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Birth Right versus Birth Certificate


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Birth Right versus Birth Certificate

What is a BIRTH RIGHT?

Definition of birthright: a right that you have because you were born into a particular position, family, place, etc., or because it is a right of all people. Merriam-Webster's Dictionary
birthright [burth-rahyt] noun
1. any right or privilege to which a person is entitled by birth :
Origin of birthright 1525-35; birth + right
Dictionary.com Unabridged Based on the Random House Dictionary, © 2016.
British Dictionary definitions for birthright
birthright /ˈbɜːθˌraɪt/ noun
1. privileges or possessions that a person has or is believed to be entitled to as soon as he is born; 2. the privileges or possessions of a first-born son; 3. inheritance; patrimony
Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition
Word Origin and History for birthright
n. also birth-right, 1530s, from birth (n.) + right (n.). Used as an adjective from 1650s, especially by Quakers. Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper
birthright in the Bible
(1.) This word denotes the special privileges and advantages belonging to the first-born son among the Jews. He became the priest of the family. Thus Reuben was the first-born of the patriarchs, and so the priesthood of the tribes belonged to him. That honour was, however, transferred by God from Reuben to Levi (Num. 3:12, 13; 8:18). (2.) The first-born son had allotted to him also a double portion of the paternal inheritance (Deut. 21:15-17). Reuben was, because of his undutiful conduct, deprived of his birth-right (Gen. 49:4; 1 Chr. 5:1). Esau transferred his birth-right to Jacob (Gen. 25:33). (3.) The first-born inherited the judicial authority of his father, whatever it might be (2 Chr. 21:3). By divine appointment, however, David excluded Adonijah in favour of Solomon. (4.) The Jews attached a sacred importance to the rank of "first-born" and "first-begotten" as applied to the Messiah (Rom. 8:29; Col. 1:18; Heb. 1:4-6). As first-born he has an inheritance superior to his brethren, and is the alone true priest.
Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary
“The Birthright” is what the Creator granted to Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Joseph, and lastly to Joseph’s two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, whose modern descendants are Britain and the United States. Read “The Lost Tribes Israel Found” by Steven M. Collins for comprehensive research on this heritage.
Besides “The Birthright“, the Creator also granted “The Blessing” to Joseph’s two sons as explained in Genesis 48; 49-22-26, which detailed these two sons becoming a company of nations and a great nation that would be very wealthy and possess the gates of their enemies, as explained on pages 163-164 of the book “American and Britain in Prophecy“.
Origin of Settlement (Birth) Certificates “Under King Henry VIII of England and his Venetian/Magyar advisers, the first poor laws were promulgated around 1535 coinciding with the first official mandate requiring uniform record keeping by all Church of England parishes of births, deaths and marriages. The poor were considered the responsibility of the “Church” including ensuring they had ample work and did not starve to death as they were considered by default the property of the church.
Under Queen Elizabeth I of England, a set of measures which were introduced which had the effect of accelerating the disenfranchisement of land peasants into landless paupers. Under the Erection of Cottages Act 1588, peasants required local parish permission to erect dwellings whereas before the erection of a dwelling by a land peasant on their lord’s land was considered a “right”. As a result, the ranks of the landless poor, or “paupers” swelled.
Under Queen Elizabeth I of England, the laws concerning the administration and care of the “poor” were refined through the Poor Law (1601) which introduced a basic set of “rights” for the poor as well as the introduction of two “Overseers of the Poor” (Guardian) in each Parish, elected at Easter and funded through the first levy (tax) through local rates (now called “council taxes”) on property owning rate payers.
Under Charles II of England, the concept of “Settlements” as plantations of working poor controlled by the Church of England was further refined through the Settlement Act (1662) and Poor Relief Act (1662) including for the first time the issuance of “Settlement Certificates” equivalent to a “birth certificate, passport and social security” rolled into one document. A child’s birthplace was its place of settlement, unless its mother had a settlement certificate from some other parish stating that the unborn child was included on the certificate. However from the age of 7 upwards the child could have been apprenticed and gained a settlement for itself through called indentured service, or “voluntary slavery”. Also, the child could have obtained a settlement for itself by service by the time it was 16.
