with the actual County and give the County a "cut" of the action. They may even send their billings out from the County offices, making it appear legitimate, or they may bill the County as Subcontractors and the County then arbitrarily taxes you, and again, it all looks legitimate and isn't.

These Undisclosed Subcontractors pad their billings to be able to give kickbacks to the less savory members of County Government and around and around it goes. In Oklahoma it got so bad that the County Clerks in the 1980's kept "Kickback Books".... literally. They kept ledgers to keep the crooks honest.

Think of the Magazine Subscription Scams that plagued everyone back in the 1980's. First, they gave you a "free subscription" out of the blue. It just comes to your mailbox from some "Subscription Service". As part of that first "free" magazine they sent you a "subscription card" to receive up to six more magazines at "unbelievable prices", and, if you didn't bother to reply, they promise to send you complimentary copies of six more magazines to try! After that, of course, they just kept sending magazines and if you were too busy to track down the fine print and cancel all these subscriptions, you were on the hook to pay for them all. This went on for ten years before the Postal authorities finally cracked down on it.

Its the same thing with all the services that the County of Pearson offers you. If you don't contact them and say, "Whoa! Who are you and what are you offering and how much is it going to cost me?" --- you are "presumed" to have subscribed to their service and are on the hook for paying for the services you received. A wise person receiving a bill from something that looks like the County but not exactly, should question that billing, and should want to know exactly what they supposedly signed up to receive. Who signed them up? When? How? For what services? -- And they should object to paying for anything they didn't order and ride herd on the cost of any services they agree to receive from the "County of Pearson".

This is all "government by private contract" and doesn't have a thing to do with the actual County, which rarely if ever does much beyond deciding which of these franchise operations are going to get the contracts next year.

I hope you continue to dig for any evidence that your county was ever incorporated or "presumed" to be incorporated. If you can't find any evidence of incorporation, you may be living in one of those counties that never did incorporate. What a blessing for you and everyone else concerned, if that turns out to be true. It's one more thread that undermines claims that these foreign interlopers ever achieved "exclusive legislative jurisdiction". Please let us know so we have a confirmed status for your county.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
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Lincoln and Illinois

Even as a child I never liked Abraham Lincoln. I didn't like his image on copper pennies and changed them out for nickels as much as I could. This antipathy can't be explained as a simple childish rejection of weird sideburns and top hats and craggy facial features. I readily accepted double-amputees and WWII veterans who were burned beyond recognition and corpses at funerals and Special Ed kids and the local Winnebago tribal members dressed up in all their feathered regalia--- I was not the kind of child to be fearful of people because of their appearances, nor prejudiced toward anyone because of their appearance, either.

No, it wasn't that Lincoln was homely. It was something else. Of course, I couldn't put my finger on it as a child, but the lasting impression I had of him was that something was wrong with him. Something bad.
In the years since then I have had cause to research into Lincoln's life and the Civil War to some depth.

There are long-standing rumors and some circumstantial evidence of the "he doesn't look like anyone else in the Lincoln family, but he does look like so-and-so..." gossip from local observers at the time, giving rise to the idea that Lincoln was actually the bastard son of a rich Jewish landowner named Springsteen; this I cannot confirm or deny. It would require a DNA test to ever settle the question, and that is not likely to happen--- so let's leave the gossip among all those things we will never know about Lincoln, and focus on what we do know.

We do know that his nickname, "Honest Abe", was a jest, and that in real life, this was a tribute to his wit, not his actual honesty.

We do know that the picture of his humble beginnings reading by firelight in a one room cabin to educate himself and earning his way by splitting rail fences and working as a small shopkeeper is largely bunk of the nineteenth century Sentimentalist ilk.
Wherever it came from -- Lincoln always had money and didn't lack for much.

We do know that immediately after the University Publishing group picked up on Lincoln as a young lawyer in Illinois, his political star began to rise.

We do know that Lincoln was a prominent member of the Confederation Congress beginning in 1847 and that he made frequent trips to New York where the Confederation Congress met throughout the 1850's.

We know that through his connections with the Confederation Congress, he met and made friends with some of the most famous industrialists and business personages of the day, including British financiers who were eager to promote investment in America so long as the Queen had control of the government receiving the benefit of those investments.

Some members of the Confederation Congress, including Lincoln, were eager to secure these economic benefits, and in view of the relatively large number of Federal "inhabitants" living throughout America (British Territorial Employees who remained here after the Revolution to provide "essential government services" per Article IV), they saw nothing wrong with providing "separate but equal" services to them via the Territorial Government--- which the Queen controls under our delegated authority. Is this beginning to sound familiar?

The means to be employed to provide these services to British Territorial Federal Government Employees and their Dependents would be the creation of Territorial States of States, running in tandem with and in parallel to and mirroring the then-active Federal States of States.

The British Doppleganger States-of-States were thus prepared by Lincoln and his cronies and were waiting in the wings at the end of the Civil War, ready to take over during the "Reconstruction" of the actual Federal States of States.

Lincoln served as the British Territorial United States Governor of the Territorial State of Illinois, which was established with Lincoln's help before the Civil War, and in that capacity was in the direct service of Queen Victoria prior to his election as "President of the United States" --- the CEO of the Municipal United States Government.

During Lincoln's stint as Territorial State-of-State Governor of Illinois, the first Bar Association in America was organized in Illinois. He signed their first charter. Whether or not he was an actual member of the Illinois Bar Association or The Bar Association of Illinois or The Illinois State Bar (there are about fifteen different names) has been carefully obscured, but we know he never occupied any office of the actual Federal Branch of the Federal Government -- and would have been prohibited from doing so as a Bar Association Member. Again --- circumstantial evidence, but perhaps we can get to the root of this question in the future.

Lincoln supported the concept of Hickey's 1847 "enclosure" of the original Territorial Constitution --- The Constitution of the United States of America --- for use as corporate Articles of Incorporation for the new British Investment Corporation being formed to funnel money into the new Territorial States of States.

All these moves had many members of the original Confederation Congress alarmed, especially members representing the Southern States, who saw all this "untoward" activity by the British Territorial Government as something far more ---and more suspicious--- than a simple matter of providing equal public services to government employees. They deeply mistrusted Lincoln for his apparently boundless support for continued British investment and broadening British presence and influence.

Lincoln's activities in Illinois preceded his election as President and it was feared that: (1) he was not qualified to become the actual President of our Federal Government, owing to his ties to the Bar Association--- members had been banned from holding Public Office in our American-controlled branch of the Federal government since 1819; and (2) his election meant the spread of Territorial States of States throughout the rest of the country.

Thus it was that greedy Northern Industrialists, especially Railroad Barons eager to embark on the Continental Railroad project, and other industrialists even more eager for British investment money to back their factories, backed Lincoln; the Southern Plantation owners saw nothing but the return of British taxes and oppression and meddling.
They were, unfortunately and precisely, right.

Lincoln, the "Great Emancipator" was in fact the Great Enslaver instead; because of Lincoln, black men and women were released from private slave owners and became the property of government corporations, and millions upon millions of white Americans suffered the same fate.

Lincoln, for whatever reasons, was in lock-step with Benjamin Disraeli's plan to "enfranchise" the common man, and was in fact an Undeclared Agent of the Queen, who sought and accomplished the de facto overthrow of our system of government via an illegal commercial mercenary conflict staged on our shores--- the so-called American Civil War.

After the war, the Territorial States of States that Lincoln helped create were ready to slide into place and surreptitiously substitute themselves for the Federal States of States owned and operated by the American States and People. In 1868, Hickey's "Corporate Constitution" was adopted.

The de facto take over of our government by the British interests promoted by Abraham Lincoln was a fait d'accompli.
The American States and People were simply never notified of the changes undertaken "for" them, and the stage was set for both British investors and British pillaging on a scale unimaginable.

There is some circumstantial evidence that Lincoln repented at the last, and that he planned to expose all this and redirect the Union Army, but like so many other things about Lincoln --- we will never know. He was assassinated before the ink was dry from Lee's surrender.

Illinois was the Port of Entry for all this infamy and it remains one of the most corrupt States in the Union, thanks mostly to banks, international unions, and mafia influence in Chicago. Nowadays Illinois watches from the sidelines, seemingly quietly aghast at the traumatic results of what they welcomed to our shores. Perhaps not altogether surprisingly, members of the Illinois Bar Association have begun efforts to restructure and rethink: "Was it such a good idea to welcome British Admiralty Courts ashore?"

Or, more likely --- "OMG! What is going to happen to us, when the Americans finally figure out who is who and what we did here?" They have long lived in the fear of what Mark Twain predicted for them --- "a lawyer on every lamp post".

The Bar Associations and at least some of their members deserve to live in fear; because of them, millions of lives have been lost, trillions of dollars have been looted out of America and stolen from Americans, millions of innocent people have been enslaved and "enfranchised" and have suffered endless personage and barratry---- all of which the lawyers have known, and have said nothing about and done nothing to prevent.

Lincoln's giant portrait, the equal of any placard ever bearing homage to Stalin or Mao, hangs in the Middle Innes of Court in Westminster.
Lincoln also began the practice of financing the government via the issuance of Treasury Bonds. These "ten or forty" (think 1040) bonds were offered to investors using a concept like savings bonds. They could invest in these U.S. Treasury Bonds for ten years or for forty years and reap a guaranteed rate of return upon maturity. The Federal Income Tax was originally a tax to force Federal Workers to buy Treasury Bonds.

As for what we do know about Lincoln --- he was a rat's rat, a King Rat on the scale of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He may well be a hero to the British Federal Government Employees and the Tories in general, but for the American States and People, he is a symbol of our own gullibility and our tolerant, generous nature, which has never easily discerned the source of the undisclosed evil in our midst.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
2 hrs ·

We Take Exception

We take exception to the claim that we ever knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily entered any Federal Jurisdiction of the United States or the United States of America at all. We claim our immunity from any presumption that we are now or that we have ever been US Citizens of any kind.

We also take exception to the claim that we are being "represented" by any United States Citizen or group of United States Citizens, nor any group of Citizens of the United States or group of Citizens of the United States, while we are standing here with our provenance in hand, presenting ourselves.

We deny, rescind, and repudiate all prior Powers of Attorney seemingly allowing otherwise and we have published our actions upon the Public Records of both the Territorial United States Government and the Municipal United States Government in evidence thereof.

There have been quite a number of organizations composed of either United States Citizens or Citizens of the United States or even incorporated CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES claiming to "represent" us or to have standing "in our names" to receive our assets "for" us.

We take exception to and rebut the claims of these Persons and PERSONS and their various organizations and we raise the bar against them and place objection to all of these claims, claimants, and organizations including but not limited to: The Republic for the united States of America, The United States of America, Inc., The Republic, The Republic of the United States, The Republic for the United States of America, THE REPUBLIC, RuSA, the National Assembly, TROH-United States of America, etc., etc., etc.,

None of these organizations are properly constituted. None of them are claiming their proper status as States of the Union nor any properly organized Federation of States competent to restore our Confederation of States of States.

None of these organizations have access to The United States of America [Unincorporated] and none of them have required their members to act with any singular allegiance to their State of the Union----without which they cannot claim to be American State Citizens and cannot lawfully operate any State of the Union.

Our claims are complete. We have standing and our claims pre-date all other claims; we are verifiable inheritors of the assets and government of our States of the Union, verifiable inheritors and progeny of the People of this country and of our States, verifiable state nationals born on the land and soil of this country, verifiable inheritors of the Great Seals and Offices, verifiable inheritors of the Norman Conquest and the Settlement thereof.

We have reclaimed our birthright political status on the Public Record and have expatriated from any other foreign conferred or merely presumed to exist political status.

We have declared our ability to stand in our own behalf and in behalf of our States of the Union and we claim no other political allegiance.

We have also declared our genealogical provenance such that there can be no doubt that we are: mentally competent, of age, free men and women, born on the land and soil of each State of the Union, and that we claim the Grandfather Clause to all contracts, all proposed offers of contract, and all Acts of Congress since 1861.

We specifically deny any contract or obligation owed to the UN Corporation.

No claim by any United States Citizen and no claim by any Citizen of the United States offered "for" us may stand against what we request and require in our own Proper Names and as People who are present and accounted for and standing on the land jurisdiction of every State of the Union.

Nothing and nobody else has any right, claim, title, or material interest in our assets, our heritage, or our private property but ourselves and likewise other American State Nationals and American State Citizens who have yet to return home to the land and soil jurisdiction of their States of the Union.

How we administer our obligations is our business; what we do with our assets from here on, is our business.

As the Presumed Donors of the Public Trusts established in Our Names and in OUR NAMES, we are returning the trust assets to our States of the Union and to their lawful Federation of States doing business as The United States of America [Unincorporated].

Any idea that any Legal Persons or LEGAL PERSONS over-stand or outrank our Lawful Persons must be left adrift in the realm of illusions and removed from trespass upon the realm of actual fact.

We declare that all material interests and assets of all kinds, all money, all credit, all titles, all land, all patents, all certificates, bonds, debentures, and derivatives, all leases, all benefits, all and everything that is owed to us and to our States and People and to The United States of America [Unincorporated] must be returned to us and to our control without further delays or attempts to impersonate, defraud, conceal, entrap, stand for, represent, or enclose us in any manner whatsoever.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
17 hrs ·

Crazy Like a Fox, Wise as Serpents, Gentle as Doves

I've been asked--- why am I so quick to excommunicate people and alienate them from my own efforts?

Well, what did Jesus say? If your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and cast it away. Better that, than risk the loss of the whole body.

Everyone needs to know how we got into this mess in the first place and then reason forward from that.

Just prior to the Civil War,Thomas Hickey and Abe Lincoln and their pals at University Publishing and various big time industrialists eager for British investment money organized Territorial States of States ---- purportedly so they could deliver support services and social benefits to British Territorial Citizens living in our States while providing us with "essential government services".

After the hostilities died down, these same Territorial States of States were waiting in the wings, ready to stealthily step forward and substitute themselves for the American-controlled Federal States of States we are owed. Nobody was the wiser. And that's how the Brits commandeered our lawful government.

Now they are on the hook for it and twisting like worms, but that doesn't mean that they won't come back and try the same thing over again. They got away with it for 150 years and made trillions of dollars off us dumb Americans. Do you think they are just going to go home and mind their own business?

The Brits and the Holy Roman Empire are not so silly as to plan (and invest in) another Civil War on our shores, build 800 internment camps, haul in 30,000 guillotines, buy billions of rounds of ammunition, arm the alphabet soup agencies to the teeth, militarize our police forces and prepare to kill millions of their innocent American Creditors without having a plan in place to pull the same kind of trick in the aftermath.

What better than to corrupt and commandeer our own efforts to rebuild our States from within? Get their cuckoo birds in on the ground floor....and voila.

They could pretend to be States instead of States of States.

That would be even better than what they managed to do to us after the Civil War, from their point of view.

So what do we see and hear and from whom?

People acting as leaders of our State Assemblies clacking about how they are going to "meet us at the Hague" --- when our States have nothing to do with the Hague and don't stand under the Hague Conventions. Red flag up the flag pole and flapping in the breeze--- these folks are building States of States, not States.

Only States of States stand under the Hague Conventions.

The DOD which is a "Department" of the UN Corp, is also playing pussyfoot with people who are --- purportedly at least --- acting as leaders of our State Assemblies.

The same DOD that sequestered the bulk of the National Credit owed to the American States and People and used that over $21 trillion as a Slush Fund to promote war for profit on a worldwide basis, the same DOD that made all the preparations for another Civil War on our shores, the same DOD that spent our money on building hundreds of military bases worldwide----- that version of DOD ----is busily infiltrating our ranks.

This is entirely predictable, but hard to guard against. Just as in the First Round, they look like Americans, sound like Americans, and most of them were born here like anybody else. It's easy for them to slip in and mislead gullible Americans who are just getting started and finding their feet in this game.

There is yet another goal for DOD's activities. If they can't commandeer us from within, they can still open up a pathway to accuse us of insurrection --- thus providing themselves with an excuse to arrest and discredit everyone involved in organizing our State Assemblies.

Even though they have grossly betrayed us and failed to meet their own obligations under the Constitutions, they are sticklers about our performance of our obligations. The Constitutions require that the States not act as States of States, which is precisely what they are trying to create under the guise of our State Assemblies.

So if they can't commandeer our efforts and Cuckoo-bird style substitute their own State of State organizations for our State Assemblies, they can still use their own work within our Assemblies as the basis to complain that "we" were setting up States of States and not in compliance with the Constitutions and so, according to them, "we" would be insurrectionists plotting the overthrow of the government.

They always accuse everyone else of exactly what they are doing themselves.

Thus they propose to "win either way" --- either by successfully commandeering our efforts or by denouncing our efforts based on their own surreptitious activities.

We are not in a vacuum, folks. Not everyone likes what we are doing.
DOD stands to lose its Slush Fund and be forced to pay us back our National Credit and be cheated out of all the money it has already spent (albeit, our money) on FEMA Camps and cattle cars and guillotines. Think of all the armored track vehicles and machine guns donated to "our" local police?

Of course, DOD is seeking to undermine us and either sideline or commandeer our little ho-dunk efforts to restore our rightful government. If we succeed, "Dorothy" gets to go home, and they have to pay back their Priority Creditors --- the American States and People. If we are derailed, they get to keep our National Credit as a war chest and most likely, get another Civil War started on our shores.

The stakes are much too large to let them get away with any of it.

So, when someone starts blathering about the Hague and their ties to DOD and making moves to welcome US Citizens as members of what are supposed to be State Assemblies, I take on the role of Bouncer.

I can't stop these people from thinking what they think or doing what they do, but I can draw a line between them and me --- and thereby maintain the integrity of what the rest of us want to accomplish, and keep our Assemblies and Assembly Members safe from accusations of insurrection.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
13 hrs ·

All The Reasons Why

The urgent reason to assemble the States is that only the States can "charter" new Federal States of States and restore the rightful and fully functioning Federal Branch of the Federal Government. The reason we need to do this is that leaving the Reconstruction dangling and unfinished has harmed our whole country for 150 years and provided a means and an excuse for other governments to meddle in our affairs.

The republican states (State Republics) are formed by Declaration.

The States are formed by Compact.

The Federal States of States are formed by State-Issued Sovereign Patents

Territorial States of States are formed by State-Issued Charters

Municipal STATES OF STATES are formed by State-Issued Articles of Incorporation

Sovereign Patents and Articles of Incorporation may also be called "charters" in common parlance because they fulfill the same function as Charters---just in different jurisdictions. So when you are tasked to "bring forward your charters" it means bring forward your State's Sovereign Patents, Charters, and Articles of Incorporation so they can be reviewed, updated, and in the case of the Federal States of States, reconstructed and re-issued.

Not every State will be able to locate these records, and some States never had any records of this nature to begin with, so new entities will have to be created; for those States that do have access to records of old charters---meaning sovereign patents, territorial charters, and any articles of incorporation, these records can serve as the basis of re-issued charters or serve as templates for newer States to build upon.

The reason we do the paperwork and record it is to create evidence demonstrating our choice of political status on the Public Record.

On the level of our own lives, the recorded paperwork serves to restore our access to the constitutional guarantees we are owed and serves to protect us from being misidentified and harassed under false legal presumptions.

On the level of our State Assemblies, having our paperwork independently verified (the work Teri and Jocelyne are doing) creates evidence that our State Assembly is properly populated and operated by People owing singular allegiance to their State ---- that is, by State Citizens, who are the only Lawful Persons authorized to convene a State Assembly.

Obviously, if we are not ourselves operating in the right capacity to form a State Assembly our actions as State Assembly Members are invalidated and anything we attempt to do without "standing" to do it, is also invalidated.

This has been a stumbling block and obstacle to patriot efforts for decades. People didn't know that they were laboring under false presumptions of foreign citizenship obligations that prevented them from acting as "We, the People". Now that we do know and we are able to rebut these false presumptions, those who created these presumptions and who profited from them for many years, oppose us and seek to discredit us at every turn.

Nailing down the paperwork for every Assembly Member and having it independently verified establishes the evidence that our State Assemblies are genuine, functional, properly populated and lawfully empowered. We have standing so our Assemblies have standing. Membership in our State Assemblies then also bulwarks our own claim to be--- and to be acting in--- the capacity of an American State National or American State Citizen.

As one of the People we are then empowered to enforce the Constitutions and to operate our States of the Union and nobody can claim that we don't have standing and authority to do what we are doing and nobody can complain that we are not abiding by the Constitutions or not obeying the Public Law or not fulfilling our obligation to Self-Govern.

Those of us running The American States Assembly have done our homework. We know what we are up against and what has to be done. It's fair to ask questions of us and better to ask than to run off and make wrong assumptions and mistakes based on those assumptions. The ground we stand upon is solid, but there are plenty of land mines and false pathways when going through The Swamp, plus Undeclared British Agents and DOD Agents, too.

Those who are sincere and interested in learning have many opportunities to do so. I have written almost 2,000 articles and half a dozen books, have recommended numerous other authors and teachers, given copious citations from court cases and public records for everyone to read, have a weekly answer-questions talk show, and a weekly Coordinators call --- but you want me to do more, more, more. Now I need to provide you with detailed structure of how to set up your Assembly and detailed instructions on how to set up your County Government and educational materials to pass out to your Assembly Members and, and, and.... ? There's no "One Size Fits All" answer to what you are asking for.

The American States Assembly is setting basic framework and benchmarks to ensure that the State Assemblies are correctly populated and that the Assembly Members are protected. We are ensuring that all the Assemblies associated with us have secure standing to operate and are operating as valid State Assemblies, not State of State organizations pretending to be State Assemblies. We are doing our best to help individual State Assemblies to research and understand legal and lawful aspects of their own State history and also helping them to understand the structure of the American Government they are heir to. We are also doing our best to fend off the enemies of this process so that the work the Assemblies are doing is not in vain and not rendered ineffectual by lack of standing or failure to meet other lawful requirements that apply to all State Assemblies across the board. That is about all we can hope to do.

Every State and every County is different. That's what drives the Bar Association crazy. They want one, single, well-oiled machine from sea to shining sea, where everything is the same and organized the same way and we are all reduced to nice little Borg-like automatons---- but that is contrary to life and the organic growth of living beings and denies the freewill and character of the People of each State of the Union. Such a vision of "uniformity" is also contrary to the principals of Self-Governance.

