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Anna von Reitz - Service and Taxation


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Mar 31, 2010
This is a must read imho. I seem to recall reading about the exenption from the requirement to file in the tax code some years ago.


Anna von Reitz
Service and Taxation

Your private earnings are being deliberately mischaracterized as corporate income in order to tax you and make you liable to pay federal income taxes.

As I have said before, the federal government is totally foreign and is supposed to operate only in international jurisdictions. So when you pay federal taxes you are paying them to a foreign government, as if you were a German paying taxes to France.

Federal services are supposed to be paid for by: (a) our states and (b) by sin taxes on alcohol, tobacco, and firearms and (c) by any special purpose directly apportioned or excise taxes that are truly necessary.

The states have resources and public lands to manage and sell and all that guarantees substantial income, so that they as the actual parties making the contract to receive services from the federal government are supposed to be paying the lion's share for those services that they would otherwise be expected to provide for themselves.

Above and beyond that, the federal government has the income from alcohol, tobacco, and firearms manufacture and sales. Such so-called "sin taxes" placed on regulated substances bring in a lot of money to pay for federal services each year. There are also special excise taxes placed on gasoline and oil purchases, telephone services, natural gas utilities, internet services, pension and insurance plans and international sales of goods and services.

Between the deliberately mis-applied income tax and all these other taxes, the Average American pays between 50 and 60 percent of their earnings every year for services from the federal government corporations, and that is not counting the substantial bite taken out each year by inflation.

Inflation is, in effect, a silent and murderous tax that clicks along no matter where your money is or what it is or is not invested in.

Compare these rates of taxation with the most abused serfs in the Middle Ages who paid the king up to 25% of their gross production every year, and you will see that we have indeed suffered through "great tribulation"--- as in paying "tribute" to Caesar.

The income tax is especially onerous. It was imposed on federal employees as a "privilege tax" to be paid as franchise taxes, supposedly in equitable exchange for the benefits of public employment, and also on federally chartered corporations in exchange for the benefit of incorporation--- bankruptcy protection, stockholder asset protection, and so on.

This special tax on federal employees can certainly be seen as unjust, until you realize that these people have knowingly signed up to work for this foreign government and that people are free to accept or reject their offers of employment, warts, enfranchisement, income taxes, and all.

The rest of us, however, who don't get a federal paycheck and who are not operating as federal franchises, are not now and never have been liable to pay federal income taxes.

Think about it--- can France tax a German? No.

Can a German volunteer to pay a tax to the French government? Sure, if he wants to.

And that is what happened in World War II. The Territorial United States Congress set up a Victory Tax program by which patriotic Americans could volunteer to have an amount equal to the tax paid by federal employees deducted from their take home pay and put toward the war effort. We signed up by the millions..... but, even through the Second World War ended in September 1945, the end date on the Victory Tax legislation simply set the end date "as the end of hostilities" and Congress never repealed the legislation nor amended the language.

Using the so-called Cold War as its excuse, the Territorial United States Congress went right on taxing millions of Americans under false pretenses. Ever since then there has been some kind of euphemistic, specious "war" going on which allows the cretins to claim that there are "ongoing hostilities" that justify continuing to tax Americans under these false pretenses.

Once unsuspecting Americans sign a 1040 under penalty of perjury stating that they are Withholding Agents, other juicy provisions kick in as well. A "Withholding Agent" is a Warrant Officer in the Queen's Merchant Marine Service, and you have unwittingly sworn under penalty of perjury that you are one. You automatically become subject to Territorial United States statutory law, are presumed to have voluntarily given up your political status as an American, and are required to file and keep filing taxes every year thereafter. If you don't you are not doing your "voluntary" quasi-military job duties, and if you complain that you aren't really a Withholding Agent, you are dead in the water because you have already signed on the dotted line that you are one.

In this way, the perpetrators not only get the fat tax revenue, they gain control over you and subject you to their territorial statutory law, which allows them to prosecute you under the British Equity Law system and allows them to use their "discretion" to dispose of you and your assets however they see fit.

Thus, what started out as a Good Faith effort by Americans to help win the Second World War became an instrument of oppression and false impersonation the likes of which the world has seldom seen since the days of Ancient Egypt. Since 1941 the territorial Internal Revenue Service and the municipal IRS have pillaged and wantonly plundered the earnings and assets of millions of Americans who never held any kind of federal job, never realized any actual profit or benefit from this system, and who never actually owed any "income tax" at all.

So, you say, there must be a remedy to this gross injustice. If nothing else, the rats must have left an "out" for themselves, and so there is. If you are not a federal employee or dependent and not operating in the capacity of a federal franchise corporation, you can "revoke" your election to pay federal income taxes that you never owed in the first place.

All you have to do is send a Registered Letter, Return Receipt Requested, to the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service (Territorial) and the Commissioner of the IRS (Municipal) and inform them of your decision to revoke your election to pay federal income taxes and setting an effective date for the revocation.

This last bit can be tricky, as they keep changing the dates of their own fiscal years so as to trap unwary people with a few months of unaccounted for "income" left hanging---which they then use to prosecute the victim. It used to be that July 1 was the beginning of the federal fiscal year for all departments and agencies. Then some began using October 1 as the beginning of their fiscal year.

My advice would be to set the effective date a year and a half or two years prior to any current tax year. For example, for the 2017 Tax Year due April 15, 2018, I would make the effective date July 1, 2016 or January 1, 2016, just to be sure I made the severance date include all possible taxes due for 2017.

For those who haven't filed in a few years for whatever reasons, you can revoke election to pay retroactively for up to ten (10) years, so long as you have not filed any of those years.

The bottom line is that if you aren't a federal employee or dependent and aren't operating as a federal franchise corporation as a result, you never owed the income tax in the first place.

But what about the Congressional Acts that tax Social Security income of retirees? The Territorial United States Congress and its "Acts" have no authority related to an American standing on dry land. That's for starters. Secondly, the only portion or percentage of Social Security income that can be taxed would be that portion deriving from actual federal employment.

Say that you worked as a federal civilian employee for twenty years and then worked in the private sector for a Mom and Pop Store for twenty years. The only portion of your Social Security that would be taxable would be the portion derived from actual federal employment.

Please note that many Americans have trivial amounts of federal employment wages that contribute a few dollars per month to Social Security payments, mostly from part-time work such as firefighter wages for the Park Service, or a couple year stint in the military fifty years ago. Each case is different so you have to look at your own employment history, but in the vast majority of cases the amount of federal wages and the resulting contribution to Social Security retirement payments is far less than the standard deductible and can be safely ignored.

