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Silver Miner
Jun 20, 2013
If any of you guys want to buy gold or silver with cash, I will match APMEX price at the time of the transaction. I can do a single 1oz Krugerrand, or a monster box of silver rounds if that is what you want. Coins or bars. I can produce my purchase receipt for any silver bars with serial numbers. We can meet in a bank, cash only. I will have the teller run the bills and count/authenticate them. I am in West Plains, southern Missouri.
I'm confused, why would anyone buy from you at the same price a big box retailer is selling for? Buying from you would require driving to meet you, trust you would show up, trust the price wouldn't change between agreement and meetup, trusting you would not try to rob him, trust the goods are authentic, trust that none would have any sort of damage since they're used, buyer would have no recourse after the sale, etc. The only positive I can think of is it would be "off the record". But still, why would anyone want to do this rather than order from the big box retailer or one of the cheaper competitors and have free shipping to the front door, a guarantee if something is wrong with the product, etc.