Just as you are unique and the members of your Assembly are unique, your organic State of the Union and its Governance is unique. That's the way it is, and the way it has to be by Nature, and in Justice.

If you are looking for a Model to use in setting up the local government structures that is in accord with Self-Governance and with the principles adopted by our Forefathers, we are lucky that a similar endeavor embarked upon at nearly the same time, took root and bore fruit. The kind of government we are supposed to have at the local and county level was/is similar to the current government of the Swiss Cantons.

Our forefathers envisioned a close knit community of people in each county talking to each other freely at regular public meetings, taking direct lawful action in their own local interest, and taking responsibility for their own defense, disaster preparedness, monetary policies and banks, environmental care-taking, courts and everything else. Rural areas were supposed to be run as counties with County Councils and metropolitan areas as neighborhoods with Neighborhood Councils. These small scale groups were to hold the ultimate power over and responsibility for the land within their borders. Their local Sheriff is supposed to be the highest ranking elected Peacekeeping Official (within the borders of their county or neighborhood) bar none. Nobody --- not the Governor, not the President -- is supposed to outrank him. Similarly, their local courts and jury pools held the power of Jury Nullification --- they could strike down any law or statute that the jury members found repugnant.

In this way, the people at the republican state (State Republic/Republic of State) level kept control of their own lives and provided their own government. On this firm basis, then, the counties formed the State for the purpose of international trade and interaction with the other States and Nations of the world. Our entire in-State government is supposed to function from the bottom up, while the Federal Government is designed to function from the top down.

I suggest that everyone think very deeply about this and study the pros and cons and look into the experience of the Swiss Canton governments when looking for a model to restore local and county and State Government to what it is supposed to be in this country. Self-governance is not easy work, but there are models of what our Forefathers wished for us, still alive and well and functioning in the world.
Let's look at what the Swiss experience has been and adapt our own system in light of what they have already learned and solved.

That's my recommendation, for what my opinion and research into the subject has been.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
7 hrs ·

The Smelly Roses -- Public Notice and Demand.

When it comes to talking about money, I still have to overcome waves of cognitive dissonance. Here is a good example of it from Egon von Greyez:
"In the West, ordinary people’s standard of living has been maintained by increasing personal debt and also by governments running ever bigger deficits. These deficits are used for buying the votes of the average citizen to improve the perceived standard of living at the cost of an ever increasing national debt. "

This is an example of what everyone assumes, what everyone believes, and what everyone endlessly prattles--- but, this is not what is directly, observably true. What is true and what you can see for yourself is quite different:

The foreign subcontractors running the Federal Government came in and passed "legal tender" laws, and forced everyone to accept "Notes" --- that is, I.O.U.s --- as money. As a result, you haven't been paid for anything, not your goods, not your labor, for decades. You haven't been allowed access to the corresponding National Credit you have earned, either. This is what causes any "National Debt" --- and it isn't your National Debt.

It's the debt of the Queen and the Popes who created and enforced this system on their Federal Employees, and then failed to ride herd on it.

We, Americans, were supposed to get exemptions and to be able to exercise Mutual Offset Credit Exchanges that were never provided to us. Instead, the vermin instituted a vast identity theft scheme to "redefine" us all as United States Citizens and/or Citizens of the United States, so as to deny us access to the Mutual Offset Credit Exchanges and exemptions we are owed.

Mr. von Greyez has been bamboozled along with everyone else into assuming that we, rank and file Americans, are responsible for this " National Debt" and that it is the result of reckless overspending and under-producing on our part, or, that alternatively, it's all the fault of "useless eaters", all the poor people riding on our Socialist coat-tails....

That's exactly what the perpetrators of this colossal scam wish for us to assume, but we have two eyes and two ears and a brain, don't we?

Look at what has actually happened. We have contributed our goods and labor in exchange for corporate I.O.U.'s since the 1930's and we have never been paid anything for it, not money and not credit, either. That's what the "US National Debt" is--- THEIR debt to us, not our debt to them.

So, the source of the debt and the problem is not reckless overspending on our part and it is not the fault of all the poor people receiving welfare benefits, either.

This whole situation is the fault of the Queen and of the Popes who allowed: (1) the imposition of "Legal Tender" laws on the Federal Employees; (2) the identity theft of Americans and mis-characterization of Americans as either United States Citizens or Citizens of the United States, thereby cheating us out of our exemptions and the Mutual Offset Credit Exchanges we are owed.

These Grafters are running no less than three (3) primary Bunko Schemes at once on the American States and People, all under color of law:
1. Identity Theft --- claiming that we are all either United States Citizens or Citizens of the United States, that is, some species of Federal Employee or Dependent, and amassing falsified registrations and undisclosed contracts as evidence for their False Claims;

2. Credit Fraud --- based on the Identity Theft -- they claim that we are accommodation parties and co-signers allowing them to access our private and public assets as collateral backing their borrowing.

They access our credit via a process of "hypothecation of debt" which leaves us totally unaware of what they are doing. They charge our "credit cards" up over the max, then claim bankruptcy protection for themselves, and leave us on the hook as co-signers to pay their debts for them.

3. Abandoned Assets Scheme -- based on Identity Theft -- as a result of mis-characterizing us as United States Citizens or Citizens of the United States, they deny us access not only to any actual payment for our goods and services, they also deny us access to the credit that we earned as a result of their receipt of our goods and services.

Over time, this results in the massive accrual of our National Credit which exactly mirrors their National Debt. Bearing in mind that they have deliberately kept us from accessing this credit via the initial Identity Theft, they then propose to come in and claim that our National Credit is a "gift" to the Church or that it is "Abandoned Assets" left unclaimed by unknown parties who are "lost at sea, presumed dead."

The problem for them is that all of this was completely undisclosed and non-consensual and the result of unconscionable contracting practices and Gross Breach of Trust.

A good 90% of us are not "United States Citizens" nor are we "Citizens of the United States". We were not given full disclosure and were instead deliberately misinformed.

We aren't lost at sea. We are back home, standing on solid ground, and we are claiming all our rights, all our constitutional guarantees, all our assets, including our purloined credit.

That includes all the Historic Trust Money and actual Assets left on deposit with all the various Federal Banks and Savings and Loans across the country and around the world. We are the Priority Creditors and we, the Lawful People, are also the actual Trustees--- not the Bank Trustees. Not, in other words, Kim Gougen, and not, for example, Manna World Holdings Trust. Not Karen Hudes and any Dropbox created to bail out the criminals at the World Bank, either.

This is Public Notice and Demand:
Deposits of actual assets in the possession of commercial banks are lawful goods and can belong only to Lawful People. That means us, the actual Depositors.

Deposits are loans made to banks and are bank liabilities. Our deposits don't belong to the banks, and they are not abandoned assets, and they are not subject to claims by bank creditors. Those actual asset deposits belong to the depositors who are the Primary Creditors of all these banks. Period.

Along with all the other criminal mischief promoted by our Federal Public Servants, both Territorial and Municipal, they have offered to mis-characterize Depositors as United States Citizens and/or Citizens of the United States, too, and thereby offer an excuse for stealing our Trust Deposits and actual assets left on deposit in Federal Banks and Federal Savings and Loans.

The assignment of Bank Trustees by the Bank to oversee these accounts does not mean that the Bank Trustee takes precedent or authority over the actual Private Trustees who made the Deposit, and no phony claim that we are "acting as" United States Citizens or Citizens of the United States can stand in our presence otherwise.

All the phony dossiers that the schemers have created via the IRS are also fully discovered. It turns out that, for example, I am not the manager of a rum distillery in Barbados and I am mad as Hell to discover than any such fanciful "colorable" idea has ever been advanced by any flat-rumped bureaucrat in my employment.

It's time to make a deal or sit down and shut up. The Sword of Truth hangs over all your heads. The People --- not only of this country --- but the whole world, are now fully informed.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
8 hrs ·

Gossip and Dangers in Common

Gossipers all seem to think that gossiping does not affect them --- but gossip does taint those who gossip just as it taints those they gossip about.

So, please, if you have been flapping your jaws and making assumptions, stop all the he-said, she-said, did-you-hear?

There's nothing bad going on and nothing to gossip about.

We are simply switching gears from second to third, and making it easier than ever for people to do their paperwork and create their land jurisdiction records and contact their State Assembly via TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net website.

We are also cutting down on all the verification work, too, because it can all be done and verified as part of one online process.

It's all a good change, and everyone is helping to make it happen.

What you have to be concerned about is what you were born with --- your birthright as an American. It's up to you to claim it or not.

The rest of us have brought forward the fact that 90% of Americans (or more) have been misidentified as US Citizens and are being denied their property rights and constitutional guarantees as a result.

We have provided the means to correct this situation and allow millions of people to enjoy the freedom and the prosperity they deserve--- for FREE.

As long as you do this in a peaceful and orderly fashion, nobody on Earth can complain, because all you are doing is reclaiming something that is already yours --- your Good Name and Estate.

Having reclaimed your birthright political status on the Public Record, you are again operating as a Lawful Person, standing on the international land jurisdiction of your State of the Union. You are again owed all the constitutional guarantees. You are free to boot up your State Assembly.

As long as you do this in order, by first correcting your own political status records and then assembling your State, nobody on Earth can complain about that, either.

The danger comes when people go off half-cocked and try to assemble their States before they have corrected their own records, because it is literally against the Constitutions for US Citizens to pretend to assemble a State of the Union, and also against the Constitutions for a State to act as a State of State.

The first fact means that if the President gets grumpy, he can order all those US Citizens engaged in groups like RuSA and T-ROH and the REPUBLIC, etc., to be arrested and charged as insurrectionists acting in conspiracy against the Constitutions, which is a very serious charge.

Now I don't want good people to be endangered and I don't want those who are doing this the right way confused with those who are doing it the wrong way.

And I don't want foreign "States of States" substituted for American States of States. Britain pulled that trick on us in 1868 and it has been repeated several times since---- always to the detriment of this country.

Enough is enough of that, too.

We are engaged in very serious business here. We are restoring a fully functioning American Government for the first time in 150 years.

A great many people have made huge sacrifices to gain the knowledge and share it with you and enable you to act upon it for yourselves. Do so. They have done all this for free --- never charged you a penny. Be grateful.

Do it the right way, be diligent, stay in your lane, and everything will all work out fine for everyone concerned. Even the US Citizens.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
5 hrs ·

State Assemblies and Jural Assemblies

We are forming State Assemblies and Jural Assemblies are part of State Assemblies. Our right to assemble and to execute the Jural duties as well as all other duties of self-governance are based on The Declaration of Independence and agreed upon and confirmed by all three Federal Constitutions.
And that's an end to that.

There is a group of unnamed people going around like Chicken Little claiming that we do not have the right to form our own courts and execute justice in our own country and that Jural Assemblies are dangerous.

My response is that this is only true if those founding and operating Jural Assemblies are doing so without the proper standing and knowledge-- which is like everything else, a challenge to us all to rebuild and restore.

This ill-informed and quite possibly self-interested rumor (consider the likely sources) is very easily disproven by the fact that we Americans had our own independent courts and form of Common Law for two centuries prior to the adoption of any Federal Constitution and have remained fully competent at all times prior and since.

There is also considerable confusion about the difference between "Jural Assemblies" which give rise to Land Jursdiction Courts and Jural Societies which give rise to Sea Jurisdiction Courts.

Obviously, our States as sovereign entities can form either kind of Jural Body, but the Constitutional Agreements limit our Sea Jurisdiction Courts to address only those powers that were not Delegated and which are covered by Amendment X.

Thus the actual States have limited use for Jural Societies and have traditionally focused on Jural Assemblies that support the Land Jurisdiction Courts as organizations that derive from the State Assembly for the special purpose of organizing our court system in the same way that the militia of each State is formed as an adjunct organization operating under the State Assembly as a whole.

There is no mystery about this, no cause for alarm or misgivings or fear-mongering about anything The American States Assembly is doing and anyone who says otherwise is either (a) misinformed or (b) deliberately trying to mislead people and cause trouble.



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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
4 hrs ·

Flag With Blue Stripes?

This is what they are trying to get away with. They want to turn our country from being a country into being a corporation existing only in the jurisdiction of the air and the sea. So much easier for them, if they don't have to deal with flesh and blood: you can rape, murder, pillage, torture, and otherwise destroy a "corporation" because a corporation only exists on paper.

The fact that a living man or woman is presumed to be chattel owned by a corporation in their System, is just more of the fun from the perspective of the madmen and madwomen responsible for all this criminality. Then the assets of living people can be salvaged or impounded or whatever else the vermin responsible for this outrage conceive of and we are all reduced to being nothing but bar-coded animals in a stockyard.

Those who are so eagerly promoting this don't realize that what they do to others will literally also be done unto them.

Those who are disgracing our flag in the name of Corporate Feudalism don't really understand what they are doing, either. They think it is "revolutionary" and a political statement and that it stands for a new government--- but in fact, it's just the ongoing attempt of the nasty de facto government we've had for the past 150 years to officially entrench itself and devour what is left of human decency.

Corporations are not competent to serve as governments, because they have only one purpose: profit. And they will profit themselves at the cost of everyone and everything else like a giant eating machine that does nothing but consume twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

For this reason, corporations are supposed to be subservient to government, instead of "acting as" governments. If the politicians have any sense, they will start pulling strings and plugs like mad, and liquidate these monsters before they are themselves rendered obsolete.

Think about it. The corporate bosses need someone to blame. They will happily sacrifice all their henchmen once they are no longer needed, and that hour is just about here.

Put on a Big Show, trot out the 100,000 indictments, have lots of show trials, execute a lot of Third Stringers nobody ever heard of. Blame them. Who cares?

Change the colors of the flag and you change the nature of the government and the world---- but not in a good way, not for the good of Mankind. So, stand by Old Glory. Those red stripes stand for the blood in your veins and the white stripes stand for the soul in your body.

Blue stripes stand for Corporate Feudalism on steroids, and for you and yours, stripped naked and wearing a plastic ear-tag.



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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
3 hrs ·

Dear Mr. Trump-- May 29th, 2019

You may consider this an Order from the Civilian Government of this country, requesting and requiring that you impose command and control over the Internal Revenue Service and the US Treasury Department and the US Department of the Treasury and all their little private bill collectors nationwide, including something calling itself the "Tax Processing Center" with no address at all, but the name of the town or city, for example: "Tax Processing Center, Big Lake, Alaska".

Their practice of making up new variations of NAMES for people and attaching these "gifts" to us and our assets as a means of asserting new False Claims is nothing but fraud and harassment and it needs to be stopped. Now. Yesterday. Last week. Last year. Ten years ago. Or, as in my case, over twenty years ago, when I gave the Internal Revenue Service/IRS Notice of Revocation.

Yes, Mr. Trump, I "retired" and formally expatriated from any Territorial or Municipal Citizenship obligation, and I fully informed the State Department, returned the ACCOUNTS to Mr. Mnuchin's Fiduciary Responsibility, and wiped my hands a long time ago. Not only that, I seized ownership interest and control of all my names, all my Names, and all my NAMES --- in all variations, permutations, styles, punctuations, and orderings whatsoever, and returned them all to their natural permanent domicile on the land and soil of Wisconsin, the Federation Compact State where I was born

All these records are Public. All of them have been duly recorded.
So what do your feckless subcontractors do, but try to create yet another variation of one of my names using a tiny little change in punctuation (which, however, I have also already claimed as my property and placed on the Public Record) and use that as a means to assert False Claims in Commerce and also in International Trade against me and my assets in the world of fact.

What is there about that little word, "No" and the fact that "No means no." are the adult members of your Administration not getting?

All your Buddies work for me, even if the Queen or the Pope pays their wages. I am not pleased whatsoever by the continued mis-administration of the Federal Taxing Authority and the gross frauds and racketeering taking place on our shores.

Millions of Americans are being harassed for no sane reason. Millions, Mr. Trump. What you need to do is admit the circumstance. Just admit it. Your "National Debt" is our National Credit. As we access our credit, that will pay down your debt. Inform your other creditors that the American People showed up at the last minute, back from oversees, hungry, foot-sore, and not at all happy with what has gone on here.

I suggest that you pick up Charles Rettig by both ears and send him packing before I do. We are not franchises of the Municipal Government. We are not Paupers. We are not Employees nor Dependents of the Federal Government. We are not Withholding Agents. Not Warrant Officers in the Merchant Marines. We are not Voluntary Franchisees. We are not United States Citizens. We are not Citizens of the United States. We are not Dependents. Not, not, not.

It is only going to shine a much brighter light on the corruption of the corporations involved if you do not order an end to the fraudulent impersonation and racketeering committed by these private "Bureaus". So, do what has to be done to shut these malfunctioning agencies down and re-task and retrain them to make sure that Americans have access to their National Credit.

We are charging a trillion dollars per head as valued today and ever afterward for every American who dies or is maimed or otherwise significantly harmed in any altercation arising from any forced conscription or confiscation of land jurisdiction assets by any incorporated entity including the IRS and the Internal Revenue Service and The United States Department of the Treasury and the Department of the United States Treasury and the US Treasury Department, and the Bureau of Federal Taxation and the Tax Processing Centers and all the Municipal Government goons posing as REVENUE OFFICERS. They all need to be re-tasked and right about now.

We realize the consternation that this demand places upon all the other Creditors, but the fact remains that we are your Priority Creditors as well as the Priority Creditors of the United States and compared to what both the Queen and Pope owe to us, all the rest is chicken change. It's time for them and all the actual corporations --- not the "PERSONAL" corporations that have been created in Bad Faith and Fraud -- to pay for their sins and for our Credit to be redeemed. Worldwide.

Remind the Pope of the Double Golden Jubilee and what is actually required of him, both as Pope and as Roman Pontiff. Tell him I said so and so did Mother Mary. Those roses I received are to be delivered.

And as for Mr. Barr, I like him, but his Office is all messed up, too. We are owed the return of all our land jurisdiction assets. Mr. Barr has inherited the job of the Alien Property Custodian and that's our property he is still holding. It all belongs to the American States and People and we are the only American States and Nations that have the provenance, standing, and treaties to inherit. We are the only "People" left alive and in possession. So return what is owed to The United States of America (Unincorporated) to us. Collapse the trusts and the titles back to the States and the People. That is the only sane and proper solution to this debacle.

Please tell the Queen that for me, too.
We aren't going to stand here and let Secondary Creditors prey upon us under False Pretenses. The jig is up. The fraud is known. And at a trillion dollars a head, those promoting these outrages on our soil are not likely to secure any profit from their actions. So please pass that posted charge on to the Bilderburgers, too? All the land assets belong to us and we shall charge them all up the wazoo if they do anything but return our assets unharmed, debt free, and unencumbered.
Most sincerely,
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
4 hrs ·

Lawful Military Service v. Legal Military Service

The basic issue is very similar, if not quite the same, as the difference between acting as a peacekeeping official versus a law enforcement officer. In one capacity, you are acting lawfully and in the other you are acting legally.

The activities appear very similar, but are fundamentally different because they are being engaged in under totally different premises and different forms of law and different jurisdictions.

The Lawful Soldiery of a nation, which includes a Lawful Navy and Lawful Air Force, operates under the Geneva Conventions. A Legal Soldiery by contrast is a private Mercenary Force and operates under the Hague Conventions.

Through no fault of their own, our honorable men and women in the Armed Services of the United States, have been forced to act as Mercenaries for hire ever since the Civil War. This is why they and their activities fall almost exclusively under the provisions of the Hague Conventions which were in fact developed out of the Lieber Code adopted by Abraham Lincoln and imposed upon our troops as General Order 100, the very first Executive Order ever in the history of this country.

When a Lawful Soldiery goes to war, it is an officially Declared War among nations. When a Legal Soldiery goes to war, the "war" may be declared or not, and may be engaged in as guerrilla warfare and include aims and activities that are not normally allowed by the Lawful Soldiery.

The employment of Mercenaries --- also known as Crown Pirates, Privateers, or Soldiers of Fortune for Hire --- has gone on since ancient times.

The history buffs among us will remember that King George III hired German Mercenaries from the Principality of Hesse --- Hessians. It was a contingent of Hessian troops that were the target when Washington crossed the Delaware. These men were sold into a form of slavery by their government. Instead of being Free Agents and selling their services as soldiers on the open market, they were conscripted against their will and used as gun fodder, with the proceeds being collected by their local tyrant, the Grand Duke of Hesse.

The same thing has happened to millions of Americans. Our boys and girls have been sold as cheap mercenaries and the proceeds collected by the "US Government" ---- which by now we have all learned, is a foreign entity on our shores, albeit, under constitutional contract to serve and defend our States of the Union.

The Draft enforced during World War II, Korea, and Vietnam was exactly the same kind of conscription forced upon the Hessian soldiers--- we just didn't know it. It was based on the "presumption" that the men and women serving in these conflicts were all "voluntarily" and knowledgeably adopting United States Citizenship, which in itself was a crock.

Just as FDR conveniently forgot to inform us all that our sons and daughters were being used as cheap commercial mercenaries, the following Administration didn't inform us (or them) that in order to ever come home again, they would have to expatriate from the presumption of United States Citizenship and that they would have to expatriate in order to receive the actual benefits of their Service, which were supposed to include lavish stock portfolios, freedom, and their Constitutional guarantees.

Some men, notably corrupt Generals and General Staff, made out like bandits during World War II, Korea, and Vietnam-- and retired into lives of luxury because they expatriated back to their original birthright political status and collected on those stock portfolios, all nicely plumped up as a result of wartime demand for corporate goods and services.

The rest of us got the G.I. Bill and never came home from Foreign Service because nobody told the troops that they had to expatriate from the status of "United States Citizenship". So they and their children and their grandchildren remained on the record as slaves owned by the Federal United States, subject to the whims of the Queen and the Pope's Municipal Congress, and their stock portfolios remained "unclaimed", in the care of military bankers who managed these stock portfolios "for" the victims of this scheme.

Does someone need to pay for all this fraud against the American States and People? Yes. Their names are Francis and Elizabeth. But we must all admit that they can never, ever repay what they owe us. They can never give back the lives lost and destroyed, the families cheated, the time on Earth that could have been so much different and better.

What we can do is wake up and smell the java. Especially, the military can wake up and smell the java: you are being used as cheap mercenaries in wars for profit, your political status is being damaged and misrepresented, your country is being endangered by this ongoing fraud and malfeasance, you and your families are being surreptitiously and fraudulently enslaved, and at the end of the day, you are being cheated out of investments -- stocks and bonds -- that are owed to you.