So unless you actually worked for the federal government your whole working life, you most likely don't have to pay income taxes on 100% of your Social Security payments and may not have to pay any federal income taxes on your Social Security payments at all.

Please note that the vermin will try to mischaracterize Social Security payments based on your actual labor as "benefits"--- which are welfare payments, not pension payments based on money you and your employers paid into the system.

They will also try to mischaracterize Social Security payments as "income" instead of pension payments. The word "income" specifically means corporate accruals of profit separated from capital. If you aren't an actual federal employee and aren't acting in the capacity of a federal corporation franchise, you have no "income"--- what you have are "private earnings" being mischaracterized as "income".

This additional after-the-fact Second Helping of people's earnings is perhaps the most galling betrayal of trust of all. Most American are owed 100% of any Social Security payments tax-free, but by continuing to tax federal employee wages a second time, even after they are separated from employment and officially "retired", the vermin in Washington, DC contrive to make what superficially appear to be claims on the pension payments they owe to people who never worked an actual day in their life for the federal government and they thereby reduce the quality of life for millions of American Seniors for no good reason but corporate greed.

Do you want to support corporations that knowingly, willfully bilk millions of innocent American Seniors out of pension payments they earned fair and square?

I don't. That's why I pulled the plug in 1998, revoked my "voluntary" election to pay federal income taxes, and never looked back. It is past time for the good-natured and patriotic and generous American people to pull the plug and stop paying taxes they don't owe to foreign government corporations that have acted in gross breach of trust and promoted commercial crimes on our soil.

Let them tap all their Slush Funds and "Externally Managed Investment Funds" and pony up every penny and every service that they owe to American Seniors ---and unless you worked for the federal government your entire working life, slap their hands when they come to tax your Social Security payments a second time. Revoke your election to pay and stand there on your little flat feet and repeat after me: "I ain't no Federale."
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Dec 18, 2011
There is no liable;its claus in the IRS codes for taxing a persons pay. She has a bunch of stuff correct in this. Congresses jurisdiction is supposed to be within the 10 miles radius of DC. However when was the last time congress limited their powers to that radius? Obamacare comes to mind as does every other law passed in my lifetime.
Let us know if you decide to revoke your taxation from the IRS..


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Apr 1, 2010
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EPISODE 458 - Anna Von Reitz & Bob Lock


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Anna von Reitz
February 19 at 5:24pm ·
An Education on the Birth Certificate from Frank O'Collins:

I am constantly receiving questions about Birth Certificates. The essence of a BC is that it proves that a live man or woman was born on the actual birth day, as opposed to the "filing date" or "birthdate" which marks the creation of the THING named after you.

A Birth Certificate does not positively identify you, but it admits that a living being with your name came into this world, touched down, and there is no actual, viable proof of your death--- only a presumption of death based on the fact that the Vital Statistics people haven't heard from you since you left the hospital. No doubt it is time we all gave them and the Deputy Clerks of the Probate Courts across America a big, fat "Hulloooo!"

A BC does not function as a valid recording of your Common Law copyright to your own Name and Estate, rather, it is a false claim against your Name and Estate which has to be corrected---- but in a negative way, the proof that it provides does preserve "a" public record of an event which you can prove and invoke by private means and from other public records to reclaim your interest in your Name and estate. So it is a means you should employ in building your claims.

What follows was taken directly from the old Ucadia website, which Frank subsequently removed from the internet because unscrupulous people were attempting to piggy-back upon and thwart and misrepresent and misuse Frank's work. This particular section is of so much public benefit I pray he will forgive me for re-printing with full credit given and an injunction to my Readers to honor the man and his work and always give him credit for anything you quote and also be sure to tell anyone you send it to that they are not allowed to change, edit, or amend one word of it. You may not plagiarize or edit anything that appears here:

7.14 Corruption of Law
Article 325 - Settlement (Birth) Certificate

Canon 3348 (link)
A Settlement Certificate, also known as a “Birth Certificate” since the formation of Central Records and Registers in 1836 (6&7Will.4 c.86) is an official document, possessing multiple legal functions and "states" under the central presumption that those against whom such instruments are issued are a form of “property” and bonded servant (slave), to Western-Roman and private Banking interests, regardless of status of family or history.

Canon 3349 (link)
Under Statutes and Policies promulgated from Westminster and other bodies, a Birth Certificate, fulfills multiple and distinct functions and states, depending upon its recognition and activity at hand, including but not limited to:

(i) Certificate of Title to Cestui Que Use of Person being recognition that the State claims ownership by virtue of the Certificate itself and all the information contained on it, therefore proving a Cestui Que Vie Trust in place and that the man or woman or new born to whom the Certificate applies only has “beneficial use” of the name; and

(ii) Certificate of Title to Property being the recognition of the fact of a Birth Certificate being a certificate, that the name is property and therefore the man or woman or new born is now treated as property and no longer as a living man or woman, subject to the Rule of Law; and

(iii) Certificate of Deposit and Bailment (Custody) being the recognition through the terms used to describe the father and mother that a transaction has taken place and the new born is no longer “owned” by the parents but is in the custody of the State, with the new born now a Thing, subject to the Jurisdiction of the Courts, having being registered (enrolled); and

(iv) Certificate of Second Class Citizenship under Cestui Que Use of Person being that the Certificaterecognizes a new born not being a Citizen, but a “second class” citizen not having full control over their body, or mind, or name, or spirit all claimed through the morally repugnant, profane, sacrilegious and deceptive conduct of public officials; and

(v) Certificate of Bondage as Slave being the certificate as recognition of a man or woman or new born as a member of the poor, the paupers, the infants, the idiots and lunatics, the “horned cattle”, the beasts, the creatures, the humans, the dispossessed, the insolvent debtors and criminals and enemies of those who have created wholly mythical religious and legal texts to justify their exclusive positions as masters of a “planet of slaves”.

Canon 3350 (link)
The term Birth is a synonym of the Admiralty term Berth from the late early 1600’s meaning “a fixed address; or position on a ship; or room in which the ship’s company mess resides; or a space for a vessel to moor (settle)”.

