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Anna von Reitz: fyi; What form of government are we owed?


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
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From the Nazi-Communist-EU-Playbook
My Father explained the difference between the Nazis and the Communists to me when I was just a little girl.

The Communists, he said, steal everything, and then take responsibility for running everything. The Nazi Fascists steal everything, and then make you responsible for running and for paying for everything.

The Fascists are obviously smarter, but there in a nutshell is the entire difference between the Communists and Fascists. And both are Socialists --- that is, they are delusional. They think that violating the Law of Free Will is an option, and that forcing people to accept the moral responsibility of helping unfortunate neighbors (while siphoning off large portions of the largess for Party Hacks) via racketeering is okay.

It's the "siphoning off large portions" part you need to pay attention to, because that is what motivates all this garbage.

I estimate that 98% of all foreign aid ever approved by the "US" Congress was siphoned off either by "Intelligence Organizations" or, in recent years, directly by members of the Congress or the Administration responsible for delivering these allocations.

The Clinton Foundation's theft of 90% of the aid meant to help Haiti comes to mind.

This is why both Communist and Fascist leaders sound and look so amazingly alike. Compare Nikita Khrushchev and Adolph Hitler? Hear the same overblown shouting rhetoric? See the same fist-banging? Now compare George Herbert Walker Bush and Nicholas Sarkozy? Much quieter, smoother, but still the same words, the same tone of voice, the same veiled menace.
They look alike and sound alike, because they are alike. They are engaged in peddling the same lawlessness and the same delusions for the same reasons.
And so it is with the European Union Commission and the DNC. Same thing. Same rhetoric. Same methods. Same "sound" coming out of both.

They are recognizable and recognizably the same bunch of hoodlums, using the same methods, so, in the same way that you can recognize "Disco Music" or "Country Western" no matter which band is playing, you can recognize the Perpetrators no matter which Party Hat they are wearing or which country they come from.

What they really have in common is that they are criminals---- sanctimonious criminals.
Adam Schiff comes to mind. Here's a guy who has pulled every dirty trick in the book more than once, lecturing us on morality, and spinning off (non-existent, as it happens) crime scenarios so effortlessly that we should all know that only a practiced criminal thinks this way off the top of his head.

He is accusing Trump of doing things he would do himself. And which Joe Biden, obviously, actually did. And which Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, and Mitt Romney all actually did, too. They peddled their influence to make billions with a "b" off of Ukraine paying them protection money, and now, they are scared because: (1) it's going to come out, and (2) they'll go to jail.

An estimated 80% of the "US" Congress is implicated. So get ready for "Martial Law" -- but hint, it won't be a big change, because we have been under "Martial Law" since March of 1863 --- and new elections.

These people all preach goodness and light and freebies to all, then use that as an excuse to strong-arm racketeer honest people out of their earnings and assets, then take 90% of it for themselves, and then, give 10% to the poor they were supposedly championing to begin with.

It's a simple, predictable Modus Operandi, and holds true for both Communists and Fascists.

Please note that central to the success of this scheme, the actual poor people have to be kept hungry and hopeful. The millions of desperate poor people who take the promises of these clowns seriously are needed to keep these criminals in office. So the poor must be kept poor, and the more downtrodden and angry, the better.
And this is why the Democratic Party has so often had complete control in Washington, DC, and why the Democratic Party so consistently fails to deliver on any substantial part of its promises to the poor--- despite having the majorities to do so, despite having the credit stolen from those same poor people's labor to deliver on everything they promise to do -- and never do.

So these consummate Hypocrites and Liars take the stage and whump up a good-sounding speech full of platitudes and illusory promises, and the poor vote for them, hoping for relief, not knowing that these vicious morons are only intent on using the poor as an excuse for their own predatory activities.

The candidates and Party Hacks know that 90% is theirs, so they are highly motivated to put on a good show.

How stupid are we that we don't see through this and call it for what it is?

The current sideshow with the impeachment "trial" is taken straight out of the Nazi-Communist- EU Playbook, too.
The EU Commission has a long-standing practice of instigating as many as four layers of ongoing "investigations" into the same or closely related topics, that stretch on and get rolled over just like the never-ending-should-be-dead "Russian Collusion" Hoax, and then magically disappear when a new Commission takes over every six years.
Poof! What Russian collusion? We are new here. Don't know a thing about it.

Not surprising the internal audit of the EU's books is one of those forever-ongoing-investigations that never gets signed off on by any auditor, not even their own internal auditors that are hired to do the books.
With hundreds of billions of British pounds being poured into the EU every year, British basic industries languishing (just like in America), and British taxpayers being taxed into the poor house --- literally losing their homes (just like in America), and British naval yards and fisheries emptied out after ten thousand years of dominating the seas (just like America, too, though with far more traditional standing in Britain) --- there's no wonder why Britain is choosing BREXIT.

The better question is why did Britain ever join the EU in the first place, considering that it was always the odd man out, and no definitive clear benefit for Britain was ever on offer?
Could it be that the British Government is just as corrupt as the US Government and the whole point of joining the EU was to trash Britain's economy for the benefit of Germany and France, which have been united under a single foreign policy since the Treaty of Elysee in 1963?

The question of which Government, British or American, is more corrupt or which one went bad first is rather academic.

The most recent round of deplorable criminality began during the reign of Queen Victoria and is contemporaneous with her alliance with the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha German Principality of Wettin, together with its close ties to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

It started going spectacularly South with the scheme to enfranchise British workers --- a form of impersonation and enslavement only allowed by the Roman Catholic Church in the modern world, and its Roman Municipal Pontifical Government -- that was engineered by Benjamin D'Israeli as a means to finance the Raj in India.
So we are treated to the spectacle of British (and in 1933, American) workers being enslaved to promote the enslavement of other people halfway around the world. All in the name of Christ.

If Jesus were in a grave, he'd roll over in it.

Anyway, whether you are a Brit or an American or an Aussie or a Frenchman or a German or a Swiss or an Italian or a Greek or an Irishman, or especially if you are Chinese and due to be the next menu item --- it's time we all woke up.
These Bilkers have been defrauding the whole world since Hector was a pup, and though we can cite chapter and verse for the last two hundred years and have access to records going much farther back into the Annals of Corruption, what we really need to focus on is right here and now.

Using the Proof is in the Pudding Test, we can observe that there was no good reason for Britain to join the EU in the first place. We can observe that America has been raped and pillaged, and Britain has been raped and pillaged, too, as if we were all in a conga line for the honor.

Just picture Europe as a glutton with two drinks and two straws.

We can observe that those benefiting from this were: Germany and France and Luxembourg and Italy and Greece and Spain and Portugal and Switzerland and the Netherlands, Belgium, and, oh, yes, Israel---- and in terms of siphoning, that singular Vichy French and Nazi institution, Deutsche AG, St. Gallens, Switzerland.

Deutsche AG, St. Gallens, Switzerland, is the CIA/DVD/KGB Dirty Ops Financier for the equally dirty Vichy French UN CORP, which is in charge of commercial mercenary operations for this same crime syndicate.

Deutsche AG, St. Gallens, Switzerland, was owned and operated for decades by: GHW Bush (actual family name: Scharf), Mikhail Gorbachev (actual family name: Orbach), former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, and Richard Ackermann--- also German. But who, in the end, were they working for?
The House of Wettin. The same German Royal House that Queen Victoria allied herself with back in February of 1840, but currently being run out of Scotland by the Queen's Cousin. And so, we come back to the unique role of Scotland.
It was a Scottish Commercial Corporation that crept in and started operating "as" The United States of America, Incorporated, in the wake of the Civil War--- and it's still trying to do the same thing, now, that is, impersonate us and pretend that it "represents" us, even though we have clearly told the world that it does not.

And it was the Bank of Scotland that was part of the scandalous three-party fake ACCOUNT scheme involving an unincorporated "Bank of Scotland" and Lloyd's Bank International, Ltd, and HBOS PLC, using offshore Jersey Island "trusts" in a clear-cut conspiracy to obligate thousands if not millions of Brits to pay taxes and mortgage fees they don't actually owe, and to at the same time, defraud millions of innocent investors who bought equally fake mortgage backed securities based on these bogus ACCOUNTS.

Wells Fargo did exactly the same thing in America at the same time, September 2007, when Wells Fargo was owned by The Office of the United States Attorney General.

People were led to believe that they were dealing with an actual bank: Wells Fargo Bank, but in fact, they were dealing with an unincorporated entity calling itself Wells Fargo, N.A., operated out of Arizona. Same exact schtick, only the fake ACCOUNTS and trusts were placed offshore in Puerto Rico.

Why all of this? To avoid taxation on their money laundering schemes and to saddle the "taxpayers" with more debt --- thereby offloading their own corporate debt and bank liabilities.

And why the involvement of the British Territorial Government's Department of Justice?

Obviously, it has to do with the "Re-Funding" of the "US Government" corporations and the USD currency, and ongoing efforts to offload the bank's obligations onto the American "taxpayers" using the DTCC (and its venal, foreign, and in all Common Law Countries --- grossly illegal ---) securitization schemes to do so.

While most American slept peacefully in their beds back in 2010, and the members of the Municipal UNITED STATES CONGRESS just as quietly ordered 30,000 guillotines intended for use on us and our children as part of their plan to simply kill off their Priority Creditors, the Deposit Trust and Clearing Corporation (yes, the same villain that originally issued all the "Clearinghouse Certificates" -- i.e., Birth Certificates issued against the Good Names and Assets of Municipal "citizens of the United States" by FDR back in 1933) announced that the Federal Reserve Board had approved its application to establish a DTCC subsidiary as a member of the Federal Reserve System, to operate a "Trade Information Warehouse" to track over-the-counter (OTC) credit derivatives and act as a global depository for over-the-counter credit derivatives transactions.

What this means in plain language is that the Federal Reserve (and all the good little presumed-to-exist American TAXPAYERS which don't actually exist) became the Guarantor of Last Resort for all the Credit Default Swaps that are underwriting (insuring) the bogus Jersey and Puerto Rican and Maltese and Cypress and Northern Mariana Island and etc., etc., offshore trusts and public transmitting utilities and public charitable trusts and LLCs these madmen have created "in our names".

Oh, and the DTCC? It operates this "Trade Information Warehouse" as a surveillance operation under the guise of what else? A trust. Always a trust operated by those who deserve none.

Under Timothy Geithner the Federal Reserve Bank of New York -- alone -- acquired a portfolio of (admitted) $500 trillion of these derivative "assets" that don't exist. The DTCC's Obligation Warehouse (the debt side of the clearing operation) would then track defaults --- when the poor old "TAXPAYER" no longer pays for whatever reason, and reports this, so that the Federal Reserve can print more money out of thin air and further in-debt the remaining sops and further devalue the USD.

Which the FED has been doing all winter long, to prop up the Wall Street financiers.
And the point being? All of this is unlawful and ILLEGAL as sin. All of it.

Five American Presidents beginning with Jimmy Carter and ending with Obama were granted "immunity" from the World Court, acting in collusion with the World Bank, thereby admitting that they were (and are, including and most especially, the "cute" and now very elderly Jimmy Carter, who started the real crappola by transferring millions of American "Birth Certificates" to the IMF as fresh deposits in 1980) criminals seeking protection from their fellow racketeers and purported slave owners.

Let's make this clear for everyone: the Territorial Government never had any authority to presume anything about the political status of Americans born in the States or to claim that civilian hospitals are or ever were "federal enclaves" nor any right to conscript civilian doctors as "Uniformed Officers" within these United States. Even less have they enjoyed any right to presume that any American is or ever was a "ward" of their State of State organizations.

That first step is all nothing but extortionate racketeering and mis-characterization of political status under known False Presumptions, which is forbidden under both the Hague and Geneva Conventions.

They followed this criminal action with Unconscionable Commercial Contracts being foisted off on millions of trusting American mothers who were mis-characterized as unwed mothers and as "Informants" and forced to sign undisclosed contracts surrendering "title" to their babies ---- are you all getting the despicable nature of this?---- to the tender mercies of the State of State organization, for example, "the" State of Wisconsin.

Let us all be clear, that this, too, is grossly unlawful, illegal, and immoral and is recognized as such by every international law and convention dealing with these subjects.

Finally, they capped it off, by selling their "presumed interest" in us and our Estates--- which was entirely bogus in the first place --- to the Papist Municipal Government, which is responsible for "impersonating" us and creating all sorts of Municipal Corporate franchises operated "in our names".

Think: money laundering on an unimaginable scale.
And this, my friends, is the source of all these "derivatives" that are the things being insured by "Credit Default Swaps" which are in turn insured by the what? By the labor and blood and bones of the American "TAXPAYERS" ---- SLAVES that the Federal Reserve claims to own.

Judging by the proliferation of these "derivatives" --- lies, big, fat, LIES --- and the non-existence of most of the SLAVES attached to them, and the counterfeiting being done by the "Bank of Scotland" and "Wells Fargo N.A." and all the fake ACCOUNTS adding to the basic problem of criminality and gross dishonesty and dis-service to the people of this country and the world at large, there is no way in Hell that this situation can last.

No matter what they do and no matter what they pretend.
Beginning with Jimmy Carter's Administration and ending with Obama's, five Presidents and more United States Attorney Generals have had the option to shut this carnival show down, close the Federal Reserve, close the DTCC, close down the bogus "Congresses" masquerading as our Congress in Washington, DC, and unsnarl this mess once and for all.

To a man, they all chose to join the crooks and benefit themselves instead.
Even Ronald Reagan, after a poorly executed assassination attempt.

All of which underscores the plain fact that we are dealing with criminals and criminal enterprises and crime syndicates run wild at the highest levels of government, but especially in the European Union.
A secretive collaboration between members of the Queen's Government and the House of Wettin a
nd other prime actors on the Continent, have served to create a vast "sucking sound" as the scoundrels have siphoned the rest of the world --- including Britain dry --- and contrived to set up a totally lawless system of Corporate Feudalism, complete with an interlocking trust directorate involving over 700 of the world's largest corporations, all nicely hidden under illegal US PATENTS that are being protected for "National Security" reasons.

Right. One must always ask --- "Which nation?"
It's not our nation, not our States, not our Federation of States, not America doing any of this.
We have been victims along with the rank and file Brits, Scots, and Irishmen, along with the Aussies, the Canadians, the French, the German People, the Russians---- virtually everyone who isn't "in on the scheme" has been victimized, including the people of the Middle East and Africa and Japan, Mexico, China, Southeast Asia, and all of South America.

We have all been "impersonated" and defrauded and de facto enslaved by these criminals in nice suits, speaking in cultured accents, pretending to be our "representatives" and champions.
And now it's time to get our heads screwed on.

Everyone born in America, within the borders of our States of the Union, is advised to record your correct political status as an American --- a Minnesotan, Virginian, New Yorker, Californian..... not any kind of "US" citizen at all.
Your Federation of States is still standing. The Queen's Government is finally waking up. The Roman Catholic Church and the Roman Municipal Government are being taken to task. And more is coming.
Run don't walk to:
The American States Assembly


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
12 hrs ·

Yamashita's Gold? And More....

It's apparent that many people, especially Europeans, are playing with half a deck.
The American Government is not and has never been "in abeyance" as a result of the "disappearance" of the States of America Confederation.

The important part of our Government, that is, the sovereign and unincorporated Government, is the Federation of States, not the Confederation, which was merely a convenience serving as a Subcontractor for the Federation.
Please note, to underscore this fact, the Union and the Federation conducted all business for this country from 1776 to 1781, a period of five (5) years, before the Confederation even existed.

There is absolutely no reason to suppose that the Confederation operating was the States of America was ever any vital component of our Government. As sovereign entities, our States are not obligated to operate as States of States.
The States and their Federation can take care of their own business in any venue whatsoever, and much to the consternation of certain crooks, they are choosing to do so.

Take a look at the One Pager organizational chart. The States of America was an "instrumentality" --- a business organization. It went bankrupt. So what?

Am I considered bankrupt because Fred's Handyman Service works for me and Fred's Handyman Service goes bankrupt?

Where's the logic in that, please?

Additionally, in view of the current criminality of the subcontracting "federal" corporations, the State Assemblies have been called to Assemble and conduct the actual business of this country for the first time in over 150 years. Take note. We woke up. The Giant is staggering to its feet and is about as grumpy as a hibernating bear in the springtime.

What happened is this:
The Confederation dba States of America split up and tanked. The Southern States of States were dismembered and the Northern States of States were bankrupted in a commercial mercenary conflict known as The American Civil War.
This left the various state-of-state organizations in each State of the Union up for grabs. Without telling the actual populace of this country what was going on, our British Territorial Subcontractors insinuated themselves into the situation, and substituted British Territorial Cuckoo Bird states-of-states for our American organizations. They also fronted a Scottish Corporation that pretended to "represent" us and which commenced business in 1868 as "The United States of America ---- Incorporated".

This is obviously not our Federation of States doing business as The United States of America, which is and which has always been unincorporated.

Nonetheless, this fraud artists convinced the rest of the world that they were doing business with us, and that their Scottish Corporation had valid access to our credit and our assets during a non-existent "national emergency".

The Scottish Interloper did a number of things, most especially running our credit through the roof, and then stepping aside and seeking bankruptcy protection for itself, and in 1898, buying the Philippine Islands "for us", using our money, as part of the settlement of the Spanish American War.

They then straight away began transporting every bit of American gold they could collect from bills due and from other means to the Philippines.

Unknown to most people, our government and those misrepresenting themselves "as" our government, have always been obliged to use gold in international venues to settle debts with other countries, while silver is our American domestic asset currency.

As a result of this set-up, payments in gold due our actual government, were sidelined to the Philippines and cashiered there beginning in 1890. A small amount was kept for show in Fort Knox to impress the gullible.

When the Scottish Interloper doing business as "The United States of America--Incorporated" went bankrupt 1906-1907, this set-up continued unabated, because obviously, our actual government, the Federation of States, was unimpaired.

So all the gold owed to us and being collected "for" us by the US Bankruptcy Trustees continued to be funneled to and through the Philippines.

When the second shoe dropped in 1933 and the Catholic Interloper, a Delaware Corporation doing business as "the" United States of America, Inc., went bankrupt, the Bankruptcy Trustees operating as the Territorial Congress shoved through legislation in 1934 to create an "Independent Government for the Philippines".

This, then, allowed the Government of the Philippines -- the land of which is actually owned by us ever since 1898 -- to act as the Trustees for our gold and other assets stored in the Philippines.

Everything was going along huckelty-buck until the Second World War when the Japanese invaded the Philippines, and General Tomoyuki Yamashita who led the Japanese Forces, "discovered" all this American gold cashiered the Philippines and claimed it as gold from "unknown sources" for the Imperial Japanese Government.

Yamashita began loading gold and transporting it all over the Japanese wartime theater and using it for the expenses of the Japanese Armed Forces, as well as enriching no small number of Japanese Generals and Admirals.

Now you can appreciate the scope of the disaster that General Douglas MacArthur was actually overseeing in the Philippines and how it far outweighed the geographic strategic importance of the Philippines. The Japanese had hold of the American Purse, and of course, the Japanese Government knew exactly where all that gold came from. They just chose not to admit it.

It came from us, Ma and Pa American, and from foreign payments of debts owed to us, to our States, and to our lawful Government.

Following the Japanese defeat in WWII, MacArthur began the mop up operations which included tracking down as much of our gold as possible and returning it to the Philippines, where business resumed as usual, with all the money due and payable in gold to our Government continued to be "redirected" to the Philippines.

Now, not all of the gold cashiered in the Philippines and in Indonesia in general is ours, but a large portion is. And the rest of the world has been pretending that we no longer exist as a viable government and that we have "abandoned" all those actual, factual assets or have sold them off for paper certificates merely "representing" our actual and factual assets.

Fat chance.
No, we and our States and our Federation of States are still here, and we still know our butts from buttercups, a fact that the international bankers and other governments need to know.

President Duerte has been notified, and he is known to be both a brave and at least relatively honest man. The Bank of International Settlements has been notified. The Seven Grumpy Old Men have been notified. President Trump and the Queen have been notified.

It's not Yamashita's gold and it's not of "unknown provenance" and it is not "abandoned", either. It's American gold owed to Americans since the 1890's.

The Globalists have cooked up this idea that, well, since the gold is "abandoned" why divvy it up among all the various nations in the world and use it to fund humanitarian projects---- including humanitarian projects in America. That wouldn't be such a bad idea, except that the people promoting this are the very same crooks responsible for the situation in the first place.

America is a generous and honest country. Americans are a generous and honest people. That's why we have been duped so shamelessly by our European Subcontractors. We don't aim at world dominance. We don't feel any particular driving need to micro-manage any other country, much less the entire world.
We generally despise control freaks of all sorts.
And Liars, too.

As this all makes clear, the Federation of States is alive and well, and that is our actual Government. Yamashita's gold is in fact largely our gold. We are the "presumed donors" of the American gold held in trust and being kept for us by President Duerte's government.

We have reason to believe that this process of cashiering away gold stolen from other countries has been commonplace and that we are not the only victims of these sorts of "arrangements".

Most of the Governments of Europe had their gold "transported" by the Nazis and it was never repaid by the present German Government. Where did all that gold go?

To Switzerland, to the Philippines, to Turkey, to Indonesia.... to Spain.... to Portugal.... to Malta..... to places where prior civilizations carved out immense underground tunnel systems, where millions upon millions of metric tons of precious metals, jewels, and other "hard assets" could be conveniently smelted in an effort to obscure their origins, and stored away.

Stored away for what?
To reboot the money and currency markets after the vermin suck everything out of the fiat system they created and imposed upon everyone via "legal tender laws".

They are attempting a repeat of 1929 in America, only on a worldwide basis.
They plan to be the only ones with "gold in hand" ready to buy up all the corporations and farms and homes for pennies on the dollar. They just aren't expecting the American Government to show up with their gold receipts in hand, or the Greek Government or the Australian Government or.....

You get the point.
They stole it all from you, and now, they propose to use your gold to buy all your other physical assets, including your bodies and your labor.

