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Anna von Reitz: fyi; What form of government are we owed?


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
1 hr ·

Face the Liars -- And the Truth

I am going to prove to you that the commercial corporations that have been serving "as" our government, are Liars. I am going to do this using one fantastically famous example.

The atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, never happened.

This Chestnut was so widely distributed and so universally believed, that it traumatized two generations of people and continues to haunt us today --- but it is complete --- and obvious --- bunk.

If atomic bombs had been dropped on Hiroshima or Nagasaki, those cities would still be uninhabitable today and would remain uninhabitable for thousands of years beyond today.

Look at what happened to Sodom and Gemorrah. Still desolate and abandoned. Still radioactive. Sand turned to glass eight feet under the soil surface.

THAT is the work of an atomic bomb. It takes thousands of years to decay the radioactive elements released in an atomic bomb blast. Thousands.

Look at Hiroshima and Nagasaki today, all bright and chipper, with lovely parks and war memorials. No radioactivity beyond the norm. No layer of glass underlying the cities.

The plain and simple truth is that what was used at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a new kind of "dirty" incendiary bomb. Oh, it's terrible, no doubt about that--- but it's not an "atomic" bomb.

The governments of the world lied through their teeth and kept right on lying, anyway. They still teach this lie in public schools all over the world.

The actual dirty incendiary bomb technology depends on flammable and explosive metallic elements and metallic oxides. Where have we encountered that before?

Oh, the Chemtrails. Strontium, Barium, Aluminum Oxide, Thorium, Lithium, Magnesium.... its been a Who's Who of flammable and explosive metallic elements and metallic oxides pouring down out of the sky for the past thirty years,
compliments of the Vatican and the Democratic Political Party.

If they couldn't have and control America as a plenary oligarchy, they were happy to burn us alive, poison the landscape and poison the food supply, and undertake other genocidal measures to express their displeasure.

So that's why we have been exposed to all this pollution -- the insane selfish will-to-power of a few nasty old men, generally summed up as the membership of The Pilgrim Society and all the Worshipful Masters, exemplified by their Drudge Queen, Nancy Pelosi.

So, face the fact that you are dealing with Liars.

And if they would lie about such a centerpiece of "world history" as the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, even seven-plus decades afteward, what else do you think they have lied about?

All they know how to do is lie, lie, lie, and lie some more. As I have told you all from the start, these people lie on a professional scale. They lie for fun. They lie for profit. They lie for sport. Every lie is a prayer for them in their twisted "religion" because they worship the Father of All Lies.

The Bigger the Whopper, the more powerful the prayer. Or so they think.

And this is what you left in charge of running your government, because they were in a Middleman position, and they lied to you out of one side of their mouths, and then lied about you out of the other.

At the end of the day, all lies come home. The Truth, as they say, will out.

Here's the fact. Lincoln left the Union Generals of the Grand Army of the Republic in charge of the nation's money and safety.

They betrayed that trust to enrich themselves.

Lincoln had no authority to do what he did, anyway, so that's all null and void on the face of it.

As we have come to terms with the facts, we have removed General Order 100, which has been the basis of all their presumed authority--- and their operational playbook for 157 years.

Thanks to these Liars and their bankers, America is bankrupt in two out of three jurisdictions. We are bankrupt in the air. We are bankrupt on the sea.

It's their fault, not ours. They ran up all these debts "in our names" without our knowledge or consent, just like any credit card hacker does.

If we left it to them, they would claim that there is nobody left "at home" on the land and soil of this country, so we would be unable to claim back our actual assets and all the credit that is owed to us, too.

But they are Liars, so we didn't leave it to them.

We corrected the False Registrations and claimed back America for Americans all by ourselves. All that is left is for the rest of you to come home and take up the oars in your own State of the Union.

Now, they have got themselves into a pretty pickle. They have been operating in evasion of the Constitutions that give them the right to exist on our shores, and they have cheated and dis-served their Employers. While intending to bankrupt us, they have in fact bankrupted themselves.

Think --- shooting yourself in the foot.

So there's Mr. Trump, bankrupt on the sea and bankrupt in the air. He and his Generals cooked up the desperate idea of doing a "simulated war exercise" on our shores, as an excuse to access our credit for this "defense expenditure".

So they literally declared "war" on the Common Cold and shut down the world economy as part of a war game. Creative, but no bananas.

The 6.2T appropriation that the Territorial Congress made as a "stimulus-relief-well-we-can't-decide-what-it-is" package was divvied up with $300 Billion to the people and all the rest going to the bankers and big corporations.

Moreover, the $300 B was supposed to be issued as individual checks or direct deposits to -- purportedly -- settle all our individual claims against the Pope and his Municipal Government corporations.

That is, they were going to give you a couple of pennies out of the billions they owe, and then tell some more Big Fat Lies to the effect that by your acceptance of these pitiful little checks, you waived your rights and donated your assets and forgave all the Municipal debts.

And then, the military bankers working for the Territorial Government corporation aka, British Crown, planned to come in and buy up what is rightfully your interest in the Municipal Corporations ---- using your credit to do it.

That's why the military bankers have been sacked.

You will notice that you haven't heard a word about the stimulus-relief-don't-know-what-it-is package lately. They are no longer dangling those little $1200 checks in front of your noses, are they? No. Well, there's a reason for that.

As outlined above, they were going to do that as a ruse to get you to accept $1200 as your settlement of their Municipal debts, which are in the millions if not billions owed to you and your State.

So, we, the lawful government of this country, accepted the $6.2 T as a gift from the Pope and the Queen and the Bank of Scotland, and we Fixture Liened all their signatures and contracts and physical currency and coinage as assets backing the debt.

If they have to pay it themselves and get no big payoff in return, they aren't so keen on the scheme.

Meantime, poor Mr. Trump is left neither afoot nor a-horseback, and all his advisors are running around squawking like chickens in a chicken yard. What to do! What to do! Blame China! Blame China!

That's not going to work, either. No matter how many Talking Heads they plaster on the newswaves.

The rest of the world, and indeed, the American People know, that China did not cause this. Indeed, we have good reason to know who did cause it, because the Government of Westminster has already fully admitted that they did it.

Look at the new British Twenty Pound Note. There you will see a holograph of a 5G tower and right above it, the laboratory symbol for the Corona Virus.

The British Crown did this and they were arrogant enough to admit it.

So everyone can quit the phony "Blame China" narrative, too.

Besides all this, America, you have been buying goods "Made in China" for years. You've seen all those tiny labels on everything from soup to shinola: "Made in China".

While you were paying for these goods at the checkout stands all over America, the Chinese were not being paid for the goods at the other end of the pipeline. They shipped the goods in good faith. You paid for them in good faith. But something was happening in between.

Your payments back to China were being siphoned off. And this resulted in an absolutely mammoth Trade Deficit with China.

Now, the American People are not at fault for this. The Chinese workers are not at fault for this.

Whoever was in charge of paying the Chinese is at fault for this.

And don't take any wooden nickels or excuses.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
37 mins ·

Dear Mr. Trump --- Emergency Arrest Order Two

You have received our first two Emergency Orders, including the first Emergency Arrest Order to arrest the Leadership of the Council on Foreign Relations.

It appears that this further and specific action is necessary to request and require you to arrest Bill Gates and immediately confiscate all personal and private property of Bill Gates.

This heinous criminal has indulged in the deliberate engineering and enhancement of deadly viruses, including SARS viruses, polio, and nanobot technology, to undermine the health and well-being of people throughout the world as a for-profit business enterprise.

He has aimed at creating pandemics and biological weapons to serve a mad vision of universal oppression leading to his own elevation and enrichment.

We have already seen the consequences of this play out in India and elsewhere, and are now suffering yet another Gates-related "experiment" via the Pirbright Institute, Wellcome Trust, DARPA, Pilgrim's Society, and the Worshipful Masters AI.

Joshua has come.

Please address Mr. Gates at your earliest opportunity. Make sure that he is rendered unable to carry forward any further harmful vaccine or ID agenda against our own or any other country's population. You may also seek international action against the rest of the players named above, and arrest any of the members of the Pilgrim's Society or Worshipful Masters on our shores.

Please read the following summation of Mr. Gates' activities and the murderous harm he has done already. He is to be considered a World Enemy, presumptively and with probable cause, responsible for thousands of deaths and permanent disabilities.

Summary of the destruction already on the record:

From Robert F Kennedy Jr's Instagram post today:

"Vaccines, for Bill Gates, are a strategic philanthropy that feed his many vaccine-related businesses (including Microsoft’s ambition to control a global vac ID enterprise) and give him dictatorial control over global health policy—the spear tip of corporate neo-imperialism.

Gates’ obsession with vaccines seems fueled by a messianic conviction that he is ordained to save the world with technology and a god-like willingness to experiment with the lives of lesser humans.Promising to eradicate Polio with $1.2 billion, Gates took control of India ‘s National Advisory Board (NAB) and mandated 50 polio vaccines (up from 5) to every child before age 5.

Indian doctors blame the Gates campaign for a devastating vaccine-strain polio epidemic that paralyzed 496,000 children between 2000 and 2017. In 2017, the Indian Government dialed back Gates’ vaccine regimen and evicted Gates and his cronies from the NAB. Polio paralysis rates dropped precipitously.

In 2017, the World Health Organization reluctantly admitted that the global polio explosion is predominantly vaccine strain, meaning it is coming from Gates’ Vaccine Program. The most frightening epidemics in Congo, the Philippines, and Afghanistan are all linked to Gates’ vaccines.

By 2018, ¾ of global polio cases were from Gates’ vaccines.In 2014, the Gates Foundation funded tests of experimental HPV vaccines, developed by GSK and Merck, on 23,000 young girls in remote Indian provinces. Approximately 1,200 suffered severe side effects, including autoimmune and fertility disorders. Seven died.

Indian government investigations charged that Gates funded researchers committed pervasive ethical violations: pressuring vulnerable village girls into the trial, bullying parents, forging consent forms, and refusing medical care to the injured girls. The case is now in the country’s Supreme Court.

In 2010, the Gates Foundation funded a trial of a GSK’s experimental malaria vaccine, killing 151 African infants and causing serious adverse effects including paralysis, seizure, and febrile convulsions to 1,048 of the 5,049 children.During Gates 2002 MenAfriVac Campaign in Sub-Saharan Africa,

Gates operatives forcibly vaccinated thousands of African children against meningitis. Between 50-500 children developed paralysis. South African newspapers complained, "We are guinea pigs for drug makers".

Nelson Mandela's formar Senior Economist, Professor Patrick Bond, describes Gates' philantropic practises as "ruthless" and immoral".

In 2010, Gates committed $ 10 billion to the WHO promising to reduce population, in part, through new vaccines. A month later Gates told a Ted Talk that new vaccines "could reduce population".

In 2014, Kenya's Catholic Doctors Association accused the WHO of chemically sterilizing millions of unwilling Kenyan women with a phony "tetanus" vaccine campaign.

Independent labs found the sterility formula in every vaccine tested. After denying the charges, WHO finally admitted it had been developing the sterility vaccines for over a decade.
Similar accusations came from Tanzania, Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines.

A 2017 study (Morgensen et.Al.2017) showed that WHO's popular DTP is killing more African than the disease it pretends to prevent. Vaccinated girls suffered 10x the death rate of unvaccinated children.

Gates and the WHO refused to recall the lethal vaccine which WHO forces upon millions of African children annually.Global public health advocates around the world accuse Gates of - hijacking WHO's agenda away from the projects that are proven to curb infectious diseases; clean water, hygiene, nutrition and economic development.

They say he has diverted agency resources to serve his personal fetish - that good health only comes in a syringe.

In addition to using his philanthropy to control WHO, UNICEF, GAVI and PATH, Gates funds private pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines, and a massive network of pharmaceutical -industry front groups that broadcast deceptive propaganda, develop fraudulent studies, conduct surveillance and psychological operations against vaccine hesitancy and use Gates' power and money to silence dissent and coerce compliance.

In this recent nonstop Pharmedia appearances, Gates appears gleeful that the Covid-19 crisis will give him the opportunity to force his third-world vaccine programs on American children. ..." [End quote.]

We note that the entirety of Gate's holdings and material fortune are not a drop in the bucket compared to the "value" of the harm and misery he has caused. At our published rate of one trillion dollars per American killed or permanently disabled, his entire fortune and all holdings are forfeit already, subject to seizure, liquidation, and confiscation for the benefit of his victims and their families.

James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
4 hrs ·

The Presidency

A lot of people have been asking-- why no Presidential Seal at Press Conferences?

Technically, two reasons.

First, they-- the British Monarch and the Holy See -- are running the Federal Subcontractors as corporations and we have no agreements with any corporations.

Our agreements are directly with the British Monarch and the Holy See.

They are directly in receipt of our Delegated Power, but they have no right to avoid the responsibility for the exercise of that Delegated Power by passing it off to Third Parties --- "governmental services corporations" --- and letting those as I have termed it, "Subcontractors of Subcontractors" run wild.

The Queen has the right to exercise the closed (encircled) Great Seal of the United States of America when doing something that pertains to her duties under The Constitution of the United States of America.

The Pope has the right to exercise the closed (encircled) Great Seal of the United States when doing something that pertains to his duties under The Constitution of the United States.

If Mr. Trump were operating in his correct capacity as The President of The United States of America he would have the right to use our "unfettered" (unencircled) Great Seal of The United States of America, but as it is, no, he can't use our seal if he's not working for us, and he is not supposed to be using the Queen's Seal or the Pope's Seal, either.

They, the Principals, are uniquely responsible for the use and the abuse of those Seals.

Read that --- they, the Pope and the Queen --- are totally responsible for all the actions of these incorporated subcontractors, these "governmental services providers" on our shores.

So that is the First Reason why Mr. Trump cannot function as a Subcontractor of either the Pope or the Queen and exercise those Seals "for" them.

The second reason is that both the "governmental services corporations" are bankrupt and in receivership to their bonding company.

You can't very well act as "President" of a bankrupt corporation that is in receivership, can you?

This is what has given rise to rumors that "the Jewish Mafia has taken over!" --- but no, it hasn't. Mr. Fink is just doing what bonding companies do in such situations.

The fact is that his companies are chartered under our auspices, which means that we own BlackRock, Inc., too.

Here is the fact that the Queen's Gentlemen obscure when they encourage everyone to incorporate everything:

When you incorporate anything you give it away to the sovereign entity that issues the charter.

In exchange, you get bankruptcy protection from the sovereign.
You can now see why in some very limited circumstances this would be a good deal --- if, for example, you were Bill Gates, and involved in creating infectitious diseases for profit, you would appreciate having your personal fortunes protected by incorporating your infectious disease company.

You can also see how millions of unwary business owners who aren't engaged in anything risky have foolishly incorporated their businesses and given away their life's work and substance -- without even being aware that they have done so.

So, the Pope and the Queen, through their unauthorized subcontractors doing business as the United States, Inc., and the United States of America, Inc., and all their subcontractor's franchises doing business as the STATE OF IDAHO and the State of Idaho, too, have been going around issuing corporate charters like mad.

But at the end of the day, they are all just doing what?

Exercising our Delegated Authority "for" us.

Our States are the actual sovereign governments that actually own all those corporations.

Many fascist corporatists like Bill Gates have been ignorantly involved in trying to tear down the national sovereignty of this and other countries, unaware of the fact that if they do "succeed" all of their corporations will be dissolved and they will be left with nothing.

It has still not come home to them that their dragons are made of paper.

And that we own the paper.

Now, as to the more important question --- why isn't Donald Trump functioning as The President of The United States of America?

There are three (3) offices of the President--- air, land and sea:

(1) President of the United States ( air--which is subject to the Pope and bankrupt)

(2) President of the United States of America ( sea--- which is subject to the Queen and bankrupt)

(3) The President of The United States of America (land -- which is subject to us and very far from being bankrupt)

While acting in a "Federal" capacity, Mr. Trump can function as a Dual Citizen, and so, he can operate any two of the above three offices, depending on which citizenships he adopts.

Thus far, he has elected to operate as both a Territorial minion (President of "the" United States of America) and a Muncipal minion (President of "the" United States), but he has not occupied what we all think of: The Office of The President of The United States, which would require him to declare his political status as an American --- as we have done --- and to give up one of those other two foreign political statuses.

George Washington resolved this quandry by strictly limiting the Municipal Government to the one mile square provided them in the District of Columbia, by claiming his American State National status as a Virginian, and by claiming his United States Citizenship at the same time.

This left him in total control of the Armed Forces, except for the Navy when on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waters, that is, able to act as the Commander-in-Chief, and also alllowed him to act as the Supreme Executive Officer of the actual American Government, working directly for the States and their Federation of States, The United States of America.

To act as our Supreme Executive Officer and as Commander-in-Chief, Mr. Trump merely has to declare his two chosen political statuses as: (1) a New Yorker; and (2) a United States [that is, Territorial] Citizen.

We have respected the choice of the 63 million Americans who may not have been acting in the correct political status themselves, but who nonetheless gave voice and made a choice in favor of Mr. Trump. We have invited him to return home and occupy the actual Office.

For whatever reasons, he hasn't done so. He has stubbornly continued to act in the two foreign capacities, even though both of those foreign corporations are in bankruptcy.

This is a very "inconvenient" choice from our perspective, as it leaves us doing all the work ourselves while our erstwhile public servants flounder around in (2) two private bankruptcies that are totally unnecessary.


Yes, unnecessary.


As we have already explained, ad nauseum, the debts are owed to us. All of these debts are owed to us, the American States and People. We have so much credit and so many assets built up around the world that the U.S.National Debt is inconsequential---- just a matter of some bookkeeping entries.

Think about it --- we have no interest in bankrupting these "governmental services corporations".

That has simply been done to bring them to justice and common sense.

So, Mr. Trump needs to declare his political status as a State National of New York and as a Territorial United States Officer known as the Commander-in-Chief.

The moment he does so, we can get the show back on the road.

The bramble in the path toward that happy outcome is being presented by members of the same military PsyOps team that is bringing us the ridiculous "war" against tthe Common Cold.

They want to try to bamboozle the Public with yet another rendition of the Justinian Deception --- a very old (going back to the Roman Emperor Justinian) fraud scheme involving the use of Anglicized Latin, aka DOG-LATIN, aka, PARSE SYNTAX.

Instead of going all the way back and doing the proper Reconstruction that can only be done by the actual States of the Union, these Freebooters want to pretend that it is 1865 again, and that they can just come in and usurp a Roman Municipal Corporation on us, just as the Scottish Interlopers did back then.

Wrong answer.

A fraud at the beginning is a fraud at the end, null and void from inception, destined for the rubbish bin.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
3 hrs ·

Joshua - A Message to Westminster

The actual name of the man and teacher we revere by the Romanized-name, "Jesus", is Joshua.

Joshua. It has many transliterations: Yeshuah, Yahshuah....

You know the battle-hardened leader of the Hebrews who finally led them into Canaan?

Joshua, the one who had faith when Moses didn't.

Joshua, who together with Caleb, returned from viewing the gigantic inhabitants of Canaan ---- and said, yeah, we can take them. Our God is with us. After 40 years of trotting around the Wilderness, we trust him.

If he says go, we go.

Joshua 24:15 --- "But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord."

Remember Joshua? The one who led the People into the Promised Land?

A lot of churches now use a transliteration of this name, Yeshuah, but that hides something very important.

Joshua is Joshua.

It is this soul who came to you as "Jesus".

It is this soul who will fight and win the war against Ai.

Look it up. Book of Joshua.

Back then "Ai" was a walled city that stood in the way of the conquest of the Promised Land. And what is "AI" now?

Artificial Intelligence. AI. Again.

AI is posing a grave threat against life on this planet, because the men who have developed this new technology have no moral compass, no sense of the sacredness of life, no common sense.

Joshua is here to lead the battle against the "City of Ai", again, and the end result is guaranteed, so long as we will fight and follow him.

We are of his Household, and so we say, we shall serve the Lord --- the True Lord of Nature and Nature's God -- we will put our trust in the True Lord of Heaven and Earth.

We will go forth and even conquer the raging sea, for our God is the Creator, and all things are subject to him.

Let this be a sign to Westminster -- your Kraken is dead.

That thing from the Antidiluvian Age, the Last Leviathan, is dead.

And now you wonder --- what is this? How can this be? And you run back and forth disconsolate. Yet the Lord of Hosts gave you eyes to see and ears to hear.

The Kraken has been killed by a thunderbolt.

This has not been done by any phony wannabe "Barack" --- no "Barack" of your choosing and designing.

Only a True Son of God has done this work and set the Kraken's carcass before you as evidence.

Look again. The White Worm of Scotland lies near death, weeds grow on its head, algae covers its skin; it looks like a melting lime creamsicle, laying there within sight of Mount Snowden.

