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EXCLUSIVE: Military Policy Gives Soldiers A Chance to Opt Out of the Vaccine, But The Biden Regime Is Blocking Information To The Troops


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EXCLUSIVE: Military Policy Gives Soldiers A Chance to Opt Out of the Vaccine, But The Biden Regime Is Blocking Information To The Troops​

The document on military immunizations gives a clear option to Vaccine-Hesitant Troops

United States military servicemembers are scrambling to obtain exemptions from the Coronavirus vaccine after the Biden administration mandated the injection for the entire military despite massive evidence of health problems and immune system depletion connected to the vaccine. NATIONAL FILE is in contact with numerous active duty servicemembers as they fight for freedom, and we have learned some hopeful information. The United States military allows servicemembers the option to take a test to determine if they have “pre-existing immunity” in order to “eliminate unnecessary immunizations,” according to the regulation “Immunizations and Chemoprophylaxis for the Prevention of Infectious Diseases” issued by the headquarters of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard to govern military vaccine policy. That full document is presented in the article below. But the Biden administration is clearly ignoring this fact in their guidance to the troops. The Biden regime is also withholding all guidance on vaccine religious exemptions to key officials as military chaplains try to block the religious exemption requests that come in.

A high-ranking active duty military officer discussed with us a document presented below, which the officer says “is followed by all of the military for immunizations. In chapter 2, 2-1(which is pdf page 9) it states the the option for personnel to complete a serologic antibody test or proof of prior infection is allowed in lieu of unnecessary vax! This is documented in the medical record IAW appendix C, table C-1 as MI (medically immune)! The SECDEFs (Secretary of Defense’s) memo DOES NOT allow for prior infection to count as immunity, CONTRARY TO our military instruction!! Also there is no allowance for antibody testing!” The military document states: “Screening for immunity: For some vaccine-preventable diseases, serologic or other tests can be used to identify pre-existing immunity from prior infections or immunizations that may eliminate unnecessary immunizations.”