Neat trick, from their standpoint.
There's just one problem. It's criminal by every standard under the sun


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
6 hrs ·

Red Hot Highlights
Please note that Trump has 250,000 Troops deployed for reasons that nobody in the civilian world knows. A quarter of a million men and women wearing "US" uniforms and flying our flag --- "in our names" --- while unwittingly working for a for-profit British Crown Corp franchise doing business as "the" UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
And they don't even know they are operating as mercenaries.
It has been suggested that the US troops are being deployed against us, the feckless Americans who have left our country on autopilot for 160 years.
So here we all sit, waiting for the shoes to drop. Watch to see if they are red slippers, Florsheim loafers, hobnail boots, or Italian hand-made.
Let's recap the other Red Hot Highlights that all thinking people need to know:
Remember that carbon dioxide makes up about 1/300th of 1 percent of the atmosphere.
Remember that the carbon-calcium cycle and photosynthesis both immediately remove carbon dioxide from circulation. That's why carbon dioxide makes up such a tiny part of the atmosphere. The plants, algae, and corals gobble it up.
Read that: we do not have and cannot develop an over-abundance of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
Remember that The Greenhouse Gas Theory was proposed in 1824 and discarded for the simple reason that it violates The Second Law of Thermodynamics.
Read that --- The Greenhouse Gas Theory is pure bunk, and scientists have known that for two hundred years.
Remember that in my lifetime the amount of atmospheric oxygen has dropped from around 21% to 16%.
Remember that atmospheric oxygen has dropped from 28% over the course of the last 20,000 years.
That is, we lost 7% over 20,000 years and another 5% in the last 60 years.
Anyone see a problem here?
The problem isn't too much carbon dioxide. It's too little oxygen.
We are being lied to for power and profit, so until we wake up ourselves and face facts, we have no chance to address the actual problem.
What should we do to the Mindless Ones blathering day and night about the dangers of carbon dioxide and "emissions" on CNN and BBC and in corporate board rooms from here to Paris?
Maybe we should observe the facts and give them the 200 year-old news?
And now, the World Health Organization is mad at Robert David Steele, but I checked out what he brought forward and so should you. Most of this is from a book called "The Invisible Rainbow" by Arthur Firstenberg ---- here's a quote to get you started:
"In 1889, full-scale electrification was carried out in the USA and, shortly thereafter, in Europe. That same year, as if by chance, doctors were inundated with cases of flu, which had until then appeared only infrequently.
The victims’ symptoms were far more neurological in nature, resembling neurasthenia, and did not include respiratory disorders. The pandemic lasted for four years and killed at least a million people.
In 2001, Canadian astronomer Ken Tapping showed that the influenza pandemics over the previous three centuries correlated with peaks in solar magnetic activity, on an 11-year cycle. It has also been found that some outbreaks of influenza spread over enormous areas in just a few days – a fact that is difficult to explain by contagion from one person to another.
Also, numerous experiments seeking to prove direct contagion through close contact, droplets of mucus or other processes have proved fruitless.
From 1933 to the present day, virologists have been unable to present any experimental study proving that influenza spreads through normal contact between people. All attempts to do so have met with failure."
Read that: it's time for a new theory.
It comes down to this: there is no way that a physical germ vector could spread fast enough to account for the observed facts presented by any of the major contagions we know about, but there is an explanation that could account for all of it, along with solving a great many other modern medical and scientific mysteries.
Here's something I happen to know about that corroborates Firstenberg's explanation of EM Radiation impacts on our biology----
People suffering from inherited Porphyria were long ago observed to worsen when exposed to artificial electromagnetic fields.
Porphyria is caused by a genetic mutation that interferes with the enzymes that build "heme" --- part of the hemoglobin molecule and this results in light sensitivity, skin ailments, nerve problems, anxiety, depression, hemolysis (spontaneous bruising and bleeding) and can cause mental problems --- hallucinations --- as well.
Porphyria is a serious and unpleasant condition and exposure to artificial electromagnetic fields makes it worse. Why?
Hemoglobin carries oxygen in our blood, and Porphria reduces the amount of viable hemoglobin, therefore, also the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.
Combine that with decreasing atmospheric oxygen and what is today called "Electrical Sensitivity" and you get: headaches, dizziness, nausea, confusion, fatigue, nervous exhaustion, depression, muscle weakness, various kinds of blood disorders, internal bleeding and bruising, heart irregularities --- symptoms akin to a hemorrhagic fever, independent of any biological vector at all.
The overall loss of oxygen in the atmosphere, the additional air pollution in China, and the deployment of 5G exposing people to much higher levels of EM radiation can very neatly account for the widespread symptoms of hemorrhagic fever.
It also explains the fact that people thought to be suffering from the corona virus are recovering with simple oxygen therapy in South Korea: https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-02-18-south-korea-successf…
There's more. When radio transmitters were established on the Isle of Wight back in 1904, the native bees began to die off.
And where else have we had a major league problem with bees conking over for no known reason? America's farm belt, right where and when microwave transmitters were being installed and wi-fi was being jammed into every kitchen cabinet.
The Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1918 sheds more light --- I quote Firstenberg again:
"[The Spanish Flu Epidemic] which actually began in the United States, at the Naval Radio School of Cambridge, Massachusetts, with 400 initial cases. This epidemic rapidly spread to 1,127 soldiers at Funston Camp (Kansas), where wireless connections had been installed.
What intrigued the doctors was that while 15% of the civilian population were suffering from nosebleeds, 40% of the Navy suffered from them. Other bleeding also occurred, and a third of those who died did so due to internal hemorrhaging of the lungs or brain.
In fact, it was the composition of the blood that had been altered, as the measured coagulation time was more than twice as long as normal.
These symptoms are incompatible with the effects of the influenza respiratory viruses, but totally consistent with the devastating effects of electricity. Another incongruity was that two-thirds of the victims were healthy young people. A further atypical flu symptom was that the pulse slowed to rates of between 36 and 48, whereas this is a common result of exposure to electromagnetic fields."
There's more. You may have heard that heart disease and cancer were comparatively unknown a century ago and that diabetes was rare, too---- all these new disease statistics have been blamed on diet and environmental pollution, but they in fact appeared and escalated at the same time as the electrical grid and high-power radio transmitters. So --- ?
Here's another quote from The Invisible Rainbow:
"Graphs showing the statistics for death rates from heart disease broken down by the degree of electrification of the American states in 1931 and 1940 are also very explicit and leave no doubt as to the toxicity of electromagnetic fields for the heart, thus exonerating cholesterol and diets deemed too high in fat."
And another Fun Fact --- both Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell developed diabetes, which was very rare at the time.
There's a lot more, but it culminates in this gem:
"In 1997, there was a 31% increase in the number of cases of diabetes in the United States in a single year, which precisely correlated with the mass introduction of cell phones in the country."
Firstenberg builds a convincing historical development that is consistent with observed facts and explains things that are otherwise inexplicable.
Spanish Influenza, dead bees, wild increases in heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, and the reason that oxygen therapy is needed and why it helps people recover from the symptoms of the "corona virus". All in one swoop.
What remains to be seen is what we can do about it.
Here's a start: Look up Omnia Radiation Balancer.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
1 hr ·

Get the Picture -- Make It Viral
Confucius says a picture is worth a thousand words. So look---
Raw unmodulated electromagnetic radiation impacts your red blood cells in numerous ways, but principally by interfering with porphyrins that form hemoglobin, with cell connectivity, and with cell metabolism. These changes make it harder for cells to use oxygen, which is already depleted in our atmosphere.

Take a look at these photos from the gr8Solutions.com


I am asking Paul to post a "poster" with this information on my website, and hope that everyone who has a website will follow suit.
Put simply, the raw electromagnetic radiation from our power plants and electrical grid and radio transmitters and now,microwave towers, have known health consequences that first appeared more than a century ago.
Now you can literally see the problem.
Vastly increased incidence of coronary disease, diabetes, and cancer arrived in tandem with the deployment of the electrical grid. This was documented at the time, but Big Business --- the Utilities, Big Pharma, and AMA --- shoved the facts aside. Their cash cows were at stake.
So are your lives.
EM radiation can be modified and modulated to have beneficial effects instead of the harmful ones being produced today, but little or no effort is being made to provide systemic correction.
There’s no profit incentive to the utility companies to protect their customers ---and both Big Pharma and the AMA make a large percentage of their profits off these EM-induced diseases.
Go figure. It will take mammoth public awareness and outcry to change this picture.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
21 mins ·

All Roads Lead to Oxygen
I am rushing to get this done and out on a very busy day because I want it to go viral and I want all of you to know this VERY IMPORTANT conclusion of our research --- there is a cause of every disease and illness, and perhaps even death.
The superficial cause is toxemia -- the build up of toxins in our blood. The actual cause, however, is lack of oxygen and things that screw up our ability to use oxygen at a cellular level.
Read that again. There is a single underlying cause of all disease and that actual cause is: lack of oxygen and things that screw up our ability to use oxygen at the cellular level.
The resulting toxemia kills us, but it is the lack of oxygen that allows and promotes the toxemia.
How do I know this and know it for certain? It's a combination of research studies and clinical results, epidemiology, a long, long trail of things that should be present and aren't, relationships between the causes and effects and the timing of causes and effects over time, research I was party to forty years ago------ and the present virus scare that made me go back and revisit all the above.
Don't be afraid of the corona virus. We know how to beat the virus. Be afraid of the vaccine.
The South Koreans have already beaten the corona virus with simple oxygen therapy --- and that, too, is part and parcel of the story.
That said, let's review the recently accumulated, re-accumulated, and re-integrated facts:
1. Electromagnetic fields are known to adversely affect porphyrins, which are pigment enzymes (special proteins that enable chemical reactions) which means that these proteins are light sensitive. They can "perceive" EM energy, so that is why are impacted by EM fields.
2.The effect of EM fields on these special proteins hobbles their ability to produce "Heme" -- the vital part of hemoglobin that allows it to attach to and carry oxygen throughout the body. A portion of our hemoglobin is disabled outright and a portion is normal and a portion is crippled, but still functioning to a degree.
3. So raw "un-modulated" EM fields, which are what we are bathed in 24/7, inhibit the ability of our blood to carry oxygen to our tissues and cells, which then interferes with everything else.
4. The more we are exposed to high intensity EM, the more severely our blood and its oxygen-carrying capacity is impacted. There is the real danger of 5G and the reason it kills whether it is overtly weaponized or not.
5. This is why chronic diseases are the great scourges of industrialized societies worldwide --- cancer, diabetes, and coronary disease --- were virtually unknown a hundred years ago --- and only became common in tandem with the expansion of the electrical grid. There's your cause and your effect.
6. Cancer is known to shrivel up and die in the presence of oxygen, and if you look a bit deeper into the disease mechanisms of diabetes and coronary and arterial diseases, you will see that lack of oxygen and lack of complete oxidation--- resulting in the build up of toxic waste products--- is central to both those diseases as well.
7. At the same time that EM exposure is wreaking silent havoc with our blood and blood's ability to carry oxygen, oxygen levels in the atmosphere are being depleted at a frightening rapid rate, having lost 5% of the total atmosphere in the past sixty years. This is a double whammy.
8. Not only is our ability to capture and use oxygen being harmed, but there is less oxygen available as a result of deforestation and pollution of the oceans and large fresh water lakes.
9. The fact that South Korea has been able to cure corona virus via the use of simple oxygen therapy simply adds the icing to the cake of conclusions we've drawn here.
10. This also explains why Keshe water (GANS) kills the corona virus and "resets" the EM balance. Go to YouTube now and watch Keshe's DIY called "One Cup, One Life".
Our body's metabolism and immune functions are both crippled by lack of oxygen.
Certain idiot factions have promoted and profited from this circumstance, have obscured and suppressed this information for their own enrichment, and those same elements, including B.Gates, know how to modulate the EM radiation to gain health benefits from it, instead of being harmed by it. But they are sitting mum as stumps and planning to profit from the death and misery of millions of people.
This can only be considered a form of criminal psychopathy.
Especially because EM fields can be modulated at little cost to promote health instead of disease --- if health was the goal of these monsters.
There is an even darker and more sinister reality involved here and it is the research I was involved in at the University of Wisconsin forty years ago that prompts this insight.
At that time, we had the ability to reverse 36 out of 38 basic parameters of aging in rats. We could and did take very elderly rodents, shoot them up with a chemical cocktail, and have them back, zipping around their cages and mazes like youngsters - and that was forty years ago, but two factors eluded us.
The rats all eventually succumbed to toxemia of one kind or another.
Their blood went bad.
Two factors explain why ---- (1) unnatural exposure to un-modulated EM fields in the controlled laboratory conditions, lack of oxygen, leading to incomplete oxidation, and build up of waste products, and (2) lack of biotin, one of the then-barely known or noted B Vitamins.
Biotin cleans up the most dreadfully polluted water --or blood-- and does so in no time, if there is access to oxygen.
What are the odds that B. Gates and their ilk have discovered the secret of "eternal life" short of being throttled by the rest of us?
With access to sufficient oxygen, they avoid all the diseases and problems that plague the rest of the world, and with access to biotin, they have the means to clean up any toxemia that did develop.
Then, indeed, the world would face an overpopulation problem, but not because of natural population expansion. The overpopulation would be driven by these selfish, profit-driven, more-than-half-insane criminally psychopathic creatures not dying at their appointed time.
And they and their kind would eventually proliferate at the expense of the compassionate and sane.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
22 hrs ·

Corporate Records Show....
For many years now our Team has been pointing to the evils of corporations --- and not simply specific corporations, but corporations in general.
Corporations invite lack of individual accountability and protect wrong-doers by providing bankruptcy protection and limiting liability. The counter-argument is that some development activities (mainly associated with war and mayhem) are too dangerous in terms of liability for investors to undertake without such protections.
Being of a practical mind, we ask, what social benefit does war provide to anyone? Only the criminally insane think of war as a benefit. So why should society bear the costs of war-mongers?
If they blow up St. Louis or poison the sea --like Fukashima-- or create and unleash a deadly virus "by mistake" --- should they be pardoned and moddle-coddled?
We dare raise our hands and say, "No."
Accountability is a necessary part of a sane society. Lack of accountability leads to criminality and lack of moral compass. If everything is allowed, nothing is sacred. Nothing is safe. Nothing is secure. Not your lives, not your children, and not your future.
So, having debunked the one reason consistently offered for the existence and proliferation of corporations --- encouraging stockholders to invest in things they probably shouldn't invest in and which they should be held responsible for investing in if they do --- why should corporations exist at all?
The Roman Catholic Church, which supports the Roman Curia, holds the patents and keys to all the corporations on Earth because they dreamed up the concept of corporations --- S-corps, C-corps, B-corps, non-profits, trusts, foundations, cooperatives, LLC's, LP's, PLC's, and so on --- all defined and concocted by the Roman Curia.
And the Roman Curia remains responsible, as the creator of all these THINGS, for policing them. The Pope is granted the unique power to liquidate any corporation that functions in an "unlawful manner", but he has apparently forgotten that there is a difference between "lawful" and "legal" and he and his Predecessors for the past century and a half, have let their unnatural Frankenstein monsters run rampant over life and decency on Earth.
With no discipline being imposed and no danger of consequences held over their heads, the corporations have simply proliferated like bunny rabbits in the springtime until otherwise normal people think that they have to have a trust and an extra LLC in their back pockets at all times.
That is, everyone is drinking the Kool-Aid that is killing them, and then the survivors are standing around asking, "What happened? Who is responsible?" And all they have in response to those questions is a Post Office Box in Surrey and the name of a couple of men who can't be located.
The Big Answer to the Malady is to start where the problem starts -- with the Roman Curia and the Pope -- and their actual and palpable responsibility for the existence of these THINGS. The Small Answer is to hold them all accountable via other means when the Pope fails to do his job: anti-trust and anti-monopoly legislation on steroids, followed by Draconian enforcement.
The only way that either of these answers can be applied is via a tidal wave of public awareness and political demand. Believe me, the Pope is not going to take action against his BFF's without a struggle and the Congress and the State Legislatures which have long been the Pawns of corporate self-interest won't know who to pander to, if the self-interest lobbies of Big Business disappear.
We could start there, with outlawing lobbyist organizations, but then, there would be nothing left of what poses for a government in Washington, DC. After all, both the Republican and the Democratic "Parties" are nothing but big political lobbyist groups, no different really than the Tobacco Lobby or the Big Pharma Lobby.
When the Pigs are in charge of the Trough, you know that you are in for a fall, but that is, nonetheless, what we've been stupidly allowing for the past 150 years.
So now, we are faced with the necessity of replacing the foreign lobbyist-run "government" with the actual government owed to the people of this country, but that means waking up 300 million Americans and prodding at least some of them to self-govern, a prospect as foreign to most of them as turtle soup.
So, it's either being eaten alive by immoral, unaccountable, "legal fictions" --- or it's getting on our hind legs and demanding accountability from those who are supposed to be acting in the Public Interest and riding herd on these THINGS, or it's taking action ourselves.
Of the three options, one is not survivable, so let's cross that off the list. Two is difficult to obtain, much less guarantee, because it is so very much more comfortable for the guards to remain asleep and the political hunting dogs to remain curled up by the corporate fire. And three isn't exactly popular because it requires thought and work, albeit, at least taking our own action puts us in charge of our own salvation--- no longer begging the Pope and the members of Congress to do their duties.
With those thoughts in mind, I am going to recommend that you all watch the following video which explains the extent of the lawlessness and self-interest that the British Crown and the Queen have exercised, and which ties the British Government --- once again, to the bottom of the Corona virus scandal.
Why? Because it turns out that this virus is a British Bug, and the result of a peculiarly British fascination with germ warfare. We are invited to ask -- "What happens when a British Bug gets turned loose in China?" --- besides killing thousands, if not millions, of innocent Chinese people and wrecking the global economy?
Am I alone in thinking that enough is enough and that the other governments of the world, including our own, need to wake up to the simple fact that I discovered years ago? That the Brits are reliably, consistently, always at the bottom of every dog pile?


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
18 hrs ·

Joe's Hamburger Shop
If you never share anything of mine but this, if you never understand anything of mine but this---- let this be "the one" that goes viral to all Americans and to all living people in every country of the globe, because the information is basically the same everywhere.
This is a simple little tale everyone can understand, about Joe, the owner of a hamburger joint. His story is your story. And it's not hard to fill in the blanks.
I am going to cut out all the history and the excuses that the Popes have made, and just explain the basic "pedal to the metal".
I walk in with a “Federal Reserve Note”—- a promissory note, and give it to Joe in exchange for a hamburger.
What has actually happened?
I have given Joe a paper I. O. U. for an actual hamburger.
So I still owe a debt and Joe is owed a credit for the exact same amount.
The debt is being tracked by the Federal Reserve Note, but there is no formal paper tracking the credit owed to Joe, except that we know that the credit is exactly the same amount as the debt.
The National Credit always equals the National Debt in such a system.
It’s just bad bookkeeping that makes it appear otherwise.
The reason for the bad bookkeeping is embezzlement.
What the rats did was simply not to give Joe credit for his hamburger.
This gave the appearance of a constantly increasing “National Debt” with no answering "National Credit" in evidence.
Meanwhile, the National Credit actually owed to all the “Joes” in America was being sequestered— “blocked”— and Joe was not allowed to access his own credit.
This circumstance resulted —over time—in the accumulation of a giant credit Slush Fund that the banks and politicians and “military-industrial complex” used and abused for their own purposes.
This is not the way it was supposed to work. Read Federal Title XII.
What was supposed to happen was that Joe was supposed to be able to access his credit directly via a Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption, a MOCEE.
And Joe was supposed to have free access to his “Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption”—- meaning that whenever “Joe” was presented with a bill addressed to “JOE” — he was supposed to be able to claim his exemption from paying it, and apply his already earned credit instead.
So, Joe has a $5 credit owed to him because he gave me a hamburger. He gives a lot of people hamburgers, so after a while, he is owed $1,000.00.
Okay? That’s simple enough. Joe has earned a thousand dollars worth of credit. It's pre-paid. He didn't get anything for nothing. He is owed credit for all those hamburgers.
When he gets a bill for $120.00 addressed to “JOE” from the Tax Assessor or the Electric Company or for a car loan, etc., Joe is supposed to have the right to “claim his exemption” and apply his already earned credit to “offset” any such debt.
In this way, the National Credit is always supposed to Offset the National Debt.
The “private credit” owed to Joe is always supposed to Offset the “public debt” owed by “JOE”, and it probably would stay relatively in balance if Joe were ever told about this arrangement or given any instructions how to claim his exemption and apply his earned credit, but he wasn't.
(This is what all this talk about "private side" and "public side" is about. Joe is owed credit on "the private side" and JOE owes debt "on the public side".)
But instead, the Vermin responsible kept mum and made up excuses to “block” Joe from having access to his credit.
They pretended (and cobbled up falsified records to “prove”) that Joe wasn’t Joe, so that they could use his credit instead.
Meantime, of course, bills addressed to “JOE” kept coming, and unaware that he was owed Offset Credit, “Joe” kept on paying all these bills addressed to “JOE”.
So, not only is Joe not getting the Offset credit he is owed, he is being forced to pay all the new bills on top of it.
Back at Scam Central, the rats are in charge of the gigantic Credit Fund owed to Joe (and all the other Joes in America) and they are busily investing it “for” Joe, who they pretend is “missing”.
Using Joe’s earned credit, they buy up everything in sight. They buy majority interest in the Fortune 500. They buy up foreign currencies and create the “Exchange Stabilization Fund” so that they can mess with the value of every other country’s money by manipulating the supply of that country’s currency. They do all sorts of crap in Joe’s name and they bilk Joe to do it.
THAT is what has gone on here, in a nutshell.
Having discovered all the lies and excuses being used by these criminals to deny Joe his identity and abuse his credit, we have exposed their racket and are demanding remedy for Joe.
We are demanding access to his credit for him, and we are demanding that the rats provide simple, straight forward means for Joe to claim his exemptions and apply his credit to Offset any debts owed by “JOE” on a continuing basis.
A remedy is not a remedy if access to remedy is obstructed or denied or made inaccessible or deliberately obscured—- and that is exactly what has happened here.
Joe was never told he had Offset Credit available to pay bills addressed to “JOE” and he was never given any instructions or means to access his exemptions.
Even the people collecting all these bills addressed to “JOE” were kept ignorant of Joe’s exemption and continued to harass Joe for payment. Even the IRS Agents and electric companies and others issuing bills to “JOE” continued to presume that Joe owed those bills and refused to apply the Offset Credit Joe had already earned.
And now, all that has to come to a stop and all those banks and corporations and government agencies have to come to heel and do what they should have done ever since 1934.
They are going to give Joe access to his exemption to offset any bill, including Tax Bills, from now on.
And they are going to make it easy for him to access his Offset credit Exemption.
And if they don’t they will be recognized and prosecuted as international criminals engaged in identity theft, unlawful conversion, credit fraud, racketeering, and numerous other crimes against Joe.
Has this explanation of the circumstance finally hit home? Does everyone understand that Joe has literally been paying bills that Joe had the right to Offset? Mortgages, college loans, car payments, utility bills....
The smug bankers and politicians and bureaucrats have been denying Joe (and you) access to pre-paid credit that has already been earned by you and your parents and your grandparents and your great-grandparents, ever since the so-called Civil War.
All this credit you are owed is pre-paid credit, just like when you buy a pre-paid credit or gift card at Walmart.
Only in this case, the rats didn’t give you a card or other means to access what you and Joe already paid for.
So here’s the message from Joe concerning “JOE”——
It’s payback time.
Pope Frances, IMF, Federal Reserve, BIS, World Bank, Vatican Bank, Queen Elizabeth II, Mr. Trump—- you owe Joe for a hamburger and a whole lot more.
We expect the “US Trustees” and the “US Treasury” and the “IRS” to cough up those offset credits with no further delays or excuses.
This "discussion" has been ongoing since 1998. The Principal most responsible is Pope Frances. This is because the bogus mercenary "war" that has been ongoing between the British Territorial United States Government and the Municipal United States Government is a total sham, and both sides are actually owned, operated, and controlled by him.
This is because Queen Elizabeth II is the Pope's Overseer of the Commonwealth, and the British Territorial United States is a Commonwealth.
As a result, the British Territorial United States is indirectly, through the Queen, controlled by the Pope.
And the Municipal United States Government is directly controlled by the Pope because it is chartered under him.
So no matter how you want to cut this, all roads lead to Rome. We have been disgracefully mistreated, deceived, cheated, gulled and cullied by the Pope and his Officers, and the Queen and her Officers (albeit, under the command of the Pope), at the same time that they have been: (1) under our National Trust Indenture to provide "good faith service" to us and to our States; (2) under commercial contract to provide this good faith service; (3) taking their paychecks from our pockets.
Both the Queen and the Pope are complicit and responsible for this deplorable mistreatment of rank and file Americans, who were never parties to any mercenary commercial "wars" that they have illegally and in Breach of Trust staged on our shores.
You, Joe, and all other Americans who have been the victims of this scam need to declare your correct birthright political status as American state nationals and, if you are willing to serve, as American State Citizens. You need to put this squarely on the Public Record for all to see. You need to join your State Assembly and join with others to enforce the Constitutional Guarantees you are owed and to claim the pre-paid credit you are owed.
Go to: www.annavonreitz.com for more insight into this whole situation, and to www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net to connect to your State Assembly.
And now, just a closing note: who else but our Team has ever explained any of this to you? Who else but our Team has organized the lawful correction? Who else has claimed and fought for the pre-paid credit to be made available to you? Who? Where?
I'll tell you the truth--- nobody else has taken up the work to hold the Pope and the Queen accountable to dear old Joe. Mr. Trump couldn't --- he's an employee of the British Territorial Government and the Municipal United States Government. He can't tell his bosses what to do.
And at the beginning of this process, neither could you, because you had been deliberately and wrongly mis-identified both as a British Territorial U.S. Citizen and as a Municipal "citizen of the United States" --- anything and everything but what you are: an American state national or American State Citizen owed your pre-paid credit.
Our Team has pioneered the method and means to rebut these false claims and enabled you to reclaim your birthright --- and all the Offset Credit -- that is owed to you. Who else came to your rescue, except us, literally---- your Fellow Americans? Nobody, that's who.
The rats in Washington, DC, were either happy to see you screwed for their benefit, or claiming that, as U.S. Citizens, their hands were tied.
Our hands are untied and we are holding fast to the contractual obligations of both the Pope and the Queen ---and keeping the door open for you to come home.
When we ask for your support, for your time and whatever you can send as donations, we have already earned our keep---- just like Joe. We've come to work, unpaid, every day since 1998. And so have many others, who have joined our Team since then. Lives and fortunes have been sacrificed and vast amounts of time and professional skill have been donated to bring us this far.
So donate what you can. Give thanks to God above that we were here. And join us. Come to the aid of your country as we have. A lot of people talk about defending America from all comers, both foreign and domestic. A lot of people talk about their rights. A lot of people fail to walk the walk.
Send prayers and donations to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652, or PayPal to avannavon@gmail.com, to promote the work that is ongoing all over this country.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
17 hrs ·

When we first put out the call and launched the alert for all Americans to declare their birthright political status and come together in their State Assemblies, we didn't know how many would answer the call.
At first, there was so much confusion.
It was so hard to explain the situation to people who had been indoctrinated to say they were citizens of the United States ----without, however, stipulating which "United States" they were talking about.
There was so much of our own history that we no longer were taught in public schools, so many "sins by omission" committed by our Public Servants, it seemed well-nigh impossible to fill in all those blanks for so many people.
What we should have been learning in twelve years in school, and what we should have been busy addressing as a Body Politic, was studiously avoided by those who were benefitting themselves at our expense.
How to tell 320 million defrauded, disenfranchised, disillusioned, overworked, underpaid, dumbed-down Americans the truth?
How to find our way back to our beloved country?
These have been very hard issues to address and the outcomes have been uncertain.
But this past weekend, we came together once again, at an event sponsored by the Arizona Assembly, and it was wonderful. We had guests from all over the country, sharing what they had learned, excitedly greeting new friends, and standing together from sea to shining sea.
From Delaware, from California, from Louisiana, from Michigan..... all over this country, Americans came to Arizona. They came to learn the truth about all those Birth Certificates and Land Patents. And now, our Gideon's Army has dispersed to all corners of this great country, bearing this precious knowledge with them.
One by one, place by place, people are waking up and saying, "I'm an American...."
Soon there will be American Travel Cards and Passports to replace Driver Licenses and US Passports. Soon, there will be American money available and American mercantile banks and credit unions. Soon, nobody will have to be afraid of their own Public Employees anymore.
As more and more Americans wake up and recognize how our own employees have been misdirected and used to stage a coup against our self-governance, often without even knowing that they were acting in such a manner, things will be put right again.
The only cautionary word is that this miraculous change is one we have to make for ourselves. Nobody can or will do it for us. It's our responsibility and self-governance is admittedly hard work. It was so heartening to meet and greet the many other Americans who are stepping up to the task!
Yes, it was a very humbling experience. I don't cry easy, but there were tears of joy in the corners of my eyes, looking out at the crowd.
The Americans are coming home at last.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
10 hrs ·