It's your own fault. You disrespected good counsel when it differed from your pride and your greed.

So now you push your noses in the dirt, worshiping a puny red dragon, who seems to big, so fierce, so powerful for lack of true perspective. Pause and imagine a seraph a thousand times more powerful and bent on good?

What, then, can your Dark Lord do?

He will be squashed like a bug and hurled into the Abyss. That is his destiny, and yours, too, if you follow him to perdition.

You, Lords of the Admiralty, have entered the Realm of the Dead by your own freewill. The Interstice is shut down. The portals closed. There is no way out, except confession.

Yes, Joshua has come. The One appointed. You know his name as "Jesus". And Fakirs have called him "the Christ". Against his power you have no defense, and against his Word of Truth, you can offer no lies.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
1 hr ·

Mr. Trump -- Third Emergency Arrest Order

You are requested and required to immediately arrest so-called "Governor" Gretchen Whitmer of the Territorial State of Michigan and to retain her to be bound over for prosecution under the Code of Military Justice.

She has allowed two infected prisoners to be imported into the otherwise healthy population of the Oaks Correctional Facility in Manistee, Michigan, thereby acting in willful neglect of public health and policy, dereliction of duty, and reckless disregard of life.

Governor Whitmer is to be removed immediately.

The Lieutenant Governor can act in her place until and unless they demonstrate any similar propensity to disregard their duty owed to the American States and People.

Please advise these officers that their respective governments are being charged one (1) trillion dollars per American life lost as a result of their actions and their corporations are being bankrupted as a result. They are harming their own corporations and destroying their own pensions by indulging in these actions, as well as making themselves personally liable for very serious criminal charges.

Please make an example of "Governor" Whitmer and pass the word to all other corporate employees of their actual status and liability.

James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
The United States of America
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
1 hr ·

One Page Declaration -- The 1779 Naturalization Act

In July of 1779 the Founders faced a problem: how to identify Americans versus Brits and Dutch and Swedes and other nationalities living here in this country? The 1779 Naturalization Act was the answer.

It's a very simple requirement by which our Forefathers identified themselves as Americans and not Brits, not French, not Dutch.... or any of the other options that were available in Colonial America.

We have been facing a similar problem today, in that our Federal Subcontractors have proliferated and promoted their citizenship(s) as separate political statuses, and have created False Registrations as Territorial U.S. Citizens and as Municipal "citizens of the United States" in our names without our knowledge or consent.

Once again, we need to declare our political status as Americans.

So, we use The 1779 Naturalization Act and we provide some necessary updates by which Americans, both those born within the physical borders of the States, and those who have been Naturalized as United States Citizens, may establish and/or re-verify their political status via recording their Declarations with their State Assemblies.

Today, we have released a One Page Declaration for all those born within the borders of one of the States, and are making it available to all the State Assemblies. This one page adequately replaces all the intricate and cumbersome and expensive process (928 paperwork) that the pioneers had to go through, and as the State Assembly does the recording and verification of identities, there will no longer be any need to argue with or pay any State of State officials for recording services.

It has been recommended that each State Assembly adopt a simple fee for service and also establish a waiver so that those who are truly poor are able to record their Declaration and obtain their ID cards for free.

This also means that as you are "coming home" you will need to contact your State Assembly and check in by signing this one page Declaration and providing them with birth records and two Witness Testimonies affirming your identity and the place where you were born.

This will also enable you to obtain a State-issued Travel ID and private property plates for your car and other products that you may wish to have as educational aids for others.

So, once again --- run, don't walk --- www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net

The new One Page Declaration and simple instructions should be available soon from your State Coordinators. This is especially good news for all the friends and family members who watched you slog through the 928 Process!


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
6 mins ·

Welcome to the Boer War -- Antony Fauci and Glycoprotein 120

Okay, time for your Simple Science Lesson. It includes a little history, too.

But first and throughout, bear these facts in mind: the CDC, that is, the Center for Disease Control, is a private organization in the business of manufacturing vaccines. And, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the same CDC expert trotted out in front of the cameras with President Trump, and his cohort, Dr. Birx, have been working on the culprit HIV Glycoprotein 120 that has expedited this pandemic ever since 1986.

Nobody knows more about HIV Glycoprotein 120 than Dr. Fauci.

And nobody stands to gain more financially from this pandemic than Dr. Fauci and the CDC, except perhaps for Bill Gates.

In the words of my friend, Noonie Bomblast, "Coo-ee Bono".

When this whole mess began I wrote articles about the sensitivity of people who suffer from Porphyria to Electromagnetic Radiation, and how this is caused by the radio frequency sensitivity of the entire class of pigmented proteins known as porphyrins that are a fundamentally important part of Hemoglobin. SARS viruses are also known to be radio frequency EM-sensitive.

In view of 5G inundating Wuhan, China, it all seemed like too much of a coincidence, that we would be seeing patients dying of what appeared to be "altitude sickness" --- hypoxia --- aka, oxygen deprivation --- and it was.

SARS is a double-meaning acronym like ESF. It can stand for "Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome" or, alternatively, it can stand for "Specific Absorption Range Sensitive" --- now add the word "Virus" and you are describing the same class of viruses in two different ways: one, the effect of the virus, and the other, the character of the virus.

All SARS viruses are radio sensitive and so are the porphyrin rings that act as cages enclosing the iron atoms that form the "Heme" group in Hemoglobin.

In Covid-19, the SARS-family corona virus attaches to the porphyrin ring and releases the iron atom Heme Group into the bloodstream.

This does two things: (1) it incapacitates the ability of Hemoglobin to carry oxygen thoughout your body, causing oxygen deprivation--- clinical hypoxia; (2) it causes iron poisoning of the blood stream, which in turn kicks your bone marrow into hyperdrive to produce new hemoglobin to capture the loose iron and carry out its oxygen transport functions.

That's how Covid 19 patients die, deprived of oxygen like a fish out of water, drowning in their own blood.

Now, it's your turn, Dr. Fauci. And Bill Gates, too.

All this started during the Boer War, when one of the Rothschilds, Lord Pirbright, seized upon this new science of virology -- as what else? A weapon of war, which he turned against the hapless Boers, the Dutch Farmers who colonized South Africa. This is also where concentration camps got their start.

Nazi-ism wasn't first practiced by the Germans. It was born in Westminster.

And that's where it needs to end, too. Maybe with a real atom bomb and worldwide exposure of every little detail back to 1840, when England was sold out to the House of Wettin?

This is why and how the Pirbright Institute is involved in this current pandemic, and the Wellcome Trust, too.

In 1986, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx, his sidekick at the privately run and funded CDC started work on HIV Glycoprotein 120. What Glycoprotein 120 coats the HIV virus --like a chocolate-coated pill-- so that your body ingests the virus instead of recognizing it and rejecting it outright.

This Glycoprotein 120 coating gives the virus easy access to start proliferating, and the correct radio frequency kicks that proliferation into overdrive.

It takes 885 precisely sequenced amino acid pairs to code for production of Glycoprotein 120. Read that --- there is no way in Hell that the presence of HIV Glycoprotein 120 just "show up spontaneously" in a corona virus.

It was deliberately engineered into the corona virus.

And who better to engineer it, than the world renown experts---- Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx?

If they didn't do it directly, they aided and assisted those who did--- Bill Gates, the Pirbright Institute, the Wellcome Trust, DARPA, all the usual nasty corporate and DIA - Nazi Eugenist Social Engineering suspects.

And for what? To reduce the population and thereby avoid paying back the debts they owe these people, to collect the victim's life insurance, and to make lots and lots of money for themselves and their cronies by selling vaccines laced with poisons and RFID chips.

It's time to round them up and try them under the Military Code of Justice and hang them all.

This afternoon, I received a threat from them, saying that they will employ STUXNET and set off a series of nuclear explosions.

I wrote back that any such action on their part will result in the immediate worldwide release of the entire USB Receipt Book, all 13 parts, and the Kill Order to eradicate all members of all thirteen bloodline families. Including all the bastards we can trace. Once and for all, zum Ende.

Sucks to be on the receiving end.

Quote Spoon: "You have no fear of the Underdog. That's why you will not survive."


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
4 hrs ·

Another Word About the Presidency

Why doesn’t Trump just take control of the whole shooting match and occupy the actual Office of The President of The United States?

Now that the properly constituted New York Assembly is in Session, all he has to do is sign a one page Declaration of political status as an American born in New York, provide his BC record and two Witnesses who have credible knowledge of him and his family saying that they know him and he is the man called Donald John Trump who was born on the day and in the place he claims.

Record that with the New York Assembly Recording Secretary and boom— he can finally go to work for the American States.

The President is supposed to work for us, not our Subcontractors.

Operating in the actual Office would give him the power to fundamentally reform DC— not just drain the swamp, restructure it so it can’t fill up again.

He could explain the need to Assemble the States and the need for the States to reconstruct the American Confederation of States of States.

He could launch a vast educational process for Americans to learn their history and the actual government structure. He could show them that the elections they have been participating in are private corporation elections, not the Public Elections they are owed.

He could clean sweep the whole cesspool and all he needs to do is declare that he’s an American born in New York.

Why should we all mess around with another private corporation election and all that frou-frou-frou-rah? What they are doing with these political parties is illegal on our shores.

The Subcontractors are passing themselves off as our actual government, and choosing up two teams of lobbyists to go glut at our trough every year.

Does it make sense to prolong such a sideshow?

Or does it make sense to expose it for what it is, take control of the situation, explain it to the American People, and hold a real, honest Public Election?

Talk about draining the swamp? How about obliterating the swamp and returning the government of, for, and by the people to its rightful place of honor?


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
1 hr ·

The Plan?

I keep getting people asking me what the plan is? The Plan was set forth by our ancestors, and what we are doing now, is recognizing how far afield and misled from The Plan we have actually been.

Like taking a wrong turn in New Jersey and landing in the Atlantic Ocean, we are coming to grips with the wrong turns that have been insinuated into our government and into our lives. And making correction.

Remember that Satan is the Father of All Lies, all deceits, and this world has indeed been ruled via lies and deceits for generations, so, exposing those lies and deceits and recognizing when and where and by whom we have been deceived in the past becomes a necessary pre-occupation.

Most of us have been grossly dis-served by Public School educations, which have fed us an incomplete, watered-down, deliberately misrepresented version of our history--- howbeit, the only version most Americans know.

This is done to explain away missing pieces and smooth over issues that would otherwise claim our attention and demand our action.

For example --- where is the Declaration of War from Congress starting the Civil War? [There isn't one.] Where is the Peace Treaty ending that horrible conflict? {There isn't one.} Why is our flag hanging face down in the Capitol Rotunda? {Because our military generals are rats.] Where did these political parties come from? [Europe.] What are they, really? [Public Employee lobbyist organizations.] When was the Reconstruction finished? [It wasn't finished. It was barely begun with it was side-tracked in Breach of Trust.] Why was The State of Florida changed to the State of Florida? Are Executive Orders constitutional? And so on and on....

That one just came over my desk this morning --- are Executive Orders constitutional?

They aren't. And they aren't meant to be.

Why not? Because Executive Orders exist outside the realm of the Constitutions.

Executive Orders are directives given within the private purview of the governmental services corporations -- they are in-house administrative orders given by the President to the employees of the corporation(s), and that means both Municipal and Territorial corporations, since 1937.

Executive Orders have nothing whatsoever to do with you as an American. They are entirely about directing the actions of federal government employees. So unless you happen to be a federal government employee or dependent, you can stick such orders where the sun don't shine.

This is how and why it is possible for the Federal Government to declare a "National Emergency" related to their corporations and employees, that isn't recognized by our actual American Government at all.

Case in point --- they've been shut down for weeks and have declared "war" on the Common Cold, while we've plodded along and exposed the criminal meddling and self-interest and destruction caused by Bad Actors like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci and the Council on Foreign Relations--- and otherwise continued our business as usual.

The United States of America [Unincorporated] hasn't declared any National Emergency.

Despite the inconveniences and monetary losses caused by our federal employees and their boiling cesspool in Washington, DC, our government and our people are not under any presumption of any "state of emergency".

And we don't recognize any "war powers" ever being granted to our federal employees or any federal franchise state of state employees, either, when they are acting in relation to us or standing on our shores. Quite the contrary.

Their clear instruction with regard to us is to provide for our mutual defense. As long as they are on our payroll, including pay for exercising our delegated powers, that instruction stands.

Federal employees and dependents have never been covered by the Constitutions. They have always inhabited a separate and foreign realm. This is what necessitated the entire "Civil Rights" struggle. They were trying to get recognition of "civil rights" equal to the rights everyone else enjoyed.

Unfortunately, their acceptance of merely "civil rights" instead of natural and unalienable rights, leads to a circumstance where -- for them -- the equal guarantees of the Constitutions can be suspended and their equal civil rights taken away, just as they were granted, by the members of Congress.

So The Plan already existed long ago, and what we are doing, is retracing our steps and correcting the wrong turns to get our government fully back on track. Ours is a plan to get back to The Plan. It is in those terms that I can answer the question --- what's the plan? Here it is:

We go back to New Jersey where we took that wrong turn.... and we already did all that historical research to form an iron-clad knowledge of what went wrong, where, under whose watch, etc., etc., etc.

That part is complete to the extent necessary. We are still filling in bits and pieces, but we've got what we need.

Here's the rest:

Everyone now has a simple means to declare their birthright political status as an American. Everyone records that choice with their respective State Assembly.

They can choose to “log in” as State Nationals and have no obligation to the government beyond keeping the peace-that is, not harming other people or their property—- OR —- they can sign in as American State Citizens and help run their State Government.

Of course, if they want to remain subjects of the Queen or subjects of the Pope, they can simply stay as they are and be counted as either "U.S. Citizens" or "citizens of the United States".

Those who choose to act as State Citizens will take part in the process of “reconstructing” an American State of State business organization for their State of the Union.

These American States of State organizations are known as “Confederate States” and they then “repopulate” the missing portion of the Federal Government and take charge of the national Treasury functions, the Mint, the Post Office, the Patent and Trademark Office, etc.

The States are supposed to set the policy and direction and speak the will of the people in their States and are to oversee the business operations and resource decisions of the State of State organizations both at the State level and the Federal level.

Unlike the practice of the foreign subcontractors our government of, for, and by the people is not always in session. Members have to call it into Session or The United States of America (Unincorporated) has to do so--- and has done so.

Our Hired Help has attempted to take over our government by “de-populating” it. Basically, they have misidentified each one of us as one of them— as employees or dependents of the foreign, for profit governmental services corporations running the Territorial and Municipal levels of the Federal Government.

Most Americans were never given any disclosure about any of this activity by their erstwhile employees. They were misidentified with malice aforethought almost at birth, so they never had any idea that a False Registration had been entered “in their name” and their parents were never told, either.

As a result of this unconscionable contracting practice, millions of Americans have been misidentified as British Territorial citizens— as if they were all born in Puerto Rico. And they have been subjected under Territorial Law and have lost access to the Constitutional guarantees they are heir to as a result.

Our process restores them to their birthright political status, brings them back under the protections of the Constitutions and enables them to restore both their State of State and Federal State functions —- so that we once again enjoy an American Government in America.

This is a perfectly legal and lawful process that we are guaranteed under all sorts of treaties and contracts and international accords, and as there is absolutely no advantage to Federal Citizenship above or beyond being a Federal Employee, it is to be presumed that, given the facts, most Americans will be loyal to their own country, will want to live as free men and woman, will want the right to own and control their own private property, and will want access to the Constitutional Guarantees.

From our position, our Trustees, the Pope and the Queen, have collaborated in Breach of Trust and sought to evade their obligations under their respective Constitutions and have played a very insidious game to do so.

Now that the fraud and disservice has been discovered we are engaged in taking corrective action — as individual people, as States, and as our unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America.

We are bringing the circumstance forward before all Americans and all the other people and governments and institutions of the world.

That’s the Plan and circumstance that motivates it and here is the Action Plan:

1. Bring millions of misidentified Americans “home” to their birthright political status, by educating them and inviting them to declare their political status and record it for posterity;

2. Assemble the properly constituted State Governments---which can only be done by people who have declared their birthright political status and who are choosing the act in the capacity of State Citizens;

3. Have the State Governments (known as State Assemblies) reconstruct the American States of States—- a job left hanging since the Civil War;

4. The American States of States join together to re-populate the Confederation of States;

5. The Confederation resumes operations as the “missing” Federal portion of the Federal Government;

6. Americans are in control of their own government again and the foreign corporation employees are put back in their places.

We are simply recognizing the mistakes and deceits of our foreign employees and are correcting them, which doesn't make everyone in the world happy, but will serve to wake up a lot of other sleeping national governments that have been all but overwhelmed by scheming power-hungry Globalist elites operating and promoting a system of corporate feudalism under a blueprint provided by the fascist government of Westminster.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
April 17 at 10:55 PM ·

Why Dr. Anthony Fauci Needs to Be Arrested: Situation Report

1. Kissinger Quote from a speech to the WHO Council on Eugenics, February 25, 2009:

“Once the herd accepts mandatory vaccinations, it’s game over. They will accept anything – forcible blood or organ donation – “for the greater good”. We can genetically modify children and sterilize them --- “for the greater good”. Control sheep minds and you control the herd. Vaccine makers stand to make billions. And many of you in this room are investors. It’s a big win-win. We thin out the herd and the herd pays us for extermination services….”

2. Dr. Scott Jensen, a Republican State Senator from Minnesota, for example, says doctors have been ordered by the U.S. government to label all deaths as coming from the “coronavirus.” This has been corroborated by numerous MDs all over the country. The object of this is obviously being done with malice aforethought to drive up numbers of people who are reportedly --- but not actually --- dying of Covid 19 so as to promote fear and panic and submission to whatever hare-brained demands are made of the populace. It’s a con.

3. There has been no actual laboratory confirmation of a single case of “Covid 19”. The tests they are using are specifically sold with the warning that they cannot be used for diagnosis. This is because they will yield False Positive and other flawed results --- and this is already known, yet they are using PCR tests just the same. It’s a waste of money and again, all it does it make it look like there are more “Covid 19” cases than there actually are. More con.

4. Meanwhile, back in Baltimore, we have had clinical standards and processes by which to establish the existence of viral pathogens and to identify specific viral pathogens and to relate them to specific illnesses since the 1890’s. But absolutely none of these tests and processes and procedures have been applied to Covid 19. As a result, we still are unable to: (1) establish the existence of the Covid 19 virus; (2) identify any specific virus called “Covid 19” as the pathogen causing this “outbreak”; or (3) prove any link between any such virus and the odd illnesses we are seeing now. Still more con and evasion.

5. The symptoms being exhibited by victims are not pneumonia, none of the typical watery, itchy, fluid on the lungs symptoms associated with viral pneumonia are present. Instead, the symptoms present as dry cough and hypoxia --- lack of oxygen in the blood stream and evidence of hemolytic stress, meaning, Hemoglobin not functioning as it should and the body responding by producing extra Hemoglobin. Where have we seen that before?

6. We saw that in 1904 with the introduction of radio frequency broadcasting --- people suffering from Porphyria, an illness that affects porphyrins which are proteins that surround the “Heme” group of iron atoms in Hemoglobin had the same basic symptoms. We saw it again in 1918 with the “Spanish Influenza” which happened in tandem with the establishment of radar and radio telecommunication networks. And now, we are seeing the same thing again, occurring in tandem with the deployment of the 5G microwave grid. The effect of electromagnetic radiation (EM) on porphyrins and Hemoglobin, is in fact well-documented. Why is this fact being hidden?

7. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared this “Covid 19” Pandemic based on 150 cases – and absolutely no clinical standards tests or procedures were put in place to identify the purported viral agent ---so that to this day, we still can’t prove the existence of any specific corona virus linked to these deaths. Read that: no means have been established to tell the difference between plain old corona virus that causes the Common Cold, and the chimera virus they are calling “Covid 19”, and deaths from the Common Cold and related pneumonia are being counted “as” Covid 19 deaths.

8. The Common Cold corona virus—normal flu and related complications--- killed 80,000 Americans 2017-2018.
9. Total numbers of deaths attributed to “Covid 19” – even with all the fudging -- are less than half that.

10. In 2014, the U.S. Government ended research and development of “chimera” viruses, viruses that use genetic engineering to combine parts and pieces from other known strains of deadly viruses, to create “enhanced” viral strains that are more deadly and more infectious than naturally occurring virus. It was finally decided that the creation of such viruses should be defunded and banned.

11. In 2015, Anthony Fauci diverted $3.87 million dollars-worth of NIH funding to George Soro’s Wuhan Biotech Lab in Wuhan, China, so that the Chinese could continue development of chimera viruses. That is, he deliberately evaded U.S. Law, misappropriated and diverted $3.87 million dollars of research funding to China, and, the evidence strongly suggests, delivered his own patented bio-engineered corona virus strain into their program. Read that: Anthony Fauci not only gave the Chinese the basis for bioweaponry, he gave them the funding to develop it in contravention of U.S. Law.