Canon 3351 (link)
In terms of the history of Birth Certificates, Settlement Certificates and diminishing, tricking, deceiving, lying, seizing, condemning and cursing free people as slaves, wards, infants, cattle, poor and commodities:

(i) In 1535 (27Hen.8 c.28) King Henry VIII of England and his Venetian/Magyar banking advisers seized the property of the poor and common farmers under the pretext they were “small religious estates”. By 1539 (31Hen.8 c.13) he did the same for large religious estates. By 1540, (32Hen.8 c.1), all property was to be owned through “Estates” effectively being Welfare Funds granted by the Crown to the Benefit of use of Subjects with the most common being Estates for the non wealthy now considered “Wards of the Estate”. Then in 1545 (37Hen.8 c.1) King Henry VIII reintroduced a title directly and solely connected to the slave trade of Rome, abolished by emperors and forbidden under Christian law called the “Custos Rotulorum” meaning literally “Keeper of the Slave Rolls” into every county, to maintain records of the Poor now as slaves. The same sacrilegious, immoral, ecclesiastically unlawful positions continued into the 21st Century as connected with Birth Certificates; and

(ii) In 1547 (1Ed.6 c.3) , Edward VI issued a new statute that did forbid people considered poor from travelling, except for work, or from claiming their own time and activities and whether or not to work. All people (except those members of the ruling elite, particularly those non-Christian sects from Pisa, Venice and parts of Spain responsible for wholly false religious and legal texts) now declared slaves were either to be gainfully employed in the service of some lord or master, to work to death, or if they were found to be idle, or enjoying life then they were to be seized and permanently branded with a “V” and either sold as a slave or exterminated. The only exception to the rule, were those men who chose to dedicate themselves to support the status quo and become educated and knowledgeable in the false texts and false scriptures of the slave masters. This act was supposed to have been repealed in 1549 (3&4Ed.6 c.16). However, the act was then restored to full effect in 1572 (14El. c.5) and through subsequent repeals of repeals, remains in force; and

(iii) Under Queen Elizabeth I of England, a set of measures were introduced which had the effect of accelerating the disenfranchisement of land peasants into landless paupers. In 1589 (31El c. 7) peasants then required local parish permission to erect dwellings whereas before the erection of a dwelling by a land peasant on their lord's land was considered a "right". As a result, the ranks of the landless poor, or "paupers" swelled as available to be press-ganged into work; and

(iv) To placate the overwhelming hostility against England as a hellhole of slavery, exploitation and superstition, a new act was introduced in 1601 (43El. c.2 and “secret version” as 43 El. c.3) to begin to industrialize, hide and franchise slavery with the introduction of “overseers” of the poor as the foremen over the slaves, under a “cleric” of the parish and the renaming of children sold as sex slaves and workers to be called “Apprentices”. Thus the Apprentiship system was invented not to improve conditions, but to “rebrand” slavery under the Non-Christian English-Venetian-Pisan model of commerce. The act also introduced a new levy, collected by Parishes was called the "Poor Rates" (now called "council taxes") against wealthy property owners for their “rent” of use of the poor as slaves. This is the financial origin of Annuities 100 years later; and

(v) Under Charles II of England, the concept of “Settlements” as plantations of working poor controlled by the Church of England was further refined in 1662 (14Car.2 c.12) including for the first time the issuance of “Settlement Certificates” equivalent to a “birth certificate, passport and social security” rolled into one document. A child's birthplace was its place of settlement, unless its mother had a settlement certificate from some other parish stating that the unborn child was included on the certificate. However from the age of 7 upward the childcould have been apprenticed and therefore “sold into servitude” for some rent paid back to the church as “poor taxes”. The act also made it easier for the “clearing of common houses of the poor” and for the first time made the definition of poor the value of tenancy being a taxable value of less than £10 per year. The act also modified the age of “emancipation” from child slavery to adult slavery as the age of 16; and

(vi) Under the draconian and morally repugnant dictates of 1662 (14Car.2 c.12), no one was allowed to move from town to town without the appropriate “Settlement Certificate”. If a person entered a parish in which he or she did not have official settlement, and seemed likely to become chargeable to the new parish, then an examination would be made by the justices (or parish overseers). From this examination on oath, the justices would determine if that person had the means to sustain himself. The results of the examination were documented in an Examination Paper. As a result of the examination the intruder would then either be allowed to stay, or would be removed by means of what was known as a Removal Order, the origin of the modern equivalent of an “Eviction and Removal Notice” when a sheriff removes people from their home; and

(vii) In 1667 (19Car.2 c.4) the concept of “workhouses” were formalized and licensed as being effectively the very worst and hellish places where people considered “prisoners” could be “legally” and effectively worked to death for the profit of the elite pirates and thieves, under the full endorsement by the Church of England. This is the act that invented the concept of “Employment” and an expansion of the highly profitable white slavery business models of English aristocracy. Thus, people who were taken into custody by virtue of being poor, were expected to work as well as live in conditions as traumatic and evil as any in civilized history; and

(viii) The abuse of poor prisoners through the “workhouses” employment model was extremely profitable and a new act was required in 1670 (22Car.2 c.18) to regulate the corporations “renting” of prisoners as “employees” for profit, particularly in the paying of their accounts to the Crown; and

(ix) Previous acts were continued and some made perpetual such as the controls over paperwork and “Settlement Certificates” as the origin and ancestor of Birth Certificates by James II in 1685 (1J.2. c. 17) as one of the few acts that the ruling elite permitted to remain as an active Statute of Westminster under his reign; and

(x) Under William and Mary of Orange in 1691 (3W&M c.11), the acts of workhouses and abuse of the poor were continued and further refined, with greater oversight on paperwork and accounting for poor entering and leaving parishes, to prevent fraud by overseers and corporations; and

(xi) In 1697 (3W&M. c.11), one of the more horrific of the wicked and morally repugnant acts of Westminster was the introduction (in §2) of the “badge” of the poor with the letter “P” to be worn at all times on the shoulder of the right sleeve. Furthermore, all evidence as to “Jewish Badges” being introduced in Europe as early as the 13th Century is wholly and completely false, as the term “jew” was not revived until the 16th Century. Instead, the first examples of badges as a stigma to status is most likely this act and subsequent acts against the poor by banking and ruling elite who chose to identify themselves as members of the same non-Christian religioninvented in the 16th Century that claimed to be victims of the same barbarity. The use of the “P” as a form of curse and stigma is the same model of modern passports for citizens listed as "P" (Paupers, Poor, Peasant, Prisoners, Property, Peon) used today; and

(xii) In 1698 (9&10W3 c.11) an act reinforced the measurement of the poor being one who does not have an annual lease taxable at ten pounds or more, making at the time more than 95% of the population of England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland “poor”; and

(xiii) In 1713 (12Ann. S.2 c.18), the extension of Settlement Certificates as a form of negotiable Security was introduced for the first time (and continues with Birth Certificates today) whereby (§2) those born in a place but without a Settlement Certificate (including women and children), could be moved to a different location, such as a commercial workhouse when the “cost” of such certificates were purchased by a corporation; and

(xiv) Due to the increase in the number of “poor”, in 1722 a new law was passed (9Geo.1 c.7) in which those who had been thrown out of their homes or had their land seized by pirates and thieves operating with endorsement of Westminster and who sought relief from the Church to stay alive now had to “compete” to enter into a workhouse to survive. Furthermore, the act expanded the ability for a wide variety of business owners to contract with churchwardens for the rent and use of the poor as “indentured servants” and “apprentices”.

