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Are Foreign Powers Crafting US Public Opinion? | Jerry Robinson


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Are Foreign Powers Crafting US Public Opinion? | Jerry Robinson
Reluctant Preppers

Published on Jul 24, 2016
So you've wakened up to the blatant malpractice of the mainstream media suppressing truth we need to know, ignoring vital threats, selectively spinning the scripted narrative, and actively distracting us with questionable sideshows from what's really going on and jugular to our future... But do you know the specific foreign nation's elite who are pulling the strings that shape the hearts and minds of the masses, and what is the motivation behind the incontravertible evidence of mass media collusion, with full backing and complicity of the US government?

Jerry Robinson, author of "Bankruptcy of Our Nation" and founder of Follow The Money Daily, reveals the foreign powers who were being sheltered by the suppression of the secret 28-pages released on Friday July 15 2016, and the startling "coincidences" of simultaneous shocking events and media misdirection that have us all looking the wrong way. You don't want to miss this chilling expose, if you intend to be aware and prepared.

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