12. Anthony Fauci is one of the world’s top researchers into the structure and function of Glycoprotein 120, which is a protein coating that enables HIV to bypass normal immune system protective mechanisms. The exact coding for Glycoprotein 120 --- 885 precisely matched amino acid pairs – was implanted into the chimera corona virus. This is strong circumstantial evidence implicating Dr. Fauci in the actual engineering of the chimera corona virus in addition to the facts cited above.

13. At the same time, the new 20 Pound Note produced by the Government of Westminster appeared, displaying a holograph of a 5G antenna tower array, and just above that, the laboratory symbol for Corona Virus. This is a sign – literally – admitting to the involvement of the Government of Westminster in this entire debacle, the 5G connection, and the use of the corona virus --- a SARS virus, meaning Specific Absorption Range Sensitive virus – as a bioweapon that can be turned on and off via exposure to specific 5G radiation frequencies.

14. We conclude that America and most of the rest of the world has been the target of an immensely damaging False Flag by the Government of Westminster, as well as illicit weapons testing on non-domestic populations, and also suffered gross environmental pollution carried out by the same independent, international city-state. We are requesting that worldwide sanctions be applied against the Government of Westminster and that its pernicious war-mongering, lawlessness, pillaging, and plundering be fully recognized for what it is throughout the international community of nations. It’s charter needs to be revoked, its services denied, and its employees deported from every corner of the globe.

15. We conclude that there is more than enough Probable Cause to arrest Doctor Anthony Fauci for crimes against humanity, misappropriation of funds, deliberate evasion of U.S. Law, and treason. We have requested and required his immediate and unapologetic arrest.

16. There is also more than enough Probable Cause in evidence to arrest Bill Gates, Henry Kissinger, the members of the WHO Council on Eugenics, Dr. Birx, who is Fauci’s research associate and collaborator, and the leadership of The Council on Foreign Relations – a group that has fostered, promoted, financed, and popularized repugnant Anti-Human Corporatist (Fascist) Agendas since its inception.

These people are all Corporate Officers subject to Title X of the United States Code and we have requested and required their immediate arrest and prosecution for conspiracy against the Constitutions, crimes against humanity, promotion of genocide, evasion of U.S. Law, felony misappropriation of funds, gross neglect of life, insubordination, and for the Americans involved in this filthy business—both murder and treason.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
11 hrs ·

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat....

For all those who claim that I am just "talking off the top of my head" and that I "never" offer any "proof" of what I say ---- I suggest that you all go buy copies of my books which are available on Amazon, read them, and then go hopping down the bunny trail yourselves.

You have to prove it to yourselves, which is actually a good thing, because that process requires you to examine and think and deduce and know-what-you-know for yourselves, instead of taking things on faith because someone told you so. Just spend a tiny portion of the time and effort I put into it and see if you come to any other conclusion.

Not only have I provided plenty of proof in terms of public records and court citations and everything else, i have pointed to something just as important --- what ISN'T present, but should be. For example....

Where is the actual Declaration of War that started "The American Civil War"? [There isn't one.]

Where is the Peace Treaty ending it? [There isn't one.]

Who were the actual Parties fighting in that war? [The State of New York... The State of Georgia.... The State of Illinois.....]

How were the soldiers mustered in and out? [According to their State of State affiliation.]

What happened to the Confederation that existed prior to and up until the creation of the Southern Confederacy under Jefferson Davis? [It entered dormancy and hasn't been restored, hence giving rise to the idea that our government is in abeyance.]

When was the "Reconstruction" officially finished? [It wasn't.]

If the Reconstruction wasn't ever finished, is it still ongoing or waiting to be done? [Hint -- 95% of the Reconstruction Acts are still in full force and effect, never been repealed.]

What would a successful Reconstruction result in? [It would result in the resurrection of the original Confederation--- which is not in evidence.]

Do we see a functioning American Confederation today? [No.]

It's not only a matter of facts and figures and public records and court citations. It's also a matter of reasoning and logic and what you should be seeing --- and aren't seeing --- that leads inexorably to the stunning truth: our country went off track as a result of the Civil War, and our government has yet to be restored.


Now, that is my conclusion from all that I have learned and confirmed both from the public records and court cases that exist, and from all the things that should exist and don't.

You are all cordially invited to dig into the research and work to your heart's content, and I am convinced that you will arrive at no other substantially different conclusion.

But you are all welcome to try.

My other conclusions --- that the Brits came in and substituted Territorial States of States for our American States of States (members of the original Confederation) -- is borne out in the public record which shows that "new State of State constitutions" were developed in every State of the Union just after the Civil War and the resulting entities were renamed.

It was "The State of New York" both before and during the Civil War, but soon afterward, was converted to "the" State of New York.

This is the same style convention used when The United States of America gives its Delegated Powers to "the" [British Territorial] United States of America to exercise in its name.

This same conclusion is borne out by the establishment of "State Trusts" soon after the Civil War. While the American States of States were not operating, all their presumed assets were rolled over into State Trusts. These operate under names like this: Ohio State [Trust], Nebraska State [Trust].....

The Perpetrators obviously left off the word "Trust" to prevent the Average Joe population from realizing that their State assets were being commandeered by foreign powers and operated "for" them by British Territorial United States Citizens. For example, Treasurer of the United States, Rosa Gumataotao Rios.

Go ahead. Search all you like. I already did. And a lot of people have dug in and tried to prove us wrong since we published all this --- without success.

I guess that the fact that we have been overrun by our own employees, especially our own military ----and looted senseless---- is just too awful for some people to accept.

It doesn't change the facts or the circumstance or the history that is "proven" as much as anything could ever be ----and in our faces.

Suck it up, America. We've got a job left over from the Civil War. It's called "The Reconstruction" and we have to get it right, and right about now.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
11 hrs ·

RFK, Jr. ---Won

As a jurist and as an American I have often had cause to deeply appreciate the work done by Robert F. Kennedy, before and during and after his tenure as Attorney General.

RFK single-handedly attacked the rampant and undisclosed criminality of the Bar Associations and their membership running what is mistaken for the "American Count System".

RFK torpedoed the Corporatists and defended the rights of the living people again and again and again and again and ..... If you are lucky enough to have an annotated copy of his court cases and briefs you will see how one man stood in the door and defended this entire country. It was often lonely work.

He died because of it.

His son took up his work.

It will not be reported by corrupt corporate media, but RFK Junior won his United States Supreme Court case against Big Pharma. He won despite all the awesome fire power and financing and "legal expertise" that all those corporations and vaccine manufacturers could throw at him.

He won because he doubled-down and stuck on point and that point was that vaccines have never been tested for safety. The whole issue of vaccine safety has never been addressed.

Period. At all.

And it hasn't.

Making money, not Public Health, has been the sole concern of vaccine manufacturers ever since Jonas Salk.

Do you know that 7,300 babies die every year as a result of vaccines?

Do you know that our individual biology is unique and that what is safe for one person is deadly for another?

Do you know that you have to claim ownership of your own DNA and record that interest in your own biology, or it is considered public property? Fair game for experimentation? Including forced vaccinations?

Like his illustrious Father, RFK Jr. has stood in the doorway and defended the defenseless, the ignorant, the victims of the Corporatist Nazis. It has been lonely work, except for the families of the victims cheering him on.

Well, let's all stand for a moment, wherever we are, and bow our heads. Let's give this man our due respect. Let's give thanks for him and all those like him, who take up the difficult but necessary task of defending living people against the reckless and faceless greed of the Corporatist Nazis.

If you are now awake and realize that you haven't claimed your biological assets, including your DNA, that is covered by the one page 1779 Declaration that all Americans need to record with their State Assemblies.

Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net and get started today.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
8 hrs ·

Our American Government -- and Our Court System

Unlike the European governments which are, except for brief recesses, always in session, the American Government "of, for, and by the People" of this country is not always or even regularly in session.

This is a strange fact in the modern era, but a fact nonetheless.

We hire out the day to day work of governance in America to Subcontractors. Those Subcontractors are supposed to be a mix of American and foreign service providers, all obligated to function under commercial and trust obligations spelled out via Constitutions at both the State and Federal levels.

This is the way it is, and the way it has always been.

Unless The United States of America summons its member States to assemble, or a Committee of States issues a similar call, the actual government of this country seems to disappear when it is not in Session.

Our institutions are only maintained to the extent that we summon them into existence --- a process described by the ecclesiastical law term: "invocation".We speak them into existence by issuing the call to assemble.

In the present instance, it became apparent that certain European Powers had overstepped the delegated authorities vouchsafed to them and have been operating in flagrant Breach of Trust and in violation of their commercial service contracts spelled out in the respective Constitutions.

Our Subcontractors were running wild. Our employees were proposing to rule over us. Corporate Officers were assuming that they were our bosses, even when law, history, and common sense prove otherwise.

Whereupon, The United States of America raised its hoary head and summoned the People and the States to assemble.

Much to our chagrin, we then realized that "the People" had largely been mischaracterized and misidentified by the same usurpers, and subjected to False Registration practices.

Our Subcontractors -- the British Monarch and the Popes -- had conspired to create a vast fraud upon the American States and People, and practiced a form of institutionalized identity theft designed to strip us of our political identity and our assets and our ability to hold them accountable under the terms of the controlling Constitutions.

By falsely and purposefully misidentifying Americans as Dual Federal Citizens --- both British Territorial U.S. Citizens and Municipal "citizens of the United States" -- the perpetrators conspired against and evaded the Constitutions designed to hold them in check, and had by this evasion created a means of pillaging and plundering the very people they are in fact obligated to serve.

And we slept on, trusting that our employees would honor their obligation to protect and defend the constitutional agreements against "all enemies, both foreign and domestic".

We were not entirely unjustified in this trust, as we knew that if our employees undermined the Constitutions, their own political statuses would cease to exist along with their jobs and paychecks.

As a result of all the False Registrations, The United States of America was faced with the additional hard work of alerting the American People and rousing them and assisting them to correct their falsified political status records, so that they would be in proper standing to assemble their States of the Union.

We did all of this and have presently assembled forty-three States with the others soon to follow. They are all properly populated by People in good standing. We continue to blow the alarm bells and urge Americans to correct their political status records -- for their own sakes, the sake of this country, and the sake of their families and countrymen.

The correction process has now been refined and simplified down to a single page Declaration, supported by two Witnesses.

We have very narrowly avoided what amounts to a Nazi Corporatist form of government and continue to gain ground against it.

Now, obviously, certain Principals have attempted to gain by stealth and Breach of Trust what they could never gain by strength of arms. Certain employees have grossly underestimated the value of the Constitutions to their own well-being.

It appears that they didn't realize that WWG1WGA is literal.

And now a brief note about our American court system....

Thanks to ignorant rantings on YouTube by people who aren't attorneys, I often get questions about my standing, how I can be a "judge" and not be a member of the Bar Association, etc.

The fact is that like our American Government as a whole, our American Court System is called into session. The court is literally invoked and it is as separate and foreign from the courts most people see and interact with, as our government is separate and foreign from the Subcontractors that many people have mistaken for us.

Not only am I not a member of the Bar Association, neither I nor any other American jurist can be a member of the Bar. That was decided by a formal Amendment to The Constitution of the United States of America ratified in 1819.

We can, if we are competent in Admiralty and other forms of international law, act as Counselors of Law in their courts, but we cannot act as Attorneys in the British Court System and retain our ability to invoke and operate the American Courts.

Our Forefathers didn't want our courts or our court officials acting in conflict of interest. Bar Association Members are under obligation to the British Monarch and hold foreign titles as Esquires.

So. We can claim our proper political status as Americans and we can operate our courts as Americans under the Public Law of this country, or we can operate as British Territorial Citizens under the "private law" of the British Court System (Bar Attorneys required), or we can operate as Municipal citizens of the United States and subject ourselves to both Roman Civil Law--- and in the Commonwealth, live under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition.

Our choice.

I long ago chose to live my life as an American and to restore the American Court System and the Public Law. That's why I am properly called a "Justice", not a "Judge", and why I am not a Bar Association Member and not required to be a Bar Association Member.

It should also be mentioned that when I am standing on the land and soil of this country in these United States and administering the Public Law, I overstand every Judge and every Bar Attorney from here to Tallahassee. And no Bar Association Member who is competent will even think about arguing with me.

Just ask yourself ---- if I were not exactly what I say I am, how long would it be before I was arrested for "impersonating a judge"?

Our court system, like our government, doesn't operate the same way our Subcontractors operate. We are foreign and non-domestic with respect to them and with respect to them we have exactly one contract each:

With the Queen and her Government we have and hold The Constitution of the United States of America.

With the Pope and the Holy See we have and hold The Constituton of the United States.

All the Territorial State-of-State Statutes, all the Federal [Administrative] Codes, Regulations, and Ordinances are immaterial to us.

That's all "internal" and "private" law that our Subcontractors use to discipline, organize, and define things for themselves and use for their own purposes.

The only reason we have to ever study such things is to remind them when they act in violation of their own stated policies and rules---- not because any of it applies to us.

The only law that matters between us and them when we are standing in our proper political status as Americans on the land and soil of this country is the Law of the Land.

And I trust that you all know what that is, and can explain it to them.

Get out those two Constitutions ---- The Constitution of the United States of America and The Constitution of the United States --- and study them chapter and verse.

Very soon, our State Assemblies will be issuing State IDs for Assembly Members, both State Nationals and State Citizens. These are not "State of State" IDs ---- these are actual State IDs issued by the American States, that is, these IDs are being issued by Florida, not any variety of "State of Florida", and exercised internationally directly under The United States of America --- our Federation of States.

If you think about this for a few minutes it will all make sense that a government of, for, and by the people has to be organized and operated by people who are busy living their own lives, people with families and gardens, people whose primary interest is not a government pension or bean-counting or international politics.

It has to be done by you and me, not our paid employees.

Self-governance requires self-motivation and self-determination and self-reliance.

Those who sit around and carp and who think that someone else must be responsible for governing them are in a different system of government, a different mindset, entirely. Such people want to be taken care of and are willing to let their public servants rule their lives in exchange for whatever tokens and services they receive. If that's the kind of government you want, cozy up to our erstwhile Subcontractors and be content with whatever abuse you receive, including literal enslavement by the Municipal Government.

For the rest of us who wish to live our lives as free men and women, and to actually possess our land and homes as private property, and to enjoy the fruits of our labors --- the option to reclaim your birthright poltiical status and undertake the responsibility to self-govern that goes with it --- remains.

Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
6 hrs ·

War "Talk" Against China is Crazy -- and Unjustified

We have heard sabers rattling and all sorts of bombast against China coming from all sorts of sources and it needs to stop.

Number One Reason?
The Wuhan Bio-Tech Lab where all this started is owned by George Soros, a citizen of the United States. Not a Chinese lab at all, even though Chinese scientists were working there.

Number Two Reason?
The "feedstock" for the development of the chimera strain corona virus also came from the US, and was most likely donated or sold into the development project by Dr. Anthony Fauci. The virus has HIV splices of genetic coding allowing it to produce Glycoprotein 120, which has been Fauci's "baby" since the 1980's.

Number Three Reason?
In 2014, the US stopped development of chimera viruses. In 2015, Fauci diverted almost $4 million in NIH research funding to George Soros's Wuhan facility so the Chinese could continue development --- Fauci evaded US Law and misappropriated funds to do it.

Number Four Reason?
Dr. Charles Lieber, a leading biological nanotech researcher and head of one of Harvard University's science programs was also deeply involved along with Chinese Grad Students. If anything, it looks like the Chinese were being manipulated by these schmucks who were finagling to keep on researching and developing bioweapons that they stood to profit from. When they could no longer do it here, they moved to China. This was a US Project that got moved to China, not a Chinese Project.

Number Five Reason?
The first person to develop symptoms of "Covid 19" was a non-Com from Fort Detrick.

Number Six Reason?
This was obviously a set up with Bill Gates, WHO, the World Bank, and other investors and vaccine manufacturers. Gates has heavily invested in virus development and vaccine factories, both. He and Fauci are pals. Both stand to make huge fortunes and gain immense political power if they can pull this scam off. WHO is obviously complicit. What kind of scientific or medical organization declares a pandemic based on 150 cases, and on top of it, fails to initiate any clinical process to identify the specific pathogen? The World Bank is also obviously complicit -- inviting investors to put their money into "Pandemic Bonds" just in time to collect on a staged pandemic.

Number Seven Reason?
This whole thing was hardly hitting the news before "the US, Inc." was in court, finagling and accusing China of being liable for all the economic damages caused by this phony pandemic, and that amount being sought just happened to be almost exactly the same as the US-China Trade Deficit. Read that, the pikers caused this problem, blamed it on China, and have been trying to force China to pay them "reparations" for the damage they caused to everyone concerned.

Number Eight Reason?
Almost simultaneously, the new British 20 Pound Note was issued by the Government of Westminster, showing a cheesey photograph of the Queen and --- wonder of wonders ---- a holograph of a 5G tower,and right above it, the laboratory symbol for the corona virus. The perky bastards fully admitted that they were the cause of the problem and the 5G connection, too, right there in front of God and everyone, in language nobody could miss or misunderstand. They took credit for it. So why on Earth is anyone looking elsewhere?

Number Nine Reason?
What did the Chinese gain? Nothing. They lost lives. They lost trade. They lost support from their own people. What did "the US" gain? A fleeting excuse to back-charge China for a well-earned Trade Deficit. China is THEIR creditor, not ours. And we've made it clear that we are not paying their debts for them. Now we have to make it clear that we aren't going to war for them, either.

Number Ten Reason?
The Americans and the Chinese, both, are owed a whopping large amount of credit back from "the United States"---- which owes us somewhere around $25 trillion as unpaid "National Credit" and owes China nearly that much as an unpaid Trade Deficit.

The Pikers cannot or will not pay their debts or deal honestly about the circumstance, so they planned first to attack and kill us via a civil war. That plan was exposed and defeated, so now the weasels want to find an excuse to kill their other Creditors, the Chinese, ---- and get us to do it for them.

This is all about the US, Inc. and the USA, Inc. not paying their debts, and then plotting to strong-arm racketeer or murder their creditors ---and both the American People and the Chinese People have been in the cross-hairs for this malarky.

The Chinese have, with 99% certainty, been targeted both as: (1) potential collaborators, and (2) victims of a giant con scheme designed to--- one way or another--- erase "the US" Trade Deficit with China.

China had nothing to gain from dirtying itself by unleashing a bioweapon attack on the rest of the world. That would be shooting its customers in the foot. No, China had nothing to gain --- but the US and its British Siphons in Westminster stood to gain, and so did WHO and the World Bank and Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates and Bayer, Inc., and CDC (which is a private vaccine manufacturer), and George Soros and all the Dem Deep Staters could hope to blame all this on Donald Trump.

Simple enough.

We know who did this. We know why. There is no big mystery here. There's just a failure to own up and face facts. It's easier to blame people who are innocent but different from us, than to face down the monster we have allowed to inhabit our own shores, walk down our streets, and sleep in our beds.

If Americans go to war over any of this, we aren't going to march on Shanghai. Oh, no. And we won't be tricked into bombing Berlin, either.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
9 hrs ·

They Have Ruled

They openly said that they have ruled for thousands of years and that they would destroy the world rather than give that up.

So let's examine how they have ruled:

They have ruled by deceit.
They have ruled by telling outright lies.
They have ruled by abusing trust.
They have ruled by demeaning people --- and themselves.
They have ruled by blackmail and threats.
They have ruled by strategic murder.
They have ruled by False Flag events.
They have ruled by creating "secret languages".
They have ruled by keeping other men dumbed down.
They have ruled by falsifying records.
They have ruled by accusing others of what they have done.
They have ruled by destroying history.
They have ruled by teaching distorted history as fact.
They have ruled by "terms of art".
They have ruled under color of law.
They have ruled under False Pretense of authority.
They have ruled by rigging commodity markets -- including currency markets.
They have ruled by controlling money supplies.
They have ruled by creating confusion.
They have ruled by creating disasters -- to make their actions seem necessary.
They have ruled by force and confiscation.
They have ruled by creating prejudices.
They have ruled by keeping us divided.

They have ruled....

And they are trying to continue their rule by establishing a New World Order under what they are mistakenly calling the "quantum financial system".

This is really nothing but a pitiful re-working of an old MS-DOS technology --- so old that nobody thinks about or uses it anymore.

And they are trying to foist off PARSE SYNTAX on everyone, which is nothing but a reworking of the ancient JUSTINIAN FRAUD.

