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Everything You've Ever Seen About Cuba Is A Lie


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Mar 31, 2010
That video was pretty accurate. Especially when you get outside of havana. The small towns are very quite farming communities for the most part. Not sure why he wanted to travel by bus. I never have. Always rented a car or hired a driver. You can hire a driver for 30-50 bucks a day. Although on some sites I see one being advertised for 100 a day.
It's easy to make friends there. They all want your money of course but they earn it. If you stay in a casa particular (Private home) It'll run you 30-40 bucks a night and the owners are usually connected with others that can help you find what you need.
Overall though you really are going back to the 1950's when you enter Cuba. Nothing has really changed there since then.
Having a hottie along must help out too.
Back of crensh, she's mine! :p


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Dec 18, 2011
I need a translator like his....
Just wait at the airport when you arrive. The girls will be saying goodbye to their new BF's and as they exit they will be available again. 50 or 60 bucks a day and they will be your GF for the week. Plenty of hotties available there. :blond:


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Apr 15, 2018
I wonder how much more successful Cuba would be if allowed to compete fairly, without all the sanctions and theft?


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Mar 30, 2010
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About CUBA...

Back in 2015, main stream company went to Cuba and filmed one season of a car show.

Did a pretty fair job of showing Havana and occasionally went into the country side (three times if memory serves me).

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