Under the “reforms” of the Settlement Act (1662) and Poor Relief Act (1662), no one was allowed to move from town to town without the appropriate “Settlement Certificate”. If a person entered a parish in which he or she did not have official settlement, and seemed likely to become chargeable to the new parish, then an examination would be made by the justices (or parish overseers). From this examination on oath, the justices would determine if that person had the means to sustain himself. The results of the examination were documented in an Examination Paper. As a result of the examination the intruder would then either be allowed to stay, or would be removed by means of what was known as a Removal Order, the origin of the modern equivalent of an “Eviction and Removal Notice” when a sheriff removes people from their home.
According to the various settlement acts from the 17th Century onwards until the introduction of Birth Certificates, the issue of a Settlement Certificate was considered a privilege, not a right. If a peasant wanted to move, the home parish could choose to issue a Settlement Certificate which then effectively became an indemnity insurance to the new parish if the pauper was unable to earn a living. A settlement certificate was only valid if it bore the seals of the overseers of both parishes and that of the local Justices and was not transferable. This is the same model of modern passports for citizens listed as “P” (Paupers or Peons) used today.
Due to the increase in the number of “poor”, in 1723 a new law was passed called the Workhouse Test Act (1723) in which those who wished to claim benefits and relief as poor now had to enter a “workhouse” being essentially a prison for men, women and children to perform some set work. To ensure that all poor were accounted and could be identified, new laws were also introduced to force the Paupers to wear a ‘P’ on their right shoulders as a mark of their status. This is both the origin of the “P” still placed as a mark on modern passports and other “official” documents and the “P” worn by prisoners from the 20th Century.
Beginning in 1773 with the Inclosure Act 1773, followed by the Inclosure Consolidation Act 1801, English Parliament effectively “privatized” massive amounts of common land for the benefit of a few, causing huge numbers of land peasants to become “landless paupers” and therefore in need of parish assistance. The Inclosure Acts are the foundation of Land Title as it is known today.
Because of the deliberate “legal” theft of land under parliamentary Inclosure laws of the late 18th and early 19th Century, the number of paupers dramatically increased. This led to the most awful and cruel laws being introduced to deliver to an elite few, the slave labor force needed for the industrial revolution through the Poor Law Amendment Act (1834) which effectively stated that the poor could not receive any benefit unless they were constantly “employed” in a workhouse prison. Thus, despite international treaties against slavery, the very worst slavery being “wage slavery” or “lawful slavery” was born whereby men, women and children lived in terrible conditions and were worked “to death”.
Beginning in 1834, a number of historic changes were introduced to the record keeping of births, deaths and marriages, the issuance of documents and the management of the “poor”:
(i) In 1834, British Parliament introduced the Poor Law Amendment Act (1834) which reorganized Church of England parishes into unions which would then be responsible for the poor in their area and administered by a Board of Poor Law Guardians, also known as the Board of Guardians. The clerks of Magistrates Courts still hold the power of a Clerk of the Board of Guardians; and
(ii) In 1835, the Municipal Corporations Act (1835) was introduced which effectively standardized the corporate model for towns and boroughs including making the municipality with elected officials responsible for data collection and service administration; and
(iii) In 1836, the Births and Deaths Registration Act (1836) was introduced which for the first time created the General Register Office and the requirement for uniform records of births, deaths and marriages across the Empire by Municipal Councils and Unions of Parishes. Thus on 1 July 1837, the Birth Certificate was formed as the successor of the Settlement Certificate for all “paupers” disenfranchised of their land birthright to be considered lawful (“voluntary”) slaves with benefits provided by the local parish/region underwritten by the Society of Lloyds as it is still today.