That seems to be the current theme: dredge up ancient computer systems programming and call it something new, because the programmers working now won't remember MS-DOS.

Dredge up an old, old fraud from 1500 years ago --- nobody will remember that! --- call it something new -- "PARSE SYNTAX" and people will fall for that, too.

They are falling back on old doggerel because they don't have anything new to offer. They've run out of tricks. And that, beyond anything else, spells their doom, because they have made their way since the beginning by trickery and shell games and fraud and very little else.

So, we've told you briefly that the "Quantum Financial System" aka "QFS" is nothing new.

And neither is "PARSE SYNTAX".

Only the names are new. They think that by re-naming things, they can create something new.

Like renaming your property "3543 Mockingbird Lane" and then claiming they have title to it.

Like teaching you to spell your name according to their punctuation: JOHN-MICHAEL:DOE and then claiming that you "subscribed" to them and that they now own you.

It's all nothing but horse hooey.

They've run out of ideas. They've got the financial system in such a bind, with the credit so concentrated in their own hands, that they can't prime the pump anymore.

And Mr. Trump may not know what to do about it yet, but he does have sense enough to know that in the modern world these antiquated --- and fraudulent--- answers won't work.

So he just declined to participate in the "Quantum Financial System" and as long as English is our official language and we don't fall for their funky punctuation scheme --- we have no contract with them regarding "PARSE", either.

As a brief note, if you haven't all watched Romley Stewart's explanation of the DOG LATIN deception promoted by the Emperor Justinian and used ever since to keep the peasants in line ----do so now.

It will be apparent that "PARSE SYNTAX" is just another secret language trick and variation of the old, old DOG LATIN trick.

And if you care enough to entertain the false claims being made for it by Russell J. Gould to the effect that it is "mathematically correct" ---- put it to a simple test and see if you can make it reliably express the difference between a "pickle" and a "cucumber" ---- mathematically or in any other way you choose.

PARSE is another con, set up to confuse and impress the ignorant.

Sign no contracts using this form of language.

We have patented and recorded our own form of this language to make sure that Mr. Gould and his co-horts cannot arbitrarily claim or enforce anything about it, but we heartily recommend that people simply recognize it for what it is --- another con --- and avoid using it at all, ever.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
9 hrs ·

Lies Against Our Flag

We have just summarized in our earlier post the ways and means by which the "elites" have contrived to rule over the rest of the world, and we deduce from looking at the long list, that their entire secret methodology amounts to fakery.

Just lies upon lies upon false assumptions and false claims and more lies.

So we addressed the pathetic "Quantum Financial System".

And we addressed the ancient but still potentially virulent issue of DOG LATIN, aka, PARSE SYNTAX, being an Anglicized form of Latin amounting to gibberish.

And finally, we address the lies being told about our flag.

We wish to begin by saying that it is our flag. It belongs to us. It was created by The United States of America, adopted as the flag of The United States of America, and like our Great Seal, is our property.

Next, we wish to explain to you that when we delegated certain enumerated "Powers" to foreign governments and allowed those foreign governments to exercise those Powers for us, we also allowed them to use specific variations of our flag and our Great Seal.

You will notice that their Great Seals are always enclosed by a solid circle.

This is because they are exercising delegated authority, not sovereign authority.

You will also notice that the Federal Code, Title IV, separates out and describes a specific variation of our flag that is allowed for their use. This so-called "Title IV" Flag is "on loan" to "the" British Territorial United States of America for them to use in the accomplishment of their duties.

Again, a version of our flag was set aside for their use and designated for that purpose, just as the encircled Seals were set aside and designated for the use of our Subcontractors.

So, what really happened to our Title IV Flag when "the" United States of America, Inc., went bankrupt and that bankruptcy was settled in 1999?

According to Russell J. Gould, he marched into Washington -- just him and his buddy, David Wynn Miller, and claimed our Title IV Flag for themselves.

Unfortunately, for Msrs. Gould and Miller that flag is our property, and never belonged to "the" United States of America, Inc. It was on loan to them for specific purposes under specific contract. When the contract defaulted due to their bankruptcy, so did their right to use our flag.

The actual International Law is that: "Possession by pirates does not change ownership." ---- so regardless of selfish attempts to claim a version of our flag for their use without our consent and without any contract with us to provide services "in our name" --- the Title IV flag remains our property and it is obvious criminal activity to claim otherwise.

Mr. Gould needs to be rounded up, again, as an international criminal, and taught the actual internatonal law without further adieu.

Sadly, our actual flag is "struck" and face down in the Capitol Rotunda and in Chambers of the Senate and House, as it has been for many years, thanks to ignorance or complicity on the part of our Generals.

You will note that our actual flag is not proportioned as a Title IV flag. It is in fact fatter in the vertical dimension.

So, our actual flag has suffered disrespect from our "Federal" Subcontractors under conditions of False Pretense for 150 years, and through their own incompetence, the Title IV flag we loaned to them for their use has been dishonored and captured by pirates, too.

It is well past time for the lard butts and lackeys to wake up.

The actual flag owed to our country is struck and hanging in the struck position in the Capitol. It is your job to raise it and keep it raised. Simple enough.

Additionally, the Title IV Flag that was allowed for the use of our Federal Subcontractors has been captured by pirates. It's your duty to recover it and return it to the owners --- The United States of America.

I met with Mr. Gould for five days. I found him to be charming, but making a lot of insupportable claims. His claim to "own" the American flag was one of those claims.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
7 hrs ·

Rumors of Federal Crackdowns

About "Federal" anything --- including "Federal Crackdowns".
The "Federal Government" is running on three cylinders, not six. The American part of the "Federal Government" hasn't been in operation since 1865, when the still-incomplete Reconstruction began.

The Federal Government that remains is being directed by Foreign Powers --- both ultimately under the direction of the Pope. So if we are having any problems in this country, you now know who is ultimately responsible.

Under the administration of these Federal Subcontractors, millions of Americans have been misidentified as Federal Citizens---- subjects of the Queen [Commonwealth] and the Pope.

This has happened without the knowledge or consent of the victims. The False Registration of their political status was not fully disclosed to their parents and it took place when the victims were still babes in their cradles, so we have had no way of knowing that this was going on.

This results in an Unconscionable contract --- literally a contract that the victim is unaware of --- that changes their political status from that of an American owed all the guarantees and protections of the Constitutions, to that of a foreigner on our shores owed no such guarantees or protections at all.

Federal citizens --- both species of "US" citizen --- have never been protected by the Constitutions. They are instead subject to the Constitutions.

Rebutting this False Registration that has been secretively entered "in our names" requires us to record our Declaration of Political Status as American State Nationals or American State Citizens.

Though it seems anti-intuitive that an American born on the land and soil of this country would have to do this, it is indeed necessary.

Otherwise, our Subcontractors can (and do) continue to presume that we are one of them and subject to all the same laws and statutes and codes that they have agreed to perform under.

So now we are hearing rumors of "Federal Crackdowns" against patriot groups and profiling of people like the Q Anons and collecting of data by the FBI and on and on.

Listen up.

They can crackdown on their employees and dependents all they like.

They can invoke Admiralty law on their disloyal or insubordinate corporate "officers" at will.

They can dictate what uniforms their employees wear, the hours they work, and dictate whether or not they work at all.

They can rule your life in all respects and claim that you consented to this as a condition of employment and dependency.

Do you realize that unless you claim your own name and property, including your own DNA, they regard everything as Public Property? Subject to use for any public purpose? Worse than serfdom in the Middle Ages?

They can not only "crackdown" on any "disloyal" activity against the Pope or the Queen or their respective governments, they can set curfews for you and require forced vaccination ----- so long as you continue to "accept" their mischaracterization of you as a Federal United States Citizen.

You have to stand up on your own two feet and take action to Declare and record your political status, and free yourselves from this web of "legal presumption".

After that, you have to take additional action to assemble your Lawful Government as independent State Assemblies. Notice: State Assemblies.

Not "State of State" Assemblies.

Having clearly set yourself and your property assets aside from their rude presumptions, you need not be unduly concerned about Federal Crackdowns, because you are not a Federal Citizen and by international law, they can't force you to accept any obligation of Federal Citizenship.

That said, there will still be slumbering clueless Americans who have left themselves open to claims based on these False Registrations and Unconscionable Contracts ---- even after they have been told about them and even after they have been given instruction how correct this circumstance.

If you are worried about "Federal Crackdowns" on patriots and forced vaccinations and other evils of the times, then you need to get busy and exempt yourself and your family. Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net.

We have placed a one trillion dollar penalty on them for every American they kill or maim, so they are highly motivated to avoid mistakes. And their "Federal Crackdown" may be considerably impeded.

Listen up.

They can shoot "property" that belongs to them and collect on the life insurance they placed on each one of you, but they can't shoot anyone standing under the protection of The United States of America who is recorded as an American State National or American State Citizen --- without being liable for that penalty payment.

So all the Bully Boys who are lined up and frothing at the mouth wanting to kill the people they are supposed to serve are in a bind. Our State Assemblies are recording now and that makes it more difficult for them to be "sure" who is an American and who is a "US Citizen" ripe for "harvesting".

They can't make a profit at a trillion dollars a head penalty for every American they kill, so this becomes an impediment. It slows them down and makes "Federal Crackdowns" on everyone less tenable.

May I respectfully submit that if you have the sense of a Marmot on the Tundra, everyone needs to take action to exit from all presumptions of Federal Citizenshp --- either as a Territorial "U.S. Citizen" or as a Municipal "citizen of the United States" as expeditiously as possible?

Come home. Re-up as an American.

Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net and get started. Today.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
4 hrs ·

Call For Volunteers

We need volunteers to serve as Recording Secretaries in the following States:

Indiana Iowa Kansas Montana New Jersey North Dakota Ohio Rhode Island South Carolina Vermont West Virginia

This position is unpaid except for support from fees returned and materials.

Volunteers need to be: (1) Above the age of 21; (2) Living in the State they propose serve;(3) Adopting their birthright political status as Americans; (4) Competent, diligent, and honest recordkeepers

We expect these positions to return a modest income over time, but should initially not be viewed as jobs in the normal sense.

State Recording Secretaries will receive technical assistance and online instruction enabling them to properly record and affirm Americans reclaiming their birthright political status in their respective States.

This is a very important position and task that must be undertaken to preserve the rights and freedoms many Americans have died for, and especially to preserve the integrity and political viability of these States of the Union.

So if you care about your State and your Country and your countrymen, and you answer the description above, please text me at (907) 250-5087 or email avannavon@gmail.com with "Recording Secretary" as the subject.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
3 hrs ·

Both "Sides" Are Right -- and Wrong -- As Usual

I thought that after our expose of why it is not sane to attack China over the corona virus, it would be obvious that both sides--- President Trump in his comments, and China in their comments --- are correct.

They are pointing fingers at each other, because they don't see the Middleman standing between them.

What's missing is the Third Party information --- the Middleman. As usual.

That "Middleman" is the Deep State Military Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower warned us about. It's "the US" not the United States.

In this case, the criminals involved have already identified themselves.

George Soros funded the lab in China to do this.

Dr. Anthony Fauci provided the "feedstock" for the project, in contravention of United States Law, and also misappropriated NIH research funding to support this outcome.

Bill Gates invested heavily in this enterprise of creating dangerous viral agents, and also even more heavily, invested in vaccine manufacturing facilities.

The CDC, a private, for-profit vaccine manufacturer is complicit.

DARPA, a US PENTAGON agency, is complicit.

The WHO, and especially their "Eugenics Council" is complicit.

The World Bank is complicit to the tune of $500 million in "Pandemic Bonds".

The Council on Foreign Relations, and especially Dr. Henry Kissinger, is complicit.

Dr. Charles Lieber, biological nano-scientist, late head of the appropriate departments at Harvard University is up to his eyeballs in this.

The Wellcome Trust and the Pirbright Institute have their hands dirty.

And most of all, the Government of Westminster has admitted their "agency" in all of this, including the use of 5G to trigger SARS viruses, by advertising it blatantly on the new British 20 Pound Note.

We know who did it, and while its true that individual Chinese scientists worked on this project, it's not a Chinese project. So President Xi is correct.

It's certainly not an American project, either. So President Trump is correct.

It's a "US" project promoted by Nazi Corporatists, and they've been hiding in plain sight, playing both ends -- all these National Governments -- against the middle.

Which comes back down to what we have said for the past thirty-plus years: this is not a matter of politics. It's a matter of crime.

It's a matter of arresting certain individuals, confiscating their assets, and executing them in public for crimes against humanity. Convincing them that they can't get away with this, and putting a stiff price on it, is the only way to stem the tide on such profitable criminal activity.

That, and making it illegal to profit from medical technologies, as it used to be prior to Tricky Dick Nixon.

It turns out that the prohibitions against profit-making from medical procedures and technologies and even drugs that were in place prior to Nixon served us all very well. But Nixon owed debts to certain campaign contributors, and he was inclined to do favors for them in consideration of those debts disappearing. Those prohibitions were removed, and now we have huge corporations and quasi-government organizations conspiring to deliberately create new diseases so that they can force-peddle vaccines and make billions in illicit profits.

It's not hard to see --- once you see it at all.

According to Sorcha Faal:

"Nobel Prize winning French virologist Doctor-Scientist Luc Montagnier, who discovered the HIV virus back in 1983, and currently works as a full-time professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China, affirmatively declared that the coronavirus rampaging across the world killing tens-of-thousands of innocent peoples: “Could Only Have Been Created In A Lab”—thus assuring that whoever created this coronavirus as a bioweapon, will receive a crushing Russian military response for doing so."

So, we have world-class confirmation that "Covid 19" was deliberately engineered in a lab. We already know that, but, if you need confirmation, Luc Montagnier is as good as it gets.

President Xi and President Trump are both stomping around, tacitly blaming each other's country for it, when in fact, both US citizens and Chinese were involved in this debacle, and neither government condoned it.

The United States outlawed it a year prior to Dr. Fauci's sleight of hand.

It's not the fault of "China", not the fault of "America", and this time, it's not even the fault of "the United States".

Its the fault of individuals running wild with profit-motives and no morals at all, its the fault of quasi-governmental organizations promoting Corporatist Agendas, its the fault of sleazy military-industrial-complex interests, its the fault of failed and repealed legislative prohibitions that should have still been in place and protecting all of us by taking the profit-motives out of medicine.

And at the end of the day, this is all just crime-for-profit.

So, instead of planning any massive crushing Russian military option, Mr. Putin needs to be siccing his international police on the problem. And so does President Xi. And President Trump.

Round the criminals up.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
5 hrs ·

Law AND Order

There are a number of subtle language tricks that people need to be aware of when talking about law --- the first is our predilection to talk about "the" Law, as if there were only one Law, when in fact there are hundreds of different forms of law, some of which apply to us and some of which don't apply to us.

The second thing that we do is to assume that when someone says "Law and Order" they are talking about the same thing, or about the "order" that results from obeying "the" Law, but in fact, Law and Order are completely different things. One is "Law" of some kind, written or verbal, natural-made, or God-ordained, or legislated by men; the other, Order, refers to the rules, codes, ordinances, and regulations that are designed to dictate the operations of corporations and corporation officers.

I often get questions that beat around to the fact that these represent two different kinds or levels of "law". This morning this came over my desk:

"In the Canon law of the Catholic Church, a delict is the canonical equivalent of a crime. A delict is distinct from a sin, even a mortal sin. One can be legally guilty of a delict and not be morally culpable for a sin, while one can be culpable for a sin and not legally guilty of a delict.

Isn't that special?"

And here is my reply:

No, dear. It’s typical. That is the foundational trick between statutory law and statutory infractions under the legislative law established by men for running corporations, versus the Public Law which is based on the Bible.

Canon Law is the law applying to “corporate officers” of the Church as a body corporate. It applies only to priest and parish administrators and others directly involved as employees — paid or volunteers— of the Church as an organization.

Say that under Canon Law a man is required to to complete a specific procedure before performing a specific task, but he is not fully informed of this obligation of the Canon Law and does the task anyway.

He is guilty of a delict but not a sin, because he has not disobeyed any command of God, only a rule of the Church.

Same thing when we are hauled into court and convicted of a “thought crime” defined by a State Legislature—- we have committed no sin, have not actually and factually harmed anyone or anything. We have committed a “delict”— an infraction against the rules established by a corporate entity and its legislature.

So— how is this possible when we are not members of this “church” or other corporate body and not employees or volunteers or dependents of any such entity?

The only way that we can be held accountable to any such legislative statutes or canon laws, either, is by mis-characterization of who and what we are and the capacity in which we are acting.

In order for us to be subject to any such laws or guilty of any such delicts, we must be: (1) employees -paid, (2) employees -volunteer, (3) dependents of the corporate entity — willing, as with welfare recipients, or (4) dependents — involuntary, as with babies surrendered as Wards of the State.

Once you fully realize this it is very easy to show that these corporations have conspired to establish false claims and registrations related to us all serving to define us as standing in all four of these disabled capacities.

1. If you are an employee or board member of any entity incorporated under their auspices (which for the Holy See means all and any incorporated entity at all) you are a paid employee.

2. If you take up any office or role related to any such incorporated entity as a volunteer you are under the second classification - a volunteer employee. This is where they entrapped millions of Americans who agreed to pay the “Victory Tax” during WWII and who unwittingly volunteered to perform as “Withholding Agents”—- that is, Warrant Officers in the British Merchant Marine Service.

3. This is also their motivation for creating and promoting the Welfare State.

4. Finally, by creating False Registrations held “in our names” almost from birth, “presuming” that we are all British Territorial U.S. Citizens (and under Dual Citizenship provisions of the Federal Government) and also Municipal “citizens of the United States” too, they establish a False Record and claim that we were surrendered to their corporation as a Ward of the State by our “unwed” Mother, and this then allows the British Territorial State of State to sink its fangs in us and subject us to British statutory law, and then also they allow the Pope to sink his teeth into us under Municipal Law known as “Code”.

Codex Romanus. Roman Civil Law. Municipal Code.

No American should be involuntarily or unknowingly subjected to any of these foreign jurisdictions or obligated to perform under any of these forms of law.

We naturally stand under the Public Law that is based upon the Geneva Bible and The Ten Commandments; if we do not actually harm someone or someone’s property, we are law unto ourselves. Literally.

So now you see how they have conspired and contrived to “redefine” our individual political status one by one and sought with malice aforethought to entrap American babies in this scheme.

The parents were never given disclosure and the victims of all this, the babies, were too young to know anything about it.

The sum result is that we have been living our lives under the lash of thoroughly Unconscionable Contracts—- literally contracts made “for” us and “presumed” upon us without our conscious knowledge or consent— but which continue in force and effect until we wake up and declare otherwise.

To get the verification and thrust of all this go back and watch all the videos pertaining to the London 2012 Olympics with all the hundreds if not thousands of empty hospital beds and nurses parading around — at an Olympics event? [ I made a mistake here -- I think the hospital beds were at the earlier London Olympics, but all the London Olympic pageants are worth watching to see what the Perpetrators were advertising with these cognitively insane pageant topics.]

Then view all the black robed and hooded figures parading around the giant effigy of a dead baby at other London Olympics events.

They were giving required Notice to the world of their intent to commit genocide— on paper and in fact.

These fraud artists were intent on misidentifying us, subjecting us to their law, impersonating us as “estates” belonging to “persons lost at sea” and— under color of law, claiming that our assets are theirs now.

All of that was simply a logical outgrowth of their False Registration processes carried out under the various avenues established (1-4) above.

Having misidentified us as Wards of the State they claimed our assets as chattel backing their debts.

After seven years they claimed that we went missing — we left the hospital and went AWOL, so they conveniently declared us, the American version of Our Name — legally dead, while the British and Municipal “citizens” allegedly born at the same place and ALMOST the same time continued to get tax notices regular as clockwork.

The only absolute record of their crime is the Birth Certificate—- which is Court admissible evidence. And the eye-witness testimony of millions of American Mothers, the vast majority of whom were not unwed and not ever made aware that they were signing away their children as wards of any foreign State of State organization.

“Anger” does not even begin to express our outrage. It is much colder than that. It is the calm and murderous determination to put an end to these criminal enterprises and these crimes against humanity and every “government” condoning these practices, too.

We did our part in the name of Fairness to bring Pope Benedict’s attention to this gross misadministration and Breach of Trust and he responded immediately and continued to make progress toward correction until he was removed.

Francis circled the wagons and washed his hands of the lawyers and Bar Attorneys with his Moto Proprio—- not wanting himself or the Church held liable for them and their Municipal bosses even though Westminster and the Inner City of London is chartered by the Holy See.

We waited to see what more he might do toward correction — which is nothing much, except in terms of internal affairs of the Church where he has caused quite an uproar and failed to address obvious repugnant issues of doctrine including those enshrining vampirism and cannibalism and homosexual pedophilia as “sacraments”.

