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Baltimore marks 11 days without a murder.


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Mar 31, 2010
Still plenty of shootings ... just none of them fatal.


The city of Baltimore has entered its 12th day without a homicide, its longest spell without a murder in nearly four years.

There were five shootings in the city in the first 11 days of the streak, but all proved nonfatal, according to the Baltimore Sun.

The lack of homicides comes amid a community-organised "ceasefire" initiative that began on 2 February.

Baltimore has one of the highest homicide rates in the US.

A massive police corruption scandal currently hangs over the Maryland city of 620,000 people.

The city has only had three 10-day streaks of no homicides since 2002, Baltimore police spokesperson Chakia Fennoy told the BBC.

The last was in March 2014.

The "Baltimore Ceasefire" initiative was started by Erricka Bridgeford in an effort to bring peace to the Maryland city's streets.

The organisers, who are not affiliated with the police department, do not take credit for the lack of violence but are ecstatic nonetheless.

"I am losing my mind thrilled," Ms Bridgeford told the Baltimore Sun.

"It's really exciting. Baltimore deserves this boost of love."
That last line ... ""It's really exciting. Baltimore deserves this boost of love."" Just goes to show how delusional some folk are. 11 days of continued shooting is nothing to celebrate. That noone died just means their aim is worse than usual and bystanders were more strung out.


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Feb 21, 2012
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I doubt it. They probably haven't found all the bodies stacked in the crack house or they haven't surfaced in the harbor yet.