Beginning from 1871, further historic changes in the administration of “vital statistics” such as birth certificates and death certificates with the introduction of health districts or “sanitary districts”. The Local Government Act of 1871, Public Health Act 1872 and Public Health Act 1875 created a system of “districts” called Sanitary Districts governed by a Sanitary Authority responsible for various public health matters including mental health legally known as “sanity”. Two types of Sanitary Districts were created being Urban and Rural.
While the sanitary districts were “abolished” in 1894 with the Local Government Act of 1894, the administration of the “poor” is still maintained in part under the concept of district health boards of Guardians including magistrates and other “Justices of the Peace”.
Since 1990 under the United Nations and the World Health Organisation (WHO) by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the system of issuing birth certificates as proof of a man or woman being a permanent member of the underclass has become an international system.
Birth Certificate as proof one is born on the land, of the soil.
One fundamental flaw that remains within the Settlement (Birth) Certificate System for the Roman Cult and its agents remains the fact that a Settlement Certificate is proof that a man or woman must have been born on the land for the certificate to be issued or have effect, regardless of convoluted subsequent presumptions of what the certificate actually represents. If a man or woman was not born on the land somewhere, and that event recorded, a certificate could not be issued. Therefore any rejection, or return, of a Birth Certificate, serves as perfected evidence that a man or woman was born on the land and support to any Affidavit of Facts concerning their immutable rights from the Divine Creator.
This built in “flaw” is offset through the treatment of men and women as land [as estate] themselves, through the deliberate corruption of the definition of land to include all that has been born naturally or self-improved [as real estate] on the land. In other words, the sharp edge reason the system ultimately denies each citizen of the several States their share of the commonwealth is because they are considered “chattle” and mere creatures less than slaves…”
You have, as a people, a “birthday” on which you were born live of the soil, and on the land, from your Mother's womb, birth-canal, in the county of the State, as a national (citizenship status) of the State Republic. Whereas the artificial legal “person” has a “date of birth” on which it was registered by the Registrar with the State. These two events usually have different dates! (see your Registration Print-out). When you are "live born" (given life), a “Record of Live Birth" or being "Live Born" is created as prima facie evidence of your parents creation of Life, after all you are born live (animated). It is your "Affidavit of Life", with details that identify your "living standing". It records your given name as a unique “Title”, i.e. Joe, to your Estate. (Your Estate is the “land”, or property, of your mind, body, and soul, and all the (intangible and tangible) physical and intellectual property that derives from your living energy, including your inherent, inalienable, and unalienable rights.) Your Mother’s autograph as informant establishes the origin [orphaned] of your Estate (an Estate must come before a Trust). In Common Law (the Law of the “Land”), your Mother and the State are automatically Trustees in an “expressed” Sovereign Trust with you as percieved Beneficiary. You are the holder in “expectancy” of your Estate, which will descend to you as of right when you attain the “age of majority” (25)... unless...
In America and Britain, the Birth Certificate (evidence of title but not title) as the Estate Equitable Title Receipt provided (gifted, granted, surrendered, and abandoned) for each child at birth as apportioned of “The Birthright” as an Estate to the state. The Legal Title to this Estate was lost at the hospital when the “Informant” reported the child as “illegitimate”.
Continue Reading for a good explanation of the trick used to steal “The Birthright“. It appears that Jacob’s deceit against Esau has caught up with his descendants.
Your parents are told that their "child" (offsping) “must” be registered. They (your parents) are under no such lawful obligation to do this, but the State (using color of law) is insistent for reasons undisclosed. According to Ecclesiastical Law an Estate can only be held in Trust by a man. But your Mother was asked for her maiden name, constituting “Maternity”.