(xv) In 1733 (6Geo.2 c.32), one of the most inhumane and barbaric edicts in history was issued by Westminster (and remains an underlying pillar of the slave system today), whereby poor people who could not purchase a “license” to be considered married, would have their children deemed “bastards” and such children could then be seized by Churchwardens and “sold”. Thus the baby slave trade was born and fully endorsed by the Church of England and British Society; and

(xvi) In 1761 (2Geo.3 c.22), Westminster declared that all poor as mental “infants” and too stupid to realize the underlying system of slavery and complicity of the Christian Churches, were now to be cursed and doomed as “dead in law” by their registration in the Bills of Mortality and the creation of the “civil birth” rituals being rituals of death that continue today within modern hospitals and registration of new born babies. This was further reinforced with the act in 1767 (7Geo.3 c.39) that poor children were to be registered and considered “dead in law”; and

(xvii) Beginning in 1773 with the Inclosure Act 1773 (13Geo.3 c.81), followed by the Inclosure Consolidation Act 1801 (41Geo.3 c.109), English Parliament effectively "privatized" massive amounts of common land for the benefit of a few, causing huge numbers of land peasants to become "landless paupers" and therefore in need of parish assistance. In America, this caused massive rebellion as well as in Ireland and Scotland and contributed to forming a Patriot militia leading to the "War of Independence". Almost the entire Patriot milita were deceived, captured and executed in New York (in 1777) under a deal between George Washington of the United Companyof Merchants Blue Army and General Cornwalis of the East India Company Red Army. The Inclosure Acts are the foundation of Land Title as it is known today; and

(xviii) Because of the deliberate "legal" theft of land under parliamentary Inclosure laws of the late 18th and early 19th Century, the number of paupers dramatically increased. This led to the most awful and cruel laws being introduced to deliver to an elite few, the slave labor force needed for the industrial revolution through the Poor Law Amendment Act (1834) (5&6Will.4 c.76) which effectively stated that the poor could not receive any benefitunless they were constantly "employed" in a workhouse prison. Most importantly, much of the inhuman, barbaric and wholly immoral and sacriligeous framework of dictates and edicts of Westminster remained in force and were not repealed by this act). Thus, despite international treaties against slavery, the very worst slavery being "wage slavery" or "lawful slavery" was born whereby men, women and children lived in terrible conditions and were continued to be worked "to death"; and

(xix) In 1836, the Births and Deaths Registration Act (1836) (6&7Will.4 c.86) was introduced which for the first time created the General Register Office and the requirement for uniform records of births, deaths and marriages across the Empire by Municipal Councils and Unions of Parishes. Thus on 1, July 1837, the Birth Certificate was formed as the successor of the Settlement Certificate for all "paupers" disenfranchised of their land birthright to be considered lawful ("voluntary") slaves with benefits provided by the local parish / region underwritten by the Society of Lloyds as it is still today; and

(xx) Beginning from 1871, further historic changes in the administration of “vital statistics” such as birth certificates and death certificates with the introduction of health districts or “sanitary districts”. The Local Government Act of 1871 (34&35Vict. c.70), Public Health Act 1872 (35&36Vict. c.79) and in 1874 (37&38Vict. c.89) and the Public Health Act 1875 (38&39Vict. c.55) created a system of “districts” called Sanitary Districts governed by a Sanitary Authority responsible for various public health matters including mental health legally known as “sanity”. Two types of Sanitary Districts were created being Urban and Rural. While the sanitary districts were “abolished” in 1894 with the Local Government Act of 1894 (57&58Vict. c.73), the administration of the “poor” is still maintained in part under the concept of district health boards of Guardians including magistrates and other “Justices of the Peace”; and

(xxi) In 1948, the National Assistance Act (11&12Geo.6 c.29) was introduced and supposed to abolish the Poor Laws. However, many of the most draconian poor law acts were not repealed or abolished as evidenced by the tables of repealed acts that miss key acts, otherwise remaining with full force and effect.

Canon 3352 (link)
Since 1990 under the United Nations and the World Health Organisation (WHO) by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the system of issuing birth certificates as proof of a man or woman being a permanent member of the underclass has become an international system.

Canon 3353 (link)
In respect of the adoption of the multiple functions of the use of the information and generic form of a Birth Certificatewithin present Western Roman Systems:

(i) Whilst the same general form and extracted information almost exactly the same as a Birth Certificate may be used (eg a Bond, or other form of Security), unless it is officially “titled” a “Birth Certificate” it is not therefore a “Birth Certificate”; and

(ii) There is no evidence that Bonds using the same information derived from the birth register information uses the title “Birth Certificate” (when it is most likely the term Bond is used). Therefore, any presumptions that precisely the same certificate is used for creating bonds is a gross error, when in fact the real question is the use of the information; and

(iii) Ignorance in presuming the precise same form of a Birth Certificate is used in all cases of applying the information is a major contributor to permitting “plausible deniability” as to the use or misuse of such information by governments.

Canon 3354 (link)
In respect of the adoption of the Admiralty term “Birth” in relation to newborns:

(i) The historic record of Statutes of Westminster are a highly unreliable indicator as to the origin of use of the word “Birth” in substitute for historic more ancient and more common terms in the English language such as nascence (from Latin nasci being “born”), or filial, or kin or born. In fact, the majority of European languages with poignant exception to English continue the tradition of using words descended from nasci to indicate the arrival of a new born; and

(ii) Westminster statutes indicate the term Birth being used to describe newborns by the early 1700’s. However, this should be discounted as almost certainly examples of deliberate fraud and corruption. Instead, the most likely introduction of the term Birth, to distinguish from Berth is by early 1800’s such as (6&7Will.4 c.86) following the transfer of control of the registration of all “vessels” to Admiralty in 1795 (35Geo.3 c.58) and reinforced in 1813 (54Geo.3 c.151) and 1823 with (4Geo.4 c.41).