Names and Obligations
The world created by Nature is unincorporated and actual. In the actual world, we don't have a name--God doesn't write one on our foreheads-- and we have an unknown Creation Day which is, on average, about nine months before we make our separate appearance on Earth. This is our genesis, our true state and beginning. So the correct answer, the truthful answer in court, is that you don't have a name and you don't have a birthday --- you do have a day when you were created, but neither you nor anyone else but God knows exactly when that was.
Upon our arrival, we enter the corporeal world created by men and are given a Name by our parents or other responsible adults. This Proper Name is "corporate" but not incorporated. It has a known birthday and a known point of origin known as a place of birth--- but it is separate from you, a point that many people miss. A Proper Name is a convenient utility like a bicycle or a chest of drawers, a Thing that belongs to you, if you accept it, and which you can use for many different purposes.
This first level of "fictionalization" is the least understood, in part because people don't understand that their Proper Name is a fictional Thing to begin with. Your Proper Name can function as a Lawful Person on the land or as a Legal Person on the sea. So, when you write or say your name it is difficult to tell the capacity in which you are acting, especially because sailors can come ashore, and landlubbers can be found on the sea.
An important point for Americans is that we are protected under the auspices of our States and our Federation of States while on the land, and, if we are "recognizable" as Americans, we are protected by HRM Elizabeth II and her Government while on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways.
When we are acting on the land, people are supposed to print their names in Upper and Lower Case as we learned to do in Grade School, and when acting "at sea" we are supposed to sign our names in script, but because we are never taught this or any of the surrounding circumstance, people routinely sign things without being made aware of the implications of the act---- which invalidates all signatures that are not specifically and explicitly and knowingly executed at sea and all signs that are not specifically and knowingly executed on the land.
Beyond this basic level of fictional personhood, there are actual "incorporated" entities that we recognize as "corporations" which are chartered under Articles of Incorporation, have Boards of Directors, and are subject to Statutory Law, Codes, and Regulations. These are the "Strawmen" used as Trademarks of the Persons created in the first level of fictionalization. These incorporated entities can assume the character of all manner of incorporated organizations --- trusts, foundations, cooperatives, public transmitting utilities, etc.
Let me break this down for you:
John Albert -- your Given Name. (Your copyright.)
Peterson - your House Name (Family copyright held by State.)
John Peterson - Lawful Person (on Land --supposed to use printed name as signature)
John Peterson - Legal Person (on Sea --supposed to use script name as signature)
John Albert Peterson -- your Estate Name/Patent
JOHN ALBERT PETERSON - your Estate's Probate Name /Trademark
JOHN A. PETERSON - your Public Transmitting Utility
JOHN PETERSON - a Pauper who is a member of the Commonwealth Public Charitable Trust
When the same process is applied to a State, this is what you get:
Wisconsin -- name of the (national jurisdiction) sovereign state of the Union, with borders defined by landmarks, populated by people = state nationals, private persons.
Wisconsin - name of the (international jurisdiction) State of the Union, with borders defined by survey/patent, populated by People = Lawful/Legal Persons
The State of Wisconsin - doing business name of Confederate State, an unincorporated but corporate mercantile State, Legal/Lawful Persons, which are M.I.A. since 1865.
the State of Wisconsin - doing business name of a British Territorial State of State, Territorial Legal/Lawful Persons
the STATE OF WISCONSIN - doing business name of a Municipal STATE OF STATE, incorporated PERSONS of various kinds, LLCs., Trusts, Foundations, etc.
As you can see, when the Confederate States went missing in the Civil War, the British Territorial States of States substituted themselves for our intended American States of States and have been secretively occupying the proverbial catbird seat ever since, while claiming that a "National Emergency" necessitates this.
In fact, the States, like Wisconsin, have an unincorporated Federation of States known as The United States of America; this original Holding Company that holds all powers of the States in international jurisdiction is more than competent to receive back and exercise all powers delegated to any Confederation of States of States like The State of Wisconsin, and there really is no "National Emergency" ---- just like there is no "National Debt".
Because we are never taught any of this, we are "incompetents" ----left unable to decipher the codes being used by the courts to prosecute us, and our signatures have no particular meaning or jurisdiction because we can't possibly know the ins and outs of what we are signing, when, where and in what capacity ---- or so they think. This circumstance then requires the interjection of a Middleman, a lawyer or an attorney, to act "for" us. This is a position of constructive and actual trust that many attorneys abuse.
Putting an end to this "state of ignorance" and thereby preventing these abuses is Job One. Declaring our proper political status is Job Two. Assembling our States is Job Three. Assembling our Courts to serve the land and soil jurisdiction is Job Four---- at the State level.
Meantime,, at the level of The United States of America, we are hard at work to hold certain Principals feet first to the fire to obtain relief and remedy that has been owed to the American States and People for over a hundred years


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Jan 4, 2020
No one owes you anything.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
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Invalid Signatures and Proof of Non-Consent
As several public discussions have revealed, people still are not grasping why the Birth Certificates and lack of disclosure concerning these records are important.
No contract lacking full disclosure and a meeting of the minds is valid.
Was your Mother given full disclosure regarding the documents she was signing at the hospital? No. Most likely the doctors who signed as witnesses were not aware what was going on, either. And there is absolutely no doubt that you, as a tiny baby, were totally unaware of what these others were doing or saying about you.
If your Mother is still alive, you can have her directly testify about what she was or was not told by the hospital staff.
When my Mother found out she was already very old, but she was still hopping mad --- and she issued and recorded a six page testimony raking the whole False Claim over the coals for both my sister and I.
She was highly offended by the whole idea that anyone would "mistake" her for an unwed Mother or claim that she ever gave up any interest in her own children or failed to support us and pay her bills. She was ready to tear apart any priest or politician within a hundred miles!
All Mothers across America need to do the same. Repudiate the whole hospital paper chain and record your repudiation for the sake of your children. Then, use our Baby Deed to record the proper political status of your children as Americans, even though they may be long gone and grown.
This helps preserve their valid claim to be Americans --- not any species of United States citizen at all.
What results from all this non-disclosure from your perspective, is known as an "unconscionable contract"---- literally, a contract that you are unaware of, and no such contract is binding upon you.
We have had hundreds of court cases dismissed, simply by people bringing their BC's into courts and claiming unconscionable contract and repudiating all claims of foreign citizenship.
This is where the whole issue of jurisdiction hits pedal to the metal, and this is why BC's are important and the reason that having Witnesses on the record who can affirm who you are and where you came from is important, too.
Also, because Americans are never taught anything about the foreign courts or paperwork conventions, their signatures in script cannot be taken as evidence that they were knowingly acting in the international jurisdiction of the sea when they signed documents.
We are supposed to "sign" documents by printing our names in Upper and Lower Case --- just as we learned in Grade School --- when signing on the land and soil, and to use cursive signatures when signing things in the international jurisdiction of the sea.
For all intents and purposes, then, no jurisdictional meaning can be implied from the way Americans sign things. None of us were taught anything about the jurisdictions of the law or the forms of signatures in any school course anywhere in the country, so there is no basis for presumption based on the form of the signatures on anything signed by an American in the past 100 years.
Even my Grandfather was unaware of this signature convention of British Law and he was born in 1861.
And again, you cannot be held responsible for acts undertaken without full disclosure. The jurisdictional implications of the form of signature was never disclosed.
Just recently, researchers in Florida discovered that the foreign private courts that have been acting as "carpetbagger courts" throughout our country have been operating under "policies and procedures" adopted almost 400 years ago in the aftermath of The Great Fire of London in 1666.
They have also discovered The Bounty Book written by King James I, which explains the entire scam that has been applied against us here.
In the course of this research, they have also then discovered what our ancestors did to shut these courts down, and that disciplinary action has begun in the Deep South. We now have reports of ten such courts being shut down and the attorneys literally bugging out --- packing their cars in the middle of the night and being gone by morning.
Carpetbaggers, indeed.
This is just the beginning of the end for the privateers that have been ravaging our country, and many questions still remain---- but this much is clear: some of them are fully aware of what they are doing and the word of these court closures will quickly spread in the "legal" community.
We finally have the weather gauge on them and it won't be long before these corrupt and rapacious courts are a thing of the past.
And then we are going to bypass all the funny business of corporations claiming bankruptcy and bypass the "US Trustees" and go straight to the organizations chartering these corporations --- the governments of Westminster, the UK, and the Holy See.
These foreign governments are responsible for the actions of their corporations on our soil.
They are also bound by treaty and covenant and convention to serve the American States and People in good faith, which they have conspired to evade by deliberately allowing their corporations to engage in conspiracy to mis-identify Americans as citizens of the United States or U.S. Citizens.
We have original copies of their 1937 "Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States" and we are coming straight down the turnpike. The UK, Westminster, and the Holy See are caught red-handed and dead to rights in front of God and everyone else.
So. Your BC is proof of unconscionable contract and of fraud being practiced against you within days of your appearance in this world. It is hard evidence that you are the victim of crime, so long as you can reasonably prove who you are and the provenance of your family as Americans or properly naturalized United States Citizens who have adopted the land and soil of an American State as your permanent home and domicile.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
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A Valuable History Lesson -- For the Brits and Everyone Else
To begin with -- you have to know what a "commonwealth" is and the roots of the institution ---- essentially, the King gave the Church grants of "commonwealth land" --- typically wasteland, swamps, gravel pits, "sour ground", peat bogs, etc., that the Roman Catholic Church then developed into any useful and gainful purpose to provide benefit to the community and provide support for the poor and the sick.
Thus a partnership between the Monarch and the Church developed --- the Monarch relieved of the burden of both the wasteland and the poor, the Church enriched by the potential resource and the labor of the Paupers.
This basic relationship between the Monarch and the Church was inverted under King John. He was called "Lacklands" because his Father basically disinherited him in England and didn't give him any land of his own. The Church stepped in to help him overcome this by offering him control of the Church's Commonwealth lands. In this way, the Monarch became the servant of the Church, but he also regained control and "ownership" of title in trust to land. This is the relationship that has endured all these centuries, with the Church being the Donor of the Commonwealth Trust and the King being the Trustee and the Poor and Sick being the Beneficiaries.
In the British system, then, you are enrolled as a pauper when you are a member of the Commonwealth estate, and your assets both public and private are considered possessions of the Pope's Trustee, to be held and used "for the common good" of the "community served" --- that is, the paupers who form the body of this Public Charitable Trust.
This is a form of "Christian Communism" and it used to affect only the dregs of society, those properly identified as Paupers and dependent on actual payments or stipends or food, housing, and hospitalization by the Church. It was under this system that the Church working with the Monarch developed Poor Houses, Orphanages, Work Homes, Public Works, Hospitals, Public Schools, and many other institutions with which we are now all familiar. The Commonwealth was the first "Public-Private Partnership".
While retaining the basic quid pro quo, the mechanisms of The Commonwealth changed in the 1600's after The Great Fire of London, during which a new and very lucrative scam was developed "with the best of intentions" albeit.
In the wake of The Great Fire, chaos reigned and nobody knew what happened to the former owners of surviving property, nor did they return promptly after the inferno. Many simply removed to the countryside or joined relatives in other places. Some property was permanently vacated and had to be razed and cleaned up and cleared using funds from the King, by which he obtained an interest in the "grounds". The Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666 created a form of False Registry in which everyone not present was presumed dead -- this was done as a means of moving forward and always with the admission that the owner might in fact show up and reclaim his property. This mechanism allowed the King to claim private property and redevelop it as he (and his silent partner, the Church) saw fit, and reinvest the profit from this --- also as he saw fit.
In this way vast amounts of property in the City of London were reclaimed from private ownership and used to enrich the Monarchy, which then hired the British Crown to manage and develop the property "for the public good". The modern Municipal Government was born. The Church remained the Donor (with actual control of all the assets), the King remained the Trustee, and the Poor, Sick, and Indigent remained the Beneficiaries. If the Church found the King doing anything it didn't like, it could simply revoke the "donation" of the trust assets in question, but otherwise, the Monarch remained their willing ranch hand and the public budget of the government burgeoned as the British Crown got more and more actively involved in procuring revenue under this arrangement.
This initial circumstance proved so very profitable, that soon it was being used to seize upon the estates of any "missing person" and to confiscate private property of foreigners and various other targeted individuals --- bankrupts, tax cheats, and so on, with the British Crown providing the Revenue Agents and Warrant Officers, being overseen by the Inquisition (to keep them honest--ha, ha, ha) and the King being enriched by all the titles to property and his Government receiving its due portion of the lucre generated by this activity.
In this way, gradually, over time, the King re-established a claim to the land even if it was not true Possession --- only "ownership" --that is, a proprietary interest in the land as Trustee, and was then able to re-introduce "Property Taxes" on the British People that would not have been possible under the original Land Grant to Freeholders established under the Norman Patents.
King James 1 wrote a book about this scheme called "The Bounty Book" and he noted that it all begins with a system of False Registration --- in this case, registering property as belonging to unknown or missing persons or people merely "presumed to be" wards of the state.
This system was shut down by our ancestors, but regained a foothold in modern times under the auspices of Queen Victoria, who put a twist on it, and found a way to glom on to the value of the British People's labor, as well as to continue to convert their land holdings into taxable trust property. This process was called "enfranchisement" and it pretended to offer people the benefit of being able to "vote" without explaining that this resulted in losing the ability to "elect" public officials. By registering to vote (yes, another False Registration process) the victims unwittingly incorporated themselves as shareholders in bankrupt public corporations, which then seized upon their assets including their labor as objects to tax. The "enfranchised voters" were enfranchised in exactly the same way as the McDonald's Corporation offers franchises to operate hamburger shops--- all without full disclosure, of course.
In this way the Queen was enabled to impose "income taxes" on living people, under the False Presumption that they had knowingly, willingly, and for their own benefit invested in bankrupt corporations chartered by the Queen, and were obligating themselves to pay for the debts of those failed corporations with a tax upon the profits of their "individual corporate franchises".
Thus, the British Voters were imposed upon to pay for public bankruptcies of the Queen's corporations, and their land and labor was mortgaged to do so.
Thus there were now two False Registry systems in play --- one to seize upon land holdings and put them into the Commonwealth Trust, and one to seize upon the value of an individual's labor and impose taxes on that private property, also.
This has resulted in a system of what I call "Corporate Feudalism" in which the People are being bilked and enslaved by their own government, and the government is sharing the profits of this activity with the Pope, who, together with his organization, is benefiting from the unjust enrichment along with the Queen and the British Crown.
We now know what has been practiced against us all, and it is only a matter of what we are going to do about it.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
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Stop the Presses! Public Notice!

Modern cryptography is based on computer "keys" --- complex binary identifiers that unlock programs and "subroutines" that endlessly modify and jumble other equally complex "blocks" that act like locks to access other programs. Sigh. Oh, what a tangled web we weave....

But, there are older systems of cryptography, which simply means "secret" or "hidden" writing, going back to Megalithic times. These were in use for thousands of years and all over the planet, and these are what intrigued us, because although their pictographic meanings are often obscure to modern minds, they are actually more advanced than our binary system and so-called quantum models.

Instead of tracking numbers and digits and pieces of the paper, these Megalithic Ciphers track resources, magnetic nodes, ley lines, maps to other star systems, history, lineages of people, treaties, and all sorts of things that are otherwise hidden from us. Because they are so different from modern systems and because so few people study them, it is perhaps not surprising that these were the codes chosen to hide the most closely guarded secrets of the banking industry.

In a way, Karen Hudes was right. We have been blown back to the stone age, but not by The United States of America.

First, a little bank history. Everyone heard of UBS? This bank was founded in modern times in Switzerland in 1862 (note-- just after the "American Civil War" started) as the Bank in Winterthur. It has since grown into the largest private bank in the world, but if you look at its familiar three crossed keys logo, which also appears on the Vatican Coat of Arms, what do you see?

Is it United Bank of Switzerland or Urban Bank of Serbia? And what is the Urban Bank? The bank of the Urban Trust. And what is the Urban Trust? The Trust of the City of Rome, founded 753 BC. The three crossed keys stand for the three keys of enslavement --- mind, body, and soul.

And who subverted and converted the principal of the Urban Trust? Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan. I'd have a heart attack, too, if I were him, because he and his buddies have been messing with things that are thousands of years old, things that he could not possibly understand. And JP Morgan acted as the receiver and distributer of purloined private assets to banks all over the world.

We know, because we have the testimony of the heirs and the assigns of the trusts, and the bank transaction history showing the deposit with JP Morgan and the re-assignment of assets to all these other banks. So it is not in dispute how JP Morgan finagled -- without full disclosure -- to obtain the signature authority to secure the deposit of the Urban Trust Assets, nor is it any secret how JP Morgan distributed the assets to the other banks.

So what does this theft of Urban Trust Assets by JP Morgan have to do with UBS --- and you? It basically represents the re-capitalization of bankrupt central banks using private assets without the consent of the depositors. Think of it as the biggest illegal bail-in in human history.

UBS is indeed the largest private bank on Earth and during the furor of the Second World War, it's Receipt Book was stolen. It disappeared like the Nazi gold, right from under our noses. The records from 1862 onward showing which nations borrowed from which nations and which financial accords were signed that affected private bank deposits --- all of it --- vanished, along with depositor records--- that is, the receipts showing who deposited what.

This left UBS (and the Urban Trust) in possession of vast amounts of private assets, and not a clue who any of it belonged to. No record of the depositors, and only account-level records of the assets.

Think of it as the ultimate "Swiss Banking Gone Wrong" scenario.

This led, in 1963, to the famous Green Hilton Memorial Agreement, which was aimed at unlocking all the assets the Americans deposited in the Philippines, and all the "abandoned assets" from "unknown sources" that were in the Urban Trust and in limbo because of the missing Receipt record.

The circumstance concerning the missing Receipt records is referenced at the very beginning of the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement, which admits it is being substituted for lack of the Receipt book.

Enter Julius Divinagracia, gatekeeper of the asset accounts, complete with all the account-level information that did survive WWII, insisting that the accounts be assigned to him, which, in the absence of any other private authority or record, the Principals all agreed to. They all signed off and granted him Power of Attorney to settle the issues, and bypass the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement, because his information was the most complete and accurate description of the known private asset accounts.

He was promptly picked up by the CIA and cashiered away as a permanent US Resident, unable to travel or speak or do much of anything to exercise his Powers of Attorney, thanks to the same False Registration processes that were used to defraud everyone else in this country. They gave him a new name and he "disappeared" leaving the funds once more in limbo.

Enter Ernest Rauthschild, yet another one of them, making a claim to own the "abandoned" assets in the name of the "indigenous people" of the Earth.

We are all "indigenous" to the Earth, but he means to restrict that meaning to brown and black skinned people, attaching some special (and specious) importance to how much melanin one has in one's skin. That is, a new basis for claiming to be "special and elite" and another new basis for oppressing people based on physical characteristics. More of the same old crap.

Unable to locate the actual Julius Divinagracia and the records, Ernest has brought forward one of five CIA "plants" who have been groomed to play the part of Julius Divinagracia, and has been using this man to claim the ability to open the asset accounts.

Right. Only he's provably not the actual Julius Divinagracia….. and nothing he says or signs counts for anything, because the Powers of Attorney were not issued to him.

Meantime, we are suspicious, because Receipt books of major private banks and such ancient and venerable Trust organizations don't just go missing.

Someone gave the Receipt book of the Urban Trust to someone for safekeeping.
And who would that be?

Princess Alice of Battenberg, Mother of Prince Philip, who received it from the Eastern Orthodox Church Patriarch who was entrusted to carry it out of Serbia following the blitzkrieg through Czechoslovakia, and who was intercepted by the Greek Government enroute to Istanbul.

All this cloak and dagger is about a missing, albeit, very important bank receipt book.

Following our principle that the Brits are reliably at the bottom of every dog pile, we started looking in Britain first ---- and guess what?

Yes, there it is, the long-lost missing UBS Receipt Book, chopped up, re-distributed, all the pieces whereabouts and content hidden. The people who received the pages were simply told to "keep this information in a safe place" and had no idea what they were holding onto or why.

Obviously, accidentally-on-purpose the Brits carried their "safekeeping" a bit too far, and that turned into their subsequent denial of knowing anything about anything at all.

One is reminded of Sergeant Schultz --- "I know nothing! I see nothing!"

Everyone knows Princess Alice wasn't herself. What Receipt book? When, where, why, who? What are you talking about?

Meanwhile, of course, the pages were all photographed by the British Government. Eventually these were transferred to micro fiche. And later, they were made into digital files. The key to the dispersal was modernized. And then the whole pile was hidden under a Megalithic Cipher code system that nobody but Indian Jones could make head nor tail of and hidden away.

We are pleased to announce that the missing Receipt has been found, completely recompiled with recent records since WWII, copied to flash drives, and distributed all over the world, so that there is no longer any doubt about the provenance and ownership of any of the actual assets held as "Special Deposits" in any bank in the Urban Trust network.

The so-called "Private Bank Crisis" is over, and both the account information and the original Receipt book is recovered and under the protection of The United States of America.

It's not the corona virus causing all the upset and scrambling, except for the weak-minded among us. It's the exposure of many, many, many dirty bank deals and international intrigues going back to the Civil War days, coupled with the need to shut Washington, DC, down for 90 days to complete the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES, INC., under some pretense, that is mandating the chaos.

Face the fact: the corona virus is a bust. It's highly contagious, yes, but it is not nearly as deadly as some parties had supposed and hoped. The spectacle of all these "quarantines" and hysteria and hype is staged. It's all BS. The virus itself is about as dangerous as a bad case of flu, which is to say that it is no reason for hysteria and also to note that quarantines are useless.

The United States of America hereby serves Public Notice that upon the dissolution of the primary Municipal United States Corporation, all assets are claimed, re-conveyed, and re-venued to The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, and to the States and People of this country acting in our sovereign capacity to conduct our own business affairs as a civilian government.

Acknowledgement and acceptance of the return of our delegated Powers upon the incapacity of the Subcontractors already stands on the Public Record and has been published worldwide. The return of our assets to our control and our international domain, also follows upon default by Operation of Law.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
5 hrs ·

Repeat — We Have The UBS Receipt Book

For those who don’t know just how big this news is——

We now know that JP Morgan is a storefront for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and we can prove it. We now know that the Grand Duchy has been Spook Central for the entire effort to re-fund the Central Bank system using other people’s assets, and we know where the “monetary assets” came from and where they went.

We know the Grand Duchy, the Vatican, and Israel colluded to create the BEAST system, by which they intended to enslave the entire world and impose a Bar Code to tax every living thing as well as track every scrap of land, water, and other commodity.

We can track the Face of Evil for generations using the UBS Receipt Book, and now everyone around the world can do the same.

Just start at page one.....

The early entries explain how the Brits and Popes colluded to start the American Civil War. Abraham Lincoln joined the Illinois Bar Association in 1834. He was, as a result, prohibited from holding public office in America and could only serve as CEO of incorporated “Federal” Subcontractors. The nature of his mission as an Agent of the British Crown (Westminster) is clearly detailed, including what he and his heirs were supposed to receive for their treachery— most of Oklahoma and Kentucky.

And that is just For Starters.

The activities and kickbacks to generations of “US” Presidents are faithfully recorded along with the commodity rigging schemes of Big Business investors. It’s an entire history of the world from the 1860’s when the fraud began through most of the Second World War— which was yet another British plot.

We now have corroborating proof that the bulk of the gold in the Philippines is American gold transported there between 1898 and 1907 — and the gold assays support our claims of provenance.

Read that— it was never “Yamashita’s Gold” and it never came from Japan, China, or the Philippines, all fanciful claims otherwise not withstanding.

It does not belong to the Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, Indonesians, American Servicemen, or any of the other servants of the Interlopers, including the Scottish Commercial Corps that are responsible for this entire Mess.

The temporary war-time ownership of it by Imperial Japan counts for naught.
Possession by pirates — at war or at peace — does not change ownership.

The Second World War like the First World War and the Civil War were all mercenary conflicts by definition because they were declared by corporate CEOs and board members.

This makes Japan a pirate in war-time and has no effect on what this country is owed back, quite aside from the fact that the US ARMY won


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
5 hrs ·

What “RV”?

When people talk about RVs and Non-disclosure Agreements promoted by “the DOD” they are basically describing a criminal operation fostered by the United Nations to destroy the US Dollar via grotesque inflation, while at the same time trying to wash their own hands of a gigantic Slush Fund that was accumulated as a result of crooked bookkeeping and non-disclosure to the American People for over a hundred years.

The same vermin who created the problem are trying to create yet another problem as the “solution” to their own dilemma, but it’s not going to help.

NDA’s or not, we are going to know and trace every transaction coming out of those bases and we are going to hold each and every man and woman engaged in promoting this activity accountable.

Why? For the same reason you hold thieves and counterfeiters accountable.

The “money” they are giving away isn’t theirs to give, the currency they are ruining isn’t theirs to ruin, and everything they are doing is going to come back on them like the snap of a mousetrap.

The UN is going to be held accountable. The Church is going to be held accountable. And the DOD is going to be held accountable. And the credit owed to us is still going to be owed no matter how fast they give away US Dollars or what they try to claim about their activities— it will avail them nothing.

Why? Because the exchange rate is pegged against the United States Silver Dollar, not “the USD”.

So once again they prove to be destructive criminals, but not so bright.

Before this started the USD exchange rate in real time was 40,000 to 1 United States Silver Dollar.

The delusional nature of money is on public display, there for all to see.

Just like the Big News that Carbon Dioxide CAN’T be the cause of global warming because it makes up only 35 one-thousandths of one per cent of the atmosphere.

Just like the Big News that the corona virus has a death rate like the Common Cold. So if we aren’t in terror of the Common Cold why should we be paralyzed by fear of the corona virus?