[MATERNITY. It is either legitimate or natural. The former is the condition of the mother who has given birth to legitimate children, while the latter is the condition of her who has given birth to illegitimate children. Maternity is always certain, while the paternity (q.v.) is only presumed. – Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856 Ed.] Therefore, all naturally born children are illegitimate (bastards) with uncertain fatherhood, having no paternal holder of their Estate. When registering, an “Informant” (unknowingly) makes an accusation as to your illegitimacy.
[INFORMANT. A person who informs or prefers an accusation against another. – Black’s Law Dictionary, 2nd Ed.] The Status of Children Act 1969, 2. says ‘For the purposes of this Act marriage includes a void marriage’. So you are legally a "bastard without rights".
[BASTARD. 4. Considered as nullius filius, a bastard has no inheritable blood in him, and therefore no estate can descend to him. – Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856 Ed.] Moreover, your “given name” (Title) is recorded in the “still-born” column. [A stillborn child is one … incapable of living … if they do not in fact survive so long as to rebut this presumption of law, they cannot inherit. – Black’s Law Dictionary, 2nd Ed.] The State can now legally claim your Estate, making you a “Ward of the State” in an “estates for life” Foreign Situs Trust.
[ESTATE. 9.-2. The estates for life created by operation of law are … 4th. Jointure. … The estate for life is somewhat similar to the usufruct of the civil law. – Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856 Ed.] “Jointure” (joinder) is similar to “usufruct” (right to derive income from property of another).
The Record of Live Birth is used to issue a Birth Certificate Bond, certifying that a property “Title” is registered as a Security. It is like a Warehouse Receipt for the infant (baby), the delivered goods now inventory. Your weight in ounces, on the Record of Live Birth, is needed to calculate your market value relative to gold.
[WAREHOUSE RECEIPT. A warehouse receipt, which is considered a document of title, may be a negotiable instrument used for financing with inventory as security. – Black’s Law Dictionary, 7th Edition]. At the same time, your “given name” and family name have been registered as a franchise (your now enfranchised). Only corporations have “ALLCAPS NAMES”. A legal “person” (fiction) has been issued by the State as a franchise child of the parent corporation.
The Bond is sold to the World Bank (Bank for International Settlements, created in 1931 by the Vatican) as "settlor" of the Trust. Your value to society is calculated using actuarial tables. Your Bond becomes a registered Security, which the Treasury, through the Department of Commerce (Department of Vital Statistics), uses as Surety for Treasury securities such as Treasury Bonds, Notes and Bills. You the commodity (human resources) have been securities and monetized as collateral for the debt. The people truly are the “Credit of the Nation”. However, in the corrupted system, the people’s credit is effectively “human capital”, or “chattle”.
Seven years after birth of the child, it was declared dead under the “lost at sea” doctrine since it did not appear to be alive to claim its title. The infant/child became a “decedent”, and lost its Equitable Title to the Estate, and the Estate went into Probate administered by a Probate Court. The registration of birth is NOT about the “baby”, it is about the “infant”.
The “infant” is not the “living breathing man/woman of flesh, blood, and bone” . the mom/informant took the “baby” home from the “hospital” but “abandoned” the “infant” … look at the hospital birth record … the record does not say “baby’s footprints” it states “infant footprint” … the registration of birth never registers a “baby” it registers a “vessel” (INFANT). A Man or Woman is nothing without “the spirit of life” or “God” … the living man “animates” the “vessel” or “infant” while in that world without becoming part of that world. Read JOB 32:21‐22.
When someone comes to one with a “claim”, they are actually looking for the INFANT in the last known location, because One is using the “property” of the “INFANT” so One must know where the INFANT is which is just a “footprint symbol” denoting its existence, which is found in the hospital records.
If One “withholds” that information, under International Maritime Law, that “INFANT” will be “presumed dead” (inactive) and One now becomes “executor de son tort” over the “decedent infant estate” for the concealment which is a “fraud” and since one cannot profit from one’s own fraud, One no longer has access to the “infant decedent’s estate” and One is liable for the tax on the valuation of the transfer for “decedent infant” is going to be considered “owner” of the trust where the “contractual considerations are exchanged” in the form of interests and the tax is on the “valuation of the exchange” or “transfer of taxable estate” from one “decedent” to another.