Canon 3355 (link)
In respect of Birth Certificates clearly being derived and dependent upon the history of acts concerning SettlementCertificates of the Poor and the commercial control of Admiralty:

(i) Any argument, claim, judgment, edict, statement, affidavit that denies the overwhelming prima facie evidence that Birth Certificates are descended from and a variation of Settlement Certificates is therefore irrational, unreasonable and in error and null and void from the beginning; and

(ii) Any public official, or occupant of public office that denies Birth Certificates are derived from SettlementCertificates and the Poor Laws therein is culpable of gross deceptive and misleading conduct.

Canon 3356 (link)
The surrender, return, rejection of a Birth Certificate by definition of the Poor Laws that remain in effect and including the law of Admiralty and Settlement Certificates actually places the individual in greater moral danger, without any sensible advantage:

(i) A man or woman who has perfected their own Will and Testament through the prescribed model of Voluntatem Et Testamentum is able to demonstrate a far superior claim and position than any official or enforcement officer under the Birth Certificate Regime; and

(ii) Under the model of Voluntatem Et Testamentum, the Birth Certificate is irrelevant as all persons are registered within the proper Rolls of the Estate as property of the Estate; and

(iii) It could be reasonably argued that a man or woman who surrenders their Birth Certificate, demonstrates an act of complete stupidity and incompetence and therefore subjects themselves to greater control as wards, idiots and lunatics.

Canon 3357 (link)
Under the limited terms of relief of those who possess Settlement Certificates, the holder of a Birth Certificate in past periods was able, in limited circumstances, to use the Birth Certificate as evidence of a right to maintenance and direction to discharge debts against the Cestui Que Vie accounts, otherwise denied. In other words, the extremely limited circumstances by which a Birth Certificate is converted into a bond by the authorised holder in Cestui Que Use:

(i) Whilst the holder of a Birth Certificate possesses only Cestui Que Use of the Person, they hold sufficient legal authority to endorse the back of a valid and certified copy of the Birth Certificate, thus creating a legitimate Bond; and

(ii) The endorsement on the back of a valid Birth Certificate is always at 90 degrees – (Never at 45 degrees) to the main direction of the writing on the front side of the Certificate. A Birth Certificate never has its face changed by the holder as this renders the instrument defective and useless; and

(iii) The words to be included with the signature and the word Endorsement or Endorsed are “Pay to the holderwithout recourse for all debts, duties, fines and legacies concerning account number (account number being the account listing the debt)”; and

(iv) No amount is ever listed as part of the set-off and effective discharge. If an amount of money is listed, then such an endorsement is void and may be construed as a deliberately false act with deeper consequences; and

(v) The acceptance of such a bond was extremely limited to certain cases in relation to public debts (such as hospitals, taxes and court fines). However, it is unclear in the collapse of any resemblance of law if any such remedy remains permitted by the wholly corporate model of broken government.

Canon 3358 (link)
The existence of a Birth Certificate is prima facie evidence of the existence of one or more Cestui Que Vie Trust. Therefore, any argument, or denial of such fact is gross deceptive and misleading conduct at best, or incompetence and stupidity at worst.

Canon 3359 (link)
The existence of Birth Certificates and the statutes that created them from Settlement Certificates to Admiralty based Birth Certificates is overwhelming and irrefutable evidence of organized and systematic slavery, in complete contradiction to all laws claiming the abolition of slavery and servitude.

Canon 3360 (link)
A fundamental flaw that remains within the Settlement (Birth) Certificate System for the Roman Cult and its agents remains the fact that a Settlement Certificate is proof that a man or woman must have been born on the land for the certificate to have effect, regardless of convoluted subsequent presumptions of what the certificate actually represents. If a man or woman was not born on the land somewhere a certificate could not be issued. Therefore any rejection, or return of a Birth Certificate serves as perfected evidence that a man or woman was born on the land and support to any Affidavit of Truth concerning their immutable rights from the Divine Creator.

Canon 3361 (link)
As Settlement Certificates and later Birth Certificates are solely and purposefully designed to disenfranchise men and woman from their rightful inheritance through voluntary enslavement and admission to being "paupers", the system of Birth Certificates is wholly without legitimacy, a global system of organized fraud and crime and without lawful effect.

Canon 3362 (link)
As Birth Certificates and their use are a deliberate corruption of all forms of law, philosophy of law and application of law, the system is reprobate, forbidden and never permitted to be revived.

Canon 3363 (link)
The system of Live Borne Records which recognize the full rights of all men and women as equal and higher orderbeings possessing sacred and immutable rights which can never be abrogated is a superior system to Birth Certificates and can never be compared to the slavery system of Birth Certificates and Settlement Certificates.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
February 23 at 4:20pm ·
So Much Confusion Resolved

People are grossly confused about the Birth Certificate, what it is, what it does, why it exists, etc. That confusion is somewhat created and perpetuated by the document itself. It appears to be a record belonging to us, but in fact, it is a registration document issued by a foreign government.

That foreign government is under contract to provide "essential government services" (Article IV) for our states of the Union. To finance those services, this foreign government assumes that you are responsible for its expenses. They register the event of your birth and they issue bonds known as CUSIP Bonds in your NAME.

These CUSIP Bonds are public debt obligations racked up against you and your assets.

Your NAME is applied to a foreign corporation which is subject to United States Territorial law and is obligated as a debtor by definition. Thus, almost the moment you come into this world you are set upon and "redefined" as a DEBTOR responsible for paying the debts of the foreign United States Territorial Government.

From the standpoint of the United States Territorial Government, these debts (bonds = I.O.U.s) purportedly owed by you and your ESTATE are credits for them and obligations placed on you and your assets. If you don't pay up, they will bring charges (literal charges as in charges against a bank account) against YOU, the foreign corporation that they named after you.

Also, according to the corporate rules of the United States Territorial Government as published in their 1868 version of "The Constitution of the United States of America"--- which is the territorial constitution still standing--- YOU is a publicly owned slave and is guilty by definition as a criminal. Take a close look at their 14th Amendment.

So when they bring YOU into one of their foreign territorial US District Courts YOU are already guilty by definition and YOU already owe whatever they say YOU owe.