Who knew?
Quote Benedict XVI in a high-pitched wail: "Nobody told me!"

Well, now that you know, what are we going to do about it? Even the lowliest Buck Private who served in World War II is richer than Midas on paper. And most of them and all the other G.I.s are struggling to get basic services out of the Veterans Administration. Does that make sense to you?

Most of them still don't know that they aren't naturally "United States Citizens" and that they need to expatriate from any such status the moment they leave the Service, and that if they don't do this, they are permanently deprived of the freedom they fought for and which they deserve, as well as the Lion's Share of benefits they are owed from these filthy corporations and also denied their Constitutionally guaranteed rights as Americans.

The members of Congress, at least some of whom have known about and profited from this travesty all along, have smiled and kept mum and spent the proceeds. Let's all remember John McCain and the two-week long spectacle of his unending funeral. And let's all take comfort that, at least, it was a funeral.

The return of America as its own country, no longer in the thrall of foreign corporations, and the return of our Armed Forces to the status of a Lawful Soldiery, is long overdue. So are the benefits owed to all those who were mis-characterized as "United States Citizens" long overdue.

For starters, reclaim your birthright political status. Re-convey your Good Name back the land and soil of your birth State. Formally expatriate from any presumption of Territorial or Municipal United States Citizenship. If you are a veteran, send the head of your branch of service an informative letter telling him or her that you have elected to return to your birthright political status and have expatriated and retired from any further presumption of United States Citizenship. You will, however, continue to collect all earned benefits and maintain your Honorable Discharge.

There was an effort to conscript more volunteers from the general populace by establishing and alleging that a "civilian military service component" exists, for which we recommend sending a DD 2168, also. The object of applying for benefits that you obviously don't qualify for, is to get an official response admitting that you are not part of any such "civilian military service component" and therefore not obligated in any way in your civilian life to military discipline or United States Citizenship. This is one instance where we want our applications to be denied.

Lately, we've been seeing numerous cases where military records have been altered, always to the detriment of the men involved.
In one case, a 20 year veteran of the Navy Seals came up totally missing from the military records. Poof! His entire career in the military disappeared without a trace and he was being denied service from the VA. Luckily, his deceased wife had kept his records faithfully and his son still had them.

In another case, another Seal's Death Certificate came up with the box for "Military Veteran" checked "No".

In a third case, a Seal's Service Record was altered to show completely different duty stations, history, and educational components--- all serving to downgrade his rank and the amount of his military retirement.

For whatever reason, it appears to be Open Season on Navy Seals' records and if you or anyone else you know is a former Seal, we suggest making sure that your service records are secure and it might be a good idea to request new copies. See if your information is correct --- and still on file.

It's good advice for anyone retired from any branch of the US Military to make sure that your records are secure. What they owe you is one of the more significant portions of their National Debt, and there is growing anecdotal evidence that in addition to cheating veterans out of freedom, political status, and pay and benefits they are owed, their military records are being altered and "lost".

If they were ever actually employed by the US Corporations in an "official capacity" as professional Lawful Soldiery there is considerably less likelihood of these sorts of things occurring, but as it stands, most US military veterans have never been part of any Lawful Soldiery, and were merely mercenaries employed in a private capacity by Foreign Corporations engaged in wars for profit.

Such corporations can and do go bankrupt and just as they are engaged in shady business on a global scale, they are not above bilking people out of retirement and pension benefits.

I know this is going to be shocking for many people to contemplate and yes, I expect considerable backlash from outraged veterans. It is indeed very disturbing, but also is self-evident when you are aware of the rest of the history involved. From the moment Abraham Lincoln ordered the initial attack of the Civil War, the United States Military has been acting as a Commercial Mercenary Force --- a legalized private military "Security Service" operated by commercial corporations on a "for hire" basis.

I guess the only other thing that can be said about this circumstance is that if we had known what was going on: (A) a lot less people would be veterans and (B) we would have charged a lot more for our services.

Please observe that an Airman First Class with two kids and a wife will have to apply for Food Stamps to survive, while his counterpart answering an ad in Soldier of Fortune Magazine stands to make $125,000 a year, plus perks.

It is instructive that when the Selective Service contacted my son and he said, "No thanks, I'm not adopting US Citizenship." their response was complete and utter shock and disbelief. The lady on the other end of the phone line didn't know what to do. She was reduced to stuttering, "But, but, but--- you have to sign up for Selective Service! Everyone does!"

Not everyone has to and not everyone does.

It took four increasingly strong letters refusing their "offers" and a dozen phone calls before they finally admitted that no, Selective Service is not mandatory for Americans.

I noticed my son was rather upset about the whole experience. In a different world, with a Lawful Soldiery to join, it would be a different thing. As it is, if he ever decides to seek employment as a mercenary, he'll get paid the going wage for it.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
4 hrs ·

Please Inform Mike Pompeo

Dear Mr. Trump,

This is my second letter this week. I will make it very brief.

Please inform Mike Pompeo about the basic history of this country?

The entities "held in abeyance" after the Civil War were nothing but Federal Contractors, not the actual American Government.

We are still here. Still Texans. Still Wisconsinites. Still Montanans.
These are our nationalities. Our states are our nations.

We are not either species of "United States Citizen". We don't belong to the Queen, and neither are we "Citizens of the United States" --- not chattel properties of the Municipal Civil Government, either.

Our political status pre-dates the Constitutions.

Our Federation of States, The United States of America, is unincorporated and still in business.

And both the Queen and the Pope owe us Good Faith Service.

Thank you, very much.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary



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Apr 1, 2010

Public Notice

The site www.PaperUpNow.com has always been under the exclusive creation and sole ownership of jocelyne colombe©, a peaceful living woman.

It was achieved by compiling, sorting through and clarifying thousands of pages of data from a variety of sources.

It is being shut down permanently.

Thank you for the readership and your donations.

The owner has never given permission for anyone to move the site’s content to any website or mitigate the information formerly on this site to anyone or anywhere.

From its beginning through to the termination of www.PaperUpNow.com, the venue has provided education and knowledge for people to come together under mutual friendship.

Any name listed and ever found on the “Coordinator” page or any name related to this site through private calls or group teleconference calls including the moderators and guests of these calls is to be held harmless of any wrongdoing, myself included.

In addition, anyone connected to “Jural Assemblies” through this site was never given full disclosure, including myself, regarding the term “Jural Assembly”.

More specifically and not limited to that “Jural Assembly” has never been used as a lawful term in the founding documents of our country.

The owner became aware of this issue on May 27, 2019. As such, had she known this connection and the liability associated with it, it would have dissuaded her from joining or supporting any development of assemblies within her own state or any of the other states.

Anyone joining a “Jural Assembly” needs to do their own research as with any documents.

I, Jocelyne Colombe© revoke and rescind any prior association with the Arizona State Assembly and the support of other States towards the development of a State Assembly and or a State Jural Assembly ab initio.

In closing, believe in yourself. You are more powerful than you think or have been "programmed" to believe.

Most importantly, trust yourself more than anyone else. Never stop learning from MANY sources.

Be good to yourself and kind to others.

Enjoy the journey….

With love and hugs to the many I now call "friends for life".

jocelyne© aka jc© All Rights Reserved.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
9 hrs ·

Impersonation - The Cause of World War I

Obviously, someone with a Given Name like "Anna Maria Wilhelmina Hanna Sophia Riezinger - von Reitzenstein von Lettow-Vorbeck" is not (and is not claiming to be) Jane Smith.

My ancestry is what it is, and for the most part, I am proud of it. The story of our family weaves back and forth across the Atlantic for centuries. I can easily prove ancestors in America prior to the Revolution.
Also, obviously, I grew up in America and love this country and consider myself an American.

So did George Washington, who was a cousin of King George.

Just because we have familial relationships that span oceans and continents does not mean that we are disloyal to the land that bears us, nor does having "royal" or "noble" blood suggest that we are part of the problem.

Not all of the Royals failed humanity. Not all of them sold their souls for the Rothschild's profits.

Not all of them were deceived by the fornication of the Church. Notably, the Prussians and the Russians, stood firm.

It may have escaped everyone's notice, but Kaiser Wilhelm II was a Protestant King and Czar Nicholas was Russian Orthodox.

They opposed the British return to Babylon and Queen Victoria's "adultery of Mankind" -- the enfranchisement (meaning incorporation) of living men so as to render them mere "things" and also opposed the "securitization" of living flesh-- on religious grounds.

There are many scriptural references in primarily the Old Testament, but also in the New Testament, warning us against the use of "persons", telling us that God does not "respect" them, condemning "personhood" and in James 2:9 flatly telling us that we cannot be part of these practices without sin:

"But if ye have respect to persons, ye commit sin, and are convinced of the law as transgressors."

Please note that to this day, when pirates come ashore they are said to be "trespassing" upon us, but when the opposite happens, and landsmen invade the ships dry docked in port or at sea, it is called "transgression".

As a result of this scriptural indictment and those numerous examples in the Old Testament, truly Christian Kings could not support any British scheme to profit from impersonating living people and were and are still obligated to protect against it.

For all those who felt (as I did) that the assassination of one Archduke was a petty provocation to start World War I, or that even jealousy over the Kaiser's navy was insufficient to explain what happened --- look again.

Queen Victoria succumbed to the lure of the profit to be made from impersonating living men in the 1860's--- and profit she did. She used the credit gained from enslaving the English population by "enfranchising" them to enslave the Indian Subcontinent.

Encouraged by this, Queen Victoria and her Ministers and her Successors rapidly expanded this practice of impersonating living men as corporate franchises and "securitizing" their assets as chattel backing the Royal Credit throughout the Commonwealth and imposed --- totally illegally and immorally --- the same scheme in America.

Her chief opponents in this rampant criminality serving to enslave and profit from her own subjects in a devious and diabolical way, were the German Kaiser and the Russian Czar, both of whom raised religious and moral objections.

That is what led to World War I: the stubborn refusal of the Germans and the Russians to take part in the identity theft-impersonation and credit fraud scam promoted by the British and the Holy Roman Empire, on moral and scriptural grounds.

Put bluntly, the Roman Catholic Church did "fornicate" with the bankers and the renegade royals by getting involved in the whole business of defining and managing and promoting corporations -- that is, "persons" and then allowing these practices to be grossly abused to seize the assets of living men and women for use as chattel property, thereby enslaving the population of the entire Earth.

The Roman Catholic Church, or to be more specific, its "Secular Office" running the Holy Roman Empire side of things, is revealed to be The Great Whore, and cannot be anything else: they have promoted and facilitated and failed to object to this entire abuse --- and the Biblical injunctions and the Treaties and the high-sounding United Nations Declarations have been standing against them the whole time.

It is as wrong now and as forbidden in scripture now as it was in the 1840's when all of this began to gain traction.

And all of the Sons of Abraham of all three major western religions -- Judaism, Islam, and Christianity -- are obligated to stand against it.

My relatives, the Archdukes of Mecklenburg-von Strelitz and the House of Romanov, did stand against it.

Not all the Royals failed, but just like the startling news that you are not all "United States Citizens" nor "Citizens of the United States" --- comes the equally startling news that America backed the wrong horse in 1917. We should have come in and finished the job that the Kaiser and Czar Nicholas started.

Had the Czar lived, we could have been living in a much different and better world. Instead, we all had to suffer through World War II and the Communist Era and now this.

We could have saved ourselves and everyone else the trouble of World War II and the entire Mess that the world is in right now, simply by cleaning out the Church and exposing the villains and the "Holy Roman Empire" for what it is.

So here we have a phony Queen, who in proven fact abdicated her Throne within three days of taking her Coronation Vow, and a British Parliament without the guts to enforce the actual law they are always enshrining and prattling about.

And who are they all appealing to for protection? Donald J. Trump.

And who is Donald J. Trump? He is President of the United States.

And what is the United States with a small "t" on the "the"?

The Municipal United States Government--- the independent international City State of Washington DC's government, the franchise of the Holy Roman Empire, the one that is supposed to limit its activities to the ten miles square of the District of Columbia, just like the Vatican Government is supposed to limit its activities to the one square mile of Vatican City. LOL.

And who are they blaming for this debacle? The Lord Mayor of London.

Bar Members worldwide, did you hear that? You and the bankers are being fingered for all this rot.

Claiming that you were just "following orders" per the Nuremburg Defense is not likely to work, so you had all better take counsel and correct your operations to bring them into accord with the actual Public Law.

It's time for the rest of us, the Silent Majority, to take our Silent Notice of the situation. That, and alert Donald Trump and the Joint Chiefs of Staff and NATO, so that they are all fully informed and aware that their actions are being scrutinized to within a gnat's eye-lash.

The Roman Curia is on the Hot Seat before God and all Mankind, to repent and take corrective action.
The British Parliament, which is secondarily responsible for this Mess, is also called to account.

Both are desperately seeking some way out, because they know that they are condemned under the Law of God and the Law of Man; both are resisting the only Law that will allow them to live --- The Law of the Kingdom of Heaven, which has come at last.

"So oftentimes it happens, that we live our lives in chains, and never even know we have the key....." --- The Eagles, "Already Gone".

Special Call Out to my German Readers: my German language skills are pretty rudimentary. Would some of you undertake the challenge to translate the German Declaration of War in World War I into English for us?


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
9 hrs ·

Scriptural Defense Against Impersonation

Yesterday, I unleashed quite a discussion about the causes of World War I and also discussion about the scriptural reasons why no truly Christian Monarch can go along with the British-Holy Roman Empire practice of enfranchising people and securitizing their living flesh and other assets as chattel property backing the debts of the British Crown and/or the Municipal Government run by Rome.

Begin with Ezra 7:23-26. Here you find the actual definition of "minister" and the prohibition of mixed marriage of flesh with incorporated things.

This has happened before in the history of Mankind and resulted in the "adultery" of our identity as men and women, a condition known as the Great Abomination in scripture, and as the "Collective Entity Doctrine" in the current species of law being practiced in our courts.

The Collective Entity Doctrine makes bold to claim that there is no difference between the identity of a living man and the identity of a corporate thing and that we are responsible for the debts of corporations merely made up out of thin air and named after us ---- all without our knowledge or consent.

Deuteronomy 1:17,10:17 stands against such impersonation.....
2nd Samuel 14:14 stands against such impersonation.....
Matthew 22:16 stands against such impersonation....
Acts 10:34 stands against such impersonation....
Romans 2:11 stands against such impersonation.....
James 2:9 stands against it and leaves no doubt that impersonation is a sin.

Impersonation is also a crime under the national law of every country we have researched. Nobody allows it, not even as a private contract.
Peonage, whether voluntary or involuntary, has been internationally outlawed since 1926.

So, how is it that any Christian Monarch, any Jewish Rabbi, any Muslim Mullah is tolerating this gross lawlessness?

And what possible excuse does Elizabeth II or Pope Francis, either one, have for this situation?

It is possible that in the endless quest to profit themselves, these institutions and offices have been utterly overcome with greed and corruption. It is possible that these evils have crept in upon us so gradually and behind so many closed doors that even those practicing these evils --- the governments and purveyors of the "law"---- are truthfully unaware of them.

Yet we, the living people of each country thus affected, suffer the consequences of being enslaved and held responsible for phantoms, legal fictions and their odious debts, that we did not knowingly create or allow to function in this manner at all.

By no means on Heaven or Earth is the "securitization" of living flesh allowed, yet we have Cede and Company and the American Corporations Company spawning the DTTC on our shores and the DTTC issuing bonds against us and our "value" as if we were widgets on the factory shelf, and in Canada, we have self-interested cretins sponsoring legislation like the Canadian Ownership Control and Determination Act.

And it is all against the Biblical Law, the Public Law, the Treaties governing interactions between governments, and all the tripe offered by the United Nations. It is literally a matter not of what they say, but what they do.

While spouting all the platitudes about justice and freedom, they are running a de facto slave market in the back room, selling child labor contracts under The Miller Act, and running a lively business in the trading of souls based on Baptismal Certificates, which like Birth Certificates, are records of ownership interest.

Go to your incorporated Church and ask for your Baptismal Certificate. They will tell you that they don't have it and don't keep such records, which so far as it goes, is true. They ship them off for profit, and plump their bank accounts, based on the false claim that you agreed to entrust them with your soul---donated it as chattel backing their organization.

This pretense of "gifting" these organizations with our substance, even our souls, is repeated throughout this disgusting scam. When held to account, the perpetrators tell you that the STRAWMEN attached to you like parasites are "gifts". When you look up the IRS Codes, you find that all your "voluntary" donations to the IRS are listed as "gift estate taxes". They claim that you "gifted" your Earthly estate to them, or that your Mother gifted it to them.

Where is all this bushwah coming from?

The Secular Administration of the Roman Catholic Church, aka, the Holy Roman Empire, aka the Municipal Government of the United States, run by utterly corrupt and corrupting members of Congress--- mostly Democrats --- and ultimately, by the Pope and the Roman Curia.

When you press the perpetrators of this to the wall, they will point to the Inaugural Address of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1933, and they will try to convince you that his remarks created a valid contract with the American People, and that he merely took our voluntarily offered gifts for his "holy cause" and that the occupation of our country by Municipal Government Corporations was fully disclosed and allowed

--- but it wasn't.

Not at all. We, the American States and People, weren't even under any obligation to reply to FDR's "offer". Here's why:

(1) FDR was consistently speaking of "a Nation" and "this Nation" throughout his Inaugural Speech, but each State is a nation, and at that time, the Territorial Government had "States of States" so the only entity operating that could speak of itself as "a Nation" was the Vatican's Municipal Government: FDR's Nation---the independent, international City-State of Washington, DC, and its Municipal Citizenry was being addressed throughout his Inaugural Address---- not us, not ours.

(2) He makes reference to "pledging" which is a feudal act, again, totally foreign to us or anything to do with the American States or People.

(3) He refers to a "trust reposed" in him--- but by whom? Let's step back a moment and look at what he was doing in the Inaugural Address: he was accepting the Office of President of the United States, that is, President of the Municipal Government being run as a commercial corporation, so it only makes logical sense that he was talking to the Citizens of the United States. Again, more proof that he was not addressing the general public, not talking to the American States or the American People.

(4) We could not possibly be part of FDR's "consecrated Nation" and "Enemy Aliens" at the same time.

(5) We, Americans, our States of the Union, were provably, demonstrably, definitely, not operating in Commerce at that time; our commercial "Vessels" were all moth-balled and had been moth-balled since 1868. Therefore, any supposition that we, Americans, were even possibly under the Law Merchant--- which is the only venue of the law that allows implied unilateral contracts--- can't be supported.

Neither, for that matter, can we be held to account under any interpretation of the Interstate Commerce Clause since 1868.

The King and the Pope came in here as our "Trustees" in 1868 and moth-balled our Federal States of States "for" us pending "reconstruction" and then just forgot to tell us all the details, just like they forgot to tell us how we could obtain the Mutual Offset Credit Exchanges and Exemptions we are owed under their 1933 scheme.

Having removed our commercial "vehicles" from service, they willfully substituted their own, and they are 100% responsible for all of them and for all the misery and rot they have caused from 1868 onward.

And as for FDR, as we have seen, the only "citizenry" addressed in his 1933 Inaugural Address, were the Citizens of the United States. We had no reason to reply to his offer and no obligation to do so, either.

What has gone on here is naked extortion, racketeering under color of law, and utter lawlessness in contravention of the scripture and the Public Law.

No Christian Monarch, no Jewish leader, no Muslim leader, can suffer this with a straight face, and as for the Pope(s) and the Queen --- they need to be: (1) providing modern access to our National Credit and all our Exemptions; and (2) returning our land jurisdiction assets to our lawful administration without further obstruction or excuse.

The United States of America --- the actual Federation of States --- is alive and well and operating and we do not appreciate the continued false pretenses being offered against our lawful claim to the land and soil of our own country. We have renewed and in the public addressed our claim to all right, title, and interest associated with our States and People since September 9, 1776 and those claims, liens, and notices are cured upon the public international record since 2011.

See the final re-conveyance of authority from the Receiver, The United States, to the Agent, The United States of America, and all the associated liens and notices issued upon the Recording District 311, 2019-008503-0 and UCC Central Unit 500.

Those who have entertained the Great Abomination need to be held to account by the world community and suitable correction is required, returning to the American States and People the National Credit, the exemptions, and the Mutual Offset Credit Exchanges that are owed to them, and also returning all right, title, and interest in our land assets, including our Good Names, unharmed, unencumbered, and free of debt.

All pretense of "war" including mercenary war needs to be dropped and the property seized upon by the Office of the Custodian of Alien Property (now the US Attorney General) needs to be returned to the States and to the People of this country without further adieu.

The IRS has also been allowed to run rampant under the false pretenses described above regarding FDR's Administration and any commercial quid pro quos resulting from it.

Millions of innocent Americans who never owed a dime of "Federal Income Tax" and who were not in receipt of any Federal Income have been the victims of organized theft and racketeering at the hands of both the IRS and the Internal Revenue Service. They have been harassed under false pretenses and entrapped via undisclosed contracts and denied relief including exemptions and Mutual Offset Credit Exchanges they are owed.

This ruthless abuse and mistreatment of Allies and Friends deserves nothing but universal condemnation and disgust. It is owed nothing but prompt correction and return of our stolen property. .

This entire System is in fact and in truth a part of the Great Abomination, forbidden by scripture, and leading inexorably toward the extinction of any principal of religion, any ethical consideration, any concept of justice or order.

That it should even be necessary in modern times to come forward and do battle with this ancient adversary, is some measure of the ignorance and depravity that consumes our society and infects world leaders.

Men are not corporations; corporations are not men. The Collective Entity Doctrine is bunk. The courts need to be reformed. The premises upon which they operate need to be promptly, permanently, and with prejudice---corrected.

