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Bagman ~ It's a old story about corruption, that is how it works.


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Apr 2, 2010
I know about bagmen. It was explained to me when I was quite young, below ten. So it is quite familiar to me.
My father did work for three brothers that happened to be Jewish. They were all multi-millionaires.
They were all around my father's age, one a little older, one the same age, one a little younger.
They were involved in produce brokerage, meaning they got contracts on produce out of Cali, sometimes without investing a dime (called on the cuff) or sometimes they purchased rolling stock, etc. Then they would find a buyer for that produce, and take the difference in price. None of them served in WWII. Of course, my father did.
The youngest was the "bagman". There were price and other controls on produce during WWII.
The youngest's job as bagman was to fly to Cali (imagine the "pull" you needed to do that back then), get bags of money, and fly the bags of money back to Chicago. That is the "war service" he did. lol. Why him? Well, when you are corrupt and are getting your dough, you can't take it in the normal way. You need cash, unless of course you are connected and protected, which they were not as far as I know. You can't send just anybody, because of course you risk the possibility of the bagman running off with the dough. So you use a family member. Everything off the books and no written or telephonic communications nor telegrams (the email of the day). Makes sense right?

So here is Corrupt Joe Biden, using his son as his bagman. But Hunter is an insane, out of control crackhed. Big mistake.
What everybody knew who was paying attention, but couldn't get anything done about, suddenly leaks out.
But Corrupt Joe Biden is "protected". By the CIA, by the FBI, by the DoJ.

So now we have the old saw "The Russians Did It" etc. MSM trying to shovel it under the rug. But they are failing, the word is out, the cat is out of the bag.

So Corrupt Joe Biden is so stupid he can't even do Corruption well.

It is starting to make me think the dementia might be a "protection" to keep him out of prison.
Isn't that what Mafia Dons do?

Just a thought.