As you will see if you read their 13th Amendment, slavery is abolished except for criminals. And in the next breath, the 14th Amendment, they define YOU as a criminal, and therefore also a slave.

This is why when they bring charges against YOU, they don't listen to law or facts and they repeatedly tell YOU that YOU have no constitutional rights.

They don't have to listen to law or facts because within their system of things, YOU has already been defined as a criminal and a debtor and a slave; so, whatever the charge is, you owe. And of course, YOU have no rights under any constitution and never have had any rights under any constitution, because Territorial United States CITIZENS have no such rights and never did have any such rights.

All this is because they foisted a BC off on you and registered it, and nobody came forward to object. So, there you are, as the Marines say, "screwed, glued, and tattooed"--- and for your tormentors, who are supposed to be your public servants, your BC is deposited in their Treasury (which is the IMF) and a Letter of Credit is issued benefiting them. That is, your credit, benefiting them. You and your assets are -- according to them -- standing as surety for their debts and underwriting their credit.

So, what are you doing when you return the BC to the Secretary of the Treasury (an IMF and Interpol Officer) and name him your Fiduciary? You are giving back the debt and relinquishing the obligation.

He now has to act in your best interests and recall the deposited BC from the IMF and relieve you of the debt and the false presumptions associated with it. The debt YOU owe has to be cancelled out effective with your actual birthday, if you so direct it, and the BC (which has already been funded) has to be re-deposited as a credit.

Those of us reclaiming our natural birthright estate direct the credit to be returned to the land jurisdiction United States Treasury Account known as U.S. Treasury - 1789. You and your states of the Union are then no longer debtors or slaves, but appear in your true role as Priority Creditors who have paid their bills and then some.

This is because what is a debt for a Territorial United States CITIZEN operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea, is a credit for you, operating as an American state national---what they call a "United States National" --- on the international jurisdiction of the land.

And the difference whether creditor or debtor depends entirely on the capacity in which you choose to act and what jurisdiction you choose to operate in and your willingness to correct the falsified public records to reclaim your Good Name and your assets.

Of course, for most Americans, this cozy set up the British Territorial United States Government created for itself is all new news. We were never told. It was not intended that we would ever know the false claims and false political statuses being applied to us, because once we found out, we would naturally object.

This is why our Mothers were never given full disclosure and why we ourselves were attacked when we were mere babies in our cradles and could not possibly object or take action in our own behalf or even remember that any of this went on.

This is why we were all treated to the spectacle of hooded figures parading around the coffin of a dead baby at the London Winter Olympics.

So now you know the whole story, first to last, how a British-backed governmental services corporation, contrived to indebt and enslave generations of innocent Americans and steal their land and the value of their labor, too.

And since it was all by fraud and since the Trump Administration has been fully informed and since the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Court of Justice has been fully informed and since the Pope and the Queen have been given Due Process and the process of restoring order and sanity began twenty years ago--- what you all have to do is wake up on an individual basis and correct your records.

And how do you do that?

The vermin got in the grain storage by mis-characterizing your Trade Name as a Foreign Situs Trust under British control on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways back in 1933. That's why your Trade Name has been declared "Missing, Presumed Lost" on the land ever since that time.

By Maxim of Law: "As a Thing is Bound so it is Unbound."

You pull the same trick on the Bar and "redefine" your Trade Name back to being a Trade Name on the land jurisdiction of the United States, and re-convey it back to the land and soil of the actual state, such as Texas, Georgia, or Wisconsin, where your actual nativity took place. You record this "Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Deed of Re-Conveyance" of your lawful Trade Name and all and any orderings, spellings, permutations, variations, styles or punctuations of it to its permanent domicile on the land and soil of _________. (Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, etc.) Write it up, slap a Recording Cover Sheet on it, identifying your FIRST MIDDLE LAST as the Foreign Grantor Trust delivering the Deed and your First Middle Last Trade Name as the American State Grantee receiving the Deed, giving a return address "in care of" whatever postal address you have been using--- and record this claim at the nearest land recording office.

We can all also begin the process of prosecuting the criminals responsible--- most of whom are already dead, but we can try them posthumously, and we can also hold the present accomplices accountable for any failure to cease and desist these false presumptions being held against Americans and their assets, Brits and their assets, Aussies and their assets, Japanese and their assets, Germans and their assets..... wherever this vicious criminality is to be found.

This entire system which they employed to enslave us was promoted and held together by the Romanus Pontifex and the various trusts created by Popes of the Roman Catholic Church. This entire system was dissolved, officially, on June 12th, 2011--- and all claims to our land assets were released via Public Register Number 983210-331235-01004.

We have tried to negotiate a General Peace, based on the worldwide recognition of this venal fraud, and to establish a systemic remedy in the years since then. Thus far, those efforts have not yielded the overall results we want, and the members of the Bar Associations have continued to entrap and prosecute people who never knowingly or willingly entered their jurisdiction and who do not naturally belong to it and who have been treated as unlawfully converted chattel, incarcerated, taxed, and press-ganged into the service of the British Crown against their Will-- which is clearly established in the Preamble of The Constitution for the united States of America.

These are all criminal acts of inland piracy and treason against the Constitution owed to us.

No corporation has any right, title or interest in our names and persons superior to ours, and the simple facts and abundant evidences proclaim before all the world that the Popes and the British Monarchs acted in Breach of Trust and violation of commercial contract, while their practice of making fraudulent claims of jurisdiction, fraudulent claims of bankruptcy against our sovereign nation-states, and fraudulent coercive acts of racketeering against trusting Mothers and babies in their cradles --- deserve nothing but universal condemnation and speak for themselves.

We call upon all people to move forward without delay to establish their own claims upon their Trade Names (also called Given Names, the First Middle Last names written in Upper and Lower Case) and officially re-convey them to the land and soil of the state or province where their actual nativity occurred on the public record provided by the local Land Recording Offices.

Remember that in international terms, you and everything you own, is considered a land asset. This includes your names, your body, your homes, your money, your rights, your credit, and everything else naturally belonging to you.

We call upon the members of the Bar Associations and the American Military to wake to hell up and cease and desist aiding and abetting these fraudulent claims and repugnant practices.

You have been mis-directed and mis-informed to promote winning a war that ended in September 1945 in the case of the Bar Associations, and a war that ended in April 1865 in the case of the American Military.

And we, the American states and people, were never part of either war. We are your employers, innocent Third Parties that you have been dis-serving and preying upon under conditions of fraud and criminality and breach of trust.