Fictio cedit veritati;fictio juris non est, ubi veritas.
Translated --- Fiction yields to truth; where truth is, fiction of law does not exist.
And we are now speaking the truth.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
10 hrs ·

The Act of 1871 -- A Correct Analysis by Team Law

With all the hub-bub about The Act of 1871 circulating in the patriot community, I felt it was time to re-publish (for about the tenth time) the actual breakdown of what happened to The Act of 1871 after its initial repeal in 1874 ----- and to publish again the correct analysis of it all by Team Law, which was finished some years ago:

1871 - Act of 1871 ---“An Act to provide a Government for the District of Columbia,” ch. 62, 16 Stat. 419, February 21, 1871 ---which was repealed in 1874 and then passed piecemeal via these actions---- “An Act Providing a Permanent Form of Government for the District of Columbia,” ch. 180, sec. 1, 20 Stat. 102, June 11, 1878, to remain and continue as a municipal corporation (brought forward from the Act of 1871, as provided in the Act of March 2, 1877, amended and approved March 9, 1878, Revised Statutes of the United States Relating to the District of Columbia . . . 1873–’74 (in force as of December 1, 1873), sec. 2, p. 2); as amended by the Act of June 28, 1935, 49 Stat. 430, ch. 332, sec. 1 (Title 1, Section 102, District of Columbia Code (1940)).

When looking at the intent of all this, given that the actual District of Columbia was set up in 1790 and fully chartered by 1801, the aim of the Act of 1871 is, it appears, merely to set up “U.S. Corp”---

“That all that part of the territory of the United States included within the limits of the District of Columbia be, and the same is hereby, created into a government by the name of the “District of Columbia”, by which name it is hereby constituted a body corporate for municipal purposes … and exercise all other powers of a municipal corporation.” – Act of 1871 verbiage---

So the Act of 1871 was to create a private corporation owned by the actual government of the District of Columbia--- the infamous District of Columbia Municipal Corporation:

“Further, the only government created in that Act was the same form of private government any private corporation has within the operation of its own corporate construct....... U.S. Corp is not merely an incorporated municipality (District of Columbia); rather, it is a private corporation (District of Columbia Municipal Corporation) that was lawfully created by our original jurisdiction government.” ----
Team Law analysis.



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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
3 hrs ·

States vs. States of States

Why, you might ask yourselves, was it necessary for the fledgling government of this country to create multiple organizations of states?

We have the Union, The United States, formed of republican states occupying the national soil jurisdiction of this country.

We have the Federation, The United States of America, formed of Sovereign States occupying the international jurisdiction of the land and sea.

We have a Confederation of States of States, the States of America, formed of commercial corporations, occupying the global jurisdiction of the air.

If you look at this list you will see the answer. Each of these different organizations--- The United States, The United States of America, and the States of America---- all serve in different capacities and occupy different jurisdictions.

Their member "states" are different in nature, too. The national-level republican states and the international States of the Union are defined by physical borders, but the global States of States represented by the States of America Confederation are commercial corporations.

So as you can see, each one of these organizations operate in profoundly different capacities and in different jurisdictions. A state is not the same as a State, and a State is not a State of State [Confederate State].

We rarely have a reason to differentiate between our states and our States, because soil and land jurisdictions work so closely together that the evidence of one is evidence of the other. General Session Laws of the State are supposed to reflect the will of the republican state and people, whereas State of State Statutes are supposed to "codify" and regulate the operations of the Territorial Government and their corporate personnel on our shores.

An important distinction needs to be made here and underlined in Day-Glo Orange Highlighter.
A State is corporate in that it is partially fictional by virtue of having a name --- say, Wisconsin---- but it is a free-standing entity that is physically defined, much as a man named Thomas Tinker is a free-standing entity that is physically defined. Neither Wisconsin nor Thomas Tinker is incorporated as part of some greater entity.

In keeping with the Law of Kinds, a State like Wisconsin, is operated by People, like Thomas Tinker.

A State of State, like the State of Wisconsin, may be incorporated (chartered) by the greater, free-standing entity --- the State, which is what our original plan was when the Confederation of States was formed.

Or, a State of State could also be chartered by a foreign government --- and merely set in place as a "service provider" which is in fact what has gone on here since the Civil War, when the British Government secretively came in here and arbitrarily put a Scottish corporation in charge of our State of State administration "for" us.

States are sovereign entities; States of States, by definition, are not.

Under the constitutional agreements, our States agreed not to operate directly as States of States, which is also part of the reason that we can be absolutely sure that none of our actual States were involved in the Civil War, which was a commercial mercenary fight among commercial corporations--- States of States, which are also called "Confederate States" even though they are not actually States at all.

Since World War II we have further compounded the confusion between States and States of States by allowing the deployment of Municipal STATES OF STATES on our shores. These incorporated franchises are totally foreign and are chartered by foreign governments in the business of providing essential government services.

That is, the STATE OF WASHINGTON is not chartered by nor operating under the auspices of Washington, the State. It is a franchise of the foreign Municipal United States Government and its infamous District of Columbia Municipal Corporation, dba, the UNITED STATES.

So, we have our native States which are corporate, but not incorporated, which are sovereign free-standing entities with physically-defined borders, and then, we have a plethora of foreign "service organizations" operating as Territorial States of States and Municipal STATES OF STATES, none of which are actually chartered by our States.

This is not the way our government is supposed to be organized or operated.

What should happen in a sane world is that the State, such as Georgia, charters a State of State and incorporates it to conduct business for Georgia.

The original States of State were put out of commission by the Civil War and never "reconstructed" which has led to this situation wherein foreign Territorial and Municipal franchise organizations have been here on our soil conducting business "for" us and recklessly spending our money and credit as if we ever authorized them to do this.

To solve this conundrum requires us to organize our actual States of the Union and to act in our capacity as the People of this country, and to finish the so-called "Reconstruction" that has been pending since the end of the Civil War.

Put simply, the People of Georgia need to re-charter The State of Georgia to conduct business for them.

We have been hampered from doing this necessary work by the foreign-chartered government services organizations on our shores arbitrarily conferring citizenship obligations upon us. The British Territorial States of States claim that we are United States Citizens.
The Municipal STATES OF STATES claim that we are Citizens of the United States.

It is up to us to thumb our noses at these patently false presumptions and tell our subcontractors and their employees that no, in fact, we are State Citizens and nothing else: Virginians, Californians, Minnesotans and so on, for each of the fifty States of the Union.

It is also up to us to act in our own best interests and explicitly return to the land and soil jurisdiction of our States which is our natural home --- and deny them any excuse for their insupportable presumptions.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
June 8 at 6:28 PM ·

A Word to John Best

This is an official comment, directly from Anna von Reitz. John, with all due respect, your comments are all wrong. First of all, you talk about "We, the People" as many patriots do, without bothering to discover who or what the "People" being referenced are. Notice that the word "people" is capitalized? That "P" is there for a reason. The reason is that the "People" being referenced are acting in a specific capacity --- as the Lawful People governing the States of the Union.

Correcting our political status records and acting in that capacity to assemble our actual States of the Union as "People" is exactly what I am teaching people to do ---contrary to your suppositions. I am, in fact, putting the pieces together to unite the People of this country to lawfully and peacefully self-govern. That is what The American States Assembly is all about.

I am teaching people the basics of how their government is supposed to be organized and I am pointing out the necessity of finishing the long overdue "reconstruction" of the Federal States of States. There is nothing "nonsensical" about it. It's the proper and lawful and established way for us to organize ourselves and conduct our own government and direct our own business.

You suggest that we somehow use The Declaration of Independence to "remove our government" --- but it's not our government sitting in Washington, DC. Our government at the Federal level has been moth-balled for 150 years.

What needs to happen is for our actual Government --- of the people, for the people, by the people --- to wake up and get organized and do the actual work of self-governance.

All that we could do by "exercising" The Declaration of Independence is create another bloody war and blame others for our own ignorance and sloth and as you put it, "mind-numbing stupidity". Granted that we have been deceived and suffered constructive fraud, identity theft, Breach of Trust and a host of other evils, but also note that we were not awake enough nor motivated enough to do anything effective to prevent or even protest these crimes until now.

For the most part, we have just trundled along under the lash of the tyrants and gone, "Oh, ho, hum, well, that's the way it is...." and paid more taxes and put up with more harassment until it has finally come to this.

Be assured that this is not a "lie" and not a matter of "law". It is a matter of fact. Calling me a "liar" because I am not preaching insurrection against what is masquerading as "our" government is extremely irritating, most especially because I am not lying and am in fact offering the only course of action that doesn't lead to violence.

To finish this comment --- our opponents in this game would just LOVE for us to blunder into their trap and "start something". They have been trying to get some kind of violent insurrection going for years. They have tried all the motivators there are ---- race, religion, politics, false flags, you name it, and they have been trying to gin up something that would cause riots and other disturbances that they could use as an excuse to attack us all. Why? Because we are their Priority Creditors.

They owe us an unimaginably large amount of Credit and also unimaginably large amounts of actual assets. They don't want to pay us back. They want to kill us off instead, which is exactly what they have prepared for with 800 FEMA Camps and millions of body bags and 30,000 guillotines.

Simply killing their Priority Creditors helps and enriches them in many ways.

First, they don't have to pay anything back --- not the credit, not the assets, and not the interest.

Second, they get to come in and claim all the "abandoned assets" of their victims -- our land, our homes, our businesses, our public facilities, everything.

Third, they get to claim all the "Life Force Value Annuities" and Life Insurances they have placed on each and every one of us.

Fourth, they get to charge the survivors for the "service" of killing us.

This is why it is emphatically necessary for us to NOT give them any reason to do what they want to do. This is why we must follow the lawful path and do the work and give them no excuse.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
June 9 at 1:47 PM ·

Know The Commonwealth History or Else

Last week I had an amiable conversation with Joseph Gregory Hallett, the last of King John's offspring, and still Keeper of the Commonwealth, alive and kicking in New Zealand. He is loyally beating the streets for the Commonwealth and that's fine with me--- within reason.

What is the Commonwealth?
The Commonwealth as a concept developed in the Dark Ages when the Church was in receipt of private bequests from estates without heirs. The Church took these gift properties and developed them to produce benefit for the Church and its Parishioners and for the support of the poor and sick.

The concept developed further under the auspices of the First Holy Roman Empire, when King Pepin the Short donated a whole kingdom to the Pope, giving the Church property to manage on the scale of a whole country. Additional holdings were secured under Charlemagne and the Church's role as a property manager and Earthly rulership expanded. They applied the principles of The Commonwealth to their holdings and prospered.

Monasteries were supported by the labors and entrepreneurial skills of the Christian Brothers and Cloistered Orders, and to this day, we are all familiar with the vast range of products they continue to produce--- everything from applesauce to zinfandel, with the profit going to support Mother Church and local administration and outreach to the poor.

In England the Church struggled along and formed alliances with the Catholic Irish and Welsh rulers and gradually spread the concept of The Commonwealth throughout England--howbeit with less material success-- but when the Catholic Normans invaded England in 1066, things began to look up. William of Normandy was generous to the Church and granted decent land and woodlots to be managed as part of The Commonwealth of England, for the support of the indigent, sickly, and poor.

The original deal made the Church the steward of The Commonwealth lands and they were responsible for their oversight and upkeep. The King retained the title to the land and the Church received the beneficial interest.

And then came King John, 126 years later, and The Holy Alliance, wherein the positions were reversed --- and the Church held the title to The Commonwealth lands both as Donor and Beneficiary, and the King became the Steward, responsible for their oversight and upkeep.

That's how things sorted out with King John and that is still the position of his descendants, The Keepers of The Commonwealth. They are essentially Trustees working for the Holy See to preserve and manage the lands and properties (like National Trust properties) that belong to The Commonwealth on a worldwide basis.

So now Greg Hallett is stomping the circuit as King John's Heir, and making some remarks about The Magna Carta to the effect that it was "void" and had no force of law, etc., etc., etc. --- which is perfectly true with respect to The Commonwealth, but totally off-base and incorrect with respect to what is called "Greater England" and the Law of the Land established by the Norman Kings, which we know as The Magna Carta.

You can be perfectly sure that The Magna Carta applied and still applies to every cubic centimeter of British soil ever ceded to the Normans.

You can also be sure that the only land controlled by King John was in fact the land bequeathed to The Commonwealth: his nickname was "John Lacklands" precisely because he had no other land in England upon which to base his throne.

The Commonwealth started out with good intentions and for the most part has been competently managed for the Common Good of the Church and of the communities that the Church has served. For that reason it has a long history of political support and in many areas it continues to provide better profits and more benefits than government-sponsored programs aimed at public property management. The cynics among us maintain that most of this advantage is the result of de facto peonage, as the Church is able to make use of volunteer labor.

So what does all this mean for us?
For one thing, it means that for those whose landholdings derive from the Norman Conquest and from the Norman Kings who received sovereignty in their own right from William of Normandy, The Magna Carta has always been valid and accepted as the Law of our Lands for going on a thousand years, and we have no intention of allowing any claims otherwise.

America set sail under the sovereignty of William Belcher, one of the Norman Conquest Heirs, and so, for us, The Magna Carta is valid and does remain in effect as a basic foundation stone of our Land Law. We take notice that the "land law" of The Commonwealth is actually nothing but the policies of the Holy See regarding property management; we respect their turf and hold our own.

Any expectation or hope that we would be ignorant of all this or "drop the ball" and allow generalized claims invalidating The Magna Carta are sadly disappointed and the Holy See will have to go bark up some other tree to sell that bit of deceit.

That said, we have been at peace with the Church for almost a thousand years and as embattled as it presently is as a result of its own indiscretions, let me suggest that the Church should be thankful that we are willing to honor our agreements even if they have manifestly failed to honor theirs. They should let well-enough alone, return our purloined property, and stop imagining that we are all chumps who failed History 101.

Those things that legitimately belong to The Commonwealth can still belong to The Commonwealth; all that property which has merely been seized upon and "presumed to be" donated, must be returned unharmed, free of debt or encumbrance. We also expect that the people who have been disinherited by this chicanery and who have suffered de facto peonage will be compensated by the return of their individual land titles and access to their National Credit.

The motives that the Perpetrators of this scheme have for killing off their Priority Creditors--- exactly as they did in Nazi Germany--- have been duly noted and presented to the rest of the world.

As a result, if they carry through on their plan to exterminate their creditors, the rest of the world will know what to expect from doing business with them. If they steal the assets they surreptitiously "borrowed" from the American States and People without returning them and without paying anything as interest, the rest of the world will know what to expect, too.

We have what is popularly called "A Mexican Stand-Off". We have demanded the return of our land titles and control of our actual assets, plus access to the National Credit we have earned. They have scurried around made excuses and offered various dodges to avoid returning our property and avoid paying anything for the use of it.

The most recent dodge is to try to claim that all our property was "donated" to some kind of non-existent Public Municipal Trust back in 1933 and rolled into a Commonwealth Estate.

We have countered that that is pure hokum and shown exactly how flawed that claim is by deconstructing the language used by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his First Inaugural Address, proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that he was addressing the Municipal Citizens of the United States and not the American People.

We have also thereby demonstrated that Americans were not obligated to reply to an offer that was not and could not possibly be addressed to them, and that in any case, our commercial vessels were moth-balled in 1868, so that we could not in any way be presumed to be operating in commerce in 1933 and could not be subject to commercial contracting processes, either.

That is, unilateral and undisclosed and implied and secret contracting processes could not, did not, and do not apply to us, to our States, nor to our People, then or now.

Ironically, this is proven true by the very circumstance that the Schemers used to substitute their own "State of State" corporate franchises for our original Confederate States of America. They are caught in their own trap, as God Above would have it.

So not only is The Magna Carta still in effect, but the Commonwealth does not extend to America, nor any of the American States, nor to the individual estates of the people of this country. Thank you, very much, for asking. And the Norman Kings are still standing, alive, well, and pissed off.

And now that we have settled those questions, may we ask when we may expect: (1) return of all our land titles and interests, both public and private, from our Trustees? and (2) access to our National Credit, which is needed to pay off bogus mortgages and other debts merely presumed to exist?

We first made this demand in 1998. We repeated it in 2008 and received sincere assurances that restitution would be forthcoming.
Instead, the agencies of the Municipal Government --- FBI, DOJ, IRS, FEMA, BATF, BLM, etc., have engaged in a crime spree of unprecedented proportions, and the UN Corporation has gotten involved and set up 800 internment camps for "resettlement" of Americans whose only crime is to be cheated by the Pope.

Its time for everyone to wrap their heads around this circumstance and more than past time for the Church and the Queen to get serious about returning the property owed to the American States and People and also to start paying back some reasonable portion of the National Credit that the people of this country are owed.

Twenty-one years have passed since James and I woke up and realized what was going on. An entire generation of young Americans has sprung up in that time, and for the most part, they are even more dumbed-down than their immediate predecessors, less able to defend themselves from the outrages of those who pretend to be better than they are.

We see from the circumstance who is truly elite and who is truly moral, as opposed to those hypocrites who have endeavored to steal the assets of their neighbors under a pretense of trust, and then planned to kill off and resettle their Priority Creditors.

And there is so much for the idea that we are or ever were Paupers, or ever part of The Commonwealth, either.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
June 9 at 11:53 AM ·

News Flash for the US Department of State....

....and also for the United States Department of State, the US State Department, the United States State Department, the US STATE DEPARTMENT, or however else you wish to cobble things up and rename and shuffle and shamelessly, criminally misconduct your business operations:

We, the American States and People, are not Municipal Citizens of the United States, did not ever even reply to the offer made by Franklin Delano Roosevelt specifically to Municipal Citizens of the United States --- and were under no obligation to reply, since his remarks were obviously not addressed to us.

Nor can we be presumed to be subject to any undisclosed, unilateral or implied commercial contracting process, as our commercial vessels have been dry-docked and otherwise moth-balled since 1868. We couldn't have been operating in commerce nor be subject to any commercial law in 1933 and the issuance of commercial vessels in our names as purported gifts is just self-interested fraud.

Rather, you and your bosses are all under obligation to honor a normal course of business with us and to erase all trace of your improper presumptions against us and our property assets, especially the private property assets of average Americans.

That means the lawful conversion and re-venue of absolutely everything you unlawfully converted in 1933. It also means providing correct passports. It also means providing access to the National Credit we are owed.

This jig is up.

Correct your records and operations on our shores. Return the National Credit and the land titles owed to the American States and People or be exposed in front of the whole world as a crime syndicate overdue for liquidation.



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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
19 hrs ·

What the Evidence Suggests

With rampant speculation ongoing about what "really" happened in England recently between the Queen and Donald Trump --- let me suggest that the evidence suggests that the Queen is removing her government from the middleman position, and letting The Donald have direct interface with the Municipal Government system run by the Vatican.

This makes sense, because the Queen was being squeezed between a rock and a hard place, acting as a Vassal of the Holy Sea in various capacities and also then being relied upon to act as our Trustee on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, at the same time. Can anyone say---gross conflict of interest?

As profitable as it was, it can't have been a secure or pleasant position to be in, so no surprises that the Queen under the pressure of her advisors would wash her little gloved hands and hope for the best.

This also makes sense because The Donald actually works for the Municipal Government as the President of the United States---- but he was having to go through the Queen and bow and scrape because she has been holding a portion of our Delegated Powers and exercising them "for" us. Now he doesn't have to run interference with the British Government and can go directly without Protocol to the Vatican.

The incoming mail also suggests that everyone is blaming the criminality and nastiness on the Lord Mayor of London and the Government of Westminster, which is true, but hardly responsible given the trusteeships and treaties involved: both the Queen and the Pope were supposed to be riding herd on the Lord Mayor and the British Crown and providing oversight on the "ways and means" of his procurement operations worldwide --- not letting them devolve into the biggest racketeering and identity theft scheme in world history.

So now all of a sudden we have what they are calling the Global Defense Fund or the Global Security Fund or Economic Security Fund or Exchange Stabilization Fund or whatever other name(s) they want to assign to the same pile of ill-gotten assets that the rats assembled and used to utterly rig and control the world currency markets --- about $65 trillion in assets used to manipulate, control, and enforce their schemes and interfere with the economies of other countries.

Well, whoopee-ding-do, I suppose it could be in worse hands than Donald Trump's.

The situation also suggests that instead of Steven T. Mnuchin enjoying a semi-autonomous position as a sort of Co-Chair in control of the Commodity Rigging Fund (CRF)--- that's what I and the other Cynics call it--- working for the IMF as an Interpol Officer, he will be pulled in and acting under the thumb and forefinger of Mr. Trump, which, as Mr. Trump appointed him, is the way it is actually supposed to be.



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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
19 hrs ·

The Meek Plot-- So-Called

My sources in the Catholic Heirarchy are all scurrying around like mad ants, preparing for a big announcement about returning the assets to the "indigenous people" of the Earth, trying to make their narrative about the "meek inheriting the Earth" play out in real time. Only the "meek" aren't meek and its all just more bull designed to excuse things that were always inexcusable now as well as then.

Its time for everyone to fully realize that the only time that exists is right now. Trying to repair the past by making more injustices manifest in the present is just a recipe for disaster. So get ready for more idiocy on a half-shell.

If we were in receipt of anything like a Good Faith effort -- which we are not thus far -- then all the False Doctrines would be sorted through and thrown out. It wouldn't just be the Doctrine of Discovery on the rubbish heap of history. It would be the Collective Entity Doctrine and a lot of other doctrines, too, examined and jettisoned as flotsam.

The fact that the Holy See hasn't made correction and is more intent on pulling a big publicity stunt has not escaped anyone in my circle.

It also hasn't escaped us that the Stigmatics are all bleeding, all at once, all over the Globe, indicating that Jesus is suffering over the idiocy of men and our governments and the violence and misery that their present actions --- however well-intended --- are on course to cause.

I guess that this is what comes from making men wear dresses and funny hats and not allowing them to get married and have families of their own. They lose track of actual life and what it is all about and what will work and what won't.

I read the piece about the "Secret Constitution" -- but there are no secrets, just things nobody has been told or bothered to learn. There are long-standing misunderstandings about our Federal Constitutions-- some of them deliberate that need to be guarded against. So please bear with me once more:

"The United States" is the proper name of our national union of republican states controlling the soil jurisdiction of this country. It was adopted on September 9, 1776. At the same time, a federation of States was formed and named "The United States of America" controlling the international jurisdiction (both land and sea) belonging to The United States.
Five years later, in March of 1781 -- still during the full fight of The American Revolution--- a confederation of States of States was formed doing business as the "States of America".

See how that works? Nation gives rise to Federation and Federation gives rise to Confederation.

It had to follow through in exactly that way and exactly that order, because the "land" jurisdiction underlying the soil cannot be accessed until and unless the soil jurisdiction (national jurisdiction) is claimed first--- just as you can't define or get to the flesh of an apple without the skin. You have to claim the "skin" --- that is, the soil jurisdiction defining the national turf in physical terms first. This is the home place of our republican states of the Union, dba The United States. Notice that this is a proper name: The United States and it is not the same as "the" United States.

