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Anyone using Amazon Fire stick?


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Mar 30, 2010
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Simple drop of candle wax on the mic hole should do it. Black tape will probably work too.
Nov 15, 2016
I was thinking about getting one of those little android HDMI computers that are so cheap now. Now I think I'm just gonna stick with a non WIFI desktop. Maybe get a micro atx set up for a media station.

Think about it: Fire TV devices already have the hardware, software and bandwidth to record audio and upload it to Amazon.com. That's part of the spec and functionality of the system. The devices have no power off button to discourage people from turning them off. The devices are already linked to your personal identity via your credit card on file with Amazon, and this is the same company that's now building a massive storage and data center for the CIA, which for some reason now needs massive data storage capacity and the ability to process that data using buildings full of servers.

An article published by MHP Books (4) reveals that Amazon may already be working with the NSA to provide surveillance data on U.S. citizens:

...One mainstream source -- Businessweek -- rather perversely observes that the leaked documents show Dropbox was about to be added to the PRISM program, then goes on to say that "This is a weird one because Dropbox stores its customers' files on Amazon.com's cloud computing service, yet Amazon appears nowhere in the Prism documents." It fails to note that not all the companies suspected of supplying the NSA with info were named in the documents -- that those documents were in fact redacted -- although it does show a modicum of due diligence in asking Amazon if it was participating in the NSA program, and a spokeswoman responds with an apparent two word answer: "Not cooperating."

But are they to be believed? Other non-mainstreamers report bluntly that Amazon was part of PRISM. To still other observers, such as this reader in the Guardian, it seems obvious: "Does this explain the apparent immunity to tax of Apple, Amazon and co?" she asks.

Full details on the PRISM infrastructure exposed by Edward Snowden are described in this Market Oracle article. We've also covered it here on Natural News.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/046009_A...ance_perfect_spying_device.html#ixzz4XqPlZEIe
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