So— that’s where it stands.

We are awake and the Americans are making their political Declarations and assembling the States of the Union. The United States of America is fully operational with 39 States assembled and all 50 States populated by State Citizens who are owed every jot of the treaties and Constitutions.

All the fraud and all the ways and means they have used to promote it stands revealed. They have had almost a decade to correct this mess and have failed to do so.

Let it be apparent that Joe Average Americans stand under The Ten Commandments; we may sin, but don’t commit “delicts” and are not subject to any private law adopted by any incorporated entity absent our fully disclosed, fully voluntary, non-coerced, independent and fully cognizant act.

So, Peeps, there is a vast difference between actual Law and "law" -- one of which is the actual Public Law, and "private law" which pertains to the internal rules and codes and regulations and statutes governing the operations of corporations, their officers, their employees, their volunteers, and their dependents.

Not knowing this and not knowing that we have been deliberately misidentified and mischaracterized by our own employees, and thus have been falsely registered as foreigners in our own country, and subjected to foreign corporate "law" as a result, has led to millions of Americans being defrauded, pillaged, and plundered by people on their own payroll, misdirected by the British Monarch and the Pope, but most of all, the Pope.

This is because the Pope directly franchises the Municipal Government of the United States and the administration of the Federal Civil Service, and indirectly controls the operations of the British Territorial and Commonwealth Governments, through the Queen, who acts as his Overseer of these domains.

If these realizations and watching the videos of the London Olympics pageants doesn't wake you up and convince you that this is more than my "bat shit crazy" meanderings as one detractor put it, I really don't know how much more it will take to convince you:

You are in the right church, but the wrong pew. Until you take action to correct that, you will be "presumed" to be a Territorial United States Citizen and a Municipal "citizen of the United States" and you will be subjected under the "private law" of these corporations.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
15 hrs ·

Dear President Xi, President Trump, and Mr. Larry Fink:

Gentlemen, we are at an unprecedent point in history, and as you all know, it has nothing to do with any actual virus. Or even 5G. Both of those unpleasantries are only symptoms of the actual problem: the banking system.

It has come to our ears that Mr. Fink is offering President Xi our bonds as payment toward the US Trade Deficit owed to China.

There are a number of problems with that proposal, which we must bring forward to you and the rest of the world.

First and foremost, Mr. Fink's bonding company operations are all incorporated under our auspices. The United States, Inc. and its franchises were exercising our Delegated Powers when it issued his charters, which means that Mr. Fink's incorporated businesses belong to us, not the United States, and they are forfeit to us for unlawful and illegal securitization activities. Read that: Larry Fink's position as a bonding agent is null and void.

Second, those bonds are defaulted because they are not payable in behalf of the United States, or Larry Fink, or anyone but the people who are the actual Holders in Due Course, for lack of authority to sell them in our names.

Read that: they are defaulted because they don't belong to the people attempting to sell them.

Those bonds were literally issued in each of our names and assigned serial numbers in our names and the assets backing those bonds are ours. Literally.

And we don't owe China a penny.

In case you all missed the point, we, the American States and People, already paid for the goods we purchased from China with our labor at the cash register.

If China didn't get the value of that transaction, it is the fault of the Municipal United States, the Pope, the Queen, and the Government of Westminster. It is not the fault of The United States of America, and not the fault of the Territorial version doing business as "the" United States of America, either.

Third, as you all have cause to know non-consensual securitization of labor and physical assets is a crime throughout the world, and those bonds and the assets backing them have been stolen from the purported Issuers via illegal bonding and securitization processes based on False Registration and Conscription ---- press ganging, in other words, which has been outlawed globally for two hundred years.

In conclusion, though the assets backing those bonds are real, they don't belong to Larry Fink and they don't belong to the United States, Inc., and they don't belong to anyone but those people whose names are attached to them.

Those bonds are the result of outrageous illegal securitization practices and if allowed to be sold in compensation of our Subcontractor's debts to China would represent the fruits of press-ganging, human trafficking, kidnapping, inland piracy, enslavement, involuntary peonage, extortion under color of law, and a long list of other odious crimes against us and against our people, who are innocent Third Parties.

China produced the goods in good faith. We bought them in good faith. Neither we nor China have a problem with each other. We both have a problem with the Middlemen -- again, and they are rushing around with both pockets turned inside out, offering our assets to China in payment of their debts.

This all presents a picture bordering on the ridiculous.

Subcontractors selling their employers into bondage? Then trying to sell those thoroughly illegal bonds to their creditors in payment of their own debts?

No, no, no, no..... we don't know which country Mr. Fink thinks he belongs to or which basket he presumes his eggs are in, but his activities are illegal and he is attempting to peddle goods that don't belong to him and which are not subject as chattel for the debts of "the" Municipal United States.

Those bonds belong to actual living people who are not citizens of the United States, nor for that matter, are the presumed Issuers of those bonds U.S. Citizens, either.

Those bonds belong to the American States and People, doing business as The United States of America [Unincorporated] who have been the victims of a repugnant crime scheme directed by the Government of Westminster, benefiting that foreign government, the Pope, and the Queen---- in Gross Breach of Trust, in violation of their commercial service contracts, and in gross violation of international law.

So, those bonds belong to our individual people and all benefit and possession of them belongs to The United States of America [Unincorporated] in international jurisdiction. We ask everyone concerned to come to their senses and bill the guilty parties.

The bonds and the assets backing them don't belong to Cede and Company, don't belong to "the" United States or "the United States, Inc." or "the United States of America, Inc.", the DTCC, or Larry Fink, either. They belong to individual Americans.

President Xi, you must understand that the American People already paid at the cash counter for all the goods they purchased from China. They paid with script based on the value of their own labor. They are not further indebted to China.

To the extent that these Bunko Artists have sold us all a Bill of Goods and now propose to pay off their debts with illegally securitized assets that actually belong to Third Parties---it should simply be regarded as criminal activity and nipped in the bud.

The stolen bonds should be returned to the non-consensual participants and the assets backing them should be released for the benefit of the victims of this hideous scam. That is what common sense, decency, and international law demands.

Possession by pirates does not change ownership. You can all see the names of the people attached to the serial numbers of those bonds. Enough of this criminality is enough.

The focus now should be on Westminster, and on Prince Philip who illegally received the benefit of $950 trillion in "Life Force Value Annuities" owed to the same victims.

Need we say more?


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
13 hrs ·

An Object Lesson Regarding "Law" and "Order"

Yesterday, I explained the difference between "Law" and "Order", and people discovered --- for perhaps the first time --- that these are two different things. Law may be natural, God-ordained, or man-made, but Order refers to the rules, codes, regulations and statutes imposed by incorporated entities for the purposes of their internal functions and for the discipline of their officers, employees, volunteers, and dependents.

Today, one of my friends sent me this excellent summation of the limits of executive powers -- so long as we adopt and stand in our proper capacity, and are not employees, volunteers, or dependents of the federal entities or their "state of state" franchises operating as governmental services corporations.

Americans cannot take their exemption from corporate "Order" for granted, because our Federal Subcontractors have engaged in a long-term and secretive fraud against us, which results in false claims and registrations to the effect that we are federal employees, volunteers, dependents or franchisees.

All these lies told about us and all these false evidences accumulated against us serve to evade the obligations of these "governmental service corporations" owed to us under the actual Public Law and under the Constitutions.

If we don't rebut these "presumptions" and record our Declaration of our birthright political status, these False Registrations serve to subject us to the foreign, private, corporate "laws" known as codes, regulations, and statutes. And also to the Executive Orders of the "President" of these corporations doing business "in our names".

That said, I want you to read and deeply consider the information below that applies to all Americans who reclaim and declare their birthright political status. I think that this adequately demonstrates why declaring your birthright political status and securing the protections of the Constitutions is vitally important.

Please--- for your own sakes and the sake of your country, don't wait a moment longer to "secure these blessings" and declare your freedom from private corporate executive power. Read on and see what you are missing until you do declare and record your political status.

I quote the material received from my friend for convenience, though I have often cited these same facts and sources. Take a moment to consider how important these protections are in the face of claims of "martial law" and other arbitrary actions related to their claims of a pandemic--- and remember: none of these protections apply to you or your business until you declare and record your birthright political status!


"Neither Presidents nor Governors Have Authority to Issue and Enforce General Mandates that Negate the Constitutionally-Protected Rights of We, the People and our Private Businesses

(emboldening, enlargement, underlining in following authority sites added)

[These quotes are from] a ruling of the United States Supreme Court shortly after the "Civil War" in Ex parte Milligan, 71 U.S. 2 (1866) which yet stands to this day:

"The Constitution for the United States is a law for rulers and people equally in war and in peace at all times, and under all circumstances. No doctrine was ever invented than that any of its provisions can be suspended during any of the exigencies [emergencies/urgencies] of government." pp. 120-121

….there is no law for the government of the citizens, the armies or the navy of the United States, within American jurisdiction, which is not contained in or derived from the Constitution. p. 141 [This underlines my oft-repeated reminder, that with respect to both the Municipal and Territorial governments and their employees and contractors --- we have one (1) and only one (1) contract each with these entities. The Territorial contract is The Constitution of the United States of America. The Municipal contract is The Constitution of the United States. And that's it. There is no other "law" or contract between us and them, so any time they are talking about codes, rules, regulations, statutes, etc.-- they are "presuming" that you are one of them and are subject to their foreign, private, corporate "laws". ]

In 16 American Jurisprudence 2d, a legal encyclopedia of United States law, suspension of the Constitution is prohibited, as follows:

It is sometimes argued that the existence of an emergency allows the existence and operation of powers, national or state, which violate the inhibitions of the Federal Constitution. The rule is quite otherwise. NO emergency justifies the violation of any of the provisions of the United States Constitution." Section 71

"...Neither the legislature nor any executive or judicial officer may disregard the provisions of the Constitution in case of an emergency" -- Section 98

All public officials swear a lawfully binding oath to not only their state constitution but also the U.S. Constitution and laws "in pursuance thereof" (or, in conformity with). ANY public official who declares the suspension of constitutionally guaranteed rights (to freely travel, peaceably assemble, earn a living, freely worship, acquire goods, etc.) and/or attempts to enforce such suspension within the 50 independent, sovereign, continental United states of America is making war against our constitution(s) and, therefore, we, the people. Whenever they exceed the limits of the Constitution, they perjure their oaths and, thus, vacate their offices and must be held accountable. Their mandates may be disregarded with impunity. If, and when, our public servants wish to enact and enforce any unconstitutional, non-constitutional, and/or extra-constitutional laws and executive mandates, they must do so through the intentionally long and arduous Amendment Procedure.

A law repugnant to the Constitution is void. An act of Congress repugnant to the Constitution cannot become a law. The Constitution supersedes all other laws and the individuals rights shall be liberally enforced in favor of him, the clearly intended and expressly designated beneficiary." Marbury vs. Madison, 5 U.S. 137 (SCOTUS 1803)

An unconstitutional law is void and is as no law. An offense created by it is not crime. A conviction under it is not merely erroneous but is illegal and void and cannot be used as a legal cause of imprisonment." Ex parte Siebold, 100 U.S. 371 (SCOTUS 1879)

An unconstitutional act is not law. It confers no rights; it imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office. It is, in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed. Norton vs. Shelby County, 118 U.S. 425 (SCOTUS 1886)

Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule-making or legislation which would abrogate them. Miranda vs. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 (SCOTUS 1966)

[See the language? "Rule-making" and "legislation" result in private corporate "laws" and "statutes" and "administrative codes" that apply to our Subcontractors and their employees, volunteers, and dependents --- not to us.]

"The general misconception is that any statute passed by legislators bearing the appearance of law constitutes the law of the land. The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and any statute, to be valid, must be in agreement. It is impossible for both the Constitution and a law violating it to be valid; one must prevail. This is succinctly stated as follows: The general rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and name of law, is in reality no law, but is wholly void, and ineffective for any purpose; since unconstitutionality dates from the time of its enactment, and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it. An unconstitutional law, in legal contemplation, is as inoperative as if it had never been passed. Such a statute leaves the question that it purports to settle just as it would be had the statute not been enacted.

"Since an unconstitutional law is void, the general principals follow that it imposes no duties, confers no rights, creates no office, bestows no power or authority on anyone, affords no protection, and justifies no acts performed under it...A void act cannot be legally consistent with a valid one. An unconstitutional law cannot operate to supersede any existing valid law. Indeed, insofar as a statute runs counter to the fundamental law of the land, it superseded thereby. No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it." 16 American Jurisprudence 2d, Sec. 177

No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law, and no courts are bound to enforce it. The general rule is that an unconstitutional statute, whether federal or state, though having the form and name of law, is in reality no law, but is wholly void and ineffective for any purpose, since unconstitutionality dates from the time of its enactment, and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it. An unconstitutional law, in legal contemplation, is as inoperative as if it had never been passed. 16 American Jurisprudence 2d, Sec. 256

Executive Orders and other Presidential Directives have no general applicability and lawful effect on anyone other than those in the Executive branch of government and even they must be Constitutional. In Confederate Bands of Ute Indians vs. United States, 330 U.S. 169 (1947), the U.S. Supreme Court noted that presidential authority may not be created by arbitrary action of the President of the United States even if an Executive Order was issued."

So, folks, there you have a good run down of the facts as they apply to you, if and when you reclaim and declare your birthright political status as an American---- but until you do, you have to hop through every hoop, pay every fine, and obey every order issued to you by your own employees and subcontractors.

Think about that. Until you declare your political status as an American and seize-back your birthright and your property assets, THEY can force vaccinations and other "tests" on you, THEY can shut your businesses down, THEY can arrest you for no reason at all, etc., etc., etc.,

Run, don't walk to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net and get started today.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
8 hrs ·

How to Say No

"No" is one of the first words we all learn, but ironically, many of us never really learn how to use it.

We are co-opted in this by school indoctrination, by familial enforcement, and by social convention. We are literally taught not to say no.

The underlying subconscious meaning of this rigorous training comes down to the message: "its bad to say no" and in too many cases where children are disrespected and abused it can also mean ---"you have no right to say no."

So we get the message early and often that it is wrong for us to say no, even though our parents do it often and with emphasis, and as children, we also get the message that we have no right to do so in the face of parents and teacher and other "authority figures".

No wonder that so many adults are conflicted and even somewhat confused by the simple word, "No."

Consider this your remedial training course.

No is a supremely good and necessary word. It is the counterbalance of "yes" and it is a useful, moral, and in its way, very positive word, too.

What if you are saying no to being disrespected and abused by your own public employees? Well, then, "no" becomes a positive word.

In such a situation, "no" stands in back of right action [Why should you be bossed around by your employees?] and right thinking [Since when do employees tell their employers what to do, or how to do it?] and right ordering of the world [If employees direct employers, the world is upside down and on its head---and we all know that and the effects of it every day.]

One of the glorious things about Donald Trump is that he learned to say no.

He learned to put his foot down hard.

And as much admiration as I hear for Donald Trump and as much damnation I hear spread about him, hardly anyone realizes that it all stems from his ability and willingness to say --- no.

He knows how to walk away, and that's something that hardly anyone is taught anymore. Perhaps he lucked out and had parents who were aware of the "yes-man" mentality and bucked against it. Maybe he arrived at a point in his life where he just got his back up, said no, meant it, and liked the results.

We may never know, but anyone can observe the results.

People all over this continent and around the globe admire Donald Trump for saying no to evil and bad deals so often and so decisively. The odd part, is that it never occurs to so many of them that they can and should be doing the same thing, and by all means available.

These people who cheer on Donald Trump on, but don't emulate his action, can look outside their subtle prison bars and admire those who say no, but somewhere there is still a cowed child sitting there, being told, "You can't say no."---- "You are not old enough to say no." or "You're not good enough to say no." or "You don't have the right to say no."

And on the other end of the spectrum we have people who hate Donald Trump and can't even rationally say why. These are most often Leftists. They almost subconsciously fear authority figures and people who say no, because to them, no is always negative, scandalous, politically incorrect.

You can almost see them curling up into their fetal positions, thinking: he's going to say no, he's going to nix what we want, he's not going to give us what we need, he's bad because he says no, he isn't nice because he says no, doesn't he realize that its immoral and bad and "socially unacceptable" to say no?

Boy, they say, collectively and silently with a hint of desperation -- we were all taught that as kids!

That's what Leftist indoctrination does. It disrespects and cows children to the point where simply saying "no" is a radical act, and where the emotional detritus of early abuse remains, ready to explode against authority figures of all kinds.

And now here we are, grown adults, called to examine where we stand on the issue of "no".

Does the word "no" conjure up feelings of resistance and foreboding? Does it make us pause and hesitate to use it? Or are we comfortable with saying no, and secure in our authority to use it in a measured and sensible way?

In recent days many people have contacted me about precisely this issue. They are worried about forced vaccinations, forced removals from their homes, force of all kinds being applied from all angles. How, they plead, can we say no?

Well, you first get into position where you can say it.

Our erstwhile Public Employees have gerrymandered things around to the point where you are being mistaken for one of them. They think that, as one of them, you are subject to the same codes, rules, regulations, statutes, and limitations that they have to embrace.

If the President of their corporation says "March!" they have to march and not think too much about it, because they are: (1) employees -- paid; (2) employees-- volunteer; (3) dependents -- voluntary, aka. on welfare; (4) dependents -- involuntary, aka, wards of the "state", whichever "state" that may be.

So if you want to say "no" to your employees, you first have to disabuse them of this "presumption" on their parts, that you are one of them, and subject to their corporate "laws" which are in fact rules, codes, regulations, statutes, limitations, and policies.

And you'd better have evidence of the fact, too, because otherwise they just think you are some "wise acre" or bad sport or insubordinate trying to pull something damaging to their food source, their "governmental services corporation".

They have a tendency to react rather badly to that idea, and generally misunderstand who is who and what is what in situations where their "authority" is challenged.

Nonetheless, it is necessary for millions of us to become informed about our own authority, and to also steel ourselves to the challenges and requirements of assuming authority and saying --- no, as adults.

No, I am not letting my employees force any kind of vaccination, ear-tagging, or other invasive medical technology on me or my family.

No, I am not paying any taxes that I don't actually owe.

No, I am not paying off any mortgages owed the State of Nevada organization.

No, I am not registering my private automobile as a "motor vehicle" when I am not using it as a motor vehicle.
No, I am not subjecting my children to any medical procedure or medication that has not been tested and proven to be safe.

No, I am not going to stand here and be sprayed with industrial wastes anymore.

No, I am not having more industrial wastes (Fluoride) added to my water and toothpaste anymore.

No, I am not going to eat food that has been genetically engineered to produce its own internal insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides.

No, I am not going to be drafted and conscripted to serve as a cheap mercenary in foreign wars for profit.

No, I am not going to be abused in any way at all anymore by my public employees.


The first step in your Remedial "Just Say No" Plan, is to restore your birthright political status and record it over their False Registration, so it a matter of public record and Notice that you are not acting in the capacity of (1-4) above.

You do this by contacting your State Assembly at: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net.

There you will encounter like-minded people who have already taken the steps to reclaim and restore their birthright political status as Americans and people of their State of the Union. They will happily help you do the same, and then, you, too, will have the unabrogated right to say no, no, no, and no.

Having thus secured your right to say no and having made it public knowledge, your next task is to assist your State Assembly, that same group of determined and knowledgeable people who kept the door open and welcomed you "home".

Support them and their work with might and main, because they are there supporting you and your government and your right to say "no" to your own employees.

Your next assignment is to practice saying no.

Stand in front of a mirror if necessary, smile, speak calmly and logically and say, "Officer, I am not a public employee or dependent of any kind. The only contract I have with you and the organizations you represent is the Federal Constitution. Please look at Article IV and explain to me where you have any authority to arrest me, attack my person, or trespass upon my private property?"

Offer him a copy of Article IV.

"And, also, look here --- Article VI."

This is where it says that no other "law" or "thing" (thing means corporation, flag, idol, etc.) stands against the Constitution.

It's best to have both Constitutions handy, both the Territorial version, The Constitution of the United States of America, and the Municipal version (for Municipal police and Federal Civil Service "Agents) which is simply The Constitution for the United States --- no "of America".

Now, Officer, you can see for yourself that no corporate rule-making, statute, legislation, code or regulation applies to me, and that any obligation you have to these orders is secondary to the obligation you owe to me--- my constitutional guarantees.

This is a learning process, not only about "How to say no." but about who you are and who your employees are, and what your proper relationships are. You have to know that yourself and you have to teach them.

There is a very helpful little website called www.GovernPublicServants.com that provides not only excellent information and sources, but take you through the role-playing practice involved. If you are feeling a bit unsteady on your feet and want to see someone else actually do this, go there and watch.