Next, you claim the international land jurisdiction underlying the soil and the international sea jurisdiction naturally belonging to the country, and for this job, our ancestors created States and a Federation of States doing business as "The United States of America". Note that this is a proper name: The United States of America, and it is not the same as "the" United States of America.

You have to have physically defined States operating both the soil and land jurisdictions before you can create States of States and a Confederation of these entities. "Florida" has to exist before you can have a "State of Florida" and also, the Federation has to exist before a Con-federation can organize.

All these different entities occupy different jurisdictions and act in different capacities.

The United States = soil jurisdiction = republican states of the Union = Texas Republic (soil) and Republic of Texas (surface water).
The United States of America = international land and sea jurisdiction = States = Virginia, Maine, California....
States of America = global commercial jurisdiction = incorporated States of States = (originally) The State of Maine, The State of Virginia….. these are all called Confederate States, but they are actually all inchoate corporations. All the entities that fought in The American Civil War were commercial corporations, not actual States.

Obviously, States of States, that is, commercial corporations acting as Confederate States at all levels, can be chartered by any government. Our big problem has been that our original Federal States of States (Confederate States) were all disabled and moth-balled in the wake of the Civil War, so we've had foreign-chartered interlopers in here cracking the whip.

So now it comes as no big surprise that there are three (3) Federal Constitutions, either ---

The Constitution for the united States of America --- governing the structure and operations of the States of America --the original Confederation-- describes the duties and limitations of this government under contract to provide certain enumerated government services.

The 1787 Constitution is set up to define exactly what powers the States are allowing the States of States to exercise "for" them and under what limits. It addresses American business organizations under contract to our States to provide stipulated government services, but there have been no American organizations in this position since 1868: the Federal States of States haven't been "reconstructed".

Instead, the Brits and the French-Benelux-Swiss-Holy Roman Empire goons have been in here "helping us out" of house and home and substituting their own Territorial and Municipal State-of-State organizations to do the work of our own Federal States of States, like The State of Maine.

The Constitution of the United States of America -- reiterates the structure and duties of "the" United States of America -- the British doppelganger operating "in our name" to exercise our powers delegated to it. This addressed British business organizations under contract to our States to provide agreed upon services.

The Constitution of the United States - again reiterates the same basic plan for the Municipal Government which is operating "in our name" to exercise our delegated powers for us. This addresses the rights and duties of the Municipal corporations which, like the States of America, are all business organizations in the business of providing stipulated government services.

The Constitutions set up the three branches of the Federal Government -- Federal, Territorial, and Municipal -- to provide us "essential government services" and to exercise our own "powers" for us to provide those services.

The Constitutions are glorified government service contracts backed via international treaties. They spell out which subcontractor gets to manage which piece of the pie--- a pie that belongs to the States of the Union.

The Constitutions are international contracts, not commercial contracts.

That is why you can't "reach" the Constitutions in a Municipal COURT and the strongest evidence there is yet, that the creation and attempted foisting off of Municipal PERSONS named after Americans is a deliberate attempt to circumvent the Constitutions and their guarantees. If we are acting in the capacity of PERSONS we "can't get there from here". We can't invoke the protections or the guarantees of the Constitutions as "presumed to be" Citizens of the United States.
By "conferring" municipal citizenship on us and "gifting" us with multiple Municipal PERSONS without our knowledge or consent, the rats have attempted to subject us under commercial law and tried to make us liable for their odious hypothecated debts, and have deliberately sought to create unconscionable contracts with minors and do all sorts of other evil -- and do it "in our names" no less.

This entire scheme has been a conspiracy to undermine and circumvent and vacate and otherwise avoid the lawful restraints and obligations of our Constitutions--- and to deny the American People the guarantees and protections they are heir to and owed.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
22 hrs ·

Our Debt to Jailhouse Lawyers
This week I was approached to run for President of the United States. I had to explain that that was impossible and that the only office I could aspire to would be President of The United States of America, and that is an office I am too old and crotchety to do justice to.
So then I was asked if I knew people who are still Federal Citizens who could take up the torch and act as Third Party Candidates-- maybe scissor-kick the old Two Party System where it hurts. I scratched my head. I smiled.
I know some men who could do that and do a fine job, though they would not be likely to win because they are all Felons.
Every single one of them have run afoul of the Statutory Law and have educated themselves as lawyers while in prison. They are all fine men, all skilled lawyers as a result of their own miseries, and they are helping people all across this country--- Jailhouse Lawyers, one and all.
We all owe a great debt to them. They have done and continue to do service in the cause of actual justice, a job that the conventional attorneys have largely forgotten or willingly abandoned, if they ever held justice as a goal to begin with.
So many men and women have been unjustly jailed in this country that it is almost unavoidable and nearly a badge of honor to have a criminal record for infractions like resisting arrest and tax issues and refusal of licenses.
A little later in the day I got an email from a young Jailhouse Lawyer who is exceptionally gifted, and with it, good news for other living people who have been jailed and prosecuted by these foreign courts. To protect his identity and forego the likelihood that he will draw even more flak from his jailers than he is currently suffering-- I will wait until he is released to properly credit him, but be aware that this is the result of one man working tirelessly from a jail cell. This is what he discovered and what he shared with me and what he wants me to share with others:
Title 18 U.S.C. is a codification of authority granted under to Article IV section 3 clause 2 of The Constitution of the United States for lands purchased, which means Guam, Mariana Islands, and Virgin Islands, as identified in Title 18 U.S.C. Part 1 Chapter 1, Section 23 --"Courts of the United States defined".
These specialized District Courts are established under Title 28 U.S.C. Part 1, Chapter 5, Sections 81-131, and only have authority to handle Civil matters pursuant to Title 28 U.S.C. Part IV, Chapter 85, Sections 130-169. The referenced sections provide a list of administrative duties.
Read that: these courts have no ability to try criminal matters at all, so put it all together and turn it all around (do the Hokey-Pokey) and what do you get?
(A) Virtually every criminal case they have adjudicated is void for lack of jurisdiction and lack of Due Process, and (B) they are simulating legal processes, which is clearly criminal activity [constructive fraud] and whenever it has involved fines or charges for incarceration fees charged to the Public Purse, it is organized crime and racketeering.
I think we have just sounded the death knell of the "Prisons for Profit Scheme" and mandated the end of the false charges and false imprisonment of millions of Americans who aren't from Guam, the Marianas, or the Virgin Islands.
This coming to light is especially helpful in view of our discovery that the IRS has moved its headquarters from Puerto Rico to the Marianas. Now we know why, and we also know where all the "Public Transmitting Utilities" --- the entities using our names in the form JOHN M DOE are being domiciled. These Municipal Corporations are being housed in the Marianas to bring them under the jurisdiction of these criminal District Courts, and only God knows what form of "law" is being practiced in the Marianas.
In Puerto Rico, where they domiciled our ESTATES doing business under names in the form JOHN MICHAEL DOE, we were being held accountable under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition.
Well, folks, this also appears to be a gross violation of Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the Municipal Constitution, which limits the activities of the Municipal United States Government to the District of Columbia.
Houston, Houston.... we have a problem here, Mr. President. A real, great, big, fat, stinking corruption problem. Corruption of the Municipal Government. Corruption of the Courts. Fraud, theft, and racketeering by these subcontracting commercial corporations on an unimaginable scale.
Here is the scheme in black and white to impersonate the American Employers, steal their identities, and move the resulting fictional dopplegangers offshore, so as to manipulate and subject THEM under foreign Territorial laws and enable the Territorial Courts of Guam, the Marianas, and the Virgin Islands to claim jurisdiction over people and property assets to which they have less than no justifiable claim.
Pope Francis, Queen Elizabeth, and President Trump --- we have figured out the whole scheme, top to bottom. We can cite chapter and verse, not only for the prior fraud against our estate interests, but the present fraud involving the PUBLIC TRANSMITTING UTILITIES--- and it looks like we need to send a million volts up all of your Collective Entity knickers.
The Great Fraud is over. Done. There won't be a reboot.
Your continued unwillingness to face facts and deal with us all in an honest fashion, the continued efforts to install foreign "States of States" on our shores, the continued use of "substitute" PERSONS and attempt to conscript and subject us under whatever local law is adopted in the Marianas-- is all emblematic of continued Bad Faith.
I recently told my Readers that Stigmatics are bleeding and to expect "more idiocy on a half shell" -- and here we are.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
20 hrs ·

The Parts and Pieces of a State Assembly

There is a ginned-up misunderstanding about Jural Assemblies as if they were State Assemblies and vice-versa.

Let's get this straight and make it clear.

Jural Assemblies like State Militias are adjunct organizations like Committees of the actual State Assemblies. I never said that Jural Assemblies were equivalent to or the same as State Assemblies, and I would appreciate it if people stop "putting words in my mouth" and making inappropriate assumptions.
You will all note that The American States Assembly is dedicated to organizing what? State Assemblies.
It is to be taken for granted that in the process of organizing State Assemblies, the adjunct functions of the Jural Assemblies and State Militias which are under the authority of our State Assemblies will also be organized.

What happened --- as usual --- is that certain people got the cart in front of the horse and were trying to organize Jural Assemblies and "Common Law Grand Juries" without bothering to create the State Assembly first.

They were also doing numerous things that were dangerous and mistaken --- things that could get them and their members arrested for sedition. So I began writing to them and trying to educate them to avoid that outcome.

The leaders of some of these organizations refuse to learn and so, we split off and created The American States Assembly for those people who want to do this and do it right, safely, peacefully, in order, with all ducks in place.

Because none of our actual States allow Dual Citizenship it is necessary that everyone who is admitted to membership in an actual State Assembly expatriate from the presumption of Territorial and/or Municipal US Citizenship.

You have to make a choice and record that choice and act accordingly in order to establish the correct capacity to function as a State National or State Citizen.

This scares some people because they have been duped into thinking that there is something good about being a "US Citizen". It is in fact a slave status and a pauper status. Nobody who was fully informed would choose to act in such a political status, which is why they palm it off on us while we are still babes in our cradles and hide all the details forever afterward.

Many people seem to be milling around wondering what to do. It's sort of a, "Gee, well, we formed a State Assembly and got our paperwork recorded. Now what?"

For starters you hold regular meetings and develop means of helping and supporting each other. The State Coordinators are being trained to help with some of the worst problems people in their State Assemblies face.

And as for the Big Vision of what the State Assemblies need to do, it has already been described and set forth by our Forefathers.

Our form of government is supposed to be organized like the current government of the Swiss Cantons. Since we have a living example of how the Swiss Cantons function, it isn't exactly rocket science to apply the same principles in America. So study the Swiss Cantons, discuss how they operate, look at how you can adapt a similar grassroots system of "republican" government for your State.

Once you start looking at the Swiss system you can recognize the pieces and parts of our nearly-but-not-quite defunct lawful government -- our Jural Assemblies, our Courts, our Law, our Sheriffs, our State Militias, our Public Notaries, our Electors, and all the rest of it that our Forefathers established, and which our foreign subcontractors have usurped upon.

State Assemblies give rise to Jural Assemblies and State Militias, as well as other Offices and Committees. They train and commission Public Notaries. They keep Public Records. Through their Federation, they will issue passports. They will assist members who need access to the Public Credit our States and People are owed. They oversee the courts and banks. They charter their own State of State organization to conduct business and maintain infrastructure and care-take Public Property. They have Public Safety Committees. Executive Committees. Communications Committees.

It's a huge amount of work and organization that has to be done, researched, implemented, and expedited primarily by volunteers --- by Mom and Pop. Not everyone has all the skills and knowledge to do this, but anyone who is sufficiently motivated can grab an oar. Split up the work to be done according to the skills and interests of your group members.

Those of you who have butted heads with the Driver License issues, why not research that and share your findings with everyone else?

Those who have dealt successfully with the IRS, take up the hammer and tongs....
If a large number of us engage, these illegal and immoral activities can be exposed and stopped and even reversed.

The instrument able to accomplish all of this and more is your State Assembly. Thus far, the greatest danger to success appears to be the idea that some people have that the State Assembly is an instrument all ready-made and set up to solve their own immediate problems --- their law suit, their fight with their neighbors --- and they want service right now!

It is important for people like this who are coming into the Assembly process to be told that this is not "the government" as they have known it. This is the government that they are owed and that they are responsible for. And while it is just getting started, they need to take JFK's words to heart --- and ask not what their Assembly can do for them, but what they can do for their Assembly.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
17 hrs ·

Same Set Up, Different Day

The IRS Headquarters was off-shore in Puerto Rico and that is where they cashiered all the bogus ESTATE trusts they created out of thin air and named after each of us in the form: JOHN MICHAEL DOE. Then, as these THINGS were domiciled in Puerto Rico--- a "United States Commonwealth" --- they were subject to the Spanish Law of the Inquisition.

That is what gave the IRS its awesome power to terrorize and harass and confiscate and bully and lie about people and get away with it. They weren't operating under any law that we are familiar with. They were operating under the foreign private ecclesiastical "law" of a corrupt Church operated as a storefront by criminals engaged in kidnapping, unlawful conversion, inland piracy, press-ganging, and other heinous crimes.

Our old "friends" -- the Dominicans, it turns out, not the Jesuits -- were hard at work, pretending that we had a contract with them based on FDR's First Inaugural Address, even though it is perfectly clear that he was speaking to the Municipal Citizens of the United States, and even though it is also perfectly clear that none of us were Municipal Citizens of the United States and took no notice of their crazy presumptions, because we weren't being addressed and owed no reply.

The operation in Puerto Rico was discovered and all the credit that could be hypothecated against our ESTATES had been siphoned off, so it was time for the parasites to move on ---- to an exactly similar situation in the Northern Mariana Islands----quote Wikipedia:

"They, the Mariana Islands, are composed of two administrative units: Guam, a US territory, and the Norther Mariana Islands which make up a Commonwealth of the United States."

See the set up? The Northern Marianas are another "Commonwealth of the United States" just like Puerto Rico. What do you want to bet that this "Commonwealth" is run under the old Spanish Law of the Inquisition, just like the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, but now, they are applying it to the PUBLIC TRANSMITTING UTILITIES operated "in our names" styled like this: JOHN M DOE.

The Roman Catholic Church set up the Apostolic Prefecture of Mariana Islands in 1902, then suppressed it in 1911 too create two suffragan Diocese under one Metropolitan Archbishop --- the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Agana
This particular Archdiocese of Agana is an ecclesiastical territory of the Catholic Church in the United States. And which "United States" is this? The Municipal United States, of course.

So, that neatly ties up the whole package with a bow and proves that the Roman Catholic Curia has not learned its lessons nor corrected its operations, has not repented its horrific sins, and is not operating in anything like Good Faith.
It has simply moved its HQ closer to China, its next intended victim.

So what possible answer is there to this circumstance?
We have a Church of Criminals operating out of island bases as pirates, plundering and pillaging the people of the Earth, and using undisclosed Spanish Law of the Inquisition to enforce judgments on everyone else-----and all in the name of Jesus.

The True God has smelled the stench of their "holocausts" offered to Baal. The True God has heard their councils and taken account of their motivations. Yes, he has measured them with a fine sieve and they will not escape the righteous judgement coming to them, both as a result of their deeds and as a result of their arrogance and failure to repent these past twenty years that they have been under direct Notice.

I came to them and gave them Notice. They cannot say that they didn't know. They cannot reply that they are sorry for their indiscretions and misdeeds---not while they continue to promote the same and worse. No portion of mercy can be poured out for them for their ignorance, because they have been told --- from the Pope to the Paupers, they have been told.

They have had twenty years to correct their operations and turn their faces around, but here they are, still proposing to operate their same old scheme at our expense, from the Islands of the Ladrones --- literally, the Islands of the Thieves.

Roman Catholics everywhere --- this is your Church. This is what it has come to. This is the misery it has inflicted on the whole world. This is what its leadership has sunk to. And they are doing this in your names and in the name of Jesus, while stealing the estates of babies and trading your Baptismal Certificates---the titles to your souls, or so they claim---as commodities.

This is your Church. Not mine. Not anyone else's. If you do not demand change, the Cardinals have already shown their hand, their complete and utter lack of conscience, their intention to carry on with these criminal activities and allow their minions and franchises to continue on business as usual.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
6 hrs ·

Proof in Their Own Words

From the first salvo, my objection to what the Michigan General Jural Assembly and other such groups have done is that they have attempted to include US Citizens --- both United States Citizens (Territorial) and Citizens of the United States (Municipal) as part of their membership.

I pointed out that our States of the Union don't allow any Dual Citizenship and never have allowed Dual Citizenship from the first blush, because the Founders considered Dual Citizenship a built-in conflict of interest.

There is also Biblical injunction against it that the Land Law is bound to honor: no man can serve two Masters.

Almost immediately, I was attacked for taking this stand and pointing out this requirement --- yet it is clearly stated in Article IV of the Constitutions that States cannot act as States of States, and it is indicated from the fact that no mention of any other kind of "citizenship" other than State Citizenship is ever mentioned in any of the Statehood Compacts or other documents related to the formation of our States of the Union, and it is also implied by the existence of the original Confederacy formed under The Articles of Confederation.
If States could act as States of States (that is, as incorporated entities) they would lose their sovereignty. They would, in effect, be demoted to the status of a mere commercial corporation like any other commercial corporation on the planet -- and in fact, there is language admitting that fact:

The government, by becoming a “corporator” (See: 22 U.S.C.A. 286e) lays down its sovereignty and takes on that character and status of a private citizen. It can exercise no power which is not derived from the corporate charter. (See: The Bank of the United States vs. Planters Bank of Georgia, 6 L. Ed. (9 Wheat) 244, U.S. vs. Burr, 309 U.S. 242).
Therefore, no actual State of the Union can be incorporated. The States can charter corporations to act in their behalf, just as they did when they created the States of States that were members of the original Confederation, but the States themselves are attached to the physical world and geography of the land and soil; in their sovereign capacity, they are utterly unique.

This is also the Common Sense of the issue. Just as Ohio cannot act as Wisconsin, and I and my Sister are not "the same as" each other, even though we are closely related, there is no such interchangeability in the natural world, nor is there in the realm of sovereign States.
Thus it is literally impossible for me to be both a Texan and a Wisconsinite at the same time. There is only one of me, just as there is only one Texas and one Wisconsin and only one State Citizenship possible.

Federal "Citizenship" is an entirely different animal, allowing numerous possible attachments, as these forms of citizenship merely represent obligations of shareholders of incorporated entities. You can easily be a shareholder in two companies and you can be indebted and subjected to various vicissitudes by their Board of Directors, too.
This is in fact part and parcel of how Americans have been enslaved and defrauded.

Our turf and our natural home is the land and soil of our States of the Union, each one utterly unique as we are ourselves. This is our position of strength. This is where we rule, and it is as State Citizens that we control the operations of our States. This is the natural political status that we lose when we adopt any Dual Citizenship offered by the federal corporations---- and here is more proof in their own words (thanks to Karen Gore):

The Oath of Office-- Title 5 USC 331, 332, 333, backed up by Title 22 CFR Foreign Relations 92.12 - 92.31 and Title 8 USC section 1481 -- The public official relinquishes his "national citizenship" and are thus "foreign agents" as stipulated under Title 22 USC chap. 11 section 611 , "loss of national citizenship" ' Public officials are no longer US citizens , but rather are "foreign agents" and must register as such.
The United States Citizenship being lost in this case is "national citizenship" --- the citizenship of the soil jurisdiction of our State of the Union. It's "The United States" not "the United States" being discussed here. So when we cross over the invisible line known as "the Bar" and act as "public officials" in the Federal System, this means that we are acting as elected officers of a foreign corporation incorporated by a foreign government---- and thereby becoming Foreign Agents.
This is the same circumstance reflected by the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

Just the fact that there is an "Oath of Office" involved should be enough to tell us that we are on foreign ground, because our Biblical Land Law forbids the taking of oaths.
Thus, it is impossible for us to assemble as Americans, impossible for us to Assemble our States of the Union, and impossible for us to exercise the sovereign dominion of our States so long as we cling to any foreign office or political status as a shareholder or officer of a foreign corporation. This is a conflict of interest and kind that neither the law nor Common Sense can allow.

If I am a shareholder in a commercial corporation that stands to gain from controlling a State's natural resources, can I be trusted to administer the State's resources for the State's good?

This is why our State Assembly members must forswear US Citizenship of all kinds and why only those who do so can invoke, inherit, and operate the States of the Union. This is also why all these foreign commercial corporations on our shores have been anxious to "confer" their citizenship upon us, so as to muddy the water and hobble us and keep us from exercising the rights and prerogatives our States are guaranteed.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
11 mins ·

A Proclamation: To Attorney General Bar and Secretary of State Michael Pompeo

It has come to our attention that both of you may be ignorant of the actual history of this country. This in itself is normal, because none of us have been taught the actual history in school. However, those of us who have taken the time and made the effort to learn are in position to assist in clearing up several pervasive confusions.

First, the only entities involved in the "American Civil War" were Federal States of States, not the actual States of the Union. The American Civil War was in fact a mercenary conflict. It was never properly declared by any Congress and it has never been resolved by a Peace Treaty. Those Federal States of States, which are --- whether North or South --- all "Confederate States", have yet to be reconstructed, a circumstance that has never been fully explained to the American Public and which has never been corrected as a result.

Second, this circumstance leaves a third of the Federal Government inoperable, and from our perspective, the most important part: that which is supposed to be operated by Americans for Americans. The British Territorial contractors and the Holy Roman Empire's Municipal contractors eagerly entered the power vacuum created by this situation and secretively substituted their own "States of States" organizations for ours, operating like cuckoo birds occupying a nest.
They also incorporated their service delivery operations, so that in fact, we have private, foreign-chartered, for-profit commercial corporations masquerading as our government.

Third, this is not what we are owed in terms of treaty or commercial contract, and it stands before the entire world as an affront to decency and good faith and service by both the Queen's Government and the Holy See, that we, the Americans, have not been fully informed and have not been assisted to restore the functions of the Federal Government.

Fourth, it is also an affront that our States have been accidentally-on-purpose mistaken for rival commercial corporations and our People have been mis-characterized both as combatants and as commercial vessels, when it has been plainly stated and well-established ever since the Civil War that we are a separate population with a sovereign civilian government of our own that you are all employed by.