And as “owner” of the trust, the trust becomes “property” of the “decedent’s estate” and the “executor” (One) is going to be held liable under 26 USC 2002 for the tax imposed under 26 USC 2001(a).
Now, if One provided the location of the INFANT, then the “decedent without the SSN” or “corporation” would then be “owner” of the trust and trustee would then be liable under 26 USC 2002 for the tax which is “paid” out of the “decedent’s estate” or “corporate treasury” in service of the usufruct under Law of Nations, International Law, and Treaty.
And this presumption of death of the infant can be easily rebutted by pointing the one bringing the claim to the State File Number containing the original county record or state certificate of live birth, or to the Hospital Record, or provide a “footprint” which is “symbolic” of the infant’s “existence” as “the spirit” must enter the “infant” to “animate” it in the “paper world” or “give it life” and the footprint is the evidence of the “infant’s existence” but no one can ever see the “infant” for it is only a “spirit”; the footprint is a “symbol” the “infant” exists.
And once “INFANT” presence is known, INFANT automatically becomes “securities entitlement holder” as “appropriate person” and can now issue orders and commands to the “securities intermediary” for service of the “securities account” or SSN.
The “INFANT” or NAME exists to allow Man to exercise his dominion while all fruits flow to the society he helps build, only up until now, this was “reserved” for “those in the know” … now this information and knowledge belongs to all who wish to accept the simple truth:
Man is “naked owner” of his “image” and “usufruct” with respect to the fruits of that image for man will always reap that which he sows. Collectively as well as individually.
The State can seize the baby as a “Ward of the State” if the State’s “investment” is threatened, however, its greatest value is realized from the “matured” working adult. The perpetrators of this deception know that you could one day discover the truth and invoke your Power of Attorney at the age of 18-21-25. Property Law Act 2007, Section 22.(1) ‘Person between 18 and 20 years may do certain things, … (c) accept appointment, or act, as an attorney, 22.(2) … has the same effect as if the person were 20 years old.’ In short, you can attain the age of majority by declaring your own Power of Attorney from the age of 18 and beyond. But if they can somehow “kill” you off, again, legally speaking, they can continue to hold your “deceased Estate” Titles: real property (lands), personal property (life), and spiritual property (soul).
Did you ever wonder why all marriage licenses are handled by the Probate Court? Now you know the meaning of phrase “I see dead people” in the movie “The Sixth Sense”. We are all “dead entities” but we don’t know it! However, there is a way to rebut the “decedent” status, and recover the child’s Equitable Title to the Estate as its rightful share of “The Birthright“!
When you reach full legal age of majority under the Admiralty Maritime jurisdiction, which is the “Law of the Sea”, you become eligible to “register” your Estate as a “vessel” navigating on the “sea of commerce” with you as the Master (Mr/Mrs/Ms). Your “vessel” will have a legal “person” NAME such as MR JOE QUE PUBLIC, and as the Master you will be the liable “owner” having equitable title, while the State retains the “legal title” with the “powers of management” as the Registrar.
You will probably “voluntarily” forfeit your Estate. You may start work and register as a “taxpayer”, or you may enroll as a “voter” on a voting register. If you decide not to register, you have “lost at sea”or "dead at sea", and if you are missing for seven years you are declared legally dead. The same process is applied to ships and mariners lost at sea. To avoid court proceedings, the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666, simply declared that everyone is dead after an absence of seven years, unless they return to claim their Estate. After seven years, you “died” without a will “Intestate”, so someone is appointed to manage your Estate/Trust. The Public Trust applies to the Family Court to manage your Estate under the ‘Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988, Section 11. Form PPPR 6 Application for order to administer property’.
