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Mar 31, 2010
From a low of about $1 to a high at around $12 in a little over a year. Its been basing since early 2017 and that base seems to be completing. What really stands out to me is how strong the RSI has been during this time.

I study a lot of charts and I can tell you that I cant recall EVER seeing a chart with an RSI that has simply refused to even get close to 30 - let alone much lower than that. Quick explanation - in a bull phase the RSI doesn't go below 40 on corrections and it can go as high as it wants. In a bear phase the RSI doesn't go above 60 but can go as low as it wants. So - once you see the RSI go below 40 - it opens up the strong possibility of the RSI going much lower - i.e. lower prices ahead because going below 40 says its a bear phase.

And this is a WEEKLY chart. Its been over a year for the stockholders to figure out whether they want to keep this stock or not - and the RSI shows how strong are the hands holding this.

1200% from Jan16 lows.
RSI barely broke 40 on the 1 year plus correction.
It is more likely than not that we will see a strong rally in the PMs (of a larger magnitude than we saw in 2016).

Apr 28, 2011
I see this went all the way back up to $13, then down to $7.40

Now it's heading back up