Turn off 5G. Turn on Team Mobile instead. Use your buying clout while you still have it.

Did you know that 89 members of “Congress” are Dual Citizens of Israel? 88 of those traitors are Democrats.

Everything that you are suffering— the gross inflation of what you have been forced to use as money, the corona virus, the use of your children as prey for pedophiles, the pollution of your planet, the destruction of your quality of life, the destruction of your country —has all been brought to you by the Democratic Party and the UN Corp and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg operating as JP Morgan.

And it is time that all these politicians got caught and held by the neck and all these “DOD” officials, too. It’s time for the Democratic Party to be outlawed as a crime syndicate and time for the rats to realize they are no longer acting in a vacuum.

The Americans and the Brits and the Aussies and the Germans and the Japanese and the Canadians are all awake now. It won’t be long before the entire planet shakes a leg— and we are not confused or deceived about what is going on or who is responsible for it.

We know.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
5 mins ·

"Coronavirus" is the New Name of the "Common Cold"
Let's tell the Queen, the Pope, and yes, the President, too, what we really think of their attempt at the Biggest Lie yet.
And let's send the patent holders the bill, too.
What we are looking at is the Common Cold, restyled as "Covid 19" --- which s the World Health Organization name for the Common Cold. Read on.
Mr. Trump, you've declared a National Emergency over the Common Cold.
Can you imagine how stupid that makes us all look? Yes, us, too, for not knowing WHO jargon and not picking up on the joke earlier, but especially your Administration and all the members of Congress look incredibly lame.
And all this money spent on ventilators? Masks? Gloves? Well, we agree that more should be done to serve the elderly during flu season, but this is ridiculous. We are all familiar with the fact that the Common Cold can develop into pneumonia. We are all used to dealing with it, every year And we all know that many people die of cold-related pneumonia every year, too.
We still get up and go to work and buy our groceries and read books and accomplish all the other functions of life despite this Big News.
The disaster in Wuhan was a microwave radiation blast, not any infectious disease. We now have the proof of that massive microwave burst, too, though it's classified, and strictly speaking, still not clear who was responsible for that horrific "test" on a domestic population.
But as for the corona virus ---
How can we respect or support a government, or in this case, a subcontractor providing government services, that does nothing but lie to us and manipulate us and claim nonconsensual "powers" over people who are not within its political jurisdiction?
Read this from Larry Hannigan, and see the citation from the 1989 American Medical Association Encyclopedia and weep:
And then read this little gem about how the Israelis (the Israelis, again) have developed a vaccine for the corona virus, aka, Common Cold, from the Gateway Pundit, released February 2, 2020:
And then, go here and see who actually owns the US Patent on this "novel" corona virus---- the British (again) Pirbright Institute:
And then, go here and see the facts about the "tests" they are giving out to diagnose the "corona virus" --- aka, Common Cold --- and see that they are turning up 50 to 80% "False Positive" results. This means that these tests show that a person has the disease, when they don't, more than half the time---- making these tests useless as diagnostic tools:
And finally, go here to G. Edward Griffin's Need to Know News site and read the analysis of an expert about all the above, leading him to wonder--- does it exist?
The estimates we have seen are $1000 per hit for vaccine, which when charged to us would result in a huge windfall for the vaccine producers --- Israel, while all the medical care extras amount to a huge windfall for Big Pharma and medical equipment suppliers overall.
No wonder the Israeli banks in back of the "Federal Reserve" are willing to extend unlimited credit on the back of their victims, but we say they are counting their chickens a bit too early:
(1) The actual government of this country in international jurisdiction, The United States of America [Unincorporated] has not declared any emergency of any kind;
(2) The actual government of this country does not recognize any special "war powers" granted to any President of "the" United States of America beyond his control of the Armed Forces, under Constitutional Contract, as Commander-in-Chief. Read that --- we don't give a rat's rump what FDR claimed with regard to his hegemony over Territorial and Municipal Employees and the operations of the Subcontracting Federal Corporation Service Providers. No such authority applies to American State Nationals and American State Citizens who are peaceably going about their business on their own soil;
(3) Americans are not subject to any enforced vaccination program for the Common Cold, though members of the U.S. Military and their Dependents may be;
(4) We have made it clear that the "price" of murdering any American by any means on our soil is one (1) trillion USD and that amount will be charged and assessed against any government or corporation perpetuating, aiding, or abetting such crimes on our soil;
(5) We think that these facts when duly appreciated remove any presumed authority for or financial benefit from continuing to promote this deplorable, destructive hoax and the damages being inflicted upon the elderly population worldwide.
We note the following facts, too:
(A) The greatest medical care costs of a person's lifetime on average occur during the last three years of life. By killing off elderly people worldwide (the average corona virus victim's age is 80) the corporations are saving themselves trillions of dollars in government guaranteed medical costs.
(B) There is a pattern here of abusing the Public Trust via semantic deceits attached to medical terms and drugs. The Common Cold has been renamed "Covid 19" to create a seemingly new Bug-a-Boo, when in fact it is the same old familiar monster. This deceit is being used to claim the existence of a "medical emergency" that doesn't exist, and is leading to the abuse of the Public Purse and the abuse of Police Powers.
The actual problem, that Municipal Police Forces have been de-funded by the Municipal bankruptcy needs to be addressed in a sensible and honest fashion. We are competent to deal with this without any undue concern or supervision.
(C) Similarly, an intermediate byproduct of epinephrine's conversion into adrenaline has been dubbed "adrenochrome" and demonized toward the same ends--- creating a new Bug-a-Boo and cover story for drug abuse that is very profitable. The actual "drug" is adrenalin -- not the precursors that merely stimulate the production of adrenalin in the user's body.
Read that: epinephrine and the next chemical step dubbed "adrenochrome" in the triggering of adrenalin, are not the real problem.
The problem is that adrenalin is addictive and millions of American Service Men and Women and other military personnel worldwide have unwittingly become addicted in the course of military service. Many of them have learned to self-stimulate. PTSD is a direct and known result of adrenalin addiction.
This creates a huge, ready-made pool of potential drug users and motivates the traditional drug-pushers, the British Crown and China (albeit, not the Chinese People--- their forever strapped government) to limit access to epinephrine -- which has already been done -- and demonize adrenochrome to justify the sky-high prices being charged for it under its street name, "White Rabbit".
Rather than address the truth and the real problem, these vermin are creating the problem by abuse of our military personnel as cheap mercenaries, and then, seeking to profit from the unseen drug addiction they have created.
This disgusting, unaccountable, and deceptive behavior on the part of the "governmental service corporations" has to stop, or we will all have to join together to liquidate these organizations, nunc pro tunc.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
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Important Public Notice: We Are Being "Smoked", People -- Just Like Bees
When beekeepers want to work with active beehives, they use smoke to put the bees to sleep. Perhaps you have seen them at work in real life or in movies. They have little pots similar to the incense burners used in churches and temples that they swing slowly and rhythmically to distribute the smoke without unduly alarming the more vigilant bees in the community.
The bees gradually calm down and return to their homes for "quarantine in place", separating themselves apart from their natural community and leaving themselves isolated and unable to front the kind of united response that invasion by human hands would normally provoke. Instead, they just sleep while the beekeepers steal their honey and make other untoward changes, such as removing the Queen from the colony and placing her in a new hive.
This is what is going on, and we have identified the usual suspects: the Brits, the Israelis, and the "Federal Reserve" --- a bunch of mostly Israeli and/or Spanish Sephardic banks you've probably never heard of, that are arguably the worst organized crime syndicate in history, promoting human enslavement as usual ---- only increasingly mechanized versions thereof.
Donald Trump is marching right along in lock step with their agenda, apparently clueless or corrupted, falling for their "money magic" and going along with their coronavirus scam and 5G and their White Rabbit pellets, too.
What needs to happen is for the "Federal Reserve" to be recognized as the international, indeed, global, crime syndicate that it is and has always been. What needs to happen is for the "Federal Reserve" to be audited and dissolved--- liquidated, like the Wicked Witch of the West.
What needs to happen is for the "US CONGRESS" to be openly dissolved, as it already is, in fact, liquidated. You should no longer see any references to Donald Trump or any other elected official acting as "President of "the" United States" as the Municipal Corporation operating under that name is being liquidated and the settlement is pending.
What needs to happen after that, is for the British Crown and British Territorial Government "United States Congress" to be recognized for what it is, and for it to be brought back in line with its actual job here according to the actual Constitutions.
Let's go back to the point of the pending settlement of "the" United States corporations---- most, if not all, of their assets are owed to us, the American States and People who paid for it all.
Mr. Trump's Administration is trying to claim all of that payola in the name of "the" United States of America, and in some cases ---- as we saw in Mr. Rocha's Lien --- the Territorial Re-Venue has been funneled through individual "States of States". In that case, the State of California.
However, the actual fact of it is that all that money and all those materials were bought using the actual and factual assets and the pre-paid credit of the American States and People, so everyone needs to know that.
None of it legitimately belongs to "the" United States of America, and none of it belongs to "the Fed". Please pay attention and note that "THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM" was bankrupted in 2009, and what remains is "the" Federal Reserve System.
Everything was converted from Municipal to Territorial jurisdiction, and now the further re-venue (as in changing venue for a court) has to be completed--- which means that our assets have to be returned to us and to our control, or the Territorial Government of "the" United States of America is out of compliance with their contract -- their Constitution --- to provide Good Faith Service to The United States of America.
Everyone please wake up. The political status of "United States Citizen" was created by the Constitutions. It does not exist independently. This is the reason that every member of the military takes the Oath to protect and defend against all enemies both foreign and domestic: without the Constitution and without adherence to the Constitution, the "United States" being referenced, ceases to exist.
We, the states and people of The United States, continue to exist. We, the States and People of The United States of America, continue to exist. But both of our remaining Federal Subcontractors operating as incorporated entities, cease to exist the moment they fail their duties.
This is Due and Public Notice that we, the states and people of The United States, are being dis-served by the Coronavirus aka Common Cold Hoax and that all demands to force vaccinations on anyone not directly employed by the Territorial Government are illegal and unlawful and should not be honored by any thinking American.
This is Due and Public Notice that We, the States and People of The United States of America, have rebutted any and all presumption of Municipal or Territorial "citizenship", have assembled our lawful government, and await the return of our assets and our credit to our possession and control, as required and mandated by venerable Treaty, Constitution, International Law, and Territorial Code.
All world governments are hereby placed on alert that all US PATENTS have returned by Operations of Law to the Original Delegator of the Powers that were exercised by "the" United States Municipal Government. All ownership interests are vested in the States and People of this country, not the Territorial United States or its Government.
All actual property chartered under our delegated authority and purchased with our assets and pre-paid credit are ours and must be returned to us and placed under our control for any settlement of the UNITED STATES, INC. bankruptcy to occur.
Read that: any Territorial re-venue must be followed immediately by a complete re-venue back to the lawful jurisdiction of The United States of America [Unincorporated]. There is no constitutional provision for Territorial custodianship of our gold and silver beyond securing it for our use; similarly, there is no Territorial custodianship of our land assets beyond securing them for our use.
All attempts to "buy off on the cheap" the individual claims of Americans who have been mis-represented as United States Citizens or citizens of the United States via the issuance of token individual checks as pretended "settlement" of their claims against "the" United States and against the UNITED STATES, INC., are hereby rebuffed in Public, in front of the entire planetary population.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
Yesterday at 6:03 PM ·

Five Different Political Statuses, Five Different Estates

We recently issued a "One Pager" about the issue of citizenship (and non-citizenship) and described the five political statuses that people in America can adopt or be born or naturalized into. Very briefly they are: (1) State National, (2) State Citizenship, (3) Federal United States Citizen (American), (4) Territorial U.S. Citizen (British), (5) Municipal "citizens of the United States" (Papist).

Now that you grasp the fact that there are five different political statuses, you can also grasp the fact that each status has different roles, rules, and benefits, which in sum total are called "estates".
State Nationals hold their estate in The United States, and populate the National Jurisdiction of the soil in each State of the Union.

State Citizens hold their Estate in The United States of America, and populate the International Jurisdiction of the Land and Sea in behalf of each State of the Union.

Federal United States Citizens are Americans who adopt Federal Dual Citizenship and retain their State National political status while working as employees of the States of America, the Confederation of States of States, like The State of California, that have been "missing" from 1860 to 1998.

Regardless of the condition, existence or non-existence of the Confederation of States of State to administer these functions, the Federation of States is competent to do so and has done so. These Federal United States Citizens conduct international business in behalf of The United States of America, and may work on either the land or the sea. An example of this political status are the Continental Marshals (land) and their counterparts the United States Marshals (sea).

Territorial U.S. Citizens are typically Americans who were born in the Insular States like Guam and Puerto Rico, or who adopted such citizenship as a condition of their employment in the U.S. Military or acquired it as dependents of someone in the U.S. Military. The British Monarch continues to hold some part and influence over the U.S. Military as a result of agreements making the British Monarch the Trustee of Americans "on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways".

Municipal "citizens of the United States" are often Americans but may come from anywhere on the globe, who have adopted such citizenship as a condition of their employment for the Federal Civil Service, as a dependent of a Federal Civil Service worker, or as a Municipal Employee or native of Washington, DC, or they may have adopted such political status as a religious obligation. The Municipal Government of the District of Columbia is a theocracy run by the Roman Catholic Church doing business as "the" United States.
That Municipal Government has done business as a commercial corporation since 1878 and it is currently in the process of settling its Chapter 7 bankruptcy and liquidation.

Key Points:
(1) All three species of Federal Employees cannot own land in America; they can only "reside" in the States on a temporary basis until such time as they retire and return to their birthright political status or become naturalized State Nationals. If they are Americans "seeking temporary employment" as Federal Citizens, their land assets are held for them in State Trusts during their Tour of Duty or Foreign Assignment;

(2) Federal Employees are not owed any protections under the Constitutions governing their political status; they are subject to the Constitutions when on the land and soil of the States -- [that's why its called "The Law of the Land"] meaning that they have to obey and respect the Constitutional Guarantees owed to American State Nationals and American State Citizens, but have no such protections themselves, because their political statuses are created by the Constitutions (there are three (3) Constitutions, one for each kind of Federal Government Subcontractor -- American, Territorial, Papist).

You can now readily see that with respect to the land and soil there are only three estates: American State National (soil), American State Citizen (land), and American State Trust (land and soil assets held in trust for Americans while serving as Federal Citizens).

Because Federal Citizens are all serving as employees of foreign corporations of one sort or another, they are not able to possess actual factual assets, such as gold and silver, in their own names, and under their own control, either.

The United States of America [Unincorporated] which is the Federation of the States in international jurisdiction and the State Citizens known as "the People" are the Parties and Principals holding the American side of the Constitutions and have the right of enforcement thereof.

Since 1863 the British Territorial United States Government operating the U.S. Military has proposed to "represent" us and act as our "agents" and has instituted a de facto foreign government on our shores, operated via political parties (lobbies) as a "democracy".

This military protectorate was established by Abraham Lincoln operating as the Commander in Chief in March of 1863, when the Northern "States of States" of the original Confederacy declared bankruptcy.

This was not a collapse of our government, but merely the collapse of one of the Federal Subcontractors. The circumstance was not freely disclosed to the American States and People, so the "Reconstruction" of the American Confederation of States was never completed.

This left the British-influenced Territorial Military Government substituting itself for the government we are owed, but themselves still owing every jot of their own Constitutional contract and obligation to us.

The United States of America [Unincorporated] and our member States have declared our proper political status and the State Citizens have similarly corrected all false presumptions about their political status. We have assembled our States of the Union, and presented our claims to all actual and factual land and soil and physical assets, including gold and silver, etc., owed to the American States and People.

Mr. Trump ---as Commander in Chief of "the" [Territorial] United States of America and the director of the U.S. Citizens making up the military and their dependents-- is not able to settle the bankruptcy of the Municipal UNITED STATES, INC., "for" us.

We must be brought to the table.

The National Credit is pre-paid and owed to Americans, not "U.S. Citizens".

The American gold and other physical assets held in the Philippines and elsewhere is owed to Americans, not "U.S. Citizens".

The land and soil of this country is owed to Americans, not "U.S. Citizens".

The role of all U.S. Citizens is to obey the Constitution and protect this country and its people ---- period.

The moment that U.S. Citizens act in a hostile or predatory way toward their employers, they become criminals and outlaws, lose their political status, and forfeit the assets held in trust for them.

It's not that we wish for anything but cordial relationships with our employees, but they must understand that they are employees. They have jobs, functions, and obligations owed to the people of this country.

Those jobs and functions do not include seizing upon our assets and offering our assets as collateral for their debts. Whether they are seizing upon our land, our labor, or our gold as the underlying collateral is immaterial to the issue. Our employees are not authorized to do this. Period.

We have our own government, with our own standards, and our own means of funding operations. All the actual and factual assets of the States and the Territories belong to us and we are competent to administer and manage our own business affairs, whereupon we have notified Mr. Trump and the Joint Chiefs and the other Principals and Parties around the world and we have given clear direction regarding all these facts.
There is no National Emergency so far as we are concerned as the result of an "enhanced" Common Cold virus. Please send the Queen, the Pope, and Bill Gates the Bill. They created the monster, they are responsible for it. Let them pay --- up the wazoo.

There is no excuse for any presumption by the Territorial Government that the Municipal assets are "abandoned". The moment that the Municipal Federal Subcontractors fail, the rights, titles, duties, assets, patents, titles, copyrights, and trademarks--- and all other material rights and interests, return to the Original Issuers and Delegators---- The United States of America, [Unincorporated], that is, the American States and People.

Our claims are firmly established in the historical and current Public Record. They have been brought forward continuously since 1998 when we first realized the fraud and mis-representation being worked against us, via a process of identity theft, credit fraud, and false presumptions against our political status.
Mr. Trump, in his capacity as Commander-in-Chief, is called to our defense and obligated to return and re-venue our property assets to us, free of debt or encumbrance. In return, we will make provision for the payment and well-being of our employees and the support of the military according to the terms of the Federal Constitution.

The days of the Tail Wagging the Dog are over, and instead of being upset by this, every American from Alaska to the Florida Keys should be happy. A century and a half of confusion, carpet-baggers, foreign intrigue, false debt, false taxation, self-service, and crime --- is at an end.

America is back on track. And all you have to do is do your part. If you are a Federal Employee, do your duty and stay the course. Respect the Constitutional Guarantees owed to all Americans. Do your job, and we will protect your trust, as you protect ours.

Most Americans who are not presently Federal Employees or Dependents have still not declared their political status and urgently need to do so. Go to:

www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net for help and additional information.

Join your State Assembly today and take part in the process of self-governance.
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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
Yesterday at 6:24 PM ·

All Members of the United States Military

This is to inform you of your duty and your limitations. You are about to transition into being members of The United States of America Armed Forces.

You are sworn to obey the actual Constitution and to protect this country and its people from all enemies foreign and domestic for a reason.

The first reason is that protection of the people and their property including their “persons” as detailed in the Fourth Article of the Constitution is the only reason for a government to exist.

Fail that mission and there is no reason for the existence of your organizations, either.

The second reason is that if you fail to honor and obey the Constitution something else happens, too. You lose your political status, because your political status as a U.S. Citizen is created by and depends upon the Constitution.

So it isn’t just the people who are depending on you to protect them and their property who stand to lose if you fail. All your nuggies are in the wringer, too.

Since 1963 the Roman Catholic Church has been taken over by a Cult that believes they are Fallen Angels. They engage in heinous crimes in the name of their religion and don’t tell their parishioners that they worship Satan, but in fact, they do honor and worship the Father of All Lies.

They use Adrenalin as a drug to give them (short lived) super human powers.

Many of you have been unwittingly addicted to the same drug via repeated exposure to life-threatening circumstances. These fiends seek to take advantage of this and to profit themselves both from using you as cheap mercenaries and by leaving you with untreated addictions to opiates and/or Adrenalin when you leave the service.

It is their intention to enslave you and subject you to arbitrary legislation that shows no respect for you or your Natural and Unalienable Rights. Or anyone else’s, either. In fact, they pretend to have the authority to deny you the rights you were born with and to subject you to their Queen. And the Queen then subjects you to the Pope.

They do this by using you to rob others, including other Americans, and then kicking back a small portion of the “take”. You are the laughingstocks of the world because you have allowed these deluded madmen to sing you Yankee Doodle Dandy and pay you a pittance to act as commercial mercenaries for them.

And they still think they are going to get away with it.

The British Pirbright Institute owns the patent for the novel Coronavirus. It’s not a Chinese virus. It’s a British virus.

It was funded by DARPA and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

It was released within days of an announcement that the Galilea Research group in Israel had developed a vaccine for it. Go figure.

Meanwhile, the chaos this criminal activity has caused (and the anticipated profit taking from charging dumbshit Americans $1000 per shot to ear tag us like cattle) is costing the entire world trillions of dollars in lost income, throwing millions of people out of work, and creating a crisis that the Queen and the Pope need to pay for.


Their bankers need to be hung upside down in the Capitol Rotunda and invited to think of other tricks to play.

Mr. Trump and his Administration keep talking about making arrests of these criminals, but there is no real evidence that anything worthwhile is being done to address the actual problems. Instead, all we hear is more blaming of the victims, more lies, more hype, and see more take overs of private property by the Fascists our Fathers fought, more power grabs, more bull crap from men who just plain need to vanish from our sight.

Dr. Fauci is a Nazi and on the take to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars per year funneled to him by these monsters in suits.

Are you going to take his word for the price of beans in China?

If you are going to hire out as guinea pigs and human sacrifices for these vermin, at least admit that you are nothing but cheap mercenaries taking orders just like the Nazi thugs who met their fate at Nuremberg.

Admit that you are all frauds, all disgraces to your uniforms, all dishonorable useless maggots bilking your gullible employers.

Either that, or start doing your actual job— protecting us from ALL enemies both foreign and domestic. Forget about Iran. Forget about North Korea. Forget about trying to force quarantines and vaccinations and the Mark of the B. E. A. S. T. on us.

Read your contract— the actual Constitution and especially the part that tells you that any other thing doesn’t apply in your relationship with us—- not Code, not Regulation, not Statute, not Legislation. The Constitution is the Law so far as you are concerned with respect to us and you’d better believe it.

We need you to clean this mess up and do a damned good job of it. But that doesn’t include treating the American People like cattle and ear tagging us with RFID’s hidden in Israeli vaccines. That doesn’t include exposing us to chem trails, “spent” nuclear pollution, or any of the other crap that has been going on here.

We never agreed to give you or them — the Pope or the Queen or their Jocks in DC — any such authority.

If you can read, you have cause to know that. If you can think, you also know where your paychecks actually come from, and it isn’t from the idiots infesting Washington, DC.

As long as we are paying the bills, we are giving the orders.

Begin with the bankers at the Federal Reserve.

This crappola needs to stop and all the horns need to be pulled in or the Fury of the Primal Creator is going to give those Cray computers needed to compile the 5G network a bug that will put the Coronavirus to shame. And you are all going to be sucking wind like an oil well in Nova Scotia.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
Yesterday at 7:41 PM ·

Patient One and Other Housekeeping

So now we have a definitive answer to the question asked by the Chinese last week --- who was Patient One?

So here's the emerging picture. The Bioweapons Research Lab at Fort Detrick closed in September.

In October, an American Sergeant stationed at Fort Belvoir on the Potomac attended the World Games, and brought the "enhanced" Coronavirus along with him. He was Patient One.

So we have an "enhanced" Common Cold Virus developed and patented by the British Pirbright Institute, financed by DARPA and the Gates Foundation, being transported to China by an American soldier from Fort Belvoir, home of the INS, DTRA (Defense Threat Reduction Agency), the US Army Corps of Engineers, and numerous other "specialty" military ops groups, just shortly after the closure of Fort Detrick's Bioweapons Lab.

Common sense would suggest that DTRA was involved in salvaging samples of the virus originally housed at Fort Detrick and it escaped. Our bad. It's not an "American Virus", but it's certainly not a "Chinese Virus" either. If we want to pin the blame on the donkey it belongs to, it's a British Virus.

And as I have said from the beginning, it's the British again. Always. Monotonously. Forever. Dig deep enough into the dog pile, and there they are.

The other 200 countries in the world really do need to sit down and think hard about Britain and how to make crime unprofitable for them. It's the only way we are ever going to have any peace.

Next, I want to caution everyone --- again --- about not taking any wooden nickels or accepting any money, any checks, any "benefit" at all from the Federal Government with an unrestricted signature.

They are going to try to claim that you have settled your claim against the bankrupt Municipal Corporation "in equitable exchange" for a pittance amount of credit based on your own gold and silver assets.

If they send you any check to "help" you through this period of induced unemployment, endorse it very carefully, using your private copyright notice - the small copyright "c" in a circle, and the words, "without prejudice or settlement" or "accepted as a gift" above your signature. Keep a copy front and back and let Mnuchin know you didn't fall for it.

The Congress Critters would love to claim that you accepted almost nothing for your share and left the rest for them.

And now, for a blast of fresh air more than ten years in the making --- here's the Granada Forum and Dr. Bill, with insight into the use and misuse of our civilian medical personnel as "Uniformed Officers" illegally conscripted and "licensed" under Federal Title 37.

I am not a big video watcher or fan and prefer to engage my information in written form, but these are unusual videos. Dr. Bill knew his topic and he moves right along---- not for anyone with weak stomachs or weak minds, but highly recommended anyhow:

0 . h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KPKk_syBB4gle
h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3l07gZ3Eh1o
h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgBP5GWOnCg
h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2XqlNcjbK4
h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qwr8Y8tzyN4
h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICok05Ra0zY
h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxgkTbrEyio
h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxgkTbrEyio
h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gByL1EGm23Q
h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3GmD5JsEW4
h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6qnCam5_Qw
h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=le1cvbvk7Pw
h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWjtop8I60Y
h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rl5YBkBIT9Q
h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXfvtXtkA3w


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
Yesterday at 5:11 PM ·

Banker Bunko Warning

There is a group calling itself the "United States of North America".

