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Bitpay Plans to Use Bitcoin Cash for Payment Invoices and Debit Loads


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Bitpay Plans to Use Bitcoin Cash for Payment Invoices and Debit Loads

On December 15 the largest bitcoin payment processor in the world, Bitpay, announced it will now process payments for multiple blockchains. The first decentralized currency Bitpay has opted to utilize will be bitcoin cash.

Bitpay has made an announcement that’s sure to please bitcoin cash (BCH) supporters as the firm has announced BCH payment processing. This means Bitpay’s merchant invoices and card load ups can be paid in bitcoin cash as soon as the company finishes integration. The company explains they have received multiple requests over the years to support more than one digital asset. The firm believes allowing merchants to accept payments stemming from other blockchains will open up new customer bases. Another reason Bitpay is moving to alternative blockchains is also because of the bitcoin core network’s congestion and high fees.

“Demand for Bitcoin transactions is outstripping capacity, causing miner fees to rise on the Bitcoin network,” says Bitpay’s announcement.