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"Bad Math" or an "Exxtranucci" Opinion


Apr 3, 2010
Does History Repeat it self?
Republican president is replaced by Democrat replaced by Republican.
Republican [Nixon] is in Gold is @ $35 than Democrat [Carter] is in
& goes up to $227. That is 6.5 x [times] stops, and at the end of Presidency
the number is $840 that is 24 x [times]. Also $227 x 3.70 is $840

Republican [George W.] Gold is down to $285 Democrat [O' B] is in
& goes up to $1850. That is 6.5 x [times] than stops.
If history where to repeat it self with my "Bad Math"
24 times $285 = $6,850.00
3.7 times $1850 = $6,845.00
IF repeat IF the Democrat [O' B] is replaced with Republican [T}
We should see this Gold around $6850
If another Democrat [H] wins all bets off and have to wait to see this
$6,850 number.
Mr. Exxtranucci says sell when it hits $6500.

After $6850 should settle down to $2300
$840 times .34 = $285 $6850 x .34 = $2300

This is Just "Bad Math" or an "Exxtranucci" opinion