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dimocrat movement to elect ron paul

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Jul 31, 2010
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Obama has been something of a disappointment to his liberal supporters, having failed to close Guantanamo, strike down the Patriot Act, put a single-payer health-care system in place, de-escalate the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan, end the Bush tax cuts, and withdraw from Iraq (although he has recently promised to pull out by the end of this year in accordance with the 2008 agreement signed by President Bush).

Even those more moderate Dems have found that their party’s money machine has begun to look so much like the Republicans – corporate-controlled and in thrall to the big lobbying interests – that they have to wonder if there really is a difference. So it should come as no surprise that Democrats have begun to look elsewhere for the “hope” and “change” they had so fervently sought in 2008.

Swooping into this abyss is a nascent movement called Blue Republicans, which claims the mantle of post-partisanship politics at a grassroots level. Currently, its organizing structure consists of a Facebook page, a website, and Robin Koerner, a blogger on the Huffington Post. But the movement does have a candidate: Texas Republican Dr. Ron Paul.

Paul is the libertarian-Republican widely viewed to have little to no chance of winning the Republican presidential nomination. According to current Real Clear Politics, he’s well back in the pack among the active party contenders – despite occasionally doing well in non-binding straw polls in states ranging from Iowa to California. That’s where the Blue Republicansmovement comes in.

It is an effort to get Democrats to sign on as Republicans for one year only, for the purpose of nominating Ron Paul for president through the Republican primary process. The brain trust behind the Blue Republicans believes that, once nominated, Dr. Paul can be elected president because he is more of a true independent, beholden to no corporate interests.