If you want to continue to have jobs and be able to function in this country, you have to quit all this vicious monkey-business and clean up your acts; otherwise, you will be recognized as common criminals, unlicensed privateers, engaged in racketeering and unlawful solicitation on our shores. We will bring our complaints before the international community and we will shut you down and mandate other service providers effective immediately.

This is no longer a matter of politely asking the members of the Bar to cease and desist and not a matter of "if you want to do the right thing". Either do the right thing and release all these unjustifiable and venal legal presumptions against American state nationals or make up your mind that you will be recognized as a criminal and a public danger, individually liable for all the damages you and your organizations have caused on a worldwide basis.

Likewise, Joint Chiefs of Staff, this situation has gone as far as it is going to go. You need to bite the bullet and exert the necessary pressure on the bankers and the politicians to declare the peace and return our purloined assets. All of this crime against the American People has happened on your watch and you have benefited from it. If you want to be exonerated, take action now and do the actual duty you were hired to do: protect the American states and people. If that means taking a bayonet to the municipal government officials responsible for all this and arresting every single one of them, you have our permission.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz

21 hrs ·

Persistent Questions

1. I have had people saying, "Oh, no! You don't want to have anything to do with the STRAWMAN!" --- but just like in the Wizard of Oz, the STRAWMAN is your friend. I also have people running off and registering their NAMES with State of State organizations. Does it make sense to pay pirates for the use of your own name, however it is styled? Hello?

There is a logic to everything and you must follow the logic of things to the end conclusion.

When you claim and re-convey your Trade Name (also known as your Given Name) which is your Upper and Lower Case First Middle Last name just like you were taught in Grade School----that is, your name in this form: "John Mark Doe" and re-convey it back to the "land and soil" of the state where you were born, you in the same breath claim "all styles, orderings, permutations, variations, spellings, and punctuation(s)" of that name and establish their "permanent domicile" on the "land and soil" of the state where you were born. You bring the STRAWMEN -- JOHN DOE, JOHN MARK DOE, and JOHN M. DOE -- right along with you and put them back on the land jurisdiction, too.

But, but, but....I hear some people saying, you don't want the STRAWMAN! The STRAWMAN is a public slave and owes tons of debt! Why would you ever want to claim the STRAWMAN?

To control the STRAWMAN, first and foremost. Does it make sense that you would leave any version of your name under the control of faceless bureaucrats? And as I secondarily explained, while the STRAWMAN is a debtor and a public trust when it is operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea, it is a creditor and a private trust when operating on the international jurisdiction of the land. When you bring HIM/HER back ashore, a little magic happens--- the debtor becomes the creditor.

Think of it this way: so long as the STRAWMAN is defined as a sea-going British chattel, HE is a debtor, a criminal, a slave, and a public trust. The instant HE is redefined as an American land asset, HE is a free and honorable creditor and a private trust that the rats can't mess with. So in which condition do you want your NAME to be in?

Yes, you do want to claim all the variations of your name at the same time you claim and re-convey your Trade Name, and you want to record their permanent domicile on the land and soil of the state where you were born. Not only do you re-convey the STRAWMEN to a permanent domicile on the land and soil jurisdiction, you issue Certificates of Assumed Name for them and record those, too. You want to claim back the proper use and identity of absolutely everything associated with you and your estate, including whatever other new "names" they dream up for you.

And please be aware that even now they are scrambling around trying to keep their old schtick going by dreaming up new variations of NAMES and Names for you. If you watch your mail and your bank statements, you will see all sorts of peculiar things appearing: JOHN Mark DOE, J. Mark Doe, JOHAN M. DOE, JOHN-MARK
OE, Doe: John Mark, and so on.

But your claim of all variations and permutations and spellings and punctuations and orderings will already be on the public record and they will all be pre-defined with a permanent domicile on the land and soil of the state where you were born, so no matter what, when the rats come to charge their newest "derivative" -- you will be ready to say, "Sorry, that's not a British prize. That's an American vessel. And here is my Certified Copies of the Public Records proving that I am the controller and owner of that name and trademark."

The paperwork also shows the recorded permanent domicile of these "vessels" on the land and soil of a sovereign state. End of story.

2. How to deal with THEIR courts?
Once you have your own paperwork together and recorded, the only responsibility you have with respect to their courts in most situations
(1) presentation of the Mandatory Notice required under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act;
(2) proper rebuttal to any summons;
(3) duty to inform.

The FSIA Notice is required so that they are given fair warning that you are claiming your status. The reply to summons is to keep you out of trouble via any claim that you evaded them or showed them contempt. You are not obligated to respond to any summons other than rebutting it in a timely manner, which basically means "returning service to the court" with a registered mail letter saying, "Sorry, I am not obligated to appear and decline to do so." You will want to include a brief signed "Testimony in Fulfillment of Duty to Inform". This is just a brief statement of numbered facts in which you say whatever is true about the referenced issues you were summoned about. If you know nothing about them, you just say---
By Special Limited Appearance I testify from without the United States on my honor that: (1) It is a fact that I know nothing about the people or issues referenced in the summons dated_________. And if you do know anything that would be helpful to the court, you enumerate the facts in a similar manner. You sign that Testimony using a by-line, meaning you claim authorship like in a newspaper article--- by:________ and thumbprint it in red ink, so that the thumbprint touches but does not obscure your name. And send it in with the Mandatory Notice and your Summons Rebuttal.

For 9/10th of the supposed infractions people are summoned to appear for, this all that is necessary to avoid any further contact from the court or any possible claim that you showed them contempt or evaded anything.

The key is to be polite and remember that these people are supposed to be working for you, so you do have a reasonable cause to assist them in the discharge of their duties and a duty under the Public Law to inform them regarding crimes that you may have witnessed.

For the other 1/10th, you have to recall that while they do not have any nexus of authority related to you most of the time, they do have a general law enforcement duty related to the delegated powers and their governing constitution. If you stray into their jurisdiction, you become subject to their administration. For example, the federales have delegated authority over sales of alcohol, tobacco and firearms across state lines. If you are a gun shop owner engaged in selling guns across state lines, you come under federal jurisdiction for those activities and have to hop through their hoops and pay any applicable sales and manufacturing taxes related to those activities--- and if you fail to do so, their courts can legitimately call you to account for that.

Similarly, if you are directly involved in any event on actual federal land, such as a fistfight on a Naval Base, you can be legitimately summoned as a Witness, even though you are a Foreign Sovereign with respect to them. If you participated in the fight, you can be held for 72 hours and then released to the local Sheriff.

