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Contempt of Court and you, me and the man inside the moon.


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Apr 1, 2014
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OK up-date. Every contempt of court case I have read so far and it is about a hundred or so has nothing to do with the parameters of defining facts that pertain to me, all except this one: https://www.courtlistener.com/opini...at_Precedential=on&order_by=score+desc&page=3

And, this one is circa 1978. This one is so close to catching a judge outside his immunity it is sickening but the sitting crows gave it to him; here let me break it down for ya:

So momie has daughter, daughter is a bit of a re-tard, daughter gets older and starts hanging out with the boies. Momie gets lawyer drafts letter/complaint and gets daughter sterilized. Years later daughter gets married and goes into find out why she cannot conceive. Daughter and new hubbie file against every one including the judge, court puts it out that only the judge is or can be actioned on. So.....circuit finds for judge and appeal reverses and the sitting crows? You got it the sitting crows claim the judge has immunity.

There is only two differences between this daughters case and mine and those are going into the chose.