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Donald Trump Apparently Likes Gold; One More Reason For Establishment ‘Hate’


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Mar 28, 2010
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Donald Trump Apparently Likes Gold; One More Reason For Establishment ‘Hate’

Donald Trump Apparently Likes Gold; One More Reason For Establishment ‘Hate’

“The artwork for this post was inspired by the ridiculous Kony 2012 propaganda campaign that compared Joseph Kony to Osama Bin Laden and Hitler… exactly what the Establishment is doing to Donald Trump now.” – Melissa Dykes, TruthStreamMedia.com

TND Exclusive: Eric Dubin

Naturally, Donald Trump likes currency, but he also likes money (bragging rights go to all those that know the difference). It turns out that he accepted 3 kilo bars of gold as a security deposit from American Precious Metals Exchange. APMEX is renting the 50th floor of the Trump Building at 40 Wall Street for the next ten years. The gold has a U.S. dollar nominal value of about 120 grand.

The New American magazine broke the story. Amusingly enough, their website was attacked this morning, and the page hosting the story had a redirect programmed into the page. Anyone that clicked on the story was redirected to a pediatric hospital’s website based in Argentina, with an “object not found” page displayed. Someone doesn’t want you reading this article. Here’s a screen capture image of the page:


It appears that The New American has removed the redirect and the news story has been restored. If hackers don’t want you to read the story, I’d say the story is worth checking out. Click here to read it. In the event that the page goes down again, you can click here and listen to an audio file created by someone using speech synthesis software to “read” the article.

Note to Mark Dice: You better not offer Trump any bullion vs. candy bars opportunities. Clearly, The Donald would liberate you from your bullion!

Trump is an enigma. He’s both insider and outsider, and there can be no denial that the establishment is afraid of what he might do should he sit in the Oval Office. TruthStream Media produced an on-target editorial well worth checking out: Never Mind The Red Pill: Global Anti-Trump Coverage Proves The Matrix Is Real

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Update: The APMEX golden security deposit was negotiated with Trump during 2011. It’s ironic that a hacker would go to the trouble of attacking The New American’s use of that APMEX/Trump transaction as a prop to discuss our monetary system.

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