You can say no without being obnoxious, after all.

You can afford to be patient and teach someone else things that you didn't know yourself before you "woke up".

But most of all, stand there in front of that mirror, look yourself in the eye, think of all those things that the "government" threatens you with and burdens you with, and say, "No." Say it again, "No." And again, "No."

You must learn to say no and say it with authority.

A useful blurb has been circulating around about "How to Refuse Vaccination". This is a special case of saying no and presumes that a doctor or nurse with a needle or worse, needle gun, ready to plunge and FRID ear-tag and an unknown slurry of unproven "vaccine" into your arm.

It uses the military medical term "iatrogenic" --- as in, "Doctor, has this vaccine been proven to have no iatrogenic effects?"

Iatrogenic is a fancy way of saying -- diseases and maladies that result from medical procedures, like vaccination, like blood transfusions, like intubation, like most of what they like to do to you in hospitals.

If the hovering medical professional can't say yes with a straight face, you then hold the doctor responsible to his Hippocratic Oath, and politely decline vaccination.

His or her Hippocratic Oath binds doctors to "Do no harm."

To avoid this and speed delivery of their highly suspect cocktail of crap into your bloodstream, they may attempt to use nurses or foreign medical personnel. But it is all the same routine.

No matter how they yell and scream and require their own employees and dependents to do this and that, they have no such authority related to you and your body and your willingness to participate in their experiments--- as long as you have declared and recorded your birthright political status, and politely declined their "offer", they become hugely liable for any damage they do to you.

Your government, that is, your actual government --- not the foreign subcontractors operating as "governmental services corporations" has valued you at a trillion dollars per head --- that is, we have set a prohibitively large liability fine against any foreign government or agent of a foreign government that kills or maims (permanently damages) any American.

This makes it increasingly unlikely that those foreign governments will test their luck with their "vaccination" agenda against those who declare their birthright political status. Instead of making billions with their phony unproven vaccines, they will be losing trillions, instead.

And since money and abuse of power, not health, is what this is all about, telling them "no" in as many ways as possible, is important. Discouraging their criminal profit-seeking in as many ways as possible, is important.

Because if you don't say no to people like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, if you don't put your little flat feet down and make it count and explain it to your employees in terms they have to understand--- like that whackjob "Governor" in Michigan--- they will presume upon you and treat you worse than cattle.

In their infantile lust for control and their greed, they will ruin your lives. People like this don't deserve to be among us, but they are. If you let them define you and tell you what to do, they will do so to suit themselves and for their profit and for their empowerment, not yours. They have no morals or sense of humility, no respect for life or for the sacredness or integrity of other souls.

To them, you are lab rats. Expendables. In fact, as they have often said, your population needs to decrease. So it's fine with them if millions of you die as a result of their experiments: fewer Priority Creditors that they owe money to, more secret life insurance payments they can claim, and profit from selling the vaccines that kill, maim, sterilize, and ear-tag "the herd" of course.

May we suggest that any "population decrease" needs to begin with them?

www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net and get started today.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
8 hrs ·

About Their Attempts to Form a "Government"

As you can pick up from reading between the lines, there are a lot of desperate attempts being made to preserve the established world order, at least to the extent of hauling essential chestnuts out of the fire.

Some of you are rightly concerned because you see all sorts of foreign and domestic corporations operating under different names, "offering" to step in and replace the bankrupt governmental services corporations and their banks and other "institutional artifices" with their own.

However, that isn't possible. The States of America have to be rebuilt -- "reconstructed" and they can only be reconstructed by the States. States give rise to States of States. They can't arise like mushrooms overnight, all by themselves, despite what corporations operating "as" States of States might think.

I understand Mr. Trump's dilemma, but the fact is that our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America is the source of all Delegations of Power, and when the Federal Subcontractors-- however they are organized or named, fail due to incompetence, such as bankruptcy, all the Delegated Powers return to us by Operation of Law.

Those Powers don't just hang around in the ethersphere waiting for some new Tom, Dick or Harry governmental services corporation to form. They have to form a viable corporation, if they wish to operate as corporations, and they have to come to us as the Source, and receive our agreement for them to act as Successors to the Constitutional Agreements.

Otherwise, they have no "powers" delegated to them, no contract or authority in evidence. It all slides right back into our laps and we get to tell them what to do, if they want to continue their jobs. Which is what we have been doing for many months with mixed results.

We've already seen Crown Colony of the United States and Unity States of America and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. and United States of North America come and go, and nobody seems to "get it" when we say that they "can't get there from here".

Because they worked this sleight of hand and got away with it in the past, they think they can just continue on in the same vein, spin another round, and continue to skate on our ticket.

However, we have raised our hands and the wheels are in motion that prevent them from just booting up another corporation somewhere, calling it by some deceptively similar name, and taking over operations here.

We have our own government and that government has been successfully called into Session. It's the difference between dealing with a hibernating bear and a bear that is fully awake.

No new governmental services corporation, foreign or domestic, may "assume" any service contract of any kind with us without our explicit consent. Mr. Trump, individually and personally, has a contract. Nobody else does, so they had better keep him alive and well and smiling.

His contract is limited by the standing Constitutional agreements, but he doesn't object to that.

That said, he and the Generals advising him don't appear to fully understand why they can't just boot up another commercial corporation, inherit the farm, and continue on.

To put it simply, the Landlords have come home. The actual Inheritors are here. Our employees and foreign subcontractors can no longer assume control and propose to represent us or inherit any contract to do so absent our consent.

Imagine it this way --- you hire a housekeeping service, and you empower them to do certain things for you. They can have a key to the house, for example. They are authorized to buy cleaning supplies "on ticket".

But their bosses are dishonest and incompetent, and so, the company providing the housekeeping services eventually goes bankrupt despite being very well-paid and despite stealing as much as they can from their employer.

The same bosses think, oh, well, we jettisoned that debt and discharged everything we owed our employers. Guess we will just boot up a new corporation, call it by some deceptively similar name, assume that our old contract is still ours and what ho, carry on.

They actually got away with that in the past while we were asleep, so they don't understand why they can't just do it again now.

The reason is--- we've objected, officially, and now, they have to deal directly with us and "re-up" under our terms and conditions, or stand down.

That goes for all the various entities trying to claim contracts or rights related in any way to The United States and The United States of America.

This has yet to be resolved, along with the hash they have made of the commercial credit and banking system.

Stand by.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
6 hrs ·

Lookee Here, Folks, Fraud in Action -- Pitchfork Time

This came in yesterday thanks to "Carpenter". Most people reading this won't know what to think of the raw data and what it means, so I will interpret it for you. Give a copy to all the judges, lawyers, and bankers you know. Shove their noses in it and rub hard.

The Rats That Be are trying to rewrite their contractual obligations to all of us by making up new legal terms and changing the Uniform Commercial Code after the fact.

They are trying to claim that the banks invested in us and our assets when in fact they solicited our investments in them under false advertisement and cheated us out of any equitable consideration. And now that they have willfully defaulted they want to seize our assets to pay off their debts.

Remember when you first saw a sign advertising "Home Loans"? Did you ever once think that the banks were advertising for you to loan your home to them? Well, that is in fact what they have been doing since 1933. The meaning of the sign changed and so did "the normal course of business" --- they just didn't bother to tell you.

During most of your lifetimes, what that "Home Loans" sign meant was -- come here and loan us your house, so that we can loan credit back to you and all the other poor schmucks who don't know any better.

Normally, if you loan someone your assets as collateral for them to loan credit back to you or anyone else, you get a hundred percent of the value of the assets paid back to you off of the top.of the transaction, plus another 30% at least as pure profit.
But in the Great American Bank Scam, the banks got a 100% value off of you and your assets, and then they loaned an amount 7 to 10 times the total out to other people just as defrauded and clueless as you were when you walked through the door.

Instead of you getting 100% off the top, the State of Whatever got its mortgage on your land and house paid off. Instead of you getting 30-40% of the profit from this little swindle, you got to pay off 5 times the value of the total loan, so you got to pay the bank back to cover any default by the other loans from the other marks that got credit as a result of you loaning your house to these fiends.

Okay? Oh, and, you were given the privilege of handing them over an unearned security interest in your assets, too.

Now they are trying to pretend that they invested in you, instead of you investing in them. And what in fact, if anything, did they invest? Paper I.O.U.s that they never paid off.

They are trying to pull this giant fraud off and make it stick ----right in front of our faces--- using another “legal” sleight of hand, when we have been owed lawful contracting processes throughout.

Prior to 2015 when we brought our first international claims and Notices they were operating under one version of Article 9 and after 2015 they changed Article 9 to try to benefit themselves again and now this—- third strike.

Please publish this far and wide together with the fact that we do not accept their offer and are grandfathered in and do not accept any new interpretation of Article 9 recognizing the banks as investors in our assets nor do we agree to any representation of us or our interests.

We do not "agree" to any of the changes in Article 9 and we do not "agree" to any security interest being claimed by the banks in us or our assets --- any of our assets, including our labor, our children, our land or anything else.

Everyone got that? The banks and the securities corporations are all dirty. They are all culpable. And they are trying to skin out of it, again, using more legalese and pure BS to grease their wheels.

Those who have eyes --- here's Carpenter's report:
The vermin just changed the Law/legal Definition AGAIN, now on UCC § 9-607 - 9-610 to a NEW term "Investment control". The Banks did not investment anything in people, they only extract -ed all people assets, HJR192 credits, $IOU's, Trust, Bond, Gold, Slavery fund, etc:

Cornell.edu just changed the legal definition of the UCc 9-607... to Investment Control. Below is the old or current definitions:

www.law.cornell.edu › ucc › 9-607

www.law.cornell.edu › ucc

1309.607. (UCC 9-607) Collection and enforcement by ...
law.justia.com › jd_1309607-581d
(UCC 9-607) Collection and enforcement by secured party. (A) If so agreed, and in any event after default, a secured party: (1)

Uniform Commercial Code § 9-607. Collection and ...
advance.lexis.com › lpadocument
Uniform Commercial Code § 9-607. Collection and Enforcement by Secured Party, NY CLS UCC § 9-607. Summary. (a) Collection and enforcement generally.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
5 hrs ·

To Pope Francis: No Deal.

For the past ten years I have listened to no end of freebooters and wannabes making claims based on their ancestors. I don't entertain such claims because I don't deal with the Kingdom of the Dead. I am alive, therefore, I belong to the Kingdom of the Living.

Simple enough, isn't it?

Don't tell me that the blood of King Poobah La-Dee-Dah runs in your veins and that that makes you "noble" and "royal" and all the rest of it.

Nobody and nothing makes you "noble" but you and your own thoughts, words, and deeds, right here and right now.

The current regime has tried to exalt the Kingdom of the Dead over the Kingdom of the Living. They have tried to impersonate living men as dead THINGS --- estate trusts, public transmitting utilities, public charitable trusts, and only the True God knows what else.

It's all lies and bunko, pure, unadulterated crime. False Registrations. Fraudulent conveyancing of grammar. Claims based on the blood of King La-Dee-Dah.

So first there was the "Deal" that was never disclosed to operate the Federal Subcontractors as commercial corporations.

And then there was the "New Deal" which was never disclosed, either, and which involved the literal enslavement of government employees---and anyone else that you merely claimed was a government employee or dependent --- but never actually were.

And now, you are trying to rewrite the Uniform Commercial Code and apply it retroactively to save the guilty banks.

We are calling fraud and damnation on this self-serving rewrite of Article 9 published by Cornell Law day before yesterday, and we are taking exception to its fraudulent aims and assumptions, such as pretending that the banks invested anything whatsoever of value in us or our assets, and we also call "Foul!" on pretending that any incorporation or trustees of such corporations have any representative role or agreements related to us.

We don't even have a contract with THEM. Our contract, Francis, is with you and the Queen and you both have cause to know what it says.

The bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES, INC., cannot be settled absent negotiation with the actual Priority Creditors--- the American States and People, represented in international and global affairs by their unincorporated Federation of States, doing business as The United States of America.


Mr. Trump has no ability granted nor delegated to him to settle any such matters, much less Mr. Fink--- and neither does the Queen and neither do you, Francis.

The members of the Galactic Council need their information updated and need the truth this time. No more shimmy-shuffle dances and excuses about your keymasters.

Here's the only key that matters ---- by Operation of Law, all delegated powers return to the grantors when the grantee is incapacitated.

It was the Curia's decision, which we did not approve, to operate the Federal Subcontractors as commercial corporations.

It was their decision to bankrupt both the Municipal and Territorial commercial corporations and to immorally and illegally seek protection of bankruptcy for their criminal profits--- all of which are based on fraud, racketeering, False Registration processes, unconscionable contracts, adhesion contracts, and other white collar crimes your bully boys have pulled here.

You have been trying to avoid all the uncomfortable and inconvenient facts for the better part of twenty years, but here they are, again, written in gold and underlined:

The Curia is called to account. The military is called to account. The politicians are called to account. The bankers are called to account. The securities agents are called to account. The bonding companies are called to account.

We have said it and we mean it before the True God, and so let it be.

You all chose to operate as corporations. Your free choice. Nobody was awake at the time to stop you, so you had your way.

So now you reap the results of that decision and all your decisions to let these corporatons run roughshod over the living people of this country, and your decision to allow them to use False Registrations and DOG LATIN against the innocent, and your decision to get in bed with the banks and fornicate, fornicate, fornicate.

Shame on you all.

All of this is the fault of the Curia and the Pontiffs and the Popes and the British Monarchs and the Lord Mayors of London and nobody else's. It is well-past the time for twisting and turning and trying to post some more false claims to save yourselves---retroactively, no less.

Your self-interested rewrite of Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code is not accepted, and even if were, it would not apply to us and the chain of title we established in 1998 and again in 2007 and again now.

Take Notice --- Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents; Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals.

We are grandfathered in and we brought the American States and People with us. Suck it up and pay up, Francis.

All our land grants and patents and all titles and trusts collapsed and returned to us. Our gold, our Special Deposits, our "Legacy Trusts" returned to us. Our good names and other intellectual property returned to us. Our Lawful Money, our banking system, our facilities and our public properties returned to us. All free and clear of debt or encumbrance.

That is the Deal and it is the only Deal on the table.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
6 hrs ·

Jettison WHO, NATO, and the PENTAGON

Now that it is firmly known that the World Healthy Organization has engineered the deaths and intended the enslavement of millions of people---- why not liquidate the WHO crime syndicate and make a clean job of it?

Whatever good purpose the World Health Organization once had, it is no longer serving. It's assets need to be confiscated and redirected to organizations that actually care about health and science, not profits for Board Members and Employees of WHO, not politics.

The same with NATO. It turns out that our purported Allies have been undermining us, pillaging us, and sending us the bill for their "defense" --- ever since the Second World War. Where's the sense in that? Again, whatever good purpose NATO may have once served, it no longer serves.

And the same is true of the illegal Municipal PENTAGON organization. They never really had an right or reason to exist on our shores, just another case of double-dipping the Dumb Americans and siphoning, siphoning, siphoning.

We are dealing this week with all sorts of "Octagons" and "--gons" of various sorts, the Octagon of Wuhan, for example, and the Octopus of George Soros, and the eight-sided umbrella organizations and all their trust directorate subunits. And the PENTAGON is just another "GON", too.

Soon the Pentagon Grid will be no more. They inverted the Star, to the Anti-Human Emblem of the Satanic Corporatists. Like the Nazis before them who unlawfully converted the power of man to the power of the beast, the same fate awaits the PENTAGON.

There are firefights beginning as the misdirected and misinformed NATO and UN "Peacekeeping" Forces begin their activities on our soil. These activities are premised on the totally false idea that America owes the rest of the world money and assets, when in fact, the debts are all owed by the Pope, the Queen, and Westminister ---- not Americans at all.

Their puppet "the US" is what begged, borrowed, stole, and war-mongered all of us, misleading and misrepresenting "the Americans" on one hand to the rest of the world, and while the Perps stood in the middle, siphoning off money and assets belonging to the Americans and their trading partners, like China.

The Black Ops mercenary units known as Black Hats are guns for hire, being paid for by Westminster to come in here and kill Americans. Westminster is the problem and has been since Day One.

They owe us peace and Perpetual Amity, as the Treaties of Westminster prove, but instead they have done the dirty with the Mossad and are intent on making Americans pay for their debts --- all their debts and the debts of the Israeli government, too, when we have already paid all we ever owed and a great deal more.

They are criminals and so is the UN Corp in back of all this. Filthy dirty criminals. Nazi sympathizers all.

In the days to come the Angels of the True God will be seen in broad daylight. In a single night, the Spirit of the True God will pass over them and blot these THINGS out forever. The men who have turned against their own countries for the sake of corporate greed will see their demise and know their fate.

The True God will withdraw his life from them and will not remember them, for they have forgotten His Name.

He will forget their names in return.

NATO will be no more, as the member nations will learn what their "leaders" planned for them. The PENTAGON will be destroyed, because the symbol of man has been turned against man. When the energy reversal is reversed again, their power will be shut off like a light switch being flipped. And they will be no more.

They, the Black Hats, will be recognized as mercenaries and criminals and the bankers paying them for murder will also be identified and brought to ruin; indeed, they already stand naked before the throne of justice, condemned by their own thoughts and deeds and acts.

These Municipal Corporations have no business being on our soil. The Pope knows this and they are his responsibility. Everyone around the world, make him own it!

NATO and the PENTAGON and all the other Alphabet Soups are being bankrupted one by one; their assets should be returned to the American States and People who paid for all that glitz and corruption at the same time they paid for the Department of Defense and The Department of Defense and the DOD, too.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
13 hrs ·

Yes, Virginia, There is a Galactic Council....

The trillions of embezzled dollars siphoned off the American and European economies were invested in space development and exploration. There is indeed a "Galactic Council" and it is not at all "airy fairy" or imaginary.

There are also space technologies that have been developed, either via reverse engineering or direct application, some of which have been exploited to provide unfair advantages. All of these issues of space development have been covered by a series of international treaties beginning in 1954.

Right now, one of those treaties, G2O2-P3, is being violated, which is why the hunt is on for the perpetrators and why the member nations to the Treaty are taking action to catch and shut down these renegade operations.

At the risk of stating the obvious, just because you don't know that something exists-- case in point, the Galactic Council-- doesn't give you any right or reason to disrespect more knowledgeable people who are trying to explain what is going on and why.

Feel free to question things and be skeptical until you experience or verify things for yourselves, but don't "dismiss" anything I tell you.

Most of you haven't even been aware that you have been living in an "international military protectorate" for over a 150 years, haven't accounted for the giant sucking sound coming out of your wallets, and still think that your votes count. Need I say more?

Most Americans still don't know that the "Reconstruction" of their government was never finished after the Civil War. Most Americans don't know that, yes, indeed, the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia and the UNITED STATES, INC. together with all the alphabet soup Agencies have been bankrupt and in Chapter 7 Involuntary Liquidation since 2015.

As a result of not knowing, or not really appreciating the fact of the bankruptcy, the same Americans also don't know that the DOD and PENTAGON and FEMA and a great many other entities have been shuttered and in the process of closing down for five years ---- a process that is just now being completed as they are required to "vacate" the premises for a period of ninety (90) days.

You want to know how long the Covid-19 Hoax prevails? Exactly ninety (90) days.

I have recently had to explain that "the PENTAGON" no longer exists, except as a skeleton crew of auditors and property managers, that there are groups of former PENTAGON employees, both White Hats and Black Hats who have been left adrift because of the shut down, many of whom have continued to operate as volunteers in little enclaves around the country.

We just had a nasty skirmish between Black Hat Mercenaries and White Hat former PENTAGON forces in Michigan. We have cause to think that this was precipitated by another violation of the G2O2-P3 Treaty and we are busy tracking down the participants and the funding sources for this unauthorized quasi-military activity on our shores.

Let's be perfectly and blatantly honest with the Pope and the Queen. They are responsible for tracking down and cutting off the funding for all such activities contrary to our public peace and safety.

The shut down of the PENTAGON is actually a good thing. It was largely redundant, just as the DEPARTMENT OF LABOR was redundant. We have been paying for multiple "Defense Agencies" --- layers and layers of them--- we have had "the" Department of Defense, The Department of Defense, "the" DOD, THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, and on and on, not to mention the DIA, CIA, DARPA, FEMA, DHS, etc., etc., etc., and most of them did nothing but siphon off money and resources or provide defense services for other countries, and, of course, get into all sorts of criminal mischief on a global scale.

Most Americans never realized that at the end of World War II we got stuck paying for the defense of Europe. For a period of fifty (50) years we were bound to provide for virtually all the Defense costs of Europe and various other "essential" protection zones, like the Philippines and Japan. All that came straight out of our pockets for fifty years, and when the obligation technically ended, the morons in Washington did nothing to transition us out of that obligation. They just went on paying it all, year after year.

