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Awww chit, here we go again


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Mar 25, 2010
this in from our hoster,

Scheduled Network Maintenance

Maintenance Type: Network Component Upgrade
Start time: 02/05/15 22:00 CST
End time: 02/06/15 03:00 CST
Potential Impact: Brief periods of potential network connectivity instability

We are writing to inform you of an upcoming scheduled network maintenance that may have a short duration impact to your dedicated server(s). On Thursday February 5, 2015 beginning at 10:00 PM CST we will be upgrading the network hardware that your server relies on. The maintenance period will conclude at 3:00 AM CST on Friday February 6, 2015. During this 5 hour period you may notice short periods of less than 3 minutes where your server may be inaccessible. While we try in most cases to ensure that maintenance does not interfere with your services, in this case it is simply not possible to completely eliminate some connectivity issues during the maintenance period.

Please note that your server will not be inaccessible for 5 hours, but rather for just a few minutes during this 5 hour period. At no point in time will your server be down, nor is there any reason for additional concern about your data, we are simply making changes to the network that your server is on in order to bring greater stability, redundancy and speed to our network. Our Network Engineers have spent months planning these changes out and have tested our procedures, hardware and software in advance of making these changes to our production environment. We will of course be monitoring network performance throughout the maintenance and have documented in detail our roll-back procedure should any issues be detected.

For the vast majority of customers on this network, there will be no detectable interruption at all, and for those that do experience some, it will take place at what we know to be one of the lowest points in network traffic during the week. We thank you for trust in us, and for your support of us

Status updates during the maintenance will be available here.



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Apr 5, 2010
If I never hear from any of y'all ever again, I just want to say thanks, it's been a blast! Good luck and Godspeed Scorp!