Fifth, for your edification, The United States, a Union of soil jurisdictions states, controls the soil jurisdiction of this country. The United States of America, a Federation of land jurisdiction States controls the international jurisdiction of this country. Our States of America organization is supposed to be in control of the bulk of the Federal functions delegated under the constitutional agreements.

Sixth, because of the foregoing situation and out of self-interested deceit, both the British Territorial Government and the Holy Roman Empire's Municipal Government have been operating commercial corporations "in our names" and employing our Delegated Powers in unauthorized ways. The British Territorial Government has been operating as "the" United States of America and the HRE Municipal Government has been operating as "the" United States. These are not our Proper Names and it needs to be fully understood that nothing our employees do or say while acting as our agents in any way countermands what we tell you ourselves, nor does their bankruptcy affect us beyond the fact that we must find new service providers.

Seventh, this basic misunderstanding has led to a situation in which the British Territorial and Municipal Governments have imagined themselves to be the only governments present on our land and have proposed that all Americans are born as Dual Citizens of the their respective commercial corporations, owing duty to the Holy See and the British Territorial Government, which is deliberate self-interested misrepresentation of the facts. The Americans are still here, still minding our lawful and to put a fine point on it --- sovereign--- government of every state of the Union. We don't belong to you; you belong to us. You are our employees, not the Queen's, not the Pope's, and it is time for all these False Claims in Commerce to cease and desist.

Eighth, Americans are born as nationals of their respective States and those States are not subject to any commercial corporation on Earth. We are Minnesotans and Georgians, Californians and Texans. We are not born as nor do we choose to adopt either brand of Federal Citizenship --- neither United States Citizens nor Citizens of the United States. Those citizenship statuses were created under the respective constitutions and have no meaning apart from the constitutional agreements that both the Queen and the Pope stand in breach of.

Ninth, since the 1930's the HRE Municipal Government has been telling a most pernicious lie and making an absolutely outrageous False Claim in Commerce -- a claim that is false on the face of it. They have claimed that Franklin Delano Roosevelt's First Inaugural Address created a Public Trust and that all our assets, personal, private, and public, were rolled into this Express Trust. In fact, this is self-interested poppycock.

Tenth, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was being sworn in as President of the United States ---- the Municipal United States Government operated by the Holy See. He was addressing the Citizens of the United States --- the employees and dependents of the Municipal United States Government, and could not be presumed to be addressing anyone else just because they were in earshot. His language throughout is consistent with this interpretation and no other performance would have been legal.

Eleventh, Franklin Delano Roosevelt had no authority to establish any Express Trust related to rank and file Americans and no authority to conscript anyone on our shores. There is no evidence that any Public Trust was in fact established as a result of his verbiage; rather, there is evidence of illegal and immoral and unlawful "taking" of our property and assets and use of legal chicanery to falsely claim that our private property magically became part of the Public Charitable Trust (PCT) set up as a welfare trust for former plantation slaves in the wake of the Civil War.

Twelfth, no American was ever under any obligation to reply to or rebut Roosevelt's presumptions, because we were not addressed. The only persons having any such obligation to rebut were the Citizens of the United States at that time, and only a small portion of the population, approximately 15%, was or is legitimately in that political status then or now.

Thirteenth, these false presumptions which could only apply to a small percentage of the population, and which were never fully disclosed to anyone by Roosevelt's speech, have since been used to plunder and pillage and abuse and conscript millions of Americans in the greatest fraud and identity theft scheme in history---- which is now discovered and firmly rebutted as nothing more or less than commercial constructive fraud.

Fourteenth, as a result of the fore-mentioned collapse of the States of America Confederacy and the secretive usurpation that took place in the 1860's--by definition, the bulk of Americans were not operating in Commerce in 1933. A "gift" of a commercial franchise operated in our NAMES and conferred upon us without our knowledge or consent and used to make false claims of citizenship obligation upon us was an act of self-interested fraud and any acceptance of such gifts offered under color of law is revealed to be nothing but more crime and chicanery designed to alter our birthright political status as Americans in contravention of the Geneva Conventions.

Fifteenth, the foreign commercial corporations which have been operating on our shores in our purported "absence" and which have been promoting these crimes against us are being liquidated for cause, and no new contracts have been issued to the perpetrators. Our property being held by Attorney General Barr in his inherited capacity as Alien Property Custodian is owed immediate return to the rightful owners and all presumption that we are or ever were "Enemies" must be dropped along with all the False Claims against our property interests.

Sixteenth, as these acts were all promulgated by breach of international treaties and commercial contracts and were promoted via inland piracy, no change of ownership from the original American ownership can be implied. We find that the Congress has attempted to insulate itself from the curse of its own actions by adding a disclaimer to the enabling clause of every Act of Congress since 1861: "This Act shall not effect any rights thus previously established." In effect, every American who has ancestors who were present on our soil prior to 1861 is grandfathered in and owed every jot of all three Constitutions and all rights and benefits that have accrued since then.

Seventeenth, as a result of the foregoing: (1) no presumption of animosity or enemy combatant status can be advanced against our actual States of the Union nor our People; (2) no presumption of 14th Amendment citizenship can be applied to anyone who isn't both the progeny of former plantation slaves and also currently receiving unearned federal welfare benefits from the Public Charitable Trust; (3) STRAWMAN Municipal commercial trusts and utilities issued in our names must be presumed to be gifts without strings attached, admitted to be tax percuse, and we ourselves must be held harmless in all respects to the extent that those commercial entities are used for any purpose.

Eighteenth, prompt correction for all these ills and misunderstandings must be provided and those operating the court system must be re-educated and given new instructions fully informing them to stand down and cease making the presumptions under which they have been operating. Proper passports for actual Americans functioning as State Nationals or State Citizens must either be provided or we will provide them ourselves. Likewise, most Americans don't "drive" or operate commercial "motor vehicles" and they need to have proper identification of their private automobiles and their private status as travelers. Again, your agencies may be hired to provide this service or we will provide it ourselves, but you cannot just wave your hands and pretend that everyone in America is involved in interstate commerce and subject to commercial law.

Nineteenth, all the corporate law enforcement personnel need to be informed that they are operating in a private, for-hire capacity under the Pinkerton Laws and have no special authority or public bonding for what they are doing, that they are working for foreign, for-profit, privately held commercial corporations in a mercenary capacity and are not allowed to bully, harass, enter private property, or charge Americans for any infraction that does not directly impair the US Mail or actually occur on the trains or railroad right of way.

Twentieth, all the banks need to be informed that accounts held in the names of living people and unincorporated businesses cannot be misidentified as accounts belonging to commercial franchises of any US or USA CORPORATION and that such accounts are not subject to lien or seizure on the basis of the existence of Social Security Numbers or other evidence obtained under color of law, force, coercion, non-disclosure, or implied, unilateral, or unconscionable contract.

Twenty-first, the IRS and the Internal Revenue Service have both been operating wildly out of context and without authority on our shores and must be severely corrected and re-purposed. These organizations have been operating under the false presumption that all Americans are US Citizens or Citizens of the United States and playing a pillar-to-post confiscation fraud scheme, pretending that Americans have to be either US Citizens or Citizens of the United States, or both, when in fact Americans are owed full recognition of the fact that they are Americans without any federal citizenship obligations at all.
Most Americans are not in receipt of any Federal income and are in fact holding the majority of Federal debt as Priority Creditors.

Twenty-second, these facts may be difficult to hear, bear, and deal with, but they are nonetheless facts, and they have been fully vetted, fully investigated, and are known throughout the higher levels of the global community. Any attempt to kill off your Priority Creditors so as to enforce these numerous and egregious False Claims upon us will be instantly recognized for the criminal activity that such attacks against civilian populations always represent. The lawlessness and criminality of the corporations and Boards of Directors involved will be fully exposed and the corporations responsible will be subject to liquidation.

Twenty-third, generations of Americans have been used and abused as mercenaries in wars for profit without their knowledge or consent. This practice, too, is built upon false presumptions of citizenship obligations that do not exist.
The Selective Service needs to be shut down permanently, and all recruitment activity in the Armed Services required to fully disclose the nature of the work being offered, the risks, and the rewards--- such as they are. In the absence of any war directly threatening our borders, no pretense that they will be defending their homeland can be used as an excuse to con these young people into employment as mercenaries.

Twenty-fourth, our employees are required to act honorably and to provide Good Faith Service to their actual employers----that means, us, the American People. None of the circumstance we have described above meets those criteria and our extreme displeasure has been conveyed to both the Queen and the Pope and the United Nations. As things stand, both the Territorial and Municipal Governments are out of compliance with the Hague Conventions (Territorial) and the Geneva Conventions (Municipal) and the corporations responsible are continuing to act in a rogue, outlaw capacity with respect to their own employers as well as the international community at large.

Twenty-fifth, we are calling upon both the United States Attorney General and the Secretary of State to make correction within your respective spheres of duty. Mr. Barr is being called upon to Perform under The Constitution of the United States of America and The Constitution of the United States to return our private and public "alien" property unharmed and unencumbered. Mr. Pompeo is being called upon to provide a process by which Americans claiming their birthright political status may be recognized and identified and set free of these noxious false presumptions of federal citizenship.

Most Sincerely,
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
President Donald Trump
United Nations Secretariat


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
5 hrs ·

Modus Operandi 3.0

We have been discussing the methods and aims and practices of those who oppose Mankind and wish for our destruction.

Thus far we have discussed how THEY use role playing --- in reverse --- to sling mud and blame on their opponents. For example, if they want to discredit Catholics, they pretend to be nuns or priests, do despicable things, and then just skinny out of their clerical costumes and let the victims take the blame.

We have also described how --- with monotonous regularity --- they accuse their opponents of exactly what they are doing themselves. For example, they accuse Donald Trump of playing footsie with the Russians, when they have already sold 20% of our Uranium reserves to the Russians.

Now we come to a third gambit these creatures play. For lack of a better explanation, I will just call this one "Inducement to Hang Yourselves".
Why bother to hang you, if they can get you to do it to yourselves?
I cannot stress this point strongly enough: every time you incorporate anything, you give it away to whoever and whatever grants it a charter. Period. You place it under the law of the charter granting authority and in their ownership, too.
They, not you, get to dictate what happens to your incorporated business, your incorporated church, and if you let them incorporate your "person" without taking exception and taking action to counteract their legal presumptions, they will exercise the same arbitrary, plenary authority over you, too.

This afternoon I had a lengthy discussion with a friend who thought that they had found the answer to this, a way to incorporate and get tax benefits without incorporating and being subject to The Borg.

No such pathway exists, by definition.
Incorporation is incorporation. It's like being eaten. The substance of the peach you ate for dinner is at this very moment being "incorporated" into your body.
The charter-granting authority subjects whatever is being incorporated, and the new franchise becomes part of the parent corporation which is owned and operated by a sovereign government.

At this time, there are tragically few sovereign governments left in the world: the Holy See is gunning to own everything and everyone, and so, is trying to get its franchise --- the Municipal Government of the United States --- to destroy those few remaining national bastions.
That's what all the threats against North Korea and Iran are all about. That's what all the threats against Libya and Iraq were about. That's what the threats against Britain over Brexit are about.

They made the mistake of joining the European Union and that incorporation is being used to claim that England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales are just "dependent sovereigns" within the larger EU corporate conglomerate.

The Holy See plans to be the only unincorporated sovereign government on Earth, simply because it will claim that every other government has "voluntarily" incorporated as part of the Holy Roman Empire. It will reign supreme simply by default, as everyone else foolishly abdicates their sovereignty by incorporating their government -----hanging themselves in the process.

The Municipal Government of the United States is their local franchise.
The Territorial Governments are all "Dependent Sovereigns" by definition--- meaning that they are "subject nations". This is the same status that the American Indian Tribal Governments have been in for the past 200 years.

My friend was happily telling me about how the people in her group were all adopting Tribal Member status and Tribal IDs. She was chirping about the sovereignty of indigenous people. And I was shaking my head in disbelief.

Go visit any Reservation and see how "sovereign" they are.
The Ancient Romans called the "uncivilized" peoples living on the fringes of their Empire "tribes" because they were "subject to Rome" and forced to pay "tribute" to Rome ---- that word again: tribute, tribulation, tribe.

So when you hang yourself by claiming to be part of a "tribe", you are automatically agreeing that you owe tribute to Rome. You are using their words, and those words have a meaning.
There is a world of difference between calling yourself a Lakota Sioux and characterizing yourself as a member of any Lakota Tribe.
One is still a sovereign nation, bloodied but unbowed.

The other is a franchise operated by the Vatican for the benefit of the Holy See, and all the Tribal Members are understood --- by the Romans at least --- to be pledging themselves and all their worldly goods to be good little Tax Payers and send tribute to Rome.
Its the same kind of difference between calling yourself a Texan and calling yourself a Citizen of the United States. One is a free, independent, and sovereign national of Texas. The other is a wholly owned slave of the Holy Roman Empire.
If you don't know the difference, it is all too easy for these magicians to claim that they have done nothing wrong by enslaving you. You pledged yourself to them and subjected yourself to their law--- voluntarily. You hung yourself.
And nine-tenths of the people in this world are just like my friend-- happily hanging themselves, not realizing the consequences, and not even having the wherewithal to admit that they "made a mistake"---- confess the sin --- and escape the trap.

THEY are under sacred obligation to release you if you "confess" your mistake, but first you have to realize that you made a mistake.
Otherwise, its the same old box, different day.
If you are a Tribal Member, you are a Tax Payer. You are subject to the Municipal Government of the United States, which is a franchise of the Municipal Government of Rome which is a franchise of the Vatican which is the Property Management Corporation ---- all owned and operated by the unincorporated and sovereign government of the Holy See.

If you are an incorporated church, you are obligated to the State Religion, which can be anything at all, including Satanism.
I explained to my friend how the British Crown Corporation picked up billions of dollars of church properties for nothing:
They said, "We will give churches tax exemptions! Just sign up as non-profit religious corporations!"
But our churches were already tax exempt. Say what?
Churches in this country were always exempt from Territorial and Municipal taxes, but by taking the bait and incorporating themselves, the churches lost their natural tax exemption and their continued exemption from taxation under Territorial Law was converted into a mere privilege --- a privilege that can be revoked at the Queen's or the Pope's whim.

The British Crown Corp used this constructive fraud inducement and claimed billions upon billions of dollars of church properties as chattel property backing their debts and financing their operations worldwide.
They got the churches to hang themselves.
They enslaved the clergy the same way they have enslaved the workers and the businesses and the industries of this country---through false claims in commerce, through constructive fraud, and through our own ignorance.
They've been having a good time, getting us to hang ourselves, and raking in the proceeds.
Until people actually see what incorporation is and what it does, until people fully comprehend the danger that incorporation represents to dignity and freedom and life itself --- mankind doesn't stand a chance.
Remember this: your State of the Union is a sovereign nation, and you, a Lawful Person of that nation, one of the People of your State, are owed every jot of every protective treaty and agreement your Forefathers put in place. If you get suckered in and claim to be a Moor, a Tribal Member, a United States Citizen, or any kind of Citizen of the United States, or adopt any other status or identity at all----it all goes out the door. You lose your birthright. You lose your land and soil. You lose your rights. Everything.

Never, ever incorporate anything unless you don't want the responsibility and rights of owning it. Never pledge anything; pledging is a custom of feudalism and is totally foreign to your country. Never voluntarily register anything that you want to keep as private property, either.

All these "gifts" the vermin have been conferring on you, all these corporate franchises named after you--- and all the citizenship obligations that go with them--- have to be converted to your control.
The only way to do this is the path we've cut for you: reclaim your Lawful Person, your Trade Name, and establish its permanent home and domicile on the land and soil of your actual State of the Union. Then move all the "derivatives" to permanent domiciles on the land and soil of your State, too.

This finally gets you out of the box, back home, operating under the Public Law of this country and the Constitutions you are owed.
You can't regain your freedom by moving to another jail.
And you can't address their crimes to them, until you stop hanging yourselves.

The Pope is under the gun now. The full scope and meaning and diabolical nature of the scheme promoting the "Holy Roman Empire" using corporations and the process of incorporation --- and the plot to leave the Holy See as the only unincorporated government, and therefore the only sovereign government left standing--- is fully revealed.

The result of joining the EU and being "incorporated" into that larger regional government is being brought home to Britain right now. They lost their sovereignty, gave it away, hung themselves.
The only way they can regain it and BREXIT and go back to the Pound Sterling and British Law again without World War III, is to admit their mistake and hang a very large club over the Roman Curia's head.

As disgusted as I am with the Brits and their gross mistreatment of our States and our People, I wish them well in this endeavor, and hope that the rest of Europe wakes up, too. Commercial Feudalism is an unimaginable evil and it needs to be stopped by all and any means possible.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
2 hrs ·

Modus Operandi 4.0

So we have learned how incorporation is used as a trap or self-entrapment device, by which the vermin obtain ownership of everything in sight for free, and the only obligation they have is to offer bankruptcy protection.

This is a form of entrapment that only succeeds to the extent that the nature of it remains undisclosed and/or undetected or both. It only succeeds because people don't realize what they are giving up when they incorporate anything.

The same is true of another insidious theft and entrapment mechanism -- registration. People think that registering something is the same as recording it, but in fact, any time you "register" anything, you are at least temporarily giving up your ownership interest in it. So, think about that one....

Registering your private auto or truck as a "motor vehicle" with the what? Oh, the Division of Motor Vehicles---- notice the verbiage --- means that you are: (1) claiming to be operating a kind of business that makes use of the public roads for private profit -- like a taxi service, courier service, trucking company, etc. and (2) admitting that your private auto or truck is engaged in this business as a "motor vehicle".

Look up the definition of "motor vehicle".
Have you ever driven a "motor vehicle" in your life? Most of us haven't, yet our names are on record as being professional motor vehicle drivers and our private property cars and trucks have been registered as "common carriers" --- public conveyances belonging to the State of State organization running this scam.

Yet, if you insist that yours is a private auto, you will face constant harassment and racketeering efforts by clueless "state patrolmen" and traffic court personnel. This is the very definition of "organized crime" and it is being promoted by foreign commercial corporations on our shores, acting under color of law, pretending to "represent" our State of the Union.

Voter Registration is a similar entrapment and theft mechanism. When you "register" to vote, you in fact give up your right to present yourself. It hands your proxy over to whomever gets elected out of the political party stew pot and makes you responsible for their spending and their crimes. Now, who in their right mind would ever want to hand their proxy over to a Washington, DC Lobbyist, and "stand good" for whatever that PERSON does?

Nobody. Yet, because the actual results of "registering to vote" are not disclosed to you, and because voting is propagandized as a good and wonderful thing, and your "right to vote" is constantly being held up as something sacrosanct-- millions of Americans get suckered into co-signing loans for the brigands.

Yes, that's what you are doing when you "register to vote"--- you are "volunteering" to act as a co-signer on the loans these cretins take out "in the name of" your State, and if for whatever reason, they don't pay the resulting bills, guess who the Creditors of these foreign commercial corporations go after?

All the foreign commercial corporations have to do is go bankrupt, and voila, you are on the hook for it --- and once again, you have unknowingly, unwittingly gotten sucked into this position for lack of full disclosure. It's a form of commercial constructive fraud, complete with false advertising.

And really, this is the small end of the pool, because the vermin have not been content with issuing false titles to non-existent motor vehicles or gulling unwitting co-signers into inking the dotted line. No, beginning in the 1920's, the temptation to run the Big Con on us was just too strong. They had to start registering births, too.

The moment that 200 million American Moms and Grandmothers wake up and realize that they are signing away their ownership interest in their babies and allowing foreign commercial corporations to "seize upon" their children as chattel backing the debts of those foreign commercial corporations, there's going to be an awakening in this country ---- an awakening where hospitals and hospital administrators and those "state of state" officials running the Birth Certificate scam are going to be skewered in the cross-hairs and the politicians responsible are going to be hiding under their desks.

Because "registration" of your children as a "Person" means the same thing as registration of your private car as a "Motor Vehicle" --- it means making a false claim about them, that then allows false legal presumptions, which in turn subjects them as slaves and chattel of these foreign commercial corporations operating under color of law on our shores.

It's another entrapment/coercion/racketeering scam, only this is the Big One. This is where they take your most precious possession --- your kids.

Your children are born as living people with honest Trade Names that you give them, but then, charlatans trick you into signing over your children and unwittingly making the False Claim that they are "US Citizens" when in fact they are Americans.

That then allows these vermin to make false assumptions called "legal presumptions" about your children and also about you.

You naturally think of your own country when you hear the words "United States" ---- that is, you think of the Proper Name: The United States. And when you hear "United States Citizen", you naturally assume that yes, you are a United States Citizen. But what if there are other kinds of "United States" involved?

And different kinds of "United States Citizens", too? Which there are?
There are Territorial United States Citizens and Municipal Citizens of the United States, too. By checking the box 'US Citizen" without stipulating which kind of "United States" you are talking about, you allow whatever kind of interpretation someone wants to put on it.

So the Territorial Government presumes that you are a Territorial Citizen and under obligation to them.

And the Municipal Government presumes that you are a Municipal Citizen and under obligation to THEM.

But in truth and in fact, you are a State Citizen of The United States and they are all under obligation to you.

They've been working their little fraud scheme pretty good, haven't they? Hooking you to serve them, instead of them serving you. Fingering you for their debts and wild spending. Mis-characterizing and misidentifying you and your children for fun and profit.

And now comes the reckoning, and they need to know it and pay up, because you now know what they have been doing and how they have been doing it --- tricking and entrapping you, abusing, misusing, and in fact, enslaving you in your own country.

Now, you might think that Mr. Trump is responsible for this situation, but he is not. And you might think that the members of Congress are responsible, but they have been using a Disclaimer for all their Acts since 1861: "This Act shall not effect any rights thus previously established."

That is, nothing that they have done since 1861 has any effect on you---except to the extent that you have been "mistaken for" a Territorial United States Citizen or a Municipal Citizen of the United States.
Only the Judicial Branch is responsible and accountable for this criminality.

In 1991, the Congress altered the wording of the Federal Judicial Oath so as to sever their accountability to the Constitutions and they have run like wild horses without a backward glance. They have pillaged and plundered and utterly ignored their moral and actual duty to the Public Law and the People of this country.

It does not take a Juris Doctorate to know that unconscionable, illegal, immoral, and unlawful contracting processes are being used to pillage and plunder this country and its people under color of law. It is simple and self-evident and any Judge worth the salt in their fecal matter knows it as well as I do.