Under the first Sovereign Trust established by your Mother, you are the “holder in due course” of your Estate, and a future Creditor. As a private man/woman, you are the Executor/Beneficiary of your Common Law Estate Trust, and all oath-bound officials are your Public Trustees. But under the new Foreign Situs Trust, the State gains the “legal title” (right of possession) to your Estate, while the legal “person” only has the “equitable title” (right of use). The legal “person”, as a creation of the indebted State, is also a Debtor. Any man/woman who mistakenly takes responsibility for the legal “person” NAME and its debts steps into the role of the State as the liable Trustee. The State has turned the tables on you.
The People, by registration (legalisation), are employed (collateral/surety) by the State as debtors for a private banking cartel, which is upheld by a private Bar Association Guild (Law Society). While “acting” in the legal fiction “role” of your corporatised NAME, you will receive endless presentments (notice/summons/bills), which that employee of the State, the legal “person” (franchise) is obliged to settle.
By your recorded rebuttal, the theft of your Estate, based on false presumptions, cannot be proven in fact. The fundamental flaw is that in order for a Birth Certificate to be issued, a man or woman must first have been born live on the land. Plainly, you are not really dead, so you are still the living “holder in due course” of YOUR Estate Title. Under the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666, IV ‘If the supposed dead Man proves to be alive, then the Title is revested.’
Who OWNS You?
TITLE... The word "title" certainly does not merely signify the right which a person has to the possession of property; because there are many instances in which a person may have the right to the possession of property, and at the same time have no title to the same. In its ordinary legal acceptation, however, it generally seems to imply a right of possession also. It therefore appears, on the whole, to signify the outward evidence of the right, rather than the mere right itself. Thus, when it is said that the "most imperfect degree of title consists in the mere naked possession or actual occupation of an estate," it means that the mere circumstance of occupying the estate is the weakest species of evidence of the occupier's right to such possession... (There is much more about title in the Blacks Law dictionary)
The Loan Accounting System, as revealed in Modern Money Mechanics, shows the true creditor; and that “they” know Sovereign Man are the “Credit of the Nation” and entitled to “The Birthright” Estate! WE are Entitled to use our credit in this Estate as the Holder of the Birth Certificate, which is evidence of Equitable Title to said Credit for the Beneficiary of same. Imagine how quickly the budget and national debt crisis could be solved by the release and understanding of this fundamental economic truth. Not to mention how it would stimulate exponential economic growth by the release of this untapped credit buying power. More supporting educational documents can be found on the web. The suppression of this truth constitutes complicity in the crime of treason against each of the American people born of this great land. This riealization of the people as creditors is necessary.
Equitable Title to “The Birthright” can be recovered. Your birth documentation (certificates not letters Patent) should be straightforward and transparent, however it soon becomes the most complex and secretive paper trail imaginable. This alone suggests a long history of corruption. The process involves a maze of secret Trusts and various parts of legislation, focused on claiming your Estate.
The modern “Birth Certificate” began as a “Settlement Certificate” issued in England in 1837 to officially record the poor (paupers), granting basic rights to benefits in exchange for recognition of their status as owned “property”, lawful slaves, also known as indentured servants and bondsmen. A child’s birthplace was its place of “settlement,” where its bond began., and is equivalent to a voluntary slave plantation.
With the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, began the start of usury, this was the first "mandated" contract between "Subjects/Citizens" and it's "Government". Then came Birth Certificates, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Business Licenses, Driver's Licenses, etc. These are all CONTRACTS with the Foreign for-profit PRIVATE CORPORATION doing business as the "de facto" Government. This is not the "de jure" government of "We The People", the sovereign "American National". "US Citizens" were pledged to the Federal Reserve Bank as collateral in 1933, for the bankruptcy of the U.S. Corporation. People became numbers in 1936 (social security). Since 1961 with the new numbering system and 1996 by statute, all "US Citizens" have been required to have a Birth Certificate, and a tax identification number (voluntary use of Social Security Number as TIN). Since 1990, under the United Nations (UN) and the World Health Organisation (WHO), by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the birth certificate process has become an international system similar of the “settlement”.