Smell the rats yet?

Same old story, different day.

Deceptively similar names. All sorts of claims.

They, too, are "offering" to give you "loans" of assets that actually belong to you and to saddle you with more debts and more "social" obligations that Our Creator never mandated.

Yet another group of wannabe despots, same as the old group of wannabe despots, more concerned about seizing and maintaining control than seeing anyone learn to self-govern.

Just say "No" in the immortal words of Nancy Reagan.

No, no, no, no, and no, as long and as often and as vehemently as necessary.

No UN Corp. No regional government. No usurping upon our national sovereignty. No bogus claims against our land and soil. None of it.

We are owed our own stuff back, free and clear of all debt and encumbrance.


That means our land and soil, our water, our homes, our businesses, our Good Names, our gold, our silver, our assets in sum total. All titles. All copyrights. All patents.

And if anyone wants to fight about it, make any false claims about us or "for" us, try to trick us or delude us, make any false claims whatsoever about who is who and what this circumstance is --- yes, we are here to fight about it and kick all the sanctimonious asses that would try to utter two words against what the American States and People are righteously and unarguably owed.

We are The United States of America. We don't recognize any entity calling itself The United States of North America.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
Yesterday at 5:22 PM ·

Advice About Home Invaders From a Police Commissioner

(1) Don't mess around with home invaders. Anyone motivated to invade your home without hailing you and making their identity and intentions clear is up to no good.

(2) Don't err on the side of mercy, because chances are, if it is a home invader, you will get none.

(3) Feel free to use deadly force if such invaders are inside your house, attempting to get into your house, and are threatening you. If you see a gun or knife in their hand, fire and ask questions later. Shoot to kill. Don't try to strategically wound home invaders.

(4) If you catch an invader entering your house through a door or window, wait to fire until they are actually inside the house. Give them a verbal warning if you can do so without unduly endangering yourself or your family.

(5) Nobody wants to fire on anyone, ever, and you should not be overly paranoid or nervous, but home invasion is a reality and it is necessary to keep doors and windows secure and homes properly guarded. Your safety and that of your family comes first.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
10 hrs ·

What "Unseen" Enemy?

The actual enemy is in full view, and rarely more so than in the last few days.

Its name is the National Security Council, an un-elected, unaccountable, self-interested bunch of Commissars that got installed by Harry Truman (following FDR's lead, of course) to control the economy and coordinate "defense" of their action by the military during the 1946 restructure of everything--- and then simply stayed on to enrich themselves and manipulate and control things to enhance their own "security".

This was the same time period that saw the implementation of Bretton Woods, the Marshal Plan, and the adoption of Two Sets of Books Bookkeeping known as "Double Accrual Accounting" by the GAO, a system first popularized by Al Capone's bookkeeper.

This is when the Municipal "IRS" joined the Territorial "Internal Revenue Service" effort to terrorize and pillage American businesses and working people.

And you thought that Warren Buffett was just SO smart?

No. Like Rothschild, he's just so well-informed and able to take advantage of that Insider Information to do Insider Trading. He knows what the economy is going to do and when to sell or buy what, because he is one of the Commissars in charge of manipulating and controlling the flow of commodities including currency. He and Anna Tatlock, the British Commissar in America, are enabled to take down whole industries and seize any "Public Corporation" as they just did with Microsoft, Krogers, Walmart, Costco, .....

How many businesses would EVER choose to "incorporate" if the dumb clucks going into it knew that the government would thereafter own everything that they struggle and work for and build as a result of "accepting a charter"?

If the business community really understood that and was given full disclosure, there wouldn't be a "public" corporation left in America.

These cretins mean to control your access to food and water and damned near everything else you need to live, including information, so of course, there will have to be ten days of "darkness" while they plug in their 5G Control Grid and take over the Internet too and take over all six of the major Media Corporations.

Welcome to the Soviet Union, all wrapped up in red, white, and blue.

But if you want to know where all the evil is coming from, it's really not hidden from you. It's coming from the National Security Council in this country and from House of Wettin in Europe.

These two point sources work together to create 95% of the death and destruction and disease and misery in the world, and they are constantly stirring the pot to further enrich themselves.

Most recently, they decided to take down the Oil Barons for a profit, similar to what they did when they took down the Railroad Barons in the 1920s and 30s.

They are folding the Oil Industry and moving to control the electrical industry as the next new thing. Don't be surprised if all your greedy, incompetent, and corrupt home town "electrical cooperatives" have new Big Corporate bosses from out of town, soon. And they will be even worse.

The excuse for this will be "maintaining grid security" but in fact, it will be "grid control" such that these unaccountable and untrustworthy monsters are able to deny people electricity whenever it suits them, and abuse the electrical grid as a means to spy upon and "control" others.

These are the grown up versions of the horrible little kids you knew in grade school --- the sneaky, selfish, "unsporting", nasty little bullies and tattle-tales that hung around the edges and manipulated things so that others got in trouble, often for doing things that these little vermin planned.

What we should do is just save ourselves a lot of trouble and get rid of them ---- arrest a couple hundred evil people at the top of the European and American food chains and be done.

If they had any honor or sense of what is good for this planet, or even what is ultimately "good" for themselves, they'd leave quietly and let life go on unhindered by their manipulating, hoarding, insider trading, commodity rigging, and enslavement activities, but as the good of the planet or anyone on it is a foreign concept to them, there is little hope that they will vacate without the use of cattle prods and lasers.

Some of these characters really are inhabited by demons, just like in the Bible, and they can be very dangerous----not because of what they are, mere shells that look human---- but because of the "demons" --- ETs, whatever--- that live inside of them. They put on quite a show when cornered, but it doesn't matter. They still need to go, go, go.

Obviously, anyone who would weaponize the Common Cold (that's what the Coronavirus is) is more than two bricks short of a load, yet that is what they have done in the name of "National Security". And that is what we are suffering all this disruption over --- a hyped up version of the Common Cold.

Obviously, too, a British "bug" that was carried to China by a Sergeant in the American Military stationed at Fort Belvoir -- a man who attended the World Games in Wuhan last October-- is definitely not a "Chinese Virus" and the Chinese Government is not responsible for its existence nor its release.

Once again for the brain-dead and deaf:

The British Pirbright Institute owns the patent on the "novel" Coronavirus, aka, weaponized Common Cold. It was funded by DARPA and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ---- nobody else. It was carried to China, hopefully unwittingly, by an American Serviceman stationed at Fort Belvoir --- Patient One.

Now, that's the actual truth of the matter and the President needs to be informed, so that he is: (1) no longer blaming it on China; (2) is playing with a full deck; and (3) has no plausible deniability for taking unjust actions predicated on misinformation.

Warren Buffett and Anne Tatlock already dealt with Bill Gates by taking over Microsoft and sending him home to play Parcheesi, just as they dealt with GHWB and the oil industry--- the same oil industry that was rewarded for murdering JFK and helping to pull off 911, and which is now being taken down and demonized by the perpetrators of it all.

La, la, la, how the world works. The innocent and the patsies are blamed for everything.

The National Security Council is headed up by the Vice-President and includes an "Assassination Committee" that actually plans murders of Americans and others who don't agree with the "policies" set in place by the National Security Council, and who are deemed "terrorists" as a result.

Although it should be obvious that men holding such powerful offices and abusing our Public Trust to such an outrageous extent, men sitting around manipulating entire industries and plotting murders and crooked bookkeeping systems behind closed doors, are The Problem by definition, many Americans still aren't getting the drift of all this: we have crime bosses in control of a substitute government.

These people are masquerading as "your" government, when in fact they are substituting their foreign subcontractor for "your" government. And the "National Security" they are protecting is their own, not yours.

They are in the process of seizing control of your very lives, and manipulating all the sectors of the economy upon which you depend --- electricity, water, food, information --- and they are telling you that this is necessary and for your own good. But look at what they are actually doing?

They are making False Claims against your interests and assets. They caused this virus problem, too. And they have been lying to you religiously since 1907.

What they are proposing is just a re-working of the same old crap on a different day: instead of using your labor to back their debt, they propose to use the gold and silver that is owed to you to back their debt, instead.

And then instead of harassing you with the IRS and completely outrageous claims to own the benefit of your labor, they propose to impose the Mark of the Beast --- their very own Bar Code --- and apply it to you, so that they can tax your ability to trade and barter.

And that, dear children, is just another means to enslave and control what is not theirs to enslave or control.

Time to kick every member of the "National Security Council" and their European Bosses and the members of the Con-gress, right where it hurts them most. In their wallets.

These people are crooks of a most dishonorable and duplicitous and destructive kind --- people who pretend to stand for "law and order" but who are instead actively engaged in Confidence Schemes on an unimaginable scale.

Don't be gullible. Just as they never had any right to tax your labor, they have no right to tax your ability to trade. Just as they never had any right or excuse to shut down the railroads to promote oil, they have no right to shut down the oil industry to promote their control of electricity.

Have you heard the words, "screwed, glued, and tattooed"?

That's what we need to do to every politician in Washington, DC, including the President. WWG1WGA may be true, but where THEY are going,we don't want or need to go. They need to get the message, shoved up their noses or their asses. It really doesn't matter which. And they need that message now.

It's time for the Territorial Government to re-venue our assets back to us. The re-venue has to go all the way to the land jurisdiction and the American States and People that the assets actually belong to.

Either that, or they and the members and lackeys of their "National Security Council" ----all stand exposed as nothing but common criminals and mercenaries engaged in piracy and other crimes on our shores, and all these activities are being taken against the best interests of their Employers and in violation of the Constitutions which allow their activities and offices to exist.

Their job is to protect the electrical grid --- not tax it, not control it, not weaponize it.

They all need hear it loud and clear from 320 million angry and disgusted Americans. And not all of us are relatively powerless "voters" ---- some of us are Electors and we are ready to spit, too.

If --- and its a big "IF" -- there is actually any coronavirus "emergency", that emergency has been caused by the Brits and our own federal subcontractors.

It's time to put pedal to the metal and boots up the butts of the "National Security Council" and the members of Con-gress.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
9 hrs ·

What Did I Tell You?

As a result of the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES, INC., they will need to VACATE Washington,DC for ninety (90) days, just as they did during the Florida Chads election nonsense in 2000.

So what are these madmen doing?

Drumming up an excuse to vacate Washington, DC, for 90 days "due to the coronavirus".

And what is going to happen? What has already happened?

We, the actual, factual, legitimate government of this country, The United States of America, have already claimed back all the formerly "Delegated Powers" of the Municipal Government by Operation of Law.

Every Judge, every Judicial Official, the Government of Westminster, the Pope, and all others concerned with "Law" on this planet are called to Bear Witness.

The "United Nations" and the governments of the world and all the "Legal" Professionals have already been given Notice and so has President Trump.

When any Federal Subcontractor is rendered "incompetent" for any reason, including bankruptcy, the "Powers" Delegated to them via the Constitutions return to the Delegator by Operation of Law.

And here we are, ready to receive those Powers back.

The American States and People, operating through our unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America, delegated all "Powers" that the Federal Subcontractors have ever had or ever exercised in our behalf.

Now that the Municipal United States Government Corporation has been bankrupted, their organization is rendered incompetent and is in liquidation.

The Powers vouchsafed to the Municipal Government do not somehow magically migrate to the Territorial Government. Those Powers return to us, the Original Delegators, together with all the Municipal Assets.

So, the world --- and the American People --- have already been put on Notice that this is happening and that the actual American Government has stirred its stumps and assembled the States of the Union in preparation to receive back all the Powers ever Delegated to the Municipal Government of the District of Columbia and Washington, DC, together with all assets thereof.

The members of the remaining Territorial Government and the British Crown can keep their greedy paws and false claims in commerce to themselves, hoist their sails from the Patent Office and secure the vacated Capitol for us.

Whether we march in to take possession or not, we have already pre-claimed and accomplished the acceptance and acknowledgement of the return of the assets and Powers and possession of the Capitol and Seat of Government.

The role of the Territorial Government and the U.S. Military in all of this is crystal clear. We are the civilian government and always have been. The American States and People are calling our Employees to heel. Their role is to protect our assets and persons, not oppress, steal from, arrest, or otherwise intimidate Americans on our own soil.

Everyone read the Constitution which is The Law of the Land. If you are standing on land that is the ONLY "law" that pertains to interaction of the government personnel with the people of this country. That includes all Federal Subcontractors and their State of State Franchises, too.

No statute, code, regulation, or "military law" applies to us. Only the Constitution.

The actual government of this country and the people it serves are not going to pay for any abuse by our Territorial Employees.
We are going to charge a minimum of three times damages and one trillion dollars per American killed or permanently damaged in any attack of any kind. This is being fully advertised and published, so that no party to any action damaging us has any cause to protest their ignorance of the consequences.

And we have already acknowledged and accepted back all the Delegated Powers and Assets of the Municipal United States Government, so there should be no further "confusion" about the role of the Territorial Government concerning this circumstance.
The Territorial Government is ordered to secure our assets for us, and nothing more.

No mass arrests, no forced quarantines, no forced vaccinations. Actual employees of the Territorial Government and their actual dependents may be obligated to undergo such measures as a condition of their employment, but the actual civilian government has not declared any "National Emergency" and does not recognize any such "emergency" declared by the Territorial Government as anything beyond an administrative matter imposed by a corporation on its employees.

For the record: if the Territorial Government chooses to be stupid and similarly seeks bankruptcy instead of coming to its Employers for assistance, the results will be the same for them as for the Municipal Government.

The moment that the Territorial Government enters bankruptcy, all Powers delegated to it, revert by Operation of Law to the actual unincorporated Federation States, dba, The United States of America, and we pre-acknowledge and accept the return of those Powers in that eventuality.

The Operation of Law involved is clear. When delegated Powers can no longer be exercised by an Assignee under contract, due to accident, illness, or incompetence, the Powers revert by Operation of Law to the Delegator(s) of those Powers and they are no longer within the possession of the former recipients of the Mandate.

So if the Queen wants to keep her contract with us, and if the U.S.Military remains true to its obligation to uphold the Constitution, formal accommodation must be made to re-convey all purloined American assets back to the actual American States and People, via their Federation of States, and provision must be made for us to access our assets and pay our bills directly with no further interference or administration "for" us, by the Hired Help.

This virus is indeed a smokescreen for (1) attempts by the British Crown to steal our assets from the Municipal Pirates who stole our assets from us, or (2) attempts by an American President to recoup the American assets for America. Whichever it is, will become apparent in the days to come.

Meanwhile, keep your eyes on the ball and remember that the actual government of this country has already taken the appropriate actions, filed the necessary Notices and Liens, and prepared to receive back and re-venue all property owed to us by our Subcontractors operating in foreign jurisdictions.

And also, everyone remember this immutable principal, called a "Maxim" of International Law for the last 10,000 years:
"Possession by pirates does not change ownership."

All assets owed to the American States and People, which have been seized upon by our Foreign Subcontractors and Employees and purloined by them for their own benefit, have been taken under the international laws of piracy.

By Law, everything stolen from us by pirates or in the possession of pirates, is still ours --- and whether we are dealing with Municipal PIRATES or Territorial Pirates, is immaterial.

All that matters now, is whether Mr. Trump and his Administration chooses to do the right, required, and honorable thing --- which is to fulfill their obligations under the Constitution owed to their actual employers and return our assets recovered from the Municipal PIRATES to us --- or do the wrong, prohibited, and dishonorable thing --- and act as Territorial Pirates against their long-suffering Employers?

In our view and in international law, a pirate is a pirate is a pirate.

So it's time for the U.S. Military to make an official and public choice: are you honorable men, or pirates?


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
7 hrs ·

About Gold Fringes and Missing Seals and Martial Law

I have commented about this topic before, but I am seeing a lot of confusion and questions out there regarding the changes in flags and presidential seals and the absence of the UN flag and other trappings in recent Whitehouse Press Conferences, etc.
The gold-fringed, sometimes called "Executive Flag", is technically called the "National Colors" and has been used to operate this country under "Color of Law" by the Pope and the British Interlopers.

It has no more real "power" or significance than a piece of fancy bunting. It is decorative and meant to "evoke" an "appearance" of the government of this country----- without really doing so. Just like the "appearance of justice" that the Courts have been giving us, it's an illusion, an apparition, an impression of one thing, while in fact, something else is going on.

The actual flag of the Federal Republic (the American Confederation missing since 1860) can be seen on display, struck, in the Capitol Rotunda and House and Senate Chambers, where it is seen hanging in a vertical "struck" position, giving notice to everyone who sees it and understands what it means, that that "government" is struck, incompetent, bankrupt, or otherwise in "abeyance" and "distress".

This struck flag has been there in plain view for over a 150 years, and all the Americans and especially all the U.S. Military personnel who saw this in person or on C-Span over the years, never connected the dots.

I excuse average Americans for not knowing international flag protocol --- but our highest ranking Generals and Admirals and the various generations of United States Senators and Congressional Members all "missed the point" too? Really? How credible is that?

Everything I have told you about the Confederacy never being Reconstructed and the Confederacy "accidentally-on-purpose" being "mistaken" as the actual government of this country is true. The evidence is all around you, in your face.

Also, please note, that this country has been under Martial Law since 1863, as a direct result of the circumstance described above. Any talk about oh, wow, we're under martial law! --- as if this is anything new or different, is silly. The only things "new" here is that: (1) the People of this country woke up, declared their correct political status, assembled their States of the Union, and are operating their unincorporated (sovereign) Federation of States, The United States of America, and (2) sensing that things were not going well for them, the Board of Directors of the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia decided to seek bankruptcy and run That bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES, INC., is in the process of final settlement right now.

As a result you will no longer be hearing references to the "President of "the" United States" and no longer seeing the associated Seal of that Office in use, nor will you see the United Nations flag, because the Territorial Government, doing business as "the" United States of America, never joined the United Nations.

In truth and in fact, our unincorporated Federation of States, doing business as The United States of America delegated all the "Delegated Powers" ever granted to any of the Federal Subcontractors or ever exercised by them for us, so the "pretense" that the Confederacy (our primary Federal Subcontractor) was ever necessary for our government to function is ridiculous.

It is also patently false to imagine that the "Powers" delegated to the Confederacy somehow devolved upon the remaining Federal Subcontractors as a result of Civil War. The Powers delegated to the Confederacy returned to the Federation of States the moment that the Confederation ceased to function in March of 1861 by Operation of Law.

Any supposition otherwise is predicated merely on the fact that the States and People were not properly given Notice and information necessary to take the proper action and complete the Reconstruction. We were instead purposefully mislead by the British Monarch operating in Breach of Trust, who substituted their Territorial "States of States" for our American States of States, like a cuckoo bird in our nest.

Unfortunately, many American bureaucrats were fooled by this deception or proved disloyal or were bought off, with the result that this deception and substitution went unnoticed for over a century and a half.

Mr. Trump is hereby authorized and instructed to enter the Capitol and set the American flag in the Rotunda, House, and Senate Chambers in the upright position --- horizontal.

Our flag is to be flown in the upright position in the Capitol Rotunda and in the House and the Senate Chambers now and forevermore.

Any "emergency" occasioned by the disappearance of the Confederation is resolved by the presence and assembly of the American States and People and their unincorporated Federation of the States of the Union doing business as The United States of America, the Delegator of all Powers ever delegated to the Confederation or any other Federal Subcontractor.

All members of the Territorial Government are to be fully informed as are members of all world governments. The American States and People are home, populating their States of the Union, running their State Assemblies, settling their business, operating their Federation of States, working toward the completion of the long-overdue Reconstruction of the Federal Confederation of States of States.

While all these tasks and duties are being accomplished, we rely upon Mr. Trump and the Treaties and Contracts we maintain with the Government of Westminster and with the Government of Her Majesty, Elizabeth II, to provide us with the uncontested and complete re-venue of all the assets owed to us and to the land, sea, and soil jurisdiction of this country,

Our assets, both public and private, are to be returned to the control of the American States and People and to our rightful international government, The United States of America, complete with the loyal and proper assistance and compliance of the Territorial United States Government throughout the process of restoration and reconstruction.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
4 mins ·

Public Notice to Steven T. Mnuchin and The Joint Chiefs

The Devil "mirrors" everything, so that the world of illusion can be easily mistaken for the actual world. No wonder, then, that his children, the Central Bankers, do the same thing. It's like bees building a hive for them. They create "mirrors" the same way they create idols, with much the same effect--- to fool and confuse other people, while protecting and enriching themselves.

It is simple enough to see if you are looking.

Back in 1937, the Pope's Municipal Government agreed with the Queen's Territorial (Commonwealth) Government [--- which is also ultimately owned by the Pope, because the Queen acts as his Overseer of the Commonwealth --- ]to construct such a "mirrored" government structure in America.

They provided for it with a written agreement called "The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States".

This document unwittingly admits that these are foreign governments in "The United States" ---- and then goes on to describe their "continuity of Government" scheme, in which they divvy up the payola.

You may have heard those words in recent newscasts -- "continuity of government" coming out of Washington, DC. I have.

Both foreign governmental services corporations (US, INC. and USA, Inc.) agreed to set up parallel (that is, mirror image) governmental structures and departments --- and of course, both agreed to charge the American States and People for this "service".

That is, they agreed to Double Dip for their mutual benefit. And why not? They both ultimately belong to the Pope anyway. They might as well collaborate, right?

So, that is how we come to have:

The U.S. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR and the United States Department of Labor....

The IRS and the Internal Revenue Service....

The DOD and the Department of Defense....

See the Schtick in action?

We have (and have paid for) at least two of everything. In some cases, like "the" and "The" and "THE" US TREASURY, U.S. TREASURY, Department of the Treasury, Department of The United States Treasury, Department of the United States Treasury, Department of the U.S. Treasury, Dept. of the U.S. Treasury..... well, you see my point.....we have paid for many more than two of everything.

Their excuse for this is to "provide continuity of government", but it is actually necessary only when one or the other goes bankrupt for the purpose of escaping their own debt and shifting the burden of their debt to their "presumed sureties" ---- their hapless, erstwhile, "apparently" unrepresented absentee Employers, the American States and People.

While the cats have been away, the mice have indeed played.

But now, we're back, and having found ourselves so far disrespected and dis-served by our purported Trustees and our Public Employees, we have lifted our hands and declared and corrected our actual political status records and have assembled our States of the Union and staffed our unincorporated Federation of States, and we have taken the field and said--- Whoa!

Not only that, we have observed that: (1) we have never been informed of all these provisions being taken "for" us by our employees; (2) we have an explicit contract and stipulations in place, the respective Constitutions, which they have no right or reason to change or abrogate; (3) any pretense that our government has ever ceased to function simply because the Confederation ceased to function is obvious bunk; (4) we do not stand as sureties for the debts of our employees apart from the services approved by the Constitutions; (5) we have not mortgaged our land or soil in their favor; (6) they have no authority to take any mortgage or hypothecate any debt against our property interests; (7) the rules, regulations, codes, and statutes of legislation apply to government workers, and not to us; (8) the only law pertaining to our relationship with any Federal Employee, whether a direct employee of one of the Municipal or Territorial Corporations, or an employee of one of their franchises operating as a "State of State" --- is the appropriate Constitution, as that Constitution existed in 1860. There has been no consensual agreement otherwise.

They have used and abused our credit apart from our consent, and for purposes never intended, which renders their actions and claims that we are standing as sureties for them and their debts invalid. These are Odious Debts, Mr. Mnuchin, and are Odious Debts on the face of them.

We don't even have a contract with any incorporated entities "doing business as" the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia, the United States, Inc. or THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, etc.

Our contracts are with the actual Principals -- the Holy See, Westminster, and the British Monarch.

These Principals are 100% responsible for the actions, debts, and failure of these chartered entities to perform according to their contracts and obligations and all the harm-- physical, fiscal, and economic-- inflicted upon our persons and property by these foreign incorporated "service" organizations operating on our shores.

So now they are scurrying around making preparations for one of the "sets" of departments and agencies to disappear under a cloud of bankruptcy protection that should never be allowed.

The Municipal set of Bad Actors is being liquidated, because, of the two, it is closest to home (the Pope) and clearly was never allowed by the constitutional agreements.

The Territorial Government has at least some claim to have been granted a "custodial" role with respect to some of our property, and was granted some ability to establish federal arsenals and similar military-related facilities on our land and soil. It is also charged with providing us with physical protection under "mutual defense" agreements. So now, the Territorial Government comes forward to receive the debts of the Municipal Government as credit owed to the actual American States and People.

A shell game within a shell game, unless the assets are actually returned to the American States and People.

What you are seeing is a flip-flop, to different faces of the same Papal coin.

This version is run by the Queen as the Pope's Overseer of the Commonwealth, and is not an expression of the American Government at all, though it is under contract to serve us in "good faith".

Thus, you will no longer see references to "the" President of "the" United States but you will see references to "the" President of "the" United States of America.

The actual and factual government of this country, vested in the people, "woke up" in 1998 and has pursued correction and recoupment ever since; a plot by our employees to mis-characterize American babies as United States Citizens (Territorials) and as "citizens of the United States" (Municipals) both, was discovered.

It follows the Anti-Reformation Playbook published by King James 1, entitled "The Bounty Book".