The entire scenario reeks of racketeering, fraud, False Claims in commerce, inland piracy, unlawful conversion, press-ganging, and enslavement --- and the people who are taking their paychecks from your pockets and who are supposed to be protecting you are sitting on their thumbs, participating in and benefiting from all this instead of doing their jobs.

So, what do you do? You reclaim your birthright political status. You assemble your State Assembly. You operate your State Courts. And you fire the rats. And you hire new people. And you enforce the Public Law.

It does not take rocket science to figure out who is ultimately responsible: the Queen and the Pope and the Lord Mayor of Westminster, all three, are responsible. They, though obligated to act as our Trustees, have profited themselves via these schemes and thereby acted as accomplices to this genocide on paper.

The Flying Fickle Finger of Fate has now gone full circle, and instead of pointing at us, is pointing at them.

They have used False Claims in Commerce to create a criminal system of Commercial Feudalism.

The rest of the world got sick of their old system of Colonial Feudalism, so they re-branded it and moved their operations to the Municipal Jurisdiction to create something even worse. And now it appears that by joining the EU, the corrupt government of Britain has fallen into its own Bear Trap.

As for you, come out of Babylon. The fact that you are reading this is not an accident. Come out, together with all of your children.


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Apr 1, 2010
That was a really long read. I found the following to be interesting and an angle I had not read many details on...

I do have one question about the "sovereign American" calls....

If I do that, then my SS checks are likely to stop.

Sure, since I already paid much more than I'm getting back, if they stop the payments then I have a claim against them. But do you really think they'll pay up if I take them to court, with those payments coming prior to my 100th b-day?

Didn't Peter Schiff's dad spend his entire life trying to do that and never won?
I don't give legal advice.

My wife says NO.

Celebrated fifty years wedded bliss last month. sigh...

Bottom line is I think Anna's writing is a chronicle of the way things should be.
And shows the path, but there are no guarantee's. From what I've seen the courts got to be what they are by being unlawful and downright crooked.
The combination of Banksters, politicians, Lieyers, and administrators who wear black robes and like to be called judges but are not, have created a system to fleece the public.

United States equals Satanic.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
1 hr ·

Modus Operandi 5.0

This week we have been discussing the ways and means of the True Enemies of Mankind-- the Criminals among us, who are in Bible terms, the Sons and Daughters of Cain.

Cain's lineage got a head start on this planet, and it should not surprise anyone that his progeny are numerous and widespread. Then, as now, they tend to inhabit cities and especially seaports. They also take most advantage of us while we are asleep--in the Land of Nod.

What else do we notice about Cain? He is callous and uncaring and has no conscience. He kills his own brother in a fit of petty jealousy and what is his only question? --- Am I my brother's keeper?

We are still dealing with these people today. They care nothing for anyone or anything else beyond themselves.
Even when they appear to have concerns about other topics and issues, this is a superficial caring that links right back into their own self-interest and profit. Modern psychologists call them sociopaths. They may be cunning, they may be charismatic, they may be very attractive ---- but they have no heart for anything beyond what profits them and strokes their egos.

These people are focused on profit of all kinds-- political power is a kind of profit. The adulation of deluded fans is profit. The unearned trust of millions of people is profit. Fooling people into doing something that harms their own interests, yet benefits the sociopath, is profit in their minds.
It's not just money with them, but it is always in a broader sense-- profit.
No mistake, then, that these people naturally gravitate toward and build and are happy to contribute to organizations that have the single goal of making profit-- commercial corporations.

Most incorporated entities are organized for one purpose and one purpose only--to make profit for the owners and shareholders.
So not only does the basic process of incorporation encourage secretive thievery and allow the receiving of unearned assets by those issuing the charters, but the resulting Business Trusts attract exactly the kind of people who are most criminal in nature--- those who are already aligned with the pure profit motivations of incorporated business structures.

Cain's callous, ruthless, violent, and rather stupid and short-sighted mentality is as common as dirt in corporate board rooms around the world.

Corporations as business structures are by definition profit-making machines, and the Sons and Daughters of Cain are mindlessly focused on making profit, too. It's a perfect match of tool with base motivation.
So the incorporated business structure that results from the secretive theft of assets that occurs whenever an incorporated entity is formed, spins off another evil-- and the resulting Business Trust structure becomes a natural tool for evil men to use to profit themselves.
If they can profit themselves by producing a good product or service they do so, and if they can profit themselves more by producing a bad product they do so with equal alacrity. They literally don't give a fig how they profit themselves, who or what is harmed, so long as they profit by it.

But, you say, doesn't Monsanto and it's Board of Directors know that by doing the things they are now engaged in, they are ultimately killing themselves and their children along with everyone else?

Remember the other characteristics of Cain?
He is not only uncaring--- he is stupid and short-sighted about his profit-making. His only fear is that other people will catch on and kill him for his misdeeds. Otherwise, who cares if his corporation kills 20 billion people ten years from now, so long as it generates a 20 billion profit this year?

He thinks --- we will just transfer the assets, bankrupt the brand, re-brand the product, make it a different color, add more perfume to mask the odor, and be off and going again in no time. "Round Up" may disappear, but "Nemesis Weed Whacker" will still be selling off the shelves, and as long as we can buy off the FDA---we'll go on profiting ourselves.

It is the same with adding fluoride to drinking water and using the excuse that it prevents cavities. It also causes mental and emotional retardation because it is a central nervous system poison, but who cares?

It turns a dangerous waste by-product of aluminum extraction into a profit maker for mining interests allied to the aerospace and defense contractor industries, so to someone with Cain's limited mindset, adding fluoride to drinking water is good. His corporation doesn't have to pay for safely disposing of the fluoride, and it makes a profit! Happy days!

At least the rest of us will have more teeth in our heads when we die, after living truncated lives with reduced brain function and adrenal failure.

Their answer to your concerns is always basically the same: am I my brother's keeper? Who cares? We are making a buck here!
And that is exactly what you encounter in corporate board rooms throughout the world--completely callous disregard of everyone and everything in the name of profit. Profit for the corporation. Profit for the men who secretively own the corporation. Profit for the the shareholders. Profit for the operators.

Not necessarily profit for the customers. The Sons and Daughters of Cain are happy to sell rat poison as medicine. Literally.
Now, it is bad enough when it is Monsanto or a consortium of Aluminum Manufacturers or a pharmaceutical company---but what happens when what is serving as your government is organized as a for-profit commercial corporation?

All the same evils of other commercial corporations apply to the United States, Inc. and the UN CORP, too.
Evil men bent on nothing but profit are sucked into the government corporations just as they naturally gravitate toward Microsoft and Mitsubishi.

And the end result is that someone like Nancy Pelosi winds up being Speaker of the House, and billionaire Donald Trump is drafted to oversee a profit-making bankruptcy for the UNITED STATES, Inc.
Did you hear that right? "A profit-making bankruptcy
" What is Grandma talking about now? How can a corporation profit by a bankruptcy?

They simply plan ahead and shuffle off all the profits of an old corporation into new corporations chartered by the same old perpetrators, then bankrupt the old shell they are leaving behind, leaving you behind to pick up the pieces and pay off their secondary creditors.

So the assets of the UNITED STATES, INC. are shuffled off into THE UNITED STATES, INC., and the old Business Trust is bankrupted and liquidated. The perpetrators start off with a fresh slate and the bulk of the accumulated ill-gotten gain from the old UNITED STATES, INC. to play with.

They leave you on the hook as co-signers and invested shareholders of the bankrupted entity.
Who cares? We are making a buck here! Am I my brother's keeper?

In this case, the parties making the ultimate profit from all this are the Pope and the Queen, who just happen to be the ones chartering all these incorporated Business Trust structures in the first place.

First, they profit from all the assets they receive as the undisclosed result of the incorporation process, then they profit from all the income from their governmental services corporations, then they shuffle off the profits to new similarly named corporations, then they bankrupt the old Business Trust structures and leave you on the hook to pay their bills.

It's Babylon and Egypt all over again.
They keep their secondary Creditors happy at your expense and keep right on trucking.

Who cares if you lose your home, your business, and your standard of living?

Who cares if that erodes your ability to work and earn and buy more stuff--including more government services? They are off and on their way to China. Tally-ho!

Who cares if their privateer operation in Puerto Rico is discovered? They've got another set up ready to go in the Northern Mariana Islands.

You see what I mean? These people really aren't too bright. Just sneaky and self-serving. They don't see that the Greater Good is "profit" to them and their business. They get lost in all sorts of petty sidebar schemes that turn a profit today and kill off their customer base tomorrow.

Look back at the story of Cain to see the mentality you are dealing with, and then take counsel accordingly.
Pope Benedict bowed to the inevitable. He knew that the UNITED STATES, INC. had been caught red-handed engaged in criminal activity against the States and People of this country. He knew he had to liquidate it as a crime syndicate, so he did.

But he didn't liquidate the American Corporations Company, or Cede and Company, or the Depository Trust Corporation/DTTC at the core of the criminality and enslavement racket. He didn't liquidate MERS and all the banks and securities houses that have benefited from it. He didn't liquidate the Belgian equivalent of MERS known as the BEAST. He didn't get rid of the IRS.

His Successor, Francis, circled the wagons at his behest and has overseen the quick-march reorganization designed to set up the same old system and try to pull the same old crappola again.

Pope Francis washed his hands and the Church's skirt with his Moto Proprio, and then he allowed the UNITED STATES, INC. bankruptcy to chug along and let THE SAME PERPETRATORS set up a new incorporated Business Trust --and let them CONTINUE to use us as Presumed Co-Signers (!!!) and to use our assets as collateral subject to their debts---business as usual in other words.

That is why we have complained in public and exposed the mammoth failure of the Curia to self-correct.
It's like the right hand slapping the left hand. Nothing has actually been done. The same criminals are in control. The same illegal, immoral, and unlawful practices are being employed by the "new" corporation as by the old.

Same story, different day--- except.... we are no longer asleep and no longer in the Land of Nod. As with Cain, all they are afraid of, is that the rest of us will catch on and kill them for their misdeeds.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
17 hrs ·

Modus Operandi 7.0

Do you realize that: (1) secret societies, (2) university sororities and fraternities, (3) labor unions, (4) political parties and (5) Bar Associations---- are all relatively recent developments, and they all have their genesis in the same exact time period that the Roman Pontificate and the British Monarch have been busily incorporating and enfranchising everything and everyone in sight?

All these "institutions" and organizations that we now take for granted -- except for the secret societies and protypes of the Bar-- didn't exist 150 years ago. The Greek Fraternities and organizations like Skull and Bones didn't exist. The Labor Unions didn't exist. The Political Parties didn't exist. And the Secret Societies and Bar Associations are only a little bit older than these other organizational developments, having their genesis in the 1750's.

What do all these organizations--- which have sprouted up like mushrooms for no apparent reason--- and all contemporaneous with the development of Corporate Feudalism, have in common?

They are all private organizations, largely outside the purview of public scrutiny or regulation.

They are all to some extent, secret, and use their privacy to shield their members and their activities.

They all promote private networks of special privilege and knowledge.

They all bind people to loyalty to their organizations and their aims and "traditions" in exchange for support and assistance to obtain things of value for members.

They are all lobbies.

They exist to promote group actions, group beliefs, group knowledge, group associations, group transfers of property, and to lobby for and promote advantages for group members.

Some of this is harmless enough, like pooling together for lower rates on health insurance or hosting an annual picnic in the park with free hot dogs. Some of it, like obtaining opium and underage girls, is just plain old garden-variety crime and immorality.
And some of it aims at toppling governments, profiting private businesses at public expense, plundering public trusts, profiting from enslavement of entire populations, commodity rigging, unlawful conversion of assets, mercenary wars, group sponsored thuggery against individual people and businesses, racketeering, coercion, extortion, smuggling, drug-running, human trafficking and other organized crime and collusion to benefit group members at the expense of the public.

So, why do we have political lobbies running a government?

Why do we have "secret" organizations on our university campuses promoting elitism and debauchery? Why do we have "secular churches" meeting in specially built windowless temples--- worshiping what, if not profit and Baal? Why do we suddenly have labor union lobbies advocating for groups of workers on one hand, and selling them out on the other? Why do our policemen -- who still take their pay out of the public pocket -- belong to secret police fraternities?

Why do almost all lawyers now belong to Bar Associations? And are required to belong, just like in a closed union shop?

Where did all of this come from, out of the blue, and just between 200 and 150 years ago? Answer: from the Holy Roman Empire. From the Pontificate of the Roman Catholic Church.

And all of this was developing to full flower at about the same time that a certain Roman Catholic Pope declared himself "infallible" and also required that Roman Catholic Clergy had to remain celibate and could not marry.

That's a relatively recent change, too, though well outside any of our lifetimes.
It's immediate impact, of course, was to provide a convenient haven for homosexual men and women, and that in turn also invited other groups with sexual issues to seek clerical vocations. Nobody wants to talk about it, but the facts are the facts, and we are seeing the results in literally thousands of complaints about child abuse and sexual misconduct.

These lobbying organizations all have their own flavor, but they all amount to the same basic theme of networking and lobbying for special advantages and promoting special knowledge and elite privileges for their members at the expense of the Average Joe, who doesn't have the support of these gangs.

In view of the damage these groups have done to our country and the world, there is really no excuse to allow them to exist at all.

The only good that they accomplish could be accomplished via other rules and means, and the evil that they promote is just plain criminal conspiracy aided by a convenient means to excuse and privately organize racketeering, extortion, smuggling, drug-running, human trafficking, political kickbacks and other dirty dealing.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
7 hrs ·

Modus Operandi 8.0

In summation to this point -- a wide variety of means are employed to promote the criminality in our midst. Those means involve making False Claims and Accusations, role playing by Actors to confuse identities and discredit whole groups of people, the incorporation of business interests and individuals as mere franchises in a larger corporate web all tied to the unincorporated government of the Holy See---which in the case of governmental corporations is promoted under force and color of law, and finally, the creation of Special Interest Groups and Secret Societies to promote self-interested privilege, elitism, and material advantage for members, often using these groups--- knowingly or unknowingly-- to organize and enforce criminal activities.

Let's work backwards now and see how this operates in reverse -- going from one particular Special Interest Group, through the incorporation process, back to the Actors, and finally to the False Claims underlying it all. We will demonstrate that this is indeed a Kingdom built on lies.

The Special Interest Group most responsible for creating and maintaining the criminal corporate government system can be generally described as Public Employees. The explosive increase of criminality promoted by the civilian Public Employees started shortly after they were allowed to form Public Employee Unions---- a political lobby of government workers.

So, once again, the delivery system for all this criminality is organized via a lobby. Take special note. All these Special Interest Groups -- secret fraternal organizations, Bar Associations, labor unions, political parties, and labor unions -- can all be described as lobbyist organizations, or in British parlance, as guilds. All of them.

These groups, often possessing specialized skills or knowledge, and the commercial corporations they work for, both governmental and non-governmental, are the core delivery system for the institutionalized crime we are dealing with.

While the impetus and motivation for crime may begin with the self-interest of a relatively few individuals or a small group within the framework of the whole, for an example, the State of Ohio Legislature passing a Driver License Statute to pay for road improvements and pay patrolmen and "promote public safety" back in 1923 --- if there is a profit to be made, the profit motive spreads the crime throughout the entire system like wildfire.

The State of Ohio, Inc. made a profit on licensing Drivers of Motor Vehicles, and soon every Territorial State of State organization in the country was doing the same. Technically, this was "legal" because the legislation affected only State of Ohio employees and dependents and affected only "Motor Vehicles".

Remember that we are dealing here with commercial corporations in the business of providing government services --- not actual governments. As commercial corporations they are motivated by profit, not the Public Good. As commercial corporations, they can demand that their employees wear uniforms, obey private corporate laws called "statutes", and adhere to other requirements as a condition of their employment----including licensing requirements.

So: (1) the State of Ohio, Inc., as a commercial corporation, requires its employees and dependents to register their private cars and trucks as "Motor Vehicles" and requires them to obtain "Driver Licenses" as a condition of their employment. (2) State of Ohio, Inc. made money by doing this. (3) Motivated by profit, all the Territorial State of State franchises were soon doing the same, and (4) by a process of assumption and non-disclosure, they gradually imposed their private corporate Public Policy upon the General Public under color of law.

The Public Employees become complicit in this process because more money for the corporation employing them means more money, more power, more benefits, and more jobs for them.

The key realization for all concerned is that these things operating "as" our government at both the Federal and State levels are all for-profit commercial corporations, and not true governments at all.

Everyone in this whole system from the Holy See -- the final receiver and beneficiary of this system, to the State of Ohio Legislature, to the State of Ohio Court System, to the Public Employee Unions, to the lowliest junior traffic cop or officer worker at the now-privatized Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) -- is corrupted by the same private profit motive.

They are in direct conflict of interest with the Public Good and all working together as a network -- an organized crime syndicate -- to profit themselves.

Do they do some good by enforcing Driver Education and Performance standards? Yes. Do they do some evil by enforcing their Public Policies as "law" and charging members of the General Public to pay and obey? Yes.
They are engaged in open racketeering and acting in violation of our Natural and Unalienable Right to travel.
Very little has changed since the days when Robber Barons sent out groups of armed men to waylay travelers in mountain passes and charge them tolls for the use of the road.
And who is going to enforce the actual Public Law against them? Who is going to provide a Court to bring them to justice?
Certainly not the same corporate police and corporate court officials who are profiting from all this graft and misrepresentation and greed.
The military? The military is looking to the same criminal corporations to make the profits to keep them fed.

There are only two answers: (1) expose and embarrass them from the Pope on down, so that the sheer force of public awareness and public outrage bears them down and forces reform; (2) seize upon our natural birthright political status as Free People and boot up our lawful system of self-governance, including our Public Courts and Sheriffs and Marshals.

Okay, so we have tracked our example back to the level of the Public Employees who are creating and enforcing this criminality. We have exposed their motives, and their costumes as Actors are plain enough to see: police uniforms and judges robes. There is only one more step to go.

We have to examine the Lies at the bottom of all of it.
In our example, the underlying Lies are the "Offer and Demand" by the State of Ohio to do two things: (1) falsely register your private car or truck as a "Motor Vehicle", and (2) falsely register yourself as a Person subject to their private corporation and its internal rules and regulations.

Their organization is basically requiring you to lie about yourself and your own private property and they are doing this under color of law and armed force. If you don't do what they want, when they want, how they want, at the price they demand, they will roam around in armed bands and molest you on the highways of this country like Highwaymen of old.

These Legislators and Judges and Police Officers and Commissioners and Governors and other Public Employees acting in support of this and similar racketeering schemes are betraying the Public Trust for money and political power---- for commercial corporation profit, not the Public Good.

As commercial corporation employees they are in fact no different in kind or authority than the Board Members and Employees of Burger King, International. The only difference is that these Public Employees are in the business of providing government services instead of flipping burgers, and they are grossly usurping upon their employers in violation of their employment contracts.

They are using armed force under color of law to coerce compliance with their lies and their demands.

They are by definition engaged in extortionate racketeering and inland piracy.

And nobody --- not the Pope, not the Queen, not the Lord Mayor, not the Parliament, not the Congress, not the Judges, not the Legislators, not the Public Employee Unions, not the Public Employees themselves --- nobody, no group within their entire chain of command, is doing anything sufficient to self-correct.

Instead, what we see is that when someone like Donald Trump tries to make corrections and bring the corporate operations back in line with actual Public Law and the actual commercial contracts that these corporations are supposed to honor and fulfill-- we have the members of the runaway Congress and the corrupt Judiciary bucking like wild horses against the saddle.

History has proven that corruption of this kind just breeds more corruption, and that unless this process is stopped, it simply gets worse until the people rise up and start murdering public employees and anyone else who can be identified as any kind of official. In Cambodia and China and Vietnam and during the French Revolution, the purging of corrupt "government" officials got down to the level of school teachers and public notaries.

The commercial corporations employing and mis-directing all these people were destroyed, along with vast amounts of valuable property and infrastructure.

To prevent this from happening again with increasing violence on both sides, a number of things have to happen.

Public Employees need to remember who they actually work for.

The American People have to wake up and undertake the duty to self-govern and provide the governmental structure and Public Courts that will in turn counteract the corruption and crimes of the commercial service corporations.

The President and the military and the Secretary of State and the Secretary of the Treasury need to fully support the peaceful efforts of the People to correct this mess, and need to respect our actual political status and standing regardless of the coerced, non-disclosed, and falsified public documents, birth certificates, licenses, and registrations that have been employed as a means of identity theft and constructive fraud against the American People.

The Pope needs to do far more to correct operations and liquidate corporations engaged in criminal activities. He also needs to deny corporate privileges to those who have engaged in such crimes in the past, not foster a revolving door syndrome in which the same sins are engaged in by the same people simply from a new location or under a slightly different name or charter.

So does the Queen need to get off her velvet tuffet to actually honor the contracts held by her government and to stop British commercial corporations from usurping against our government, stop press-ganging our people, stop trespassing on our jurisdiction.

Every member of Parliament and Congress and all the "state of state" legislatures and the Public Employees in general need to wake up, too--- and stop their criminal trespasses against the American States and People.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
5 hrs ·

Trading With the Enemy Act Deconstructed

The idea that Franklin Delano Roosevelt's First Inaugural Address created a Public Trust impacting the General Public has been thoroughly examined and debunked, and along with it, the idea that the American Public was obligated to respond to his offer. The American Public was self-evidently not being addressed by FDR: the Municipal Citizens of the United States were being addressed and only the Municipal Citizens of the United States had cause to rebut his insane presumptions.

Now we come to the infamous Trading With the Enemy Act:
What do we observe? The enabling clause of the Trading With the Enemy Act reads: "Be it enacted by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled...."

This is an action being pursued by the Territorial United States of America.

By definition such an Act pertains to Territorial United States Citizens and to the operations of the British Territorial Government with respect to its obligations to provide for a mutual defense for our States and People. Nothing more or less.

The "citizens of the United States" being referenced are the same 14th Amendment "citizens of the United States" referenced in Territorial Corporate "constitution" adopted in 1868 --- The Constitution of the United States of America.

And who are these "citizens"? Black and other colored former plantation slaves owned as franchises of the Municipal United States Government ever since 1868. That is the ugly truth of the matter.

This same phrase can also more generally be applied to Citizens of the United States --- that is, to Officers of the Municipal Government of the United States and their Federal Civil Service Employees and Dependents.

