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Belgian Nuclear Facility Officer ‘Found Dead With His Pass Missing’


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Probably nothing to be concerned with....

Belgian Nuclear Facility Officer ‘Found Dead With His Pass Missing’…

March 26, 2016 10:47am
Earlier this year, authorities found a tape with 12 hours of mysterious footage as the result of an anti-terrorism raid in Brussels. The hours of tape revealed that someone was spying on Belgium’s nuclear power chief, which led authorities to believe that the terrorist cell was likely planning on attacking a nuclear power plant or retrieving nuclear material to build a dirty bomb.

It looks like they were right.

Belgium is currently on “high alert” after authorities found a nuclear power plant security officer dead with his pass missing.

The concerning development, which occurred on Thursday but was only reported today by Dernière Heure, comes after concerns the Brussels bombers had been plotting to create a radioactive “dirty bomb” that would scatter nuclear material in a crowded public place.

Authorities say he was shot while walking his dog in Charleroi– the same area the safe house for the Paris terrorists was located.

His pass was immediately deactivated. A number of nuclear workers have had their passes canceled along with it. While they still can’t pinpoint the exact motive of the attack, the original theory looks more and more plausible.

Seven workers at the Tihange nuclear power station had their passes cancelled, with a further four revoked after being reviewed by a committee composed of intelligence and security agencies.

Police discovered hidden camera footage of a senior nuclear worker while they were searching the flat belonging to the girlfriend of Mohammed Bakkali, a key figure in both the Brussels and Paris bombings.

The footage was from a camera planted opposite the home of an executive at the Centre for the Study of Nuclear Energy in the town of Mol. Police fear the attackers may have wanted to kidnap or capture him in order to obtain radioactive material.

It’s good to hear that Belgium is finally getting it together. After all, it took them two whole weeks to deploy soldiers to guard nuclear facilities after they found the creepy footage.

Remember? Interior Minister Jan Jambon actually said, “Nothing indicates a specific threat to nuclear power plants… This is why we are not planning any military support.”

I’m sure he’s had a change of heart.



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Apr 9, 2010
Latest - the "court declares" that it's "not linked to terrorism"... while at the same time saying they have no clues...

And meanwhile... the "March against fear" scheduled for Sunday got cancelled - yep - out of fear !

Don't need a "March against fear" - but a "March to boot Islam from Europe", period.


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No prohibition against hiring Muslim Nuclear plant workers

That should have us all concerned. In the PC quest not to offend, we're going to end up with one or more uninhabitable cities for 100+ years

The only effective strategy is isolation - they can have the ME and Afrcan Shithole they've created and we'll keep the first world