This blackguard operation was implemented via the use of False Registrations and semantic deceit, resulting in the issuance of "Birth Certificates" and the human trafficking of millions of American Babies' identities into foreign jurisdictions, and their subjugation under foreign law, as if they had been conscripted into the French Foreign Legion.

This is crime against humanity and is forbidden as a capital crime by both the Hague Conventions and the Geneva Conventions, as well as standing against the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and in violation of all three Federal Constitutions, Article IV, which requires our Trustees and Employees to protect our Persons and also forbids Bills of Attainder.

Millions of Americans have been arrested and jailed under conditions imposed by this constructive fraud and false impersonation, unjustifiably taxed and harassed under the same False Presumption of foreign citizenship obligations, their property has been confiscated without compensation, False Titles have been introduced and imposed upon their land and soil assets, and then used to enforce mortgages the American States and People never owed, and property and income tax taxation schemes that they likewise never owed, plus "Credit Card" and "Loan" schemes that "loaned" them their own credit, based on their own assets.

The Principal Trustees, the Pope and the Queen, stand in Gross Breach of Trust, held responsible for the actions of the incorporated privateers that they have unleashed and allowed to act as Predators upon us, in violation of our Treaties, in violation of their respective Constitutional agreements with us, and also in violation of the resulting Commercial Services Contracts.

They are presently engaged in what they euphemistically call a "re-venue", in which the above-described flip-flop of Servicers results in the debts owed by the bankrupt Municipal United States Government becoming credits purportedly owed to the Territorial Government ---- but in fact, all credit and all underlying assets belong to the American States and People, and any "re-venue" to the Territorial Government (International Sea Jurisdiction) must immediately pass through to their Federation of States, The United States of America (International Land Jurisdiction) and thence back home to the States and People where it belongs, together with all right, title and interest in their soil and land and all other physical assets, their homes, businesses, roads, factories, and natural resources, all lawful corporations chartered under their auspices, all patents, copyrights, trademarks, legal titles, stocks, bonds, certificates, pension funds and other intellectual property naturally belonging to them, all script issued on their credit, all gold, silver, and precious metals they are owed, all DNA collected from them, all identifications issued to them, and all other aspects of private and public property ownership that are rightfully theirs.

All Federal Employees and Subcontractors of any ilk whatsoever, including Interpol Officers, like Mr. Steven T. Mnuchin and Mr. Michael Pompeo, must come to heel and regurgitate the assets they have held onto "for" us all these years --- or be proven nothing but international criminals and pirates engaged in piracy and other acts of non-consensual fraud and theft upon our shores.

Mr. Steven T. Mnuchin, as a Public Fiduciary and as a Private Fiduciary, has been and is hereby instructed to remove all Municipal deposits being held or received to a pass through account, The United States of America 1789, and from there to collect deposits owed to The united States of Amerca 1787, including the State Trusts styled as "Ohio State", "Wisconsin State" and so on, and to remove all those accounts--- the Municipal deposits, the Territorial deposits, the Federal State deposits, including the Federal State Trusts, and all franchise deposits thereof, to another pass through account, The United States of America 1776, organized with one main international mercantile account, and fifty (50) State subaccounts, one each for each of the States of the Union.

Mr. Steven T. Mnuchin is hereby and in public instructed to faithfully and fully re-venue all accounts and all property on deposit and all assets and paper representations of assets, including all American-based birth and baptismal certificates, gold, silver, and other assets of Americans on deposit with any and all branches of the "United States Treasury" however styled or described, the DTCC, Federal Reserve, the IMF, World Bank, IBRD, BIS, or any other bank anywhere worldwide, to the ownership and control of the American Depositors, their States, and their Federation of States: The United States of America [Unincorporated].

We rely upon Mr. Mnuchin as referenced above and upon Mr. Donald J. Trump, acting in their offices as the Comptrollers of the Exchange Stabilization Fund to accomplish and encourage the appropriate actions needed to repatriate American assets to America and to revenue those assets completely, all the way back to the American States and People that the assets and credit actually belong to.

We likewise request and require the Joint Chiefs and their Bankers to close all commercial banks within their system and to reopen them as mercantile banks under new management no later than June 17, 2020, and to do this as quietly and with as little disruption as possible.

The Re-Venue must be complete or its not a Re-Venue. Likewise, the Jubilee must be delivered to those it applies to, or its not a Jubilee.

You have our permission to arrest and confine all members of the Rothschild and Rockefeller families pending disposition of their cases. Encourage them to cooperate, and if they refuse, try them for their crimes against humanity before a military tribunal --- and hang them.

It's down to them or you.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
1 hr ·

Public Notice -- What to Think About All This Whole Situation

It's a smoke screen. They were planning the national black out and broadcast of hideous portrayals of child torture and "sacrifices" as part of their show over a multi-day broadcast extravaganza, but we shut that down as more unnecessary trauma and BS. The military and agency thugs wanted to demonstrate the evil that they have purportedly saved us from, albeit not mentioning that their laxity and lack of performance is what allowed all this in the first place. They also wouldn't want to admit that they profited from it for several decades before growing a spine and taking action against it under the constant prodding of the Trump Administration.

The actual answer is that BOTH the Municipal Government and the Military (Territorial) Government have betrayed their trust and operated in violation of their obligations to us and have BOTH done so for a very long time.

Having indulged in this criminal behavior toward the American States and People they are clinging together trying to brave it out and utilizing a "Good Cop/Bad Cop" strategy, in which the Municipal Government was to be demonized and the Territorial Government presented as the Good Guy alternative, when in fact, BOTH organizations have proven to be wildly abusive and grossly mis-directed and mis-managed.

And BOTH are ultimately owned and operated by the Pope --- the Municipal Government is directly managed by the Pope and the British Territorial (Commonwealth) is operated by the British Monarch in behalf of the Pope --- and they have been operating in open collusion since 1937 under the provisions of a document called: The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States.

We have dissected the entire history of this and have taken action to enforce their contractual obligations. The assembled States of the Union have additionally taken action to preclude the deceptive flip=flop of one side of the Pope's coin to the other side of the Pope's coin as any answer to the fundamental wrong being practiced against this country by both the Pope and the British Monarch.

The Covid-19 Virus is nothing but a more infectious (but not overall more lethal) strain of the Common Cold. The mass hysteria response is nothing but a convenient smokescreen invoked to hide the ongoing settlement of the UNITED STATES, INC. bankruptcy and the attempted seizure of our assets "in our behalf" by another Scottish Ringer operating as "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" --- INC. --- which we are protesting in the strongest terms possible.

Neither the military nor the military bankers have proven reliable or honest in the handling of our assets since 1863 and we have ended Lincoln's General Order 100, otherwise known as the Lieber Code, as of yesterday, and fired the military bankers responsible for this Mess.

Mr. Mnuchin has been given his marching orders and Mr. Trump has been made responsible for his directives as Commander-in-Chief, meaning that he is fully empowered to operate as Commander-in-Chief over all air, land, and sea forces with the caveat that he does so while assuming the associated responsibility for his actions.

We do not think that he will have any trouble with that acceptance.

They've all been told to bring this pandemic nonsense to as rapid a conclusion as possible. China is back at work, Japan is back at work, England is back at work, and so should we be back at work.

The trillions of dollars being dumped into individual and business accounts to help remedy the forced work shutdowns, business losses, etc., are hereby accepted as gifts from the Pope and Queen Elizabeth II.

So, enjoy your vacations, and don't worry about the gift income being provided --- it is not taxable and it won't be used to claim that you settled your personal accounts via the acceptance of this gift or used to support any claim that you received any voluntary "equitable settlement" of the UNITED STATES, INC., debts to you as a result of it.

We hereby reject any claim or notion that the funds backing this appropriation of trillions of dollars by the Territorial U.S. Congress are to be charged against the people or the persons receiving these disbursements nor are these extensions of credit to be held against their assets, either. All funding for Pandemic Relief approved by the U.S. Congress is to be charged against the personal assets of the Pope and the Queen, Elizabeth II, and is accepted as gifts only, not as benefits, and not as any equitable settlement of individual and State claims against the municipal bankruptcies.

James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
12 hrs ·

Dear Mr. Trump --- March 27, 2020

SPV = "Special Purpose Vehicle" = "Public Transmitting Utility", etc., etc., etc.,

So, what the attached (FB Friends go to my website to see the document) run down shows is that the Exchange Stabilization Fund (a giant currency commodity rigging fund) is being used to buy a fictitious first position interest in other fictional entities.

In this case, the Territorial Government is creating new fictitious "PERSONS" to convey the assets of other fictitious PERSONS belonging to the Municipal Government (our estates and public transmitting utilities) and offering to use our credit to do it; and all of this is fraud.

It was fraud in the beginning (1868) and in the middle (1933) and it is still fraud now (2020).

Obummer did this same schtick during the 2008-2009 bailout and Big Short on Wall Street. All those "Billing Statements" that used to come to "JOHN MICHAEL DOE" were converted by a similar process to the name "JOHN M DOE" and next, unless I am mistaken, they will attempt to roll that PERSON into a John M. Doe or JOHN DOE or some other variation of "fictional entity" to function as a "Special Purpose Vehicle" --- and all of it is fictional conveyance of language, that is, fraud.

It was fraud to impersonate Americans and create Cestui Que Vie Trusts named after them. It was fraud to use DOG LATIN to convey those Trusts. It is still fraud no matter what they do or say. And they are still trying to victimize the actual owners of the property to do this.

The actual gold, silver, land, and other assets owed to us, is staggering. The middlemen armed with nothing but hot air and lies are trying to intervene and cut a "priority creditor status" for themselves out of their own lies and fabric of their constructive fraud.

The actual asset accounts have been sealed and coded so that they cannot be opened except by the actual living man, Julius Divinagracia. Instead of expediting his access to the accounts and allowing him to do his job, the Mindless Ones have contrived to render him misidentified and helpless, while they do everything in their power to prevent the re-venue of the actual assets to the actual owners --- who are all living people. Not governments. Not institutions. Not corporations.

Mr. Trump's advisors are a bit slow on the uptake. They have been told that Julius Divinagracia has entered the jurisdiction of the States of the Union and is under the protection of The United States of America. He is fully empowered and set free of any possible claim of Municipal citizenship obligation. Or Territorial Citizenship obligations.

It's time for the Territorial Officers to assist in bringing forward the actual asset accounts, instead of playing stupid games aimed at cashiering those accounts to generate fictional credit for themselves.

This isn't about "gold" versus "credit" versus "stocks" versus "bonds" versus "cryptos". It isn't "United States Citizens" versus "U.S. Citizens" versus "citizens of the United States", either.

This is about basic ownership and rights to private and public property that has been purloined and abused, about incorporated "governmental services corporations" abusing their Employers in Breach of Trust, about generations of bankers and politicians and military officers acting in Gross Breach of Trust to defraud, impersonate, impoverish, enslave, and prey upon their own Employers, about the Pope playing a two-sided game of fraud and false pretenses and employing schemes to impersonate people and disrespect them as THINGS.

Dear Mr. Trump.... it's a sorry business at best. Don't make it worse.

No more "SPVs" being dreamed up by some schmuck in the Treasury Department, Department of Commerce, or DOT.

We have denounced the Scottish Interloper's role in 1868 and we denounce its attempts at a repeat performance now. You may not use our credit to buy yourselves an unearned interest in our assets or seek to replace us as the actual Parties of Interest owed all right, title and interest related to the Municipal Corporations that have been used as a fraudulent fictitious conveyance and bankrupted under conditions of fraud, too.

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals, and Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.

You all need to straight up and fly right and expedite the re-venue of our assets to us. Stop playing this criminal game of deceit and impersonation, identity theft, False Registrations, and color of law governance.

The cats are back. The rats have to go.

The boys in blue have been busted and that's all there is to it. Move on. Do the right thing. Remove the False Registrations and restore the proper owners to the possession and enjoyment of their own property, free and clear of all debt or encumbrance.

Do not offer to use our own credit to buy interests in our estates. Re-venue our estates to us. We are clicking our silver slippers together and saying, "There's no place like home."

The only Special Purpose Vehicle that needs to function is the Treasury Account for the United States of America 1789. It needs to transfer all associated assets including the valid credit assets back to The United States of America 1776 mercantile account, and from there, to disburse to the individual (former) franchise owners and their States of the Union. Not the Territorial States of States.

And, it's time to come clean and talk to the American States and People in terms of their political status choices. Everyone has the right to know and to choose. This should have been done in 1865. For God's sake, do it now.

We have the key to the asset accounts and we know exactly what went on here. Any attempts to lie to the American People or anyone else about the actual ownership and status of our accounts will only result in more acrimony and present-day accusations of fraud. Better to lay the blame on FDR than continue this corruption and have nobody to blame but yourself.


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Apr 1, 2010
By Anna Von Reitz The rats are trying to buy an interest in our estates for themselves using our assets and credit to do so. Right. They are presenting "the CDC" as some big authority we all need to listen to.

The CDC is a privately owned vaccine company and on the take for hundreds of millions of dollars from the men who promoted weaponization of the Common Cold.

Don't believe me? Maybe you will believe RFK, Jr.?


These despicable criminals set up this entire pandemic to profit themselves. Instead of being in position to control and manipulate our response to their handiwork..... And instead of being allowed to profit themselves.... They should be arrested, tried, and executed without any further adieu.

It might not help their victims, but at least we would be rid of them. And as for the CDC, it should be shut down and all its assets liquidated. It's Board of Directors should be denied any benefit of the corporate veil. Its' collaborators on this "project" --- DARPA, the Pirbright Institute and Wellcome Trust and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation should all be similarly dismembered, liquidated, and their board members/trustees denied any protection of the corporate veil. Corporations are only allowed to exist for the Public Good, and as you can see, these corporations have not existed for the Public Good. They have planned this pandemic with malice aforethought and for profit.

Thousands of people have already died because of these mass murderers. And now,

Mr. Trump --- do you know what your duty is?


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Apr 1, 2010


Robert Kennedy Jr.: CDC Is A Privately Owned Vaccine Company

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claims the CDC owns patents on at least 57 different vaccines, and profits $4.1 billion per year in vaccination sales.

According to RFK Jr., the CDC is not an independent government agency but is actually a subsidiary of Big Pharma.

Greenmedinfo.com reports: Mr. Kennedy told EcoWatch, “The CDC is a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical industry. The agency owns more than 20 vaccine patents and purchases and sells $4.1 billion in vaccines annually.” Again, no source.

I have been around long enough to know that vaccine claims have to be checked and rechecked. And since this is a very old claim, one that I would like to be able to state (if it is true), I decided to review it.

I am fortunate to have, as one of my partners in advocacy, fellow autism parent Mark Blaxill, an Intellectual Property expert who has been employed by billion dollar corporations to manage their patents. Blaxill was the man who found out that HHS, through NIH, owns patents on all HPV vaccines, and receives a percentage of the profits for each dose of Gardasil and Cervarix administered anywhere in the world. He published the stunning revelation in a detailed three part expose entitled, “A License to Kill? Part 1: How A Public-Private Partnership Made the Government Merck’s Gardasil Partner.”

When I contacted Blaxill to ask how to run a patent search, he was kind enough to do it for me. He found 57 granted US patents with the CDC listed as an assignee. You can see the search results here.

Upon cursory review of the patents, I found that one did not seem applicable to vaccination, but merely referenced an article on vaccination. That leaves us with 56 CDC patents to scrutinize.

Here is what I found.

There are CDC patents applicable to vaccines for Flu, Rotavirus, Hepatitis A, HIV, Anthrax, Rabies, Dengue fever, West Nile virus, Group A Strep, Pneumococcal disease, Meningococcal disease, RSV, Gastroenteritis, Japanese encephalitis, SARS, Rift Valley Fever, and chlamydophila pneumoniae.

There is a CDC patent for “Nucleic acid vaccines for prevention of flavivirus infection,” which has applications in vaccines for Zika, West Nile virus, Dengue fever, tick-borne encephalitis virus, yellow fever, Palm Creek virus, and Parramatta River virus.

CDC also has several patents for administering various ”shots” via aerosol delivery systems for vaccines.

There’s a CDC patent on a process for vaccine quality control by “quantifying proteins in a complex preparation of uni- or multivalent commercial or research vaccine preparations.”

There’s a CDC patent on a method “for producing a model for evaluating the antiretroviral effects of drugs and vaccines.”

CDC has a patent for companies who want to test their respiratory system applicable vaccine on an artificial lung system.

If a vaccine maker is concerned that their vaccine might contain a human rhinovirus, CDC has a patent on a process for determining if such contamination exists.

CDC has a patent on an assay to assist vaccine makers in finding antigen-specific antibodies in a biological sample.

CDC holds a patent that provides vaccine makers with a method of “reducing the replicative fitness of a pathogen by deoptimizing codons.” Asserting that, “pathogens with deoptimized codons can be used to increase the phenotypic stability of attenuated vaccines.”

The agency also holds a patent on adjuvants for a vaccine used on premature infants and young babies.

There is a CDC patent to cover a vaccine for an infection induced by a tape worm found in pork.

They even have patents that cover vaccines for animal illnesses including Canarypox virus, Fowlpox virus, Sealpox virus, dog flu and monkey cancer.

Does this seem like a public health agency making “independent” vaccine recommendations, or a private company with an impressive portfolio to which one might look for investment opportunities?

The CDC is reputed to be an independent government agency making vaccine recommendations to the public, only for the public good. They are the agency charged with vaccine safety oversight, via their Immunization Safety Office.

Here is how the office describes its charge:

“CDC’s Immunization Safety Office plays a vital role in ensuring our nation’s vaccine safety.

Sound immunization policies affecting children and adults in the U.S. depend on continuous monitoring of the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. CDC uses many strategies to assess vaccine safety, to identify health problems possibly related to vaccines, and to conduct studies that help determine whether a health problem is caused by a specific vaccine. CDC also works with other federal government agencies and other stakeholders to determine the appropriate public health response to vaccine safety concerns and to communicate the benefits and risks of vaccines.

The Immunization Safety Office regularly reports on vaccine safety monitoring findings and any concerns to CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). This advisory group develops the recommended vaccine schedule for children and adults in the U.S. ACIP considers the safety and effectiveness of vaccines before making recommendations to the vaccine schedule or changing recommendations for vaccine use.”

Note that they proudly state that they report to the ACIP – the same committee on which Paul Offit infamously served, as if this reporting somehow adds legitimacy to their vaccine safety work. The same committee that Congress has excoriated for their long history of conflicts of interests.

Nowhere on the CDC’s web site can I find the disclosure that the agency is a profit partner with the vaccine makers for whom it is supposed to be providing safety oversight.

Mr. Kennedy is in very safe territory by reporting that the CDC has over 20 patents that create vast, undisclosed conflicts of interests in vaccine safety. He is understating the problem by more than half.

This brief look at current patents held by the CDC deserves an in-depth review to determine exactly what current financial relationships with vaccine makers now exist and what the current impact those revenue streams are likely having on vaccine safety positions. Furthermore, one must closely look at the financial relationships between the CDC and vaccine makers it is currently courting, to include the potential exploitation of new patents for financial gain. These are merely a few lines of inquiry, among hundreds, needing to be examined and why the potential RFK commission on vaccine safety must be impaneled.

No wonder the vaccine industry (and let’s not kid ourselves, CDC IS the vaccine industry) and their media outlets are fighting with such a fury to prevent the #RFKcommission from being formed.

Fortunately, Mr. Kennedy has already said he will fight this corruption against our children until his last breath, and we seem to have a new president who doesn’t care what Pharma and the mainstream media throw at him. There is more than 20 years’ worth of documented abuse and corruption in the vaccine program that, if properly examined, would at the very least force reforms that would drastically reduce the profits of the industry.

The vaccine business is currently a $30 billion per year industry in which organizations like the World Health Organization have urged increased investment, projecting that it will become a $100 billion per year industry by 2025. Thus, it is evident that the CDC and their business partners need the public to not only be okay with the 69 doses of recommended childhood vaccines, but to begin to adhere to the additional 100 plus doses of vaccines recommended by the new adult schedule, and to be ready to inject their families with the additional 271 vaccines in the development pipeline.

That profit boom can’t happen if the corruption in the industry, and the vast, unassessed damage that it has done to the health of children (and now adults) is laid open for all to finally see. The $30 billion per year industry will become a sub $10 billion per year industry, with a cap on how much it can make. Because there is a cap on how much the human body can process.

We must continue to press the Trump administration for comprehensive vaccine safety review and reform, including the universal right to forgo any and all vaccines without coercion.

Without a White House to ignore CDC’s abuses and run interference with the American public, the corrupt vaccine industry may be turning into a paper tiger, and its media simply a powerless crowd of bullies with a megaphone, broadcasting “sound and fury signifying nothing.”


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
40 mins ·

All This Stupid Talk....

All day I have been listening to prattle about the "meaning" of "the Fed Take Over" by the Treasury Department. All these people are running around spinning all sorts of "interpretations" about this.

One group is sure it's the work of the "evil New York Wall Street Jews".....

Another group is lauding and praising Trump as if he accomplished a miracle....

Still more groups are evenly split with some saying its the End of the World and the rest saying its the Beginning of a New World.

Listen to what your Grandma is telling you.

The FED can't buy anything that isn't guaranteed by "the government".

The "government" that was pretending to be the civilian government of this country (and never really was) was organized as a commercial corporation that violated its charter. It is in Chapter 7 Involuntary Bankruptcy Liquidation as a result.

Okay? So, what can the FED buy, if there is no "government" guaranteeing them anything, and their charter forbids them to buy anything that isn't guaranteed by a government?

Think, Grasshoppers. You all have brains and I am giving you the facts.

The FED was all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Doing this little "rearrangement" with the bogus "US Treasury" ---- aka, IMF ---- which has no such noisome restrictions on what it can buy, lets the IMF take the risks and do the deals while the FED washes its pretty hands of responsibility for impersonating and mis-characterizing and defrauding millions of Americans--- all those "SPV's" you are hearing about --- and invest in NEW "SPVs".

Oh, yeah?

Now the "US Treasury" ---- IMF ---- will take the rap for that, and the FED will just provide the grease to create a whole new generation of "Special Purpose Vehicles" ---- new styles of names for me and you, used to defraud and racketeer against Americans.

When Obummer changed the "Special Purpose Vehicles" from names styled like this: JOHN MICHAEL DOE to new "Special Purpose Vehicles" with names styled like this: JOHN M DOE, the banks got the TARP bailout for free, all funded on your backs and your Public Utility assets.

So now what do you think the vermin are doing?

They are trying to buy up your land estates and mineral resources at fire sale prices based on the (false) idea that you "abandoned" your natural birthright estate as an American ---- and they are using your own assets to do it.

Yep, that's right. They are using your credit secured by your assets to buy themselves a First Position Priority Creditor interest in your estate.

At your expense.

And the only ones out here on the field carrying your torch and standing up for you?

The United States of America. The members of your State Assembly, which you stupidly haven't joined. Heck, you haven't even recorded your proper political status, have you? You haven't done one thing to protect yourselves and your families from being utterly, totally ripped off, have you?

You are all just standing there with your mouths gaping open, thinking, this is our government. They wouldn't do anything bad to us..... despite DECADES of abuses like this, despite DECADES of proof otherwise.

There are no heroes, no red, no blue. There's just a whole lot of sanctimonious liars and crooks that you have failed to shut down and deal with. The FED is the bank for the Territorial pigs and the IMF is the bank for the Municipal pigs, and you, folks, are playing the part of the trough in all of this.

Can anyone shout, "Fraud! Bank crime in progress! Fraud in progress! Red alert! More fraud incoming! American States and People protest FED and IMF collusion in conspiracy against the Constitutions and the people of this country!"

Can anyone hit these stupid Generals upside the head and recall their "duty" for them?

And how about "Q"--- time to squash all that Hope Porn like a bug?

Trump is cleaning the Swamp, all right. Problem is, he's only cleaning half of it.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
1 hr ·

The Situation Report

To put it in simple human terms--- BlackRock, Inc., is the world's largest bond holder and seller. It is, according to the public records, a corporation deeply involved in the practice of and profit from bondage -- human and otherwise.

BlackRock, Inc. is also one of the world's two largest asset management firms, the other being the smaller but better known -- Vanguard, Inc.

These are the two companies that manage (read that: control) and profit the most from the immense public pension slush funds and asset pools created by false and forced registrations of things like private autos and American babies being mischaracterized as "Motor Vehicles" and "Special Purpose Vehicles", respectively.

With only two such organizations dominating the market and business class for such activities, both BlackRock and Vanguard operate as incipient monopolies and only avoid that definition (and prosecution) by widely deploying their operations and keeping their holdings in each market just below the level where they would be vulnerable to attack as monopoly interests.

Both BlackRock and Vanguard invest their profits from the foregoing activities in stocks, and in this way have built up immense stock portfolios and shareholder interests in corporations worldwide. They may not have controlling interest, but even a stock position of 20% can wag the dog and cause chaos for corporate management, so it is often seen as the better part of valor to give Mr. Fink, the CEO of BlackRock, whatever Mr. Fink wants.

Obviously, every politician in America wants to know Larry Fink and his counterpart at Vanguard.

They then use these corporate interest holdings to leverage the political results they want. You can readily see how that works. BlackRock tells General Motors that they want support for their favorite candidate, so all the GM Executives and all the GM Labor Union Bosses and Capos hit the streets and make donations and "get out the vote" ---- and nobody knows that Larry Fink did the choosing and decided the election.

If you want to divide it up in terms of spheres of interest, BlackRock has more civilian holdings percentage-wise, and Vanguard has more military assets under their "management".

He who manages assets doesn't necessarily own those assets, so Blackrock occupies a middleman position and serves as a de facto financial trustee for the bond issuers and stock funds and banks and governmental services corporations in need of such services.