Either way, the fact that that these are the people being addressed throughout the Trading With the Enemy Act is made explicit by the constant reference to "the" United States and less frequently "the" United States of America.

If this Act in any way referenced the American People or the State Citizens of this country, the Act would reference The United States and State Citizens. It doesn't, so we may safely presume that it has nothing whatsoever to do with us except to exempt us--- as it does under Title 50, Section 7 (c) and (e).

So all presumptions against us, against our "VESSELS" in commerce, should we have any, and against our "Vessels" in international trade, should we be engaged in any such activity, are exempt, pre-paid, not subject to seizure as enemies of any sort under any international law or rule of Admiralty, including the Law of Prizes.

Once again the Perpetrators have deliberately fostered a scam, a con game, in which they have arbitrarily "declared" war on each other.

Both the Territorial United States of America and the Municipal United States have "conferred" citizenship upon us without our knowledge or consent, for the purpose of trading upon our Good Names and Credit.
These foreign Persons (Territorial) and PERSONS (Municipal) are used without our understanding or consent as tools to promote fraud, identity theft, inland piracy and usurpation against our lawful government.

This ruse allows both commercial corporations to declare commercial mercenary "war" on each other and pretend that average Americans who are minding their own business on the land and soil of their own country are "citizens" of their respective foreign commercial corporations, instead.

This set up allows the Territorial Government to attack and seize upon Municipal CITIZENS merely presumed to exist, and on the come around, allows Municipal CITIZENS to attack and seize upon any Territorial Legal Person.

The clueless Americans have no idea that their run amok Federal Subcontractors have designed this scam as a "damned if you do and damned if you don't" Doublespeak Con Game and a political identity theft scheme specifically forbidden by the Geneva Conventions.

When pressed to justify their presumptions both of these guilty commercial corporations claim (lamely) that these "citizenship franchises" they secretively conferred on us are "gifts" to us, but in reality, these "gift franchises" provide the perpetrators with an excuse to misapply the Trading With the Enemy Act.

The Territorial Government declared "war" against the Municipal "citizens of the United States" --- the PERSONS gifted to us by the Municipal Congress, and the Municipal Congress declared "war" by "necessity" against the Legal Persons conferred upon us by the Territorial Congress.

Thus by "accidentally-on-purpose" mistaking us as officers, employees, or dependents of the rival corporation, they have colluded together to pillage and plunder their employers --- the very people that they are under solemn oath and contract to protect and defend, and they have also used this jive to evade the restrictions and limitations of the Constitutions without which their "persons" cease to exist.

That is a point that needs to be brought home to these cretins: both United States Citizens and Citizens of the United States are Persons created by and under the the authority vested in the respective Constitutions owed to the States and People of this country. Without the Constitutions there are no United States Citizens, no citizens of the United States and no Citizens of the United States, either.

Without the American States and People, the Constitutions are vacated, and the foundations of both Federal political moieties cease to exist.
The Constitutions the Perpetrators are undermining and trying to escape are in fact their own meal tickets, the Source of their Persons, and the guarantee of their jobs.

Without the Constitutions all brands of US Citizen cease to exist, and like the dysfunctional and dishonest members of Congress, the most that Federal Civil Service and Military Employees can hope for is a bread line provided by the same people you have betrayed and dis-served and dishonored.

The Territorial Trading With the Enemy Act has nothing whatsoever to do with American State Citizens---and any supposition that it ever did is an outrage.

These foreign commercial corporations are not authorized to conscript, press-gang, volunteer, or confer any citizenship obligations on their employers, may not compel us to conduct business in any foreign jurisdiction, or compel us to be "licensed" to conduct business, get married, or do much of anything else that does not involve interstate transport and sale of firearms, tobacco and alcohol.

A Constitutional right owed to American State Citizens cannot be licensed. That includes all of our Natural and Unalienable Rights, the rights enumerated as part of the Bill of Rights, the right to conduct our private business, the right to travel freely wherever and whenever we wish, the right to speak our minds without duress, the right to our religious practices and beliefs without censor, and the right to own and enjoy our private property assets without any presumption against our Persons whatsoever.

The only "job" that the Territorial and Municipal Governments have is to provide essential government services under contract as stipulated by the Constitutions. They are not invited here to create mischief and work fraud schemes against their employers.

The misapplication of the Trading With the Enemy Act and the misuse of foreign PERSONS to work collusive constructive fraud against Americans is international crime in admiralty and commercial fraud of the worst kind.

This entire circumstance is an affront far worse than anything Iran has done, and deserves immediate, complete, absolute, and permanent correction by the Pope, the Queen, the Lord Mayor of London, the President of the United States, the United Nations Secretary General, and everyone else holding any kind of Office, Public or Private.

The United States = is unincorporated and represents the combined National Jurisdictions of the states of this country. Notice---- this is a Proper Name: The United States The word "The" is part of the Proper Name and it is styled and capitalized in exactly this way.

"the" United States = foreign Holy Roman Empire Municipal Corporation under contract to provide essential government services. It's a foreign municipal corporation acting as a subcontractor exercising specific delegated powers and obligated to work within the limitations clearly stipulated by The Constitution of the United States.

The United States of America = the unincorporated Federation of States holding the international jurisdiction owed to this country and the original Delegator of the Delegated Powers under which the Territorial Subcontractor doing business "in our name" as "the United States of America" functions. Again, notice that "The" is part of the Proper Name of the Federation of States.

The Territorial commercial corporation doing business as "the United States of America" is a foreign commercial corporation subcontractor exercising specific delegated powers and obligated to work within the limitations clearly stipulated by The Constitution of the United States of America as originally enacted.

Look as long and as hard as you like at the Trading With the Enemy Act and you will never see a reference to The United States nor to The United States of America. What you will see are plenty of references to our subcontractors and their citizens.

The only thing that the Trading With the Enemy Act can say about us is what it in fact does say about us ---- that we are exempt, totally, absolutely, without question and that our persons are also totally exempt.

So let this be Public Notice to the Pope, to the Queen, to the Lord Mayor of London, and to the President of the United States: the Trading With the Enemy Act has nothing to do with the American States and People.

If you can't read and understand what the Trading With the Enemy Act actually says, and who and what it pertains to, it's time to get out of the kitchen.

For the neophytes among us --- the Holy See sided with the Southern States of the Confederacy in the Civil War, while the British King sided with the Northern Confederate States. They have been playing mercenary games on our shores ever since, taking pot shots at each other on one hand and colluding with each other to defraud, pillage, and plunder the actual States of the Union on the other.

This is clearly nothing but immoral, illegal, and unlawful activity by commercial corporation subcontractors against their employers: the actual States of the Union never declared any "War" and didn't participate in the Mercenary Conflict known as the American Civil War.

So these criminals have been on our shores and on our backs, telling lies about us and misrepresenting us, purposefully misidentifying us, setting up constructive fraud schemes, falsifying public records, and working identity theft rackets against their employers while taking their paychecks from our pockets.

They have used Federal "Code" --- which is literally encoded --- to promote false legal presumptions, facilitate identity theft, and promote hypothecation of debt against assets that don't belong to them.

Let this serve as Public Notice and let service be Noted: that all assets of all Americans that have been seized upon by the United States Attorney General under false presumptions encouraged by the Trading With the Enemy Act are already claimed by the States and People of this country.

The United States Attorney General and Army General Staff are under demand to perform according to their obligations under The Constitution of the United States of America as originally enacted, by the Lawful Heirs and Landlords who have indisputable provenance, and who have never been subject to any aspect of the Trading With the Enemy Act.

A very serious mistake has been made by the Federal Subcontractors. A very profound Breach of Trust has occurred.

All land and titles, all property assets and interests naturally belonging to The United States of America, the member States of the Union, and the American People must be returned without further pretense or delay.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
Yesterday at 1:13 PM ·

Situation Recap Report and Resolution

The two remaining branches of the original Federal Government are playing war games on our shores in contravention of their duties and contractual obligations.

They are secretively preying upon Americans via various means of fraud which they have attempted to excuse by deliberately engaging in the following actions: (1) falsification of records; (2) identity theft; (3) secretive unilateral contracting processes serving to confer opposing citizenship obligations -- so that Americans are presumed to be both Territorial United States Citizens and Municipal Citizens of the United States, when in fact they are neither; (4) confiscation of assets based on a phony interpretation of the Trading With the Enemy Act; (5) holding of assets based on a phony interpretation of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's First Inaugural Address; (6) misdirection and corruption of the Judicial Branches of the respective Territorial and Municipal Government corporations to secure enforcement for all the above crock of horse hooey.

So, it is apparent to us and it should be apparent to everyone reading this, that the entire country has been run amok by two competing commercial corporations, both of which are operating as crime syndicates in gross violation of their treaty and commercial contract obligations.

It should also be apparent that their criminality is orchestrated and purposeful, and that they have colluded together to produce a single desired result: the rape and pillaging of the American States and People that they are all sworn to protect and defend, and the avoidance of the limitations of the Constitutional Agreements that permit the existence of these corporations and their presence on our shores.

The duty which the Roman Curia owes the entire world is to prevent this kind of thing from happening and to promptly liquidate any corporation caught engaging in unlawful activity. They created all these corporate entities --- thought them up out of thin air and gave them form; they thus remain responsible for them.

So, they shuffled off the assets of the Municipal Corporation doing business as the UNITED STATES, INC., left the victims on the hook as Presumed Co-Signers of its debts, and allowed the same perpetrators to boot up numerous new corporations which have offered to continue on with business as usual, promoting the same frauds, and operating in the same way as the UNITED STATES, INC.

The IRS for example, simply moved its Headquarters from Puerto Rico to the Northern Mariana Islands, and snugged down, ready to continue on beating and fleecing Americans under the same false presumptions of Municipal Citizenship and under the same old tired excuse of relocating the Municipal PERSONS to a United States Commonwealth where they can be prosecuted under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition.

Their remedy has fallen far short of what the victims of this perfidy are owed and thus far presents nothing but another fraud and another con game that obeys the letter, but not the spirit or intent of the Ecclesiastical Law, and which immediately engages the new corporations in the sins of their predecessors--- all without any relief to the victims of these crimes who are in fact the Priority Creditors of these corporations.

They have also failed to liquidate the holdings of Her Royal Majesty, the British Territorial Government, and those of the Lord Mayor of London and the Government of Westminster, all of which have exercised the privilege of issuing incorporation charters and allowed the resulting corporations to operate as crime syndicates. By international agreement, the Pope retains the ability to liquidate these monstrosities as well, and owes it to the American States and People to do so without further adieu.

The Territorial and Municipal Corporations have all trespassed in a criminal and
coordinated fashion and committed capital crimes against their employers, the American States and People. They deserve to be liquidated and all their assets returned to their Priority Creditors -- the same American States and People who have been harmed and victimized by these crimes.

Our agreements with the Pope, Her Majesty, and Westminster are very clear and do not allow such Breach of Trust and legal chicanery. Mr. Trump and his Administration have been and are being fully informed regarding these issues and all Parties concerned worldwide are being called upon to put an end to these outrages and return the purloined property to the rightful owners.

This is nothing more or less than the exercise of international and commercial law and its requirements, well-agreed upon for hundreds of years. The claim that hundreds of millions of Americans have "voluntarily" and knowingly embarked on careers as British Merchant Marine Warrant Officers is ludicrous.

The claim that we are "missing, presumed dead" is equally ludicrous.
We have been deliberately scammed, misinformed, defrauded by dishonest employees, have suffered identity theft, have been robbed, pillaged and plundered by mercenary pirates, and in all ways abused in Bad Faith by the Popes and the British Monarchs and the Lord Mayors of Westminster, who have pretended to be our Friends and Allies, and who have instead acted in Gross Breach of Trust and violation of commercial contract obligations that we are clearly owed.
Giving their own lackeys our property is not relief nor is it remedy for this circumstance and any continued pretension that it is, will be met with instantaneous rebuttal. Creating a Revolving Door where one corporation is shut down for criminal activity and another corporation operated under a slightly different name or with a different headquarters is allowed to resume the same criminal activity, is not an answer.

We insist that the American States and People be fully recognized and their political status be honored. We insist that our property be returned to us free and clear and unencumbered by foreign debt. We insist that all right, title, and interest naturally belonging to us be returned to us. We insist that our employees cease and desist all false claims and false citizenship presumptions and render Good Faith Service instead.

We can read the historical record, the Territorial Code, and the Municipal Code for what it actually says. We are not confused by Doublespeak. We are not confused about the identity, function, or administration of either the United States nor the United States of America, and their relationship to The United States and The United States of America, respectively.

If the Pope and the Queen and the Lord Mayor expect us to honor our obligations under the Constitutional Agreements and the international law, they must also honor theirs---- and not via some oblique mockery of substituting one criminally misdirected commercial corporation for another criminally misdirected commercial corporation with the intention of continuing to promote crime against the American States and People.

We wish the Internal Revenue Service and the IRS to be completely and permanently reformed. We wish for these organizations to be re-directed and enabled to modernize their delivery of credit that is owed to the American States and People via application of our exemptions and Mutual Offset Credit Exchanges we are owed.

We deny the Territorial United States Congress and the Municipal United States Congress any ability to pass Flat Taxes or Sales Taxes "for" us, and we deny their franchise operations any ability to pass or enforce Property Taxes on our private property assets, which are all due return and revenue.

A grotesque and profound Breach of Trust and international law has occurred here and no succor can be afforded to the guilty parties on the basis of any "law of necessity" or the existence of any "war powers" exercised on our behalf to justify our destruction. We have our own recourse to the law of necessity and as a sovereign government, we have the lawful ability to enforce the Public Law upon all and any perpetrators and promoters of these crimes on our shores.

1. The National Credit owed to the American States and People must be made available to them, and their public and private property assets must be lawfully conveyed and officially re-venued without recourse to any presumptions otherwise.

2. Peace must be declared with respect to the land and soil of our country and peace between the Territorial and Municipal United States while operating on our shores or in our Territories and Insular Possessions must also be maintained. We are not putting up with any more pretensions of "commercial warfare" on our shores, in our Territories, or in our Insular Possessions. This country has been at peace since 1814 and for everyone's sake, it is best that it remain so.

3. All Federal Service Providers and all Federal Franchise States of States and Agency Subcontractors must be brought into alignment and compliance with the respective Constitutions and Service Agreements owed to the American States and People, together with their guarantees and limitations, without delay.

4. The conscription apparatus put in place by the British Territorial Government to entrap and arbitrarily confer Territorial United States Citizenship on Americans must be dismantled and subscribed to the Dust Bin of history. This includes all registration of births and all retention of all false claims based upon such registrations. The registration and securitization of living flesh using the pretense of non-existent citizenship obligations is forbidden by both international law and scripture and has no place in America.

5. The corollary apparatus put in place by the Municipal United States Government used to create bogus Cestui Que Vie Trusts and Public Transmitting Utilities and Public Charitable Trust ACCOUNTS must also be reformed. Hundreds of millions of innocent people have suffered probate fraud as a result of these activities and a mighty correction is long overdue.

6. No foreign government is allowed nor entitled to confer citizenship upon anyone born in the States of the Union and no pretense or excuse may be offered for this circumstance in which the Hired Help have deliberately mis-characterized and mis-identified Americans as either species of Federal Employee or Dependents or US Franchise Corporations and sought to entrap and persecute their Employers in Gross Breach of Trust.

7. The foreign governments responsible for this circumstance have employed fraud of various species throughout this process of misrepresentation and entrapment and both bankruptcy and probate fraud upon the courts has been employed. As fraud vitiates everything tainted by it, we exercise our Natural and Unalienable Rights and our Law of Necessity to invoke the Public Law and the Law of the Land owed to this country and we invoke the Grandfather Clause of all Acts of Congress since 1861, declaring ourselves free of any taint or obligation or crime committed by these foreign political lobbies deceitfully operating "in our names".


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
Yesterday at 6:04 PM ·

This Week's Sickening Disinformation

1. Big Lie #1 --- America Remained a British Crown Colony after the Revolution.

The Offered Proof --- King George called the "Prince of the United States" in The Definitive Treaty of Peace, 1783.

The Rebuttal --- "the United States" is being referenced here, not The United States. This is referring to the King's role as Protector of the United States Commonwealth properties and does not imply that America remained a British Colony, much less a British Crown Colony. The British Crown is a separate entity run by the Government of Westminster. Our lawful government has separate treaties with them, and no, America is not a British Crown Colony.

Another Offered Proof --- The Act of 1871 incorporated the District of Columbia.

The Rebuttal -- The District of Columbia was fully defined and created as of 1802. The Act of 1871 was an attempt to create a municipal corporation for the District of Columbia; it failed and was repealed in 1874. A separate Municipal Corporation was finally created in 1878. As the District of Columbia Government is a foreign government, it gets to run its internal affairs as it sees fit and its choice to operate a municipal corporation has no affect on our relationship to it nor the duties and obligations that its government owes to us.

Please warn everyone that people are being bamboozled again.

The United States is a separate entity from "the" United States.

The United States is a Union of our soil jurisdiction states, while "the" United States is a foreign Municipal (Holy Roman Empire) independent international city-state government authorized to exist under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17. It exercises some of our Delegated Powers "in our names" --- literally.

All this confusion needs to be cleared up and taught to every schoolchild:

The United States = our Union of soil jurisdiction states.

"the" United States = foreign municipal international city-state government.

2. Big Lie #2 --- Indigenous Tribes are sovereign entities.

Proof Offered: Native people have separate treaties and tribal governments.

Rebuttal: Native nations enjoy "dependent sovereignty" within the States of the Union. Many "nations" may occupy the same geographical space. So far as the Roman Municipal Government is concerned, "tribes" are "uncivilized people" who owe "tribute" to Rome. While you may call yourself a "Lakota Sioux" and preserve your heritage and sovereignty as a nation, the moment you call yourself a member of the Lakota Sioux Tribe, you admit owing tribute to Rome and being a Federal Dependent and Citizen of the United States. You can't have it both ways.

3. Big Lie # 3: The Titles of Nobility Amendment passed in 1810 and ratified in 1819, sometimes called the Original 13th Amendment, or TONA, mysteriously disappeared.

Proof Offered: There is no such Amendment in The Constitution of the United States of America.

Rebuttal: This Amendment is part of a different Constitution called The Constitution for the united States of America. The Amendment didn't disappear.
The Constitution containing it, and our Federal States of America, are what have been deliberately obscured and largely removed from the Public Record and view.

Our Federal States of States, members of the Confederation formed under The Articles of Confederation in 1781, were secretively moth-balled "pending reconstruction" in the wake of the Civil War. British Territorial States of States were deceitfully substituted for our American States of States and the American States and People were left uninformed in Breach of Trust by both the British Monarch and the Pope.

The British Territorial States of States were used to pillage and pilfer and later, to plunder and conscript our assets via deliberate constructive fraud schemes;
the Municipal United States Government got into the act and also participated in these venal bunko activities.

To a casual reader none of these things seem that important, but these are the same kinds of semantic deceits which have served to enslave, entrap, defraud, and confuse generations of Americans. It's time we joined forces and spread the word by word of mouth. Make sure that your friends, family, and children know the differences and know the truth.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
Yesterday at 4:45 PM ·

Why NOT to Incorporate a Town

There is presently a drive on to get small unincorporated towns to incorporate themselves as franchises of bankrupt Counties and States of States organizations There was even such an effort to try to incorporate my own small hometown, Big Lake, Alaska.

It failed miserably because there are too many savvy millionaires who live here and who know the scam, plus they don't want to pay for any more government layers of unaccountable stupidity.

The perpetrators want to glom onto the assets of the unincorporated towns and counties so as to: (1) gain new assets they can borrow money against; (2) have new assets to offer their greedy Creditors as "security" on these loans.

So if you want to give up your freedom and your security and your property rights and the ownership of your private property, just agree to incorporate your village or town, and the vermin responsible will be happy to bankrupt you and seize upon your assets as free gifts and donations to their foreign government.

Does that explain why no unincorporated town or village in its right mind should ever even think about incorporating its operations?


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
Yesterday at 5:37 PM ·

Don't Claim Any "Tribal Rights" or Memberships

I have always had a respect and sympathy for Native Americans and have taken interest in their problems and plights and claims and efforts to be heard and to gain back property rights and treaty protections that are owed to them. As a Young Gun I got involved in the American Indian Movement at the same time my Mother was working on the Farm Union Claims.

The issues are eerily the same --- the rightful owners displaced at gunpoint under color of law, only one group was red and the other was white. And now we have corporations seeking to displace everyone concerned, based on phony "citizenships" that don't exist.

If we don't wake up and develop both some Street Schmartz and backbone, Russell Means' parting shot, "Welcome to the Reservation!" will come true.

I have some advice and insight that needs to get widely dispersed --- the Romans used the word "tribes" to describe "uncivilized groups of people" who owed "tribute" to Rome.

So guess what? When you claim to be a "Lakota Sioux" or an "Athabascan" or an "Ahtna" or a "Ho-Chunka" or "Navajo"--- you are standing on solid ground and claiming an ancient and honorable estate as a free living one of your own people.

But when you claim to be a "Lakota Sioux Tribal Member" --- or to be part of a "Tribe" --- you are admitting to be one of those uncivilized people who owe "tribute" ---- taxes and loyalty---- to Rome. Tribal Members are thus all converted into "citizens of the United States" by definition, Paupers and Federal Dependents.

The rats have laid another one of their little semantic traps for people, and eagerly await our stumbling into it, like a fresh cow pie disguised with leaves and dust.

If your Name has been "enrolled" and you are in receipt of "Federal Benefits" of any kind, think twice. This is the same Schtick, slightly different flavor, as the Birth Certificate or Social Security scam.

Like everyone else, you have to think twice to regain control of your name and reclaim your birthright ---- or at least not give away your birthright by calling yourself a "Tribal Member". Pretend you are playing poker, because you are.

There may be some entity called "JOHNNY TWO BLANKETS" enrolled as a Tribal Member, but he isn't you.
You are the only Johnny Two Blankets standing here, and you are a Lakota, a Navajo, a Ute, an Iroquois, a Winnebago, a Cherokee....
This is the same distinction everyone has to make between "US Citizen" and Minnesotan, Wisconsinite, Texan, New Yorker, Virginian....
You get to declare who you are and in what capacity you are acting, and by choosing wisely, you regain your standing as one of the People of this Land.