Mr. Trump was the first President worth his salt enough to question this arrangement and have the timerity to ask why Europe isn't paying more than 4% toward its own Defense costs?

Ya think? Maybe they should be paying more in support of their own defense?

The PENTAGON served as an additional Municipal Government nerve center and coordinator for all this "extra duty" around the world.

This is how and why "the US" wound up having, supporting, and paying for over 900 military bases scattered around 200 other countries. Hello? Are you beginning to wonder what else you don't know? What else has been hidden right in front of your faces that you paid for as good little "TAXPAYERS"? Like the entire "Secret" Space Program, which was never so secret?

How could it be "secret", when companies like Boeing and Lockheed were producing anti-gravity technology engines and constructing the machinery for all of this space exploration and expansion right here on Terra Firma?

Mr. Trump's announcement of a Space Force is only about fifty years after the fact. What the hey? We've been paying for it all. Should we know it exists? Should we examine The Black Budgets? Generations of Congressional Subcommittees and all the Presidents since Eisenhower didn't think so.

They thought it was perfectly all right for them to steal our money and labor and time on Earth under false pretenses, invest it "for" us, and never say a word.

And now, even after we know what is going on ---- at least some of us know ---- their reaction is what? To try to keep the old scam going or impose something even worse. No remorse. No sense that they did anything wrong, betrayed anyone, or failed the Public Trust.


So the next time that someone gigs me for talking about things that you don't all know about, and rolls their eyes toward the ceiling when I mention, for example, the Galactic Council --- do me and everyone else a favor, and slap them silly? Draw their attention to just how stupefyingly clueless they really are, and the motives that other countries and other people have had for keeping them in that condition of gross ignorance?

How many millions of Americans would have "voluntarily" contributed 30-40% of their gross earnings to defending Singapore, if they had known where their tax dollars and other resources were going?

I get up every day and one of the perennial circumstances of my life is to face the fact of how much Americans don't know, and how much they've got to learn in short order.

The learning process is expedited when you all take the attitude that you need to learn, instead of toddling along thinking that your leaders wouldn't betray you, wouldn't lie to you, and certainly wouldn't cheat you out of your peace and your rights and your earnings. Would they? Haven't they? Are you awake? Even beginning to get tuned up?

Or worse, assuming that your Eighth Grade American History Teacher told you all that you need to know.

Every day I am confronted with the spectacle of people playing with half or maybe a third of a full deck, not through any fault of their own, but because they have been deliberately fed pablum and yes, fairytales. Literally.

They live in a Hollywood dreamland where the good guys always win because they are good guys, and the President of the United States is always trustworthy and competent and sane. They assume that they are blessed because they are Americans. It never occurs to them that they are being farmed like sheep and shorn of their wool and slaughtered in wars for profit that benefit sleaze bags like George Soros.

Well, time to wake up and smell the dog piles. It's spring. It's as good a time as any to face facts. Facts like the existence of the Galactic Council. Facts like the betrayal and Breach of Trust practiced against us by both the Pope and the Queen ---and the moral failure of the international community that has fed off of us and done absolutely nothing to help rectify this situation.

Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net and take up your actual duty to self-govern. You may be ignorant as Pat's Pig, but if you love this country and realize that you've got a lot to learn and a long way to go---- move it.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
13 hrs ·

Quick Start Guide for Veterans -1

I have been asked, repeatedly, for a very brief explanation that everyone can understand, that explains the structure of our government --- how it is supposed to be, and how it is, and the obligations of veterans and current military personnel with regard to their oaths made to defend the Constitution(s).

Okay, that's a tall order and one I have struggled with for years. How to make it simple? Quick? Easy? I now have it down to six pages. It's a dense six pages, but only six pages. Not a book. I am publishing this new effort in a series of three posts, 1, 2, 3, each one about two pages long. If you are a veteran or know someone who takes their commitment to this country seriously, this was written for vets. Please pay attention.
A State is not a State of State.

Read the statement above as many times as necessary and think about it.

Florida is not the same as State of Florida.

In fact, Florida is not the same as The State of Florida, the State of Florida, or the STATE OF FLORIDA or anything calling itself the STATE of FLORIDA or FLORIDA or…. These are all separate and distinctly different entities.

Florida is “corporate” but unincorporated--- meaning that it has a name and a physical definition but is not “incorporated” into any other country or corporation.

Florida, the actual State, stands alone. It is complete. It has well-defined physical borders and is populated by living people.

All these other things calling themselves some variation of “State of Florida” are fundamentally different.

These are called “inchoate states” or “states-of-states” or “incomplete states”.

These States of States are various kinds of business organizations and they have no physical borders and no people live in them.

They are all incorporated, meaning that they are part of larger, parent organizations, and to the extent that they are “inhabited” they are inhabited by “persons” not people.

Persons are officers and employees of corporations who have duties to perform and who “reside” on a temporary basis in our actual States.

Stop a moment and think about what you have just learned.

The people living in Florida and the persons working for the State of Florida are not in the same political status. They aren’t operating in the same capacities.

Just like a State is not a State of State, one of the people isn’t a person.

The difference is very clear-cut, yet many of us get confused and think that the State of Florida is the same as Florida, when it is not. We also assume that if you have a pulse, you are one of the people, but in fact, you may be acting in the capacity of a person, instead.

There is an “apples and oranges” difference involved-- and it needs to be clearly understood.

You, as one of the people born in a State of the Union, say Virginia, start your life as a Virginian. You are one of the living people of Virginia and you employ the State of Virginia (or some other State of State organization) to do business for you.

However, you can, if you so choose, go to work for the State of Virginia, and accept “an office of personhood”.

Do you see how that changes the capacity in which you are acting?

You went from being one of the people and an employer, to acting as a person and being an employee.

In effect, you left Virginia behind and entered the State of Virginia.

By doing this you subjected yourself to the private rules, codes, regulations, statutes, and policies of this business organization, which is simply in the business of providing “governmental services”.

In addition to accepting a paying job with a State of State, you can unwittingly enter this status if you “volunteer” to serve the State of State as a voter, a tax collector known as a “withholding agent”, a juror, or in any similar capacity.

Finally, there are two other ways you can leave your home in Virginia (or Florida or one of the other States of the Union---) and find yourself in the “foreign territory” of a State of State.

You can willingly and knowingly seek welfare benefits from the State of State, or you can be turned over to the State of State as a “ward of the state” --- that is, an “incompetent” of some kind--- an abandoned child, a pauper, a mental incompetent, or someone so physically incapacitated they can’t care for themselves.

Most of us have been misidentified as “wards” of State of State organizations when we were babies in our cradles. This has been done via False Registration processes that result in equally Unconscionable contracts obligating us to act as persons --- known as citizens of the State of State.

So how do you get home to your birthright political status as one of the living people? A free man, a Virginian-- living in Virginia, owed all the protections of the Law of the Land?

This question will be answered, but first, we need to look a bit deeper into the what these State of State business organizations really are--- and who or what operates them?


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
13 hrs ·

Quick Start Guide for Veterans - 2

Original Sovereign Jurisdiction – Government of, for, and by the people/People.

Our actual government was set up during The War of Independence, between 1776 and 1781. The first instrumentality of this government was the Union of (E)states, published 4 July 1776, as a result of The Unanimous Declaration of Independence issued by the original colonies. A few months later, in September of 1776, these new States joined together and created a Federation of the States of the Union doing business as The United States of America. Nearly five years later, the States additionally created a Confederation to take up some of the slack and conduct commercial business for them.

All three – the Union, the Federation, and the Confederation – were set up and functional during the Revolutionary War and all three continued to function before, during, and after the Constitutions were adopted more than a decade later.

Stop and think about that.

It is important to understand that the Federal Constitutions (there are three (3) of them) represent the implementation of treaty agreements that were reached with King George and the Pope as part of the Peace Treaties ending The War of Independence.

It is also important to understand that our Federal Constitutions, like all Constitutions, are debt agreements based on service contracts. Someone agrees to do something and someone else agrees to pay for it.

In the case of the Federal Constitutions, the People acting as State Citizens and occupying the international land jurisdiction owed to each of the States, agreed to pay for certain enumerated services and also agreed to delegate the powers needed to perform these services to Subcontractors.

There are nineteen enumerated services and nineteen enumerated “delegated Powers” granted to three (3) Federal Subcontractors. They were/are:

1. The States of America ---- operated by “the united States of America” [the original Confederation] under “The Constitution for the united States of America” – which were American Subcontractors, organized as States of States, doing business under names styled like this: The State of New York. This organization functioned from 1787 to 1863.

2. The British Territorial United States doing business as “the” United States of America, operating under “The Constitution of the United States of America”.

3. The Municipal United States Government doing business as “the” United States, operating under “The Constitution of the United States”.

Do you notice something important?

Our actual and original government and its instrumentalities – the Union doing business as The United States, and the Federation doing business as The United States of America and the Confederation doing business as the States of America don’t operate under any “Constitution”.

It’s only the Federal Subcontractors that operate under Constitutions.

Why? Because we don’t pay ourselves in gold to mow our own lawns.

So our actual government is the Union, the Federation, and the Confederation.

The Subcontractors are the American Federal, British Territorial and Papal Municipal Businesses.

The American Federal Subcontractors ceased cooperative operations in 1860 (Southern States of States walked out) and the remaining Federal States of States went bankrupt in 1863 (Northern States of States).

So if you took an “Oath” to protect and preserve “the” Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic --- were you told any of this?

Did you know that you were taking an “Oath” to support and defend the service contracts of the remaining foreign business interests?

Were you told that you would be working for the Pope (Federal Civil Service) or the Queen (U.S. Military)?

Were you told that the American Federal Subcontractors were out of business, still pending “Reconstruction”? So there was no possibility that you were working directly for the American States and People?

Were you told that, ultimately, no matter which remaining Federal Subcontractor you worked for, Federal Civil Service or U.S. Military, you’d be working for the Pope?

The Pope directly controls the Municipal United States Government and the Federal Civil Service, and indirectly controls the U.S. Military because the Queen operates as his Overseer of Commonwealth – that is, British Territorial operations.

At any time, was it ever your understanding that you were working for the Pope or the British Monarch acting as his Overseer?

Read that – “the” United States refers to the Pope’s Municipal Government and “the” United States of America refers to the Pope’s Territorial/Commonwealth Government under the oversight of the British Monarch.

If you are like most Americans, you thought that “the” United States of America was the same as The United States of America --- but one is a foreign British Territorial Subcontractor at the Federal level, and the other is the Federation of States. Actual States.

Exactly which one of these two entities did you mean to give your oath to?

The actual Government of the American States and People, or a foreign Federal Subcontractor?

And if you were never given full disclosure about any of this, why would you feel obligated to an Oath that was made under conditions of deceit and non-disclosure?

What possible legal or lawful obligation could ever be created by such an oath, purloined under conditions of non-disclosure?


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
12 hrs ·

Quick Start Guide for Veterans - 3

States of States

We left off the discussion about the States and the States of States with the question of what are these business organizations? Who or what is running them? We are now prepared to answer that question--- there are two “States of States” organizations in each State of the Union.

One is a BritishTerritorial State of State organization operating under names styled like this: “the” State of New Hampshire.

The other is a Municipal STATE OF STATE organization operating under names styled like this: “the” STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE.

There are not supposed to be any Municipal STATES OF STATES operating within the borders of our actual States of the Union. In fact, there should be no “Municipalities” anywhere on our soil and no Municipal Corporations, either.

The Constitution of the United States only provides for one Municipality --- the Municipality of Washington, DC --- and that is limited to the “one mile square” located within the Boundary Stones designated for it within the District of Columbia.

The Territorial States of States are, strictly speaking, not allowed either. They came in and usurped into the vacuum of power created when the American States of States ceased functioning --- as an “emergency measure”.

They’ve kept the “emergency” going ever since, and never bothered to explain any of this to the American Public.

So we’ve had Cuckoo Bird British Territorial States of States operating in our States, and these organizations have operated in collusion with the Municipal STATES OF STATES to rob the actual States and people blind.

They formalized their collaboration via “The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States”, signed in 1937.

The clear duty that these Federal Subcontractors owed to us was to fully disclose the situation at the end of the Civil War and to assist us in Good Faith to restore our lawful government to full form and function.

Instead, they left our actual flag faced down, struck, in the Capitol Rotunda, in the Senate Chambers and the House Chambers, and did nothing to correct.

They couldn’t even take care of the Title IV Flag we allowed them to use when exercising our “Delegated Powers” --- they let a pirate like Russell-J: Gould walk into the capitol and claim it as if it were their property --- instead of property belonging to us,The United States of America, the States of the Union, the American States and People.

Hordes of foreign political lobbyists have infested our Capitol and used our Public Resources and treasuries and assets as if we were gone on an endless holiday, “lost at sea”, and our erstwhile Allies, the Governments of Great Britain and Westminster, fed on our substance and plundered and pillaged our States and our people for generations.

These are the facts. And if you are Americans, it’s time to take stock of them.

Please note that the deceptions involved are all similar forms of deceit.

We have been led to mistake States of States for States, Territorial States of States for Confederate States of States, foreign Municipal STATES OF STATES for businesses that have a right to be on our soil, people for persons, “the” United States of America for The United States of America, and even “the” United States of America, Incorporated, as The United States of America.

No wonder people are confused. No wonder this country has been kept at constant war.

No wonder that our institutions and our social fabric have decayed. No wonder that generations of “public school” children have been fed pablum and false assumptions. No wonder that our country has declined in absolutely every category of measurable achievement.

We can’t tell our butt from buttercups without extreme effort on our own parts to delve out our own well-obscured history and map it out as we have just mapped it out for you.

And it all begins with the simple observation that a State is not a State of State.

Right now, the Perpetrators of these confusions have been thrown into havoc, because their constructive frauds and deceits and embezzlements have been discovered and brought forward.

Both “the” United States doing business as “the” UNITED STATES, INC., and “the” United States of America, doing business as “the” United States of America, Inc., have been bankrupted for cause and criminality.

Both remaining Federal Subcontractors are at least temporarily out of pocket, out of business, scrabbling around to create some new deceptively named corporation they can throw into the gap and hope to continue the same old game.

In Scotland, they recently created a new version of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (INC.) and we have already complained about their continuing abuse of our name and trademark.

By Operation of Law, when a power delegated to another Principal or Party can no longer be exercised by that Principal or Party due to their incompetence --- as in bankruptcy incompetence--- the delegated power returns back to the Delegating Power.

In this case, the Delegated Powers have returned to The United States of America.

If you made an Oath to serve under those Delegated (and Abused) Powers, your Oath has returned to us,too.
Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net to get reacquainted with your actual government and take part in the process of self-government that you are owed. Here you will also learn how to declare your proper political status as an American State National and "come home" to your birthright standing on the land and soil of this country.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
10 hrs ·

Reply About the Fourteenth Amendment

Apparently, only of my "translators" got the wrong link to this particular snippet from the Congressional Record --- most likely went to the House discussion instead of the Senate or the final combined Committee. I am absolutely sick of "chasing the cheese" for people who seem blissfully unaware of how complex Congressional records are or how they are constantly manipulated, re-numbered, re-paged, and re-annotated to obscure the "juicy parts" such as this clip from 1967 defining "citizen of the United States":

"A "citizen of the United States" is a civilly dead entity operating as a co-trustee and co-beneficiary of the PCT (Public Charitable Trust), the constructive cestui que vie trust of US Inc. under the 14th Amendment, which upholds (read:"pays") the debt of the USA and US, Inc." ---- Congressional Record, June 13, 1967, pp. 15641-15646."

Pay close attention.

The "Fourteenth Amendment" was adopted as a By-Law "Amendment" of the original Scottish Commercial Corporation that usurped upon us immediately following the Civil War and operated as "The United States of America"--- Incorporated --- from 1868 to 1907.

The "Constitution" they published in 1868 as "The Constitution of the United States of America" was in fact a cleverly disguised attempt to "legally enclose" the earlier Constitution of the same name and convert it for use as the Articles of Incorporation for the aforementioned Scottish Commercial Corporation.

As a result, for the purposes of that organization and their Articles of Incorporation deceitfully mislabeled as a "Constitution", the "Amendments" are in fact "By-Law Amendments" --- so did not require ratification by the States.

That's why when you look for evidence of ratification by the States for the 14th Amendment onward, you find that none of these "Amendments" were ever ratified by our States of the Union--- because they weren't actual Amendments to any actual Constitution.

Just more phony look-alike, sound-alike semantic deceits and Templar Bullshit.

The Board of Directors --- the members of the Rump Congress --- simply voted on it, and since they were keen to collect war reparations from the Municipal "citizens of the United States" they set up the "Fourteenth Amendment" as a mechanism to expedite the process of collection by predefining these Fourteenth Amendment "CITIZENS" as guilty debtors and as criminals, both.

The British Territorial Government sided with the North, and the Pope's Municipal Government sided with the South.

The Scottish Commercial Corporation intent on collecting war reparations after armed hostilities ended "redefined" everyone not directly in its employ as "presumed" enemy combatants, "citizens of the United States" within the meaning of their precious Fourteenth so-called "Amendment" and prosecuted everyone as debtors, criminals, and fugitives from justice already condemned-----and applied this scheme whether or not you were ever actually a Municipal citizen of the United States.

They used this despicable set up as an excuse to mischaracterize Americans who were never Municipal "citizens of the United States" and to extract war reparations from us when we never had anything to do with their filthy self-propogated "civil war".

And they never disclosed what they were doing to the Public, either, so unless you were extraordinarily well-informed and knew what they were "presuming" about you, and objected to it appropriately, their Carpetbagger Courts --- then, as now--- simply rolled over the victims of this deplorable, criminal activity on our shores, and pillaged and plundered the "individual Municipal Public Trusts" set up under our NAMES to expedite this fraudulent plundering.

When the Scottish Commercial Corporation dba "The United States of America" --- Incorporated--- went bankrupt in 1907, their Articles of Incorporation, including their phony "Fourteenth Amendment" ceased to have any meaning or authority in any context at all, but that did not keep the politicians and Bar Attorneys from continuing to use this defunct set of presumptions to pillage and plunder under conditions of deceit and color of law.

Ask yourself --- what possible authority a By-Law Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation of a defunct Scottish Commercial Corporation --- a corporation that went bankrupt in 1907--- could possibly have in 1967? And the answer is?

NONE. Their "Fourteenth Amendment" is as meaningless as a dry fart in a high wind.

This little snippet quoted above from 1967 proceedings, is the admission by the Federal Rats that they were still operating under this fraud scheme sixty years after all possible basis for it --- bad and invalid and lawfully and legally unconscionable as that basis was --- collapsed.

Absolutely every prosecution brought against every American mischaracterized as a Municipal "citizen of the United States"under these False Registrations and False Legal Presumptions from 1868 to 1907 were nothing but unbridled fraud, racketeering, piracy, pillaging, and plundering exercised under color of law by the usurping foreign Scottish commercial corporation.

And after 1907, all such prosecutions brought against all such STRAWMEN were completely unjustifiable by any stretch of the imagination.

Even people who actually were "citizens of the United States" shouldn't have been prosecuted using these mechanisms after 1907, but as you can learn from reading the Congressional Record, they were still milking this criminal constructive fraud scheme in 1967.

They were still milking it and employing it as of last year!

They will go on using any excuse to milk and bilk that you will allow, as long as you put up with it, but they deserve to recognized for what they are and prosecuted as marauders and pirates under international law, instead.

Read my lips: there is no "Fourteenth Amendment" that ever applied to any American who wasn't a Federal Civil Service Employee or Dependent, and since 1907, there shouldn't have been any claim against Federal Civil Service Employees or Dependents, either --- though you can see that as of 1967, this fraud and all the False Legal Presumptions were still being employed.

Everything that these Vermin collected from everyone was illegal. It was all collected under conditions of fraud and deceit and non-disclosure, and all done under color of law. And they've gotten away with it on our shores for 150 years. No wonder they think we are too stupid to breathe.

And here you are, apparently still sucking up the idea that there was ever any valid "Fourteenth Amendment" that applied to us, still going along with the idea that the "Constitution" published by these yahoos in 1868 as Articles of Incorporation was valid, all of it?

It's like a joke nobody gets. A very bad joke, indeed.

Why don't I sell you all some Florida Real Estate? It's only underwater half the year.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
6 hrs ·

"Planetary Liberation"

We cringe here at The Living Law Firm when we hear buzz-words and euphemisms, because we have learned first-hand and down-and-dirty just how much the use of such deceptive language has cost us, individually, and as a global family. See today's case in point: "planetary liberation".

This planet will be free when men and women free their minds and hearts from the chains of false beliefs and authorities.

And not a moment before, or by any other process.