Corporations can only recognize other corporations and the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is international contract corporate law. All law is now commerce law (Law Meechant) (banking settlement law) under Maritime/Admiralty. In order to re-instate Anglo Saxon Common Law, we must also revert back to a Constitutional Sovereign Republic, that recognizes We The People, as living breathing natural sovereign man/woman on the land, and not subjugated units of soulless corporate inventory under British Admiralty Law, Etruscan Roman Trust Law, and English Common Law. We The People will never otherwise be free from the Wall Street and London banksters who stole our nation in 1933, and has driven our nation and people into a bondservant status as collateral to pay-off all debt incurred by USA Inc. aka US Inc. since the Civil War, and then the Bankruptcy filed with Congress in 1935.
Trust is defined by Webster’s 1828 in three sets of definitions. In the first set under number 12, “trust” is defined as: ”In law, an estate, devised or granted in confidence that the devisee or grantee shall convey it, or dispose of the profits, at the will of another; an estate held for the use of another.” Webester’s 1828 defines “estate” in 6 as: “The general business or interest of gov’ts; hence, a political body; a commonwealth; a republic.
Webster’s 1828 defines “will” in two sets of definitions. In the first set, under number 1 and 8 “will” is defined as:
1. “That faculty of the mind by which we determine either to do or forbear an action: the faculty which is exercised in deciding, among two or more objects, which we shall embrace or pursue. The will is directed or influenced by the judgment. The understanding or reason compares different objects, which operate as motives; the judgment determines which is preferable, and the will decides which to pursue. In other words, we reason with respect to the value or importance of things; we then judge which is to be preferred; and we will to take the most valuable. These are but different operations of the mind, soul, or intellectual, part of man. Great disputes have existed respecting the freedom of the will.
8. Testament; the disposition of a man’s estate, to take effect after his death. Wills are written, or nuncupative, that is, verbal.”
Everything must be in writing. The state is the creator/trustee; this original Trust should serve you well, but … your parents are told that you “must” be registered. You are under no lawful obligation to do so, but the State is very insistent, for reasons undisclosed. It seems that under Ecclesiastical Law your Estate can only be held in trust by a male. But your Mother has given her maiden name on the first record, and your Father has not autographed to become the holder of your Estate until you come of age. On the birth register, an “Informant” (unknowingly) makes an accusation as to your illegitimate status.
[Informer. 'A person who informs or profers an accusation against another.' Black's Law Dictionary, 2nd Edition]. The Status of Children Act 1969, 2. says that ‘For the purposes of this Act marriage includes a void marriage’. You seem to be a bastard without birthrights.
[Bastard. '4. Considered as nullius filius, a bastard has no inheritable blood in him, and therefore no estate can descend to him'. Bouviers Law Dictionary, 1856 Edition]. The State can now legally claim (through Usufruct) your Estate, making you a “ward of the State” in an “estates for life” Foreign Situs Trust.
[Estate. 9.-2. The estates for life created by operation of law are … 4th. Jointure. … The estate for life is somewhat similar to the usufruct of the civil law.' Bouvier's Law Dictionary, 1856 Edition]. This new Estate can involve “Jointure” (joinder), and is similar to “usufruct” (right to derive income from the property of another).
Your original Estate Title (Record of Live Birth), is used to create a Birth Certificate bond. This shows your unique given name (title) as part of a tradename in ALL CAPS LOCK. Only corporations have a last name. A “legal person” has been created by the State, which is literally a franchisee/child of the parent corporation. The Birth Certificate bond (original) is a property Title that is used as a registered Security at the DTC (Depository Trust Company) aka CEDE Company, and has a CUSIP number. A bond is always evidence of a debt, and can be a liability to the debtor or an asset to the creditor.