The rules are similar for the "federated" State of State and County corporate franchise organizations. Their General Sessions laws may arguably apply to (and for) you via administration of the Public Trust established for the actual state in the wake of the Civil War, but none of their statutory laws do.
The thing to remember is that nobody wants a bunch of violent criminals ram-rodding around the country doing what they please. We are all obligated in our own small sphere to keep the peace and avoid harming other people and their property. Its a very simple and common sense standard when you get down to it and once you know who you are, who they are, and what is supposed to be happening.

The other thing I want everyone to remember is that the American Common Law is very straight-forward and often Draconian. You rustle cattle, you get hung. Period. You get drunk and drive and run over and kill a teenager walking home from school, you get tried for murder no ifs, ands, or buts.
I say this to point out that while the American Common Law offers people a lot more freedom, it also requires a lot more social responsibility. There is no moddle-coddling of criminals and no discretion for judges. What the jury decides, the jury decides. And that's that. Any other mitigating circumstances, your bad childhood, your fear of dogs--- doesn't count.

So when you put your Trade Name back on the land and soil and place yourself under the American Common Law--- be aware that true freedom requires the responsible exercise of that freedom.

3. What about people born in the District of Columbia or to members of the military serving overseas?

If either one or both of your parents was born on the land and soil of an American state, you can claim your nationality through either one them.

If neither parent was born on the land and soil of an American state, you are stuck being a Federal Citizen, and have to claim Equal Civil Rights as your remedy, until you establish your own permanent domicile within an actual state of the Union.

A similar situation pertains to first generation immigrants. They are naturalized as United States Citizens and retain that public status until and unless they meet the requirements (varies from state to state) to become state nationals-- what the Federales call "United States Nationals".

Generally speaking you have to live in a state for a specified period of time, have to declare your intention, have to establish a permanent home, have to avoid any felony convictions, and demonstrate that you are self-supporting, of age, of sound mind, and generally good character. Its a rigorous but reasonable standard established in the General Session Laws of each state, and if you meet the standard and follow the instructions established by the law, you can claim to be a Floridian, Vermonter, or Wisconsinite like everyone else there.

4. What about Social Security and other federal programs? Won't I lose all that I paid for if I do this?

See Item 1. You don't lose anything. You gain control of what is rightfully yours and cease to be treated as a mentally incompetent ward of the State of State.

For people already getting payments from Social Security the key word is "retired". The "federal government" is nothing more or less than corporations in the business of providing stipulated governmental services, just like GM is in the business of building and selling cars, and Dell is in the business of building and selling computers. If you are like most Americans, you have never been employed by the federal government at all and have been mis-identified as a federal worker and "taxpayer" most of your life. You paid into their social welfare/retirement fund, called the Public Charitable Trust, by mistake, as the result of disinformation and coercion telling you that you were required to get a Social Security Number and required to pay federal income taxes and required to act as a federal citizen.

It's still the same situation as if you had worked for GM or Dell and vested in their retirement program. Once you are retired, you no longer have to wear a GM uniform or name tag or carry a Dell Employee ID. Same thing with the federal government. You are retired from any and all such obligations of their "citizenship" and are free to return to your birthright status without it impacting any iota of what you are owed.

But, but, but.... OMG! What happens if these federal corporations go bankrupt and I lose my pension?

Not to worry. You are actually their Priority Creditors. The Veterans and the Pensioners get first dibs. Just claim up your Name/NAMES and remove their permanent domicile to the land and soil of your birth state. We have already set up the Indemnity Bond for your State and an Equal Protection Claim for you, and since your whole problem has been caused by fraud and Breach of Trust in the first place, you are triply indemnified.

The Social Security program established by the Federales was a cheapskate program that was mismanaged---a bureaucratic nightmare, and on top of everything else, anything you got back from it was taxed. This makes more sense when you realize that Social Security was twisted around and redefined as part of the Public Charitable Trust that was established in the wake of the Civil War as a welfare trust to take care of displaced plantation slaves--converting the pension payments you are owed into welfare benefits that are a non-obligatory debt of a bankrupt corporation.

There can be little to no doubt that the rats in Congress intended to bankrupt their governmental services corporations and stiff the American Veterans and Retirees.
However, this was observed and objected to twenty years ago, and doggedly pursued all this time, to prevent that from ever happening. Instead of you all suddenly facing old age without a penny and no medical care and all the other nightmarish possibilities that present themselves to your imaginations, you will be in receipt of far better care, far better payments, and far less red-tape.

The new system will be far better than anything currently available and provide a much broader spectrum of care and higher retirement payments for both Veterans and Retirees in general, whether retirees in the public or the private sector. It will also provide services that are currently unavailable-- counseling and physical therapy options that don't exist now, in-house treatment programs for alcoholism and drug addiction, nutritional and natural healing options that aren't currently covered, hospice and caretaker respite services and much, much more.

So, instead of fear-mongering and spreading rumors and sitting around on your duffs feeling helpless and scared, get up on your hindlegs and start walking with your heads up and your shoulders back. You have worked hard all your lives and paid your dues in Good Faith. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Those who have defrauded you and abused your trust are the ones who need to re-think their values and blush.


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Apr 13, 2011
so, everyone stop paying taxes

Let's have some leadership on this one:


the following year, more of us will follow




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Mar 31, 2010
Anna stopped paying taxes some time ago and they don’t mess with her. And yes, I too am waiting to hear from others who are on the path she has chosen. She can’t do this for the entire nation. What she says and has discovered makes more sense than anyone else I’ve heard or read about. What would be the most difficult part is convincing those still in the matrix at the recording office and other government places.



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Apr 1, 2010
Ya, I admit I'm still paying. Have to convince the wife or be prepared for a real big fight on the home front.
I don't much relish the idea, but we are paying for our own demise via taxes to people actively engaged in killing our way of life.
I have to submit this paperwork.

There are some brave folks out there on the front lines and those who have done it right appear to be able to stay out of the UNITED STATES COURTS INC. Or they have stopped the courts with just the simple challenge to prove that they are US Citizens.

The courts can't prove it, because it is NOT true, most of us have never stood in front of a judge and sworn an oath to the UNITED STATES.

But we have been deceived many times to declare ourselves to be US Citizens, so we have a number of contracts with the UNITED STATES that have to be terminated.

Another brave fellow standing out front is Paul jj Hansen.
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