Think about it, realizing that you have been lied to since babyhood.

You've been lied to on purpose by government officials and media persons and corporate robber barons, but you have also been lied to unintentionally by parents and teachers and others who passed on incorrect or incomplete information without meaning to.

Many people are expressing dismay over President Trump's performance and asking --- why isn't our President..... doing this or that, or just standing up and telling the truth about this Corona Virus Hoax?

Well, for starters, he isn't "our" President, though he is our employee.

Mr. Trump works for the Queen who exercises our Delegated Powers and tells him what to do. He is acting as "the" President of "the" United States of America ---- not The President of The United States of America.

The difference, which you can only see when it is spelled out as above, and not when spoken verbally, is huge.

As President of "the" United States of America, Donald Trump is in charge of the double bankruptcies of the UNITED STATES, INC. and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Inc. ---a foreign Municipal (City of Rome) corporation and a British Territorial corporation, respectively, both operating on our shores. He is obligated to represent the best interests of the Pope and the Queen in these bankruptcies and the best interests of the employees and pensioners scrapping to get their share out of it.

As The President of The United States of America he would be in a far different role, and would be assisting us and representing our interests as the Priority Creditors of both the UNITED STATES, INC. and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Inc.

We honored his election by 63 million Americans, most of whom were never legitimately Federal Citizens at all, but he has declined to occupy the actual office that we all think of when someone says "President".

Perhaps he thinks he can do more good acting in the capacity he has chosen.

That said, his current position places many limitations on him, and that is not likely to change in the short term.

The settlement and vacancy period for the UNITED STATES, INC. bankruptcy began in mid-March. For ninety (90) days the Municipal Government has to vacate Washington, DC.

The "Covid-19" Hoax has provided them with a convenient excuse for shutting down for three months and the "live exercise" of conducting a "simulated war scenario" has given them access to defense funding in the interim to keep "essential services" functioning.

The Queen is under obligation to protect American State Nationals and American State Citizens and to honor every jot of the guarantees we are owed under the actual Territorial Constitution. She has no such obligation to the "citizens of the United States".

This is why it is of such grave importance that Americans declare their proper political status as American State Nationals and/or American State Citizens. We need to do this for our own sakes, for our own protection. We also need to do it for the sake of our country.

We are not U.S. Citizens (subjects of the Queen) and we are not "citizens of the United States" (subjects of the Pope), either one.

As long as we unwittingly permit the Pope and the Queen to play their game of misidentifying us as their employees and dependents, that is, as some form of "US" citizen, they have no obligation to us under any Constitution.

And therein lies the rub.

They have been deliberately employing an institutionalized fraud scheme involving False Registration of American babies to evade their obligations under their respective constitutional agreements.

The Queen has been claiming that we are British Territorial U.S. Citizens, and then surrendering us to the Pope's Municipal Government as "paupers", poor abandoned babies, wards of the state, subjects of the Commonwealth.

The Queen and the Pope have been colluding together to do this, openly, since 1937 ---when their minions here signed "The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States".

Of course, we were never told a word about this, and were simply victimized by this institutionalized fraud scheme, by which they have conspired against both The Constitution of the United States of America (Territorial) and The Constitution of the United States (Municipal).

To top it all off, the Pope holds both the right hand and the left hand in this situation, as he directly controls the Municipal Government (Federal Civil Service) and, through the Queen, indirectly controls the Territorial Government (U.S. Military and Dependents) as well, because the Queen acts as his Overseer of the Commonwealth, and Puerto Rico and the Marianas Islands are British Territorial Commonwealths operating as United States Possessions.

Through this back door, this entire collusion against us and against our country has been papered over and staged and justified as a Commonwealth issue ---- and then applied throughout the entire country and to everyone in it, "as if" we were all the abandoned sons and daughters of run away Puerto Rican sailors.

No, dears, we must "liberate" ourselves.

Donald Trump is in no position to do it for us, and couldn't even if he wanted to.

The task of freeing our own minds and of realizing who we are and of bringing forward our true identity ---- and claiming what we are owed ---- is ours and ours alone.

Run, don't walk ---- go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net and join your State Assembly.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
4 hrs ·

Pope Francis, President Trump, and Mr. Larry Fink:

Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents, Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals.

Mr. Fink has bonded six (6) trillion dollars-worth of Federal Debt. He has now called in the debt for lack of security, and thereby bankrupted the Perpetrators of the Federal Debt.

The problems are:

1. The Federal Debt doesn't exist. It only exists on paper because our National Credit has not been applied to balance the books. So either the bookkeeping needs to take place or the bogus "debt" needs to be discharged --- one way or the other, and we don't care which.

2. The Securities bonded by Mr. Fink are illegal, and represent living flesh involuntarily and unconscionably contracted and impersonated under conditions of non-disclosure and deceit. The Serial Numbers and certificates all go back to living people who have been illegally and immorally "latched and attached" to the bonds without their knowing or voluntary consent. Mr. Fink has cause for complaint against the Perpetrators--- the Holy See, the Queen, Westminster --- but no valid claim against any defrauded American born on our soil and mischaracterized as any form of "US" citizen.

3. Mr. Fink's corporations are all chartered by our States of the Union, including Delaware and New York and California, et alia, with the result that Mr. Fink's assets are in fact our assets, and his claims against our assets are claims against his assets. As you can see, Mr. Fink has no assets and no position to buy, sell, or bankrupt anything related to us or our States.

In view of the widespread constructive fraud scheme that has been employed by minions of the Crown and members of the U.S. Congress and the Municipal "Congress of the United States" seeking to deliberately misidentify American babies as "wards" of their States of States, and in full view of the heinous nature of this activity and unconscionable nature of the resulting contracts, Mr. Fink needs to be informed that he has six (6) trillion dollars worth of fraudulent securities (or thereabouts) on his hands, and the only remedy open to him is to seek reimbursement from the Crown, the Holy See, and the Queen's Government.

He, Larry Fink, cannot be allowed to continue to try to peddle these illegal securities to any Third Party, as in his recent efforts to offer them to President Xi.

Ironically enough, we have some sympathy for him and for the Israeli banks and the Israeli Government, which have backed the bonds he is trying to trade, cash, or otherwise off-load, but the responsibility for this circumstance is not ours and cannot be used to harm or indebt or excuse any military or mercenary action on our shores whatsoever.

We have had reports of Israeli mercenaries on our soil, leading attacks against former PENTAGON employees. This activity needs to stop immediately and permanently while the Principals work out a solution.

We also note that the same Israeli banks and Israeli Government are greatly in our debt, and that those debts have not been settled, so that Mr. Fink's activities appear to be invalidated in another way as well: the Crown, the Queen, and the Holy See may owe the American States and People six (6) trillion worth of damages, but so then does the bonding company and its backers.

Not only that, but the same parties, the Israeli banks and the Israeli Government offering to bankrupt our Territorial Government, owe us in excess of 100 trillion dollars, so what kind of game is this? Our Subcontractors owe them six trillion, while they owe us a hundred trillion, and they want to foreclose? Hmm?

We are the Lawful Government of this country and we insist that this entire mess gets straightened out according to our Will, our Treaties, and our Commercial Contracts with the Crown, the Queen, and the Holy See without further delay, excuse, dalliance, obfuscation, or deceit.

Obviously, someone siphoned six trillion dollars and it went somewhere. It did not go to the people of this country to whom it was owed. Similarly, the Chinese Trade Deficit was created by siphoning and swindling and all that money didn't get where it was going, either.

The pipeline - transfer agents - are the obvious place to start looking for all the missing credit, and the securities oversight organizations are another, as well as the banks which have been operating illegally since 1934 in this country.

But again, we only observe the obvious, and neither we nor the States and People that we represent are responsible for any of it---- and we do not intend to be blamed for it or billed for it.

James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
The United States of America

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
11 hrs ·

Third Constitution and Help for Vets

When I was about fourteen years-old I noticed that there were two Constitutions in evidence, even though everyone persisted in talking about "the" Constitution as if there was only one.

Those two commonly available Constitutions are:

"The Constitution of the United States of America" and "The Constitution of the United States".

As recently as two years ago, I was able to go down to the local Barnes and Noble, and pick up recent publications of both documents. So, it really shouldn't be any Big News that there are multiple Constitutions.

Then, in my twenties, I heard --- from the local Congressman during a dinner after a Townhall Meeting -- about a Constitution "robed in dust" and laying in full view in one of the rooms at the Capitol Building. This strange artifact was a Constitution, but under a different name: The Constitution for the united States of America.

Like so many other bits and pieces I ran across, I flagged that for further reference, but it wasn't until twenty-five years after that, that Bill Benson's research into the lack of ratification for the Sixteenth Amendment got me motivated to start searching for documents that "should be there" --and aren't.

By then, groups of people all over the country who had been inspired by Bill's pioneering work, were digging, too. The search for the "missing" Constitution was part of that effort and it bore fruit. We found two locations that had printed copies of the 1787 Federal Constitution and we made photographic copies and did our due diligence.

A couple years later, we were contacted by a British Lord who, as luck would have it, was sympathetic to our efforts and who had found a cache of American Founding Documents in his library --- original copies of everything from the Declaration of Independence to the final Treaties of Westminster in the 1790's.

Time went on, and the efforts to hide our history increased. Both of the archives where we'd found the printed copies of The Constitution for the united States of America were closed to the public.

Then, for a period of a couple years, the Sam Houston Library in Texas made a copy of it available-- but then that was shut down, too. If you inquire today, they will say they don't have any such document and what are you talking about?

Moving the Cheese is an established art form for the Rats That Be, beginning with the sack of the Library of Alexandria and more recently reflected by British attempts to burn our early records during the War of 1812. We should not be surprised that the copy "robed in dust" also disappeared from the Capitol Building over the winter recess 1999-2000.

Still, I and at least hundreds of other Americans had obtained copies of this Third Constitution and I was content that despite all efforts to the contrary, the truth was preserved. When The Informer died and bequeathed his entire library to the Cause, we were awestruck on one hand and overwhelmed on the other, and created our own Archive to protect all these rescued documents for posterity.

Obviously, Alaska does not present a suitable climate nor accessibility for such an archive, so the decision was made for me to move my documents to a new location in the Lower 48 and to be combined with The Informer's materials and many, many other contributions from others, sorted, scanned, and organized for ready reference by volunteer librarians.

My copy of The Constitution for the united States of America was sent away for archiving and is still in the Slush Pile, so I didn't have it in my hot little hands, but I certainly knew about it, had read it, and held a copy in my hands when I made the (apparently) stunning announcement that there are in fact (3) three Constitutions, and that they are three separate contracts of our actual Government with three separate Federal Subcontractors --- the defunct and thus far never "reconstructed" Confederation, the British Territorial (Commonwealth) Government, and the Municipal (Holy Roman) Government.

Now, if you grew up thinking that there was only one Constitution --- "the Constitution"--- and someone proved to you that there were two (as I did) and told you that there were in fact three (as I did) --- wouldn't you be shaken enough to look around and pay attention, just on the basis of seeing both The Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of the United States of America on display?

I would, but no, certain others ignored the trail of evidence in my favor and attacked me and did everything they possibly could to discredit me and my claim that there are three (3) Constitutions. I was derided by "the Flag Officers" and dismissed as a "liar" by the Liars, and generally took a lot of rotten eggs over not being able to give them a photo copy of The Constitution for the united States of America ---- and here it is:


Thank you, Barry! Thank you, all of you, who had copies handy and who have sent copies since you heard there was a need.

We have struggled for many years to get this situation documented and "cut down" to size, so that people could grasp it. The fraud has gone on so long and there are so many aspects to it, that it seemed impossible to do, but just recently, we think we succeeded in cranking it all down to six pages.

This was intended as a Quick Start for Veterans, but its really a guide to any American who cares about their own safety and their country and the rest of the world, too, which has suffered because of the same evils. The Quick Start is published and available on my website: www.annavonreitz.com and also www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.com, and if you are receiving this via email should also be attached.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
12 hrs ·

Think Hard.

Although you were never told this, and neither was I, we have lived our entire lives under the thrall of an international military protectorate.

That protectorate has ultimately been under the control of the Pope, running a two-sided game, and making "war" with himself between the U.S. Territorial Government (which the British Queen oversees for him as a Commonwealth) and the US Municipal Government which he directly controls.

So the "international military protectorate" appears to have two sides or faces to it, one the U.S. Military and the other the US Federal Civil Service, but in fact, both are ultimately owned and operated by the Pope.

This has allowed for a geat deal of fraud and asset siphoning to occur, and also has allowed the Popes --- in the past --- to promote unrest and political take-overs and all sorts of other mischief, up to and including promotion of "civil war" as mercenary conflicts on our shores.

It has also led to unwary Americans being conscripted into the military against their will (drafts) and used as cheap mercenaries in wars for profit and other abuses worldwide.

We can and should blame the British Monarchs, but we must also bring the cows home to the "Holy Roman Empire" and the Popes. Big time.

That is Lesson One and it deserves to be well-learned: "Ancient" Rome --including Roman military power -- is still alive and still meddling in everything through the Roman Catholic Church and the United Nations.

If we want to put them in their place, we have to step up and self-govern and put an end to their excuses for the existence of any such "international military protectorate".

Our more immediate problem is that these swindlers are pretending to be broke, and bankrupting everything in sight.
The Vatican may be broke, but the Holy See isn't, and our contracts are all with the Holy See.

That is Lesson Two. Just because the Vatican bank is all tapped out doesn't mean that the Queen and the Holy See are out of pocket.

Prince Philip made off with $950 Trillion in "Life Force Value Annuities" owed to the Americans and Canadians in April 2017.
Jamie Dimon stole $489 Trillion from the City of Rome (Urban) Trust --- that was supposed to go to the victims of this crime spree, but which was commandeered and redirected to various banks.

The Guadalupe Hidalgo Trust -- 33 Trillion -- is supposed to pay for social services and education and water resource development and agriculture and infrastructure in seven of our western states. Where's that money?

Then there is the matter of the "US National Debt" which is supposed to be offset by our American National Credit. Where did that money get siphoned to?

And the US-China Trade Deficit, also --- we paid for the goods on our end of the pipeline, so who embezzled all that?

There is no reason for any American or Canadian or Chinese to be suffering for lack of health care or anything else.

The Rotten Apples had planned to stage another civil war on our shores, using the regular military against the Federal Civil Service and its Agencies --- with us conveniently stuck in the middle and being the actual targets.

The reason for this? We are in fact their Priority Creditors, and they don't want to pay us back. Dead men can't collect.

That plot was discovered and aborted --- narrowly. So, next, they went to China.

They owe both the American People and the Chinese People vast amounts of money. They owe us the exact equivalent of the "US National Debt" and they owe the Chinese the entirety of the "US-China Trade Deficit".

So, they have tried to gin up a war between America and China, hoping to get their two largest Priority Creditors to kill each other.

How convenient.

That plot was also discovered and torpedoed.

Lesson Three --- these guys are con artists who use identity theft and impersonation to access credit and assets that don't belong to them. They run up huge bills against the victim's assets, and then kill their creditors.

Now that everyone knows that's what they do and how they work, it is getting harder and harder for them to operate. The targets they painted on their victims are getting shifted to their own backs for a change.

Now, take a look in your wallets. What do you see?

I.O.U's. known as "Federal Reserve Notes"--- but what else do you notice? These notes are military script foisted off onto Federal workers as "legal tender". The Federal Employees and Dependents have no choice but to use them, because that is the policy of the corporations employing them.

The rest of us get entrapped into using military script in order to trade with our own U.S. Military and Federal Civil Service Employees.

This is similar to the current situation where everyone is inconvenienced by the Covid 19 "live exercise" ---- the rest of the population is adversely impacted and sucked into the drama caused by the military's "Simulated War".

All the Federal Employees are obligated to go along with this farce and pretend that it is real.

We, civilians, don't actually have to shut down our businesses or wear masks--- it is all phony and Michael Pompeo came right out and admitted it ---- but the federal workers do, and because they do, everyone else gets inconvenienced and prodded into participating in this lunacy.

For example, we find ourselves having to wear masks to get a haircut, because why? Because in order to serve Federal Employees, salons have to be "licensed" and go along with whatever song Uncle Sam sings.

There is no law requiring anyone to have a license to cut hair in America. Unless you want to serve Federal Employees.

No law requiring a license to practice law or medicine or.....
All we have to do is hang a sign in the window or on the door of our unincorporated civilian businesses: "Federal Employees and Dependents Denied Service" and see how long it takes "Congress" to change its tune.

There is no reason for you to shut down your business. There is no law requiring civilians to wear face masks or "hunker down", either.

But, as long as you put up with being "imposed upon" like this, THEY will impose. And impose. And impose.

That is Lesson Four. You have an obligation to declare your political status and resist their "presumptions" and "impositions", or there will be no end to what they will try to foist off onto their employees, and by association, onto you, too.

We have to refuse to serve them until they "voluntarily" adopt other corporate policies.

They are, after all, supposed to be serving you.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
10 hrs ·

The Last Word on Covid 19 and Bill Gates

The government of India has indicted Bill Gates for crimes against humanity, resulting from his crazy vaccination programs in their country which left almost half a million children crippled. Numerous countries in Africa are expected to do the same, because of children crippled, sterilized, maimed, and killed by Bill Gates and his vaccination programs there.

Now, Bill Gates is hoping to bring another such scandalous "health program" based on his vaccines home to America and the clueless idiots in Congress, bedazzled by corporate BS, think this is a good idea.

Well, as usual, JC has the final word --- and exposure --- on exactly who is paying for all this crappola. Thank God for our researchers.

Those seeing this on Facebook will have to go to my website, www.annavonreitz.com to see the attachments, which we are sending and posting especially for the People of India, and the Peoples of Africa, who have already suffered at the hands of this monster in a suit.

The attachments include information on the overall planning of the technological subjugation of the world population and specifics on the World Bank funding scheme that was commandeered in 2012 --- illegally, we might add.

It's not light reading, but highly informative and will give great insight into the criminal mindset giving rise to this reckless anti-human activity --- as well as exposing the parties principally responsible for it.

This is a Gift Package to the International Law Team for India, with our good wishes and fond hopes that they take care of "the problem" for the whole world and put an end to the World Bank crimes and the Bill Gates mental illness, too.

Please note that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) changed its rules to accommodate this scheme and is complicit in the financial crimes and acting in support of the repugnant political agenda --- AGAIN.

Anything we can do to help.....


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
3 hrs ·

Covid 19 Not Natural -- Neither is 5G

In fact, Electromagnetic Radiation pollution is not natural and has a strong polluting effect on the environment, and is subject to the ENMOD Treaties as a result, wherever "non-domestic" populations are involved.

We, Americans, are "non-domestic" with respect to the Federal corporations and entities that are running like wild horses toward this new technological nightmare. We are being harmed and we have every right to bring forward our evidence and demand that these "tests" and other war simulations stop.

Please note:

The Japanese professor of physiology or medicine, Professor Dr Tasuku Honjo, caused a sensation today in the media by saying that the corona virus is not natural. if it is natural, it will not have affected the whole world like that. Because, depending on the nature, the temperature is different in different countries. if it were natural, it would only have affected countries with the same temperature as China. instead, it spreads to a country like Switzerland, the same way it spreads to desert areas. whereas if it were natural, it would have spread in cold places, but would have died in hot places. I have done 40 years of research on animals and viruses. It is not natural. It is manufactured and the virus is completely artificial. I have been working for 4 years in the Wuhan laboratory in China. I know all the staff of this laboratory well. I called them all after the Corona accident. but, all of their phones have been dead for 3 months. It is now understood that all of these laboratory technicians are dead.

Based on all of my knowledge and research to date, I can say this with 100% confidence that Corona is not natural. It did not come from bats. China made it. if what I say today turns out to be false now or even after I die, the government can withdraw my Nobel Prize. but China is lying and this truth will one day be revealed to all.


We still don't know if the "China virus" was actually a Chinese virus or one that was imported to China and then escaped there, or from Dr. Fauci and colleagues, or the Pirbright Institute, or that UN-connected lab in North Carolina, or from Fort Detrick, or Bill Gates and one of his numerous vaccine manufacturers, or just plain another CIA set-up ---- but we will know. We will get to the bottom of it and we will hang 'em high.

Meantime, take the presumptions about the "source" of the virus with a grain of salt, and instead focus on the fact that the virus unleashed in Wuhan was manufactured, not natural, and therefore subject to the ENMOD Treaties, too. More engineered pollution of the environment tested on innocent people who are not naturally "domestic" with respect to any of these corporations.


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Jun 6, 2011
Meantime, take the presumptions about the "source" of the virus with a grain of salt,

More engineered pollution of the environment tested on innocent people who are not naturally "domestic" with respect to any of these corporations.

Captured it in the last sentence, but her presumption of the source is just that.