Your weight in ounces, on the Record of Live Birth, is needed to calculate your market value relative to gold. Your bond becomes a registered Security, which the Treasury uses as Surety for new Treasury securities such as Treasury Bonds, Notes and Bills.
So you have been Securitized/Collateralized/MONETIZED. The people truly are the “Credit of the Nation”. Although the State can seize the “legal person”, the “infant”, as a “ward of the State” if their “investment” is threatened, its greatest value is realized from the “matured” working adult.
The perpetrators of this crime know that their fraud depends on your ignorance, and that you could one day discover the truth and invoke your Power of Attorney General, which is your undeniable right from the age of 18. Property Law Act 2007, Section 22.(1) ‘Person between 18 and 20 years may do certain things, … (c) accept appointment, or act, as an attorney, 22.(2) … has the same effect as if the person were 21 years old.’ In other words, you can attain the age of majority by declaring your own Power of Attorney General. But you must first create a record (declaration) of your being Live. You have a chance to inherit your “living Estate”, but if they can somehow “kill” you off, legally speaking, they can claim your “deceased Estate”, being your real property (lands), and personal property (life), and (private property (labor). This is why the “legal person” is also defined as a “vessel”, in which the State has a security interest, via the bond.
Under the first Sovereign Public Trust (national public) agreement set up by your Mother and the State, you are the Beneficiary, while the State is your Trustee. The State employees are your Public Servants obligated to work for your benefit and defend your rights, having a “Fiduciary” responsibility to do so. But under the new Foreign Situs Trust (international private), the government becomes the Beneficiary, and you become the Trustee obligated to work for the Trust. The State has turned the tables on you.
The Persons are employed by the State as debtors for a private banking system, which is upheld by a private Bar Association Guild. While acting as the Trustee of the Foreign Situs Trust in your corporatised NAME, you will receive endless presentments (bills), which that employee of the State, the “legal person”, aka Fiction/Strawman, is obliged to pay. But the theft of your Estate is based on false presumptions that cannot be proven in fact. Left unrebutted is presumed to be true. Your Estate is your Office. You are the owner of your Estate and therefore the “legal person” is your rightful property, with all rights and entitlements owned by YOU.
Presented as a Presidential Proclamation on November 19,1863 by President Abraham Lincoln - resolving " ••• that this government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." This Proclamation to all nations, and to all man kind, and for all mankind, declaring that there exists on the Earth a people sell-governed by a grand and noble Public Trust, has ever since been popularly known as The Gettysburg Address.
1 -GESTATION- The Principle /Cause / Proposition of the Public Trust.
(In 1776) our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal in sovereignty under natural law .
2 -CHILDHOOD- The purpose of the Public Trust .
Now we are engaged in testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure .
3 -ADOLESCENCE - Tangible Endowment of the Public Trust.
The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here (at Gettysburg) for the cause of egualitv have consecrated this battlefield, and the nation for which it stands, far above our poor power to add or detract.
They gave their lives, as a supreme endowment, so that that nation. with so noble a principle, might live.
The world can never forget what they did here.
EMANCIPATION of the Public Trust from its Grantors into the hands of the Trustees of the Public Trust.
4 -HUMANIZATION of the Public Trust-
The oath of Loyalty, Responsibility, and Authority of the Trustees of the Public Trust.
"From these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion. We here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain."
2. -PRODUCTIVITY of the Public Trust.
It is for us the living to be dedicated here to the unfinished work (purpose-testing)" which they have thus far so nobly advanced. It is for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us.
6 -FRUITION Benefit of the Public Trust
We here highly resolve that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, truly a government of the people, by the people, for the people.
7 -PERPETUITY of the Public Trust
We here highly resolve that this government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth .
Legal Maxim: “He who fails to assert his rights has none”.
see also: LEGAL DEFINITIONS for: heirs, successors, and assigns...



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