Being placed in charge of "asset management" is basically carte blanch control of the assets--- absent intervention by the actual owners, so when a company like Blackrock takes over institutional portfolios like those of the Federal Reserve and the IMF, they aren't taking over those entities per se, they are taking over the management of the assets of those entities.

The records indicate that BlackRock has additionally functioned as an insurer for both the Federal Reserve and the IMF, and as these banks are bankrupted, BlackRock as the insurer becomes responsible for both their debts and their assets---functioning as a de facto bankruptcy Trustee, selling off assets to pay down debts, restructuring loans, ranking creditor interests, reviewing stock portfolios, selling some stocks, buying others, and so on.

Since BlackRock already picks and chooses what investments the New York Fed buys, it simply extended its position. There was no bid process for the contract, number one because it is all private business, and number two, because the banks were in no position to argue.

So, short version, BlackRock now controls all the assets of both the US, Inc. and the USA, Inc. and thereby controls the economy and the monetary policy of this country and there is nothing standing in their way --- except a few pesky details, and they are:

1. The US, Inc. and the USA, Inc. have both violated national and international law via their practices and BlackRock, Inc. is subject to the same laws as an incorporated entity and is prohibited from acting as an accomplice to or a party profiting from the criminal activities of these corporations and their banks;

2. The largest part of all assets in the possession of the US, Inc. and the USA, Inc., don't in fact belong to either organization; the assets they claim to exist and to own are largely: (a) totally fictitious; (b) belong in fact to the American States and People; (c) were only in the possession of the US, Inc., and USA, Inc. as a result of published custodial service contracts; and (d) have been claimed on the public record by The United States of America [Unincorporated] since 1776;

3. BlackRock's position as an incorporated entity and insurer in that capacity is forever subordinate to the sovereign immunity of The United States of America and also subordinate to our indemnification. Read that: they can claim to be the Insurer and Holder of other corporations, but we are the Indemnifier and the Holder in Due Course and the Original Issuer of the Assets;

4. We are the actual exempt and tax-percuse owners of all the copyrights, trademarks, patents, certificates, bonds, stocks, funds, currency, gold, silver, land, soil, and other assets that Mr. Fink and BlackRock, Inc. propose to manage ---- and BlackRock, Inc., does not have a contract with us, unless they propose to act as a Successor to the Federal Constitutions.

Read that: Mr. Fink needs to contact us as soon as possible to resolve all issues related to the proper functioning of our government service providers and whether or not he and his company wish to be involved directly as managers of our assets going forward and under what provisions.

There also needs to be a discussion regarding the nature of the assets and the ownership interests and the fact that both the USA, Inc. and US, Inc. have engaged in crimes of impersonation and fraudulent conveyance of language to create "Special Purpose Vehicles" in the names of American State Nationals and American State Citizens. This has been done using undisclosed and unconscionable contracting processes and has resulted in unlawful conversion of assets and identity theft.

All these Americans must be Held Harmless and allowed to correct the deliberately Falsified Registrations and Titles and Powers of Attorney related to them and their private property, and all right, title, interest and ownership control of their assets, both public and private, must be returned to them.

Either that, or Larry Fink and BlackRock, Inc. will be accomplices to and profiting from fraud resulting in enslavement and involuntary peonage, kidnapping and unlawful conversion of assets, conspiracy against the Constitutions, impersonation, barratry, and gross Breach of Trust. And they will become subject to our counter-claims, including credit collection and commercial fraud, identity theft, and numerous substantive charges for damages.

We understand that BlackRock, Inc. was probably not fully informed of the circumstance and the purloined nature of the assets that they have been asked to manage, but by national and international law well-established since the 1600's, when the actual owners of property appear and take precedent over custodial interests, their property must be returned free and clear of debt or encumbrance, and by even more venerable law, possession by pirates does not change ownership of assets. Furthermore, we note the passage of Public Law 102-14 by the Territorial United States Congress, dba, under The Constitution of "the" United States of America, and we quote the Laws themselves with commentary below:

1) Do Not Deny God (No idolatry)
2) Do Not Blaspheme God
3) Do Not Murder
4) Do Not Engage in Incestuous, Adulterous or Homosexual Relationships
5) Do Not Steal
6) Do Not Eat of a Live Animal
7) Establish Courts/Legal System to Ensure Law Obedience

The very name and existence and Nature of God has been denied in fact by all incorporated entities which are lies and idols called "legal fictions", and which are akin to all forms of money representing value and paper representations of assets including stocks and bonds and birth certificates. These practices violate Laws 1 and 2, and if BlackRock, Inc. proposes to use the Noahide Laws for the administration of its asset management practices, it must perforce prosecute itself as an idol, for all incorporated entities are fictions: lies and idols.

Law 3 prohibiting "murder" is violated in fact by the impersonation of living people and the false registration of their Good Names as incorporated franchises of corporations (see above), resulting in their unlawful and fraudulent conveyance into foreign jurisdictions and their subjection under foreign law, human trafficking, and genocide on paper. All of this is against Laws 1, 2, and 3.

It's also against Law 5, Do Not Steal, as these processes seeking to dehumanize and impersonate and securitize living flesh and thereby steal the assets, credit, and rights of living people results in commandeering control of assets that actually belongs to others: stealing.

These venal practices by corporations and all False Registrations violate Law

6 in the esoteric sense, as dead things, the legal fiction entities we call corporations, have been feasting upon the living flesh and labor and assets of actual people, enriching themselves under color of law by conscripting innocent people to fight in mercenary wars for profit. It goes without saying that those who have knowingly ingested adrenochrome have violated this Law in the actual and physical sense.

And finally, Law 7 has been violated, for clearly the court systems established by these corporations have done nothing but support the violation of Nature and Nature's God, and the breaking of each Law as detailed above. These courts have knowingly prosecuted innocent, clueless living people "as if" they were corporations subject to statutory law, and using these known False Presumptions have defrauded millions of people out of their rights, their land, their private property, and even pretended to own their Souls, which belong to God alone.

So, far from the American States and People being at fault for all this fraud practiced against them by their employees, they have been the victims of a most venal and pernicious scheme that stands against the Territorial Public Law 102-14, against the Constitutions this country adopted for administration of government services at the Federal level, against the actual Public Law of this country, which is the Mosaic Law of the Ten Commandments, and the most basic principles of Trust Law, too.

We call upon Mr. Fink and his Associates at BlackRock, Inc. to deeply consider their position and the position of The United States of America and the member States of the Union and the People thereof. The Municipal Bonds and Special Purpose Vehicles created in the names of the American people via undisclosed and unconscionable contracting processes executed under color of law must be liquidated and returned, together with all profit from these impositions, to the direct benefit of the actual owners of these Good Names, along with the peace and Jubilee they are owed, also.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
1 hr ·

Repeat Fire Drill

Attention -- in case you didn't get the word, both the US. Inc. an USA, Inc. are bankrupt and in de facto receivership. They have been taken over by their bondholder/insurer, BlackRock, Inc., and can't do anything at all, except through Mr. Trump's Office as Commander in Chief, and so far as that goes, we have put an end to the Lieber Code and left him and the military responsible for their acts.

Read that--- there are no competent corporations acting as "federal" service providers, so no corporation employees at the federal or franchise state-of-state levels. There is no Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia and no Governor of the State of Ohio to take your gun rights away from you.

We, The United States of America, together with our Member States and People, are the only competent government left standing.

You may have noticed the disappearance of the Municipal STATE OF STATE organizations. They are folding their tents and going away. They never had any right to be here in the first place.

The same thing has to happen with the Territorial State of State organizations, which are also in the same position of folding their tents and going away or busily restructuring themselves. They have a very limited and defined right to be here, but not to function in the way they have been functioning.

As each new Truth Bomb hits, these organizations and their receivers are all having to adapt to new information and circumstance, at the same time they are dancing around trying to pull off the smokescreen of the coronavirus shut down.

The shut down has little to nothing to do with the Common Cold Virus that is doing its usual Flu Season thing, causing flu symptoms, and in many cases, pneumonia to one degree or another, which is sometimes followed by, yes, death.

Plain old coronavirus caused 61,000 deaths in the US in 2017. Covid 19 is a nothing burger by comparison, with or without all the panic and fear-mongering. That's why the UK Government downgraded it this past week and recognized the fact that it is not a "High Consequence Infectious Disease".

The only thing different is that Bill Gates and his Pal, Dr. Fauci, at the CDC, which is a private vaccine manufacturer, and others, colluded to create a more virulent, more infectious form of the Common Cold Virus -- so more people get sick and more people die. They also colluded to create a vaccine for it, which they planned to trot out after a "plausible" amount of time, and foist off on the gullible public.

They planned for that "vaccine" to do double duty --- actually infect anyone stupid enough to take it, and also deploy RFID chips in the vaccine, so they could ear-tag us like cattle without our knowledge or consent.

These man and anyone supporting them are criminals. They need to be arrested and charged, not paraded around at press conferences.

Now, if everyone would realize that the problem is the condition of the corporations tasked to be our governmental service providers, and, the long term criminal mismanagement thereof that has led to this impasse, we could get back to work without much further ado.

Why? Because the actual asset owners, the American States and People, are owed everything back by law, and we can then afford to hire whoever we want to provide governmental services going forward.

If Mr. Trump and Larry Fink would simply recognize the fact that Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci and the CDC are on the make to try to bilk us out of hundreds of billions of dollars for "vaccines" against the Common Cold strain they developed and deliberately made more infectious-- and arrest the rats instead of handing them money-- we could get back to business.

Even if they won't admit it and want to use the virus story as a smokescreen, it is long past time for the corporations including BlackRock, Inc., to realize the limitations of corporations, to stop messing around, talk to the actual asset owners, and get back to work.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
9 hrs ·

Calling The Sons of the Revolution and DAR

You always knew that you might be called. Somehow, somewhere in the back of your brains there was this little prod, like a rose thorn in your brain, a suspicion that someday you might be called upon to do something besides genealogy and fundraising for scholarships and historical pageants and debutante balls.

This is it. You have a serious mission to help save your country. And it is an especially important message and mission for those of you born in Delaware or in a State neighboring Delaware, because believe it or not, Delaware is a problem.

Delaware has been taken over and operated by the Monarch of Great Britain, secretively, through the establishment of a Chancery Court on the shores of Delaware.

Now, it is our trust and belief that many patriots still live in Delaware and many who have been born in Delaware over the past century, who would be appalled to know that their State apparatus has been illegally and immorally and unlawfully used to promulgate fraud upon the rest of America.

THE CORPORATION TRUST COMPANY/CORPORATION TRUST CENTER, 1209 Orange Street, Wilmington, Delaware, in New Castle County, has been operating as a State owned Municipal TRUST and as an Agent to protect criminal foreign corporations, and has abused the State Compact of Delaware to do so.

As you are all aware, the State Compact belongs to Americans, not British Territorials. As you have also learned, the entity called the "Delaware State" is a State Trust that was formed under False Pretense following the Civil War. But the State known simply as "Delaware" is a different Beastie and when Delaware rises, the Delaware State and all presumptions related to it, dissolve.

It is of earnest and utmost importance that those of you who have answered the call already and who have done the work to declare your correct political status as Americans and who have formed the Delaware Assembly--- and all those who shall act in concert in support of the Delaware Assembly, take action to inform the now-figurehead-only "Governor" of the State of Delaware that the Delaware State Trust belongs to the People of Delaware and that the People of Delaware are here, alive, and well to claim it.

It is also of utmost importance for the Delaware Assembly and its Supporters to serve Notice on THE CORPORATION TRUST COMPANY in Wilmington, informing them that the Delaware State Trust has been claimed by the lawful heirs and that their Municipal TRUST, together with all client corporations, is losing its charter for cause and all right, title, and interest vested in the so-called Delaware Corporations now belongs to Delaware.

Rally round the Delaware State Assembly and do outreach, particularly in New Castle County, via newspaper, telephone, computer, or any other reasonable method to enable the people of Delaware to correct this deplorable and dangerous situation, which impacts not only Delaware, but every other State.

These so-called "Delaware Corporations" that are operating within our States of the Union are not supposed to be here, and the only way that they are here, is by clothing themselves as part of the Delaware Trust --- an operation akin to wolves putting on sheep's clothing.

The current Liars and Criminals attempting an economic coup against our country are deliberately lying about the Coronavirus as a means of keeping people from organizing and taking action against their monstrous attempt to undermine everything that America is and stands for.

They are making it difficult, and yet, they have no lawful right to continue so long as one Son of the Revolution or one Daughter, either, stands to defend Delaware --and to oust the foreign management of the Delaware State Trust.

Those of you on the East Coast must again bear the brunt of the effort, but all the rest of us will be with you in spirit and intent, bringing forward our expertise and our connections and lawful money to assist.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
2 hrs ·

Tired of the Crazy Crap?

I remember the day when I said to myself— I can’t continue to live in fear of my own government.

My own employees. People on my payroll.

The ridiculousness of the fact that I was funding my own demise struck home like a knife.

The realization that our Armed Forces were being used as very ill-paid mercenaries and used in “wars” for profit sickened me.

And I turned my eyes toward Washington, DC, like everyone else does—-initially—- to see, I thought, the source of The Problem.

I realized after a year or two of sparring with bureaucrats that the problem was deeper than political lobbies and payola, and that it had its roots in Rome and its branches in London and its fruits on Wall Street.

So, yes, hold those in Washington, DC, accountable as accomplices, but don’t be naive. The real power and corruption has come here from overseas and been operated through Delaware and New York City.

Today, we are going to further explain and expose the role that the Territorial State of Delaware Legislature has played.

After the Civil War the British Territorial Government usurpers secretively set up Federal State Trusts in the name of each State. These trusts were named using the style: Ohio State, Florida State, Vermont State, Wisconsin State....

and, of course, Delaware State.

The British Territorial State of State Legislature operating "the" State of Delaware contrived to operate using two hats --- as the trustees of the Delaware State [Trust] and as the State of Delaware Legislature.

Operating as trustees of the Delaware State [Trust] they created, the State of State Legislature allowed Municipal Corporations to shelter under the Delaware State Trust. This clothed these foreign corporations with what has appeared to be "sovereign immunity", but is provably not.

The Delaware State Trust references The State of Delaware, a member of the failed Confederation of States formed in March of 1781, and pertains to assets belonging to The State of Delaware ---- not Delaware, which is a Federation State that was never involved in the Civil War.

Only Delaware has sovereign immunity. Any idea that Delaware Corporations issued a charter under the Delaware State Trust have sovereign immunity, must be recognized as a grave error and false claim.

While this mistaken belief has persisted, these so-called "Delaware Corporations"--- many of them foreign Municipal Corporations--- have operated with impunity and claimed sovereign immunity, but ownership by the Delaware State Trust is not the same as ownership by Delaware.

Remember that the Delaware State Trust was created by the Territorial State of Delaware Legislature. It's a foreign statutory trust subject to dissolution upon the appearance of the Delaware Assembly--- which has now occurred.

For those who have difficulty following all the similar names, lets give an analogy.

I hire a Groundskeeper named Tim Tattle to mow my lawn and keep my yard in shape. Unknown to me, Tim suffers an accident and disappears. His Cousin Mortimer sets up a trust named Tim Tattle [Trust] and my lawn continues to be mowed, with me none the wiser.

Decades go by, and I wake up one morning to find that the Tim Tattle [Trust] has been claiming to own my home and property and to exercise my sovereign immunity "for" me, and has also claimed the ability to extend my sovereign immunity to protect foreign corporations that are intent on doing me harm.

Ah, so, this is where the crazy crap comes in the door.

The People of Delaware who are State Citizens and members of the Delaware Assembly are waking up to precisely this scenario. Other States have been similarly affected, but this "mistake" occurred first in Delaware.

No wonder that thousands upon thousands of foreign corporations have poured through the door seeking to use and abuse Delaware's sovereign immunity for their own purposes.

One of those corporations is a Municipal Corporation called THE CORPORATION TRUST COMPANY operating out of Wilmington, Delaware, which set itself up under these False Presumptions to serve as an International Business Agent for other foreign corporations seeking to take advantage of Delaware's immunity, without the inconvenience of even maintaining their own office in Delaware.

Hiring THE CORPORATION TRUST COMPANY as their agent allows these foreign corporations to use it as their local office and to establish a Delaware Corporation without ever setting foot in Delaware---- only the correct fact of the matter is that they are not establishing Delaware Corporations, they are establishing Delaware State [Trust] Corporations, instead, and these are owed no sovereign immunity at all.

A statutory trust created by a Territorial State of State Legislature cannot offer what it does not itself possess.

Rather, the immunity owed the assets in the Delaware State [Trust] derives from the fact that the original Confederation member doing business as The State of Delaware had some Federal land grants within the borders of Delaware --- post office properties, railroad right of ways, arsenals, etc. -- that are protected land interests of Delaware, the actual State.

In other words, the assets in the Delaware State [Trust] that are land assets belonging ultimately to Delaware do enjoy sovereign immunity, but it is the source and nature of the assets that determines their immunity, not the simple fact that they are sheltered in the Delaware State [Trust].

So, the idea that a foreign corporation can come to Delaware and receive a dollop of Delaware's sovereign immunity by sheltering in the Delaware State [Trust] is ignorant bunk and always has been.

And now we come to the crux of the matter. The People of Delaware have shaken off the False Registrations entered in their names and have declared their proper birthright political status and have summoned their State Assembly. Delaware, the actual State, is now in session.

With Delaware in business and properly assembled, there is no longer any need for a Delaware State [Trust] and by Operation of Law, all assets contained in the Delaware State [Trust] revert back to Delaware and come under the Delaware Assembly's administration.

Read that: Delaware now controls the Delaware State [Trust] and all the Delaware Corporations, under both international and national law. The assumed trusteeship of the Territorial State of Delaware has ended the moment that the Delaware Assembly convened.

Regardless of their venal motivations and intent to abuse Delaware's sovereign immunity, all those corporations that chartered in Delaware and sheltered in the Delaware State [Trust] are now owned --directly-- by Delaware.

They are all now operating under Public Law and Land Law, including the Federal Constitutions and subject to the administration of an American State, which recognizes the fact that an incorporated entity can never be sovereign by definition, and enjoys no sovereign immunity, borrowed or otherwise.

This includes BlackRock, Inc., and all its subdivisions, LLCs, PLCs, et alia.

As our erstwhile Employees were obliged to meet Mr. Fink as their new Boss a few days ago ----Mr. Fink, please meet Annie McShane, the Coordinator and Spokesperson for the Delaware Assembly, and Anna Maria Riezinger, the Fiduciary of The United States of America. We own BlackRock, Inc.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
3 hrs ·

The Bond Company/Insurer, Black Rock, Inc.

There's a lot of wild supposition going on about the status of the economy and the role of Black Rock, Inc., and on and on. There are even stories circulating that Trump somehow planned all of this to happen on his watch and that he is in cahoots with Black Rock and so on.

Let's get this straight.

The bond company/insurer would have been there no matter who or which political party happened to be in power when the government corporations defaulted. It's not Trump's "fault" nor was it part of his plan to be in this situation at this time. Okay?

These are big business operations --- both the US. Inc. and the USA, Inc.

Black Rock is holding a lot of their bonds, and many of those bonds are euphemistically called "labor bonds" based on the "presumption" --- False Presumption, as it is --- that you are a "ward of the State [of State]" and that your labor is "pledged" to support the government service corporation's debts.

If true, that would make you a voluntary indentured servant of the British Territorial State of State organization operating in your State of the Union--- and this would have to be "voluntary" on your part, or it would be recognized as international crime.

Remember the video I shared of the IRS Commissioner asserting on camera (and with a straight face) that Federal Income Taxes are 100% voluntary?

They dolled this basic scheme up in 1937 by creating a Municipal corporation franchise named after you. This entity is openly a slave.

Municipal Law and Noahide Law are the only laws left on Earth that allow slavery, so they created a whole bunch of "slave shell corporations" for themselves, named them after you, and left you with the bill. And four members of "Congress" acting in the dark passed Noahide Law as a law allowed by the Territorial Congress --- and applied it to Territorial U.S. Citizens. So everyone is a slave now, according to them.

The Pope simply claimed that you were "pledged" to do this by the Queen who claimed that you were voluntarily indentured as a ward of the British Territorial State of State substituting itself for your actual State government.

Step One, voluntary indentured servitude --- the status of our military as U.S. Citizens.

Step Two, involuntary enslavement as Paupers / Wards of the State (status created in Step One by the Queen) defined as Municipal "citizens of the United States", the status of the Federal Civil Service employees.

Mr. Fink and his world-spanning corporation, Black Rock, Inc. and all its affiliates invested in this scheme and bonded it. So now the rest of the world is finding out what these monsters in suits did here, in Breach of Trust and commercial contract.

It's not plausible to think that the world's largest bond holder wouldn't know the whole schtick, front and back, but just to make it clear ---- Mr. Fink bought a Fat Pig sold to him by the Shills in Washington, DC, who are actually the responsibility of the Queen and the Pope. Not our problem.

Oh, make no mistake --- he knew he was engaged in "securitzing" living flesh. He knew that was absolutely forbidden under all law under the sun, except the Pontiff's Municipal Law ---and the at-the-time no longer used Noahide Law, which also has to be removed to end slavery.

Larry Fink knew that we weren't all Municipal Employees. He knew we weren't "voluntarily" paying Federal Income Tax. He bonded the scheme anyway, and became the de facto insurer for it.

We, the gullible, trusting Americans, have been the "marks" in this fraud scheme for 160 years, and nobody expected us to wake up and say, "WTF?"

But we did.

So now Mr. Fink has been out and about trying to get people to sign up as "shareholders" and re-enslave themselves "voluntarily". This activity on his part is what prompted my letter to him yesterday, reminding him that we are back on the land and that shady deceptive sea jurisdiction contracting processes are no longer allowed.

The day before, I reminded him that his company and its affiliates are all chartered under the [Territorial] State of Delaware and sheltering in the Delaware State Trust --- all of which belongs to the actual State known simply as Delaware and the properly constituted Delaware Assembly, so he needs to talk to me and Annie McShane, the Delaware Assembly Coordinator.

The Municipal Government has been folded up like a tent in the night. Look around. See any STATE OF STATE signs anymore?

And as the Municipal Government leaves, the slaves are set free.

This cracks it down to the level of the British Territorial Government and the "presumption" of our "voluntary" indentured servitude. And that's a crock, too.

The plain fact of the matter is that they have acted as our Federal Subcontractors --- employees --- and they have usurped upon and bilked their employers to enrich themselves.

And now Mr. Fink, whose company is on the hook for all of this, is trying to "manage the assets" ---- us ---- and get us to accept a position of "shareholders" in corporations that owe their charters to us.

IF we were to do that and "accept" his assertion that we were shareholders, and U.S. Citizens, we would automatically be re-enslaved, only by the Territorial Government applying the Noahide Laws, an eventuality already prepared for.

But, in fact, and in all venues of the law----

We already own all the corporations chartered under our auspices.

No need for us to accept the much lesser position of "individual shareholders" and give our proxies to political lobbyists who are in fact working for foreign governments ---so that they can make trouble and waste our substance with absolutely no accountability at all.

Been there. Done that.

The corporations chartered by our Territorial minions all belong to us and to our States of the Union, and instead of illegally trying to tax our right to buy and sell whatever we want to buy or sell, the corporations are going to come to heel and pay their share for a change.

Or they all get liquidated and their assets get nationalized.

If they want to live in a paper world and play their paper games, they are welcome to do so; but, in the same token, everything they have built and everything they profit from, is subject to liquidation for cause.

Corporations are allowed to exist "for any lawful purpose" --- not "any legal purpose" ---- a blunt point that the lawyers and attorneys can grasp with no trouble at all.

It would take all of ten (10) minutes to prove that:

(1) the Municipal Government in this country is limited to one mile square in the District of Columbia, and the 185,000 corporate subsidiaries it established on our soil are here illegally;

(2) that the Municipal Government's continuing refusal to abolish slavery is a threat to the health and happiness of every community of mankind on Earth;

(3) that every Municipal Corporation established using our delegated power in fact belongs to us, the American States and People;

(4) that all Territorial Corporations likewise established using our delegated power also belong to us, the American States and People;

(5) that we are not franchisees of corporations; we are in fact the issuers of all the charters of all these Territorial and Municipal Corporations via the delegated powers --- and now, instead of living our lives as slaves to our own creation, the corporations are going to serve us.

Or we will pull their charters and nationalize and re-sell every single corporation that has functioned as an accomplice or collaborator or beneficiary of crime against the Public Interest.

So, Mr. Fink, think carefully. GM, Raytheon, General Electric, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Lockheed, EXXON, Elon Musk, SpaceX..... have you all got your thinking caps on? You owe your existence to our sovereign power.

Without us, you don't have a corporation. Betray us, and you don't have a corporation. Do anything to harm the Public Interest at all, including the individual best interest of our people, and you don't have a corporation.

Gone. Poof! Like a puff of smoke in a strong wind.

Go tell the Prince of Bunk to stick that in his stack and smoke it.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
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Just In.... Read and Know.

Two pieces of news from credible sources that should make your hair stand on end.

First, it appears that people are filing suit against China seeking compensation for damages incurred because of the so-called Wuhan virus. The amount of damages being sought is suspiciously similar to the amount of the US trade deficit with China.

Go figure.

Instead of suing Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci and Charles Lieber and the NIH and DARPA and the Pirbright Institute and the Wellcome Trust, and the all the other entities and persons that are, most likely, the cause of the problem--- these people are busily suing their fellow-victims. Satan must be having himself a real hee-haw.

Take in the view. And stand in Chinese shoes as you do so, thinking that "the Americans" are the problem, because most people can't tell the difference between "the US" and "Americans".

FDR's Administration abused our Good Names and Credit with their 1930's impersonation scheme, and never provided the remedy they promised --- Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemptions.

The payola they captured from not paying us what they owed us was used to rebuild Europe following the Second World War, and an endless parade of other monopoly and commodity rigging and bank fraud schemes.

So, technically, Europe owes us the cost of rebuilding the world, including the Commonwealth and Japan after the Second World War, plus interest----- a sum so unimaginable that it would not fit on this page.

Then, again, abusing our Good Names and Credit, they ran up a HUGE trade deficit with China.

Just as they did with us, they exchanged paper I.O.U.s and "Treasury Bonds" for actual, physical goods.

Only the Treasury Bonds were issued against bogus labor contracts and based on unlawful conversion of assets, exacerbated by issuing 7-10 times the credit backed by any actual asset under the "Federal Reserve System".

Read that--- the Chinese acted in good faith, provided the actual goods in trade, and got rooked the same as we did, howbeit, for slightly different reasons.

It's like a domino pile up. The Europeans owe the US, and the US owes us and the Chinese, nobody is getting paid jack, and the rats in charge are all bound up in a big boiling rat-pile bankrupting each other, mostly over digits that don't exist.

The curious end result of all this is that, assuming the virus originated in the US, the victims are being blamed (again), and everyone, everywhere, is engaged in stupidly proposing to in-debt their children for the next 32,000 years over debts that literally don't exist.

Debts that are the fruits of fraud in all directions. Odious debts. Debts that should be written off, discharged, declared null and void, as if they never were.

Imagine a hundred seven year-olds with no very clear moral compass or grasp of adult reality, fooled by 3-D photographs of cupcakes, and fighting to possess all these "cupcakes".

Because the Debt-Credit System was hijacked and used to siphon money for "government investments" the entire world monetary system has become more and more distorted and lop-sided as this imaginary debt has skyrocketed year after year, and those responsible have made no effort to pay people with anything equitable.

Imagine a guy sitting at a bar, sucking down Irish Whiskey, and when its time to pay, he says, ah, sorry, bit out of pocket today. My son will pay my tab.....

So the son comes in, and gets hit with his Dad's bill. He pays it, but then, his turn to pay for his own drinks comes up, and he says, ah, sorry, bit out of pocket.... my son and grandson will pay.....

If this nonsense was allowed to continue --- for example, this recent glutting of $6.2 trillion to be charged against our credit as a "Stimulus Bill" --- (except that we returned the charges) our children would still be paying that debt two hundred and thirty generations from now.

Not only is that not fair to them, and also not legally or lawfully or morally enforceable, its sheer Loony Tunes crazy. Bonkers.

That the fat men in Whitehall and their counterparts in Scotland and Hong Kong and Dubai and Tokyo and Bern and New York and Rome and Madrid ever let things slide this far is unimaginable.

Yet, to be fair, this skimming and scamming has been going on so long that it has been institutionalized and compartmentalized, so that the majority of younger bureaucrats administering this Fairy Land, accept this as "the way it is, the way it has always been, the way we do things...." even though they are themselves the victims of it and even though this was never the way we did things at any time in our history--- or anyone else's history--- prior to FDR, when this whole Mess got going on steroids.

There is only one (1) known way to collapse the debt safely, and that is to re-venue it as credit.

Give all the rights, titles, interests, profits, fees, etc., back to the people it belongs to, and surrender the credit --- what I call the "National Credit" owed to us, and the National Credit owed to China, and so on.

Unfortunately, the guys at the top of the rat-pile are rats. They can't imagine a world where they don't control everyone and everything. They can't face the loss of all that glorious debt, used as a club over all the purported slaves--- even though that is exactly what is needed to preserve the credit system at all.

And now, get ready for Slam Number Two.....

Not only has the Office of the Pontiff been closed since 2011 --- news that apparently escaped the vast majority of the Catholic population on Earth, including senior clerics --- but now Pope Francis has admitted it, and signed the should-be-non-existent Pontifical Calendar without claiming to be the "Vicar of Christ". He signed it in his own name, plain old George.

Think about it. If you are in fact acting as the administrator of the biggest liquidation of commercial entities in history, what does that have to do with the Church or Christ?


Better to suck it up and take responsibility for it yourself.

I would assume that that is what Pope Francis is doing by stepping outside his role in the Church to do this dirty clean up work related to the Pontificate.


Catholic World News
Pope drops traditional titles, including ‘Vicar of Christ’

April 03, 2020

In the latest Vatican yearbook, the Annuario Pontificio, the title “Vicar of Christ” does not appear on the listing for Pope Francis.

Int he 2020 edition of the Annuario, the page devoted to Pope Francis is headed simply by his name: Jorge Maria Bergoglio. Past editions have always been headed by the titles accorded to the Pope, beginning with “Vicar of Jesus Christ.” Other titles have been “Successor of the Prince of the Apostles, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, Primate of Italy, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman province, Sovereign of the Vatican City-State.” In the 2020 edition, these titles appear at the bottom of the page devoted to Pope Francis, identified only as “historical” titles.

Such a change would undoubtedly have required the approval of the Pontiff.

In 2006, Pope Benedict XVI dropped another traditional title: “Patriarch of the West.” The Vatican explained that the elimination of this title “could prove useful to ecumenical dialogue.” The statement also noted that the significance of that title “was never very clear, and over history has become obsolete and practically unusable.”

The title “Vicar of Jesus Christ,” on the other hand, has a clear and unmistakable theological significance. Cardinal Gerhard Müller, the former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, said that downgrading the title was a “theological barbarism.”

To date the Vatican has not issued any explanation for the change.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
1 hr ·

Plandemic. A Second Passover. And the Pied Piper.

From Day One I have said that the Brits were at the bottom of the dog pile and pointed at the involvement of the Pirbright Institute and the Wellcome Trust in development of engineered corona viruses and their ownership of patents on "novel" corona viruses.

Bear in mind that this research is designed to enhance the Common Cold virus, to make the virus MORE infectious, MORE deadly, and then ask yourself what you think and feel about this pursuit and the people involved in supporting it?


These activities don't defend any nation. Such so-called weapons kill and maim indiscriminately, and only serve to harm all of humanity.

So why are these private corporations being allowed to do this--- and via producing vaccines to cure the problems they cause--- to profit from it?

I said and I repeat that the Brits are at the bottom of it, and I also warned everyone not to accept any cure they offer for their dirty work, because the cure will reliably be worse than the disease.

For those who need a reminder or who were not alive and listening when the Swine Flu Pandemic hit in 1976, here's a blast from the past detailing a very similar incident where a soldier at Fort Dix was the point source of that pandemic, just like a soldier at Fort Belvoir was the point source for this one---- and all that came after when the vaccines took their toll:


Listen to your Grandma. And, in this case, Mike Wallace.

If they pretend that they have any right to make vaccination "mandatory" --- tell them that you're not a government employee, not a ward of the state, and not taking their vaccine. Your body, your choice. And if you are a government employee, quit rather than take it.

I will observe that any American in the U.S. Military who signed up without the benefit of full disclosure, including the change in political status involved and its impact on your rights and property, is free to break their contract and retire. You do not have to accept any "mandatory" vaccination as a condition of employment and you do not have to finish any Tour of Duty that was entered into without full disclosure.

Tell any JAG Officer that wants to quibble to come quibble with me.

More details are coming into focus showing a connect between the British Crown and George Soros and this entire boondoggle.

From Russian sources (Sorcha Faal) that are more often right than wrong---- in March 2011 George Soros made a US Securities and Exchange Commission filing admitting his ownership interest in Wuxi Pharmatech in Wuhan, China. The prior year, 2010, Soros dumped a hundred million into a research and development center in Wuhan.

Was this facility the "adrenachrome factory" in Wuhan that was taken out by joint US and Chinese forces? Were all those people you saw dying in Wuhan addicts?

It will all come out, and when it does, you can be sure that Bill Gates, Soros, and the British Crown will all have their filthy fingers in it.

I said it was all a British Crock, and I pointed to the involvement of British corporations in this dirty business, but that is rather circumstantial proof and you want smoking gun proof.

Here it is: the brand new British 20 Pound Note.

The new British 20 Pound Note shows a hologram of a 5G cell tower, and right above it, the laboratory symbol for the corona virus.

There's your smoking gun proof that the Brits are at the bottom of it. They've brazenly admitted it in public.

They think they are so smart and everyone else is so dumb that they can afford to tell the world what they have proposed to do to all of us, and advertise their intent to kill and maim and control other people like a herd of cattle.

Between the Vatican paying for the Chem-Trails to damage the environment and disperse all the nano crud, and the British Crown, Gates, and Soros pulling this, there should be no doubt in anyone's mind who the real criminals are.

They cause all these problems to profit themselves by solving the problems they cause.

It's not hard to see or understand; if you are a total cretin without morals of any kind, it even makes a weird kind of sense.

I also told everyone that oxygen in the atmosphere has been depleted by five percent in just 60 years, and that 5G radiation harms the remaining oxygen by altering the "spin" of the electrons and denaturing oxygen, so that we are living in a profoundly oxygen depleted atmosphere.

So here comes the confirmation of that from a NYC ICU doctor:

And then, there's this --- the St. Louis Fed Chairman, James Bullard, admitting the whole thing is a planned event --- and I quote:

"This is a planned, organized partial shutdown of the U.S. economy in the second quarter. The overall goal is to keep everyone, households and businesses, whole… It is a huge shock and we are trying to cope with it and keep it under control."


And then, to cap it all off, there is Mike Pompeo, calling it a "live exercise". All you vets and guys in the military know what that means.

Let me observe that the numbers 4-10-20 are appearing everywhere. Three days of darkness and then the flash of light. Be in your houses with your windows shuttered or curtains drawn during this time. "Withdraw my children into your home and wait while his wrath passes by."

The Second Passover is coming. Being in your homes and with your windows shuttered during the three days of darkness is the signal for the angels of death to pass you by, just like the blood of the lamb on the door post was the signal before.

Mr. Trump cannot say this openly, but I can. There are parts of this that are fake and planned by men, and parts of it that are in the realm of the True God. Pay attention now to your faith, and your intentions.

Remember that the vengeance for all this belongs to the Lord; he will pay back, and do it with justice and certainty. It will be seen that his judgment is righteous and his methods are sure.

All the liars, all those who have profited by cruelty and deceit, those who have hungered and thirsted for gold---they will have their mouths stuffed shut.

Close your eyes and turn away from the wrath of his spirit. Remember what happened to those Nazis in Raiders of the Lost Ark?

What the "Learned Elders of Zion" most feared has come to pass. The fury of the Primal Creator has been aroused and they will not survive it. Not one of them.

Those who love life and love the Earth and love the True God will be spared and vindicated. Those who hate and plan evil for others, and those who ruin the Earth, will be taken into the Abyss.

So, children of the Most High, let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid, for this was foretold to you long ago and should not be a cause for fear or dismay---rather, this should be the cause of solemn rejoicing, for while many who are stubborn in their will to do evil will pass away, the end result will be peace and joy and health and restoration.

Do as your Soul's Friend commanded you to do, and as the prophets advised you to do during this time. Hide yourselves away and close your drapes during the days of darkness and know that your Father has heard your cries and is separating the weeds from the wheat. The weeds will be gathered up and thrown into the fire.

The worldwide planned abuse of SARS virus technology will be brought to a halt with the destruction of all SARS-based viral nanobots, the broadcast range of the 5G towers will be locked down to 30MHz, and all records related to this technology will be destroyed.

All those who planned and executed and planned to profit from this plot against Universal Law will be removed or destroyed, so all the evil will be gone, root, stem, and leaf.

The Pied Piper technology will be deployed so that all existing SARS viruses worldwide, both naturally occurring and weaponized, will be disabled and destroyed.

Get down on your prayer bones, pack in your supplies, and hold on tight. It is about to go Biblical.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
6 hrs ·

To Secretary General Antonio Gutteres: Notice of International Protest

This Notice of International Protest is lodged with you and the members of he Security Council; Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals, Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.

This is to inform you that a Non-Domestic population present in every State of The United States of America is being harmed by bio-engineered environmental modifications tests in violation of the ENMOD Treaties.

This military "testing" is a war simulation that includes the use of foreign live bio-engineered viruses -- a man-made environmental threat that they are distributing and inflicting upon the general population with resulting non-domestic civilian deaths.

In addition to the man-made virus pollution they have also polluted the environment with man-made electromagnetic pollution that has disastrous impact on oxygen supplies needed by all life on this planet.

This is not just an issue, therefore, of our discomfort or loss, but involves the deterioration of the entire global supply of oxygen and the ability of this planet to support life of any kind.

All of this is self-evidently in violation of the G202-P3 Treaty as well as the ENMOD Treaties and should be of the gravest concern of all people on this planet.

The Perpetrators appear to be doing this for no better reason than to excuse making large non-consensual charges against our credit and assets under the false pretense that the object of this "live exercise" is to protect us by killing us and misdirecting our employees to function at the level of dumb beasts.

The problem thus presented is a global problem caused by run amok commercial corporations and technical research organizations that are privately funded and are deliberately causing these problems.

They anticipate receiving great wealth and power either as a direct favor from the Perpetrators or as the result of providing solutions to the problems that they have themselves created.

The High Council has reviewed this situation and determined that intervention is necessary. The 5G grid has to be turned off and powered down well-below the 61.8 GHz resonance field of the oxygen molecule to preserve life on Earth. If necessary all Reticulae and those colluding with them will be permanently removed without further notice.

As you are attempting to create a world-spanning forum promoting peace and the well-being of the Earth and of mankind, we suggest that you focus on that function and bring all possible resources to bear in your own behalf and the behalf of your member states to preserve your oxygen supplies and promote public consciousness of the dangers of ignorant manipulation of resonance fields, including 5G.

The High Council
Chairman Adoramus
The United States of America
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
7 hrs ·

Dear Mr. Trump - 6 April 2020

It appears we must remind you and your colleagues of the fact that your powers as Commander-in-Chief extend only to the resources and personnel available to you as Commander-in-Chief, that is, the U.S. Armed Services.

Your Executive Orders only have force and effect over the actual domestic population of the [British Territorial] United States of America, the actual Federal employees and equipment allocations, and should not be extended to or imposed upon the General Population of this country, which is being harmed by these actions promoting a simulated war.

We are forwarding a message to United Nations Secretary-General Gutteres this morning as a joint action of our lawful government and the High Council in charge of the Precessional Transition. The damage being done to the usable atmospheric oxygen levels by 5G is totally unacceptable and constitutes a threat to life on Earth.

We are pursuing further action against various corporations and governmental services companies that have misdirected the use of Artificial Intelligence for corporate gain, including Elon Musk's operations, the deployment of literally tens of thousands of mini-satellites and millions of remotely controlled surveillance drones.

These technological developments are all precedent to violation of the Universal Law of Freewill and won't be tolerated.

We wish for these developments to be shut down and/or re-directed to appropriate subject matter, such as the collection of atmospheric data, mapping mineral deposits, and similar harmless non-invasive tasks.

These technologies are never to be applied to living people for crowd control or "wire-tapping" their physical location or physical condition, except in the single case of verifiable rescue operations aimed at extracting individuals from life-threatening situations. Period.

The actual government of this country, The United States of America --- the unincorporated State --- has not declared any emergency related to any influenza outbreak, and after considerable effort, we have not been able to secure proof that any such influenza outbreak has occurred.

Instead, we find evidence of below normal levels of Common Cold corona virus infections, radiation burns, evidence of electromagnetic (EM) pollution that is off the scale, and people poisoned by denatured atmospheric oxygen, so that they exhibit symptoms of High Altitude Sickness.

This, taken together with statements made by Saint Louis Federal Reserve CEO James Bullard, statements by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calling this a "live exercise", pre-shadowing by the Bill Gates-sponsored Event 201, and review of various Civil Disturbance Operation protocols, such as "CONPLAN 32" developed by U.S. Northern Command, leads us to believe that this is nothing but a mammoth "war game" --- a simulated war on our shores, which we do not condone and protest in the strongest terms possible.

We further conclude that this is being done to provide you with a backdoor excuse to procure large amounts of funding and allow the Territorial Congress to make these appropriations under a False Presumption that your National Emergency is our National Emergency.

In case it has escaped your notice and that of your rabid and self-interested advisers -- our country doesn't shut down over the Common Cold, has informed you of the facts, and objects to any imposition upon the civilian population by the U.S. Military promoting an unnecessary and obnoxious test of weaponized 5G and simulated war on our soil.

We very clearly told the Pope and the Queen and you that no civil war was to occur here. Neither is any simulated war allowed on our shores. Shut it down.

These actions are resulting in damage to the world economy and unnecessary obstruction of trade and damage to the environment and oxygen upon which we all depend for life.

If your Generals are so brain-dead that they think destroying oxygen is a viable defense of anything but anaerobic bacteria, you need new Generals.

The only emergency here is being caused by testing 5G for military purposes, in violation of the ENMOD Treaties and the G2O2-P3 Treaty, your Administration going along with this horrific "plan", the endlessly twisted and incompetent mainstream media, and various Generals who have clearly overstepped any authority ever granted to them by the people of this country.

We are also sick and tired of hearing about all these "sealed indictments" that have been placed on the public records of every state of the Union.

160,000 indictments will no doubt require additional effort to process if you anticipate a normal caseload for the courts, but as the Federal Government Subcontractors and their State of State franchises have been engaged in deliberate impersonation and pillaging under color of law aimed at unsuspecting Americans and as this results in the illegal subjugation of Americans under statutory law, together with their arrest and confinement under known False Legal Presumptions --- all you have to do, Sir, is correct the operations of your own Administration and the operations of the Territorial State of State franchise Governors and tell them to stop arresting Americans under False Pretenses.

That will clear out your court dockets and leave plenty of space for the prosecution of actual international criminals engaged in crimes against humanity.

Obeying the actual law of this country will also clear out the jails in short order.

Release all the white collar criminals who have done no harm to anyone or anyone's property and you will have space to incarcerate 160,000 actual criminals with no trouble at all. This is just a drop in a very big and unjustifiable prison population bucket.

Either get busy and arrest the actual rats responsible for snatching and selling our kids, counterfeiting our money, and undermining our country, or get off the pot. This is not a matter of politics, it's a matter of crime.

If you want the support and cooperation of the American People, all you have to do is ask for it---- and be honest about it. You now know that the actual government exists, that it is properly constituted, and the vast majority of the States of the Union are now assembled and in session. What more do you and any loyal military need to know?

The military might of this country is subject to the civilian government of this country. We have one and only one contract with "the" United States of America and all its actual franchisees, including the Territorial State of State governments. That contract is The Constitution of the United States of America.

Any presumption that Lincoln's practice of issuing Executive Orders including General Order 100 applied to our General Populace then or now is mistaken. Any idea that the actions of any employee of a Federal Subcontractor should hold precedence over the actual direction of the Employers and Delegators of all powers granted to the Federal Subcontractors is absurd.

We have a lot of work to do in this country and a lot of time to make up. Our assets must be returned and recouped and we must be assisted in securing our assets. We have been telling you and your Generals the truth for many, many months and all we get is dithering and dawdling, insubordination, "games" and "plans" that on average have very little to do with the Public Good or the Public Interest.

It is certainly very welcome that the military is cleaning out underground bases of the criminal elements of the Fascist DIA, but not welcome that the same military is adopting Fascist means in the enactment of its "simulated war".

It is also well and good that someone, somewhere, has had the good sense to identify shutting down criminal religious cults and horrific, abusive human trafficking schemes. It is long overdue.

We also appreciate your efforts to deal with the monetary situation, but that is something that you are ill-equipped to do without our help. Simply issuing another military script is a stop-gap to deal with the counterfeiting of FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES promoted by Obummer, but it does not supply you or the people of this country with what is actually needed, and that is, an honest, asset-backed economy with readily available credit.

As we pointed out yesterday, the world economy since the 1930's has been based on illegal securitization of assets, the promulgation of fictional debts that are paid back with fictional money, impersonation schemes, hypothecation of debt and similar fraudulent activity.

The entire world economy has been run like a dirty casino, with the banks forcing people into prostitution.

It has also been run on the totally unrealistic propositions of Keynes, which require not only continuous expansion of the economy, but growth without the necessity of reinvestment of already existing assets. Compare that to making a hamburger with imaginary beef.

So now we come to this dreadful precipice known as reality, that moment that Margaret Thatcher predicted, when the politicians run out of other people's money---- and not because the money doesn't exist, but because this entire system of doing things is predicated on fraud, especially the false proposition of in-debting future generations of people, and reliance upon endlessly expanding economies that don't exist.

In actual fact, we have plenty of assets and credit to fund a new world economy.

In actual fact, our assets have only gained value through all these years, until one United States Silver Dollar is pegged against over $40,000-worth of U.S. Debt.

But all our assets and credit are vested in the Land and Soil Jurisdiction of this country, and the land and soil belong to the people --- not the Federal Subcontractors, any False Claims notwithstanding.

We, not you, have the right, standing, and ability to access and use the assets of the Land and Soil Jurisdiction, a fact that our Forefathers established to provide checks and balances upon the Federal Subcontractors.

The old fraud schemes that allowed "the" United States Municipal Government and "the" United States of America Territorial Government to gain access to our assets have been blown apart and subjected to public international exposure.

You cannot possibly expect to just boot up another round of the same old game, and you cannot ---without betraying every element and principle of the Constitutions ----continue any venal predatory activity on our shores under color of law.

So --- by operation of law, what has been stolen and abused must be returned to us and to our control, free and clear of debt or encumbrance. No bankruptcy protection applies for the Principals responsible, who must either pay up outright or make arrangements with us to make payments or seek specific forgiveness of debts owed to the American States and People.

This is not rocket science. The Pope and the Queen seized upon our assets and operated them for their own profit and enrichment in Breach of Trust and in evasion of the Constitutions allowing their presence on our shores. Millions of Americans through six generations have been harmed. They owe us more than they can ever repay.

This includes honoring the National Credit we are owed, returning all right, title, and interest in our land and soil assets as required by the Constitutions, and returning our physical assets and intellectual property, which are also material interests.

This is required by operation of international and global law and cannot be side-stepped and "kicked down the road" anymore.
This might look like an OMG situation with no prospect of solution, but look again. The assets and credit undeniably belong to the American States and People---- and are rightfully under the control of their actual, factual government, The United States of America, which is present and properly constituted and assembled.

The "Reset" --- the return of the physical assets and rights attendant --- has already happened and is vested in us.

And now all that is required is a return to a normal course of business, with normal public elections to public offices, and normal loans based on actual assets, and normal carriage accounting, instead of "double accrual accounting", and normal control of the U.S. Military by the actual civilian government of this country.

Read that: we are home.

We have the assets and the credit to pay the military --- in fact, almost all the assets of this country have been piled up in our jurisdiction, which creates a great imbalance of the world economic system. While everyone else has been functioning on credit, who do you suppose has been presumed to be extending that credit? And therefore, receiving back your debts as credit ourselves?

Anyone who says otherwise is a self-evident liar.

The Queen knows it. The Pope knows it. And now you and anyone reading this knows it.

Your Administration must without further delay contact John Franklin Hein III and establish the means to move the "legacy trust assets" and actual money and verified credit back into circulation. Mr. Mnunchin in his capacity as an Interpol Officer and as both private and public fiduciary needs to get on the stick and set up the necessary mercantile bank accounts to do this.

Please note that our Lawful Persons appear in the same exact style as our Legal Persons: John Michael Doe. The same presumptions that were used to unlawfully convert our assets can now be applied in reverse to establish lawful conversion of our assets. As they cross back "over the bar" the debts become credits.

In view of the Great Fraud that has been practiced against us the World Court has no option but to recognize our right to do this and our government's right to secure all international and public property interests owed to our States and People.

So turn your frown upside down and stop puzzling over this.

It's ours. We claimed it fair and square. We preserved it and earned it. And its okay, because its in the hands of loyal Americans. Now what has to happen is for your Administration and our military to come to its senses, stop playing war games on our soil and imposing on our populace ---- and instead, assist us as our loyal employees, the way it always should have been.

Finally, we wish for all False Claims against China and the Chinese Government seeking to blame it or seek damages for the factually non-existent Covid-19 outbreak to cease and desist.

Take a look at the new British Twenty Pound Note --- where you will see a holograph of a 5G tower surmounted by the laboratory symbol for the corona virus. We do indeed know who is responsible for all of this disruption and malfeasance---- and it isn't China.

Like the American States and People, China is a Creditor of the U.S., and is being deliberately lied about in an attempt to force China to pay the U.S. an amount in "damages" equal to the trade deficit. Nobody is fooled by this and no decent thinking person agrees with this outrageous course of action.

The Trade Deficit with China like the Trade Deficit with the American States and People can't be addressed with smoke, mirrors, lies, and more obnoxious military nonsense. It can only be addressed by paying back or earning back the balance of trade, which can expeditiously be accomplished via returning the National Credit owed to China via the same lawful conversion process that is necessary to return the National Credit owed to the American States and People.

You have cause to know that the Queen operates under our Delegated Authority and that when her government or the government of Westminister gives you an order contrary to our good or contrary to the Public Interest of this country, your duty is to shove it up the Queen's rump, and not follow any criminal or repugnant order.

The lessons of Nuremberg stand before you and everyone else.

Once the credit and assets are properly re-venued the Chinese Trade Deficit will naturally disappear. The Chinese will be happy and we will be happy. And the Queen and Pope may be several pounds lighter in their bank accounts, but should be content to escape with their lives.

Stop trying to blame China for something that Westminster clearly admits to.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America